Monday, June 4

Wife Spanked by Her Husband for being Naughty

As you all know, while normally very toppy, sometimes I get a little submissive streak growing in me. What set me off this time was a lengthy correspondence with a woman we shall refer to as "G".

G first contacted me saying how much she enjoyed reading my blog:
I love your blog! The way you own your sexuality is really inspiring!
Well that was a nice compliment! I wrote G back right away, and we started a nice back and forth that persists and has become more intense.

Turns out G spanks her husband J (initially upon his request) as I did with david, though she admits to not being as "over-the-top" as I on the surrounding activities. But she does seem super strict when she wishes to be!


An amusing fact about G (that I shall no doubt get a verbal spanking from her for exposing here!) is that she seems to really enjoy vanilla oral and vaginal sex (though not anal, which shall become important later), and her husband has a very strong sex drive, so they are fucking like bunnies constantly. I tried to get a bit of a Dommy "upper-hand" on G by writing to her about how I imagine her "doing it", with her ankles pinned around her ears and her husband vigorously going at it.

Folded Missionary Sex Position

But as it turns out, G, is pretty much 100% toppy, and brushed that off. What is super fun and intriguing though are G's charming little almost OCD'ish insecurities (oh, there's another spanking coming!). She had never really been with a woman before (but clearly has a hankering), and was a bit shy to discuss it. She also seems to get embarrassed by the explicit manner in which I express myself, and she always writes back with a painful degree of circumspection when describing sex acts.  Also, she clearly has some insecurities regarding allowing her husband access to other women, which I have some fun with as well.

When I published my post about receiving some swats in front of my family, Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For Real!!!, she responded in a very "Mom Scoldy" fashion which really turned me on! This is how she started,
Dear Julie,

I read with great interest your detailed report of your “family-dinner performance” and I have to say, you are one very, very lucky lady! Every time you look at a calendar and the month is March, you should consider yourself fortunate that you can sit down at all, let alone comfortably, which would not be the case had you received any small part of what you deserved. From arriving “underdressed” right up to your orgasm extravaganza (I will not apologize for my language after what I’ve heard from you, missy) every aspect of your behavior was in every way inexcusable. No better word describes it.
She then went on to analyze every aspect of what I did and scold me for it. When in the right frame of mind (which I was), being scolded like this is very sexy to me.

If a correspondent just tries to Dom me out of the blue, they usually get Dommy Julie right back at them with a passion, which can be quite withering (especially to the fragile male ego). However, if a correspondent has built a bit of a relationship, has proven themselves to be kind, gentle, clever, writes well, and picks the right moment and the right things to say, and especially if that happens to be a toppy woman, well that can certainly flip my switch and totally melt me. And that is exactly what G did with me!

I tried to explore the limits of our newfound relationship with a little question. I put it out there that we should fantasize what might transpire were we ever to meet. Knowing G's insecurities about public play, and her need to remain 100% private, and her sensitivities around "sharing" her husband, I put it in a certain way...
From: Julie
To: G

Let's agree it's never, ever, ever going to happen, ok, so we can fantasize with complete abandon. COMPLETE abandon. But if I made myself available to you, in every way a girl can make herself available, what would you do?

Would you keep me to yourself perhaps? Explore certain things you perhaps have not yet explored thoroughly with another woman? Would we be equals in bed? Would you be my top perhaps? Give me a spanking. Abuse me every which way. Or would it be the other way around?

Would we involve your husband? Would we co-top J, perhaps? Would that be your gift to him? Or would you serve me up to him on a platter, at your complete whim? I know you do not allow anal on yourself, but here is a girl who is well-used in that department! Has J been a good boy?

Perhaps it is my husband that we co-top. Or perhaps you will allow yourself to be used by him under my strict supervision?

Or is it the four of us together? The boys would not like that! But this is a fantasy. I would make them suck one another's dicks while we paddle their behinds for encouragement!

Again. We will agree it absolutely won't happen. It's all in our secret fantasy minds.

But if it did...??? 
Isn't that a delicious thought to explore? Our minds completely free to explore without any constraints (of course, in the back of my mind, ...).

G showed no interest in being on the bottom at all. I think she felt a bit guilty about her insecurities regarding J (especially in contrast to by liberalness with david!), so she did allow for that possibility (but we agreed the two boys together would likely be a non-starter on both ends!).

I once shared that it excites me to think of the idea of "providing myself to guys who would never have a chance with a woman like me," which could sound like an arrogant thing to say (!), but not in the context of spreading my legs or bending over bare ass naked and offering sex to a less conventionally attractive guy (or a much older guy), as a way of righting certain inequities in this world of ours (the inequity of youth, outer beauty and hotness in particular!). G picked up on this in the intent with which I said it (and in the context of a discussion she and I engaged in regarding my willingness to offer up my bottom hole to my Daddy if I thought he didn't get that from Mom).
I’ve said before, you are a good person. It shows clearly in ways that are neither little or subconscious, through the things you say, even though you’re not trying to communicate what a good person you are. If you refer to “those guys would never have a chance with a woman like me” it could sound arrogant and annoying, but when you say “provide myself to guys who would never have a chance with a woman like me” it’s confident and charitable. You openly worry that your father never has access to “that part” of your mother [Editor's note: her ass!]. With your husband, you constantly communicate caring for his emotional well-being and enjoyment and even when you’re indulging yourself there’s a sense of good fortune, not privilege. The attention you pay and the care you take with your readers and posters. All of this (and a lot of other things you mention in passing) communicates that you are a good person.
Awwww!!! That kind of melts my hearts and turn me to goo. Seduction notes for you fellows out there!

