Monday, September 19

e-Book Published!

I'm very, very excited!!!! I've been working on it for quite some time now. Looking back, I first posted about it in February of 2015 (e-Book Anyone?) and received a very positive response. So, between now and then I've been beavering away on it and I'm happy to report that I actually did it!

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This is the cover (courtesy lill josephine of course! Thank you!). I chose the pen name "Julie Delmar". I think it sounds very classy. I'm charging a little bit of money for it, which is the first time I've ever tried monetizing our kink. Hopefully you'll forgive me after my having spent 5 years writing for free (and enjoying every word - which I will keep doing, btw!)

If it goes well financially I am considering doing more perhaps (More books? Spanking videos starring Strict Julie?? Private sessions??? Who knows!)

Please go and buy one and give me lots of stars and write a very nice comment if you like it!!! You can choose the name to use for your comment as you are posting it, and it doesn't need to be your real name, though you will have to buy it for real to comment!

It's all original material. That is to say, I wrote every word and copied none of it from my blog, though you will recognize some of the scenes, like a remix really. It's about 75,000 words which translates into over 200 print pages and 18 chapters. It's only $4.95 US, which is quite reasonable I think.

I've held back a few extra juicy scenes from the blog to have some original scenes for the book. As well, I give more details on how we got started, and how david developed his kink. Some material is a bit instructional in a fun way. Some scenes that you know from my blog I retold in a different way. And, this is really important, in the book I do let my imagination run away a bit in a way I try not to in the blog. So there are some very over-the-top scenes (though nothing I would not actually do if given the opportunity!)

I hope you all go out and buy it and really, really enjoy it (early reviewers report multiple orgasms!)

Here is where you can get it, exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

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Get it at
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Below is the blurb from the book.

Julie Delmar (of "Strict Julie Spanks!" blog fame) and her husband david engage in a kinky scening-oriented female led relationship. This book of entirely original material not before seen on her blog is part instructional, part fact, part fiction, and all fun! At over 75,000 words and 18 chapters it's great value for your kinky dollar.
  • Chapter 1: A Typical Scene in the Delmar Household
    Describes a typical punishment that Julie's husband david is subject to. "Forced" into girls' clothes, plugged, and spanked.
  • Chapter 2: How It All Started
    Julie describes how she and her husband got started in their kinky lifestyle, with her various humorous missteps along the way.
  • Chapter 3: A Kinkster is Born
    Recounting some early experiences of how david got into it, and describing a very kinky fantasy scene of david's that has obsessed him for years.
  • Chapter 4: Learning to Spank
    Julie and david start hitting their stride. This is an entertaining and instructional chapter on how to spank and be spanked safely.
  • Chapter 5: Dealing with the Porn
    david was getting a little too comfortable playing with himself in front of his computer and neglecting Julie's bedroom needs. Julie put a stop to that with some help from a friend.
  • Chapter 6: Public Play
    Playing in public and with other women excites both david and Julie. This chapter describes the breadth of what they get up to with many titillating anecdotes.
  • Chapter 7: Panty Shopping
    A perennial favourite public play: taking your husband panty shopping. They did that but this time david and Julie got a lot more than they bargained for.
  • Chapter 8: Anal Play
    An important part of most male submissive kink is bum play. Julie gives us an entertaining overview of her husband's penchant for having things stuck up his butt.
  • Chapter 9: Anal Training in Front of His Sister
    Julie was upset that david had not been doing his assigned stretching. With david's kinky sister in town, he is made to do it in front of her.
  • Chapter 10: Next Door Neighbour
    Julie helps out her friend Linda from time to time with her submissive husband. However, he is in for a shock when his situation is suddenly made embarrassingly public.
  • Chapter 11: In-Home Personal Training
    Julie uses david's kink to ensure he remains motivated to eat well and stay in shape. This chapter recounts their experiences with a series of pretty and dominant in-home personal trainers hired to literally whip david's ass into shape.
  • Chapter 12: Good Boy Spankings
    Not all spankings need be harsh punishment. Sometimes david gets a good boy spanking with a very happy ending. Sometimes even in front of witnesses.
  • Chapter 13: Beach Vacation
    Vacations are a great time to get into some public mischief. Read what happens when david ogles some young women at the beach. Suffice to say that submissive husbands ought to mind their p's and q's around their dominant wives at the beach.
  • Chapter 14: Massage Parlour Spanking
    Julie takes david to the massage parlour as a treat. His treat turns sour when he learns he is only to be teased with no release and then soundly spanked in front of the pretty attendants.
  • Chapter 15: Mommy Roleplay
    Julie describes in story form a roleplay she and her husband along with two other women engaged in. david had been a very, very naughty boy, and Mommy had to punish him in front of his two sisters.
  • Chapter 16: Wife's Boss Roleplay
    Another roleplay in story form where Julie must impress her boss that she knows how to handle a scatterbrained husband.
  • Chapter 17: Ex-Girlfriend Roleplay
    A final roleplay acted out by Julie, David, and a professional submissive. David actually gets to spank a girl for once!
  • Chapter 18: My Sister and her Subby
    Julie's sister is kinky and likes girls. That does not stop her from playing with Julie and david, however, and even bringing along one of her girlfriends to play as well.
More information on the book and poll results that show people's favourite chapters is posted on E-Book Poll Results

