Tuesday, March 19

Fiction Continued: The Bargain (Part 4)

As you'll recall, my pen-pal darryl and I have been collaborating on a work of fiction. We are pleased to announce yet another new chapter for your reading enjoyment!

The story is called "The Bargain", and was first presented in Fiction: The Bargain. You can access an index of all my fictional works and co-productions at the page Fiction with Julie, perma-linked top right in the blog sidebar.

The story The Bargain is about a young college-aged boy who received the strap across his palms from his young and pretty French Professor at the strict Christian college he attended with his sister. For this boy, a strapping at school means a humiliating bare bottom paddling at home for this much too old boy. However, his naughty younger sister and her two girlfriends conspired to get the boy into even deeper trouble, and conspired to be there when his punishment was doled out by his angry Mother. The three wicked girls then blackmailed the boy into submitting to them for fear of the entire school finding out about his embarrassing spankings at home. One of these girls, the boy had a major crush on.

In the immediately preceding episode (Chapter 3), it was the next day at school where things went from bad to worse for our young male protagonist. A haugthy young woman named Stacey Morningstar, whom Darryl called the b-word, had her jock friends take revenge on him by giving him a very public wedgy. After school his sister dealt with him again, but then wound up being quite surprisingly tender with him at the end.

In this latest episode, his sister Julie attempts to deliver on her promise of giving her brother that long awaited blowjob, but is shocked and dismayed with what happens when she tries. Angry with her brother, she increases his punishment by making him beg his worst nightmare, Stacey Morningstar, for forgiveness, publicly and on his knees. Stacey admires Julie's style, and seeks her out, where we learn something very surprising about the haughty Miss Morningstar...

Monday, March 11

A Week of Panty Training (part 3)

[continued from part 2]
In which my husband is thoroughly panty trained in front of my sister, plus a surprise!

After a meeting with a blog fan named June in which my husband was thoroughly dominated by her as I watched (Fangirl Dominates Hubby!), we decided that a proper capstone would be a full week of panty training. I also mentioned that I would get my sister involved if I could, and that happened on Saturday, and something a bit more as well that I am excited to tell you about shortly.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to publish this. I actually wrote the bulk of it the day after, but because of some work stuff this week it took me a while to get back to adding in the photos and proofreading and all, but finally ready to hit Publish now. This is the last installment, and I am focusing mainly on Saturday which was the most fun and different with a "it never rains but pours" vibe! I also have the latest installment of the fiction story "The Bargain" in my hands to edit, so that's coming up soon as well.


We woke up Saturday morning and my husband went through his usual morning routine. Due to our night out on Friday he put on a few pounds despite his calorie count being more or less inline. This sometimes happens due to the timing of the eating and the type of food (e.g., more salty). It's not "overnight fat gain" or anything like that. Nonetheless, it was an increase in weight of almost two pounds in a day so he had to suffer the consequences. 😈

I mock scolded him and pulled him off the scale by his ear. We were both completely nude. I made him face the sink and bend over, putting his hands on the counter. I encircled his waist with one hand and I spanked him with my other. As I was doing this, I was conscious of my own bare breasts rubbing against his upper back and side. I then picked up the hairbrush from the countertop and gave him about twenty zingers on his bare behind. "Do better!" I told him. tee hee.

I made sure he had on his panty for the day, of course. As I helped him into it I reminded him that my sister Sue was coming by for dinner tonight, and she had promised to help me with his panty training. I told him to be ready for "anything", which is code for cleaning out his backside lest he embarrass the both of us!

We went out shopping for the dinner ingredients and I did a bit of preparation. We both goofed off a lot during the day. One of david's tasks however, was to load the photos I had taken of June and he, and prepare them so that we could show it as a slide show on the big TV in the family room. These were the full resolution, un-cropped and un-blurred photos. david in all his glory. I'll replay the slide show for you below in case you missed it.

Sue came by near dinnertime. We heard the knock on the door and I sent david to open it. I was in the kitchen doing some final preparations. I did a real double take when I heard another female voice!!!

Sue had brought a friend of hers! I put down what I was doing and went over to see. Sue had not mentioned this at all. My reaction was one of excitement and "oh goody!". Not in the least upset!

I was introduced to Valerie. Valerie looked to be a bit younger than us, maybe late twenties. She was a slim and petite brunette with a nice figure and smaller breasts, wearing a fairly conservative dress, and she wore glasses. We found out later that she was a schoolteacher! But isn't that just perfect?!? A prim and proper (on the outside), grade four, as it turned out, schoolteacher. Actually, she was just subbing for now as it takes quite some time to get a full-time position anywhere near Toronto. But my goodness, what a scandale.