In the context of G's insecurities regarding allowing other women to have sex with her husband...
And none of that even touches on punishing you for offering your perverted and insatiable little bottom to my dear sweet husband, and then punishing you because, since I know who you want up behind, implying that J "would never have a chance with a woman like you," and then punishing you for implying (in the same way) that I must not be "in your league"! True or not, you cannot be surprised when I take offense!
Oh, I deserved that for offering myself up like a total little slut for her husband's pleasure in ways G would not (I guess her butthole must be super tight or something ;-) After some back and forth, we decided the appropriate punishment for me would be naked, on my back, on a bed. J behind me, grabbing my ankles and pulling them back, G taking a whip to all my most sensitive areas while J watched the fruits of sluttish behaviour being visited upon such a Wanton Woman (the term G prefers to "slut"). G describes the scene in an email (also addressing an earlier "cruel-streak" comment I made about her when she was describing J's spankings and how I was a little afraid of her as a result - in a pussy-tingling sort of way...)
Lastly, the whipping, the sensitive, shameful places that become more and more my focus as I go on. This will require no great feat of strength or endurance, so neither you nor I can say that I will whip you particularly hard (and I had wanted to mention, but forgot, spreading oil to treat any marks that were caused, and rubbing it in). And if I do whip you hard, surely you remember why? “Territorial” is neither irrational nor cruel. Had you not begged me to allow my husband to sample your steamy and arid delights, they would never feel the lash (the next belt I buy J is going to be evil). And like the bonds, J will help you endure your whipping without worsening your situation through resistance.

I want you to visualize this as completely as possible. Corner of the bed, you on your back. Each shoulder against one of his thighs. Your arms raised, wrapped around his trouser-clad legs, hands grabbing, clawing involuntarily. Your feet nearly in front of your face, sole to sole, knees wide, J’s hands wrapping your feet, pressing them together, pulling them toward him. Count slowly. Small whimpers, getting louder, more insistent, protesting, demanding helplessly. Your head thrown back, mouth open. Losing count, wanting so badly to behave, to be given orders you can follow, demonstrate your obedience even while you know that if your weren’t held you would not be able to obey at all. That oil I mentioned seems a long, long time in the future.

Harsh but appropriate. Yes, I spank hard when necessary, or know how to compensate; yes, I’m confident, even enjoy, sometimes, doing what is needed, but hardly “proud.” And as for a “cruel streak,” I think we can dismiss that, can’t we?
OMG!!! So hot...

We imagined some other scenarios where we were together. In one I am a bimbo lesbian slut wife to her elegant lawyer, embarrassing her by my scanty attire, my flirting with men, and on the "Kissing Cam" with her at the hockey game I begged her to take me to.

that's not my husband...

After the game, she takes me down to the change rooms and gives me a bare-bottomed spanking over her knee. A young male janitor happens by and, with G's full blessing, radios his colleagues that they have to come over and see this! After my oh so public spanking, G makes me "service" them all, and in every which way, as in "so you like boys do you? I'll let you have your fill!"

Another scene we came up with is where G takes me to a wedding where she is a guest as her plus one. G started the ball rolling.
I’m invited to a wedding, J can’t go, so I take you and (for whatever reason) you have to do whatever I say. Our table at the reception will be women from my work and their spouses. So I can kind of use you as a shield against people I don’t know and you, being outgoing (or faking it), will still have a good time. Also I’m too old to be a bridesmaid but I was at the bachelorette party with them. I drop a few things and make you kneel and pick them up for me (we’ll have to think of what you’re wearing (and me)), maybe one of my co-workers notices. And asks about it. I explain, including that you’re aroused by it and offer to let her check. She grabs another co-worker, they ditch their husbands and we go into a preparation room behind the main dining room. I let them lift your dress and explore you, posing you to make it easier. Oh it’s time to sit down for dinner! This idea goes on with more women getting involved, including my boss, well, you can imagine.
Oh, I certainly can imagine! I elaborated on the scene in a note back.
You made me wear stiletto heels, stockings and garter belt, a short dress. A little too much makeup. I think I look like a total slut. Why must I go like this? You are so elegant in your evening gown.

I am making a spectacle of myself as I go down on my hands and knees to pick up your napkin, to pick up your deliberately dropped fork. I must run to the waiter to ask for a new one for you, wait for him to give it to me, and take it back to you. As I sit there blushing, you explain to the table that I am your toy for the evening. That I volunteered. That it actually arouses me to be treated like this. The men shift uncomfortably in their seats. You ask the women nearest you if they care to see how much it arouses me for themselves? They have a mischievous grin and agree. The husbands look so jealous of their wives!

You take me back to the preparation room. The noise from the dining hall can still be plainly heard. You make me hold my dress up above my waist. You ask if either of the ladies would like to do the honour of lowering my panties. You have a taker. With a big smile on her face she slowly lowers my panties exposing my bare sex. It is puffy and distended, my clit is engorged and visible through my folds. I am sopping wet. A young waitress walks by carrying a tray. She does a double-take but carries on with her duties. One of the proper wives sticks a finger into me and slowly draws it up past my clit. She looks at her glistening finger, and then tastes it.

"Back to the table, Julie," you say as you smack my bare bottom and make me restore my panties and dress.
"Any disobedience tonight, young lady, and I'll put you across my knee for a good hard spanking... right... at... our... table."

As it turned out, that whole scene (as were several others from G) were definitely "Hitachi Worthy!", which begins to touch on the title of this blog article... But patience!

G got an evil idea. She wanted to start a separate thread. She would put the word "fun" in the Subject line. When I saw that I knew that I was only to read the email at work. I was not allowed to read it at home at all. However, at home I was allowed to imagine the email in my mind's eye, elaborate on it in my imagination as I saw fit, and pleasure myself to it (if so moved).

This unfortunately, necessitated that I read and re-read the emails several times at work and really, really concentrate on every last little detail so I could replay it in my mind at home. This, in turn, necessitated yet another rule: that damp panties were to be removed at 2pm and put in my purse. The whole thing was very distracting, my work suffered, but I hope my colleagues did not notice!

