Monday, November 28

My Poor Baby!

There have been several requests for me to pose for a photo. I finally got my act together and figured out how the auto-timer thingy on the camera works. I dressed in one of my business suits, but with fishnets that I thought you would like, and I am holding my new strap. Sorry I can't show my face (the little "me picture" is actually me, photoshopped up a bit artistically to hide the guilty!). I hope you like the photo.

And here is a photo of my new strap (although a pen-pal, from the description, thinks it might actually be a "tawse"?)

In my last blog entry, Strapped!, I described david's first disciplinary strapping. I said then that I did not feel at all guilty. Well, I am feeling guilty now.

All the rest of the day my poor baby was walking around very gingerly, and wincing as he sat down. On Sunday he said his butt felt better but that his legs were still very stiff and sore. I looked at them, and they were much bruised. This morning, while we were still in bed, I had him turn over and I lowered his pyjamas to inspect. Oh My Goodness! They were even worse. Did I ever get carried away on Saturday!

He was no longer fire engine red, as he had been directly after his strapping, but there was still a discoloration all over his butt and legs, like a funny tan. But the worst of it was the bruises. Both his butt and legs had very angry-looking and very large purple and black bruising.  I saw the bruising come up as I was strapping him, but I didn't expect it would look like this a full two days later! I had reddened him and bruised him a bit before with the hairbrush, and it had gone away much more quickly.

Ok. I admit it here. I was wrong. I apologize. I should have used an implement I was familiar with, like the hairbrush, for his first real disciplining and saved the strap for more of a play spanking where I could take it easy on him at first and learn its ways.

I didn't apologize to him, exactly. That would have been counterproductive. I did, however, tell him that I was sorry I had to punish him so severely. An apology of sorts.

He then surprised me by apologizing to me for putting me in that position (!) and admitted that he had been deliberately "pushing the envelope" with his diary misbehaviour, and had gotten what was coming to him. He said he was sorry and would do everything he could to avoid a repeat performance. Awwww... my baby is so cute!

I told him I didn't want him exercising today, so I called Rebecca and told her he was ill. I had to pay her for the missed session, but I guess that's my penance. My original thought was that I wanted her to see the strap marks on his legs, but I sure didn't want her to see the bruising I had inflicted on him! She would not have understood - thought I was some kind of sadist - probably call the SPCA on me! By excusing him from exercising, it also let him off the hook from diary grading as he hadn't yet had enough time to change his ways and I really didn't want to have to strap him again so soon.

david thanked me for that, and joked that it was a real good licking he got. It's a funny word, "a licking", isn't it? I guess it means that the ends of the strap are like a tongue "licking" at his butt? I told him that to even things up, he could give me a real good licking also. He knew what I meant. When I ask for a licking, it's with his head down between my legs!

So, in summary, I do feel bad about being an "uncontrolled spanker" and vow to do better in future.

That having been said, and given that david, my poor baby, seems ok despite all, I will admit that the severity of what I did to him turns me on. I guess I am a bit of a sadist. In fact I want nothing more now than to bend him over for a hard ass-fucking so that I can admire my handiwork, getting me nice and horny, and then have him give my wet pussy a good licking as I grind myself into his face.

However, I decided that I need to make amends, so I won't allow myself that pleasure. Instead, as punishment for me, I promise, publicly to all you horny guys out there reading this blog (which is kind of humiliating, because you are mostly all subbies), that I solemnly swear I will submit to a hard pussy fucking from him which he has not had for a while, and then give him the best blowjob ever (I hate cleaning my own pussy juices off his cock like that... yech!) letting him cum into my mouth, and that I will swallow every last drop like a good little tramp. I will even pretend to like it so he will think he is a real man, and won’t know I'm punishing myself. There. Hope you're all happy!

Oh, and I'll lay off the spanking until he heals, cross my heart!

Saturday, November 26


As I mentioned in previous posts, david's trainer, Rebecca, is grading him weekly on his food and exercise diary. The first week, he did not do one at all, and so he got hairbrush-spanked by me, and then sent pants-down into the corner in her presence (unbelievable but true! Check out my Spanking Witnessed! post to see how it all went down).

Last Monday he did a diary, but received an 'F' from Rebecca for his efforts. She requested that he get me to initial the grade. She later admitted to me in our training session that it was a spur of the moment decision that she thought would add an extra embarrassing touch for him. So I waited until today to initial his failing grade for him, after receiving discipline from me of course.

I was originally going to use a slipper on him, based on SLIPPERLOVER’s videos. But one of my pen-pals advised me that American boys are unlikely to be intimidated by a slipper. And besides, I looked and looked and could not find a decent slipper anywhere! A naughty pen-pal advised me a "strap" would be more feared by a boy brought up in the American culture. That seemed right to me, so I set out to acquire a good strap to punish david with.

Based on some Web research, I identified a store downtown that seemed to have a selection. Only trouble was that it is a 'Sex Shop' and I've never actually been in one before. Well, I screwed up my courage and went right in after work, and was I ever nervous. I was expecting creepy guys salivating at me, or something. Could not have been more wrong. About 10 seconds in I am greeted by a young perky lady asking if there is anything she can help me with? Again, screwing up some courage, I kind of blurt out "spanking implements?" As I said it, I had this vision of her face going all disgusted looking, calling me a pervert, and throwing me out with all the staff laughing at me.

What actually happened was she said "Sure!" (super perky) and took me right to a huge selection where she handed me off to another girl. This one was a tiny thing, with a bunch of body art and piercings, and was very serious about helping me. As we looked at implements, she gave me detailed commentary on how each one feels (she had been on the receiving end of all of them from her boyfriend, poor dear!). We picked out the perfect "strap". It's leather, about 18 inches long and 2 inches wide. It's doubled over so there are two thicknesses of quarter inch leather laminated together. Half way down, it's slit down the middle, and the two laminated parts are free. I tried smacking it down on my palm, and it was pretty fierce! It was quite expensive, as it is made from genuine leather, but I love my boy, and nothing but the best should touch his bum-skin. The salesgirl assured me that that one "really hurts," and her eyes glazed over a bit, so I figure it must be the right one. I asked her how to care for it, and that seemed like a new question for her, but she ventured just like anything else leather I might have. Good enough.

When I got home with my purchase, david was not yet home, so I went up to our bedroom to practice with it. I put a little butt-sized pillow on top of a bedroom pillow, and practiced smacking it. I understand from my blog-reading research that the end of the strap does the most damage (which makes sense, as it's whipping fastest) so I tried to get the end onto the "bum cheeks". I was feeling pretty silly, but after five minutes of practice I felt like a real pro. I play tennis, and used my pen-pal's advice of "following through" like for a tennis shot, and that seemed to make quite an impact.

I had been thinking through his punishment ever since I got the strap. I must confess, because I know I'm going to blog about it afterwards, it tends to make the thing a lot more theatrical! Also, the nice thing about being in control is that for the most part, whatever you dream up actually happens, because you are calling the shots. Everything went pretty much according to plan, I am very pleased to say. Here is what happened.

This morning, I got him up out of bed around 10 am. I told him to get showered and shaved. I wanted him pretty for his punishment. He knew what it was for. He had been waiting for the other shoe to drop all week. I got a nice meek "yes dear" out of him. I told him that I would lie out on the bed what I wanted him to wear. He was to dress in that, and nothing else, and come down to the kitchen as soon as he was ready.

I had laid out for him only a pair of his old, white underpants. They were "briefs", quite old, and had lost a lot of their elastic. They did not look at all sexy. I did not want him walking down all sexy. I wanted him humbled, and hoped this would do the trick. Make him feel like a little boy about to get spanked. In the kitchen I set out a high stool in front of the counter. On the counter I put the strap, a red rag, and a little bottle of leather conditioner. I wanted him to get to know my new strap intimately before he felt it on his bum.

He came down, looking quite sheepish in his baggy white undies. I "ear-marched" him over to the counter, showed him my new strap and told him he would be punished with it. Remarkably, he said exactly what the little shop girl had said: "that looks like it will really hurt." I told him that was the whole idea. I then ordered him to sit up at the counter and apply the leather conditioner 2 or 3 times to the strap end, keeping the handle end as it was (I did not want it slipping), and to call me over when he thought he was done.

After about ten minutes, he called me. I went over to inspect. He had done a very adequate job. The business end glistened nicely, and the handle was not at all slippery. "Please, not too hard, ok?" he asked. I gave him a withering look and said "please don’t get any F's on your food diary, ok?". Then I told him to go back upstairs to the bedroom, lie face down on the left side of the bed with a pillow under his hips, take his underpants down to his ankles, lay the strap across his backside, and wait for me. He scampered back upstairs, strap in hand, to do as he was told. I gave him exactly fifteen minutes to stew, and then crept upstairs and walked in on him.

He had been a good boy, and was positioned exactly as I had told him to be. I took the strap from off his butt, gave him a lecture about his food habits and the consequences of getting a poor grade from Rebecca, and then declared "Seventy-Five". I chose 75 strokes because SLIPPERLOVER's latest video THE PADDLE HURTS had his partner Kim give him 75 (I counted) hard paddle strokes, so I figured I would not be too far off with that number. david only groaned a bit when I sentenced him. Neither of us knew how bad 75 was. We were both going to find out!