Sex with My Hand

Had a fun little time with my man yesterday. I made him have sex with my hand!

I was nice to him. At first. I put him onto the massage table and I gently massaged oil into his knotted muscles. Usually when I do this I'll give him a little spank and tease as well. This time, though, I had another idea.

I put my hand in front of his face, my fingers making an inverted V. "Lick my pussy," I told him. He immediately started licking right at the top of the V.

"No!" I said, and I smacked his ass hard. "You don't just dive straight for the clit! Haven't I taught you better than that???"

I told him to work his way up. To gently lick and nibble on the lips of my vagina first. He worked his tongue up and down my fingers as I looked him in the eye, careful to avoid my "clit". Then I guided him to my clit, the V of my fingers. I told him to put his tounge there and to gently vibrate it.

Then I told him to flick it gently. Only after that, to lick it properly. I was getting turned on with him going down on my hand!!!

Next I made my hand into a fist.

I told him to lick my asshole. To get that tongue in there. To lick around the outside. Up and down and then back and forth along the outside, and then to push his tongue in there nice and deep and wiggle it around so that I could feel it.

Then I moved my fist to under his hard cock. I made him raise up and fuck my asshole. No! Gently at first. Just bump it a bit to make it up. Now gentle pressure. In. A bit more. A bit more. There! Now it's opening up!

Now fuck it! Nice and deep! Deeper! Harder! Faster! Fuck my dirty asshole! He bucked his hips as I made my fist tight for him. Tight like a woman's asshole.

I grabbed his cock tight with my fist. So tight. As if my anus was gripping and protesting his cock so hard. He wiggled on my fist obscenely and then ejaculated onto the massage table. Ha Ha!

So this seems like a very fun game for you boys reading this blog to play.
  1. Pull your pants and underpants down to your ankles.
  2. Lick your right hand (assuming you are right handed, reverse otherwise).
  3. Start rubbing your cock with your right hand.
  4. Make your left hand into a tight fist.
  5. Bring your left fist towards your mouth and lick all around that hole.
  6. As you do a good job licking, let the hole open up a little.
  7. Stick your tongue into the hole and alternate wiggling around inside and licking the rim.
  8. Look at the photos below. Imagine it is her asshole you are doing this to.
  9. Ejaculate.
  10. Eat it.

Now you've been a bad boy, haven't you? Imagine if your wife were to catch you!

Sunday, September 11

Humiliated on the Metro

On the previous blog post a commenter left a lovely little short story in French. I doubt Google Translate would do it justice, so I took a hand at translating it myself. It's like you have to be a poet to properly translate poetry, so translating kinky spanking stories is right up my alley! I've tried to keep the French flavour of the language, went to a more consistent tense, and added a few little bits filling in some audience reaction. Apologies to our original author - I hope you are pleased with my translation!

Vacation in Paris

Despite the beautiful scenery all around on our Paris vacation, there is one type of scenery he cannot seem to take his eyes off.

Short shorts are all the rage this season in Paris. Many of the ladies, and certainly the young ladies, are wearing them. Some baring legs and thighs to just below their butts, and the boldest even baring their lower ass cheeks to the air. He spent all day yesterday with his eyes alternately fixating on and bouncing from one to another of those pretty little butts and enough is enough!

I took him to a department store to buy him a pair of short shorts for himself.

I decided on a very short and tight fitting Dacron polyester pair.

They expose his thighs completely to very high up his legs. That way his legs can breath, it's healthier. It did not please him terribly. He finds that they are too feminine and that it exposes too much of his thighs, but I find it very sexy on him and it's me who gets to choose.

Since it was very hot today, I made him wear them as we stepped out in the morning and onto the Paris Metro.

