Thursday, January 31

A Visit with Violet

I've written previously about our favourite Pro Domme in Toronto, Mistress Violet Mays.

You can contact her at or at any time from the sidebar of my blog. If you do contact her, please don't waste her time. Book a session!

My husband and I have played with her on multiple occasions. I also have allowed my husband to visit her "solo" from time to time. I know, crazy right? But I figure he should experience other dominant women one-on-one as it's a different vibe, and come back and tell me about it, which turns me on immensely. I trust Violet totally, and she always sends him back home hard and ready for me with a good tale (and a red blistered tail-end). She never lets the poor boy cum. She sends him home for me to take care of that (or not, as I see fit).

But I like going also, to play and learn, so about three weeks ago we setup a three-way scene with a fun girls-on-top roleplay script. Unfortunately, with less than a week's warning, my husband was called away for a business trip (it was important, he needed to go). We were disappointed that it looked like we had to cancel. But it was david who suggested, half jokingly, why don't I keep our appointment? Guess what? That's what I did!

Coincidentally, just before that happened a reader left a blog comment as follows.

I immediately corresponded with Violet,
Hi Violet!

A blog commenter going by the name “Chris” left a comment saying he was seeing you this Friday? He asked if you could possibly give him a spank with my name on it. As in “this one is from Julie!”. In fact, if it fits, why not bend him over, get a cane out, swish it menacingly through the air, and say “these next six are from Julie” and really let him have it! Ha ha!
She replied,
Hi Julie! 

Yes, Chris contacted me at the end of December but I was on vacation and referred a couple of other Dommes to him, but he said he specifically wanted to see me because he’s such a big fan of your blog. Cool huh? 

I will absolutely give him those 6 cane strikes with your name on them. 


So, two fun intersecting Violet sessions, chris' and my own. Both sessions took place, and I've already written up mine (ran right home and wrote it all up when it was fresh in my mind!), but I'll publish chris' session first, as it happened first, and there are lots of photos from chris' session that show Violet's studio in the background, which will set the scene for my session later.

Violet tweeted in anticipation of chris' visit...

The next thing I heard was from chris, as follows.
Hello Julie,

As promised I wanted to let you know how things went with Miss Violet earlier today. To say that I was pleased, satisfied, impressed? All of those things and so much more. Beautiful, kind, cruel, and creative operating in a clean stylish location.

Miss Violet took the scenario I had presented (I don't want to take up too much of your time as I'm sure you get lots of e-mails but will elaborate if you wish) and ran with it, everything I could have wanted/asked for and more.

There was an intended break in the story line and it was at this point your instructions were followed. I can't thank you enough for playing along, it really added another dimension to what was already a fabulous day. My first caning!!! and delivered by you via proxy, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I hope they amuse you, I would be flattered and humblered (pun intended) should you care to use them. After each stroke, five in total I has required to say "thank you miss Julie" I did and I do. They were progressively harder, five of the best, my poor little ass is still on fire.

When you described how David got pounded by "Kimberly" I dreamt of getting the same treatment. Strapped down and helpless, Miss Violet (using an appropriate sized cock, I am very tight) and pardon the language... fucked the living shit out of me. I must have been moaning like a little bitch because she just kept going and going and going until she dropped her load in my little ass.

Thank you so much,
kindly, humbly

Five cane strokes??? I asked for six! I couldn't imagine Violet doing just five. All became clear when the photos arrived directly from Violet.

I don't know about you, and I can't imagine poor chris' mental state, but those sure look like SIX to me! I was also surprised and delighted to see chris fully "locked up". It was part of the scene as I shall describe shortly.

Here is another angle on chris' caned bum.

This above angle is never flattering to a bum, making them look rather big! In fact, chris has a very smooth pretty little bum...

Finally, here is a wider-angle view:

This photo also shows part of Violet's studio and equipment. See the little cage back there? How would you like to be locked up into that, subbies??? Huh? And do you see the paddles hanging from the wall just to his right? When it was my turn, I had to crawl over there and pick one to be used on my bare bottom. There were no good choices! But that's for the next blog entry.

After getting these pics, I decided we needed a blog entry (this one), and so I went about collecting the backstory, the scene, and how it actually played out based on emails and recollections from both chris and Violet. (Violet's were more reliable, for obvious reasons, chris' emanating from an endorphin-stoked sexual haze).

When chris first contacted Violet, he filled in the quite extensive contact form on her website. This is what he left in the "what kind of session are you interested in" box:
Job interview. Times are tough. I am way over qualified but vulnerable. I will be forced to strip for you... you make it clear that that is part of the job. Part of my job will be to service new clients, whether naked serving drinks or just being on display.
And here are some excerpts clipped from chris' correspondence with Violet.
"Thank you for your quick response. I hope you enjoy your vacation and that your spanking arm will be well rested. I found you through the "Strict Julie Spanks" blog, she really rocks my world so I would be most pleased to wait until you return. Verbal humiliation, calling me your bitch and your little slut, using me orally and anally with a strapon, I would like these incorporated in our session. Other than that I am more than happy to let you lead the way."
Awwww! I rock his world! Cute!
"We have left any scenario rather vague at this point, ie job interview. I am perfectly happy to leave this in your hands, the unknown is always more exciting. If you would incorporate any of the following: OTK, bare hand, paddle, hair brush, CBT including spanking, chastity. As part of the interview you make it clear that your company (all female run and staffed) has been advised by the Ministry of Labour that you must hire a male. If hired I will be the office bitch. Casual Friday's for the staff and CFNM for me. What will I be forced to do?"
Ah ha! The plot is thickening as chris' fantasy starts becoming more fleshed out. I wonder if he is masturbating to it at all? It brings to mind Underling's wonderful illustrations of his imaginary company OSIRIS from his blog. Underling's Humblings. Thinking of...

But chris now reveals a twist!
"Half way through my interview you will inform me that this has all been a scam!! While my hands are tied behind my back... You say that you float this great job offer to find males that you will turn over and train... to sell... to dominant women. In my case someone who wants to punish a German man. Jewish, British, American or Chinese girls especially want to abuse me. I will be sent naked and stripped to a retraining center... I haven't done anything wrong... but you're going to make me your little bitch!!!"
How fertile is the subbie's sexual imagination!?!

