Thursday, November 20

Husband Rope-Whipped for being Slothful

You won't believe this!

So, we get a thing in the mail a few months ago that says we have to renew our license plate stickers. If you did it before a certain date, you saved some money as rates were going up.

Now, david is in charge of the cars, period. His responsibility.

I noticed the things still there after the magic date. That made me a bit angry, I must confess. No huge deal, just a few extra bucks, but really? And no, he didn't get punished for that, and certainly not severely whipped with a doubled-up purple nylon rope.

Maybe he earned himself a day in bra and panties, or something like that? But whatever, I let it slide.

So he goes online and pays, and a few weeks later the stickers for the license plates show up. Well in time, a whole month before the existing ones expire.

And there they sit near the kitchen phone. Week after week after week. Now it gets into October. Ok, still not expired yet. Now it gets into November. Definitely expired! Stickers still sitting in kitchen. As we drive out in the morning "Ah shit! I forgot the stickers again! I'll do it tonight." This happens several times. Still no rope whipping from me. No harm, no foul, right? But I know what you're thinking, gentle reader. He hasn't earned himself a brutal rope whipping surely, but maybe a trip across my knee for a visit with Ms. Hairbrush? Whatever, I let that one slide also.

It's the weekend, we are driving up North to visit my brother and his family. We are a block away from our house and david says. "Ah shit shit! The sticker!" So we drive back. He idles the car in front of the house while I run in and grab the sticker, and stick it on myself. Nope. Still no rope whipping. At least the sticker is on.

How can I be this lenient, you ask? Well, I don't scene his ass for every minor infraction. And certainly not a major scening like a rope whipping. But yeah, maybe it was time for him to be bending over for the belt followed by some panties-lowered corner time in the living room as penance.  And how about his fucking language? Maybe penance with a bar of soap in his mouth. Maybe after we got back.

We meet my brother and his family at a restaurant. We have a nice meal. We walk out back to the car. There is snow. david has no brush in the car to clean off the snow and ice. Nope. Still not a rope whipping offence. Maybe it was adding up to a strapping by now. Certainly not a cruel whipping with a rope...

My brother is prepared. He has a brush and ice scraper and he cleans off our car for us as david stands there like a helpless girl with his thumb up his ass. "What's this?" my brother asks. It looks to be a parking ticket.

We can't believe it! A parking ticket for parking in the restaurant's private parking lot? I take it from my brother. Address is back in Toronto. Ticket is not a parking violation, it is a $40 ticket for failing to have an up-to-date license plate sticker!!!!!

"You are so going to so get it when I get you home, mister!" I say, waving the ticket at david. My brother is not "in on it" but he knows I'm sort of bossy and david is sort of pussy whipped. But he doesn't know that david is about to be a lot more than just pussy whipped!

And yes, that was the last straw. Add it all up, and his ass would be getting such a severe whipping with a rope he was going to wish he never asked me to scene him those many years ago!

I had once seen a movie on TV where a teenage girl got sent to her bedroom for a whipping from her immigrant Dad for having a bad report card. A whipping with a rope. After her pretty intense whipping the Dad tied her wrists together with the same rope and tied the rope to the bed frame. There she lay, tied to the bed and crying with her jeans down around her ankles. I thought it very frightening (but oddly arousing!) at the time (I was a teenager myself when I saw that). That was the punishment I was going to recreate on david.

When we get home, very first thing I say as soon as we are inside: "go up to the bedroom, strip,  lie face down on the bed, and wait for me!"

We have a decently heavy 6' length of nylon rope intended for bondage. I was going to whip his ass with that rope.

I got the rope out and walked up to david. I doubled up the rope and then just whipped it down on his ass. What a mark it left! A big loopy welt on the far side of his hips. david rolled over to his side and screamed a bit. "Get back there!" I warned. I whipped it down again and again, marking his ass and legs all over. I only gave him about two dozen hard ones, but he was whimpering from fear and pain before I was done. Then I sat on his marked up ass, made him put his hands above his heads, quickly tied his wrists together and then tied the rope to the headboard. I did all of this while saying hardly a word. He knew why he was being punished.
I left him there like that, again without saying a word. His ass was very well welted.  I left him like that for about a half hour. He didn't see it, but on the way out I grabbed my strap-on dildo.

When I came back I had my strap-on dildo on over my panties. I left him tied face down on the bed. I made him get up on his knees. I got behind him, I lubed him roughly, and I stuck it into him. Still not a word said. The rough ass fucking was part two of his punishment. Before I was done he had collapsed to his tummy on the bed, his hands still tied above his head to the bed frame. I continued his punishment fucking in that position, relishing the welts I had inflicted on him.

