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Global Warming

So, I won't let you in on my politics, because there's enough of that as is on the Internet and you certainly don't need it here from a ditz like me, but I will admit that being of a Dommy nature I do have a bit of a... weakness... for the blond-haired, blue-eyed, conservative down south type gal.

I mean, I'm in Canada, and they won't let us do this down here, but if I could...

That's right, I got a gun and YOU DON'T.
Got a problem with it, bitch?

I can see some benefits...
Sarah Palin (R) on Thursday condemned sexual harassment in the workplace, adding that she has not personally experienced it because people know she carries a weapon. "I think a whole lot of people know I'm probably packing so I don't think there's a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me," Palin said.
What's not to like? 😉
Is that a Chastity Key around her neck???

My husband follows some of the Fox News conservative woman commentators on TV. Why? Because he wants a spanking from them, that's why!

His favourite new up and comer is a woman named Tomi Lahren. When Ms. Lahren gets all angry at the TV screen, he gets a boner.

Oh boy! You're in trouble now, Mister!

(I hate having to roleplay Tomi Lahren belt whipping a "libtard"! ;-)

On the topic of this particular blog post, and to get us into character, here's Tomi chewing out some celebrity hypocrites on the question of Global Warming.

You GO Girl!
(the first comment on the youtube:
"I think she can give amazing blow jobs!")

Well, I teased a fan/e-friend of mine in an email exchange (who by his preference we shall call Joey). He made an offhand comment about how millions of people are going to be underwater from climate change. I thought that was perhaps just a tad overwrought, and got to wondering how a gal like Tomi would deal with a liberal mate. Maybe a gal like that, aided and abetted by a sturdy leather belt, could turn a subby boy towards the right? Even vote for Trump???
Hi Joey,

I read a statistic the other day that says sea level is only rising very slowly, so I think they are pretty safe from flooding for the next little while anyways!

"Joey, are you going on about that global warming again? Get your butt over here and give me that belt - you know what I think about you spreading nonsense like that!"

I'd have you voting for Trump in no time ;-)

Well this tongue-in-cheek exchange inspired Joey, so he wrote me a story and allowed me to publish it, and contributed to the visuals to go along with it. I enjoyed it a lot, I hope you will too!

"Joey, are you going on about that global warming again? Get your butt over here and give me that belt - you know what I think about you spreading nonsense like that!"

"Yes ma'am," he said with a tremble in his voice, taking the leather punishment belt from its honored place on the wall.

He handed it to her, then his thumbs hooked into the waistline of his pants. She was quite pleased with these trousers. He is not allowed any underpants, of course, so that any sins of his imagination will show as little damp spots on the front of his pants. They have an elasticized waist so that they can be pulled down quickly when she wanted to overwhelm him with sudden punishment; but they have a normal button and fly when she wants to take control, reinforce his helplessness, and occasionally catch his naughty little penis in the zipper – it makes a perfect reminder when he thinks his punishment and reflective time in the corner is all done.

There was a brief, forlorn hesitancy (which she noted and mentally added a dozen strokes), before he slid them down and bent his bare bottom over the edge of the sofa.

Julie looked at the bottom waiting for her, and nudged the thighs further apart with the doubled up belt. God, she was sick of his whining about a non-issue like climate change. She drew back and swung hard and low, drawing a cry which he tried to stifle in the sofa cushion.

"I think..." another hard stroke,

"... I see..." another, and another,

"...the reason..." this blow wrapped around to Joey's inner thigh, causing some really extreme gurgles into the cushion,

"...for your stupid idea."

Julie walked around to the right side and evened up the treatment on the other thigh.

Then she started walking the strokes up his cheeks as Joey started to to lose control of his crying.

"I heat your bottom up" >Crack!<

"when you annoy me," >Crack!<

"and you think it's the climate." >Crack!<

"Can you feel the temperature rising?" >Crack!<   >Crack!<

"Well?? Do you?"

She pulled back just a little so the belt would curl into the crack and ignite his anus. >CRACK!<

"Yes ma'am! Please, I'm sorry!!" Joey shrieked.

Sorry or not, though, his bottom was going to get a lot hotter. Julie spent another ten minutes whipping the lies out of him, first directing five more into the crevice, then laboring to get the same deep crimson hue on every inch of backside before finishing with two dozen strokes concentrated at the junction of thigh and bottom.

She pinched the puffy black and purple results of her handy work, then ordered Joey to the corner.

She ducked into the bathroom and retrieved a tube from the medicine cabinet, then rejoined her wayward charge.

He was standing with his hands at his sides as he ought to, sobs only now calming down.

"So, is global warming going to destroy us all?" Julie asked him.

"No, ma'am, no, that's all a made up issue! I'm sorry I told those lies, ma'am, I'm sorry, thank you for teaching me the truth...." Joey was babbling in fear of a further lesson.

"That's right, Joey. You remember, the heat from 'the greenhouse effect' is fake, the heat from the belt is real. Wasn't that a good lesson about real and fake?"

Joey nodded fervently.

"And I have one other example for you. What's the heat from 'the greenhouse effect'?"

"F..f.fake," Joey said anxiously, trying to keep his eyes forward where they belonged.

"Yes. And this heat is real."

Julie squeezed a handful of extra strength Icy Hot from the tube, reached around, and spread it thickly on Joey's penis and scrotum.

She then trailed her hand up his bottom crack and pushed a big glob deep into his little hole.