I decided that I was not going to let anything go today. Yesterday evening he had really carried on. He had not liked the Picasso exhibition that I took him to see. He acted like a complete brat! I told him, "you're a real little pain in the ass!" His leash would be very tight today.

We are now standing facing one another in the subway car.  I touch you between your thighs. I know how you hate that, getting groped like that in public, but at the same time it excites me to do it. I put my hand surreptitiously on your balls, I feel them through the fabric of your high tight Dacron shorts. I allow a finger to enter your shorts at the leggings and I touch you between your two testicles, I caress them, I pat them. I frighten you with my whispers, I tell you, "you have no sense of thrill". I feel you are completely under my control.

And what do you know but my little man starts showing signs of impatience with me. I tell you, "watch it, that sort of behaviour could really make me angry with you!"

I make you spread your thighs wider apart, and without warning I come up underneath and give you a good slap up the middle. Right on your poor balls. You utter a stifled cry and bend over double. I grab the waistband of your polyester short shorts from behind and I pull upwards. The fabric goes up and gets wedged between your ass cheeks. No one sees because you're turned with your back to the door.

I tell you, "do you see that lady* over there who's looking towards us?"

"I'm certain that she'd very much enjoy getting an eyeful. All it would take is for me to sit down on that folding seat, tip you over my knees, and it's a bare-cheeked spanking for you!" (I very much enjoy the thought of tipping him over like a reluctant country girl in a roadside ditch about to be publicly sex'd by her man)

I look you in the eye and I see you blushing fiercely. I pull on the waistband of your shorts from behind with my left hand, while with my right I caress the bottom of your bared cheeks. Little slut! I speak loudly, so everybody can hear when I say, "do you have your period this morning, you little slut? Is that why I'm getting this attitude? I'll calm you down!"

I have no problem holding you, you have a slight build. I'm physically much stronger and I'm very skilled at Judo. It's really no contest.

I sit and pull you face down across my lap. I lower your tight little shorts, you cry "noooooo... NOT IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY!" while I calmly pull out your hairbrush from my purse. You suddenly become very attentive to my every move. Your naked cheeks tremble under my palm. You are horribly humiliated to be bared like this and across my knee in public! I tell you to turn and look at the lady. She seems very interested in what's going on, enjoying your comeuppance. In fact, none of our fellow passengers are offended. They all seem to be enjoying the show. I spank you bare bottomed, between two subway stations, very strictly. Your cheeks become very red. You cry. You cry like a baby. Your eyes sting, the tears building, you cry like a fountain (and me, I moisten). Your audience smirks at my little slut getting her due.

The subway arrives at the next station. I slide a finger down your shorts and lower them further, exposing you completely. Do you know what I'm getting out of my purse?

A tampon bought specially for you!

I push it in with a single motion, your hot little tail being so moist, and I take the time to verify the little white string is firmly in place before finally pulling up your mini pants. Your audience applauds the spectacle I've made of you. I speak into your ear but so everybody can hear, "you getting your period is NOT going to ruin our vacation!"

I take you by the ear as we leave the subway car.

I noticed your behaviour improving very considerably after that treatment. Mission accomplished.

* Let me describe this lady.
She seems very sure of herself, perhaps in her forties, she makes me think of those mothers who are not ashamed and not afraid of anybody, who are capable in a public place, a supermarket, even at the checkout, to threaten her children with a loud voice, "do you want your spanking in front of everybody? It wouldn't bother me in the least!" She is not content with just the humiliation of a such a public statement, but insists on complete obedience, and adds, "and I will pull your pants down! In front of everybody! Do you think it embarrasses me that the whole world will see your bare bottom? Do you want to try me? Do you? Answer me! Do you want a bare bottomed spanking? Answer me!" She does not let it go, she insists until her child responds at the point of tears, completely humiliated: "No mommy, please... not in front of everybody..." The child knows Mommy would do it.  "You're ashamed, aren't you? You're ashamed that everybody knows that you still get bare bottomed spankings at your age!"

Wednesday, September 7

Peeper Punished!

As you read in my previous blog entry, Stop the presses!!!, I had occasion the other day to deliver my very first totally real spanking, and it was amazing. To help commemorate the occasion, and because I'm apparently quite the exhibitionist, I decided to do a little self-timer photo shoot to illustrate the post. Give you all a glimpse of what this peeper must have seen before he got spanked.

So this is what happened. And believe me, it was an absolute shocker for me. I am so used to calling all the shots that I couldn't believe it when this unsuspected little perv peeped on me on my own turf.