The fun email thread imagined a scene where G, myself, and J met in a hotel room. It played out slowly and deliciously over 6 parts. The full story is reproduced on a page, G's Short Fun Flash, with G's permission, if you would like to read it (I highly recommend it!).
As a synopsis, G and I are both dressed similarly in skirt and blouse. G has me lying face up, fully dressed, on the bed. She makes J drop his pants and underpants to his ankles and stand with his back against the wall and his hands on his head. His shirttails do little to cover his throbbing excitement. G begins slowly undressing me and fondling me. She puts my hands above my head. My blouse is unbuttoned, my bra pushed up over my breasts, my tits fondled and pinched. She plays with my breasts right in front of J, who is allowed captivating little glimpses of me. G puts her hands up my skirt, and pulls my panties down and off. While this is going on, my blouse has slipped off my breasts, displaying my hardened twin peaks to J's eager gaze. I can imagine what will come next! My skirt will be hiked and G will play with me down there, allowing J glimpses of all there is to see of me!

As the story proceeds, I am very gradually exposed to J as I am being played with by G, my sexual responses on full display. I am pulled over G's knee and spanked in front of J. G imagines that I am such a slut that I would deliberately wiggle and position myself and splay my legs "involuntarily" so that her husband gets a better look. Gosh. She sort of has me nailed on that one!

Later on J must wank himself off and then is spanked, with me watching and giggling the whole time.

Then he is locked into the bathroom while G and I get it on.

After that, it's room service, and it is up to me to provide "the tip" for our waiter.

Finally J is allowed back in the room. I must get on the bed nude, bending over on elbows and knees, stick my butt way up and out, and arch my back.

In that position I am whipped directly on my shiny little "penny" (as G likes to refer to my asshole), "preparing" it for what is to cum, which is her husband directly in me!!!!

G draws the line at pussy, though - only hers for him. Apparently she will consent to my being his ass slut, however, but nothing more. Oh well, a slut like me gets what cock she can...

[read the whole story at G's Short Fun Flash now, or go back to it later after you read about my spanking!]
Up to the panty removal was the very first scene. Well I was very worked up over this. It was the culmination of all my imaginings with G. This is a scene that really could happen! For my part, I would certainly make myself available for it - fully available. Yes, even including entertaining her husband in my... bottom hole... [blush red!]

I'll start with the email I sent back to G after only the very first part, and fill you in on more details below.
How delicious!
But you got me into SOOOOO much trouble... (at home, not at work, fortunately).

I've been trying to be very faithful about only reading at work. I read it several times to burn the details in (damp panties at work – I wonder if the boys sense it?).

Yesterday evening, after dinner, while David was downstairs watching tv, like a silly little schoolgirl I actually changed my clothes to match your account, lay down on the bed, unbuttoned my blouse, pushed my bra up, and started playing with my nipples. At a certain point I slipped my panties off and left them there at the foot of the bed. You were there the whole time of course, doing it to me. I imagined J standing there, looking on lustfully (he is silly with those pants at his ankles like that). I could see his large erect penis.

When I'm in a dominant mood, a penis feels to me like a toy for me to bat around and play with, teasing its possessor mercilessly.

However, when in a submissive mood, I crave that big stiff hard warm cock. I want to stuff my mouth with it, my pussy aches to be filled with it, even my backside wants to be split by it! You have every right to be angry with me!

Unlike J, I was not able to keep both hands up by my head, one of them scooted down, hiked my skirt, and played with myself as the other squeezed my nipples to the point of tears. I closed my eyes and imagined the scene vividly.

Then, you won't believe it. I open my eyes and my husband is standing there right beside me, with a big shit eating grin on his face!!!!

I have literally NEVER been so embarrassed in my entire life! I felt my cheeks getting hot and colouring what must have been a deep red!

"What are you doing?" He asks facetiously.

"Nothin'" I say. Soooo humiliated! I mean, for how intimate we are and the kinky stuff we get up to, you'd think this would be nothing. But it was not. It was hyper embarrassing for me!

"You know what happens when someone's caught masturbating in this house," he says.

"Hey, that's my rule for you..." but even as I say this I know my goose is cooked!

So yes, THANKS TO YOU, G, he put me right across his knee, hiked my skirt up behind, and with my bra still above my bare tits gave me a good hard hand spanking to my bare tushy!!!!! For getting caught MASTURBATING no less (oh blush!)

After he was done, he tossed me on the bed, licked my pussy until I orgasmed, and then gave me a good hard fucking. I guess all's well that ends well!

This whole thing is just too ridiculous and coincidental and hot, that I simply MUST blog about it. Is that ok?

Thank you for the "marital enhancement". I feel you have paid me back in that department!
Oh my! I got a SPANKING! I love it when I get a real spanking for a real misdeed that I actually feel silly and guilty about. Even more so because it is in fact me being mentally unfaithful to my husband, culminating in a strange man having anal intercourse with me (though I did not know that at the time).

We do have a rule about masturbating, but so far it has only been applied in the one direction. I do not feel I have the right to allow or disallow my husband from masturbating. And besides, I enjoy that he does. We don't have that kind of 24x7 FLR relationship. He should do as he pleases, as do I. However, we do have a "fun" rule, that if I ever catch him masturbating, he gets a spanking! On numerous occasions this has happened. I 'kinda know when he's up to that, and I sneak up on him and catch him in the act! Usually there are videos of "barely legal" teens on his computer screen, him with his headphones on, and his dick in his hand.

Guess what he gets if I catch him with this on his screen?
Not just a spanking for my little missy!

Then I always give him a really good and hard spanking with my hairbrush, scolding him for his sexual tastes and for being so indiscreet as to get caught in the act. I think he puts up the teens in hopes of me catching him at it. Such a bad boy!

Well oh my goodness if the tables weren't turned on me! He caught me as red-handed as any girl could possibly be caught! My blouse open, my bra pushed up, my tits exposed, my nipples hard, my left hand squeezing, twisting and stretching my own nipples to a painful extent. My skirt hiked up. My panties discarded at the foot of the bed. My right hand down there, diving in and out and rubbing my clit. My eyes CLOSED as I imagined the scene.

