Thursday, August 14

Wrap-Around Inside the Cleft and then Fucked

Have you ever wrapped a strap around to the inside of the cleft? I can now say I have, in spades!

After replying to comments on my blog I usually take some time to check out some of the other blogs on my blogroll. I find they often give me inspiration regarding what to try with david next. I was surfing one blog that pointed me to a tumblr site where I saw a strapping that intrigued me.

It was a doubled-up leather strap that was used on this poor girl. The position and aiming of that strap was just cruel and the girl seemed to be really suffering (all of which I approve of, naturally!). Presumably she wanted it.

She is very much bent over so that the skin stretches tight across her ass. david tells me this really reduces the natural padding of the butt and makes the strokes very hard to take.  Every stroke on the right cheek "wrapped around" to the thinner unpadded skin around the sides. I've done that sometimes to david. Mostly accidentally, sometimes "accidentally". What can I say? I like the marks. Let the bitch suffer. And never, ever apologize!

But here is what intrigued me most of all. The spanker alternated cheeks and never varied the placement of the strokes on each cheek. On the cheek nearer to him, he also "wrapped around", but the wrapping around was down into the butt crack. In the case of this video it was just spank after spank after spank all wrapping around to the exact same spot, over and over and over again. Cool.

I had visions of doing that to david, but equally on both sides, meaning I would have to keep changing sides and wrapping that leather around into his crack. I imagined targeting the area inside the cleft just beside his bum hole on either side, and trying my hardest to avoid anyplace else on his ass whatsoever. But just going after those two spots absolutely relentlessly. Way over the top. On and on and on. And then... fucking him so the dildo slid right past those painful spots! Ouch Ouch Ouch!

So that's exactly what I did the other night! No sense getting all inspired like this and not acting on it when you have a willing submissive right there in your very own bed.

Now, david does not mark that easily on his ass, so I thought I needed to bring out some big guns to get my desired result. What I used was a belt that I usually use to restrain him with, but that I have belt whipped him with before.

It's quite heavy leather and has a rough texture and so can deliver a very sound whipping. I almost always double it up. But notice the very tip if you will.

It's metal. I have whipped his ass with the tip before. Not a full out swing or anything. I shortened down on my grip and gave it a nice snap. Any boy did it leave marks! When I "accidentally" wrapped it around it left nice perfect little triangular marks on the far side of his hips. I did that deliberately once in the morning as I knew he was going for a cheek-baring massage at noon! Ha Ha!

Her: "Ohh! What happened?"
Him: "Duh.. Uhh.. Mountain biking... Uhh..."

Anyhow, long and short of it was that I thought that would be my perfect whipping implement. I practiced by putting some pink sticky notes on a pillow and seeing if I could exactly hit my target with the tip of the belt. I shredded quite a few stickies.

Time for the big event!

I told him to go upstairs and get himself ready for a belt whipping and an ass fucking. "Come get me when you're ready. In your panties please."

When he came to get me I was down in the laundry room doing the folding. He just stood there and said "ready Ma'am."

I played dumb and said "Ready for what, sweetie?"

"Ready for my belt whipping and my ass fucking, Ma'am," he answered with a big blush on his face and a tent in his panties.

"Oh My Goodness!" I said in mock surprise. "Is that really something you want???"

That question always gets him. His turn on is to be "made to", but he really does want it.

This time he answered 'in-scene' with a "No Ma'am."

I patted his cheek and said, "Well in that case we'll forget all about it, ok?" And I promptly went back to folding laundry with him still standing there in his little panties, all confused.

"I guess, I suppose, I do need it Ma'am," he tried.

"Really??? What kind of 'man' needs to be belt whipped and fucked in the ass by his wife?" I asked him.

"This kind, Ma'am," he said.

"Well. In that case. Beg me for it. Down on your knees. Beg for it."

He got down on his knees, put his hands together in prayer, and begged: "Oh Please Ma'am. Please! Please whip my ass with your belt and then fuck me in the ass. Please!"

"I don't know," I said. "I've done that an awful lot, I'm kinda bored with it."

"Please Ma'am! Please! I need it. Please!!" he said, sounding a little desperate.

"Will you be my good little bitch tonight, and take whatever I dish out? I'll be hard on you. I might use the buckle end..."

"Yes Ma'am, I'll be your good little bitch, Ma'am"

"You see that you are! Now go back to the bedroom, stand in the corner, pull down your panties to your knees and stand there with your hands on your head until I come up to start your belt whipping. And if you're smart, you'll be scared!"

"Yes Ma'am!" He said.

"And don't think for a minute you'll get fucked with your smaller dildo. It'll be Adam. Either that or you get nothing and you'll sleep with a ball gag in your mouth and mittens duct-taped onto your hands!"

"Yes Ma'am!" He repeated and scurried away back upstairs to do as he was told.

Ahhhh! Power trip! And in case you were wondering, I was serious about the ball gag and the mittens if he did not consent to bum sex with Adam. Domme wife 101: never threaten something you're not willing to follow through on.