As I fucked what was left of his brains out he grunted with every thrust. My intention was to spell out for him, non verbally, that he was my little ass whipped bitch and he better shape up or else that rope will be coming out again to play with his ass cheeks!

I pulled out of him and flipped him over to face up. Hands still bound. I stripped off and mounted him, siting on his face.

"Lick, bitch, and you better get the job done or I'll whip your front side as bad as I did your back side".

I came like that, grinding my pussy into his mouth and nose as he licked with a certain desperation.

I love being the Alpha Wife to a pussy-whipped husband! If only my brother could see me now...

Monday, November 17

eSubbie Waxed!

Some of you have been asking after my little eSubbie, jessie, recently introduced in my blog post A new eSubbie! Where we left off, jessica was told to go get herself waxed: a full Brazilian. It was a long wait, and I think we all thought she had chickened out, but not so. Not so at all!

I'll let jessica describe the experience in more or less her own words (I had to solicit several emails to get the detail I required, so I'll edit her responses together for you into one coherent description).

But before we start, recall that here is hairy little jessica before she was instructed to shave and get her waxing.

In my emails to jessie, first she was told to shave her legs. Then I instructed her to get the Brazilian, and that she had to wear her panties and be sure to leave them out on top of the pile of clothes so the attendant would not miss them. She was also instructed to tell the attendant exactly why she was getting waxed. Namely because her online Domme told her to!

So with that background, here is jessie's Brazilian recounting.

I did it Ms. Julie. I was really embarrassed. You were right. It was a girl. Her name was Abby. There was literally no other man in there. Only me.

Here's how it started. I looked it up online. The first time I called, a lady answered and I lost my nerve and hung up. A few days later I called and made an appointment.

"I'd like to make an appointment for a bikini waxing."

"Okay. And who are you making this with?"

"Oh. Um. This is my first time."

"Oh, okay. All of our staff are women. Is this Brazilian for you, sir?"


"Are you comfortable with a woman doing the procedure."

"Yes that's okay."

"Good. I'll pencil you in with Abby."

Then we set the date and time and I waited. Very nervously. I spent a lot of time thinking about which panties to wear. Why had I not bought any plain white ones...? I went with the only plain pair I'd bought. The light pink ones.

The place looked like a salon I guess. Very nicely decorated. Flowers everywhere. Big red chairs in the front room. And the walls. I couldn't not notice the pictures on the walls. Women. In their bikinis. Showing off their waxings. It made me feel even more isolated as the only man. Also it flashed across my mind what you would be putting me in come swim season, Ms. Julie.

I didn't have time to think about that though. Abby called me in. She was wearing blue jeans. Tight on her waist and thighs. More open below her knees. She wore a black jacket, or maybe it was a big shirt. Like a uniform top. Button down. Her hair was dyed auburn. And she was hot! Short, dyed hair (she told me she dyed it) and a pretty smile. Not to mention her wide hips in those gorgeous blue jeans. ahhhhh...

She told me to undress and left. I took off my clothes, laid my panties on top like you told me to (Abby didn't notice them until the end though). When she came back she had me lay down. We talked while she waxed me. She asked me if I was a swimmer. No I said. She told me I was the first man she'd had come in in a while.

"Oh," I said, "I just wanted to look, you know, like the models do I guess."

She smiled.

"No I didn't mean like the ones you guys have up here!" I blurted.

"Don't be embarrassed. I know what you mean. Those muscley guys who wax their muscled abs and stuff." As she said it she just barely touched my flat tummy.

The procedure itself was not without erection. I couldn't help it. Abby smiled when I blushed, but she didn't seem put off. Maybe that happens a lot? Small talk with her, and her touching my cock was the best part. The actual waxing hurt though. My eyes teared up, but I tried to hide that from her (you know, with fake yawns).

First she put baby powder on me. That was literally the most erotic part. She said the powder helps keep the wax from sticking to skin.

Then she covered my pelvic area with... whatever it was... hot wax I guess. She used this little stick thing. A bunch of them. That's where the discomfort started. It's not like it's painful, just an uncomfortable sensation. The pain came when she pulled the strip of cloth (that she put on after the wax). She pulled it off me and I guess it just literally pulls the hair out. This is where I cried. But I tried to hide that because Abby was pretty.

And oh yes Ms Julie, after the pelvis, she did the balls. She waxed my balls! I was hard while she did it and glowing red because of it. 