Being a first-timer with Mistress Violet, chris needed to do his identity and reference checks and place a deposit. Fellows, please! Do not balk at this. Violet is utterly professional and any personal information is completely safe with her. You should think of your provider's safety first and happily comply, as did chris.
"Thank you for agreeing to see me, I'm glad that my references panned out. Since we have a job interview scenario to start with perhaps you could incorporate that. Innocent lingering touches as we meet and you guide me to my seat. Perhaps a guiding touch on my bottom (even a mild squeeze/pinch) just to let me know who's in charge? You're checking my references, sitting beside me, running your hands over my thighs (they are great) over my crotch (accidentally of course). Again as part of the interview you could make this as embarrassing/humiliating as you like."
chris is a very hopeful little boy, is he not? To hope for such loving attention from Mistress Violet.
I have left a lot of meat on the bone for our first (and I hope of many) encounters. Don't be shy about expanding on my parameters, whether that means a humbler, bondage (yes please) spitting and/or pissing on me or any number of things I haven't even heard of...

Thanking you in advance

your little bitch (call me that)
May I call you that as well, chris? "my little bitch?", or are you now only Violet's little bitch? Ha ha!

But chris better watch what he asks for when he asks for "any number of things he hasn't even heard of". Besides her "softer side" that my husband and I have come to enjoy, she does have quite an edge as well, as indicated by some of her recent tweets!

She would not, of course, do that on a "first date", but just be a bit humble there, chris!

Don't get too worried though. Violet is every bit at home in a more domestic style D/s scene. All's I'm saying is that as kinky as you think you are, she's kinkier!

Chris then wrote me a more detailed account of his entire session. I forwarded it to Violet and am including her corrections as well in the below, still keeping it in chris' voice.

Miss Violet buzzed me in. I walked up the stairs, anticipation building... fear... I knocked on the door.

Stunning beautiful commanding Mistress Violet greeted me. I was stiffening from the word GO. We exchanged pleasantries. I was already dizzy. The walk from the subway was a little farther than anticipated, the only thing worse than being early is being late. She invited me in.

We sat at the kitchen counter for at least fifteen minutes. I was offered a glass of water (I drank two glasses), and we discussed the scene at length. We also went over my boundaries, my desires, the script, safewords, my previous experiences with Pro Dommes, and a bit about my personal life - just the regular but important stuff as this was our first time meeting.

I then went to the bathroom to freshen up and came out fully clothed for the interview roleplay. The scenario was that I was applying at a Women-lead company (the Ministry of Labour insisting that a male be hired). Mistress Violet led me over to the desk, guiding me into her office, her hands running over me... my butt... my face... my crotch. She peppered me with questions as she asserted her sexual superiority over me.

Eventually she came to the "physical examination" part of the interview for which she told me to strip naked. She placed a "Bitch" collar placed around my neck and cuffs around my wrists. She handcuffed me to the table...bent over. She then placed my (almost too shy to say) my "package" into a "Humbler".

It's impossible to say what I was abused with... riding crop I think... I had been gagged.. spit upon... begging for mercy, Violet just took me...

At one point she leaned in and asked me if I knew what the safe word is. “Yes Mistress” I replied. “Can I hear it?” She asked me. “Red” I replied. “Good” she said.

To my surprise and horror the riding crop wasn't used on my butt not even on my balls but on my poor defenceless cock, she is all purple and bruised. I was gagged and this was right at the start of the session so certainly wasn't going to give in so early. All of this I was assured was part of the interview process.

Job Interview: naked, handcuffed, humbled.
The future of male employment...

I have very sensitive nipples and somewhat foolishly I had mentioned this up front, the touches, the pinches were driving me wild, I was moaning like a little bitch. Apparently not enough to satisfy Miss Violet because, yes you guessed it, the nipple clamps came out. I begged her not to but that only seemed to encourage her. The sensation, the pain the pleasure literally made me weak in the knees. I was swooning.

The humbler was removed for the next part of the interview.

Miss Violet then explained some off the duties I would have in the office: delivering the mail, photocopying, and getting the ladies coffee tea and the like; menial tasks that women should not be bothered with. Since I would be the only man in the office, and so that this wouldn't become a distraction, I was placed in chastity: locked up!

Mistress placed the key on a chain around her neck.

Just to make sure I knew my place, I was placed over her knee for a spanking. It started out almost gently with a few light smacks. Quite pleasant in fact. This wasn't to last. Apparently, my squirming was not appreciated and so the spanks got harder and faster, sometimes with both hands. Just when I thought it was over she would lay into me some more. My poor little bum!!!

Miss Violet stood me up and said I had done quite well and I had the job, Yahoo!!! I just had to meet the CEO. What the hell? What was going on? I had to place my hands on the table and wait. I could almost hear two sets of footsteps, I was half afraid and half delighted at the thought that Ms Julie was the CEO. That was just my fear taking over but not entirely.

This is where the break came in. Miss Violet explained to me that Miss Julie had sent instructions and a message to be delivered via a caning. I'd never had one before. To add to the humiliation, not sure if this was part of the instructions or not, but I was forced to hold a cock in place on the table and suck it in between strokes.

Every stroke needed to be followed by a "thank you miss Julie". Each stroke was progressively harder, liquid fire indeed. It was almost sensory overload, my ass on fire, my mouth full of cock, delighted that this was being inflicted on me by such a beautiful woman and at Miss Julie's instruction. Violet asked me how many I had taken, I was pretty sure it was four when she asked and I was to take five, the naughty girl as if she couldn't see the marks all red and sore.

I was finally allowed to stand up, I thought the job was mine...and then the penny dropped.

There was no job. Miss Violet was a recruiter for a sex slave ring and used the job as bait and I had fallen into her trap. She had done her research, no one would miss me, I would just disappear. I told her I had money and would pay her if she just let me go. She just laughed and said I didn't have that kind of money. She would begin my training and then send me off to a boot camp where I would be trained further in proper behavior.

I was guided over to the horsey, shackled by my wrists and ankles... totally helpless at this point and really already Miss Violet's bitch and would have done anything she said.

waiting for the cock...

She returned with a little blue strap-on (I had said previously that my fuck hole was really tight), and she sodomized me orally, slapping my face with it, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to take all of it, gagging.

That wasn't enough. She went around back and I knew what was next, no point in struggling and I really wanted it. Lubed up, slowly but relentlessly penetrated, we got a little stuck part way in but Mistress wasn't going to let me get away with that.

Then she got going. She placed her hands on my hips and she began fucking me, slowly at first then harder and faster. All the time she told me that when I was sold I would be raped like this on a daily basis, this and so much more, whatever my new owner wanted. I could feel her body against mine her hair falling over me as she lay on top off me. I was her bitch and she owned me, she would not let up... I loved it!!!

after my fucking...