I wound up and smacked down across his ass, following through hard, aiming the end of the strap to just past the middle of his far cheek. It made a sound like a gunshot, and my aim was perfect. I knew that because that strap positively seared him. I mean, like when you put a steak on a very hot grill, and almost right away the grill leaves those lines on the steak? Like that. That strap seared his ass with a perfectly rectangular red mark right across both cheeks, ending exactly where I aimed. david yelled out and clutched at his seat, and some assembly of words to the general effect of "Oww! No! Too hard! Please!"

This was the moment of truth. It was too hard. Way too hard for a role playing game. This was real punishment, I was sure of it and so was he. I told him that I didn’t think he was taking his diet and exercise seriously. If he was getting B's or C's, we'd be playing at spankings. With an F, after not doing it at all the previous week, he's getting a real punishment. Either he accepts it, or we can stop playing at spankings all together, I'll tell Rebecca we don’t need her anymore, and he and I can go back to the way we were (giant bluff! I need it as much as he does now). Take it like a good boy, I encouraged him. "ok" he said, and put his hands back in front of him, off his well-seared ass!

This new attitude, of moving towards actually punishing him for real, I developed after reading all the way through Recidavist's blog. That's the way his wife spanks him. So thank you, K. This is a step I need to be taking as well if david and I are going to continue down this path. I can still spank for play also, but now I have decided he is getting punished when he needs it as well.

I decided I better lighten up a bit, though. The next few I did not use as much arm and follow-through, but still got my point across, and still reddened his ass. I also started strapping the backs of his legs, and strapped all the way from his upper ass down to above his knees. I also starting increasing the intensity again.

I had done about twenty strokes, when I noticed he was cringing away from me. His ass was clenched tight, and he was pushing himself into the pillow. I didn't like that, so I told him to beg for the strap. He said aloud "please strap me" and I said not with your mouth. I want you silent. He started asking a question and I shushed him. We stood there in silence for a few moments, and then I saw what I wanted. His ass unclenched and he stuck it up. I waited another moment, and he stuck it up even higher, arching his back. "Good" I said, and smacked the strap down hard across his nicely presented butt.

Right after the stroke fell, he again clenched up and buried his midsection in the pillow. I waited patiently again, and was rewarded with another very submissive ass raising. I rewarded him with a hard stroke where ass meets thigh that really had him yelping, but a few seconds later, he raised up again. Every time he raised and arched, I got a great view of his puckered little butt hole, which I thought excellently added to his submission.

His far cheek was getting quite messed up by now. Where the end of the strap was hitting, it was definitely starting to purple-up. I thought I would smack his near cheek a bit, and aimed the tip for just on the inside of his nicely-presented ass crack. Wow did that one get a reaction. Lots of vocalizations and for the first time his hand back there clutching again. I guess he's pretty tender in there!

I also made special sure to mark up his legs. That wasn't hard, though, as his legs marked and bruised easier than his ass did. His next training session with Rebecca was only two days away, and I was hoping the strap marks on his legs would still be there for that occasion. I was going to be sure to order him to wear his shorter shorts. Rebecca needs to know the consequences of giving him an F, and having to exercise for her showing off his well-strapped legs will keep him humble and respectful of her, even though she is only in her early twenties. I wonder if she'll demand to see the condition of his ass? I wouldn't begrudge her the right.

I had been counting to myself the whole time and when I reached 70 I told him the last 5 were going to be the hardest yet. I went back to my full swing across both ass cheeks, and boy did he ever feel those! Didn’t get quite the same reaction as the first strap stroke did, but I did see him clutching the bed covers, knuckles white, and cute little tears in his eyes. His undies that were around his ankles were long gone by now as well. Kicked off sometime during the last 75 strappings.

After the 75 were done, he was a mess. I helped him to stand, and he stood up very slowly and gingerly. The backs of his legs especially seemed to give some trouble. Then, to my utter surprise, he got down on his knees in front of me, hugged me, and told me, all sniffly, how sorry he was. Wow! Hubbies say the darndest things! I stroked his head and told him I loved him, and that he should make sure I don’t have to do that to him again.

He said he would try a lot harder, but most of the week was already done, and he hasn't been doing what Rebecca asked him to, diet or exercise, but he would start right away. He asked if he could get a pass just this once, on this Monday's grade? That annoyed me, frankly. I told him that if he can get Rebecca to take pity on him, and not give him another F, that would be one thing, but if he shows up with another F for me to initial, it would be another strapping for him. I always thought that with discipline, the best way is to be 100% firm on the boundaries.

Another thing I noticed was that his penis was completely limp. This is not usual for my man after a spanking. I think I had strapped the sexiness out of him this time. The entire spanking had taken about 30 minutes to administer, and that was the longest I have ever had him suffering under my hand.

I then told him he had 10 minutes of nude corner time in the living room, and then his disciplining would be over with. I told him legs together, arms at his sides, nose touching the corner (this is possible, I knew: I tested it earlier, feeling very silly!). If he moved a muscle, I would put him over my knee and give him a spanking, and he would then start corner time all over again from the beginning.

He looked a tad reluctant, but I told him my sister Susan was going to come by in about 15 minutes and that if he was still in his corner when she arrived, he would not be allowed to leave it, and she would get quite an eyeful of a very well-strapped bottom. And if he wiggles in his corner when she's here, he will also get that spanking in front of her, and being completely nude, I would make sure she would get to see everything there was to see of him.

Now this was a total fabrication. Susan was not coming by at all, but this was part of my "punishment theatrics". After all was said and done, I told him that Susan sent me a text when he was in the corner, and was not coming after all.

Not knowing any of this, however, he did dash into the corner to get it over with before she showed up. Ha Ha! He held his pose like a statue. I guess he didn't want to find out if I was bluffing or not, even though I know he is turned on by the idea of it. I suppose he was also wondering what would happen if she showed up 5 minutes early!

For 10 minutes I sat there in the living room, sipping a coffee, and admiring my handiwork. As I watched, his ass and legs changed before my very eyes. They stayed fire-engine red, but the bruising, which more or less coincided with where the tip of the strap had cut into him repeatedly, was changing colour as I watched. In case you are wondering, I did not feel at all guilty. He's fine. Just knocked around a bit, but much more motivated.

After his 10 minutes were up, I told him to go bring me his diary so I could initial last week's grade. He asked if he could dress first, still worried about Susan's "imminent" arrival. I denied permission for that, so he hobbled away, all nude, to his desk to get it and present it to me.

I took my time initialing it, as he knelt before me, all naked, and worried-looking, and also marked "75 w/ strap" for posterity, then allowed him to dress, his disciplining complete.

Tuesday, November 22

Grading and Slippering

I got a 'fella slippered very badly this past week by his partner! Ha! Ha! It's david (a different david) over on his SLIPPERLOVER blog. He asked for requests, and I thought his spankings weren't hurting enough, so I requested a slippering on the backs and insides of his legs.  His patner Kim did an outstanding job! She went above and beyond, and slippered the fronts of his legs. She was extremely strict, yet at the same time laughing all the way through david's punishment. She was clearly enjoying herself a lot! Here are some images from his video courtesy of david:

Wonderful dialogue all the way through: "Put your hands on your head, david...", "Stop flinching!", "Stand up proper!", "If you move I'll get the cane.", "I didn't say you could turn around, did I?", "But they're not purple though, are they?" I highly recommend you view the whole video in the IT HAPPENED post. david was definitely reminded of who wears the pants in the family, and who gets them taken down and is all exposed for a good, hard, humbling slippering! I hope you are feeling extra humiliated, david, having me expose you on my blog as well as your own. Tell Kim she's my hero!

On the home front, my david had his exercise session today. He produced the food and exercise diary this week, hooray! Unfortunately, Rebecca gave him an F on it. david said he was feeling very sheepish as he opened the door for her (I wasn't there), but that Rebecca was very professional and didn't even mention his humiliation from last week. She told him she was happy he had produced the diary, but he had not exercised all week, and his food choices were atrocious, therefore she needed to give him an F. The only humiliation was the grading, and the knowing smirk from her as she wrote down the F, and that she told him to get the F initialed by me for next week! Ha Ha! I have not dealt with david yet for the F, so I have not initialed it yet. He'll get a good initialing on Saturday morning, though! I'm going to go out and make a special purchase for the occasion - a nice fluffy, leather-soled slipper!

Friday, November 18

Skirted and Face-Fucked!

Hi all! I wanted to thank everybody who posted comments on my Spanking Witnessed! post. Lots of wonderful comments, and one boy, john, posting a nice long account of his own public humiliations at the hands of his wife and her friends. As well, thank you to david (not my david, another david!) who has a lovely blog called slipperlover that has excellent pictures and videos of him getting spankings from his very pretty partner. I can't believe how bold david is to post those! They make my panties wet, imagining I am in his partner's place (this david is pretty hot looking, especially when his ass is bright red from his lady's slipper!).

I have been for a workout with Rebecca since david's spanking in front of her. We talked a bit about it. She repeated that it was fun watching him catch it like that for being a bad boy and not filling out his food diary, although she said she doubted it was effective punishment, as she noticed he seemed to "enjoy it"! She may be right, on the other hand, he has been filling out his food diary religiously since his spanking, so maybe Rebecca doesn't know everything. Ha! I also wanted to find out how much of my man Rebecca saw, so I "apologized" to her for having seen a bit more than his bare bottom. She said "no problem, he was kicking a lot."
"Did you see his butthole too?", I whispered to her. "oh, yup" she said. "sorry!" I said again. I filed that for future teasing, which I got to yesterday night.

