Wednesday, November 28

Fiction: The Bargain

For some reason, I've been the lucky recipient of a lot of stories in my email from fans recently. I took one of the best of them, from a fan named darryl, and turned it into a collaboration.

It recounts the story of a young man who was strapped on his hands at college, which then required that he also be paddled at home by his Mom afterwards, a fact that all the student body seemed to know about thanks to his little sister's blabber mouth.

To make things worse, his sister had stealthily arranged for her two best friends to be at home with her working on a "science project" when news of the strapping was sure to arrive in the form of a phone call from the college.

Through some tactical lies, the girls got the boy into even more trouble, which resulted in his spanking taking place in the living room where all the girls could see.

However, the spanking was only the start of his humiliations. His inability to control his arousal in front of the girls earned him the ultimate embarrassment that is every boy's worst nightmare...

I hope you enjoy it: The Bargain

Sunday, November 11

Horny Little Wife

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately. Work is busy for both of us, and we don't have as much time right now to fool around. As a result, I was getting quite horny. I wanted my pussy licked, bad, but my husband took advantage of the situation and insisted that would only happen if I got spanked first. The things a girl has to do to get her pussy licked around here...

It was the evening and I was feeling horny and I went up to my David and asked him to lick me.

"Only if I get to spank you first," he said cheekily. Ohhh!

"Yes, Sir," I said.

"And..." he continued, "69. In your mouth. No spitting." Ohhhhh! Foot stomp! Give him an inch and he makes me take a yucky mouth fucking...

"Yes, Sir," I said. The things a wife needs to do to get a little action around here.

So he takes me to bed. I was wearing socks, pants, panties, bra, and blouse. He sits on the side of the bed and beckons me over. He helps me out of my pants and socks, and blouse. I am standing there in just my bra and panties. He is still dressed in his jeans and a coarse blue lumberjack shirt. He pulls me over by my arm and spins me around. He unhooks the clasp from my bra and my breasts swing free. He turns me around to face him and begins fondling my tits. Overly aggressively, if you know what I mean. He squeezes my nipples hard which makes my eyes water. He pulls me across his lap.

He fondles my ass through my panties (they are just simple white cotton).

"What a naughty girl," he says as he fondles my rear cheeks.

"I've been good!" I protest.

"Good girls don't constantly need their pussies licked," he explains. Well, he got me there!

He hugs me in closer to himself with his left arm around my hips. My knees and my chest are on the bed, and he's angled me a bit towards him across his lap. I am feeling... small... in a nice squishy way. He begins spanking me over my panties. Nothing terribly hard, and it's feeling nice. He comments that he's just getting my pussy ready for its licking by bringing all the blood flow down into that region.

In a little while he lowers the backs of my panties to just below my cheeks. Like a Daddy would reluctantly do to his little girl if he needed to spank her without exposing her pussy.

He continues spanking my now bare bottom with his palm. The spanking is intensifying.

He lowers my panties some more, this time down to me knees, exposing me. More like a Daddy spanking his teenage daughter's bare bottom, pussy bared as added object lesson. He hugs me in tighter, bending me more. I feel my bare pussy and bottom hole starting to sick out. His slaps go there. Still on my bottom, but all around that "area", fingers whipping in where they ought not.

He straightens me out and uses his hand hard, like a paddle, about 20 strokes. That was a real spanking. I start getting worried midway! Will he spank me hard like that? But he slows down, and then he bends me over more again, pulls me into him, and puts his hand between my legs, feeling my by now moistened pussy with this fingers. Playing with my folds, rubbing me, finger fucking me.

He pulls my panties right off. He spins me so that I am now straddling his knee, my tip-toes on the ground, my chest on the bed, my weight mostly on my pussy grinding into his hard jeans-covered knee. He learned this from my sister (blush!).

My weight feels like it's directly on my clit! I am feeling myself being embarrassed by this. I flashback to my sister putting me in this position over her knee, one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life. I actually could not contain myself, and rubbed myself across her knee despite my ass getting fucked up by one of the most intense spankings of my life. He jiggles me on hs knee. He spanks me some more, all down low and insides and such. He fondles my cunt as well, and finger fucks me. I moan and grind myself onto his knee. As a reader commented, like a kitten on her scratching post. How humiliating that I am so "in heat".