Sue is of course tall and skinny and blonde and in her early forties (but looking much younger) and was wearing pants and a blouse. Sue and she both took their boots off and put on their heels. We conducted them into the living room and they each took a seat. I told david to sit as well and entertain Valerie while Sue and I fetched the appetizers and opened the wine.

My husband did not, of course, know what to make of Valerie. Was he to be panty trained in front of her as well??? Was Valerie just a vanilla guest, and panty training was off? He did his best to make small talk with her.  Later on he told me he was not at all sure of the situation, but observed that she had a tiny little smirk on her face as she talked with him. It didn't help that the spanking chair was all set out facing the room, opposite the couch where she was sitting, right in front of the fireplace, with my big spanking hairbrush lying across the seat!

I went with Sue into the kitchen and from there further into the family room where we could talk without being overheard.

"Who's Valerie?" I asked in an excited whisper.

"Just a friend. We've messed around. I hope you don't mind that I brought her over uninvited?" said Sue.

"No. Not at all. But is she here to, you know..." I enquired.

"Yes, if you want her to," she said. "She's good. I told her about what we had planned for him, and she thought it sounded like fun to come and watch. I thought it would be fun for you guys also if I brought her around unannounced. I hope that was ok?"

"Oh it is!" I told Sue. What an understatement! "A wonderful surprise! Should we still do everything we planned?"

"Definitely," said Sue.

"I was also going to ask, I was thinking of using my strap-on while you watched, if you were ok with it, but what do you think with Valerie here?" I ventured.

"I'm definitely ok with it, and I told her that you do that to him. I was hoping you would. I wanted her to see it. I think it would turn her on," she said.

Ha ha. The subtext was that Sue was no doubt taking Valerie home with her afterwards, and wanted to heat her up for the nocturnal activities!

"But only if you're comfortable with it," Sue continued, "and you think david would be ok with it as well," she added.

"Well, I don't know how comfortable he'll be seeing as I was planning on using the big dildo, but Valerie being here to see it will only make it that much better."

And so that was all settled regarding the activities for the evening. And as it turned out, we had not misjudged, Valerie was entertained by it all, and david got his schoolteacher kink on!

Valerie being excited to see this is another data point for something I have observed for a while now. Women, and especially younger women (who tend to be more sexually open minded in my experience), are always very keen and comfortable to see a husband being dominated by a wife so long as they believe it is a 100% safe environment for them.

Think of it this way. If a guy was invited by a couple to watch a pretty bare naked woman being dominated (safely and consensually) by their partner, what guy would ever pass up on seeing that? Add in the physical and emotional safety factors from a woman's point of view, and you get the same thing. It's fun, kinky, exciting, different, an experience, and safe. Under those conditions there are many, many young women who would want to watch, and Valerie appeared to be one of them. It's just that setting up all the right conditions is tough.

Sue has a great track record of finding interested women as she is out and about more than I and has intimate relationships from time to time. She also has a kinky streak in her and looks for it in her love interests as well. We have played with previous girlfriends and friends of hers. I think she gets a kick out of "showing off" our kinky relationship, which is just fine by us. Makes her cooler and more "edgy" in front of her friends. By all means, use us and abuse us!

Sue and I plated the appis and opened the wine and brought it all into the living room where david and Valerie were talking.

I turned to david and said, "why don't you go upstairs to the bathroom for a few minutes while I have a talk with Valerie and Sue, ok baby?"

He promptly got up to leave. He could imagine what we would be talking about, but would not be allowed to hear it.

I held up my finger waiting for david to go upstairs, into our bedroom, close the door, and go to the bathroom.

When I lowered my finger Valerie spoke first, "I hope I'm not putting you out showing up uninvited like this, but Sue thought it would fun for it to be a surprise."

"We talked just now. It's exciting for us. The more the merrier," I said. "And Sue said she told you all about our plans for the evening and you were ok with that?

"Definitely. It's exciting for me too!" she enthused.

"I plan on fucking him with my strap-on. Is that cool?" I asked.

"Oh no! The poor guy. In front of me? Sure!" She still seemed enthusiastic.

"You can't take pictures or tell anybody about it, ok, at least not tying our names or anything to it?" I confirmed.

"Oh no, of course not!" she said quickly, and then added conspiratorially, "I know how to keep a secret, and I'm sure you guys do as well – it wouldn't do for anybody anywhere near work to know what I get up to in my spare time either."