Had a nice dinner with david yesterday. He had gone to work early in a very nice suit and tie and come home at around 8pm. The sweetie brought home some Thai takeout, so we opened a bottle of wine and ate, and he was looking very handsome in his suit. He had had a very tiring day, and was looking pretty down and exhausted, so I thought I would spice things up a bit. In fact, I had already planned on it, and planned on telling him an "embellished" account of my conversation with Rebecca while he was in an extremely vulnerable position! I also had plans to introduce him tonight to a new kind of girly sex for him.

When we were done, there were messy plates and takeout containers that needed to be dealt with, so I asked him to take care of that. As I said, he looked really tired and rung out, so he just looked at me a little exasperated. I got dommie with him, and said "you don't think men in suits can do chores? Then it looks like I'm going to have to dress you like a woman, eh?" He blushed a bit, and I said "wait here".

I went upstairs and got a pair of his new panties - black see-though lacy things with a pink fringe. I also got a little sex shop schoolgirl plaid skirt he had bought for me a few years back. It had a "one size fits all" stretchy waist,  so I thought it would fit him.

I came downstairs and told him to take off his suit, and get into his girl's clothes to put him in the right frame of mind for his kitchen chores. He was looking a lot more energized now, and quickly did as I told him. When he was naked, he hesitated with his panties in his hand. I was just standing there watching him with my arms crossed in front of me. "Come on, get those panties on" I told him. He blushed some more and pulled them up his legs. "Skirt too", I told him. "Do I have to?" He asked. I told him he was already in panties, and I didn't see how much worse the skirt could be, so get it on, or else I'll put him in my bra as well. That hurried him up! I'll have to save the "bra and panty" treatment for another time!

I then watched him clean up in his skirt and panties, and teased him a lot as he was doing it. As he was standing over the sink, rinsing, I told him to bend forward. I raised his skirt up above his panties, and gave him a few hand smacks on his seat. Then I reached around his front and found he was super hard in his panties. I peeled them down, and had him lift his skirt. His cock was poking out, right at sink level. So I ran the cold water, and used my hand to drop cool water on his tip. He went nicely crazy, starting to moan. So I got the dishsoap, and dribbled the liquid soap on his tip, then rubbed it with my hand telling him he was a dirty boy and I needed to make sure he was good and clean.

I stopped before he came (but only just). I didn't really want semen in my sink! He was a little crazy with lust at this point. I led him over to the couch, panties at his ankles, him holding his skirt up high at my insistence, and had him lie across my lap. I didn't have my hairbrush handy, so I just spanked him with my hand. I alternated between spanking him over his skirt and then flipping it up and spanking him some more on the bare. I also reached between his legs and stroked his balls, under his skirt, and he reacted like an electric jolt passed through his body. It was fun having him so under my sexual control, especially skirted-up like a girl.
[Is that a word? "Skirted-up". I think I should make it a punishment word for him. As in "If you don't behave when Susie's visiting, you're in for a good old-fashoned skirting in front of her!"]
"You want to fuck, baby?" I asked him in my most sultry voice. "Oh yeah!" he said. So I had him get off my lap, and took him around to the back of the sofa, and had him bend over it. I didn't say who would fuck whom, did I? Was that mean?

I wanted him bent over with his skirt down over his ass, but to pull up his panties to his knees, and hold them there with his hands. I stood back and admired my little tableau. He was bent over the back of the sofa, skirted ass high, but holding his little black and pink panties in a band around his knees. Precious! I left him like that as I got my strap-on and lube, and a towel to have him stand on. Poor baby was there for at least five minutes, hunched over, clutching his little panties for all he was worth anticipating a good hard ass-banging from me! He was going to get a little something different first, though, I had decided.

When I had my strap-on dildo on, I walked around to the front of him, and slapped his face a bit with it. I told him to suck on it. He was reluctant, but I grabbed his hair and pushed it into his mouth, and face-fucked my skirted little skank. First time for him. I told him if he was going to be dressed like a girl, he was going to have to have sex like one too.

I told him to keep holding his panties at his knees during the face fucking or we start over. He's obviously not used to cock in his mouth, because he practically gagged two or three times in a row. What a wimp. It made me just want to face fuck him harder, which I did, but he dropped his panties and moved his hands forward in a cute little panic as he gagged again and pushed on my hips to try to move me away. What nerve! "Now you know how it feels" I told him.

I told him to pick his panties back up and hold them at his knees for his throat fucking, and that I'm starting all over again from the beginning now and he better keep holding them this time or we'll start over yet again. I told him that if I have to do that he can forget the little thrusts because it'll be nothing but deep-throating the entire time. Every last thrust. I told him to make my cock nice and wet, because that was all the lube he was getting and it's going in his ass next. He sure slobbered on it after I said that. Did a much better job and kept ahold of his panties the whole time. He did drool something fierce, though. Ha Ha!

I pulled out of his mouth and walked around back behind him. He was really out of breath! I took his panties off and put them down on the couch in front of his eyes, so he could see them. I flipped up his skirt, spanked him a bit, then lubed him (I'm not that mean!) and penetrated him. I got a nice little bevvy of girly little complaints as I was sliding it in. "Please take it slow!" he screeched.

Then I brought up my conversation with Rebecca, embellishing it a bit! I can't remember exactly what he said and I said, but it was something very much along the following lines:

I said, "I don't know, I'm pretty angry with this little asshole of yours."
"Why?" he asked.
"Because you showed it off to Rebecca last Monday," I said.
"I didn't!" he said.
"Oh yes you did," I said. "She told me today, she saw that puckered little hole of yours while I was spanking the backs of your legs and you were kicking up a storm."

I pushed the dildo in a bit deeper, holding the widest part of it right in his opening, at maximum stretch.

"No!" he said.
"Yeah. She thought you were a total little baby during your spanking. She saw everything, your cock, your balls, and your asshole, because you couldn't control yourself across my lap. She said she could see your erect penis and told me she thought you were a total perv. She said next time you get spanked, that she would use her hand to take care of that little problem of yours first. She told me today she would have expected you to take your spanking more like a man, but you took it like a little bitch. She said that "like a little bitch""

He pushed his ass back, gobbling up my dildo. Oh no, I thought, and I pulled it back out, then pushed it back in just a little so that the wide tip of my dildo was again stretching his opening to the max.

"I told her because you took it like such a little bitch, I would dress you up in a skirt and panties like a little bitch, and then fuck you with my strap-on and make you take every last inch."
"You didn't!" he said.
"Oh yes I did. Like a slutty little bitch, right up that asshole you showed off to her so proudly, you little skank!"

I pushed into him deep.

"Oh yeah, you'll see, when she comes on Monday to train you she's going to ask if your little hole is still sore from the fucking I gave you tonight. She also says that until you start acting like a man, she has a half a mind to train you in your skirt and panties while she whips your ass."

I really started pounding him then. He started moaning really loud. I was getting a little annoyed by the noise, so I told him to shut-up and hold his panties in his mouth, and then kept fucking him. Got some nice little muffled screeches instead. Ha Ha!

After I'd punished his asshole enough, I pulled out. He was a little messy, as was the dildo, so I made him go and clean himself and it off. He gets so embarrassed cleaning his mess up like that, it almost makes up for the grossness of it (I don't care - you play with fire, you're going to get burnt!)

When he came back, I put his face between my legs and had him get me off with his tongue, which I was more than ready for.

Then, nice wife that I am, I gave him a blowjob and he came gobs into my mouth. I moved up to his mouth, and gave him a nice deep cummy kiss, pushing his spunk into his mouth with my tongue. He panicked a little bit, but took it all in, and swallowed it all down just like the skirted little bitch he was.

That was fun! He asked me later if  I had really told Rebecca all that. I just smiled at him. I think it's good for him to be worrying if another woman knows all about his skirt and panties, and taking it up the ass like a girl. He's pretty smart, though, he knows I made up at least 99% of it. What he doesn't know is what 1% I did tell her! Evil grin!

Tuesday, November 15

Spanking Witnessed!

We did it! Hubby david got spanked in front of another woman today and utterly humiliated in the process. It was amazingly intense but worked out perfectly for all concerned! I am still giddy from the experience, and ran up to write about it at my first opportunity and try to remember every single last detail while it is still so fresh in my mind.

As you'll recall, today was david's first real training session with our personal trainer, Rebecca. To briefly recap previous blog entries ("Diet and Exericse" and "The Trainer"), last week Rebecca came by the house and we went over fitness goals and agreed david would maintain a food and exercise diary to present to her. I "joked" that Rebecca would grade him and that I would spank him if he got a poor grade. Later I told Rebecca our little "arrangement" and she agreed to play along so we could have a little extra fun with the training sessions and keep david motivated.

So I got home towards the end of david's session dressed in my business suit. I went downstairs and saw Rebecca putting david through his paces. He had worked up quite a sweat, and complained that his legs were very tired from all the squats Rebecca had him doing (I like a nice tight butt on my man, and had asked Rebecca to focus there. Ha Ha!). Now david is a bit of an athlete, and Rebecca told me she was impressed with his coordination and work effort. He's quite good looking, and is just starting to put on a few extra pounds. Nothing that looks so bad, mind you, but I know the health risks of belly fat for men and wanted to make sure he stays on top of things. I want him around for a good long time, that you very much!