Then she turned me over to do the bum. And I take back what I said. This was the most erotic part. Her putting baby powder on my ass. I don't know what that means that I liked her touching my ass even more than my penis... oops i mean my clitty like you said.

She did go between my bum cheeks. I had to really try not to lift my ass into her hand (when she was rubbing powder in) but again the pleasure was followed by discomfort and then pain.

You know Ms Julie it's sort of an odd similarity, waxing and spanking I mean, if you play with your spankee first. There's pleasure then discomfort then pain. Then a bit of reassurance at the end. Abby rubbed some lotion on my ass. I imagined myself over her knee while she did my ass. I don't know if I was thinking about being spanked or being fingered. Maybe both.

But then when it was all done she told me to get dressed. She glanced at my clothes then, so I thought she saw them. My panties. Then I knew. She didn't say anything but she smiled a smile that was just so telling. Then it got more humiliating. She didn't leave the room when I got dressed. I literally stood there pulling up my panties when she says,

"I'll see you again, okay? Typically my girls make an appointment with me a week in advance, so call early!"

I felt attracted to this girl when I saw her, and during the procedure. But this made it clear she didn't see me in that way at all, and not even enough to leave the room for my dressing. Like I wasn't a man. So humiliating!

I'll be honest with you, Ms. Julie, I didn't tell her about you. I'm sorry! I just couldn't! I felt so attracted to her and I don't know. I guess something manly inside me didn't want to admit I was such a sissy.

Think that's about it. I pulled up my pants and walked out. Another woman in a skirt walked in after me.

Did I do ok Ms Julie? Oh and what did you think of my two pictures? Now you've seen my ass hairy, smooth, and in 2 different panties. Oh and you've seen it red! That spanking picture.


So that was jessie's account of her waxing. How much fun was that for her???

And here she is in all her glory!

But isn't jessica so much prettier now without all that nasty hair!

I think david needs to get waxed now!

Thursday, November 13

Massage Boy

Have a bit of a change of pace to report for this blog entry. My boy gave me a lovely massage where, completely on his own initiative, we role-played "full service massage boy" and "Madam customer".

It started when he brought home some massage lotion purported to have aphrodisiac properties. He was excited to take that lotion for a spin on me.

He set up our massage table in the bedroom, dimmed the lights, and put on spa music. He was all showered up and shaved for me, and wearing loose fitting white pants, bare feet, and a nice tight yoga shirt. He held up the sheet and averted his eyes as I placed my little nude self onto the massage table. Then he draped the sheet over me.

He said something like "are you comfortable Madam?" I didn't know we were role playing, and still was not sure at this point, but as it went on it became clear he was playing massage therapist boy and I lady customer.

He did a great job on the massage. He kept me covered with maybe just peek-a-boo touches "by accident" here and there on the sides of my breasts and near my pussy.

At one point he draped me so that the sheet was between my butt cheeks and tucked under a leg, and the whole one side of my body was bare from tip to toe, but nothing naughty was showing. That was nice, those nice long strokes.

He had me turn over. He held up the sheet shielding his eyes from my nakedness as I turned, and put the sheet back down again. He then modestly undraped various bits of me and continued the massage.

Acting very decisively, he rolled the sheet up to my waist, uncovering my bare sex. He bent down over me and started going down on me. Just a few licks. Nice. Then he got some lube and massaged that into my pussy, and I do mean into. That was very nice. He had me moaning.

Then, as if it was just another phase of the massage, he stripped off all his clothes and got up on the table between my legs. He was very hard. He gently inserted himself into me, and being very careful to keep all his weight off me began slow, shallow, gentle thrusting.

"Madam should let me know if the depth and speed is acceptable."

I let him know it was barely acceptable. I encouraged him to go faster and deeper, and he obliged clumsily.

I don't orgasm from vaginal intercourse, but he is liable to at any point, so before too long he asked me, "Does Madam prefer to complete vaginally, anally, or orally?" As if he didn't know!

I played along. "Orally" I answered him.

He pulled out and went down to the end of the table, bent over and started going down on me again.

He paused at one point and came up to me at the end of the table. His hard cock was right at my head. "If Madam would like..." he said.

I smiled and took his big hard cock into my mouth, and sucked him off a bit. It was for my pleasure.

"A little more vaginal intercourse, boy" I instructed him, "and then you may finish with your mouth."

He gently guided me over onto my side, and he inserted into me that way while still standing.

