Monday, November 11

david spanked

I'm afraid I had to give david another spanking today.

I had been on him for months about the outdoor lights. Many were burnt out. He needed to get up on a ladder, unscrew the covers, and replace the bulbs. Not a job for me. The last time I mentioned it, on Friday, he said he needed a spanking for being so late with the job. I told him he'd get his spanking AFTER the bulbs were all replaced, for procrastination.

Well, sure enough, he replaced all the bulbs on Saturday. My outside is bright again at night. Yay! After he had done the job, I told him he'd get his spanking all right!

So today (Sunday), I invited my sister Sue over. Told her about the outdoor lights situation, and asked her is she wanted to help. She was only too happy to do oblige.

Sue came over in the evening, after dinner. When she greeted david, the first thing she said "I understand you need to be spanked tonight, is that so?"

"Yes Ma'am," he answered.

"What for?" asked Sue, though she knew already from me.

"For taking so long to fix up the outside lights, Ma'am," answered david.

"Well let's get you spanked then." she finished.

Sue then turned to me and asked "What's it going to be?"

I said: "Bedroom, skirt and panties, paddle and strap."

"Do you want the paddle or the strap," I asked Sue.

"I'll take the paddle, you take the strap," she said.

Turning to david, I said "Upstairs. Skirt and panties, bare chested, nose in the corner, hands on your head. If you're not ready by the time we get there, you'll get double, you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!" said david, and he hurried upstairs to obey.

Sue and I walked upstairs a couple of minutes later. When we walked into the bedroom, david was standing in the corner, bare legs and bare back, with his plaid schoolgirl skirt on, hands on head.

"Check his panties, would you?" I asked Sue.

Sue went over to him, lifted the back of his skirt, and showed off his red polka dot panties, with his cute little lower butt cheeks all exposed.

I arranged the pillows on the left side of the bed for his strapping, and set up the folding spanking chair for his over-Sue's-knee paddling. Then I got the paddle and strap out from the bedside drawer and tossed them casually on the bed.

I walked over to david, grabbed him by the ear, and laid him down chest on bed, feet on floor. I lifted his skirt, put my left knee into his lower back, and then grabbed the back of his panties, pulling them up hard into his crack. I know from previous experience that this stimulates his anus and genitals. How embarrassing for a husband to have his anus and genitals stimulated in that manner in front of his wife's sister!

I then started in on his warm-up spanking, hand spanking him pink and scolding him for the poor showing on the outside lights. I pulled up hard on his panties which made him raise his butt up invitingly high for his hand spanks. When I have his back pinned like that and he raises his ass in the air, he looks for all the world like a little slut begging for some hard anal intercourse from a woman's strict penis.

Sue looked on with amusement. She is no stranger to seeing david spanked, and no stranger to seeing his anus exposed, which part of his anatomy the tightly wedged panties neatly bisected.

"Time for the paddle?" I asked Sue.

"Absolutely!" she said with a glint in her eye.

I let david up and told him to fix his panties and skirt, which he did with his back to us. Sue picked up the paddle from the bed and sat on the spanking chair. It's just the right height for a lady to be comfortable with a naughty gentleman across her knees. She beckoned david across her lap.

Once david was across, Sue flipped his skirt up, and pulled his panties down to his knees. This required david to hold himself up as the feminine material was slid down his legs. Once he was re-settled, bare penis across her lap, Sue started in with the paddle. She had him howling quickly, kicking his feet, and begging before she was halfway done. I remember she paused once and told him he was taking his spanking like a girl. Then, as if to prove her point, she continued the paddling, treating us both to a show of leg kicking, fanny wriggling, and crying out more suited to a little girl than to a grown man.

By the time she was done, his bottom was well-crimsoned indeed.

"Up" she said.

david stood gingerly.

"What time is it now, david?" I asked him, holding the strap in my hand with the pillows piled on the bed behind me.

"strap time..." he said.

Such a clever boy! He lay down across the pillows. I arranged his skirt above his waist, and his panties around his knees. He was already nicely reddened from his paddling from Sue.

And now he was in for my strap!

I stood to his side, winked at Sue, and brought the strap down hard across his twin globes. My did he howl! I took my time, and repeated with about ten to fifteen second intervals, each strap stroke teaching a sharp lesson about procrastination in my household. david looked like a little mountain climber, grabbing onto the sheets with his balled fists and moving his little legs up and down with each stroke.

I made him arch his bum high up in the air for his strap strokes, begging for it, as an added humiliation in front of Sue. When he did that to my satisfaction, his genitals and anus were nicely displayed to us.

I made him endure about two dozen strict strokes before I was done with him. It was by no means an epic strapping, but it made a point, and it was aided and abetted by my sister, which adds to the punishment aspect considerably. It's just so wrong for a husband to be skirted, pantied, and spanked by his wife while her sister witnesses it!

His humbling was not quite done yet. I reached between his legs, fished out his penis and balls, pulled them behind and made him squeeze his thighs tightly together.

I got out the baby oil and dribbled it down his crack, onto his balls, and onto his penis shaft and tip. I massaged it in and told him that despite his procrastination he did get the job done today, and that he deserved a bit of my hand as a result. He moaned and wiggled sluttishly as I did it, putting on quite the little show for my sister and I.

When he was hard I gave him a choice. I told him he could ejaculate in front of my sister and then stand facing the wall for ten minutes on his tiptoes, nude, hands on his head, spent cock and balls out behind his thighs; or the alternative was that he did not have to do that, but would not be allowed to ejaculate and would spend the night wearing mittens duct-taped on at his wrists to prevent him from self-pleasuring. i like giving him a choice.

He voted for the semi-public ejaculation and time-out, and got his messy little wish. My little Princess!