I knew that david had not been eating well all week, and there was absolutely no evidence I could see that he even tried to keep a food diary, but I didn’t mention anything at all to him all week. I then naively asked Rebecca what grade she had given him for his food diary? Rebecca answered that he had not in fact produced one. That was definitely my man cruisin' for a butt bruisin' from me, but he would get quite a bit more than he expected!

I acted very cross with him and started scolding him in front of Rebecca. I asked him, right to his face in front of Rebecca "what did I say would happen if you got a poor grade on your food diary?" david stumbled, and muttered, and blushed but then said, "but I didn't get a grade this week". Wrong thing to say! So I asked Rebecca, "what did I say I would do to him?". Rebecca very cheerfully answered "you said you'd give him a spanking..."

Still "angry" I went on to say that this was even worse than a bad grade! He had not even tried. I pointed out that it was very disrespectful to Rebecca. How I pay her to come help him, and he can’t even keep the one simple commitment he had made that would allow her to do her job. I asked Rebecca if that wasn't so, and she nodded and said "yup".

I asked if they were almost finished, and Rebecca said they were done except she wanted to stretch him. I told her that I would get changed into my gym clothes, as I wanted to do a bit of cardio tonight, and that I would deal with david when I got back down. Then I went up and changed. Later on I learned that the stretching was done in complete and utter embarassed silence on his part, and it turned out to be a very humbling experience for him, but more on that later.

When I came back down I had my hairbrush and a folding chair. When I entered the gym, david's face was priceless to behold. He had these big puppy dog, deer caught in the headlight, kind of eyes. Rebecca just giggled when she saw what I was carrying. "Looks like you're in for it" she said to him, or something along those lines. david's mouth kept moving, but nothing coherent actually came out, the poor dear.

I said that david had disrespected me, and had disrespected Rebecca. Had he done his food diary and just received a bad grade, I told him, I would have spanked him privately and Rebecca would never have known. Since he had chosen to disrespect Rebecca as well as me, he would be spanked in front of her. I quickly asked Rebecca if that was ok (which I knew it was from having cleared it all with her earlier), and she said "I don’t mind. Go for it!" still with a big grin on her face. I stayed "Angry Julie" this whole time.

Rebecca perched up on the weight machine bench. I unfolded the chair opposite her, about ten feet or so away, sat down, pointed to the floor at my right and told david to get over here. I got a few pathetic little "please honey's" out of him, and his face was very red, but I could also see a bulging erection in his gym shorts. As he approached me, he was hunching over to try to hide it, but looking at Rebecca I could see she spotted it, or at least his hunching over, and was smiling.

He started to go over my lap, but I said oh no, get that butt bare. "Please Honey!" he screeched, "Not in front of Rebecca!" Judging by his surprise, I honestly think the poor dear actually thought I would spank him with his pants up in honor of Rebecca's presence. Surprise after surprise for my bad little boy!

I asked him if I ever let him keep his pants up for a spanking? I wanted Rebecca to know that I always bare his bottom for punishment. I had her ok to spank him in front of her, but not specifically with his pants down. I wanted her to know this was business as usual. He looked embarrassed by my reference to routine bare butt spankings from me, and a tad trapped by my question, not knowing how to answer. In fact, I had spanked him over his panties once or twice, but I thought he might not want to mention that just then!

He said nothing, just looked embarrassed and shuffled his feet a bit, so I added that he should bare his butt or so help me I'll strip him buck naked in front of Rebecca and then take the belt to him. Looking horribly embarrassed he eased his shorts and undies down his legs, studiously turning away from Rebecca. When they were down I pulled him by the arm, and he very awkwardly went over my lap. I say awkwardly, because he resisted my pull, trying to keep his back to Rebecca and slide over my lap without exposing himself to her. How precious, I thought.

Obviously he did not want to show his front to Rebecca, but just for a moment I wanted nothing more than to humble him by making him completely expose himself totally against his will. Something like a full-on pants down apology, hands at his sides, directly facing Rebecca. What can I say? I was in the moment, and the sheer power of humiliating him utterly got to me. Fortunately my better judgement got a grip and I thought I'd better play it safe and not shame him so, or risk offending Rebecca with my man's penis. So I just took him over my knee and let him hide himself. At least his pretty butt and legs were nice and bare!

He buried his head in the carpet and would not look up at all as I started smacking his backside. I made eye contact with Rebecca, for the first time with a big smile on my face, and she smiled back and giggled some more. I also saw a little gleam in her eyes as I spanked his bottom. As I spanked, I scolded david and told him what we expected to see for next week. He was very docile, and spontaneously said "Yes Ma'am" to me. How sweet! He had never said that before to me!

Rebecca then said, "spank him on the backs of his legs too". I asked, "why?"  "'cause he hasn’t gotten spanked there yet" was her only answer. Maybe that's her particular kink, who knows?  Aiming to please, I moved the hairbrush to the backs of his legs, smacked there, and got some serious reaction including girlish leg kicking. What was interesting about this was that I got glimpses at his little hole as he was kicking his legs, at least from where I was sitting. I don't know if Rebecca could from her vantage point, but I hope so. I'll tell david so, anyways.

It's also possible that she caught a glimpse of what he was trying so hard to hide earlier flopping across my lap as he got his legs reddened. I can swear he bucked up and twisted a couple of times when I gave him some particular zingers across the tender inside of his near thigh. Can't be sure, but she did have an enigmatic grin going on. And I did bruise him a bit in there. Hey, not my fault if he can't control himself!

As for the brusing, I didn't spank him very long, but the whole thing was so intense that I guess I spanked him harder than I thought, because in addition to a cherry red bum and legs there was definitely bruising where butt meets thigh, down his legs a bit, and on the inside of his near leg. I don’t think he noticed it at all, at least not just then, he was so embarrassed being spanked in front of a hot twenty-something fitness trainer!

I reached down and grabbed his hair and pulled his head up and told him to look at Rebecca. He did, and she smirked and smiled, and her eyes gleamed predatorily. I told him to apologize to Rebecca for not doing his food and exercise diary. He just said "sorry", but I made him repeat it as a whole sentence while smacking his butt and legs some more. I then told him to apologize for disrespecting Rebecca. Finally I told him to apologize to Rebecca for having to watch him be spanked. He said those as full sentences also at my insistence. So intense!

Out of politeness, and the fact that Rebecca had received everything so far so well, I asked her if she would like to spank him also? She smiled and said "I think I'll leave the spanking to you." I was a bit relieved, frankly. She is very hot, and I was feeling a few pangs of jealousy even as I asked, but this reaction was great. I liked that she was volunteering to be "hands off" with my man.  I felt even better about the whole thing after that.

After I was done with david, I told him to get up and pull his pants up. Again david did this very awkwardly, kind of sliding off my lap with his back to Rebecca so as not to expose himself. When he was off my lap, kneeling away from Rebecca, he stood carefully and pulled his pants and undies up very quickly. Not before I spotted his raging hard on, though. After his pants were up, they were positively tented with his excitement.

I pushed him towards the corner and put his nose in it, hiding his big hard on from Rebecca, and told him he could stay there and think about what he had done. So humiliating!
[I saw that recently in the "Time Out" post on the "Ma'am Yes Ma'am" blog and knew I wanted to do that to him in front of Rebecca. In the corner, like a naughty child. Precious.]
Then, while I had not planned this, I thought why not given where we've already been, and pulled his shorts and undies back down to the floor. As I yanked them down, they got caught on his erect penis, so I had to yank a second time and they came free, but not without a little squeak and david doubling over.

I stood back with Rebecca and asked her what she thought of the job I did punishing him? She said it looks like he won't be sitting down so well, and maybe next week she'll get a food diary, please? I told him he could stay in the corner with his pants down until I told him otherwise. So strict. I remember right when I said this that Rebecca let out a timely little laugh at his predicament. Must have been so humbling him hearing that, standing there with his well-spanked bare bum on display. And especially knowing that Rebecca would be back week after week to see him. Not just some stranger he sees just once, like at the panty store.

Leaving david bare butt in the corner, I took Rebecca upstairs with me to pay her and see her out. I told david to say goodbye to Rebecca. He said goodbye to her from the corner. So cute! She gave him a cheery and sincere "see you next week!" as we went upstairs together.

When we got upstairs, Rebecca and I broke out laughing! She said how that was fun. I thanked her profusely for making david's first exercise session so "interesting", and she said "No problem at all. David's a peach. Glad to help. And I think he found it very interesting!", referring to his hard-on. I know that because I asked her what it was like after I scolded him, when I was upstairs getting changed? She said he was too embarrassed to even say a word as she was stretching him, but that might be because she could already see the front of his pants starting to stretch!. I can only imagine, this cute girl stretching david, and him no doubt wondering if he would get a spanking in front of her, and him with his kink starting to get excited and having no way to contain it as she stretched him out. Priceless! I was so relieved it all went off without a hitch with Rebecca, and that she was such an amazing sport.

After Rebecca left I went downstairs to david, wondering how he would react. He came out of the corner, pants at his ankles, with a huge grin on his face and hobbled over and gave me a big kiss and a thank you, and said how that was the most incredible experience in his life! I showed him a big smile, I couldn't pretend to be angry anymore after all that, and told him he was a real sport too, and that it was also fun for me. He said "I'm so horny!" I told him I needed to exercise. What I didn't tell him was that for some reason I didn't want sex just then. I felt I had already climaxed mentally, and anything more would be a let down. But I told him he could go upstairs and masturbate if he wanted to. With a stupid grin on his face, he went upstairs and I imagine he did just that. I got on the elliptical and had an amazing workout, burning off all that energy!