I didn't know how much longer he could hold out, so I had mercy on him and instructed, "Now, finish me with your mouth."

"Would Madam prefer on her back, side, or face down and bottom up?" he asked.

He genuinely did not know the answer to that, as I like all three. But it just so happened I was in the mood for belly down and ass up. So sue me! It does not mean I want to be spanked!!! It's just that his tongue gets in there better... "On my stomach, please."

He arranged some pillows under my hips and he guided me to bottoms up across them. I must have been quite a sight!

 "Lick my anus first, boy. Then go wash your mouth out with soap, and finish with my pussy."

"Of course, Madam." He answered.

He licked and lapped at my asshole, and got in nice and deep with his tongue, parting my cheeks with his hands to allow for better access. "Continue until I tell you to stop." I said. He would not cum from this, so I allowed him to continue servicing my bottom hole in this manner for quite some time.

"That will do." I said.

He stopped and went to the ensuite bathroom, where he proceeded to wash his own mouth out with soap. From the sounds of it, he was being very thorough. Ha ha!

He came back and he started gently lapping at my pussy and clit. He did a great job (he is very well trained, after all). As he licked, he rubbed my still slippery back and flanks with his hands. Mmmmmm.

"Finger in my ass, please, to finish."

"Yes Madam, Of course, Madam."

He lubed my asshole and his finger, gently stuck it in, and started thrusting as he continued licking. I actually like this combination if truth be told, and came quite quickly. A nice shuddering climax. Yum!

He removed the pillows from under my hips and I lay back down on the massage table. He re-draped me. Then he went to the bathroom to wash his hands. He came back and finished off my massage with a nice upper back and shoulder rub.

"Was everything to Madam's satisfaction?"  He asked.

"Not really. I found your penile thrusting to be clumsy and lacking in finesse." I said.

"I'm terribly sorry, Madam!" He answered.

"Does this establishment have a client administered punishment policy?" I asked.

"Yes Madam. At Madam's full discretion."

"Fine fine. And what implements are available to me here?"

"There's a paddle and strap we keep in the therapy room, Madam."

"In that case, fetch me the strap, boy. We'll see if a good strapping to your backside won't teach you a lesson in the importance of finesse while pleasing a woman."

Yes Madam. I'm so sorry Madame. I'll fetch the strap immediately, Madam."

I stood up holding the sheet against me as he went to fetch the implement from our bedside drawer.

He handed me the strap. He was still naked and hard.

"You may thank your lucky stars, boy, that I won't make the punishment fit the crime and take this strap to that clumsy hard penis of yours."

"Yes Madam. Thank You Madam!"

"I suppose you'll need that cock in working order for your next customer, won't you?"

"Yes Madam. Thank you again Madam, for being so thoughtful."

"I'm thinking of your other customers, not of you, boy! If it weren't for them, that clumsy penis of yours would be black and blue after it receives the strapping it deserves!"

"Of course, Madam. I understand Madam."

"Bend over across the stool, boy."

He bent over, presenting his ass to me as if on a platter. "Keep your eyes closed, boy." I said as I dropped the towel.

I lined up the strap with his lower ass cheeks. "Good thing you don't need to sit for your job, boy. And I don't think your other customers will mind seeing you with a rosy red bottom, now will they?"

I gave him a nice strict strapping to his sit spots. Not too many. Just the appropriate number for a massage boy who tries hard but displays a clumsy moment with a customer. About 50 is all (tee hee).

After I was done I placed the strap onto his lower back and told him "Stay as you are. I'll send in your manager and she can decide if you've had enough of the strap, or if you need more."

"Yes Madam." He said.

"On second thoughts..."

I took the strap off his back and led him to the bed. I jumped down under him and spread my legs."I think you need more practice with that cock of yours..."

I let him fuck me and cum into my pussy.

It was a nice massage, after all.

Saturday, November 1

Spanked for Receiving a Hand Job from my Sister

Well, this has turned into a three-parter. First I blogged about a rather typical scene in our bedroom where I made my husband go down on me and then (I thought) graciously allowed him to jerk himself off in my bed. I described that in Cunnilingus. Now! I gave the readers' digest version to my sister, and she felt sorry that I had not done anything for him except let him use his own hand. She thought he at least deserved a handy. So I challenged her that if she thought he deserved one, she should should go right ahead and give him one. She took me up on it and gave him a lovely hand job, complete with a full and satisfying ejaculation, for being such a good husband to me and licking my pussy whenever I told him to. I described that in Sister Lends a Hand.

