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Becky and tom

I correspond with many interesting people as a result of this blog. Today I shall tell you about subby tom and his Dominant Wife, Becky.

tom first wrote me in August of last year as a result of reading my post, Readers' Email, in which I passed on some favourite correspondence I had received. tom was quite taken by the tale of naked ted, and wrote...
The naked Ted tale really was appealing. It is VERY similar to the relationship I have with my Wife and Domme, Becky, She also requires me to be totally nude whenever the two of us are alone together. She later expanded that to include her younger sister and even her former college roommate as well!
The first time that Becky told me her sister was visiting (and would be there within minutes), I was kneeling naked in front of her, giving her a foot massage. She had on sweat pants and sweat shirt. She was teasing me with the foot I was not massaging and my arousal was obvious. I got up to put some clothes on and Becky said, "Where do you think you're going?" I answered, "I need to get dressed if Mary is coming over." She replied, "Well, you aren't going to. I've told her about our relationship and she's curious. You are going to open the door when she arrives, just like you are now, with your cock pointing at the ceiling. Now continue my foot massage!!!"
A few minutes later the door bell rang. "Answer it, naked boy" was Becky's command. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. When I opened the door, her sister shrieked upon seeing me standing there, stark naked, erection bobbing obscenely before me. "Oh my God, I heard you say it, but couldn't believe it is actually true", Mary said upon entering.
I was ordered to take her coat, hang it up, then kneel next to Becky with my legs spread wide and hands clasped behind my back. As they chatted and Mary, smiling broadly, looked me up and down, I felt at peace and actually happy that both my Wife/Domme and her sister we're obviously enjoying this spectacle.
I eventually came to crave these visits and the things I was ordered to do by Becky in front of her sister, and later her old college roommate.
Well that was certainly interesting! I know what some of you are thinking. It's made up, right? Well maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. You can choose to view it as a vivid and fascinating description of one man's elaborate fantasies, or you can view it as all true to life (as I do). Either way, there's more to enjoy!

Here is where tom describes the college roommate.
We were about three years into our Mistress/slave relationship when Becky introduced her old college roommate, Christine, to our play.
With Christine, it came about on a weekend when she visited. Becky took Friday off on the day Christine arrived. In the afternoon she called me at work and told me to buy wine and takeout to bring home.

I got home about 6:00 and saw Christine’s car in the driveway. I came in and greeted them both. Christine gave a quizzical look and Becky, with a smirk on her face, said "Chris and I have been talking all afternoon. We confide EVERYTHING in each other. What is the dress code in this house, Thomas?" My throat got dry and my voice cracked as I said, "You wear clothes, I go naked." "Then get naked, Tom." I slowly stripped and folded my clothes. Christine was smiling broadly. I was ordered to serve them wine. When I brought the wine Becky ordered me to kneel and kiss her feet. I began to develop an erection and waited on them hand and foot, totally nude that whole weekend. And ever since.

Initially, I would just serve them in the nude and wait on them hand and foot. Later, she encouraged Christine to touch and feel me if she liked, which eventually She did. Since I was kept chaste most of the time these activities almost always made me visibly aroused. Other games Becky played in front of Christine involved me masturbating until my erection was full. When it was fully errect she would ask me yes and no questions, making me bob my erection up and down for "yes" answers and side to side for "no". If we watched TV, I would sit between them and they would casually rub my thighs or graze my cock to induce a hard on. During commercials I would be ordered to do jumping jacks for their entertainment while my junk bounced around.
I asked if the other women had spanking or sexual privileges over tom.
Occasionally Christine will say, “Tom has the whitest ass. Let’s put some color in it.”

I then have to fetch a wooden spoon and either go across their laps or bend over the counter while they take turns smacking the daylights out of my asscheeks. They sort of make it a competition to see who can get the loudest smacks.

Becky had told Christine how oral I am. Christine said she missed regular oral sex. One time while she was visiting, Becky said she was going to run some errands. While She was gone she said I was going to orally pleasured Christine. I ate her to three orgasms, then concluded by French kissing her ass and asscrack for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

She told Becky it was the best oral she had ever had. Becky said she could have it again whenever she wanted. It has been repeated a half dozen times since.
With my encouragement, tom sent another email with some more events described.
I have a number of experiences I hope you find erotic and interesting. Unlike Naked Ted I was encouraged to have erections while serving my Wife/Domme, her sister and her college roommate. Erections were celebrated and were the object of a number of fun games to entertain them.