How long was he standing there watching me?!?? Long enough, as it turns out. Foolishly left open bedroom door (ostensibly so I could hear him if he came up). But carpets on the floor, and socks on his feet, while leaving the tv on, meant he noiselessly came up and stood there watching me. Because of the rule of no reading at home, it was all in my imagination and my eyes were closed for much of it. How long was he watching? Humiliatingly long enough to see exactly what his little woman was up to! If a wife ever deserved a spanking from her husband, surely this was it.

He did not even let me finish! He hauled me up from the bed, sat on the side of it, and pulled me down across his left knee while clamping me with his right leg (quite roughly, the brute!). A leg clamping right from the start says he means business! He knows what I need when I'm like this. He pushed my skirt up above my ass cheeks. My blouse was open and my tits were hanging out, my bra still pushed above my breasts. My pussy was soaked with desire, and became even more so as he pulled me across his muscular thighs for my sluttish comeuppance.

He did not allow my head or my feet to be on the bed. He sat out far enough that my head was near the carpet and my legs were dangling off his one knee. I could literally feel the humiliating exposure of my damp pussy and my winking bottom hole as he jacknifed me over his one knee like this. He pushed my head down towards the carpet while keeping my feet pinned near the floor.

It was in these circumstances, with the evidence of my sins on complete humiliating display to him, that I received the full measure of my punishment.

He used only his hand, but his hand was more than enough!!! He did not hold back. It was not "playful". It was a spanking! A spanking that had me wriggling like an eel and screeching as he easily pinned me across his lap as if I was a six-year-old child. Again, he knew what his wife needed at that moment, and he delivered.

When it was (finally!) over (and it was long - long and hard - I was soo red after!), he lifted me up and placed me on my back on the bed. He grabbed me around my thighs, pulled me towards him, and began licking my pussy. Was not expecting this!

To say I was ready is an understatement! After all my feverish imaginings at work, and then my "actioning" it on my bed, working myself up like that, and then interrupted in a most submissive way and spanked good and hard, well I was more than ready and showed it. I grabbed his head in my hands and pulled him into me hard, riding him to a delicious, deep, orgasmic wave. I arched and bucked as I came. One moment I needed his tongue, HARD, on me. The very next I could not even stand the lightest touch! I rode my orgasm and his tongue for as long as I could bear and then pushed him away from me. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. His face was wet with me.

I scooted a bit back on the bed, spread my legs, grabbed my pussy lips in my hands, pulled them wide apart to show him my pinkness, and said "fuck me."

He did not need to be told twice! He ditched his clothes and I did the same. I lay back again and spread my legs. He took a pillow and put it under my hips, elevating me and angling me better for him. I grabbed my own knees and pulled them apart and back towards me.

"No, grab your pussy again, pull it apart for me," he said.

OMG but I did! I hooked my outer lips and pulled them wide, fully exposing my clit and my moistened inner lips, opening my cunt for him (I don't often blush as I write, but I am now!).

He positioned himself between my legs, his hard-on raging. I held myself apart for him as he literally plunged into me. With my position, and my spread-open pussy, I could feel him grinding against my softest, most delicate folds, and feel his pubic pone directly on my over-sensitized clit. He went in deep, filling me totally. He did not hold back as he fucked his naughty misbehaving wife, showing me my place. He pushed into me deep and stayed there. I pulled my hands out and encircled his back. He ground into me, keeping me spread wet and wide for him despite the lack of my hands. He gyrated inside of me and then came violently, filling me deeply with his seed as I hung on for dear life!

Fully, 100%, satisfied, he came up to me on the bed and we cuddled and kissed as I could feel his cum starting to dribble out of me.

"Clean me up?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am," he said, cleaning me up nicely with his mouth and tongue (which is what I meant and he knew it), swallowing as he went, and giving me my second and third orgasms in the process.

Thank you G!

[P.S. don't forget to read G's Short Fun Flash as well!]


  1. I did masturbation prohibition with my wife. Not for me, but for her. I told her that the penalty was a spanking. I kept a little light wooden paddle in the nightstand drawer by the bed specifically for that possible misbehavior. It was all wink-wink, just to set up an erotic situation. A few times she got caught---surely on purpose---she got a bright pink bottom that made her even hornier, and then the sex she was bargaining for.

    Your situation was much more powerful. You really were a naughty girl who got caught red-handed, all genuine and completely spontaneous. You were not expecting to get caught, apparently didn't even consider the possibility, but there was David, and you had every right to be deeply embarrassed by the frenzied display you were putting on. You got hauled right over the knee for a real punishment spanking, not just a pink bottom, from your husband, not because he was angry with you, but because it turns out your "fun rule" applies to bad girls as well as bad boys.

    The embarrassment of that situation is just what I've always wanted to imagine. When I was a horny teenager, I had fantasies where I was living in a strict religious home where masturbation was considered a grave sin. The thoughts of what would happen if I was caught only made the act more erotic. Possibly marched naked out to the living room with a full erection to be made an example of for the entire family. What if I had a wife who mandated masturbation prohibition? Serious punishment spankings for boys who disobey in this disgraceful way? Scary and exciting at the same time.

    1. Yes, I really caught a good one! I think I would enjoy playing with myself knowing there was a little paddle waiting for me in the likely event I was caught!

      "Made an example of". I wonder what that would be? Forced to "finish" perhaps, and if you were unable then having Mother do it for you, very roughly with dishsoap and water and her yellow kitchen gloves (david's fantasy!) and then whipped nude? While EVERYBODY watched?

    2. Knowing the little paddle is there would make it much harder NOT to masturbate, pun intended. The little paddle stings a lot, but it's more for erotic spanking. Now if there was a heavy wooden hairbrush or twin-tailed tawse in the drawer, then the cost of being a bad boy may be too high a price to pay. Amazing the push and pull of this kind of temptation.

      Yes, what you describe would be a terribly educational lesson for the whole family. Mother must eliminate that disgraceful erection, and she will do it in the most utilitarian fashion. No pleasure there, just pure humiliation and a boy who is in that worst state for a punishment spanking, directly after being "finished." The nude whipping would be the finish to such sinful acts in this good house, and what a spectacle to be seen!