As it took effect and he began to cry and dance foot to foot, she leaned in close and told him, "I hope this sinks in, Joey. If you don't really learn your lesson, I'll be asking your Uncle John to come over and discuss it with us.

"For the next week, Joey seemed to have reformed. No tiresome comments about Donald Trump or the American Environmental Protection Agency, no self-righteous comparisons of Quebec's hydroelectric and Alberta's wind power. Occasionally Julie would pull down his pants to see how the colors were fading, and tease him.

"Hmm, this bottom looks cooler than it was yesterday. But that can't be right if global warming is true, can it Joey? Shouldn't it just keep getting hotter?"

Joey would smile very nervously and say, "No, ma'am, that's all just political crap. Local, umm, effects are what makes my bottom hot or cold."

Julie would grin at his discomfort and give him a little bare-handed smack, "That's right. I'm glad you're remembering."

Oh, but boys are stubborn, and ones who think they're smart especially so.

The weather hit a warm spell. Days stretched on, reaching 33 C six days in a row and cresting at 38 C one day, 39 C the next. Joey was sweating over his chores around 3 p.m., outside and in the nude as Julie insisted.

That's when Julie, stepping out from the house for a moment, heard him mutter disgustedly, "and it's just going to keep getting worse."

"What was that?" she asked, very sharply.

Startled, Joey whirled around. Blood drained from his face. "Oh, ummm, the weather report, Ma'am, it says it's not going to cool down for at least three more days."

Julie stared at him. "And why would that be, Joey?" she asked evenly.

"It's just the weather, Ma'am, it's a random hot summer thing, you know what they say, if you don't like the weather in Toronto wait a minute..." Joey was babbling in fear again.

Julie stared at him another couple seconds, then turned without further word and went back into the house.

She knew that smug disgusted tone he'd used, and she knew his fear. He wasn't just afraid, as he should be. He was afraid of being caught. He'd done something, and he hadn't hidden it well.

"Again," Julie thought, with a smirk.

She went to the computer, logged on to "his" account, and checked his browsing history. It had been cleared, which was against the rules all by itself. The trash was empty, too; she ran Recovery, and there it was! A folder with Sierra Club articles about California drought, NOAA studies of ocean temperatures, and electronic petitions to both the House of Commons and the U.S. House of Representatives, calling for drastic decreases in carbon dioxide emissions. She counted 10, her foot tapping.

She heard Joey come back in downstairs, and head for the shower. Shaking her head a little, she picked up the phone and pushed the 2nd speed dial number. While it hummed she glanced at the clock; 3:30.

"Hello, John, how are you? Good. Would you be available for some drinks and discussion this evening? Maybe around 6:30? Wonderful. Make sure you bring Sammie, Joey really understands him. All right, I'll see you then."

Back downstairs, and Joey was just getting out of the shower. He was not allowed physical privacy in the house, naturally, so he wasn't surprised to see Julie staring at him, but he still reflexively started to cover his penis before remembering the rules. He smiled, tentatively and nervously. Julie didn't return the smile, but continued to watch him as he dried off and moved toward the dresser. He had just put one foot in a clean pair of trousers when she stopped him.

"I want you in the corner. Now." Joey looked uncertain, then folded the pants and put them away, walked with small steps to his corner, and took his position.

Oh, god, what was this, he wondered nervously. Maybe she was just playing, she liked to surprise him with a good scene, maybe a paddling, maybe even letting him come if she was feeling happy. Maybe he'd done a good job on his chores, or she was feeling sympathy for him working out in the heat. But he remembered her tone... why couldn't he have kept his mouth shut? No need to speak out loud, no need at all, he just had to hear himself talk. Asshole! he told himself. Still, maybe that wasn't what was going on. Or at least she was just mad at his grumbling.

Time went by. And more time. Joey couldn't see a clock from his corner, but could tell from how his arms and thighs were getting tired he'd been there quite a while. He'd almost stopped wondering about it, getting in the sort of Zen state of accepting the moment, when he heard Julie sit down in the squeaky chair at the computer upstairs. Oh. Oh shit. He'd taken care of everything, hadn't he? But... but he hadn't browsed more after clearing, he'd gone out to his chores! Shit. shit shit shit shit. He'd hit the button by accident, that was all. Oh, god. Sweat had sprung out on his forehead and in his armpits. More time went by. He heard Julie get up from the chair and come down the stairs. Trembling both with fear and with fatigue, Joey kept waiting. Not that there was anything else to do...

Julie approached him, aware of all that was going on in his head. She was amused by the little fuckup, but angry at him too. He ought to suffer.

"Did you sign those petitions?" she snapped out at him, breaking the silence suddenly.

He jumped a little and instantly answered, "No, ma'am! No, I wouldn't ever...." before realizing what he'd just admitted.

Julie shook her head again. Joey was not very challenging in his misbehavior, for all that he thought he was "intellectual."

"Your Uncle John is coming over to discuss this," she told him.

Joey swallowed hard, tears springing to his eyes, struggling not to turn and plead. Pleading only ever made it worse. He wondered if Sammie were coming too. Julie knew he was wondering this. Let him wonder, Julie thought. She set out a pair of nice Scotch glasses.

There came a knock at the door. She told Joey, "Answer."

Slender and naked, Joey wet to the front door to open it.

As he opened the front door he revealed a man who would have looked right at home in Boss Tweed's Tammany Hall, or even the court of Henry VIII. Broad shouldered, barrel-chested, expensive shirt stretched over an expanse of belly, he towered over Joey and absolutely dominated him, and any room he was in, with his presence.