It's at this point that I found out that she was a schoolteacher and got into some of the details. And she was likely right. A primary school teacher involved in such kinkiness? Even nowadays that would not be cool to have that get out, unfortunately.

I poured the wine and offered the appetizers and the conversation continued about her job and more vanilla matters.

david returned and I told him, "sweetie, why don't you go set another place at the dinner table for Valerie." Normally as the hostess I would have done that much more discreetly. But this was my way of telling him the conversation was concluded and Valerie would be "staying for dinner" with all that entailed. He went to do it.

When david returned he said, "did you know that Valerie is a schoolteacher?" and I told him I did. I could tell he was titillated by the prospect of having the pretty young schoolteacher "staying for dinner".

Small talk continued with a shift a bit towards current events. I was back and forth to the kitchen. I was making my famous Honey Mustard Chicken with Quinoa, which is actually quite quick to pull together.

Before too long I announced dinner was ready and we all made our way to the dining room. The conversation continued throughout dinner. It was a bit surreal, as the tension and expectation was palpable, yet completely unspoken. And david still was not 100% sure anything would happen, or the scope of activities planned if they were. We served mixed berries for dessert with a second bottle of wine, a pink proseco, and as that was coming to an end I thought I'd start the proceedings.

"david, why don't you stand up now, go to the head of the table where we can see you properly, and tell us what you have on underneath your pants."

Oh my, but he blushed. One moment he was a functioning adult, the next he was put (literally) on the carpet. david stood up at the table and moved to the spot indicated. I was seated at the opposite head of the table, Sue on my left, and Valerie on my right (david's place had been next to Sue, on the side of the table, I would not allow him to occupy the head, saying we should be closer together).

"Ummm... well..." he stammered, "it's a pair of, of, oh my uh, p...p...panties."

That tortured extraction elicited a little laugh from all three of us.

"Why on earth are you in panties?" I asked him facetiously.

"We had a visitor come who Julie knew online and she, um, sort of put me in the panties and then they said I needed to wear them for, like, a week, so that's still going on."

I looked over at Val and Sue and they were both smiling broadly. david was visibly blushing and squirming. Pure husband torture.

"And what happened to the underwear you were wearing that day?" I asked him.

"June, that's her name, sort of took them home with her..." he said.

"Yes she did. A trophy." I said.

"Yes Ma'am"

"david prepared a little picture show for us for after dinner in the family room of our time with June, didn't you sweetie?"

"Yes Ma'am, are we still, um, showing that?" he asked, knowing the answer seeing as how I'd just raised it.

"I wonder. Those are very naughty pictures, aren't they david? Do you think you should show them to Valerie?" I asked.

"No Ma'am," he answered.

"No, definitely not suitable for a grade four schoolteacher, are they? There are some pictures of parts of you that only your wife and Doctor has any right to see. Say nothing of photos of you being spanked across June's knee, and put in panties, and tied up, and even more. What do you think Valerie, should we make him show them to you? A little show and tell?" I asked her.

"Oh yes," she answered with a broad smile. "and I think he wants to also," she added making pointing motions at his crotch which was quite "bulgy" from what was going on underneath. david unconsciously hunched a little and moved his hands slowly in front of himself.

"No. Hands at your sides, naughty boy," I said. He painfully moved his hands away from his crotch, slowly as if they were stuck in molasses.

"And tell me david, what do I call it when I put you in panties for a week?" I asked him.

"P... p... panty training, ma'am," he got out.

"That's right! You're being panty trained. And why do I panty train you, sweetheart?" I was really drawing out the torture!

"So I won't get too big for my britches," he said.

"Such a clever boy," I said. "And what goes along everyday with panty training?"

"I have to handwash them and hang them to dry, and wear them during the day," he answered.

"And what else," I persisted. That was really the least of it.

"Ummm, I have to face the wall in timeout." he said. True. He was really avoiding the spanking part, though, wasn't he!

"Yes you do," I confirmed. "You have to get undressed down to nothing but your little panty and face the wall for fifteen whole minutes, don't you? Like a naughty little girl. Is that very boring david?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"And what happens after timeout, david?" I insisted.

"And, and then you, um, s... s... spank me..."

At this point Valerie chimed in with the grade four schoolteacher's perspective, "Oh I shouldn't, but sometimes how I wish I could do that to some of my kids," she said. Now that was inappropriate! Ha ha!

Me, if I was a schoolteacher! :-)

"And what else special happens during panty training, david?" I persisted.

