Friday, July 31

Husband wants to be a Girl for the Night

david came up to me the other day and asked (sheepishly) if he could be a girl for a night (and a "badly treated" one at that).

Well of course he can! It's unusual for him to ask this of me, as he is usually very bashful regarding his desire to cross-dress. Usually I have to "make him" (I know it turns him on, I'm not stupid). I think he is self-conscious that he is not a very pretty girl. Well join the club! In fact, he's right, but I never let on. I always make it a point to tell him how pretty he is. And he's so bashful and embarrassed when dressed girly, and extra submissivy, so I genuinely do enjoy seeing him like that. I planned out the evening and then executed my plan. He was to be subjected to a series of very girly adventures!

Morning of I told him his wish would come true that evening. He would be made into a complete girl and treated as such by me. I picked his socks that morning. Big polka dot socks!

I had picked them out on a trip to Winners for him. They were men's socks but I thought they looked quite effeminate. He will wear them but is a trifle embarrassed to do so. I made him wear them to work so he could anticipate what was to come

It was that evening, just after dinner. First came the dressing.

I gathered his girly things and brought them down to the dining room. I called him in. I undressed him myself. Unbuttoned his shirt and took it off him. Undid his belt, pants clasp, and zipper, allowed his pants to drop to his ankles, and made him step out. His boy underwear followed (I made him take those off himself). So there he was, naked but for his polka dot socks.

"Cover yourself," I told him, "top and bottom". I figured he was a naked "girl" now, he should act ashamed.

He covered his pussy and his tits, like the girl in the photo above, and looked bashful. I think that having to assume the body language of an embarrassed, bashful girl gets his mind there as well.

I showed him his panties for the evening. A fuller cut, boy cut panty, with polka dots as well, contrasting side panels, and a bow in front.

'Sorta like these

I drew out the embarrassment as I dangled them in front of him as he stood there hunched over covering bush and tits. I handed them to him and made him put them on. He was very, very erect. His hard cock was pushed against his body by the panty. I rubbed it through the material telling him that his little girl clitty was getting wet already.

Next up was his Victoria's Secret bra, filled out to a B-Cup with his breast forms.

This is the actual model

I put that on him myself, adjusting the straps and putting the breast forms in. I turned him around to face me, grabbed his tits and squeezed, and told him what big beautiful breasts he has.

Next I put him into his plaid schoolgirl skirt. I tied the ties at the back, making a nice bow. His "blouse" was a white dress shirt, tied up in front so as to expose his sexy midriff, Britney style. I turned up the collar and left the top few buttons undone so she could show off her pretty VS bra.

I stood back and admired him. I liked the way he looked. So fuckable. And yes, I was determined to fuck his brains out that night.

So wrong!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves... First she needed a good humbling before she would be allowed girl-cock up her pussy.

I made her skedaddle up to our bedroom. I put her nose against the wall and made her put her hands on her head. I felt up her tits, ass, and hard drippy clit.

"Do you like this?" I asked her.

"Oh yes Ma'am!" She answered.

"No, you don't call me that tonight. What do you call me tonight?" I asked.

"yes... sir..." he said sheepishly.

"That's right. Tonight I'm the man of the house, and you better remember it or I just might have to teach you a lesson in respect with my belt across your ass, little missy."

He likes when I mess with the gender stereotypes. He tells me he still thinks about himself in the masculine and me the feminine, but imagines that words such as "she" have been recast to refer to submissive males, and words such as "he" to dominant females.

I left him like that while I took care of some personal needs. Let him stew on the thought, as I took a piss, that for tonight I was the man and he was the girl. I was already wet, and not just because of my pee!

I came back from the bathroom, hauled him out of the corner by the arm, sat on the end of the bed, and threw him across my knee. His erection felt hard on my thigh. I pulled up his skirt and started spanking the seat of her pert pantied bottom.

I felt her grinding her clitty into my leg as I panty-spanked her. "You're getting off on this, aren't you, you little slut?' I teased.

After a little warm up spanking I stood her up again and put her nose back against the wall. I tucked her skirt up into its waistband, showing off her pretty red panties and pinkened lower cheeks. My little girl had a shamefully spanked panty seat and was being made to display it.

I stripped down to my undies and put on my strap-on. I put "Adam", my biggest and most challenging dildo, into my strap-on harness. Adam would have some serious work to do!

Scared? She should be!