"H..h..hello, Uncle John," Joey said in a very small voice. "'s nice to see you."

"Get out of my way, miserable little bugger." John strode in, pushing Joey aside while hardly seeming to touch him.

In his right hand Joey saw Sammie, Uncle John's 42" sjambok "walking stick".

He started to cry silently (well, almost silently) as he followed behind.

"Julie!" John cried out happily. He embraced her with his left hand on her ass, kissing her on the mouth. "What about a Scotch?"

Julie already had the bottle of Glenfiddich in her hand as she enjoyed his hand and the kiss.

"Good Girl!" said John, "You know how I like partying with an eighteen-year-old! Ha Ha! So tell me, what's this pathetic little twat done now?"

Pouring, she told him, "He had been going on about that climate change nonsense and got whipped for it, but since then he's not only kept on believing it, he's been lying and hiding it from me. If you and Sammie taught him the error of his ways for that, then we could all discuss the ridiculous fake science openly and honestly. I was thinking there must be a dozen reasons..."

"TWO dozen!" John boomed out delightedly. "Do you hear that, boy? You're going to get a hiding for hiding! Two dozen of the best! Get yourself in there, then."

Breath coming short and tears coursing down his cheeks, Joey walked down the hall to the study, the room where his most severe punishments were doled out. He could not believe this was happening to him again! There was the horse with its straps. Feeling almost unreal, Joey got on all fours above it, the top running the length of his torso. Its width forced his legs wide apart and put tension in his buttocks while exposing his penis and testicles. Uncle John strapped his wrists and knees to the horse's legs, and contemplated the job ahead of him. He was a small-cocked runt and By God he would learn to respect Julie before they were even half done.

He then took a big swallow of his Scotch, and started whistling Sammie through the air. After three or four swings to limber up, he turned to his target.

Julie sat in the living room, sipping her own glass of Scotch. She didn't often drink it, but an evening with John seemed almost to necessitate the more potent beverage. She listened, but as always the swishing sounds were too faint to hear. Then she heard the first >THWUCK< of impact, and heard Joey's scream. She smiled and took another sip. Sometimes a man's touch with discipline was a good thing. About 20 seconds later there was a second scream. So, she had seven or eight minutes until discussion could begin. Just right. She finished her drink, then walked to the bedroom (another few screams). She undressed slowly, enjoying how Joey's screams were growing hoarser. Then she fastened Adam into place. What was that, eighteen, then nineteen? She moved toward the study, Adam's weight bobbing in front of her.

John was enjoying his work, though he would need another Scotch. Twenty two! The helpless bottom summoned just a little strength to writhe, then collapsed on the horse. John's cock strained within his pants. God, but he loved thrashing a deserving backside like this one! Twenty three! Miserable little sod! Needed every bit of this, and more. Julie was a fine woman, a damn fine woman, and she understood discipline. He was happy to help. Taking three strides back, he drew back Sammie (good old Sammie!), expertly eyed the distance, and leapt forward with the hardest stroke of the two dozen. Joey had thought his voice was absolutely rubbed raw and gone, but number 24 brought out another scream, or rather croak, like 24 crows cawing in unison.

John looked up from his target to see Julie standing in the door, naked but for the bottle of Scotch and Adam. Grinning, he grabbed his glass for a refill, then quickly shifted his braces and took off his own trousers, shorts, and shirt. His cock, a match for Adam in length and perhaps even outdoing him in girth, sprang out and up. Any Greek satyr would have been happy to claim it. Julie grinned back, then began an inspection of Joey.

Oh, his bottom! A jumble of purple weals crossed it, as thick and three dimensional as her forefinger, some almost like sausages.

By contrast, his face was pale, eyes closed, tears puddled on the floor below. Well, Julie thought. Half done.

She slapped his face, nearly full force. His head rocked to the side as his eyes snapped opened again, all the panic returning, mouth hanging open to pull in more air.

"Do you need to confer further with Sammie about lying and hiding? Or are you ready to discuss your climate change nonsense with me and Uncle John now?"

Joey could hardly form words, but tried mightily to say "discuss, please please discuss."

Julie got right down at his level, face in his face. "There are two problems. You expect us to swallow this nonsense. And you are absolutely full of it. So," she continued, straightening, "You are going to swallow this." She shoved Adam into Joey's mouth and pressed it down his throat, relishing the gagging and choking sounds. "And, we're going to keep you absolutely full of what's best for you."

John roughly spread Joey's cheeks, spit on his little rosebud, and forced his mighty erection in to the hilt. It might have brought still another crow's scream, but it was hard to tell with Adam's muffling.

For the next twenty minutes Julie and John took turns at Joey's two ends, plunging in and out in rhythm or in syncopation. John's cock happened to be in Joey's mouth when it erupted, forcing Joey truly to swallow what seemed like a cup of semen.

Julie pounded his ass another minute while John squeezed the last trickles onto the waiting tongue. At last Julie drew back out. She took Adam out of his harness, untied Joey's right wrist, and handed Adam to him for cleaning.

"What do you say, Joey?"

Joey paused in his dutiful licking and sucking. Keeping eyes downcast, he said, "Thank you, Uncle John."

Julie smiled at the repentant young man. "Now that you've had your lesson, I want you back in the corner with Adam in your mouth."

She turned to her guest, running her fingers lightly along his thick cock. It shifted beneath her hand, already coming back to life. "John, dear, come with me. I want filling too."