Finally I was let up, and the collar and the restraints removed. I asked Miss Violet if she would consider keeping me as her personal slave rather than selling me. She said she'd think about it but I had better perform better for her next time!

So that was chris' encounter with the lovely Mistress Violet. Careful what you ask for, subbies!

Violet tweeted after chris' session,

and she received several replies to it...

Note that I had to modify chris' account slightly, as it seemed to be rather too informed by his imaginings and did not pay sufficient attention to the professionalism of the scene. As Violet put it during our email exchanges when I suggested we modify it accordingly based on some of her recollections, she replied,
Ok that sounds good - I would prefer something more realistic too, especially as it’s my profession he’s writing about lol. 

I’m sure that he is peeing his panties by the attention he is receiving from you Julie!
Are you chris? Are you peeing your panties from all this attention? Oh I hope so!

Stay tuned for my session with Violet next week!

Tuesday, January 29


It's white and fluffy here!

I got up and out of bed bright and early, and pulled on some work clothes to go outside and start shoveling some snow. On the way I shook david who was still in bed and told him to get his butt moving, that there's snow to shovel! Yay!

So I got out there and started in.

After a few minutes, david came out as well and started chipping in (well, actually, doing the lion's share to be honest, and certainly all the heavy lifting left by the city snowplows).

I went back inside to get showered and made up and dressed for work, and to fix us some breakfast. I was just finishing up in the bedroom when david walked in. He was a bit of a hot sweaty mess, his hair all askew with "hat-head". By contrast, I was all dressed up and made up and ready for work.

david looks at me with his big eyes. He is sexually excited by the situation! He says, "you look ready to give a naughty employee a good spanking..."

I smile at him. "Take your pants down," I tell him. He drops his jeans. "Lie down," I tell him. He lies face down on the bed, his legs and feet off the side. I reach for the waistband of his undies and pull them down, baring his bottom. I use my hand, I give him a smack. His bottom is very cold! I lean in, with one knee on the bed beside him, pushing down on the back of his neck with my left hand. I continue spanking his bottom with my right hand. He ouches and squirms as I heat up his ice cold bottom with a strict hand spanking.

"There," I said, leaving him on the bed. "Breakfast in ten minutes, get going."

"Yes Ma'am!" he says.

Life as usual in our spanking household!

Saturday, January 26

Fiction Continued: The Bargain (Part 3)

As you'll recall, my pen-pal darryl and I have been collaborating on a work of fiction. We are pleased to announce a new chapter for your reading enjoyment!

The story is called "The Bargain", and was first presented in Fiction: The Bargain. Since then, we also published The Bargain (Chapter 2), and now The Bargain (Chapter 3). You can access an index of all my fictional works and co-productions at the page Fiction with Julie, perma-linked top right in the blog sidebar.

The story The Bargain is about a young college-aged boy who received the strap across his palms from his young and pretty French Professor at the strict Christian college he attended with his sister. For this boy, a strapping at school means a humiliating bare bottom paddling at home for this much too old boy. However, his naughty younger sister and her two girlfriends conspired to get the boy into even deeper trouble, and conspired to be there when his punishment was doled out by his angry Mother. The three wicked girls then blackmailed the boy into submitting to them for fear of the entire school finding out about his embarrassing spankings at home. One of these girls, the boy had a major crush on!

In this latest episode, it is the next day at school where things go from bad to worse for our young male protagonist. After school his sister deals with him again, but then winds up being quite surprisingly tender with him at the end. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 22

Our Scening FLR Lifestyle

I keep getting more and more new blog viewers. Thank you very much and welcome!  I thought I would take a post to re-introduce myself and my husband, and explain how our "Scening FLR" works.

So, this is me,

Here I'm holding one of my favourite implements: my strap (actually a double-thick, leather, twin-tailed tawse).

This strap can really sizzle my husband's bare buttocks!

I've been married to my beloved and highly accomplished husband david for just over ten years now. Before david I was quite the party girl, and travelled and had a lot of sex. Like many women, I've had some very bad experiences with men (like, horrendous), and, of course, some wonderful ones. As a result of some of my bad experiences, I got very panicky when men tried to dominate me. As a result, I developed  a more "woman on top and in control" mentality towards sex. Clearly this was something that my husband found attractive in me!

About three years into our marriage he got up the gumption to share his lifelong fantasy of being domestically dominated by his wife. This initially came in the form of a casual inquiry regarding spanking, and if I was into it at all. He asked about him spanking me, which at the time was a very hard NO for my part (I've since come ridiculously around on this topic, more on that later). While he was moderately interested in that, he was much more interested in the other way around, but did not know how to broach it. So instead he took a path where he could at least retreat strategically with his manhood intact!

Fortunately, he did not retreat, and he followed this up with the question of whether I might enjoy spanking him? I asked him if that would turn him on and he said it would, and he was just so cute, like a blushing little boy, I could not resist. I did not have any firm feelings about spanking him. It did not turn me on but I was intrigued more about the power exchange, and of course fulfilling his fantasy just because I loved him. And what's the big deal about spanking him anyways (I was already pretty dominant in bed, as I mentioned).

As well, after about 5 years or so of being together, our love life had settled into a bit of a ho-hum rhythm, and I was noticing him masturbating to online porn, which made me question my own sexual worth. So I also saw this as a chance to spice things up by acting out his fantasy of being spanked.

I asked him how he wanted to be spanked and he was quite specific about it. It needed to be over my knee, on his bare bottom, with a hairbrush, and me as an angry wife scolding him for something he had done wrong. He handed me a heavy wooden hairbrush I did no know we even had.

Well, I spanked him, and after getting my rhythm after a few frustrating false starts where we were failing to communicate, I found I quite enjoyed it in an empowering, slightly sadistic, definitely sexual way (a little to my surprise).

And besides the spanking, sex afterwards was great as well!

After that initial experience he opened up to me about how this had been a fantasy of his since he was a young teenager. I also found out that most of his porn viewing was spanking-related videos. I went on the Internet and started doing research, and was surprised by the sheer quantity of stuff and number of men excited by female domestic domination. That got me into a forum, and from there I started posting to this blog. To the best of my knowledge, my husband does not know about this blog, but it would be just like him to know all about it and not tell me!