First, as to punishments. We were not into spankings like David and you. She would occasionally say, "You have the whitest ass. Let's put some color in it." Those spankings were by hand and mostly playful and erotic. If I really annoyed her or she thought I disobeyed, paddlings with a ping pong paddle ensued and usually lasted until I was sobbing and begging for forgiveness.

I told you yesterday about the use of my penis to answer yes and no questions. One day Becky's nephew visited us. He and I played a game of catch outside. After he left I immediately stripped to my birthday suit, as usual. We noticed he had left his baseball behind. Becky got a gleam in her eye and ordered me to kneel and masturbate. When I was fully hard she ordered me to roll the baseball around the room with my erection. This was not that easy to do and she was in hysterics watching this. I eventually got better at it and the sheer depravity and humiliation of what I was doing kept me hard. This became one of her favorite games and I was forced to repeat it in front of her sister and college roommate.

Her parents owned a cabin on a private lake in the country. We would frequently go there on weekends in the summer. About 50 yards from the cabin was a shed for the lawn mower and tools. If we were sure her parents were not going to show up we would drive up on a Friday afternoon. When we got to the shed, Becky would stop the car at the shed, order me out of the car, and order me to strip totally nude. I would be given a pair of sandals and she would lock my clothes in the shed, not to be returned until the end of the weekend. Her sister Mary and Christine occasionally visited on these weekends to see me in my all together.

Her parents were quite well to do and had a beautiful home in an adjoining state. We would occasionally go and house sit for them when they went on trips. In their basement was a beautiful mahogany table with an unusual feature - at each of the four corners of the table there was a smooth, narrow upturn about an inch and a half long. Becky LOVED making me masturbate for her, but before I would cum made me mount a corner of the table and order, "ass hump that corner, slave boy". I would impale myself on the corner and bounce up and down, totally exposed, cock and balls flying wildly around, and the end corner visibly sawing in and out of my asshole. All on total display. This actually was stimulating and felt really good, but, again, the sheer depravity of what I was doing was heady beyond belief. She made me keep at it until I was exhausted. When she finally let me quit, she ordered, "Clean up the corner that was up your ass. With your tongue. Give the table corner a nice blow job".

One weekend while we were house-sitting, both Mary and Christine visited. On Saturday night Becky said."Let's make some popcorn. Tom is going to entertain us in the basement. The three pulled up chairs. Becky ordered me to jack off until I was rock hard then gave the "asshump" command. They cheered and giggled while I rode the table corner for them.
I answered that the thought of him naked in front of his wife and these two women, jacking off and humping the table corner was amazing! Total humiliation! I asked more about the oral sex and if she lets him continue to ejaculation?
Yes, I was compelled to give the table corner a nice, long blow job after ass-humping it. The ladies LOVED degrading me while I did it, calling me a "blueballed, nude asshumping, table sucking whore!"

No, I generally was NOT allowed to cum, but if I had not cum for a loonnggg time I was sometimes allowed to.

When that occurred it was usually by jacking off with a small vibrator buzzing up my ass, or by humping a chair or other inanimate object. While doing either I had to thank the Ladies for granting me the privilege of entertaining them. I could NOT cum until I was granted permission. They sometimes made me stop and rest and begin again, sometimes dragging it on for over an hour.

When I came I had to lick it up, then thank them for treating me so nicely.
What a good little bitch! Later on I posted a Playing Doctor roleplay that tom wrote to me about.
I very much enjoyed your October 20 post, Julie.  My Wife/Domme, Becky, has a friend who is an MD.  She no longer lives near us, but when she did Becky made me go to her three straight years for my annual physical.  Becky accompanied me and required me to undergo my exam totally nude with the female doctor and a nurse present.  The prostate exam was particularly humiliating, but after the fact I found it quite exhilarating.  After each physical when we returned home I was required to strip again and perform a marathon cunnilingus and analingus session for Becky’s enjoyment.
After describing his scene with Christine (earlier), he followed up with me.
I know you love David, although you dominate him mercilessly at times.  Becky and I are a bonded life pair to whom pushing the FemDom envelope is a key to our happiness.