    3. Yes, the "kitchen glove handjob" would alternate between rough tugs and then pulling down on the shaft skin and squeezing so the tip is extra displayed and engorged, held against his belly, and spanked a dozen times. Then back to the rubbing. Alternating until done. ;-)

    4. OMG! Thank you for describing the actual process. That's a scene I'm not going to be able to get out of my head!

    5. Precious like a grandmother's recipe. Should be displayed in all families.

  2. This is so transparent. You refer to G’s actually quite reasonable so called ‘insecurities’ and did you really say “I guess her butthole must be super tight”!? Clearly you threw all that in because you crave more punishment of the type you received from David. Slutty and brattish behaviour. Humph!

    Well I hope G doesn’t fall for it. David’s light strokes clearly aren’t a sufficient deterrent. I suggest to G that instead of masturbating in front of David, this time you be made to masturbate in front of a real authority figure - your boss at work or even better Daddy. What would Daddy do to your penny if he caught you masturbating?

    1. The thought of me having to "perform" like that in front of my Daddy, with him waiting there ready to spank me after, and then being offered my bumhole to relieve his pent up excitement... Oh Gosh!

  3. Julie what can I say but WOW! when you let your imagination run nothing stops you. You are dominate but do have a submissive slut streak in you that you want to let out in the worse way. If I may add what I'm wondering is the submissive streak more designed to what you want your sister to do to you. Going beyond her own boundaries and using you and david in the most slutty ways?

    1. Ever since my sister "forced me" to receive anal intercourse from my husband after she left, I have been fantasizing about her having stayed to watch!

    2. Rogering here. Sizzling hot as usual Juile and glad to see your admitting to your sisters powerful hold on your submissive imagination. The only thing more shocking, would be you desiring her to be a witness to your dad penetrating your willing tight bottom hole as a dutiful daughter...

    3. OMG!!!! Double fantasy...

  4. I'm not surprised this ignited your submissive side - G certainly has a way with words! I particularly enjoyed the image of an 'evil belt' and your 'shiny little penny'

  5. Ms. SJ

    It's uncanny ow your posts continue to evoke memories for me - some real, some fantasy and most a combination of the two.

    Several years ago my wife Irene and I were out with a bunch of friends, including a woman nmaed Julie (yes, what is it about that name?). At one point, in earshot of only Irene and me, Julie announced that she wanted to spank me.

    Irene and I have never talked about our femdom relationship with anyone, but we knew there were times when we might have been overheard so Julie's declaration was not too much of a surprise.

    Irene has often fantasized herself about bringing in other women to spank me. It's possible she might actually do it with the right person - someone who is open to it but who would not threaten her relationship with me. Julie is not that person - she has crossed several (nonsexual) social boundaries, and is actually no longer really part of our group at all.

    After Julie said she wanted to spank me, I said she would need Irene's permission. Irene did not say anything immediately, then some other folks came over to our table and the subject was changed.

    That short exchange led to this fantasy:

    Irene invites Julie over. I serve them tea wearing only a small apron, then am instructed to stand in the corner while they talk. Irene tells Julie about how she spanks me to keep me in line and also what a great pussy licker I am. Irene then tells me to go upstairs and get out her riding crop.

    Irene whips my bottom as I am kneeling on the bed while Julie watches. Julie is wondering if she'll get a turn, when Irene asks her if she'd like me to kiss her between the legs. Following Irene's lead, Julie nods. Irene puts a pillow on a waist high dresser and leans Julie across it. Irene lifts Julie's tight denim skirt, removes her panties and instructs me to lick her pussy from behind.

    When Julie starts to get turned on, Irene grabs me by the hair and announces "that's enough". She starts to use the crop on Julie's bottom and lectures her for being a wanton hussy who needs to learn a few manners - any request to spank me should have been directed to her first, and her alone, for example.

    Irene whips Julie until she begins to whimper, sob and plead. She then ties Julies hands, first together, then to the far side of the dresser so she can't really move.

    Irene then turns her attention back to me. She whips me soundly once again, then mounts my face as I lick her to a shuddering orgasm, and finally fucks my lights out - as Julie can only watch from her bound position.

    Irene leaves Julie bound while she takes a shower and I like naked on the bed. When she returns, she pulls ou a pair of pinking shears and shortens Julie's skirt to an almost rique length. She unties Julie and sends her off - sans panties.


    1. Ph My! I love the "pinking shears" punishment! "More backtalk? Really? Would you like to lose another inch, young lady? It's a long bus ride home for you..."

    2. Irene has threatened me with this idea - shortening a pair of cut off jeans. And she’s. Sent me out on errands with short shorts over full cut panties with lace. I walk very carefully around the stores

    3. I think it's better if she takes you out, holding your hand, pulled along behind her, your head hanging, low rise jeans, pinking shears punishment, short T-shirt, frilly panties! Ha ha!

    4. Ok, I'll see what she says, but not today. My bottom is still way too tender from Monday night's discipline. I was blindfolded (and tied down) so I can't be sure, but it seemed like she used every one of her toys on me.

      I might have to hide the pinking shears.


    5. like this

  6. Wonderful post. However the part where you offer your ass to Daddy out of pity because he doesn’t get anal at home does not ring true. Its more likely that you are a slut for Daddy’s cock up your ass wouldn’t you think?

    1. no... I am kind and self-sacrificing. I would give my ass to my Daddy regardless of whether it turns me on or not (it does!)

    2. Maybe cock tease daddy a little? Next family trip to the cabin wear a very cheeky cut bikini. Nancy will tut tut, the nephews will get erections and the brother in law will sneak off into the woods to masturbate. David can say you’ve gone too far again and say to daddy “sir perhaps this time you should do the honours?” Daddy will put you over his knee (bikini pants down?) in front of the family and give you 40. Afterwards Sue and G will double team you for another inexcusable ‘extravaganza’.

    3. Well, most of the first part of that has already happened (cannot confirm the brother in law's masturbation!).

      OMG, imagine if david would ask my Dad, "was she a tease like this when she was living with you?" I'm SURE Daddy would answer in the affirmative! David could say "maybe she should have been put across your knee more often". What would Dad say????