He was mainly into the Domestic Discipline thing, and his main fantasy was of a Dominant Wife (and me in particular, which is cool). It did not suit either of us, however, to make a "lifestyle" of it. We both value our mature, adult relationship. I married a man, not a child, and he has no desire being my child, and prides himself on taking responsibility for traditionally "manly" things.

As a result, we evolved our play by getting into what I have termed a "Scening Female Led Relationship." Outside of "scenes", we have a perfectly normal, totally vanilla relationship, with pretty much the stereotypical husband and (working) wife roles. Yes, I wind up doing more than my fair share of the housework; but he does the fix-it work, the electronics, most of the outside chores, and takes care of our vehicles and such. We are both FINE with that!

I'm more of a healthy eating and fitness fiend than he, but he regularly gains and then diets to get back to a healthy weight (at which he looks great, by the way!). We both like being active with cycling in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. He does his martial arts training, and I am regularly in the gym. We both have personal trainers to whip us into shape (mine is a currently a guy at the gym nearby work, and his a girl who comes by our house). We both have fairly demanding careers. No kids now nor planned (a little late now anyways). No pets.

So yes, a very boring work-obsessed couple, and we like it that way.


We certainly do have our kinky side! From time-to-time (maybe once a week or two on average) we do a "scene". Sometimes we discuss a scene in advance, but other times I spontaneously "scene him" as a surprise. That is my exclusive prerogative. He does not get to "scene me" as a surprise.

Why this asymmetry? I've never really asked myself until just now. At one level it's fairly simple,

It's also very related to the difficult time I used to have with the notion of a man dominating me. I really needed to be in complete control for this to work. It's also about me not always being in the mood to be dominated (now), but him seemingly ALWAYS ready to have me dominate him. So the rule works for us. We have a general-purpose safeword he can use whenever he feels the need to get out of a scene, even right at the start of one of my spontaneous scenings, though he has never yet used it in all these years, so I guess he likes it (or is afraid I'll stop!).

For these spontaneous scenes, it is always the "strict wife / naughty husband" roleplay. I usually pick up on something that is a tiny bit annoying, but not so important that I want to have a real adult discussion with him about it. Staring at a girl's ass or boobs in the street. Leaving the kitchen a mess. Neglecting a chore. That sort of thing. Also, it's cool that he masturbates to online porn, and I usually can guess when he's at it in his upstairs study, so if I "catch him" red-handed, that's a great scene reason. He once zoomed past a rest stop on the highway that I really needed, and boy did he get epicly scened for that (husband diapered in front of sister)! So sometimes I do use it to cope with things that truly annoy me, like the time I retroactively punished him for continuing to visit massage parlours after we were married by taking him to one, having him well-teased, then spanking him in front of the girl and taking him home hard (Very Public Massage Parlour Spanking!).

And yes, we do involve other women in our scening. I actually found it very empowering to demonstrate my dominance in front of other women, and for him it was, like, an ultimate fantasy come true. So it was a good match.

One of our early co-conspirators was my older sister Sue.

I knew Sue was a bit kinky herself (she worked as a fetish model in SF for a time), and we shared everything with one another, and this was just killing me not to share, so I did. For a time, I teased david about having my sister see him spanked. He was very excited about that (it was the closest to a threesome with my former model sister he would ever get!). She actually broached it with me to come watch and participate (I had been hinting). She was just so totally cool with it that it was very easy for me to spank him in front of her that first time, and to have her spank him.

That first time with Sue was so memorable. For her arrival, I had him dressed in panties and a bra! He was sooo embarrassed to be seen like that, but it was either that or calling it off, so he obeyed. Sue teased him mercilessly over that! I spanked him first over his panties, but Sue asked if he was going to be allowed to keep them up, and so they came down. I pulled them back up before standing him up and putting him over my sister's knee. She asked him if she should lower his panties as I had done, and he said "yes ma'am" to her. Naughty boy! After a good spanking across her knee we ended with a panties off diaper-position spanking on the floor where we could both clearly see all his charms! (see Husband Spanked by my Sister!). How humiliating!

It's so much fun being able to share this thing with my sister, and it emboldened me to do it with other women as well, so david has been spanked in front of many women by now! I confess that I don't understand wives who so vehemently reject this sort of play, as it is highly empowering and the absolute opposite of his "stepping out". He's being shown who's boss in front of other girls!

So I became very comfortable with spanking and related play (such as cross-dressing him, and using a strap-on dildo on him). And the more I did it, the more empowering for me it was.

In fact, somewhere along the way I lost my fear of being dominated. Initially I thought I was ok just with a woman dominating me. After a strange series of events, it wound up by my having a female friend I had the hots for give me a "real" paddling with a paddle a blog fan made for me (a long story - see Julie in for a Severe Paddling!). I had my friend take "before and after" photos of me...

That was the first time I was spanked without me being fully "in control", and I found it incredibly sexy. As you can tell from the "after" photo, It hurt like fucking hell, but I submitted completely to a full paddling: three sets of 24 across her knee, a final set of 24 on my back with my legs held high and back (BLUSH!). I felt so sexy and submissive right then!

Tracy suggested that her husband John ought to see me being spanked next time. Rather than being panicked by that thought, I actually found it also incredibly sexy. So I had a follow-up where I got a belt whipping in front of him. Before the whipping, Tracy took me shopping for a belt, and while there she bought me a onesy 'cause she thought it was cute on me. So this is how I had to present myself to her husband!!! (blush, blush, blush!)

There was a bit on interaction with her hubby, and it really excited me. (Julie's Belt Licking!)

So we set up another get together where I would receive my spanking from him, maybe followed by a... a... fucking...

We set it up as a "schoolgirl" roleplay, with Tracy and John as my Mommy and my Daddy (I have a "Daddy thing"). This was my outfit.


Tracy wanted to take a few pics of me "before", and this is one of the pics she took while her husband John watched!

During the scene, I got an over-the-knee hand spanking from him. A real one! Ouch! Loved it! And then another world-class paddling from her! This is me after my hand spanking from Daddy, waiting with my panties down for my paddling from Mommy.

And then this is me after my paddling!!!

There was still a question at that point if I would allow John to fuck me, but I was such a horny little slut that I really needed it just then, so I suggested it as additional "punishment" from Daddy.

Tracy wasn't going to give me to her husband just like that, so she first gave me a belt licking, including playing the tip of the belt across my pussy, and even whipping my pussy lightly while he watched!