Oh My Goodness. How intense was that?

Saturday, November 12

The Trainer

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I asked Rebecca to train david (I love those words, "to train", sounds naughty already!). Last Monday she came by and we told him to eat better and to keep a food diary. In front of her, I "joked" that Rebecca should grade his efforts, and if he didn't get a good grade I would spank him.

So, I was at the gym yesterday for my own training session with Rebecca. We tend to get pretty intimate in our conversation as she trains me. I know all about all her ups and downs in her love life, for example. At one point in the conversation she mentioned that I made david blush with that joke about spanking him. Since I wanted Rebecca on the "inside" anyways, I thought, what the heck, and I explained what had been going on in the past month. Not all the details, like I put here at the blog, but just basically that he had asked me to spank him, and that I had accommodated him and found that I like it, and that the kitchen has gotten a lot cleaner. Ha Ha! I told her I thought that it would help motivate david more, give him something to look forward to, if I played at spanking him if he did not do well in his diet and training.

Fortunately, Rebecca is a pretty fun-loving and sexually open girl (I knew she was or I would never have mentioned anything), and she was all for it! She said she would play along and grade him harshly every week so that I could punish him well. I asked if it would freak her out if I spanked him in front of her? She laughed and said something along the lines of, "Sure! I'm game - as long as it helps - I don't blush easily!"

Yummy! My boy is in for a little treat on Monday!

Friday, November 11

A Real Man

I have been exchanging messages with "Submissive Husband" on the Topix forum.In a recent post he wrote something that turned my crank nicely:
... we did have a new twist this morning, she had gotten ready for work, and came to make sure i was up, with a smirk, she said good morning. as she was totally dressed for work, i asked, "may i please jerk off?" to which she said yes, but didn't do more. your not going to help? i asked. nope. so there i layed, naked stroking as she just sat and watched. was a twinge of embarrassment of sorts but, i liked it. to her surprise she commented after, i kinda liked that.
I answered him with a bit of a saucy dommie response, hoping to fuel more jerking off in future (ASIDE: I love that guys may be jerking off to stuff I write - just put a little picture in their mind, and there they go tugging at their poor abused little penises. I think they do feel shame, but can't stop doing it. Ha Ha!)
Well you should be embarrassed. Little boys tug on themselves like that (and I have seen monkeys in the zoo do that as well). A real man would be able to fuck his wife whenever he feels like it. But I guess not in your case, eh? Poor boy! ;-)
and he responds
Hard to tell if you approve of her control or not? Does you husband get you whenever he wants?
To answer the first, of course I approve of her control. But I think he was wondering if I was being critical of him for not being a "real man" in bed. I will come back to that later.

As for the second question, my husband used to get me whenever he wanted. Of course he never forced me, but I would let him have me when he wanted, even if I was not particularly in the mood. I figured I had duties as his wife. In his vows he had promised not to sleep with anybody else. So if he couldn't just go out and get another pussy whenever he wanted, I guess mine was the price I had to pay for that. So I put up with a lot of sex that was satisfying for him, but not always for me. Pretty twisted thinking, looking back on it.

But lately, since he started asking me to spank him, well my thinking has turned and I don't think he gets that privilege anymore. If his fondest desire is to be spanked, which I associate as a very unmanly thing, suitable for a little boy or a submissive girl, I'll treat him like a submissive girl in bed also.

He handed his pants over to me when he first asked me to spank him, so he does not get to wear them anymore. Don't worry though, he's not completely bare all the time, I gave him panties to replace them with. As for his cock, he does not get to use that as he pleases anymore either. If I want it in me, then it better be hard and ready for me, and if not, I would now not hesitate to belt whip him to teach him a lesson. If I don't want it in me, well I can replace his cock very adequately with my strap-on, only with him bending over and taking it from me.

But I don't mean "unmanly" as a bad thing in the context of the home or bedroom. I love it! A male can be a real man in the outside world, and we love them for being strong like that. After all they need to hold down a job, be in control out there, protect me physically from other guys, and bring me home lots of nice money to spend! I love a "real man" and my husband is all that and more.

Some men, so inclined, with a partner so inclined as well (as used to be the case with david and I), get sex basically whenever they want it, as I explained above, and are dominant in bed. In the bedroom, I would call that "a real man", and there's nothing wrong with that. It can even be a thrill.

In fact, I used to think it was a big thrill to have him be all dominant like that in bed. Now I realize that the thrill I felt was the thrill of power and control, and while it was ok when he wielded it, it's ten times better when it is me with that power and control!

So in the house, in the kitchen, and especially in the bedroom, I for one have come to prefer my man submissive to me. I want a real man in the outside world, but not in the home or the bedroom. There the man must ask politely for sex, and may be refused. It is the woman, who by virtue of wielding the hairbrush, also gets to call the shots in the bedroom. It is so natural that way.

When you submit to going over my knee and getting your bare little bottom warmed, you give up your right to be a real man in my house. Too bad for you. If only your craving to be spanked like that could be kept in check, then you could keep your "real man" bedroom privileges. As it is, it's going to have to be panties and an apron, and "Yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am" from now on, or I'll put away my hairbrush and then what will you do?

Thursday, November 10

Best Orgasm Ever!

I have to post again tonight because I just had the best, most mind-blowing orgasm ever! I know I shouldn't be writing about this...

I finish up my last post and go get ready for bed. I notice my pussy needs a bit of a trim, so I do that with my little electric. Now doing that always makes me feel a bit horny. So I'm in bed with the TV on watching Jon Stewart, and then my man comes to bed also. I push up against him, 'cause I'm feeling horny, like I said. He reaches down and touches my trimmed-up pussy, and now he is getting hot and bothered also (I have him trained like Pavlov's dogs:  trimmed pussy = he gets hard. Ha Ha!)

Like a good boy he starts going down on me. I turn off the TV and its now dark in the bedroom. Gentle  kisses near the mark at first, getting warmer, getting warmer. Well I'm getting very horny now and I wish he would just go in for the kill. That's when it occurs to me. I can be in charge now. So I grab his hair, and I push him into my pussy and I make him lick where and when I want him to lick.

After a few seconds he pushes up a bit and says "I don't like it when you push my head down like that..." I am a bit shocked. Is my boy standing up for himself? I thought he wanted me to domme him like this??? Am I hurting him? Then he goes on to say "...because it makes me feel like your little bitch."

Game on! If I've ever heard a "No means Yes" that was just it! So I grab the back of his head, and I grind my pussy into him and say "well that's just too bad, because you are my little bitch, bitch - now get your tongue deep into my cunt or I'll beat your bitch ass so hard you won't sit for a week!"

Then I say, "and get your cock rock hard for me because I want a fucking tonight and you better perform."
[Ok, little aside here. I know I'm supposed to be in charge and all that, and I've read about how some FLR'ers don't let their boys inside of them, but I like cock! So shoot me!]
So I roll over on my side with him behind me and I stick my backside out and tell him to stick it in my pussy. He penetrates me and it feels sooo good. I reach between my legs for his balls, and manage to grab his scrotum, and I pull on him. I get a satisfying little cry of pain, but my boy keeps pumping, and I'm grabbing his sac and pulling it, and digging my nails into it, and he keeps pumping away, cute little screams of pain as my nails dig in.

I am getting so close now, which is unusual because I don't cum "in the usual way" (that's what my sister-in-law once called it). He is getting more and more excited, but also in a lot of pain because I am grabbing his sac so each time he pulls back to get another thrust in his sac stretches and my nails dig in.

...and then he explodes into me. The fucking bastard!

Used to be, sex was over at this point. If I don't get mine first, I don't get mine at all. Not good enough anymore.

When he's still dazed I grab him by the hair, flop onto my back, and tell him "you're not finished yet, bitch", and I push his head down there. Now he's really resisting, because my pussy is filled with his cum and he knows it. I don't care. I force him down there, and I get a bunch of "no, honey, please, come on, i've just cum in you, no" wah wah wah, whiny little bitch talk. But I get him down there alright, and he licks my cunt alright, and I just can feel that his face is coated with his own cum, and it must be in his mouth, and I cum with the most mind blowing, scream-out-loud, orgasm I've ever had in my entire life.

When I've recovered, I turn on the bedside light, grab hold of his hair, tilt his head back, and look at my boy's face. Honest to goodness he looks like a porn actress after what he calls "the money shot". I use my hand to scoop up some of the stuff on him, and push it towards his mouth, and say "you swallow every drop, you little whore". He screws up his eyes, and makes a funny face, but he swallows it like the girl I've made him.

We clean up, we go back to bed, lights out. He is over the moon with his orgasm. He tells me that was the most amazing ever for him, and I say the same. I ask him how he felt about swallowing his own cum. He said he hated it, but that he loves me. Good enough. I think we are onto something here! I tell him to be sure to list his mouthful of cum in his food diary! Ha Ha!

He falls dead asleep in about 10 minutes. I can't possibly sleep. I need to write while the experience is still fresh. So I sneak out of bed and come to the computer, and so here I am, blogging. I want every woman in the world to know how mind blowing exciting it is to be completely in charge of your man. Wow.

Wednesday, November 9

Feeling Guilty?

So I may be starting to feel pangs of guilt not telling david about this blog.