I grabbed my hairbrush with one hand, hauled her out from the wall with my other, and again threw her across my knee. As she fell across my lap she could feel my big hard cock poking into her clitty. Her skirt was already up. This time her panties were coming down and I'd be using my hairbrush to teach her some respect for the new man of the house!

"I don't like your snooty attitude," I said. "You think just because you're pretty you can get away with anything? I'm here to tell you that's just not so. You will learn respect even if I have to blister this ass!"


"No Sir! Please Sir! I respect you Sir! I do! I do!" (sung in the pitch of "frantic")


I gave her pretty bare ass a good seeing to, and didn't stop until I was quite sure her attitude would match her words.

I pushed her off my lap and she rolled at my feet, clutching her newly crimsoned ass cheeks.

It was now time for my little bitch to suck cock.

I tossed the hairbrush off to the side and picked up the heavy leather belt. I doubled it in my hand and let it dangle by my side as I stood there. I told him to kneel in front of me and start sucking my cock. I told her that I was fed up with her half-measures. If I was not completely satisfied with her sucking, she would be head down and ass up for the worst belt whipping of her young life...

She did as she was told and started sucking like a little porn star. Nothing like a bit of motivation to get your man busy! She would be tasting the leather across her ass no matter what, of course: I mean, there's always room for improvement. But her porn star enthusiasm was rapidly reducing what would otherwise have been a Grade-A1 Rump Roasting to a token ass sizzling.

I made her lick the shaft and tip. Warned her about teeth and watched as she carefully made a big-O around my giant shaft and bobbed her head. I made her deep throat my cock which caused her to gag and produce mouthfuls of saliva. I kept her at it, giving her breathing breaks every now and then where she quickly gasped for air before I resumed her face fucking.

You just have to picture this tableau. I am standing there with one hand on the back of her head, the other holding the belt. She is still in her bra and blouse, pretty socks, skirt around her waist and panties around her knees, on her knees, giving me 'hella good head.

She wanted to be a "badly treated" girl for the night? She got her wish.

gug.. gug.. gug... gug..
 They all look the same with their mouths around our cocks...

I stood her up in front of me and sat on the end of the bed. Her clit was quivery hard despite (because of?) the hard session of forced oral. I used my hand to rub her until her knees quivered and she was moaning loudly. I looked her in the eye and said "time for the belt".

"Oh No! Please Sir! Didn't I do a good job sucking your cock? Please Sir! Please!"

"No. You get the belt." Truth be told, she performed brilliantly. Her belt whipping would be merciful. But I didn't want him getting conceited about his cock sucking abilities.

I put him face down on the bed draped over two pillows. I arranged her skirt and panties so they very pretilly outlined my target area from above and below. I stood back and brought the belt down with only medium force across her cheeks. Nonetheless there was a satisfying CRACK as belt contacted bare bum. She turned her head so she could see me whipping her. Holding the belt high above my head, one hand on each end, and then whipping it down lightly but solidly across her cheeks, my massive hard cock bouncing. He mutterred into his pillow: "please sir... I'm sorry sir... I'll do better sir... I promise sir. I promise..." He was really getting into this "being a bad girl" thing.

And he knew he would be made to perform his wifely duties before the evening was out. I would certainly be performing my husbandly duty, teaching his woman a lesson in submission as only a big hard cock can do...

That's right, woman...
hard and deep seems to be the only thing that gets through to you.

Though I was feeling a lot of compassion for my little baby cakes right around then. So I decided to work his ass up to my dildo. I went to our drawer and got out "slim jim", his least thick dildo. I lubed it and him and easily inserted it all the way in on the first try. I whispered to him to hold it in and then I went back to the belt, occasionally lightly whipping the base of the dildo and causing shock waves to course through his being. I pulled out that dildo and put in the next and the next, whipping him all the while and telling him this would make it easier for when I took his cherry later on.

In between whippings I pulled his clit out behind his legs and rubbed that until she was frantic, and begging to cum. Not yet. For the last dildo in the sequence I inserted it and then wrapped another belt around his hips and ass, cinching it tightly to hold that dildo in deep deep deep. In that thoroughly plugged state, his clitty on display, I told him to tell me that he was a naughty disrespectful girl who deserved to have her ass whipped.

By now he was fully in "sub space", and his voice quivered as he said: "I'm a... naughty, disrespectful girl, who fully deserves her belt whipping, sir". Yummm!