After the spankings I was stripped bare naked, put on my knees and made to give deep oral to him. After that I was stood up, bent over, and fucked by him, hard and long, including a full sperming into my pussy. All that time his wife watched and cheered him on. (Schoolgirl Punishment)

This was all done with my husband's full support and encouragement (though he was not there). I rewarded him by serving him up Tracy for his full pleasure!

The whole episode with Tracy's husband made me realize I no longer was afraid of being dominated by a guy. Since then, I have had my husband dominate me very thoroughly (more thoroughly than Tracy's husband ever dreamed of!) and have been very turned on by it. Odd that it had to happen from a virtual stranger before my own husband. In my mind, I thought I would panic, and did not want to feel that way with my husband. As it turned out, I didn't!

One of my more memorable spankings from my husband was doled out in front of my whole family! I arranged it all, of course, but wound up getting more than the one swat I bargained for, and instead got a full SIX SWATS while EVERYBODY watched! (Julie Spanked in front of Family!)

We played it off as a lark, fun "retribution" for me smacking him in front of them all. In fact, it was my Dad responsible for "commuting" my sentence from one retaliatory smack to six! David asked if I would behave from now on and I told him "No!", so even more blushy he bundled me into my coat and took me right home for a further "discussion", as he called it. Everybody there knew I would be a happily spanked wife that night. I still can't believe we did that!

So, as you can see, we get up to quite a lot of mischief. By now, I'm as comfortable and find it as sexy to spank or be spanked.

Well, I hope that catches you up a bit. There's a lot more I skipped, but you can find it all somewhere in my blog. I hope you enjoyed my little trip through memory lane!

Thursday, January 17

Bra and Panties for him

I recently sent a pen pal shopping for panties and a bra for himself at Victoria's Secret with lots of sales help. Just imagine how embarrassing that must have been!

Well, no need to imagine, the full story is right here.

I am sharing with you our private correspondence, with his permission. It might give you an insight into the wonderful email exchanges I have with my fans, and insight into a fellow kinster's intellect and emotions as they are put through their paces by me. I never publish anything without approval, of course.

This is the same pen pal I corresponded with in the steamy summer of 2017. It culminated in a post called Ranch House Justice which was a bit of fiction I wrote as a reward for him. We had not corresponded for a bit, but he had been lurking along. He renewed his correspondence recently, sending me a "peace offering".
Hello Ms. Julie:

It's been quite a while, over a year now, since I last corresponded with you. You may not remember me, I'm the fellow who wrote to you about the video shoots I've done with Domme Karin. You posted a great blog about it and also included an amazing story based upon my fantasies. I've still been following your blog, reading almost every day. Ms. Julie, it truly just keeps getting better and better! In gratitude and recognition, I humbly present a certificate for your consideration.
Is this certificate not just the sweetest thing?
You absolutely deserve the recognition. The Classy Lady part certainly applies (well, the perv part too).
I'm really loving the current, most recent post!! It speaks to me on a few levels. Maybe causes some funny feelings? And yes, thinking more about my hottie niece! (yes!)
The post he was referring to is Would you do it? where I recounted the tale of a different gentleman, obsessed and very conflicted by his desires to be dominated by his grown-up pretty niece. I made him go to Victoria's Secret to purchase panties, and am insisting that he have a sexual "experience" with a male. I am still waiting for that to play out. There has been some progress...

I wrote back regarding him and this man.
You cannot control your fantasies, and your fantasies do not make you a bad man. I am still insisting that he endure a panty spanking, a belt licking, deep oral sex, and a good hard
ass fucking from a man as "punishment" to truly cleanse him. Ha ha! I want him to repeat to himself "I'm sorry for being such a pervy uncle!" in his mind, imagining he is speaking to his niece, as he receives his punishment fucking.

Have you ever been required to receive sex from a man (or just naturally did so?)
And he responded
I absolutely agree with you. Our fantasies are a very real and true part of ourselves, not something bad or something to be ashamed of.

Speaking of which, I did get to see my niece at a get-together this past week. She actually is quite stunning and on this occasion wore a fairly short, snug party dress. Such pretty legs, crossing and uncrossing...... and I did enjoy getting a couple of those wonderful hugs. I sort of think she enjoys them too. And she's always playful, kidding with me, etc. I agree with you that she must be aware. As you say though, she's in the driver's seat and I'm not to forget it. She always calls me her favorite uncle and she knows she's my favorite niece. I won't do anything to ruin that or her trust in me. But oh my thoughts and fantasies! They are a very real and true part of me, and actually, I'm not ashamed about it.

So, is your e-subby having any luck finding that cock to take? Also, I was wondering if he made it back to Victoria's Secret for his bra fitting.

As I said before, thinking about both these things gives me "funny" feelings. I can't help but think of them as wrong in the sense of being "unmanly". But they cause confliction as well.

As far as taking cock, the intensity of the experience would be huge (not unlike that formidable dick your e-subby was looking at!). The thoughts of such excessive submission, humiliation, the physical pain....well, they also bring on feelings of arousal. But part of me says it's not right to admit it. I'd have to use the words, scary and stomach churning as well, when thinking about it. And is that a bad type of anxiety necessarily? Are my above thoughts, in your experience, odd, different, typical? To answer your question, Ms. Julie, no I have never taken a man's cock in either orifice, on my own or required to. Actually, I haven't been penetrated by means of a store-bought phallus by a woman either.

I have done some anal activities on myself this past year though. I bought a set of three butt plugs and also an average sized dildo. I have used them a number of times though the largest plug and dildo only twice, as they are quite challenging for me. They all do feel good however - very unique sensation. So, like your e-subby, I've had toys up in there.

To touch on his Victoria's Secret excursions, thoughts of those give me the same conflicting feelings. I've never purchased or even put on women's panties. It's always been, in my mind, a worrisome thing to think about (slippery slope toward becoming a sissy?). But I run across it so often in various blogs and do find myself also aroused by it, though purchasing them would be especially terrifying. But maybe I could/should?

I would very much appreciate your input/thoughts, even direction if you're so inclined. If I'm imposing too much please just say so.
So another man who's thoughts are very naughty about his hot young niece! I find that very sexy, to be that object of adoration (and know it).

I also love how he is so open and sharing with me about his private thoughts and feelings.  I was also thinking, as I was reading it, that he is crying out to be told what to do. My specialty! So I thought I would give him a gentle little push. I wrote back.
Thank you for the nice note.

Your niece sounds like a plum. It puts a smile on my face that you so respectfully lust for her. I think all women enjoy being respectfully lusted after, though not always the overt expression of same!