When I first went on the Topix site I wanted to get advice on things to do to him, and didn't want him listening in, because I wanted to learn and surprise him. So my thinking when I set up this blog was the same. I want it to be my place where I can be completely honest, ask questions of like-minded people, and get their input back. I don't want to censor myself knowing that somebody I know in "real life", and especially him, is reading everything I write. It's so liberating just expressing myself freely, and knowing that at least some people are reading. I have been way more raw and uninhibited in my writing than I EVER would be otherwise.

The guilty part is that I am now sharing some of our most intimate moments on this blog. Stuff he would never in a million years want the guys at work knowing, for instance. As the dominant one in the relationship, I find it empowering knowing that lots of people are aware of my new-found strength. As the submissive one, I wonder how he would feel? I wonder how he would feel knowing, even anonymously, that so many people know how pussy whipped (literally) he is. I wonder if that would be a weight, walking around, seeing men and women on the street, wondering if any of them are following along with his humiliations at my hands.

Also, I am being so intimate on this blog. More intimate in certain ways than with anybody in my real life. This is like writing in my own personal diary, but knowing every word is read. I don't want to blaspheme, but it's sort of like saying private prayers, and knowing God is listening. Sorry if I offended anybody with that last - I did not mean to.

But I have to accept that one day he may be surfing around for porn, and knowing his interests, might actually find this blog. If you do sweetie, and are ever reading this, i love you, baby!

In the meantime, baby, hold onto your hat, because I intend to take you on such a ride...

I Like My Strap-On

A little update on david. Just yesterday david's new personal trainer, Rebecca, told him to eat better and keep a food diary. From what I can see, I don't think that's happening yet. My boy is cruisin' for a bruisin' when he presents me with his first F! I'm not saying anything. Let himself dig himself in a bit deeper. Ha Ha!

I just got done "making love" to him. I put that in quotes, because I started out by spanking him. No reason at all. Just to get me in the mood. Then I put him on the bed on his back, put a little pillow under his ass, and had him hold his legs up high. Then I lubed his asshole. Then I kept him in that pose, legs high, spanked red ass showing, his little lubed-up bottom hole all ready for me, while I took my time putting on my strap-on.

Then I knelt up next to his ass, and stuck my dildo into his tight little hole. He moaned like a little slut as I pushed it in, and I told him so. I was gentle with him at first, but after I got all the way in and he wasn't complaining that much anymore, I started banging him HARD. Well, as hard as I could kneeling up like that. I could see david staring up at my bare tits as I fucked him like a girl. His expression was priceless as he submitted to his ass fucking.

This was the first time I fucked his ass since I started spanking him, and I love the difference it makes. Before I was trying to be "nice" to him, and "gentle". Now that I know he wants me to be more dominant with him, I'm having a lot more fun letting go and just giving it to him. I could tell the point at which he really wanted me to stop, but I went on banging him way past that point.

I'm a very bad girl!

Tuesday, November 8

Diet and Exercise

My husband has been putting on a few pounds of late. And it's no wonder. His diet is atrocious and he doesn't exercise. I do all this work to keep myself fit, and he does nothing. I decided I would do something about that.

I train at a gym with a personal trainer named Rebecca. She is a very pretty twenty-something lady, very strong and very strict! We get along like gangbusters. I asked if she would consider training David. Now David does not belong to the gym, but we have a home gym in the finished basement, and Rebecca was willing to come by once a week to train him. Perfect! I had some ideas on how to shape things based on a DWC entry I had read earlier that had stayed in my mind.

Today was Rebecca's first visit. We started off the three of us in the living room discussing David's diet and fitness goals. I pointed out to Rebecca some of the areas it would be nice that she worked on. I think that embarassed my boy just a little. Ha! Ha!

Rebecca said she would train him once a week, but to make any progress he needed to exercise at least twice more a week without her present, but that she would tell him exactly what she wanted him to do. She also said he won't get anywhere without a change in diet. I told David he should really consider recording all his food choices in a diary, and she would review that once a week and suggest gradual changes to make his diet healthier.

I told him that every week he should present Rebecca with a food and exercise diary, along with his current weight and body fat percentage from our Tanita scale. I suggested that Rebecca assign him a grade every week: such as A+ for example, or B or F. I said that on the weeks he gets a good grade that I would "reward him", and gave Rebecca a bit of a wink. The darling played right into my hands by asking what happens if he gets a bad grade?

No you didn't. No you didn't! Yes I did!!!!

"I'll put him over my knee and spank him." I said.

It got a good laugh from Rebecca and a nice blush from David.

I think she thought I was kidding...

Monday, November 7

The Whipping Boy

There's this YouTube Video of a judge beating his daughter with a belt that made me angry when I saw it, so I decided to take it out on david as my whipping boy. (I notice a lot of bloggers use small letters in the name when referring to your subbies, so I am doing the same from now on).

He was watching TV, so I went downstairs, grabbed the remote, turned it off, and told him to get his ass into bed because he was getting a whipping. I wanted him in nothing but his new panties, and face down on the bed across a couple of pillows, ass high. I also told him I wanted his belt lying beside him.

I gave him a few minutes to get ready, then a few more minutes to stew, and then went into the bedroom.

There he was, exactly as I had told him to be. I picked up his belt, doubled it up like the creep in the video, and whipped his pantied ass. At first I was no good at it, but I got the hang of it fairly quickly and was able to lay on some nice lickings across the seat of his panties. Then I pulled his panties down to a cute little band around the backs of his knees, and whipped his bare ass some more, leaving some nice red stripes.

I didn't whip as hard as the judge did, and only whipped his ass and nowhere else (except a couple of accidental misses round the sides and on his thighs - oh well - I tried!). My man enjoyed his whipping, because when I was done, he was nice and hard. I apologized for taking it out on him, not in words, but by letting him have me. I particularly loved the feel of my hands on what I knew was his whipped red butt as he took me.

Now that's a proper whipping!

Sunday, November 6

Off Topix

I just posted to Topix that I started this blog. I sure hope all the friends I made there show up here to continue the discussion.

As I was making the last few posts, I carefully read the posts from hal and littlejeff. They both write really well, and their ideas turn me on.

I love that hal suggested I invite sister Sue over for dinner, and have David "serve" in some ridiculous female outfit, and then "lay down the law for him" regarding how i expect him to obey my sister in the future.

Later on, hal suggested that I might hint at the possibility of David taking us both to bed: "I think it might be more fitting if you allowed him that musing before introducing him to the reality, that he is the girl here, at least when you are together with your sister. That should round off his humiliation and embarrassment nicely, while keeping it private and within the family"

That is so hot!I am picturing David completely nude on the bed, expecting his huge fantasy of a threesome with my sister to be coming true. Then Sue and I walking into the bedroom in our sexy Lulu Lemon workout wear, and both of us wearing strap-ons! I would take him from behind as Sue makes him gag on hers, and then we would switch off. Hot hot hot! End with a belt whipping on his bare ass for even thinking he might be allowed to make love to my sister!

And then littlejeff suggesting that David be made an example of for lusting after Sue. He has made inappropriate remarks from time to time, and just waiting for the next time he does, and then, as litteljeff says in his own words: "I see nothing wrong with threatening him with not only making her aware of the dynamics of marriage, but to give a LIVE demonstration by spanking him in front of her. A woman needs to protect her marriage!  Then, just to make sure that it doesn't happen again, let HER spank him after he has spent some time in the corner to reflect on his behavior"

Absolutely! Hot hot hot. littejeff goes on: "After she has soundly spanked him and possibly produced real tears, she will no longer be a sex object and figure in his fantasies."

Yeah... I don't see that happening!!!

Sixth Topix Posts - My Sister

I was out with my sister a couple of nights ago. We are very close and have always shared everything, including what's going on with our sex lives. But surely I shouldn't share this new situation with her? Or should I? I put it to my friends on the forum.

juliesp - Nov 5

On a lighter note, I was out with my sister Susan last night, who lives nearby. We left hubby behind as we often do. As we were stepping out, I told him to clean up the kitchen (told, not asked), right in front of Sue. I used 'that tone' on him and he blushed a bit and said "yes Ma'am". She said "aren't you a good boy!" to him, which made him blush even more.
I refrained from telling her anything about our changed relationship regarding household chores, though she did ask at one point during dinner what I had done to get him to help out. I would love to have told her, as we are pretty close, but I don't know how she would react if I told her that I put him in panties and spank his ass! I think it would embarrass me more than it would him.
Afterwards he asked me if I had told her anything. To test him a bit I told him that maybe I did and maybe I didn't and that it was my business either way what I tell my sister. Then I gave him a spanking for being nosy. Poor dear doesn't know either way now. He didn't get angry with me at the possibility of Sue knowing, which I thought he might. It sure didn't seem to affect his 'performance' later on in bed. I'll be anxious to have Sue over for dinner and watch his reactions!
What do you guys think? Should I really tell her? I know I can trust her to keep it to herself. Have any of you had any good or bad experiences along these lines?

maidangela - Nov 5

Honoured Mistress.
I would suggest that you do not hesitate to inform your sister of your arrangements with your husband. Nearly everyone I know is aware of my status as a maid and every lady who knows appears to be either quite cool with the idea and in most cases very approving of it. I would suggest inviting her for a meal and have your husband serve it. If possible in a smart parlour maid uniform. I am sure your sister would be delighted. The only down side I can see is that it would not be me serving.
your humble maid angela

juliesp - Nov 5

Thank you for your opinion, angela. I still want my man to be manly out in the "real world". I love the idea that nobody out there would dream that this 'he man' was pantied and spanked by his little wife! Well, nobody but an anonymous shopgirl here and there, and MAYBE my sister who is discrete and fun loving and I confide in a lot (only my older one, my younger one's a brat!), but that's it.