Now please don't misunderstand. I love it that david gets to experience sexual things at the hands of my sister and other women (so long as I arrange it). However, I have a policy that after any such incidence he must be punished so that he is reminded anew, in no uncertain terms, that I am she who giveth and she who taketh away. In other words, he needs to be reminded, forcefully reminded, to whom he belongs.

He knew it was coming, and he knew why, but I had to wait several days to get to it. Then it was time.

"Did you enjoy that hand job from Sue? You know I have to spank you now, don't you?"

He knew. He accepted it.

I took him up to the bedroom. I put him the shower and supervised as he washed himself. I made him use the soap on his underarms, down between his legs, and in his butt. I made him rinse and re-soap and clean himself down there several times. I kept close supervision on him the entire time, and gave him detailed instructions on how to clean his bum hole, his testicles, his penis shaft, and his penis tip. Lots of soap. Lots of rubbing. Nice hot water to rinse with. Rinse and repeat.

When he was done, I grabbed a towel in one hand, grabbed his ear with the other, and marched him sopping wet (and hard) to the spanking chair. I put the towel on my lap, and pulled him across my knee. I explained to him why he was being spanked. I then proceeded to vigorously dry off his backside with my hairbrush.

That got him hopping. He grabbed a leg of the chair with his right hand, and reached back and grabbed my butt with his left hand. I allow this behavior, so long as he does not get too frantic and lose control. It's comforting to him to be able to touch me in an intimate fashion during his spankings. And I feel it builds a good bond, especially given the reason he was across my knee this time: to re-establish our mutual ownership rights over each others' asses.

When he was well-spanked with that hairbrush, and a little frantic, I had him stand. So far it was only to his sit spots. I intended that would soon change. I marched him down to the living room and had him move the high-backed couch into position. It is very sturdy and allows me to drape my man over the back of it so that his feet are dangling mid air. I put him like that. Then I took up the leather belt and started in on his belt whipping.

This time I focused a lot on the backs of his thighs. He has been spanked on the ass a lot, and it is by now hard to mark him there. But his thighs are still tender, especially around towards the insides, and so that is where I concentrated. Again and again and again. I wanted him to feel pain. I wanted him to take the pain as a sign of devotion towards me. Since he was allowed to have my sister's hands on his penis, he would now have to prove his devotion to me in this manner.

So I wrapped the belt around to the insides of his thighs. I scalded them. Each stroke left an obvious mark. I changed from side to side, using both forehand and backhand swings. He would not be moving nor sitting comfortably after I was done with him.

My man struggled and kicked and wiggled. He worked himself (and the heavy couch!) away from me as I whipped him. Occasionally I would miss due to his wiggling, and the tip end would snake out and snap at his testicles. He howled. I considered it acceptable collateral damage.

When I let him up he doubled over and clutched at the backs of his thighs. I led him back up to the bedroom. I was not done with him yet. Not by a long shot.

I put him back across my knee. I continued using the belt (with a shortened up grip this time) to continue whipping away at his ass and thighs. I made him spread his legs. I pushed his penis and testicles out of the way and I whipped down with the belt into his super tender high inner thighs where his balls usually nestle again and again. The sounds coming from his mouth were positively animalistic! I also spread his cheeks, and used the belt to whip into his crack from both sides.

Putting down the belt, I took up the hairbrush, and continued on the same tender spots with the hard wood. It was all he could do to stay across my knee. Sometime the pain was so intense he would run away a bit. I accept this, so long as when I pause he comes right back over my knee, with his legs spread offering up his inner thighs as I had demanded, submissively into position for his punishment to continue.

I reminded him that the ultimate cause of his punishment was my not granting him any sexual favours in exchange for his, except allowing him to jerk off beside me in my bed. I told david that I respectfully disagreed with my sister in this matter. I owe him nothing in exchange for his oral service, and he should feel privileged that I allowed him to jerk off in my bed. He agreed with me. I told him we would seal the deal by having him to jerk off in bed once again while I watched.

He put himself face up on the bed, spat in his hand, and began rubbing his cock. I told him he was on the clock, and if he had not cum within a minute, he would be spanked some more for encouragement.

Well, he was not able to get the job done. So I made him stop, pulled him up and back down across my knee, and started in again with the hairbrush, again concentrating on his more sensitive areas. I gave him about five minutes of very intense punishment, and then I made him go back to the bed and try again.

He was limp from his spanking when he started. So I gave him two minutes this time. He got it up again and was rubbing away. But so sorry, could not seal the deal within the allotted time.