I think you have a fascination with women's panties. I really want you to go out and buy a pair for yourself from a real shop. A pretty young girl around your niece's age will no doubt ask you if she can help you in a nice perky voice. I want you to say, "gee, this is embarrassing, and I'm really sorry to bother you, but they're for me. What size do you think?" I predict she will get a big smile on her face, and start asking you all sorts of very normal questions that you will be incredibly embarrassed by, such as size, and style and colour, number of pairs, and so on. She will try upselling you, probably. You should consider it. I'm imagining the sweet blush on your face already...

Go do it and tell me about it after.
Imagine how tummy churning that must have been for him to receive that note. He really had to obey. It would be such a missed opportunity otherwise. I knew he would.
Hi again Ms. Julie:

I'm thinking you're right about a fascination with women's panties. Thank you. And yes, I WILL do it, though I'm truly nervous. It will be this coming Thursday when I can, and I will write to you afterward. I'm sure I'll be thinking about it a lot until then.
Isn't that wonderful? He will put himself through this extreme experience. It was so sexy for me reading that he would do it. As the date approached, I sent him an encouraging email.
Thursday is now just 2 sleeps away!!!

Are you getting nervous? You won’t chicken out on me, now will you? No, you won’t. Not based on what I know about you!

Can you imagine how much your face will be blushing as you stammer out your ask? The good thing will be that there will be so much blood in your face there will be none left over for your cock.

After you get your panties we’ll be doing some nice girly things with them...
He wrote back right away.
Hi Ms. Julie

It's always so nice to hear from you.

Yes, not much longer, it's getting real now 😟!  No ma'am, I will not chicken out, I will do it as you've directed and told me to. I'll head to town Thursday AM. There's a Victoria's Secret there at the mall. Oh jeez, I'm really going in. Yes, yes, this IS HAPPENING!!

I've been trying to put it out of my head the past few days, with limited success. I've been practicing the words so that even with stammering (I do anticipate it too) I'll be able to get them out.

Yes, I'm so nervous, even scared (It's crazy, I'm a grown man), never done anything like this!! Oh my, oh my, Ms. Julie!

Thank you.
Isn't that just a perfect picture of excitement and angst? I love that I can have this effect on men from afar. I do it because I really do love my pen pal, and I have fun experiencing it vicariously through him, and for you all to share in it as well.

Well, he DID IT! I asked him to go back and collect some photos of the store after, and to send photographs of himself. So these are the actual photos I've embedded.
Hello Ms. Julie!

Well, I did it! The way you told me to. I now own 3 pairs of women's panties (well, they were having a sale), and they are nice looking ones I think.

I bought them at the Victoria's Secret as I said I would in my email on Tuesday. Sorry I couldn't do it sooner but I did pay for the delay with extra days of nervous (at the least) anticipation. And since Tuesday, you've also made me start wondering about what "doing some nice girly things" means.

Here's how it went:

My heart was just pounding when I entered the store, praying I wouldn't see anyone I know. My stomach was doing the twisties big time. I was so embarrassed just being in there, never have been in one before.
I looked around and located one of the panty sections.
I picked up a pair, my hands were shaking. A young salesgirl did come over. I started shaking more. She was in her mid-twenties probably, and tall and black and beautiful. She asked if I needed help. I looked at her, took a breath and I said my lines!! The first part - "gee this is embarrassing" then another deep breath, then - "I'm really sorry to bother you but they're for me what size do you think" - pretty much as a single sentence. But I did get it out, the words you told me to say! 

She gave me just a slight smile and said, "That's perfectly fine, I'll be glad to help you". She asked me about what styles I liked. I told her I'd like something somewhat fancy. She showed me several pairs pointing out differences in rise, leg cut, seat, etc. She suggested size medium. I was feeling so hot during this, which made me more embarrassed, which made me even hotter. And I felt my cock tingling and stirring as well. Hopefully there was nothing noticeable there to her.

She then told me about the sale price on 3 pairs and left me to pick out, but said to let her know if I had any other questions.

I took a little time to pick out three pairs. I have to admit that quite a few of the styles and colors caught my eye. I'm still trying to sort out what that might mean. I didn't take too long, but tried to make good choices.

Though trying my best to look cool and calm, I'm sure there were customers who caught on to me. I noticed a couple of young gals giving each other a look as I carried the panties, now my panties, to the checkout. It made me feel more embarrassed and hot again. The same sales gal was thankfully at the register and maybe noticed because she said, "Come back any time, you never need to feel uncomfortable here". I think I probably always would though. After leaving the store and calming a bit I noticed feeling a little precum wetness in my underwear.

It was a very emotionally intense experience, several different and differing thoughts and feelings going on. I'm still trying to get my head around them. Maybe it's better not to overthink?

I do want to thank you very very much Ms. Julie for taking me in hand and for, in a clear straightforward manner, telling me to do this.

p.s. I also wanted to thank you for your kind words about my niece earlier (yes, she is a peach) and about my relationship with her.
Isn't that just a marvelous experience? Really, those girls are there to sell panties. They will very happily sell to anybody who wishes to buy, and will get a big kick out of a very nervous and shaky older harmless man!

I wrote back.
Yay! Way to go!

A tall, black, beautiful, mid-twenties, salesgirl with a slight smile asking you if you needed help. And then a nice long discussion on sizes and cuts and colours that made your cheeks burn and your cock leak. Perfect! As you say, very emotionally intense for you, business (mostly) as usual for her (you are not her first, I'd wager). I like that she acknowledged how uncomfortable you appeared. VS does have a store policy about selling to "your kind". You are to be welcomed. Your dollars are good there. Realize that EVERYONE'S purpose for going to VS is sexual. It's like a sex shop that way. Monkey business will ensue!

Regarding girly experiences, your reward for going to VS is... drum roll please... to go to the drugstore and buy nothing but a box of tampons. Human checkout please! Then, using some lube, insert one into your butt then pull your panties on. If you can send me a photo of that, it would make my day. In fact, send me three, one of you modeling each of your panties. Make sure that tampon is in there. And for the grand finale, you pull those panties down and take a photo showing your little string dangling out of your butt, Little Miss Cottontail. I want to see those cheeks spread and the tampon part all the way in. Those little strings are tough and will not break when you extract it. Though do lube it before putting it in. And don't throw it in the toilet after or you'll bugger up your plumbing!
He later sent me the requested photos. Let's ALL have a look now, shall we. First, let's make sure that tampon is stuck up in there nice and snug...