hal - Nov 5

I'd agree with this, except I wouldn't tell her in advance, just to expect a delightful surprise which has been developed and come into your life recently.
Let the delight register on her face as she sees it for herself.
You might advise your maid she will be expected to treat your sister with the self same deference and respect as is now required for you.
Down to the smallest detail.
It should also be possible to arrange an 'exhibition' spanking for your sister to devour, using some minor detail of his embarrassment and/or ineptitude in her(his) serving attitude.
Depending on your sister's excitement, and/or enthusiasm, she might be happy if you invited her to partake of assisting you in the task.
Much merriment would seem in the offing, along with the more serious issues of respect and sisterly co authority.
I don't think you should hold back now.
There is a need to assert dominance here, before any disgruntlement or resistance sets in.
Treat it as a war game.
But be sure you want total dominance, because that is what you will possibly get, and that imposes it's own restrictions and responsibilities on your own psyche.

juliesp - Nov 5

I must say, hal, your description of that scene makes my pussy tingle! I share everything with my sister, and not sharing this new aspect of my relationship with my husband seems dishonest somehow. I especially got a wet little gush at your words 'sisterly co-authority' Wow! Sometimes I travel on business, and the idea that maybe Susan can 'babysit' my boy and make sure he gets his chores done excites me. I know he thinks my sister is hot (which I don't mind, because we look a lot alike!), and I know he wants to get the two of us in bed at the same time, which is a big absolute no for me as I don't get turned on by girl-on-girl, much less with my sister, nor would I want him fucking her. But her seeing him in the all together, or whipping his ass while watching his poor little cock and balls dangle, I would love sharing that with her!

I'm not sure what you mean by that last part. I know my sister, and IF we did it, we would keep it fun and games.

hal - Nov 5

I think you're on the right track absolutely, BUT, while you are reticent about fulfilling his desire for the both of you, how might your sister feel, especially after she has partaken of your new reality.
She too might sense that subtle tingling sensation, albeit she might not want to upset you by mentioning it to you.

But with maturity one can re contemplate them in light of newly discovered realities.
Never close your mind to possibilities.
They can become new found pleasures as you have discovered.
And as your sister is about to find out also.
Ask her afterward if she also felt that little driving force.
You're mature now, and have created a new reality for yourself and some others.
Discuss with your sister as to how you might now extend it to encompass new realities for you both.
You stand on an awesome threshold, and it's determination is for you (two???) to decide.
You haven't been disappointed so far.
The future might be equally rewarding.
Anyway, he might be contemplating the fantasy of having you both.
I think it might be more fitting if you allowed him that musing before introducing him to the reality, that he is the girl here, at least when you are together with your sister.
That should round off his humiliation and embarrassment nicely, while keeping it private and within the family.
Perhaps once a year, you could let him fuck you both in his own way, as a reward for good behaviour.
Imagine what he might do to ensure that privilege.
Even then, you could force him to take you both quickly, one after the other, giving him the minimum amount of satisfaction, with a huge wait until the next time.
Perhaps I'm being too harsh on one of my own.
But, in this case, you get to decide that.
The two of you might actually get to prefer the power of the strap on.
And either way, when you are together, you could always blindfold him, so he could never really be sure that it was not just you all the time.
Unending pleasure for you and your sister.
Unending doubt, confusion and uncertainty for him.

juliesp - Nov 5

Of course she'll feel tingly, but let her find her own guy to fuck! That cock is MINE.

I'll have to think about the strap-on. It's pretty intimate, but knowing my sister she'd laugh her head off watching him take it. Of course, he would never, ever, live down her witnessing that, which kind of excites me!

hal - Nov 6

Now, your comment,'that cock is mine'.
I can understand that, but sharing can bring benefits too.
If he can have two, so can you.
And he would have to watch.
I guess what I'm saying is don't always close off options absolutely until you really are quite certain.
We're always learning.
That never stops.
But, whatever you do, do it at your own pace.
I think your next few weeks might be quite exciting.
And enlightening.
Good luck, albeit I think you are going to make a lot of your own luck here.
Each time you make a move forward, sit back afterwards and reflect on how far you have come.
Then plan your next move forward.
I can promise you, doing your own thinking and decision making can become addictive.
And empowering.
Just never relinquish your humanity, or diminish your capacity for kindness, where that is deserved.
Showing a softer side now and then adds to your character.
It needn't diminish it as so many seem to fear.
And it certainly won't stop you from getting tough when needed.
In fact, that will add to your mystique and aura for your poor dear.
Never mind, he chose it, just not quite the extent and intensity he expected.
But now he's where he's happy being.
Never deny a person their misery when they're happy with it.

juliesp - Nov 6

You remind me of the boys I dated in grade 8 who kept trying to talk me into letting them feel up my breasts. They said how i should be "open" to these sorts of things.

I get it, hal, you are very keen to get me and my sister in bed with my husband. So is he, believe me, and so is every last guy who has ever met my sister and I. Are you all charter members of the sister-on-sister fan club? I mean really.

littlejeff - Nov 5

With all due respect, Ma'am, I don't think that it is good to "out" your husband without his permission. He has placed himself in your hands and that takes quite a bit of trust. O the other hand, since he thinks that she is "hot", he may start flirting with her or make inappropriate remarks to her. I see nothing wrong with threatening him with not only making her aware of the dynamics of marriage, but to give a LIVE demonstration by spanking him in front of her. A woman needs to protect her marriage! Then, just to make sure that it doesn't happen again, let HER spank him after he has spent some time in the corner to reflect on his behavior. After she has soundly spanked him and possibly produced real tears, she will no longer be a sex object and figure in his fantasies.
Respectfully, Jeff

juliesp - Nov 5

I don't understand. I'm not thinking of outing him, just my sister is all.

Fifth Topix Posts - The Strap-On!

Taking him panty shopping was a real thrill, and now he has five pairs of panties of his very own that we can remember that trip by.

Happening at more or less the same time, I got into an argument with a fellow named Jim on the Topix forum. Jim has an odd sense of humour, that others do not recognize as humour (I certainly did not recognize it as such when he first suggested that he would rape me - but I now understand that he did not intend it to come across that way - Jim is a sweety after all). In the course of that discussion, giving as good as I got, the topic of strap-ons came up, leading to my decision to incorporate strap-on punishment for David going forward at the suggestion of Mistress Margaret.
Here is the exchange. It starts with a fellow named Barstone describing a domestic discipline situation. It is entertaining, so I reproduced it in full.

Barstone - Sep 17

Shortly after getting married at 20 I got into an argument with my mother in law. I was not spanked ever as a child. My mil took me into a room and told me she was going to teach me a lesson and that when she was done I would never talk back to her again. She then explained that she was going to tan my hide and I would not sit for a week. I thought this was ridiculous and when she ordered me to take down my pants I refused. Well minutes later I was pants down over her knee. When she was done I was howling. She told my wife that if I gave her any trouble to let her know. That was the only spanking I got from her but I have received many from my wife and my in laws know I am spanked. On several occasions my wife has spanked me in ear shot of her sisters. I am careful not to do anything to anger my mother in law. My wife carries her hair brush and has threatened to spank me in front of others but so far that has not happened.


Spanking should be between two "comsenting" people! There must be a reciprocation agreement also! The case above is terrible, Bartstone should say to his wife - if this does not STOP there will bw Divorce in the very near future.

Barstone - Oct 31

Maninfl, I appreciate your comments. This was not a consensual arrangement at all. This has happened again a few days ago. I am essentially being black mailed, no joke. I was confronted by my mil with a series of misdeeds. She explained that I could submit to another spanking or face her telling my friends and teenage kids that she has spanked me and that she would spare no details about my crying and corner time. This is a very upsetting prospect. This subject of adult spanking is usually in the context you suggest and between two consenting adults its just fine. I have not been able to decide which of my choices is less distasteful.

Jim - Oct 31

I'd spank her ass and then she can't say anything to anyone. If she says something you can just say I nailed you too. So what. She is disrespecting you at this point. She deserves no respect back.

juliesp - Nov 1

Women always deserve respect, Jim. If you were my man, your pants would be off and you would be over my knee for a very extended session with my hairbrush until that little attitude of yours improved.

Jim - Nov 1

If and after I let you spank me, I'd turn you over and nail you until you sqealed like a little pig. We'd see who respected who. I have no problem respecting people as long as the respect is mutual. In his case, she is disrespecting him. There is a difference between humiliation and disrespect.

juliesp - Nov 2

Hmmmm. Sounds like fun! I'll bring my strap-on and we'll have a pig squealing contest! But it's a bit unfair, I know, because my strap-on is very big, and stays hard much longer than any man's little thing, Jim.

Mistress Margaret - Nov 2

I was wondering when the strap-on might come into play here. With your husband's new attire, have you completed the process and made him "the girl" yet?

juliesp - Nov 2

Oddly enough, I've used the strap-on on him before a couple of times. He bought me one a while ago and asked me to try it out on him. I thought it was weird, but gave it a try, what the heck. He said he liked the sensations, and I liked the strap-on pushing up against me. He said there are many nerve ending in his hole there, and that it was pleasurable for him. I thought it was pretty unmanly, and couldn't understand why he would want that, but whatever.