John grinned again, took a last swig of Scotch, and followed her out the study door.

Joey reached across to untie his other wrist, then back to untie his legs. Moving very gingerly, he stood and stretched, then walked slowly to his corner. He could already hear Julie's moans. Imagining Uncle John's cock pounding her beautiful pussy, he took Adam in his mouth, placed his hands on his head, and accepted the ache of his bottom and the throaty cries of lust from his wife's bedroom.

Sunday, August 26

Julie Strapped and Made to Fuck by her Big Sister

So, as promised, and as setup in Sister Frolics!, Sue came around last Monday at around 8pm to give her little sister (me!) a good spanking WHILE MY HUSBAND WATCHED!

PLUS, in keeping with our theme of "boundary pushing", my sister sat there and watched, and teased, while she made my husband have his way with me...

Why was I doing this?!? I had to be absolutely crazy! She had spanked me once before, and the level of pain was ridiculous. Afterwards, I had no desire to repeat it at all. But over time, it started gnawing, gnawing, gnawing away at me. I, in equal measures, craved it and feared it. And the more I feared it, the more I craved it. Nut case! Eventually my stupid side won out, and I (BLUSH) asked her for another spanking...

There were no special instruction in advance this time. She just showed up soon after 8pm. She was dressed in designer jeans and T-shirt. But what she was wearing around her waist was what was most obvious. A thick wide leather belt!

Similar to this

My immediate visceral reaction was literally my knees shaking when I saw it. Shaking in fear. Shaking in excitement. Well, either shaking, or me rubbing my thighs together as my pussy gushed a little. I hate being such a wanton slut. My pussy actually gushing a little at the sight of my sister with a freakin' belt on!

"Nice belt!" said David, right on cue, simultaneously complimenting my sister and teasing me.

"Thanks," said Sue, "I just bought it. You like?" As she said this, she turned around posing at various angles for David (and I). She looks fabulous in tight jeans. Her ass is amazing. As she posed, I had to imagine that belt coming off and strapping my bottom...

"I do!" he said, "Very practical choice, too."

"I thought so as well," replied Sue. "Cat got your tongue, Julie?"

I stood there and squirmed in embarrassment, fixated on the thick belt around her tiny waist.

"Oh My God!" she said, "are you rubbing your thighs together?" Oh shit, she saw it. And she said it like it was coming from a mean high-school senior chearleader about a new pledge in front of the whole cheerleading squad. This new pledge about to have her skirt lifted, her panties lowered and be bent way over for a paddling so the whole squad can see her wet pussy shame.

"She's been looking forward to this," said David.

"I can see that," said Sue.

How humiliating this all was. To so obviously want your own spanking. I felt like I had to pee my pants. I felt like a silly little girl in the presence of her betters.

David suggested we head into the living room and asked if he could serve Sue a drink.

"Maybe later," said Sue. "I think your wife needs to be taken care of first. Can't leave her waiting. I mean, she just can't seem to get enough, can she?"

"No, she's quite frisky," he replied with a smile. Frisky??

They went into the living room and I followed with a flock of butterflies in my tummy.

"I don't mind spanking her at all," said Sue to David. "I mean, seeing as she gets off on it. She's always been a bit of a brat, besides. She escaped a lot of spankings from Mom and Dad that she truly deserved, if you ask me."

"Hey!" I said.

"No complaining, or it gets worse," she replied with menace in her voice. I zipped it!

"I understand you want me to stay and watch this time?" asked David of Sue.

"Yes, please.  I don't know if she told you, but last time she got a bit 'frisky', as you say, while straddling my knee."

Oh Blush!

"Yes, I heard about that," David said.

"Well, that's more your department than mine," said Sue. "I thought you should be here for my safety," she said with a smile. "Let's get on with it straight away. Why don't you strip her for me now."

What??? That was abrupt!

"My pleasure!" he said with a big grin on his face. He turned me to face my sister who by this time was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the couch. He was behind me. He reached around and started unbuttoning my blouse. He unbuttoned it all the way and removed it from me. That left me in my bra and skirt. He unfastened and unzipped my skirt, and let it drop to the floor. He had me step out of it as he took it away from under me. That left me in only my bra and panties. I blushed, feeling like a proper little whore. I was being undressed for my spanking!

"Go on, take her bra off," Sue said.

David unclasped it from behind, and slowly unveiled me. I crossed my arms over my chest as soon as I could.

"Pull her arms behind her," said Sue.

David takes my upper arms in his hands, and pulls them backwards. My breasts jut out. Oh no. She had threatened a breast whipping last time. Was this going to be it???

"Don't cover up again," she says to me, "we want to see you, beautiful." Then to David, "go on, strip off her panties."

No breast whipping? Phew! Nice that she called me beautiful. I mean, she's the real beauty. But now I was going to lose even my panties. Clothing rights completely revoked. I was going to be made fully naked in front of my clothed sister and husband. Naughty little naked girl waiting for her spanking.

David let go of my arms, put his fingers into the waistband of my panties, and slowly pulled them down my legs. My bare waxed pussy came into view. She could have left me in my panties. Pulled them down a bit behind while over her lap if she really needed to smack my bare bum. But no, I had to be bare naked, pussy and tits on display to my lesbian sister and lustful husband. And then I would need to no doubt get across her knee, for a bare naked spanking in front of Daddy. Mommy not caring if Daddy could see his little girl's bare bouncing breasts, pussy, bottom, and hole as she spanked. The kind of spanking a misbehaving teen has nightmares (and dreams) about.