Oh my goody goodness! He really did that, didn't he? That's one big girly step right there I'd say. And look how small and tight her balls are, and from this angle her penis tip looks for all the world like an engorged clitty, no?

With that tampon in place, the modelling show could begin.

Aren't they all just darling? The one on the right is very sexy, but the one in the middle is the most feminine I think. I just don't think he can carry off the looks on the far sides, you know? He's not quite that pretty. A little high on his horse, don't you think? I think the middle panties are all a girl like him can manage. [ha ha! just teassssing!).

He recounted his tampon shopping and the thoughts his panties brought to mind.
I picked up the tampons at the drug store this morning. The cashier was an older lady and the transaction was uneventful but still felt embarrassing. I just sort of kept my eyes down. I had no idea how to insert a tampon but found a helpful You Tube video. It's definitely a strange feeling having a tampon up there. Not awful or painful but you do know it's there.

The panties are fancy, do you think?

The material even just in my hands feels nice. And especially nice when wearing them, feeling that smoothness against my hips, belly, ass, cock...... My cock definitely came to life in contact with my panties for a while at first then settled down somewhat. So different!

They do feel very different from my usual underwear in terms of fit as well. That is, where they contact the skin and where they don't. Especially true of the beige pair (thong. Yes, I did buy a thong pair, I was just in that headspace at that moment.) I know they're not made for my "body type" but I did my best to fit my parts in politely for the photos.

Overall, I guess I have conflicted feelings when wearing them. Yes they feel great and stimulate me mentally as well as physically, but they are so frilly and fancy and are women's panties, which makes me feel very much less than manly, which is to say definitely girlie, and a little embarrassed. Screw the conflict, I think I'm thinking too much again.

Best I just enjoy the ride... and I am definitely enjoying it. Would you concur with that strategy?

A tampon in one's ass definitely knocks a guy down a peg or two as well.

I did have the tampon inserted properly in my ass throughout all the photos, and in the picture above I display between my cheeks (squirmy moment, it's uncomfortable exposing this part of me) showing you the evidence as directed. All the way in. The things I'm doing for you Ms. Julie!

Oh yes. The things.

I continued on with his girly challenges.
But you know what the REAL VS experience is? Bra shopping! Wear a tight fitting T-shirt under your regular shirt. Be sure to have your tampon inserted and your panties on as well, even though nobody will see it. They have to involve the lady with the measuring tape. They have to take you back to the change areas. They have to watch as you try it on over your shirt. A bra fitting is much harder and more labour intensive than simple panties. If you buy the silicone inserts the $ signs ring in their greedy little eyes! They will have to help you sort those out, as the inserts for each breast come in two pieces that must be inserted correctly. Can you imagine your beautiful black "girlfriend" adjusting those for you under your new bra? Bra shopping is when the fun really starts. When I took my husband, they were quite cavalier about opening and closing the changing room door, and multiple women waiting nearby for a change room caught an eyefull of my husband in his brassiere. I think they did it on purpose to add to "the thrill". Are you up for that?
I was on a roll. He needed that bra!
Hi Ms. Julie:

I'm so glad you're pleased with my accomplishment today. And you know, actually, I am too! And I realize that after today's excursion I do qualify as "you people".

It will be next week before I can get back to VS. There is so much more to a bra fitting as you describe than what I did today, so very much. But I think I can be up for it.
Bra fitting would be a HUGE thing (step?) for me. So much more to it, so much embarrassment, humiliation, laying ones self out there, all in a very personal and sexual context. And in a way many would consider distasteful and unacceptable. Though as you say and from my experience so far, VS is very good about things. And the fitting process, including the inserts as you describe will take quite a while to accomplish. I would expect the intensity to be 10x that of my panty shopping.
I've definitely begun this journey though. And in addition to the above "anxieties" there has also been much excitement, lots of sexy fun, arousal and maybe I'm also beginning to discover and/or acknowledge some things.

Have I mentioned how amazing you are!? I would never have gotten even this far it weren't for you.
So, I think I can be up for the bra fitting, with panties and tampon of course. It will have to be next week, probably Wednesday. I will let you know for sure by Monday.

So do you like my selection of panties? And I hope the pictures are what you were looking for.
Hope your day has been going well.
I responded.

I particularly like the middle fuller cut burgundy ones. A little less slutty and more feminine and practical for you. You did well with your tamponing as well. Imagine how you’ll feel. Bra shopping with that tampon up you and those panties on? Ha ha!
He then sent me a couple of emails.
Thank you!

Well, Ms. Julie it looks like it will for sure be next Wednesday when I can get back to VS for my bra fitting.

So......, I'm going to be measured and fit with a bra and inserts, while wearing my panties, and with a tampon stuffed up inside my ass. Oh Ms. Julie! Holy crap!!
Can't you feel that tension building...
Hello Ms. Julie:

I just wanted to verify one more time that my return to Victoria's Secret is on for tomorrow (Wed.). Maybe my "girlfriend" will be working again. Nervous!

Also, I wore a pair of my panties a little yesterday. Hope that was ok.
 I responded.
Very exciting!
You may wear your panties whenever you wish.
Let me know how it goes!
Well, Wednesday came and went, and he did it again (I knew he would, I just knew it!)
I did it! I again completed your directed task, Ms. Julie. And again it was very emotional for me.
I was so nervous again going in the store. Pantied and tamponed as you directed. I chose the burgundy panties. I agree with you that they're the most tastefully feminine, which I felt appropriate for the occasion. My heart was pounding and my hands shaking again. I still feel uneasy. What might they think of me here? I mean, regardless of the company's welcoming policy, do at least some of the sales clerks think of me as a freak or pervert even though they're required to be accommodating?

Once in I found some bras and picked one up.
Imagine standing there, as a man, looking at those bras,
knowing that in mere moments a pretty young salesgirl will
be taking you in for your very embarrassing fitting...
I was glancing around. There were a lot more customers than last time. Like last time it didn't take long for a sales lady to come over. She was not the same as my "girlfriend" last time but about the same age and very nice and pretty and helpful. It was so embarrassing even just getting my first words out, which I had rehearsed.

I started out with how the sales lady last week when I was buying panties, for myself, said I should never feel uncomfortable in here. Then: "I want to buy a bra and inserts and I'll need to have a fitting please." My face was getting hot and I was really feeling the tampon. Maybe I was clenching. My cock was tingling and stirring too. And I could feel myself leaking a little already.