What a bill of goods he sold me! Now that he's "come out of the closet" on the spanking thing, and been put into panties, I have a whole new perspective on why he wanted me to use that strap-on. I'm sure some of it is what he says, but now I know that it's mostly about him wanting to be 'the girl', exactly as you suggest, Mistress Margaret.
I'm going to start incorporating the strap-on more now, as part of his punishment. I was always very gentle with him before, and I still intend to be safe, but once he's stretched out, I will give it to him so hard that he'll know who's "the girl" now!

Mistress Margaret - Nov 4

Interesting that you originally thought that the strap-on was unmanly. Now you have taken him shopping for panties, have him doing house work, and will use the strap-on for punishment.....

I would venture to say that you have successfully made him your
b!tch, and may want to let him know that at some time, such as when you are spanking him or.....

juliesp - Nov 4

You're right, I should tease him like that. When I'm giving it to him up the keister I should say something like, "take every inch you slutty little whore!" I love the suggestion! He'll probably get off on it, given his previous reactions.
It is definitely 'unmanly', without a doubt. But I didn't mean that in the sense I thought less of him. I am finding that I prefer more 'unmanly' men as opposed to the usual macho nonsense you get from them.

Fourth Topix Posts - Panty Shopping!

As you read in the previous post, on the advice from others in the topix forum, I got David into a pair of my panties. I thought he would balk, but he was meek as a lamp, even with me teasing him unmercifully and calling him "the girl"!

Those evil topix people were encouraging me to take him shopping for panties of his own. As soon as they put that idea in my head, I started imagining it, and couldn't get it out of my mind.

As you'll soon find out reading this blog, I am not shy about trying new experiences, so I decided to actually do it, as the following posts describe.

juliesp - Oct 29

Gerald wrote:
Go for it Julie, I think you get just as big a buzz
out of humiliating your hubby as he does?
I dit it!!!

I told him we were meeting for dinner yesterday at a certain downtown street corner. When I got there, I said there's just a little something I need to get first, and took him by the hand into the store on the corner. It is called "Addition Elle", which I guess means "Plus Size" in French. Poor dear didn't know what we were doing, and didn't even realize it was a Plus sized store. We went to the lingerie section, and asked a twenty-something plus sized salesgirl for help. I told her we were there to buy panties for this gentleman here, for him to wear.

Oh dear! Both the salesgirl and my man's mouths dropped open at the same time! I wasn't sure if she was going to kick us out or serve us, and I wasn't sure if my man would just up and leave making me look like a fool. Turns out my man was meek as a lamb and the salesgirl helped (and actually even got a bit enthusiastic after she got over the shock! Ha Ha!).

Thank you all for the encouragement, especially Gerald, Janet, maindangeal, Veronica, and Mistress Margaret. It was a blast and while totally unexpected for my hubby, and what he says was the worst humiliation of his life, he says he still got off on it tremendously and loves me more for having the courage to do that to him. I can tell you, my heart was pounding as I was doing it, and it was a huge thrill. Went off perfectly!

I'll tell you more about how it went later, when I have more time to write.

Gerald - Oct 30

Well done Julie.
No need to worry about being thrown out,I'm sure
they're happy to sell their frilly panties to
anyone who wants,(or has to) wear them?
Your hubby and myself are very lucky to have such
lovely wives who are not only willing,but take a
delight in indulging our little peculiarities!

juliesp - Nov 1

Finally have some quality time with the big computer and can tell you about our little shopping trip:

After the salesgirls jaw finally closed, she was very professional and took us over to a circular rack chock full of panties, pointing out the 5 for $40 sale, and asking if we wanted 5. I said of course! I'm sure hubby groaned to himself knowing we would be there quite some time picking them out!

She asked me, very deadpan, "what size does he usually wear?". Would not talk to him at all. He was just standing there a few feet away, blushing up a storm, examining his shoes very closely indeed! I told her that he had never bought panties of his own before, and asked what size she thought he was. She looked him up and down, and pronounced "1-XL I guess".

We picked out a few pair, and were cooperating very nicely with one another on our little task. She asked what kind I wanted, and I told her lacy, feminine, reds or pinks for him would be nice.

I asked her which ones did she think? She looked very serious, starting going through the rack, click, click, click, and picked up a powder blue pair with an inch of lace at the waist, a half an inch at the leggings, and a cute little bow in front. She held them up and said "I like these...".

I took them from her saying they were adorable, and held them up to his waist, and asked him what he thought. He mumbled a half-hearted "fine" which I let him get away with given the circumstances.

On the way out I told him to thank the salesgirl, and the dear said "thank you Ma'am". Then, in a moment of great boldness, I said to him "we'll see if a week in panties doesn't improve your housework!" Ha! Ha!

As we were leaving, she had a big smirk on her face. I bet she's been telling that story ever since!

Mind blowing experience! I want to do it again, but make him change into them in the store (evil grin)!

Jim - Nov 1
I'm surprised you didn't have him try them on in the store and ask the sales clerk's opinion. She could just peak through the curtain and tell what she thinks.

Third Topix Posts - Spanked in Panties!

So I was really starting to enjoy the power I wielded over David, and started realizing I could actually correct some of his behavior that annoyed me. It was not the spanking itself that corrected the behavior, but the threat of me not spanking him, which is very ironic!

Then to keep him from manipulating me by being bad on purpose, Mistress Margaret's advice on spanking him limp was perfect.

Now the threat of a limp dick spanking makes him hop to it, and the carrot is that I can always find something bad with his work that deserves the spanking he craves.
Given this was working so well, I asked the forum for more advice on things I could do to him next...

juliesp - Oct 22

For some reason, I am really getting off on humiliating him. Mistress Margaret, or anybody else out there, any more suggestions for me?

Janet - Oct 23

Hi Julie you could take him shopping, if he's going to be doing
the housework he will need some frilly pinafores and how about
getting him some sexy satin nightwear? Lustrous pink jammies
perhaps, and make sure the sales girls know who's going to be
wearing them!

maidangela - Oct 23

Hi Julie and Janet. I would suggest a proper female domestic uniform. An overall dress with an apron or tabard and some sort of cap or head scarf. They are not expensive, easy to keep clean and any visitor will be in no doubt of his status in the household

juliesp - Oct 25

Thanks Janet and maidangela,

I thought I'd take your advice but start small. See if I could make him wear a pair of my panties for a spanking. You know what? I can!
He was very reluctant, but I told him my way or the highway on the spanking thing. So he blushed three shades of red as he pulled my little panties up his legs. The panties were, of course, way too small for him, so his man parts were hanging out all over the place, which was funny, especially as he kept trying to stuff them back in at my insistence when I called him a "little slut".

I teased him a lot about being in panties. Called him a little pervert for being hard in my panties. I referred to him as a girl, as in "over my knee, little girl!"

I spanked him in the panties first, and then I peeled them down and spanked him bare bottomed, but still with those panties in a pretty little band around his knees.

I threatened to take him shopping at a "plus sized" store for panties of his own. I'm not serious though. We'd probably get arrested! Although I would absolutely love to humiliate him like that. Have any of you wives taken your man shopping like that? Have any of you naughty hubbies have that done to you?

Veronica Bustenhalter - Oct 25

juliesp wrote:
I referred to him as a girl, as in "over my knee, little girl!"
I find that a very erotic detail. Don't call her "him" any more, use the feminine pronoun. Have you given her a femme name?

Of course you should take her to a plus size store. Phone beforehand to ask whether they will measure a cross dressing male and sell to him, to make sure there's no disappointment. A pair of high stiletto shoes will look lovely on her too.

Gerald - Oct 26

My wife decided I needed to change my nightwear,
she took exception to my manly striped pyjamas.
You can imagine my embarrassment at finding we were
in the lingerie dpt of a well known store.
worse was to follow as she selected a blue chiffon
nightie with a matching negligee and satin floral
pyjamas! Any doubt about who was going to wear them
was soon removed by my wife confiding in the sales
girls and my blushes.
Should you decide to the same for your hubby Julie
I can guarantee it will be an unforgettable
experience for him.

juliesp - Oct 26

Wow! Your wife really did that to you? I am impressed with her!
That must take a lot of nerve. So humiliating for you!!! Especially to have other women know exactly how p*ssy whipped you are!
I would love to do that to my man, but my worry is that he wouldn't go along with it. Didn't you think of just walking out of the store? What kept you from doing that???

Gerald - Oct 26

It was very humiliating Julie, but strangely it also excited me.
I think my wife knows that and why she likes to see how far she
can push me. I wonder if your hubby is the same,I think he might
be he's gone along with you so far. weren't you surprised when
he put your panties on?

juliesp - Oct 27

You may be right, Gerald. He climbed into my panties quickly enough after I told him it was either that or no more spankings from me. But I think he just needed that as an excuse, because he was very excited being humiliated by me like that in womens' panties (with a man, you can surely tell when he is excited just by looking! Ha! Ha!).
I wonder, if I took him shopping like you did, would he get very hard under his pants and embarass himself even further in front of (gulp!) the saleslady?
I am really starting to work up my nerve on this one...

Gerald - Oct 28

Go for it Julie, I think you get just as big a buzz
out of humiliating your hubby as he does?
My wife enjoys telling me how sweet I look in my
ladies nightwear and to make sure I know who wears
the trousers - not that there was ever any doubt -
she is now wearing the self same manly striped
pyjamas she objected to on me!