"um... I mustn't back-talk you, ma'am?" Ha! He was avoiding something...

"No you mustn't," I confirmed, "or you get the strap."

"She's nasty with that strap," chimed in Sue.

"No, I was thinking of something else," I continued. "Put on your thinking cap and tell us all what it is..." He knew what it was.

"Um... we do sex different?" he ventured. Getting there, but not good enough yet.

"Tell me in what way sex is different, sweetheart, be clear," I told him, "or I'll bend you over for a strapping on your bare bum, and you'll be crying, and Valerie will see what Sue meant by calling me 'nasty' with it."

david looked at his feet and said, "you put on your strap-on dildo, and you make me suck it, and then I have to bend over and you have sex with me in the bum with it..."

Both Sue and Valerie spontaneously applauded when he said it.

"Ok, I think we've tortured you enough for now, sweetheart. Go get the picture show ready for us while we clean up," I said.

david moved away quickly and we girls tidied up. As we were finishing I excused myself to go upstairs and prepare. I put on my exercise gear, including my yoga pants, and gathered up the dildos and the other necessaries, putting them into a little red gym bag. I came downstairs and we all went into the family room where david was ready for us with the original photo of June on screen.

There she is. That's June.

I can't show you guys the whole picture here. But above is the equivalent cropped version. The full version david had on the screen had more of her house, down to her feet, and included her head. The same is true for all the other photos as well. A lot more clarity and context than what I can show here.

"You look ready for action," said Sue, commenting on my sporty attire.

"Well that bum isn't going to spank itself," I said.

I directed Sue and Valerie to sit on the couch directly facing the TV, and then I told david to go sit on the couch between them. It was a tight fit! Sue reached over and rubbed his thigh saying, "I'm excited to see this!"

"Feel free to grope him," I told the ladies, and added, "but david, you keep your hands to yourself," as if he needed to be told.

Sue reached into david's lap, rubbed, and said, "oh, you're excited too, I can feel! Val, feel for yourself."

Val tentatively reached over and copped a feel of david's crotch herself. "he is," she confirmed. She gave it a little rub as well and kept her hand on his thigh, rubbing him absentmindedly, often on his dick, as did Sue. david was in heaven getting groped like this.

I explained who June was and the circumstances of meeting her. I then continued into the picture show.

There's his bare bum over June's knee.
She stripped him naked and got right down to business.

There's the view you get when you spank a guy.
You can a sort of see his little bum hole.
We have better pictures of that later.

Cute bum, isn't it?

How was her spanking david?
Did she have a hard hand?

I guess she did.
There's his ass a few minutes later looking nice and pink!

He had to sort of spread his legs to keep his balance.
June took advantage of that and gave him a few to the inside of his near thigh.

That's me, feeling the heat.

June showing off the view.

Then she got my big paddle out.

Here it comes...

On its way...


She brought those for him.
Panty training time!
Look at his red cheeks.

June wrestling him onto her bed.
No nonsense arm hold there.

And then tying him up.
Don't you love the knee in his back?

Wrists bound. Little panty on.

Now his ankles...

A nice tight belt around them.

We gave him a flogging. No pictures :-(
Then June unties him

And turned him over.
What have we here?
A very excited boy by the looks of things!

She cropped his cock...

and his balls.

Then trampled them!

Getting her heel right in there.
He was so scared, but she didn't hurt him.

Then back across her knee for another spanking.
See how his arms are still tied up?
He needed to spread his legs even more for balance.
Nice ball sac. A bit tighter than before, no?

And a legs spread cropping to his balls.

Exploring his bum hole.

And a good finger fucking to loosen him up!

Panties back in place

Oral sex!

Nice and deep

Then she stuck a dildo into his rear end.
The other one was still in his mouth.
He had to hold it there.

And made him jerk off.
What a little monkey!

Jerk, jerk, jerk...

June made him pose his cock.

And held it in her hand for scale

Now back at it

She sat up near his face.
Didn't have any panties on.
What a view!
He tried to cop a feel but she shut him down.

Feeding him a cock while he was pleasuring himself.

Made him gag.

He lost his erection a bit from that.
But those balls look pretty full with cum!

She lightened up and he spewed cum, then had to eat it!

"What a great picture show!" said Sue. I had narrated and david had silently blushed through the whole thing as the women on either side pressed into him and rubbed his thighs and his crotch. They had made a few encouraging comments and observations along the way that had david blushing as well.

"Great pictures. But oh my God, he's such a slut!" said Valerie. Ha ha!