I hope, Julie, you were not turned off by my recitation of being spanked and orally pleasuring Christine.  Becky ALWAYS required a passionate anal French kiss after cunnilingus and wanted Christine to enjoy the same.  She offered my undivided oral service, but told Christine She needed to shower and soap Her anus thoroughly before I tongued Her.  To keep it safe.

Becky let the orgasms I gave Christine count to the 25 to 1 ratio, so I was allowed to cum during that visit by Christine, but the way I was allowed to do it blew all three of us off the charts.
He ended his email there, trying to keep me intrigued no doubt, as if he was a little Shahrazad. I wrote back with a mild scolding: "Tell me about your orgasm, you tease, you! (And go ask your wife to spank you for being such a tease with me!)"
I did tell my Wife and shared our correspondence with Her. She is amused, and says She will not spank me. She plans, instead, on whipping me with a belt this evening.

As to my orgasm during Christine’s visit, it came as part of a long, drawn out process. I was ordered to begin stroking myself while kneeling in front of Becky and Christine. When my erection was full Becky turned some music on and ordered me to dance for them. I did so with my erection swinging wildly in the air.

After dancing for several minutes I was ordered to hump the floor while licking Christine’s feet. When Becky sensed I was getting ready to cum She ordered me to my feet. She told me to do 100 jumping jacks. My cock and balls flew wildly around in front of them as I did that

Becky then got a towel and placed it over a stool we had in the kitchen and ordered me to dry hump that while saying how men exist to serve Women and humble themselves for Women’s entertainment. When I was close to cumming again Becky ordered me to stop and got a small vibrating dildo from our bedroom. She lubed it with Vaseline and inserted it up my rectum. She told me to put my hands on my head and pad around the room on my knees while She and Christine took turns adjusting the vibration level on the dildo. I was leaking a river of precum and my cock was slapping my belly.

Finally, Becky asked Christine if I deserved to cum. Christine said She thought I did. Becky pulled down Her jeans and panties, rolled onto her stomach on the floor and ordered me to rub my cock on Her asscrack until I came. After edging for so long I had an intense, looonggg orgasm. I had not cum for at least three weeks prior and shot an enormous load, globs of semen in one long spurt after another into Her asscrack. When I was finally spent Becky ordered me to lick Her asscrack and asshole clean.
I told tom that I approved of the belt whipping and told him to ask Becky to give him a dozen extra specifically for me.
Good God, Julie. What did You get me into? 
I got the most severe beating Becky has ever given me. You asked for another twelve. Becky intended to give me 25 hard smacks with the belt. She doubled that to 50 after She read Your email. She said Julie should get as many as Becky does. 
She whipped me so hard. We have not been into BDSM that much, but Becky is truly beginning to enjoy disciplining me. The 50 whips tonight were ALL enthusiastically delivered. 
Tonight’s beating was pure endurance for me, but Beck clearly enjoyed delivering it. After it was over she cuddled and kissed me, comforting me after that marathon (for us) whipping. As I was getting over the pain and getting more into submissive, service mode Becky said, "Whipping you made My Cunt wet." 
We retired to the bedroom where I orally pleasured Her Pussy for several orgasms, then tongued Her ass for about a quarter hour until She allowed me to stop.
She said She thinks a weekly beating should be part of our future relationship. Yikes!! 
Becky also wants to know if You would ever consider corresponding with Her directly. 
Of course I would! I also said, "and don't be such a baby, tom tom, it was only a little belt whipping. The sort teenaged girls get all the time when they've been naughty. Totally suitable for you."

Later on I received my promised email from Becky,

I had to write to tell you about the fantastic weekend tom and I had.

Friday night tom took Me to our favorite Italian restaurant for a nice, relaxing dinner. During dinner I teased tom about the beating he would receive at home.

When we got home tom stripped totally nude, as I require in the house. After taking him to the basement I handcuffed his wrists to the beam and went to work on him. tom got 120 smacks to his ass, six rounds of ten each with a wooden paddle and the belt. We took a break halfway through so I could rub tom’s ass cheeks and fondle his cock and balls. After the last sixty he was quite red, but took it well, whimpering only a little.