After I finished the folding -- and I took my time, savoring the thought of him standing in the corner, quaking with his panties around his knees, not knowing what he had just asked for or how bad I would make it -- I started upstairs with a laundry basket in hand.

There he was. Exactly as he had been told. "Turn around, keep your hands on your head. Look at me." I thought he should witness the preparations. His cock was huge and throbbing.

I needed a position for his whipping so that I could easily get to both sides. We have a well made bed that is fairly high off the ground and has a rising curved foot-board. Much like the one in the image below.

I decided I would bend him over the end of it. I piled some pillows on the bed, and also a couple on the wood. Then I went to the night table and got out the belt of correction.

I put that just to the side of the bed. I then went back and got out Adam and my strap-on harness and the KY lube. I put that all ready on the other side of the bed.

david was watching all of this with trepidation, but with a twitching erection nonetheless.

"boy are you ever going to get it" I said out loud to myself as I got this ready.

"Bend over," I said to him, pointing to the end of the bed. He bent over the pillows. The height was perfect. I can't believe I've never tried this position before! He had to point his toes to have his feet at all on the ground. He would be kicking up a storm before too long. I love it when his feet are dangling in the air.

I took his panties all the way off and told him to spread his legs more. "Open!" I said, and I stuffed his panties into his mouth. Wouldn't do to have the neighbors calling the cops.

His private parts and his asshole were nicely on view.

I stood to the right side of him, and started in on his whipping. I did ten strokes in a row, allowing the metal tip to wrap around the inside of his near cheek. His well-displayed bumhole made a great vertical reference point. He was quite vocal during even the first ten, and squirmed between the strokes. I then went around to the other side of him and repeated the strokes to the inside if his right bum cheek, all just beside his bum hole. I kept using my right hand, as I felt I did not have the proper aim down with my left. This meant I had to contort a little, and the strokes came from a slightly different angle, but it was no big deal. He was already marking.

But as promised, he stayed put and was taking it like my good little bitch.

After those ten, I went around back to his other side and delivered another ten. Rinse and repeat. I was slow, deliberate, and inexorable. I didn't say a word. I just kept going and going. His only certainty was that after ten were delivered to the one side, I would walk around to the other and do another ten to that side. There was no doubt where the strokes were going. All to the exact same two spots. I didn't miss at all the whole time. Over and over and over again, as I had imagined.

Baby was definitely made to suffer. He whimpered little "no no please"s into his panty gag, his thighs were shaking, and he had the stink of sweat on him. The smell of him turned me on!

The little spots I was aiming for were dark, dark red and getting blue and purpled with bruising. The first couple harder ones left the distinctive triangle mark, but by now all the marks had merged together into a bit of a painful looking mess.

I just kept going, though. Honestly, I lost count, but there must have been at least ten cycles, so at least 200 strokes, and possibly more.

"Hands up!" I told him. He put his hands out in front of himself. I used the belt to tie his wrists tightly together.

"Forward!" I said, as I grabbed his balls from behind for encouragement and he scampered forward awkwardly towards the headboard. I positioned him with his bound hands in front of him, his face on the bed, kneeling with his knees spread a bit, and beaten ass up in the air. This is where I needed him so that I could best fuck him from behind. I got out his smaller dildo, lubed it, and shoved it up his ass. It would stretch him to get him a bit more ready to take Adam.

I then donned my strap on. I made him watch me as I fastened it around myself. Big teary eyes. Panty gag in his mouth. Dildo sticking out of his ass.

I knelt up on the bed near his face. I took out the panty gag and replaced it with Adam. I usually require him to suck me off first before he gets the cock in his ass. I think most women do.

I pulled out, replaced his panty gag, went behind him, and worked the smaller dildo around inside him with my hand for a bit. I took it out and then placed Adam's big tip against his asshole. I applied pressure, and slowly Adam got gobbled up by my husband's hungry asshole, not without the usual bevvy of girlish complaints along the way, of course.

I started sliding in and out. I used my thumbs to spread his cheeks, pushing my thumbnails right into the sorest looking part. Ouch Ouch No! Ouch! He said. Then I pressed his haunches together, and let the dildo slide across his punished inner cheeks as I fucked him.

I fucked and fucked and fucked. It felt nice against my pussy. There's a certain point with Adam where he really, really does not want to get fucked anymore. I go to that point and past it. Not a lot past it. Just enough to make sure that he learns who uses the cock in this marriage, who bends over and takes it like a bitch, and who decides when the fucking is over. When I thought he had gotten to the point where he fully appreciated those things, that's when I stopped and pulled out.

A little bit of a mess, as usual when I go that deep, quickly taken care of with paper towels.

I put him on his back, took the panties out of his mouth, and mounted his face. I made him lick my pussy as I hand-jobbed his cock.

I came a couple of times, and before I let him cum I had him confirm aloud who was the little bitch in our relationship. He mumbled that nicely several times into my soppy wet cunt before I allowed him his release and clean-up.

I love doing shit like this to my husband!!!!!