David has a cute sister that I'll call Jennifer here.  She has a long time boyfriend we'll call Dan and sometimes they come over to our place for Bbq's and dinner parties. I know Dan has taken a shining to me. He is always asking me personal questions and follows me around like a lost puppy. I feel a little bad for Jennifer because he is just a little too attentive to me when I'm around.

David took it upon himself to invite Jennifer and Dan over for an evening bbq in the backyard. He didn't run this past me ahead of time and I wasn't ready for their arrival. David scampered out to get the steaks and appetizers, while I jumped in the basement shower after my gym workout.
I was annoyed at david for inviting them without the house being in perfect shape and without the food being prepped and organized ahead of time. Oh well, a nice opportunity to scene him later, maybe even some subtle "pussy whipping" embarrassment in front of his sister and Dan?

Just as I was getting into the shower I heard the couple arrive,
Jennifer called down to me that she was going to be in the backyard with David firing up the grill. I shouted back that I was about to step into the shower and would be there soon.
I started to lather my hair, I got soap in my eyes and I had them shut for quite a long time. Next I soaped up my body and prepared my legs for shaving. When I reached for the razor I thought I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye.
I whipped my head around to see half of a head and one eye peeking into the bathroom. OMG!!! It was Dan. Holy crap when did he get there??? How long had he been watching me??
Oh my god!!!! "What the hell do you think you're doing??!" I screamed!
I leapt out of the shower and kicked the door shut and yelled "STAY RIGHT THERE AND WAIT FOR ME OR YOU'LL BE IN EVEN DEEPER SHIT!!!" I quickly threw my terry towel around my breasts.
I paused for a second to collect my thoughts. I could not fucking believe it!  Here was a man that we had invited into our house, blatantly peeping on me in the shower. I clearly had not locked the bathroom door, maybe even left it ajar, and he had seen an opportunity. But it was in the basement, and nobody should have been down there (guest bathroom is upstairs). He must have heard me yell up to Jen that I was getting into the shower and snuck down to see for himself. The shower curtain was only half closed, and for sure he got an eyeful.
I was determined I was not going to let him get away with this. But I didn't want to create a big scene with my husband and his sister, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, doing something I was now quite well versed in. Neither Dan nor Jen have any idea what david and I get up to so that peeper was in for a big surprise. He has no idea that david and I enjoy a playful FLR relationship. I wasn't about to give him any more to fantasize about, but I would be using some of my skills to teach him a lesson.

I threw open the door and Dan was standing there with his hands raised in surrender, blubbering apologies.  He said that he had JUST got down there and only wanted to ask what I wanted on the grill.  

I called bullshit. I told him he knew I was in the shower. If he had just got there he wouldn't have been able to be in that peeping position. If he had just got there, he would have just been standing there openly shocked... or doing an about face and taking off back up the stairs.  But NO! He was peeping FOR SURE! And likely for an extended time.

"You're a brave sole to be still standing here to take the heat from me, mister," I told him angrily. I think he knew that if he had ran upstairs, there was no way I was not going to get everyone else involved.

"I didn't,  I didn't mean...." he stuttered. 
"Were you, or were you not deliberately peeping on me? Tell the truth," I warned him.
"I was..." he admitted, "sorry..."
So there we had it. At least he was honest. A self-admitted peeping tom. Oh, he was getting spanked!

"Well we can deal with this one of two ways," I told him. "I can either go upstairs and tell David and Jen what just happened, or we can deal with this here and now, between you and me. Which will it be?" I demanded.

"Ummm... here with you?" he said, not knowing what he was agreeing to.

"In that case, you're going to have to pull down your pants and get over my knee," I told him.
"What?" he asked.
"You heard me," I said. "If you're going to act like a little boy and be a peeping Tom then you're going to get spanked like one."
"That's crazy," he said.
"Oh, and coming down here unannounced and watching me in the shower isn't??? You either take that spanking or I tell Jennifer. Choose," I told him.
"Please don't tell Jen ," he begged, "I'll take the... the spanking."

"Well then, drop those pants and get over my knee and we'll deal with this here and now," I said.

I guess by my tone he knew I meant business, because he did as he was told.  He looked pretty bashful, but undid the belt around his summer shorts, undid the clasp of his pants, lowered the fly, and let the shorts drop to a puddle around his ankles. He was left in his tightey whitey underpants! Ha!
I put my foot up on the rung of a stool that was outside the bathroom.  I told him to bend over my knee. He looked confused so I grabbed him by his T-shirt and shoved him into position.
"I hope you're completely ashamed of yourself," I told him, eyeing the backs of his white underpants, "to have to be spanked like a naughty little boy like this." I told him to look towards the wall. After all, the peep show was over. I was still only wearing the towel, and it was a bit precarious.
I contemplated it for maybe a second, and then proceeded to lower the backs of his underpants to bare his bottom. He had seen my bare ass. This was payback!