He takes me back across his knees. He hugs me into him. He says, "now I'm going to spank you." Now?!? What was all that??? He means, really spank me. Oh oh.

His hand comes down brutally on my exposed backside, alternating cheeks and low across both. All in all he gives me 50 spanks. All really hard. My ass is on fire! I hate it and I love it. It seems to go on forever but also seems to stop before it even started. My man is spanking me. He is spanking me because he loves me. His entire attention is captivated by my wriggling, jiggling, reddening, ass. I am the center of his entire universe. My pussy is the center of me.

He stops and rubs me, saying, "wow... so pretty when it's so red..."

He puts me to my feet. Yikes! Sore butt!

He kneels up on the bed. I follow him and start hungrily removing his clothes so that he will be as naked as I. We lie down on the diagonal of the bed in the "69" position. I pull a pillow along with me and put it under my head. His head wrests on my lower thigh. I hold my upper thigh up off him. He pulls it down so that it is clamping his head. He does not want me to strain my leg holding it away from him.

Meanwhile, his cock is in my face. It is already very hard. I know my duty! I purse my lips and pull it into my mouth and start sucking on it.

I reach behind him with my hands. Though his legs are together, one on top of the other, his balls are half sticking out the back. I fondle them from behind as I suck on his cock.

He has started gently lapping at my cunt. Nice gentle wet strokes of his tongue.  I guess I like when I am "distracted" by sucking his cock skillfully. I don't focus my conscious mind on my own pussy licking, and it seems to get me excited faster that way. It just sort of all of a sudden out of nowhere, just gets to be amazing.

I am diligently working his cock, and his hips are becoming more insistent. He is starting to face fuck me and his cock is going in deeper on each thrust. His hips strain towards me. I back my head off a bit to get some breathing room. His hand clamps down on the back of my head and pushes me back into him. Doesn't he know it's hard to catch a breath??? I force my head away and remove his cock from my mouth. I use my hand on him vigorously. He cries out in frustration. He was super close (I could literally "taste it"). He swats my ass hard several times.

"You better finish what you start, woman," he says to me, "in your mouth," he adds. Oh God! I stick it back in. He pushes the back of my head, and I start sucking like crazy, as deep as I can. His hips have begun thrusting into me, driving his cock down my throat. At the same time, he is licking my pussy full on, his lapping getting more and more excited and "rough" as his cock gets excited.

I am having a correspondence with a pen pal. We are mutually fantasizing about me going to live with him in the South of France for the summer to improve my French. As "payment", I will be required to suck his cock like this. I flash to that fantasy as my husband drives his cock deep into my throat. I am thinking, "Merci Monsieur, Merci Monsieur" as I "take it".

I feel the sightly bitter taste of his pre-cum in my mouth. Oh no! He is about to explode into me. I can feel his cock getting harder and more insistent. I am imagining my Frenchman's friends all sitting around, watching him extract his payment from me, egging me on to suck it properly, petite salope Canadienne ("little Canadian slut"). Men and women. Older couples watching me.  I feel the spurt against my soft palate, and another and another. I need to breathe, but I don't! I suck his cum out of his cock. "Merci, Monsieur". His friends shake their head at my sorry display.

My husband's spent cock softens and leaves my mouth. His cum is still mostly in my mouth. He does not slow down his pussy licking. He intensifies it! Ah fuck. I swallow it without making a fuss. Little whore.

I am close. I am grinding into him. He stops. I am momentarily confused. He spins me around and places me in a fetal position on the bed, sopping wet pussy well exposed.

He jams a pillow between my legs so that my pussy is freely accessible. He molds his body to me in a reverse 69 type position, his head buried in my cunt, his knees at the back of my head. Sort of like this, but more wrapped around me.

He licks me from behind. One of his hands roams my tits, belly, abdomen, and pubis. His other hand is roaming my pussy. As he licks my clit his finger plays at the soppy wet entrance to my cunt, not penetrating, just rubbing around the entrance. Feels soooo good. Then his finger plunges in and he is rubbing my G-spot. Feels even better. I cum with a massive scream and spasm. He keeps licking until I physically push him away.

Am I not a totally slutty wife?