He lowered my panties all the way to my ankles and helped me step out of them as well. My hands really wanted to cover my pussy, but I held them back. I was completely bare down there, like a little girl. I was feeling warm and excited, and wondered if my pussy lips showed it at all from where Sue was seated.

"Bring her to me," she told David, patting her lap to let him know where she wants me. He walked me over to her and draped me across her knee. I was very comfy with my knees on the couch on one side of her, and my chest and head on the other. He went back to the far side of the room and had a seat. I was bare breasted and bare bottoms up across my own sister's knee. My pussy was tingling like crazy. I couldn't believe this was happening, again. I was acutely aware of my husband observing.

She began gently hand-spanking me. Hand spanks and rubs both. Some of the rubs dangerously close to my most intimate areas! Her hand spanks got harder and harder, but I was melting into them, writhing in pleasure across her lap, and moaning slightly. She built it up well.

She practically whispers to David, not wanting to break the mood, across the room, "have you got a smaller hairbrush? Will you please get it for me?"

Oh dear. The small hairbrush. I knew which one he would get. His. The one he uses for his hair.

He left the room, went to get it, came back and handed it to her, and then took his seat again. While he was gone she stroked my pussy between my legs (!). She definitely went deep enough to feel my excitement, which she casually rubbed onto my ass to clean her fingers. I moaned in pleasure as she played me like this. When he got back she stopped. Our little secret. My sister!

Sue rubbed the hairbrush across my bottom and then started popping me with it, all over my butt. As for her hand, she started lightly and increased the strength of the strokes as she went. The wood is a different sensation than her hand, but also had me squirming in a combination of pain and pleasure. I felt myself pushing my butt up higher to greet the next stroke, and the next, and the next. The whole spanking across her knee went on for quite some time, but still ended too soon.

"She looks a bit heated up," said Sue. Not sure if she was referring to my warm pink backside, or my hot nasty pussy. "Why don't you cool her down with you tongue?" she asked David. Yup, she meant my pussy! As she said this, she turned more sideways on the couch, and turned me so that my legs were off the couch and onto the floor, all while still keeping me over her thigh. "Spread your legs," she told me, "let him get in there properly."

Oh blushy, blush, blush, blush! I spread my ankles and knees and arched my back to better "present" for David. I buried my head in the back sofa corner in shame. I couldn't believe my sister was holding me across her knee for a pussy licking. My husband knelt down right behind my legs, and started licking my pussy as Sue stroked my back and the back of my head. Ohhh!

David kept licking from behind and Sue returned to the hairbrush, popping it down on the top of my butt as David licked. I was getting hairbrush spanked by my sister and licked by my husband at the same time. I could barely feel the spanking as I became more and more excited, but knew I was being spanked, and knew the spanks were getting harder and harder, and that got me more and more excited. After a minute or two I felt my first orgasm coming on. Sue was rubbing my bare back and my head with one hand, while popping my ass with David's hairbrush with the other. As I got closer I squeaked and moaned and breathed heavily, while sticking my ass up higher to allow his tongue better access to my clit. My ass up higher meant it garnered more and harder spanks from Sue as well.

I knew what sort of spectacle I was making of myself, but I couldn't stop! I couldn't stop shaming myself by sticking my pussy and ass higher in the air for him to lick and her to spank.

When I was super close, David did this "trick" he does with me. Showing off! He grabbed my cunt lips in his hand, held them tightly together, and pulled them down and back hard and painfully while jamming his tongue in there to intensely and directly flick my clit.  Is this just me? Do any other woman go crazy with this? I swore and used our Lord's Name in vain (as I ievitably am wont to do in such a situation) and came hard in a huge shuddering, twitching, screaming orgasm... across my sister's knee..
This is actually me... On full display.
Why not?
I'm so shamed as it is, you all may as well join in my shaming.

"Ha ha," laughed Sue, "you're just a little subby in the sack," she said as she smacked my bum with her hand, referring to, I guess, my orgasming with the spanking and the cunt lip torture. "Now you pay the piper!" said Sue. She got me to stand unsteadily despite my shaky knees, walked me around to the arm of the sofa, and draped me down across it.

Oh no! The belt. I've just cum. No fair!

"Julie, look at me," said Sue.

I turned my head to look over at her. She made a show of unfastening her belt and taking it off from around her waist. Oh dear!

"You know what you're getting now, don't you?" she asked.

"The strap?" I asked her.

"I call it the belt, but you can call it the strap if that pleases you," she said. "Better hang on," she warned.

There was nothing really to hang on to. I guess it was a figure of speech. Or maybe mentally I needed to hold on?


Youch! Crap! You can sort of tell which way a strapping is going from the first stroke. The belt was heavy leather, that much was obvious. It was well-aimed. It struck my butt just right. No wrap-around to the outside thigh, right at my spank spots. It was a hard stroke. She was clearly not going easy on me, and it would likely go harder yet.


She kept at it. Stroke after stroke after stroke. Each well aimed and hard. At least a second or two between each. She also deliberately targeted my upper thighs. I could tell because she lined up on them, then drew back, then hit them hard. I screeched like a little banshee on those thigh strokes.

I must have absorbed, I don't know, a good hundred strokes???  This time it felt endless! I was scared the strokes would go astray, and I was in severe butt and thigh pain the whole way. I was also very conscious that I was on the receiving end of a pretty brutal application of the strap by my sister. And I had already cum! This wasn't fair!