"I'll bet he has his panties on right now," said Sue. "Let's check!" And with that both Sue and Valerie dug under the waistband of his jeans and each pulled up a lacy hem of his panty. "He does!"

"Why don't you ladies undress him down to his panties for a fashion show?" I suggested.

Well I didn't have to ask twice. They both set right on him and stripped off all his clothes, right down to his little white thong panty, with david still seated on the couch.

"Oh my God! They don't cover anything!" said Valerie as david's erect cock and heavy balls came full into view, spilling out of the contours of his panty.

Literally looked like this.

"Bad boy!" said Sue as she gave his shaft a smack with the palm of her hand. The the girls got the idea of making him stand on the cedar chest that was between the couch and the TV and do some modelling for us.

Don't have a photo of that, but this was the view.

He got a very thorough ribbing about his "cute little panties" from both women, who seemed to very much enjoy my husband's predicament. But isn't that what panty training is all about?

"Let's do his spanking first," I offered, "and put him in timeout after with a red bum?"

The ladies agreed.

"Sue, I believe you volunteered to take him across your knee today?" I said.

"I did," she agreed. "May I use the big wooden spoon?"

"Oh no please!" begged david as soon as he heard that. The spoon Sue is referring to is a big wooden salad spoon that hurts like the dickens. I had experienced it myself once and can vouch for that. It is by far Sue's favourite spanking implement.

"Of course," I answered, "I should have known. But why don't you warm him up with your hand first? Or maybe Valerie wants to do that?" I ventured.

"Sure!" she said.

Sue took david's arm and helped him step down from the cedar chest.

My sister helping out the "little damsel" dressed in nothing but her panty was cute. She had Valerie sit on the chest and then had david drape himself across her lap. They adjusted position a bit to get comfortable and then Valerie laid her hand on his butt.

"Why don't you pull her panties down first?" I suggested. I had seamlessly transitioned to referring to my husband with feminine pronouns and nobody seemed to notice.

"They won't protect her much," said Valerie with a chuckle, picking up on my use of "her" to refer to david.

"It's the symbolism," I said. "When a girl is about to be spanked, it drives the point home better when she gets her panties lowered, even if they are just a tiny thong."

Valerie grabbed the little string on either side of his panty, and yanked the back down to below his ass cheeks. "You're right," she said, "it is better this way."

She then flattened out her palm and began smacking his cheeks. The technique was unpracticed, but we were not about to criticize. We were very much enjoying the show, david across the knee of a fourth-grade schoolteacher!

As she smacked him I left to go fetch the wooden spoon. I got back and handed the spoon to Sue. We watched as Valerie pinkened his backside. She seemed to enjoy doing it.

"Is that good?" she asked.

"Perfect," I said. "Pull her panties back up now before she stands up."

Valerie pulled them up and arranged them nicely, tugging the thong back up into his crack.

david stood, then Valerie got up and Sue took her place. Sue had an evil smile on her face as she smacked the bowl of the wooden spoon into her palm.

"Please not the balls!" begged david.

Oh dear. Last time he got a couple of strokes from the bowl of the spoon right onto the backs of his balls. Scaredy cat.

"We'll have to see," said Sue with another smile. "You're not off to a good start, giving me ultimatums like that."

"I'm sorry Ma'am!" begged david, not wanting to get on her "bad side" just then. He draped himself across her lap.

"Julie, am I allowed to smack his balls with the wooden spoon for that?" asked Sue of me.

"Of course," I answered. I trust Sue to be measured.

"Do you hear that david?" asked Sue. "You wife says I'm allowed to smack your balls with the spoon, are you going to say I'm not allowed?"

"no ma'am..."

"How many smacks to the balls should you get for complaining like that?" she asked him.

"ummm, uh, one ma'am?" answered david, reluctantly.

"No. I think two smacks is more appropriate, don't you agree?" As she asked this, she yanked his panty all the way down towards his knees and she reached her hand between his legs and gave his testicles a tight squeeze.

"yes ma'am!" said david, a little frantically in a high-pitched voice as Sue clearly squeezed his balls.

"I'll give you two smacks to the balls with the wooden spoon after I'm done spanking your butt. Deal?"

"yes ma'am!" he said again, Sue not having let off on the pressure yet.

Sue released his testicles, moved the spoon to her right hand, and began laying into him. It was a real scorcher! The spoon leaves distinctive oval marks that over time merge into a canvas of red and then turn white in the centers. She started slowly, one smack at a time. Then she upped her tempo and intensity and that had him bouncing over her lap and screeching like a big baby.