She led me to an area by the fitting rooms, fairly private but I know people were looking as I followed her.

I said I was a bit nervous, I know lots of people don't approve. She said "That's their problem". Very nice.

She measured me to be a 36 and recommended a C cup because of my fairly slender frame. Regarding inserts, she said they didn't have them but instead sold bras with varying degrees of padding to get to the desired fullness. So I just went with that, Ms. Julie, I truly hope that's ok.

I told her I'd like something a little fancy and she went and brought back a few for me to try on. She also brought a t-shirt to put on over the bra so I could see how I would look when dressed.

We went into a dressing room and she helped me try one on, adjusted the straps for me, etc. She had pretty, small, delicate hands and it felt nice when she touched me. The first time looking at myself in the mirror there were so many emotions going on in my mind. My God, is this really me? What's happening? Good/nice? Bad? And I could feel my cock stirring and leakage coming on again. It just kept happening off and on the whole time I was there.

She then left me to try on the other ones myself and said to push the button when I needed her. The one I liked best was sort of purple so I asked her if it came in burgundy to match the panties I'd bought. And I actually pulled the front of my pants down a little and was able to lift my panty waistband up enough to show her! As she had the door open again to go out to search a girl walked by from another fitting room and saw me there wearing the bra. There's nowhere to hide in those dressing rooms! We made eye contact for just a couple seconds, her expression was neutral - neither approving nor disapproving. But my face became very hot standing there in my bra and being pantied and tamponed and it made me feel so very emasculated Ms. Julie. Mortified. I just cringed.

And that tampon! It just causes such a constant, uncomfortable, invasive and, I'll admit, a little sexually stimulating feeling the whole time it's in me.

My sales lady couldn't find a bra to match so she suggested getting a new pair of panties to match the bra. So that's what I did. It's a nice set. It was embarrassing carrying my items to the checkout and there was a line there. I tried to cover them up with my hands while waiting to be rung up but I know people saw.

When I got home I took out the tampon (yay) then stripped and tried on both my new things.
As I looked in the full length mirror I thought "I don't look too bad" Then I masturbated, shot my load there on the floor.

I hope you're having a good day today. And I hope I did well for you, Ms. Julie.
Was that not a great nerve wracking experience? Masturbated and shot his load on the floor? TMI!

Boys, I want you to have a good look at this man in his bra. There are some men who enjoy dressing as women, or somehow feel fulfilled doing so. There are other men who consider it be a deeply embarrassing, emasculating thing. If you belong to the latter class, then a brassiering can be a perfect punishment for you, as determined by your wife or by another woman in your life. My husband certainly lives there.

I did a post called Summertime - Wandering Eyes - Hot Bottom! where I caught my husband blatantly staring at the breasts of a young woman on the street. As a consequence I sentenced him to bra punishment in front of his trainer at the time, a young woman named Mags who was really into spanking him. Poor david really did not wish this particular young lady to see him in his bra and he put up quite a fight. But he obeyed in the end.

He got scolded by me in front of her, as she ogled his big bouncy breasts.

My pen pal 'lil joe did a drawing for me under my direction.
I liked it so well I used it as the cover for my e-book.
After the scolding, where he was threatened with a chastity cage if he did not learn to behave around women in the street, he was draped across the couch, still in his bra, and got his backside SIZZLED by my belt while Mags looked on and helped hold him down. After that, I allowed him to put on a T-shirt over his bra, but insisted he exercise under Mag's guidance with his bra and breasts on. A little feminine empathy training.

So, in short, an excellent way to knock a man down a peg or two.

Back to the gentleman at hand, I had to write him back right away.
OMG! Amazing experience again!!! Quite the adrenaline rush I guess. I even got an adrenaline rush shopping with David. Very similar experience to ours, right down to the salesgirl leaving the dressing room door open so other women could peak in. I’m sure her expression was neutral, but boy will she have a story to share.

I would love a photo of you decked out in your matching bra and panties.

Also, I would love to be able to share your experience (with the various photos you sent) on my blog. Would that be ok?

Also, if not too much trouble, can you go back and discretely take a few photos of the VS? Would be better than using stock photos! You might have to buy something else for cover. How about stockings and a suspender belt? I do so love how it frames up a bottom so perfectly for play.
The photos I received I've already mixed in above.
Oh yes, Ms. Julie. It was a huge adrenaline rush for me, and with a wonderful sexual bent! Definitely another amazing experience, and I thank you again.

I suspect you're right about my salesgirl yesterday having the fitting room door open just a little longer at that particular moment, very "accidentally". As you said, monkey business will ensue!

Yes of course I will get a picture in my new matching set to you. It may be tomorrow or even maybe the next day but I will send it I promise.

Yes, absolutely feel free to utilize anything in our letters- words and pictures- for a blog post. I will go back to VS to get a few pics of the place, it's no problem. And you're right, I'll most likely need to purchase something so will opt for suspender and stockings per your recommendation. As usual it will be next week before I can do that. I always have to wait for my day off to get to town. I'll be in touch again soon with that picture for you of me in my finery.
I was very excited to get permission to publish! I wrote back,

Wonderful!!! 👏👏👏👏
Thank you!
He got me those VS pics (above), and told me about his garter and stockings experience.
I looked for garters and nylons per your suggestion. A sales lady did come up, she said they don't carry garters, or nylons(!?) and actually I didn't see any around. There's another women's fashion store in the same mall that does have them in their "naughty" dept. So I was able to find some there.

You've always asked for pictures modeling my purchases so I took it upon myself to take some. I hope that was OK and that I wasn't just assuming.

I took one wearing them with my matching bra and panties, front and back.
I also took one from the back with no panties. I see what you mean about framing the bottom for play! I humbly submit this photo such as it is, along with all the others, to you Ms. Julie. And again, as with the previous ones, of course feel free to use as you wish, have use for.

Oh I do like a nice pair of stockings with a garter belt on a man. It brings out the absolute worst in me! I think I have a strong desire to dominate a woman, and the lingerie brings it out, even on a guy. Even more on a guy, you little sissy bitch! You will come across my knees and kick those pretty little legs while I blister your bum with my paddle, young lady. You will then bend over, stick that little bum up, and taste a long hard dose of the strap. Once you've been thoroughly paddled and strapped, you will beg to have me fuck your tight little asshole until you squeal, little one. Squeal.

Ready for a fucking

So that is this episode. I hope you enjoyed it and were able to live vicariously through another of my wonderful pen pals. You can see why some only write to me once a year! Intense!