I ended his whipping with a final flourish, providing the necessary time to allow the dildo to stretch his pussy wide for my Adam and making sure not to whip his hard naughty fully displayed and fully engorged clit in the process. She was being such a good girl after all, no need for an actual clitty whipping.

Google has everything! Ouchi!

I went back to my wonderful toy drawer and pulled out a ball gag. I lovingly put it around my husband/wife's head and cinched it extra tight (I've learned from experience - get that ball gag on super tight because it loosens, and we can't have that!).

I told him I was going to take his precious little cherry now, and I really was not interested in anything she had to say.

The perfect wife ;-)

I put her on her back, kept one pillow under her hips, and raised her legs high in the air. Her little panties I left banded around her ankles. I put one foot up on the bed, and knelt with my other knee, and pushed Adam right in balls deep! She let out a little complaint through her ball gag, but it was nothing really. After she had been so nicely stretched like that, she practically gave her cherry away!

I pulled my top off so she good see her man's bare breasts, and know she was being completely taken. I then gave her a slow soft fucking. I hardly broke eye contact with her. She was liking it! His cock always goes a bit flaccid during his ass fuckings, and today was no exception, though I rubbed his limp noodle anyways, which she seemed to appreciate.

My beautiful big-breasted ball-gagged schoolgirl. Fucked.

  Totally fucked. By me. Yummm!

Who's your daddy?

I pulled out and left her legs high, telling her to keep them there because her pussy was dirty and I had to go to the bathroom and get the necessaries to clean her up. I made her stay there, with her dirty pussy waving in the air as I fetched toilet paper, a warm wash cloth, and a dry towel to clean her up. I happily did the deed myself as I watched her cringing in embarrassment. I'm sorry to have to say it, but I really did fuck the shit out of her and I told her as much as she lay there with her ankles over her ears getting a good hard pussy scrubbing from "her man". Ha Ha! Dirty girl!

When I deemed her pussy clean enough to touch our bed, I let her put her feet down and told her she may rub her clitty as I watched, and I expected a nice big gushing orgasm from her. I undid her ball gag so she could use her own spit, and picked up my crop and encouraged her with light strokes to her thighs, her tummy, her balls, and her clitty when I could get at it. I told her what a good girl she was and how I was hoping she would gush for me.

Well it didn't take long! I was rewarded with a massive series of spurts covering her sexy belly.

I immediately scooped it all up and fed it to her. Every last drop I could get. I told her to hold it in her mouth and not swallow, or else!

I got out my strap. I pulled her up off the bed and down across my lap. I threw the strap down on the floor in front of her face as I took her across my knee. I told her that I was going to give her a mild hand spanking as she held my cum in her mouth, and that afterwards she would kneel at my feet, open her mouth, and show me it was all still there. If there was any missing at all, she would be severely strapped from her ankles to her waist. She knew I meant business, too!

She received her hand spanking, mewling as the cum rolled around inside her tightly closed mouth. She then knelt in front of me, opened her mouth and showed me. She had preserved it all, and there was a lot! I put one hand lightly around her throat, used the other to pinch her nose, and tilted her head back. She had no choice but to swallow, and I felt her throat move as the cum slid down her passage.

She looked exhausted. I gave her a big hug which she returned. I took her by the hand and led her back down to the living room where her clothes were left. Before I let her go back to being a man, I thought she needed some quiet reflection. So I put her nose against the wall with her hands on her head and her breasts mushing against the wall. I got a safety pin and pinned up her skirt in back, and lowered her panties to pool around her ankles. I reached between her legs, pulled out her clit and made her close her legs tightly. This humbled her, forcing her to bend at the waist. I got two pieces of writing paper, and put one between each breast and the wall. This caused her to have to straighten which arched her back in a very feminine way and jutted out her bottom. I told her I wanted her to stay there, focusing on what it would be like to have breasts and a pussy, and be subject to her husband's strict discipline and sexual demands 24x7.

"yes sir..." he whispered as I went to clean up the kitchen. I love watching him stay submissively in timeout as I go about my business.

When her sentence was up, I went to collect her. I helped her out of her clothes, cleaned her up a bit, and then dressed him in his man clothes again. I asked him if that was what he had in mind when he asked if he could be a girl for the night? "Oh yes!" he said. We cuddled on the couch watching TV, his needs satisfied (for a time). I love him so much!