During the spanking, Valerie's mouth sort of hung open but with a smile in her eyes. At one point she said, "holy shit, he likes that?" I answered, "uh huh".

"Ok, david," said Sue, "only two left, and you know where these ones go..."

"Oh no, please, no, please," pleaded david.

She pulled his panty down to his ankles and then right off his legs. "Spread your legs," she told him. He did so, reluctantly. She reached between his thighs with her hand and pulled out all his junk, then told him to close his legs again. He did so, trapping his penis and testicles there for all the world to see. She flipped the spoon around so that bowl side was facing his testicles and she rubbed it on his balls. "Two good smacks," she reminded him.

"No please! Not hard. Please!" he pleaded.

I thought this might not go so well. If she smacked him hard enough for him to know he'd been smacked, it would be bad. But if she smacked him overly lightly, it would be a joke and she might lose his fear and respect. Don't promise what you can't carry out!

"Wait, I have an idea," I said, trying to save the day. I ran into the kitchen and came back with a light bamboo rice paddle.

I showed it to Sue and him and said, "How about two hard ones with Sue's wooden spoon, or a spanking on your balls with this. Your choice. Is that ok, Sue?"

"Yes, either one, you choose david," she said obligingly.

"the littler one, please," said david wisely.

I took the big spoon from her and gave her the little one. She smacked her own palm experimentally with it to get a feel for it. "This'll do," she said. Then she laid it down on his balls and rubbed circularly. She then started lightly swatting his balls very rapidly. david reacted predictably by wriggling and screeching. The blows were not hard enough to injure at all, but according to david afterwards they felt like a horde of little bees stinging his sensitive ball sac.

Sue was having fun. She picked up his penis shaft, stretched it out, and held it in the palm of her hand. She then started spanking the underside of his circumcised cocktip. She was very fast and light. Maybe three per second. That fast: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. She turned it up and over and smacked the topside: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. She handed the paddle to Valerie. "You try," she said. Sue held david over her lap and cupped his balls first in the palm of her hand. Valerie bent at the waist and copied Sue with a tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap to his balls. Then Sue held his cocktip for her and tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap again. She turned it: tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Valerie laughed in glee as she swatted him. Poor david was getting his genitals very soundly swatted by these two very mean ladies! He was writhing and yelping the whole time.

"Can you believe this?" asked Sue of us, holding his penis shaft in her hand. It was hard as anything.

"Oh david, how embarrassing for me," I said. I made him stand up and stand straight with his hands at his sides. His panties long discarded. His cock stood straight out, throbbing. The tip was purply red coloured and very engorged.

"Put your panties back on," I told him. He did so, but they did nothing to hide his throbber from view. I went into my gym bag and pulled out my big dildo, Adam.

I went to a nearby wall and put Adam's base against it just at david's mouth height. I  indicated for david to come over. He knew what to do. He put his lips around it in a big "O" and held it like that against the wall. "There, that's what you get for having such a misbehaved cock in front of Sue and Valerie." I pulled the thong panty higher up into his buttcrack as I said that. I then got out the wrist restraints from the bag and fastened his wrists behind him so that he would not be able to assist keeping the dildo up with his hands at all. He needed to work that mouth instead. "If that dildo falls, you get the strap," I warned him.

I then went back into the bag and fished out his butt vibrator.

I pulled his panties down to just below his butt. I had him scoot his feet out a little so he was bent over. He needed to bring the dildo down with him using only his mouth. I lubed his butt hole and the vibrator, and then stuck the vibe in there and turned it on to the "fuck me" setting:
Deeeeeeee Duh
Deeeeeeee Duh
Deeeeeeee Duh
The big shaft up his butt vibrates for the "Deeeeeeee", then the little perineum tickler does the short "Duh". We find it most simulates the "being fucked" sensation. Innnn out, Innnn out, like that.

I pulled up the panty so that it held the vibe into his butt somewhat, and left him there saying, "you have fifteen minutes in timeout, then we're coming back and I'm making you my little bitch in front of Sue and Valerie." There. Let him think about that with a dildo in his mouth and a vibe up his butt!

The ladies and I left him there. The timeout with the vibe was essential to loosen his butt up enough to be able to take Adam when the time came.

We went back to the living room and we poured some more wine and we discussed what had transpired to date. Valerie expressed a delighted incredulity at the severity of the spanking that Sue doled out with the big wooden spoon. She also said it was fun smacking his dick with the little paddle (!)