      My best guess: "Nah, she would have liked that too much"

      Second best: "Nah, that's your department, son"

      Either way: I would be soooo mortified!

    4. I think David and your dad could really bond over this. A tipping point in their relationship.

      “Do you think I should put her over my knee now sir?”

      “Your call son, but nobody could say she doesn’t deserve it.”

      “What do you think sir, should I spank her a little lower and perhaps a little harder?”

      “Hmm sure why not? I like the way you’re thinking son.”

      “Dad, her bikini pants are very small but they’re getting in the way. Could you help me out and tug them down around her ankles for me?”

      “Always happy to assist Son. That low enough for you?”

      “Thanks Dad. That’s much better. She’s still a handful (he grabs and squeezes your ass cheeks apart) as you can see!

      “She always was a high spirited filly and always will be I’m thinking son.”


  7. On the 4 of you (Julie, david, G and J) together fantasy, you say the 2 boys would “likely be a non starter”. However I expect that many of your straight blog boys would happily suck a dick if it meant you and G paddling our behinds. Does that mean;

    a) that’s why we are “guys who would never have a chance with you”; or

    b) David is a wimp and it’s about time he got with the bicurious programme?

    Great blog thanks. MrD

    1. Perhaps G and I should ask for two of you "blog boys" as volunteers...

    2. There would be so many blog boy volunteers that you and G would have to do auditions. You get to sit in big comfortable chairs like the show The Voice and watch while the contestants try to impress you both. David and J are in the corner with their heads against the wall and their pants down around their ankles cause they were too chicken to play.

    3. So You Think You Can Suck Cock

    4. Yes but the blog boys are amateurs. There’s a long line of them queuing up. Maybe they’re bi curious but they’re really only auditioning so they can get some action from Ms Julie and G. So there’s a lot of gagging and side cheek faking going on. Tiring work for you and G and you’ve got to get through the queue efficiently. Would the big wooden paddle be the instrument of choice?

    5. Yup, big wooden paddle to keep those cocks out of those cheeks and down those throats!

  8. This male seemed a woman who would spank, no restrictions, nothing, I found such a woman, dated for two years, took time to tell her my desire, but she understood. That first spanking hurt like hell, was told it was her way, anyplace or time, and reminded this is what you wanted. She found my F/m magazines, videos, that spanking I will never forget. She also not always has shown that a spanking hurts more if sexual desire is not there. Have been told to masturbate prior to a spanking and those spankings hurt the most. I don’t face the wall, I face her afterwards, hands on head, worse part of the punishment. Yes a few times others have seen me getting spanked and standing afterwards. I don’t understand women, never will, but found such a woman who accepted my desire. Have also learned she enjoys it. Yes our sex life is great, but not associated with the spankings.

  9. When your going to give a spanking, what is the worse thing that your better half does that earns him a spanking that he will remember the longest? Do you listen to his pleas to stop? Do you find over the knee spankings the most effective?

    1. The most effective are him face down on the bed, naked, hips slightly raised by a pillow or two, wrists, andkles, and thighs bound, ball gag in, and then using the thick twin-tailed spanking strap ("tawse") with very little mercy. With the gag in, I do not need to listen, but when not gagged, I listen with glee and ignore completely. The worst thing he can do is any type of misbehavior involving other women, even if I encouraged it. He must learn to whom he belongs after any nonsense like that!

  10. Have you and David ever been to a swingers resort? My wife and I have met some very cool Peeps from up north at those tropical resorts

    1. Have not. Would they be ok with spankings in public?

    2. For sure saw many:)

    3. I guess my response might have been a little curt. More accurately you can do anything you want in public at the good resorts!!!! Spanking is not even really kinky there!

    4. Nonsense! Spanking is ALWAYS kinky ;-)

    5. Of course it is:) That is why I read your blog!

      I'm just saying you can spank and shame in public without fear of offending anyone. You could have David naked in a cock cage with a bright red bottom all day long at the pool. Or visa versa:) I not saying people won't be watching! Thats is the whole point!

  11. Sometime around 1970, Linda Rondstadt was to appear on the Johnny Cash Show. At rehearsal it came to the attention of June Carter, Johnny’s wife, that Linda wasn’t wearing panties under her shoes dress.

    June demanded that Linda put on some underwear. Linda said she sang better bare butted. June sent someone to the local department store to buy her a pair.

    Seems like June could have delivered the message with a sound spanking right there at the rehearsal.

    1. WEll G should write in black marker on your ass saying Property of G this ass get spanking paddling and strap on

      or your ass belong To G and your daddy all time

      maybe G give you and DAVID AN otk spanking for punishment and she play with both your ass you tied up only watch as she fuck david ass then u get untied he get tied up has watch his wife ass get play with

    2. Some how I knew and some way I knew you be game and approved the idea by rubbing hands together evil smirk on face lol

  12. My Wife dominates me as a regular part of our lives, and sparks me often. About 6 months ago she surprisingly admitted that she wanted to be spanked and fantasized about being taken anally on occasion.

    She signals her submissive desires by calling me Sir to let me know she wants to switch roles for a night. I do my best to play the dominant role knowing that she may retaliate with a hard spanking of me.

    In general She will end our role reversal sessions by making me eat my cum (which I must always do) even when I take her anally. Somehow this act serves to remind both of us who is ultimately in charge... and put me in my place... the place I love to be.

    1. Oh, eating your own cum out of her ass... Have not made him do that yet...

    2. Yes you have made him eat cum from your ass!

      From the post ”Ass Fucked” November 9, 2016.

      “He pulled out. I put him on his back. I sat on his face. "Lick it!" I told him. I hoped I wasn't dirty after that fucking. Pretty sure I was not, given how I had prepared myself. But oh well. Ass licking is ass licking.

      He started licking his cum out of my dirty hole.”

    3. Gosh, you're right. I remember now. Good thing I keep my "diary". I was mystified why I had never got him to do that. Ha ha!