  1. R is not into dressing me like a woman but she loves the panties I wear and usually at night that is all I have on until she wants to remove them to have her way with me. She does enjoy as do I her strap on and it's used quiet often much to my enjoyment. She says I move better than she does when I'm in her.

    1. I'm sure you do. Moaning and squirming like a girl under her cock!

  2. Wow! Sounds like he/she had a lot of fun! Cant believe after all that though, you did not get your needs dealt with...but i suppose you can demand that any time you want! A fun read and I reckon as usual you had fun recounting the experience for us lot.

    1. That's exactly right. It's not like I feel left out at all. A nice thing about being a dommy wife is that your next tongue orgasm is literally a snap of the fingers away!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'm afraid it won't help and we both know it. So sorry, looks like I'll have to be the pretty one and he can be my fugly sister!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You truly are amazing!

  5. Fun story

    We have never really sorted out the role reversal thing all the way. Irene puts me in panties and slips, and almost routinely puts a variety of butt plugs up there. She will also fuck me with a dildo but only by hand, she tried a strap-on a couple of times but wasn't sure she liked it (she blindfolded me so I could not see it).

    She teases me all the time about going further with the cross dressing and she calls me a naughty little girl. But she does not have many clothes I can fit in since I am twice her weight and we have not made any special purchases.

    I'd like to try the full on lace French maid's uniform and perhaps I will. The service would have top be pretty much upstairs as we don't have much in the way of curtains downstairs.

    Sometimes when she has me pantied and is using her dildo, Irene will say "So you thought you could get into my panties and might even get fucked? is this what you had in mind? ..."

    Thanks, honorable Strictjulie, for another great and well-written story.


    1. Irene has mentioned putting me into a bra - an idea that is intriguing but I'm not really sure nor is she. Of course who woulda thunk a little spanking leads to whips, bondage, panty tea and butt plugs etc. - all of which seem to work quite nicely.

      Then again, figging was a one time thing ...


    2. I would definitely encourage your wife to keep going. She'd be shocked and surprised how "into it" the sales help at many lingerie stores are!

  6. Hmmm lovely. The way David is developing, soon you'll be able to include a real-life man in your play!

    1. I would love it. Him... not so much! I would have him 69'ing another guy while I paddled his backside for encouragement!

    2. Wow that'd be a great way to have a first bi experience? Do you have any guys in mind in case all the play with Adam makes David curious about trying a real cock?

    3. It's a persistent fantasy of mine, but so far no luck convincing him. Digging up a guy would be the least of my problems!

  7. Oh my! As another CD who's shy to have my Wife dress and dominate me, this was a wonderful read! i have to admit i didn't make it all the way through... your writing is soo hot, lol! sara e

    1. You'll have to start from the beginning all over again ;-)

  8. wow a "Tranny tape & tuck" would really complete the picture! What fun if he got hard that way too!
    Visit the Tucknit .com site!


  9. When we were newly married, Victoria and I were curious (I didn't know I was submissibe then, so it was more of a playful thing) and she dressed me up like a girl and put makeup on me. While she was doing it, she was OK, but when she finished and stepped back to have a clearer look, she freaked out. She said she could not handle it and told me to gtfake it all off. I did as she said. Later I asked her for a reason and she said that when she looked at me she saw I was a prettier girl than she was, and she could not stand it.

    She never did it again. I guess the effect would not be as dramatioc now that I am about 50 pounds heavier and the full head of hair that I used to have seems to have completely migrfated to other parts of my body.

    Anyway, I'd love to be treated like a bad girl for a night. Sounds like the type of "fun" that I would hate to love (or is it love to hate?)

    1. Playing with gender stereotypes is just plain fun. Playtime for grown ups!

  10. You are phenomenal Ma'am.

    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

    1. Thank you 'lill jo. as you know, I was thinking of you as I designed this scene...

    2. I know Ma'am and I feel very humbled and honored by that.

      lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

  11. I have a question for you Julie. Do you still respect your husband even after treating him like a bitch?

    I am myself sexually submissive man, but I have never told any woman about my desires because I am afraid of how they are going to react, because it seems that most of women might loose respect and thus attraction towards submissive man.

    1. Oh absolutely! Total respect. This is just a sexy game we play. He is a real man everywhere it counts.

      Now, some women might crave a sexually dominant man in bed, and so you would likely not be a good bedmate for them. Myself, I love the gender flipping nature of what we do. I much prefer being "on top!"