"Shall we dress him up for his fucking?" I asked them. "Some cute lingerie?"  They thought that was a great idea. I took the ladies up to our bedroom and I showed her david's collection of frillies. I told them we should pick out a cute "fucking outfit" for my husband that we could dress him in. The ladies chose his white corset and a pair of white stockings to go along with it for a "bridal" theme. I made sure they had his silicone breast inserts as well lest the cups collapse.

We went back down to david with our loot. I took the big dildo in my hand and set him loose from timeout, removing the restraints from his wrists. Sue and Valerie pounced on him and started dressing him up. So cute and virginal all in white! The corset is a tight fit, and gave him a very shapely, womanly figure. The stocking with the suspenders attached to the corset framed his ass perfectly.

As they were doing that, I took my strap-on harness out of my gym bag and attached it around my hips on top of my yoga pants.

"Get on your knees," I said. "Suck my dick".

david knelt in front of me and moved to put his mouth on Adam.

"Get busy," I said, smacking his face with my cock.

david put his lips around my cock and started blowing me.

"She's greedy for your cock," said Valerie. Ha ha!

Indeed, david did a decent job, showing a fair amount of enthusiasm and a genuine effort to deep throat. He gagged a few times, especially when I held his head and face fucked him. All this while the vibrator was still working its magical ways in his soon-to-be-abused butt hole. I would need to recharge it tonight.

"Do it just like those porn stars you like to watch," I told him.

david increased his enthusiasm accordingly, gobbling cock like a little demon girl!

"That's enough for you, you greedy little mouth whore," I told him. "Go bend over the back of the sofa."

david blushed like a virgin on his honeymoon, but went and did as he was told, bending over the back of the sofa with his hands on the seat. Such a sight, so cute, in his corset, stockings, and suspenders outlining his bright red vibrator-plugged ass.

I went up to him and removed his panties. "Find a place for these," I told Sue, handing her his panties. She knew exactly what I meant, and stuffed them into david's mouth. I grabbed the vibe and started working it in his ass, twisting it around, screwing it in, pulling it almost all the way out, then pushing it back in while twisting and twizzling it. david moaned and complained as I did this, but he would thank me later. At a certain point his ass gets so loose that you can pull the vibe all the way out and then jam it all the way back in again, and his asshole stays gaping open as you do it. We had reached that stage with david. I demonstrated this effect to the ladies and said, "what do you think, is she ready?" They both agreed she was. Valerie looked fascinated by the whole thing.

I removed the vibe and put in in a paper towel I had prepared. I then lubed my cock and dribbled more lube into his gaping open bum hole. Sue and Val both had a bird's eye view of his humiliating penetration. I spread his cheeks with my hands and put the bulbous head at the distended entrance to his rear passage and I pushed it in. He yelled out a bit but it slid in readily enough. I encountered resistance as I pushed it a bit deeper and he went rigid with pain, so I just let it rest there for a moment or two as his asshole relaxed to take the big intruder. Once he had relaxed into it a bit I grabbed his hips and started pumping.

"Oh, you're screwed now," said Valerie. "He sure is," added Sue.

Adam is hard to take, and david was a real trooper. It's embarrassing for him to be deprived of this very last vestige of masculinity, and have to endure being screwed like a lady by his wife as his sister-in-law and her friend looked on. I wasn't going to let him off easy, though. I gave him a very proper screwing. Long, fast, hard. I totally made him my bitch.

"I've never seen a woman do that to a guy," I heard Valerie say to Sue as I was fucking him.

"And what do you think about it?" asked Sue back.

"I think it's fucking amazing!" answered Valerie. "Fucking" amazing indeed.

I finished up his fucking and pulled out. He had known the fucking was a strong possibility tonight, and he had cleaned himself out thoroughly before Sue's arrival. Nothing embarrasses him more than a shitty asshole in front of my sister. So he was clean despite the force of his fucking.

I put him on his knees in front of me, facing my big cock. I removed his panty gag from his mouth. "Who wear the pants in this family?" I asked him.

"You do, Ma'am," he said.

"Don't you forget it," I said.

His cock was completely flaccid after his fucking (it always is).

"Go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up. Take off your lingerie and then come back down bare naked to say goodnight," I told him

"Yes Ma'am," he said, as he rose and shuffled off to do as he was told.

"Oh, and david," I added, pretending what I was about to say was an afterthought (it was not).

"Yes Ma'am?"

"Bring a diaper, a towel, and your baby lotion. You're getting a diapering in front of Sue and Valerie before they leave."