This time I put him face down, and used the belt to his ass and thighs. Once again I continued, pretty mercilessly I thought, to whip away at his thighs. I got him back to "shrieking" pretty quickly. But he was a good boy. He submitted as required despite the very intense whipping he was receiving. I was happy. He was taking it. For me.

I set him back at it. I told him he better cum this time, as the spankings would just continue until he did. We had to repeat several more times. After each whipping he started out limp. Each time after his rubbing was stopped  he was hard again, but just in time to be whipped back to limp.

After repeating this cycle a half dozen times, david started expressing frustration. He told me he "couldn't". That the spankings "hurt too much" and he "was limp" each time and by the time he got hard again I didn't give him "enough time" to finish. And that he "was worried" about the next spanking and couldn't finish because of that either. And that his "penis was sore" from the rubbing and he couldn't because of that either. Boo hoo. Cry me a river.

I think he actually though that I expected him to cum under these conditions. How cute! How naive. No, I did not expect him to cum. I expected him to fail and have to be whipped again.In fact, had I thought he was getting close, time would have magically been up.

When I made him stand and come over across my knee (limp and sore) for his next hairbrush-to-inner-thigh torture session, he actually stamped his foot in frustration. So cute! Like my little 2-year-old nephew throwing a temper tantrum. I nonetheless made him suffer through another session across my knee. In fact, I deliberately made it worse this time because of his little temper tantrum.

Then it was back to the bed, and back to his rubbing. There were tears in his eyes and he looked reluctant to touch his penis. I took pity on him, and asked if he needed some encouragement? I did a slow strip-tease for him, getting down to my bra, and then teasing my bra off until he could see my breasts. This seemed to breathe new life into old faithful down there, and he was able to get hard and rub himself again. It looked like he was actually going to succeed this time, so I looked at my watch, pretended I was actually timing anything, and yelled "time!".

"NOOOOO!" he yelled, and kicked his legs, but put his hands obediently down to his sides leaving his bobbing sore erection waving in the air.

I decided to take him for another trip down to the couch. This time I took the strap with me, not the belt. The strap is twin-tailed, and heavy as shit. I pushed him in front of me. He was naked and very well beaten. I was bare breasted with strap in hand. I made him kneel in front of me. Brandishing the strap, I told him we would finish off his punishment across the back of the couch with the strap. I told him I was proud of him for taking his punishment so well up to now, and that I expected him to submit to this last part, even though it would hurt the most of anything so far.

Oh my. He looked scared. It turned me on!

He was shaking as he draped himself over the back of the couch. His little balls were peeking out between his legs. He seemed to realize this at the last minute, and hastily adjusted himself to hide them in front lest they be struck. It was futile, though. After a few strokes of the strap across his ass and thighs, his legs would be dancing a mid-air jig anyways and his balls would be bouncing in front of me.

And so it came to pass. I did not hold back on the strap. I figured he may have been a bit numb by now from the spankings and whippings so far, so I felt I had to re-double my efforts, even with the heavier leather strap, to get through to him.

So he got his strapping, and he got it hard. I barely even went to his butt. It was all to the backs of his thighs. I was relentless. Stroke after stroke. When I felt he had definitely had enough, I kept going. He got frantic. He gradually worked himself over the back of the couch and then back down the other side, so his hands were on the floor and his legs were spread and sticking almost straight up. I used this to my advantage to go after his inner thighs with the heavy strap.

After a certain point he stopped screaming, and was just whimpering.  He later told me that at that point he was done. He just submitted completely to me. He finally realized that he had no control over when his whipping would end, and he just had to lay there and absorb every stroke for however long I chose to give it to him. Hope was at an end. He felt that he was in hell and that it would never end. That it would go on for eternity completely outside of his control forever and ever. And that's when I stopped.

His butt was dark, dark red, with the colour making a lovely "I love you" heart shape. His thighs were marked, bruised, and swollen. I felt that at this point he thoroughly understood to whom he belonged.

I stood him up. He was whimpering and there were genuine tears in his eyes. He was again doubled over and clutching with his hands at his punished thighs. His penis was completely limp and looked small and shriveled. I told him to come and made him walk ahead of me back up to the bedroom. He had trouble taking the steps.

I told him he must now finish his jerking off, and that I would help him. I lay beside him and allowed him to snuggle his head into my bare breasts as he rubbed himself. He burrowed into me. I allowed his mouth on my nipple, and he sucked as he rubbed his sore penis. I pulled him hard into my breasts and told him how much I loved him as he ejaculated.