"Twenty more," she declared. She was a bit breathless.

I both love and hate when they say that. I love it because it means the end is in sight. I hate it because rather than just stopping, I know there are more coming. I also hate it because usually when somebody says that, they're going to make each stroke significant, and make the last strokes the worst of all! Guess what? I was right.

She counted off the twenty herself. Each stroke was harder than any previous one. There was more time between each stroke. The last five were ridiculous. The last one was the absolute worst. Fuck she swung into that one!

After almost every stroke I let out a yelp of sorts. Towards the end, and especially the last twenty, there were definite tears in my eyes. I allowed myself to scream out on each one. I never considered safewording out for a second. I took my strapping like a good girl should!

"There we go," said Sue, after she was done. "Like a stop sign!" she said as she rubbed my burning carmined ass cheeks.

"She looks sexy like that," said David, referring to me bent over with a red, bruised bum.

"She does," answered Sue. "She's made for it, clearly. Would you like to fuck her?" she asked him.

What? Fuck me!?! I knew this was going to happen. I knew it!

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"Well, take off your clothes then," she told him. And then addressing me, "You, down on your chest and knees on the carpet, stick that ass up as if you want it."

She addressed me as "you". And said "as if I wanted it". She knows I'm not a big intercourse girl. I had shared this with her.  How demeaning. But worse was the oh blush that I was going to have to "present" and be made love to in the presence of my sister. Then a horrible thought occurred to me. Would it be my front hole or my back hole? She knew I was the kind of wife who took it up the butt on occasion. In fact, last time she had spanked me she had left me instructions to request this form of "lovemaking" from my husband immediately after. But she had asked him "would you like to fuck her?" That meant pussy, right? Not ass. She would have said "ass fucked" if she had meant that. Right? Please right?

I went to the carpet, knelt down, and bent over, awaiting whatever perverse sexual acts my sister had in store for me. I prayed it wasn't going to be my ass. Anything but my ass.

David undressed and was soon totally naked. He had a raging hard on.

"Are you still on the pill?" she asked me.

"Yes Sue," I responded. Oh thank God! Pussy fucked! You don't take the pill for an ass fucking.

"Well stick it in her, then," she told my husband. Stick it in me!?! Just like that?

David came behind me. I could hear him licking his hand and rubbing his cock to better lubricate it. I'm wet inside, but it doesn't usually come out to my outer lips, so I appreciated the gesture. He knelt with one knee down and one knee up, and put the tip of his cock at my vagina. Oh shit. in front of my sister!

He gently pushed the head through (it's always a bit of a painful stretch). Then he grabbed my hips and slowly sunk it in. I can feel it in my cervix at first when he goes deep like this. Oh fuck. My sister is watching me getting penetrated like a little whore. Then he grabbed onto me and began thrusting. I felt like a brood mare: fucked in public.

After a dozen or so thrusts, Sue tells him to stop thrusting but keep it stuck in me. I was surprised the boy lasted a whole dozen.

"She looks like a bit of a dead fish," said Sue. Thanks! My butt and thighs were aching and I was exhausted from cumming so hard. What did she expect!?!

"Julie, show David how much you enjoy having sex with him. David, you don't move, just keep it stuck in there. Julie, fuck him like you mean it, go ahead."

Oh dear, now I had to start backing into him and fucking him.

Sue continued, "Show a little enthusiasm, sis. Show me those charming wifely skills. I'll give you, let's see now, one whole minute to get him off like that. If he doesn't cum in a minute, I'll make him finish in your ass, after another belting for you as punishment. I'm timing starting... now!"

Oh crap! There it was. Anal is way more painful and I always would prefer to avoid it. And I definitely needed to avoid another belting at all costs! I did as I was told.

I bucked back on my man like a total slut and gave him a real good fucking. I slowed to squeeze his cock and release with kegels. I squeezed and then made circles with my ass. IN FRONT OF MY SISTER!

"Oh FUCK you little slut!" said David as he slapped my wiggling red behind.

"That'a a girl," said Sue. "See how you put that little wifely bum to work when you're motivated?"

Great. You know what's even more humiliating than being bent over and fucked by your man while your sister watches? Having to act like a total porn star slut while impaled on his cock while she watches!

"Lick your thumb," said my sister to David. "Put it on her asshole. Let her fuck herself with it."

David did not need to be told twice. I felt his wet thumb at the entrance to my exposed anus. As I writhed, bucked, and wriggled on his cock, he easily penetrated my ass with his thumb. Actually, I penetrated myself with his thumb! But I think he jammed it in there as well, because it sure got in deep!

Oh My God. He was balls deep up my cunt and thumbs deep up my asshole, right to the joint. And I still had to writhe like a whore to be sure to get him off within my allotted time or face worse!

Fortunately, this was way too much for him, and he splooged inside of me with a massive spasm, followed by a couple more. As he did this, he took his thumb out of my ass and reached in front and grabbed my tits with both hands. HARD. "OH YOU YOU FUCKING LITTLE WHORE!" he said as he released fully into me. That was uncalled for!

"Language, language," said Sue. Then, with a laugh in her voice, "that's something no sister should ever have to see! Did you enjoy her, David?" she asked him, rhetorically.

"I sure did!" said David enthusiastically. "You should join in next time," he ventured. Hey! My sister!