I spanked that man as hard as I could with my bare hand to his bare butt for maybe fifty strokes. At a couple of points my towel started slipping and I had to pause to fix it. Wouldn't that have been a hoot, me spanking him bare breasted! I was smiling at this whole thing, thank goodness he couldn't see my face and see how amusing this was for me. If he had, he would have known in a second that this was my kink. I could barely believe that this moment was really happening. It just came so naturally to me that I was halfway through before it had truly sunk in. I was administering a totally for-real bare butt spanking!!!!

Dan was grunting like a little piggy and I was almost embarrassed for him, but not quite.  My palm is pretty good by now, from all the practice, and he definitely felt that spanking! His ass for sure turned red. It actually reddened really fast. As if he had never been spanked before. I didn't feel his penis harden at all the whole spanking.
After his punishment, I pulled his underpants back up to cover his butt. And no I didn't see his little dickey at all. I did not care to. I made him stand and he quickly went to pull up his pants.

"Leave them there!" I told him.

He stopped and straightened.
"You know what you did is was wrong, don't you?" I asked.

"Yes," he said.

"'Yes Ma'am' when I'm talking to you like this. Got it?" I corrected him.

"Yes Ma'am," he said back almost instantly. Ha ha!

"You know what you did is wrong?" I repeated.
"Yes Ma'am," he said.

"Well you've been punished for it so enough said. But if you ever do that again, I'll not only tell Jen, but I'll be calling the cops. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said, standing there pathetically in his underpants and T-shirt, his red butt no doubt stinging behind.

"Pull up your pants and get upstairs," I told him. "We do not mention this to anybody."

He scampered up the stairs red faced with his hands clutched by his sides and no doubt a sore bottom. I never did tell him what I wanted on the Bbq.

I went back to the bathroom, finished the shower I had started and got ready to attend our Bbq. The recent events were just running through my head like mad! It was very hot for me.
When I arrived upstairs on the patio, I greeted our guests as if it was the first I'd seen of either of them that day. I shot Dan a few knowing smirks through the evening and he blushed every time.
It was a blast giving a man a real deserved punishment spanking. I don't know if Dan had any sexual thoughts about spanking before, or if he does now, but if he does, I'll bet he'll be thinking about this incident for a very long time to come. Regardless, during the spanking I think he was just absolutely mortified to be dealt with like that by me. It serves him right. I was not overly harsh. It was just the palm of my hand. But he was embarrassed to be spanked on his bare bottom by a woman for sure.

I hope all you blog readers got as much of a kick out of this incident as I did. I know this is real fantasy fodder for you boys, so that was one of the reasons why I decided to include the photos of me. I hope you enjoyed them also. I get a little wet and tingly knowing men will be stroking off to my body, so please don't disappoint and let me know how it goes!

Saturday, September 3

Stop the presses!!!

You will absolutely not believe what just happened! I just spanked an unwilling (but not undeserving) man!!! In our home, nothing at all to do with our kink, just a good old fashioned spanking! Just him and me, and nobody else the wiser (except I told my husband afterwards: he was actually very amused).

I won't get into it here. I need some time to write it up, and I'm away for the long weekend typing this on an iPad. But I will say that the offense in question involved a grown man we've known for years, and whom we invited into our home, peeping on me.

No, I'm not traumatized at all, and I knew exactly how to handle the situation. His guilt plus the fear he would be exposed for the dirty peeper he is was more than enough to make him comply. And, yes, I did have a blast (but did not let on - I was angry Julie all the way through). And yes, he did get a for-real spanking. And yes, I do feel fucking violated. And fucking vindicated. All at once.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all ashamed of my body, or bashful in the least, but this was without my permission. He is a bit of a puppy dog idiot, but still.

I choose to whom I display my body. That is not a prerogative this guy gets by any means. And you know what? Fuck him. If I'm going to display my body to any third party it's to you guys, the readers of my blog (as I have done on previous occasions). So for some perverse reason, partly exhibitionistic for sure, that is what will happen. Along with this upcoming blog post I will be posting some auto-timer photos of exactly what this creep got to see of me. It's my way of owning this. Don't try to talk me out of it!

Comments welcome.