  13. My wife (like you) gets very upset when she catches me jerking off to porn. Those are by far the worst spankings. I must go to her when horny and get her permission whether it be sex with her or solo play.

    1. I don't get upset, I get happy that I can scene him(but I act all upset!)

    2. I got caught, sitting on the toilet, naked, masturbating, not knowing my wife was getting off of work early. Let just say this, that hairbrush was loud and clear. For the next two weeks I was watched closely, no closed bathroom doors, and a couple of days after being caught I had to stand naked in the shower, masturbate for her, she then turned on the water, I cleaned myself off, then was giving a very hard spanking while still wet. To make her point clear she grabbed my ear and took me to the front room, dripping water and told to stand facing her holding my limp penis.

  14. Hi Julie Great Piece like always love your blog. Just out of curiosity. Does beautiful when she's angry belong to G? she sounds like an awesome No Nonsense like yourself keep up the great work

  15. julie - You are SUCH a bad GIRL!! How could you, after responding to my question "What boundaries have you already pushed in your workplace?" answer with "None! No boundaries whatsoever. Work is work!" (at:, go and DO at work the VERY THING you had told ME and ALL your blog readers you said you NEVER did?

    Your "Work is work!" comment was only 4 weeks ago, for crying out loud! What changed between then and now? Did you lie to me and everyone else a few blog posts ago?

    To make matters worse, this was NOT an isolated incident! How many times did you, in all your horniness, mess your panties before G had to impose a rule on you to keep the guys in your workplace from getting wise to you? Have you no self-restraint?

    Young lady, explain yourself!


    1. Good pick up. Julie’s been caught telling tales. This is worse than the negligent failure to map read. Naughty Julie deserves another outdoor switching but this time, as the offence was public, her punishment should be public too and in front of others. Bare bum panties down.

    2. Hoist on her own petard. As the allegations concern blog readers they should decide. The trial of Ms Julie. On this blog. By her readers. Who votes for punishment?

    3. If I did that at work after I said I didn’t do it my wife would punish me for sure so even though Ms Julie is great and I like her blog a lot it’s gotta be punishment. In public sounds good and maybe by david or Ms G. Or maybe Ms Violet could do a public spanking tee hee

    4. Oh no! CAUGHT! Dang it all! I was JUST trying to set a good example for you blog boys by lying about that. Don't my motives count??? And PLEASE not a public spanking!!! And certainly not with Mistress Violet! It would add insult to injury to have to pay her to do that!

    5. Oh, I can see it now, a session with Mistress Violet and David, but this time YOU are the undisputed bottom. Maybe Mistress Violet and David can be two frustrated, devious parents who can't tolerate their daughter's fibs any longer and decide to have the same competition the two of you had, who can ridden poor little Julie's tush better? Who's the harder handspanker, who is more devastating with the hairbrush, who is more deadly with the belt? And then to drive the point home, post pictures of your fiery backside on the internet as a warning to all naughty lying girls.

      And then of course Mommy and Daddy will have to take out all of their excitement on your tight little holes. You've been teasing Daddy recently anyway, so you might as well take his cock in you while also making sure Mommy is taken care of. Who knows, you may even come to love being their little sex slut... ;)


    6. Your work separation statements were well intentioned but much admired role models like you are judged by what they do and not just what they say. You were CAUGHT fibbing to your blog boys. T was the discoverer and most affected so will leave final judgement to T but I personally think it should be public spanking (panties around ankles and passerbys offered a feel of your hot bum) as the offence was on a public blog. Mistress Violet is the obvious choice (maybe she has a half hour rate or something similar but she is a professional and has to be fairly paid) as she is a blog reader and can represent us whereas David for example is not a reader. But I will defer to T’s judgement.

    7. CAUGHT! Put Julie in pigtails and short skirt like a naughty slutty teenager who has told mummy and daddy lies. Panties down bent over and exposed corner time and then mouth washed out with soap. Hard spanking next and then, so the punishment is public like the offence, she should have to post pictures of all this (no face) on this blog. That’ll keep all the blog boys and girls happy.

    8. Miss Julie,

      If the idea of going through Mistress Violet is too much in this case, Sue would probably be happy to give you a very hard spanking free of charge. I'm sure you could call her, explain your behavior at work, and ask her to punish you for it.

      And I agree with Anon above, a mouth soaping is probably in order.


    9. Okay, there seems to be a "3P's" consensus forming about consequences for julie's DELIBERATELY lying to us "blog boys:"
      3-Panties down

      Here's the question - what does "Public" mean? Perhaps:
      A-Punishment conducted in private, photos taken, and posted on this public blog.
      B-Punishment conducted in a public setting, though location and/or time would minimize risk of someone seeing.
      C-Punishment conducted in a public setting and IN a location and AT a time so someone would be guaranteed to see it.
      o Option C-1 - Location/time chosen so someone in julie's office or circle of friends/neighbors would NOT likely see it.
      o Option C-1 - Location/time chosen so someone in julie's office or circle of friends/neighbors WOULD likely see it.

      So, what do the other "blog boys" say - A, B, C-1, or C-2?

      Thanks all!

      PS - julie, what do you think about your "blog boys" discussing your punishment so publicly? Maybe 'fessing up to david about getting aroused by reading porn at work should be part of your punishment?

    10. T, I vote A. Public play is titillating, but can also be very dangerous if the wrong person wanders across it.

    11. C2 she torments David in public all the time and that’s for stuff like not buying her sodastream. This is much worse. We should still see at least one photo though no matter what option.

    12. It’s an excellent summary for sentencing. I suggest adding a fourth ‘P’ for photograph though. There has to be evidence.