"Ha! Never!" said Sue. "I don't want to have sex with you or my sister. Yuck! Filthy pervert. Put your pants back on."

Then she came to me, and helped me up to my feet. I felt a little gush of sperm down below and quickly put my hand down there to hold it in.

"Go to the bathroom and clean off," she told me. "I'll open that bottle of wine."

I went up to clean myself up, and then came back down in a different outfit. I could barely believe that what had just happened had just happened! When I got back downstairs, Sue and David (now dressed again), were chattering away as if nothing at all had happened!

"Did that just happen, or did I dream it?" I asked them.

"Hmmm, I don't know," said David. "How does your butt feel?"

I reached behind to rub it for their amusement. "Fuck, it hurts like hell," I said.

"Then I guess it did happen," he said.

I went over to Sue and kissed her chastely on the cheek. I then went over to David and did the same thing. "Thank you, you two," I said.

"My pleasure," said Sue, "I love how kinky both of you are. And no retaliation for David," she told me firmly. "He was just following my orders, and besides, he got his earlier, didn't he, the poor leaky boy." She said this referring to our last scene with Joyce and Bev. Ok. Fair enough. But "FUCKING LITTLE WHORE" Really? Give them an inch and they take a mile. I'd get him back in-line soon enough, though, make sure he knows who's the real fucking little whore in the family, Sue or no Sue.

We had some wine and we chatted a bit more, about Sue's work and mine, and the family, and our niece who just got married (we think she was a virgin). Then it was time for Sue to go home. We said our goodbyes, and more thank yous. What a night:

  1. Stripped.
  2. Hand-spanked and fondled.
  3. Hairbrush spanked.
  4. Pussy licked.
  5. Belt whipped.
  6. Publicly Fucked.

Just, just, Wow...

Wednesday, August 15

Sister Frolics!

As you may know, I have a bit of a frolicky relationship with my older sister, Sue.

Not us - looks a bit like us

Sue is kinky and open-minded, as am I. She is a top in her personal life, as am I (though in my case it's only "mostly"). In her younger days, Sue did some modelling, including some fetish modelling in San Fran. She has always been a bit bi, but became more straight-up lesbian after her divorce. I have developed into quite a little bi girl myself over the years.

After she divorced we really got close to one another, sharing everything. When I got into domming david, I wanted to share that fact with her. david was very ok with that. He has always had a "sister" fantasy about the two of us, and is a bit of a shame slut as you know, so having my sister "know" played right into his kink. Having her watch and join in even more so, as you can imagine.

As a consequence of her liberal nature and her interest level, I have invited her around on many occasions as an additional "treat" for my husband. She happily watches, spanks, and seems to even enjoy giving handjobs to my "poor" hubby. Whenever she has suitable girl-friends, she is generally happy to invite them along if she thinks they can keep a secret and would enjoy it. The whole thing has been just as much fun for Sue as it has been for us. In fact, she only got into topping in her personal life after she started playing with us (she had a delightful little toy for about a year named Trina, that we played with several times).

The very early boundaries we setup was no undressing for either of us, no strap-on sex for him in front of her, and nothing "sexual" in the sense of a threesome or involving her in our sex life outside of the kink stuff. She never had a problem with the spanking, the dress-up, the butt toys, watching him ejaculate, or even ejaculating him herself, as she did not consider this "sex" at all, more just a form of topping in that context.

Over the years, we sort of blew through most of these boundaries. Mainly it was me pushing (ok, all me if you must know, but she was game!). After gradually moving forward over the past five years, the boundary pushing really accelerated within the past year. It started with us diapering my husband and then me "breast feeding" him in front of her (Husband Made to Take the Breast). We had agreed to do that, and while doing that, she was going to handjob him into his diaper (yes, we are self-aware, we know we are total freaks, and loving it). That was all arranged and agreed upon, but it was already pushing some boundaries, in a creative fashion, I'd say.

I threw in a bit of a very natural "twist", by asking Sue to transfer some of the cum from inside his diapers onto my nipple so he could suck on that. I know it was naughty and pushing boundaries to have her smear his cum onto my bare titties, especially as she is "into" girls (but who isn't, really?). She initially said "No!" with a laugh, but I cajoled her and she did it, and blushed as she did it, and I called her out on that blush. She got even more embarrassed by that and told me to "shut up". When I asked her what she would do if I didn't, she said she'd put me across her knee. She said it jokingly, but still, it was said! Even after that I caught her staring at my exposed breasts again and pointed that out, and she told me to shut up again. On the way out she said "no more peeling off in front of me!" But it was all in the spirit of fun and games and me being the "naughty little sister."

That whole fun incident really stuck in my mind. I actually found that I really wanted a spanking from her, despite the thought not really having entered my mind at all before that. I didn't have the courage to actually talk to her so I texted her, asking her if she was really serious about that - about her actually spanking me. She texted back that she was, and made me sort of beg for my spanking, and then made pretty darned clear it would be a barn-burner. I was extremely excited by this turn of events! (I Asked Her...)

She came around. David was not allowed to watch. She stripped me totally bare, spanked my bottom and my breasts (!), then made me straddle her tweed-covered knee with my bare pussy and spanked me to several orgasms (!!). After I was a spent little girl, she gave me my real spanking! Oh my. Immediately after she left, as an added punishment for me disobeying her in a related regard, she required me to get david to perform anal intercourse on me in our bedroom, and ejaculate into my bum. I did all that (Spanked by my Sister).