I was VERY turned on. After holding and cuddling tom while telling him how proud I am of him for enduring his beating and letting me have that fun we retired to bed.

tom has not cum since March 22. That is longer than he usually goes, but he is SO submissive when he is horny that I just have kept extending it. In bed I had tom go down on me. After two nice orgasms I flopped onto my tummy so he could tongue My ass crack for about ten minutes before we went to sleep.

Saturday tom cleaned the house. Later, I allowed him to get dressed and we ran errands. We rented a movie for the evening. I reclined on the couch while my naked slave knelt at my feet.

Sunday was a blast!! My sister Mary visited us. She came over about two. I was teasing tom and he was hard and leaking precum when the doorbell rang. I almost climaxed with joy watching him go answer the door with his boner bouncing in the air.

Mary laughed on entering and said “That’s the proper way for a man to greet a Female Guest”. The rest of the day tom waited on us hand and foot. I encouraged Mary to fondle him to keep him erect and we both had fun doing so.

After a few hours I mentioned that tom had not cum in a month and told Mary I thought it was time that he did. She said she’d leave then, but I said, “No need. Do you want to watch tom cum”? “Really? Are you serious? Hell, I’d LOVE to watch”.

I ordered tom to kneel in front of us and jack off. I made him edge three times, and warned him, “Don’t you DARE cum until we tell you”. After the third edge I told him, “we’re going to play a game. We will ask you a series of yes and no questions. If your answer is yes, swing your erection up and down. If it is no, swing it side to side”. It was so comical doing this and watching tom answer that way. We asked him if he believed Women are superior to men, whether he enjoyed being our nude servant and entertainment, stuff like that.

Finally I said I think he deserves to cum. I got up, got a towel, one of my vibrators, a condom and a bowl. I draped the towel over a foot stool, ordered tom to put the condom on, then ordered tom to hump the foot stool. It was a very humiliating way to allow tom to cum, but a very entertaining spectacle for Mary and Me to watch. tom, after all the teasing and a month without coming had a long, explosive orgasm.

When he caught his breath, I ordered him to remove the condom and empty the contents in the bowl. I the made him put the condom on my vibrator, inside out, and made him lick the condom clean. We then spoon fed tom the contents of the bowl, each taking turns.

This may have been the most erotic domination session we have EVER had. After Mary left tom orally worshipped me from head to toe, front side and backside. I asked him how he felt about the day’s activity. He said that although it was deeply humiliating and degrading it transported him to a level of sub space he had never experienced before and that was truly exhilarating. he said he felt more totally owned by Me and hoped we can do similar things in the future.

Sorry this is SO long, but, as you well know, there aren’t many persons with whom I can share this.

Take care, Julie.
I then asked Becky permission to publish their story, and asked if they would send me a photo of tom humping his stool. tom sent me the photo and begged me to publish it. I don't know, it's pretty humiliating, but ok!

Whether or not you believe tom and Becky's account, there can be no doubt whatsoever that that is tom's tiny penis, and a very high probability that he ejaculated into that condom by humping that stool, and swallowed it all down the hatch!

Thank you tom and Becky, for entertaining us all. Keep up the good work!

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Found on Quora

Found this little gem on Quora. It has 152.2K views, 355 Upvotes, and no Downvotes. Read first, we'll discuss after.

What is the most embarrassing thing your parents caught you doing?

Answer by Fiorella Goode, May 4, 2018 (link)
Wow there is so many but I would say giving oral sex to my boyfriend. We planned a trip to Disney world and I asked if i could invite my boyfriend. My parents agreed and his parents agreed so he came with us to Disney world. My mom explicitly said nonsectarian during the trip and I agreed and we decided he would sleep on the pull out sofa.

We were in Florida for the week and the first two days he was good, but we went to the beach and I wore a thong bikini and he was getting horny. At night when my parents were asleep he would come into my room and beg me for a blowjob.

One night I gave in and told him to come in my room when everyone was asleep. He came in at 1am and I was in the bed nude. We couldn’t have sex because I’m a screamer, but I wanted to satisfy him. I let him suck and play with my tits and then I got on my knees and started to suck on him.