      ‘A’ we have seen before (Tracey) but it was for her pleasure in her submissive mode and so wouldn’t be a punishment. ‘B’ we also saw recently (outdoor switching) over the map reading failure. But this offence was much greater and wider. How many people read this blog? Hundreds? Thousands? So ‘B’ is insufficient. That leaves C1 or 2. There was contrition and an early admission of guilt and no silly attempt to weasel out of it so I vote for C1. Mr D

    13. A whole day at the office. Collar and leash. Completely nude.
      Working (? !) on all fours – or on hands and feet (she tends to be a bit slow when on her knees)

    14. I like C-1 (oh wait, I'm supposed to NOT LIKE it!). C-2 is "Eww gross", and A is ho-hum, and B is "been there done that " quite recently as someone pointed out. But C-1 in, for instance, a sex club does not "do it" for me from the bottom - a sex club (not that I have ever been) would bring out the Dom for sure. So it would have to be strangers scandalised and amused. It cannot be a man on top, or it would be viewed as assault! My sister would not do that in public (I'm fairly certain). I don't even know if Mistress Violet would... And too risky... drat!

      Here's something... I was teasing my husband about how much he jumped and yelped as we used the violet wand on his private parts. He joked that I should have it done to me and see if I don't jump and yelp!

      A legs spread, pussy opened, violet wanding, WITH photos. Oh blush, blush, blush... I really ought not hit the Publish button... oh there I go.

    15. A legs spread violet wanding with pictures is good enough for this reader but will leave it to T. On ‘public’ punishment it is tricky. What about administering your spanking on a balcony or against the window of a hotel room? It’s public but with a private refuge. You could for example be on the balcony or against the window facing the pool area. Your punisher pulls your panties down, bends you over and leans you against the railing or window and goes to work. The sunbathing couples below will point at you getting your naked ass and pussy whipped and then probably fucked and be scandalised, amused and probably jealous. Worst case scenario (very unlikely) is thrown out of hotel. Mr D

    16. Wait, as you saying the legs spread is good enough, and NOT TO include the pussy opening part??? Would I be allowed to hold my pussy lips tightly shut?

      Hotel scene is exciting, for sure, but I would need a woman spanking me so that everybody knows it is play.

    17. For my part, I am in favor of some close-ups of your opened pussy (it seems that the kitchen whisk is doing very well) and a few good discharges of violet wand on your clit, into your cunt and asshole.
      But, how can we be sure, if you allow me, that it is you ?

    18. Oh no, if clarification is needed, I wasn’t trying to limit your published statement at all. “A legs spread PUSSY OPENED violet wanding WITH photos.” None of this pussy lips tightly shut nonsense. You were CAUGHT after all so be a SLUT and spread them wide for for the blog boys and girls viewing pleasure. Mr D.

    19. I think you're rude and you should be ashamed to talk with so little respect about the unseen flower of our mistress as she was about to unveil it to us.
      While she offered the treasure that no one had the audacity even to evoke, while her most intimate flowers, she described them with the modesty of the fiancee who agrees to give in, you had the filthy audacity of talking about close-ups, kitchen whisk, of designing without blush, her genito-anal tool, subjected to the violent action of static electricity.
      And you dare to call her a slut!
      Shame on you, misters ! you have blasphemed the queen...

  16. This male has a strong desire to be spanked, a good old fashion over the knee spanking. Have found a couple of women who have, but when done they said they it enjoyed giving the spanking more than I did getting a spanking. One such woman pulled my pants, underpants down, could care less about my erection, scolded me and then spanked. She said it felt really good, I was rubbing, and said you spank very hard, she laughed, spankings are suppose to hurt and I can see I accomplished that. Do most women feel that way about giving a spanking. Is it there way of controlling the males with out the males knowing it?

    1. It does feel a bit... maternal. Sometimes Mommy needs to spank!

    2. I showed what I sent you and your response to my girlfriend who is a little older. She agress with the Maternal. She then asked what else I looked at on the computer and thinking she was interested, I showed her some of the spanking sights I visit. Let me just say this, she soon had me standing naked before her, scolding me for such behavior, was going to show me what maternal was. What shocked me was she made me masturbate prior to the spanking, and that spanking I got I slipped up and called her Mommy, asking her to stop. She sternly said, young man, or should I say naughty little boy, I will stop when I think you have learned your lesson. When she stopped, I stood rubbing, she smiled and said that is Maternal and you best face the wall.

    3. Sometimes I make my husband call me Mommy during a spanking. He "hates" doing it, but I "force" him to. He gets so legit embarrassed saying it, but it in fact turns me on.

    4. I have been spanked several times for my attitude and she insist I call he Mommie, and she calls me her naughty little boy. I don't know if it turns her on, I think it does. I was facing the wall recently, had to be naked of all times, her best friend came over, I was told to tell why I was facing the wall. I said I was a naughty little boy for having a bad attitude and Mommy spanked me. The friend really enjoyed that, they talked for a good hour, when the friend left I learned my punishment was not over, I had to wear my jammies the rest of the day. A couple of days later I was still squirming some, she smiled and said Mommy gives a sound spanking and I said Mommy does give a sound spanking and then I said Mommy I'll be good. She just smiled.

    5. I love when friends are invited over to see.

  17. Why don't Becky, tom or G. make comments on your blog while it is about YOU and them? They know the existence of your blog?

    1. Sure, they all do. Becky and tom have commented. I don't know if G has or not. If she has, it was Anonymous, but she does read. Just shy I guess, to comment on her own blog post.

  18. Some clues suggest that Sisco should soon take a beating, right?

    1. Oops ! ...Cisco.

    2. It was delivered, and in spades. I have permission from both parties to publish the details!

  19. C1 Julie and Sue can go bike riding on a nice sunny afternoon to another neighbourhood. Then by the side of the road it’s bike pants off and hands gripping ankles. Sue puts up a sign for the traffic “honk if you like spanking” and goes to work. Red bummed sore ride home = punishment.

  20. “The full story is reproduced on a page, G's Short Fun Flash, with G's permission…”

    Wow, imagine that, actually getting someone’s permission to post something they sent you. How so avant garde of you!! Usually you would just assume it’s a gift to use willy, nilly as you pleased!

    Ohh! but wait, you used to get permission before too!

    So maybe not so much avant garde as consistently inconsistent!!