Ha ha! david looked very crestfallen at that, blog people who love diapers. I did this for you!!!!

"You're going to put him in a diaper???" asked Valerie, quite surprised.

"Helps humble him," I said.

Sue, Valerie, and I all went back into the living room to sit and chat while he was doing that. We talked about the scene we had just witnessed. Valerie asked the usual questions I get asked about our lifestyle and such. She seemed to have very much enjoyed the show, and admitted it was "hot".

david came back down totally bare naked, with a diaper and a towel in his hand and a pump-bottle of lotion.

I got up and draped the towel on the living room carpet. Then I took the diaper from his hand and put it down on top of the towel. I made david lie down, tummy up, with his bare behind on the diaper. His cock was rigid with excitement. He loves/hates the humiliating "baby" treatment. I lifted his legs in the air and squirted some lotion in my hand and started rubbing it into his angry red cheeks and between them into his crack. Sue and Valerie looked on with great interest.

I put his legs back down and eyed his genitals. "How's your cock and balls, baby? Do they need a bit of TLC also after mean old Sue and Valerie spanked them?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am..." said my naughty boy. "Attention" in front of Sue and Valerie? Naughty naughty! I was going to rub the baby lotion onto his cock and make him cum for us. But before I could do this, we all got a surprise.

"Wait," said Valerie. "Is it ok if I kiss it better first?" she asked with a giggle.

"Sure," I said, feeling a bit surprised at the request.

"Knock yourself out," said Sue.

david also seemed to have no objection 🙂

Valerie came over to david and knelt on the floor beside him. She took his cock in her hand, leaned over, and gave it a kiss right on the tip.

"Ohhhhhh," said david.

She leaned in again and took the tip of his cock into her mouth and gave it a little suck and lick. david moaned in pleasure again at this, his hard cock throbbing in her small mouth. "Hee hee," she said as she stood up and went back to her seat. david's poor cock was sticking straight up in the air and ready to burst in excitement.

"Ohh, baby!" I said. "Did Valerie get your little cock all excited?"

"Yes ma'am!" he cried out.

"Mommy will make it all better," I said as I squirted lotion in my hand and started rubbing it up and down his shaft and around and across his tip.

"Oh God!" said david.

"Is this ok?" I asked Sue and Valerie, wanting to make sure they were ok with me hand-jobbing david to an ejaculation while they watched.

"No problem," they both indicated.

So I continued gently rubbing, rubbing, rubbing as our two guests looked on approvingly, and before too long he yelled out and squirted. I directed the ejaculate straight up and back down onto his cock and then dribbling down his shaft. I wiped my hand on the inside of the diaper to clean off as much of the ejaculate as I could.

"That must feel good!" said Valerie.

I then closed up his diaper and taped it snugly in place.

"You can sleep in your cummy diaper all night," I told him. "And if you have to pee... in the diaper," I added.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"Now give Sue and Valerie a kiss and then it's bedtime," I told him.

He stood in his diaper and went over to Sue and gave her a peck on her cheek and said, "thank you, Sue."

He then went over to Valerie who offered her cheek for him to kiss. He bent down and did the same to her, thanking her as well. Oh, that was my pleasure," said Valerie. Then she added, "cute diaper," and gave him a pat on his butt.

"Up to bed and lights out. Don't forget to wash your panties and hang them to dry for tomorrow," I added.

He went up. Sue, Valerie and I stayed and talked a bit more and then they headed out to spend the night at Sue's place (score!).

I cleaned up a bit downstairs and then went up to david who was in bed (it was just after 10pm by now). I sat beside him and asked if he enjoyed that.

"Yes. Amazing, you're the best," he said. He asked me if I knew Valerie was coming and told him no, that it was a surprise to me as well.

"I need to pee," he said.

"Ok, go ahead," I told him.


"Go on, do it," I encouraged him. He seemed to concentrate a bit and then peed his diaper as I watched and stroked his head and encouraged him.

I told him to go take off his diaper and have a shower. I am kind.

And that was my Saturday!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

After that I won't bore you with the rest of the week, because it really doesn't even get anywhere close to Saturday, but only to let you know that I kept him in panties the whole week long, put him in timeout and spanked him every night, and gave him another fucking on Tuesday to round out the week. What an adventure!

Once it was all finally over, he was very relieved and pronounced me mean for doing that. I agreed that it was a bit much as well. He hugged me and said maybe I needed a spanking for doing it. It did not strike me as a terrible idea at the time, so maybe he's not wrong...