I had Sue take a picture of me as a souvenir.
That T-shirt stayed up above my bare breasts the whole time to "make a point".
And can you just imagine that a few minutes after that picture was taken,
my husband was actually spreading those cheeks and fucking me right up the bum!?!
I know it's hard to imagine that, but I'm sure you'll try your best...

When we texted about it all afterwards, I thanked her and she was all super cool with an understated "it was fun," as if we had just gone to see a show or something.

Later on we had a chance to actually talk face to face about it, and I admitted to her about not being able to stop thinking about it. She said she'd be happy to give me another if I asked her again. I tried to get her to at least agree to not spanking me as hard next time, and steering clear of punishing my breasts again. She adamantly refused and said that if I asked her again I'd get it harder and longer on my ass, and a whipping especially on my breasts. I also ascertained that she had zero desire to switch. So that has scared me off from asking her again! Trouble is, the more that time goes by, the more I get to craving it from her, despite what I know I'm in for. The fiend!

So all of that was what I considered to be a mega-escalation boundary pushing affair on both sides. Since then, there have been a couple of hints of more to come.

Sue was over playing with us when I was turning the tables on david after he spanked me in front of my whole family (Julie Spanked in Front of Family). After that, followed up by a really good spanking and very subby sex for me after he got me home, I was in total subby mode for a couple of weeks (it takes a while for me to switch off being subby!). I admitted this to Sue and asked for her help in the inevitable turning of the tables on david. You see, I get stuck in subby mode, and am incredibly excited being there, but gradually get more and more annoyed with myself for being such a pathetic little submissive slut, and then need to get back on top. And then after a while on top, I start craving being subby again. It never ends!

During the table turning (Tables Turned!) Sue and I plotted to have me me give david a golden shower at the start while she watched (my idea that she went for). She was the one, however, who suggested I make him lick my pussy (while she watched!) while I peed on him. So there's more boundaries exploding!

After that, and at the end of Sue and I both putting him through his paces, she had promised him an unspecified reward if he took it "like a good girl". Her "reward" for him was a freakin' blowjob!!! Without clearing it with me first! Now it's not that I mind per se. I've allowed other girls to give him blowjobs before, including Sue's little toy, Trina. But it was always with my say so. When I asked her "what just happened?!?" after she blew him like a pro and swallowed his cum (!), she told me that she believed it was called a "blowjob" (ha ha) and then asked "any complaints, little sister?" And so you can imagine, knowing me, that made me sort of cream my panties, especially in the context of her having spanked me so good previously, and promising worse still in the future were I to request another. And then she made me thank her out loud in a polite little voice for taking care of my husband's needs like that. It was definitely going through my mind that if I did not thank her like that, all submissive and polite like that, that I'd be getting that spanking "on the spot", whether I asked for it or not (she would never do that, force that on me, but that's what it felt like). As she was leaving she said "we'll talk later" with a sort of wink, but we never really did.

Afterwards I gave david a fucking hard strapping for having the temerity to enjoy my sister's mouth on his cock like that. I was toying with the idea of telling Sue that she needed to submit to my strap as well for not having asked permission in advance, but the more I thought about it the more I felt she'd take the strap from me and give me double whatever I intended to give her. You just don't mess with 100% lesbian toppy big sisters like that!

So then there was this last episode where Sue brought along a couple of her friends as witnesses to how I domme my husband. And an incredibly awesome scene that was (Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians!). At the very end of that, as she and her two friends were leaving, I suggested that, as Sue had not actually spanked david this time, that next time she might take him across her knee herself? Well, Sue responded to that by saying, hold onto your hats, "Or maybe take you across my knee, little sister, you know how much you enjoy that..." And she said that in front of her two friends. And I was left a bit speechless and feeling the colour rising in my cheeks, which must have been a sight, and her friends laughed and everything. I was left wondering what she had shared with them regarding that time she spanked me, or what she would share afterwards (after no doubt being pestered by them over a few drinks back at their place!). Would she share how she slapped my bare breasts until there were tears in my eyes? Or how she spanked me, buck naked as I was, to orgasm while straddling her knee? Or the manner in which she required my husband to have sex with me after she left???

So all of this heat got me lying in bed in just my panties, hooking my left thumb into the waistband and drawing them down in front, and playing with my clit while imagining myself across her knee, writhing under her giant strict wooden spoon, my legs splayed, spanked to another orgasm... Excuse me a moment, I'll be right back...

...oh my!

Yes, that is exactly how I feel.

So, this being ridiculous, it was time for another late night text message...

Me: you alone?
Sue: yup
Me: girl needs a spanking...
Sue: I'm sure you husband will oblige
Me: How about my big sister?
Sue: Naughty Naughty
Me: yes!
Sue: Ok, but this time, he stays to watch... and play
Me: how play?
Sue: however I say
Me: hey... I'm nobody's slut!
Sue: we'll have to see about that. Next week ok? Monday at 8?
Me: I'll check david and get back
Sue: ok. text me soon as you know
Me: I will. And thank you... I think!
Sue: de nada. David and I will have fun. Not so sure about you 😜
Me: ohhhhh!

That was two days ago. I explained it to David. He declared me a weird chick, but is totally game. It's set for Monday.



Then this????? While SHE watches????

How embarrassing will it be to have my husband watch while my sister spanks me to tears??? And how very much more so embarrassing if she watches him having sex with me? Penetrated and fucked like a total little whore for big sister's amusement? I sure HOPE that won't happen!!!!