We both were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even realize my mom had woken up and was watching silently in the dark while I sucked him. He was overexcited and cummed in a few minutes and I happily took his load in my mouth and swallowed.

he went to the bathroom to clean up and my mom came in. She asked what was I doing and I was embarrassed because I already knew she knew. I wasn’t embarrassed because of the act, but because I felt like I betrayed her trust. I immediately apologized and explained that he just needed something to relax him as we didn’t have sex.

My mom already knew that we have been intimate and that we perform oral sex a lot so she wasn’t shocked. To my surprise, she laughed and said I knew that you would suck him eventually as I am like her and crave oral sex. She said I could suck him at night when everyone slept but no sex. She left and I told my boyfriend what my mom said.
Here is a pic of Fiorella,

And a "bonus" Quora answer from sweet Fiorella:

Do you let men cum in your mouth?

If I am to give oral sex it is a requirement that they cum in my mouth and I swallow. I once dated a guy that thought the idea of a woman swallowing was nasty and told me it turned him off. Not only did we break up soon after he never received oral sex from me. I honestly don’t see the point if I can’t swallow.

Let us analyze together.

First of all regarding the use of the word "nonsectarian".

On to a critical analysis of the answer.
He came in at 1am and I was in the bed nude. We couldn’t have sex because I’m a screamer, but I wanted to satisfy him. I let him suck and play with my tits and then I got on my knees and started to suck on him.
I like that she's a "screamer". Shows a certain openness to experience. She's also clearly a very nice unselfish girl, thinking only of her boyfriend like that.
We both were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even realize my mom had woken up and was watching silently in the dark while I sucked him. He was overexcited and cummed in a few minutes and I happily took his load in my mouth and swallowed.
"Cummed?" ... "Came," maybe? Honestly not so sure cum to think on it. She is Peruvian though, so English is a second language, but she writes very well!

If I had a daughter, seeing that I would be so proud of her, down on her knees, selflessly sucking off her boyfriend's big cock. And we know all about daughter's views on swallowing.
She asked what was I doing and I was embarrassed because I already knew she knew. [...]. I immediately apologized and explained that he just needed something to relax him as we didn’t have sex.
I think that's very reasonable. Most parents would be very understanding under the circumstances.
To my surprise, she laughed and said I knew that you would suck him eventually as I am like her and crave oral sex. She said I could suck him at night when everyone slept but no sex.
Like Mother like Daughter! The apple does not fall far from the tree. But good parenting to make sure that there was "no sex", only sucking.

Of course, some mothers might have other ideas on how to deal with the situation...

Monday, April 30

Naughty Wife Gets an Outdoor Switching!

Oh how quickly the tables turned. I did something pretty naughty today and got my bare bum switched for it in the great outdoors!

David and I decided to spend the weekend up north alone at my parents' cottage. We had a great time there. Always adds some extra spice to fuck on your parents' bed!

Sunday morning we were considering either going home for a mid-afternoon bike ride, or hanging in nearer the cottage and hiking a trail we had not done before. I did a bit of research online and thought the trail looked cool because it passed by a waterfall and the melt was really making the rivers run high.

So we decided to do that. David was doing some cottage-related chores in the morning while I was online inside. It was my responsibility to research the trail. I confess I spent more time answering blog comments and doing my kinky correspondence then doing my research, which was 'kinda my downfall...

Anyhoo, we had lunch out and then we drove to the trail-head. It seemed pretty well-signed so we set out along it. We came to a bit of a fork in the road and I confidently went left because I could see another trail-marking sign ahead. David stopped at the fork and called out to me, "are you sure?".

"Yes, I'm sure," I said with a bit of an exasperated tone. "There's a sign right here."

"Ok, if you say so," he said.

So we go hiking along, and then there's a pretty steep climb up through some mud, and then we're at the top and we're on a road, which was a bit of an uh-oh moment, because I did not recall us having to walk along any roads in the trail description. But there was a sign again, clear as day, pointing us along the road, so I confidently said "this way" and started walking along the road.

David challenged me on the sign. It said "Trans Canada Trail", not "Wilson's Falls Trail" that we were supposedly following.

"They just come together for a bit," I said, sounding confident, as if I knew that. Oh how pride leadeth to the fall! I have no idea why I didn't just admit I had no clue. I guess it was because it was my responsibility to have a clue, and I shirked my responsibility. I thought I could maybe still get away with it? I thought surely it would just be a bit on the road and then there would be another sign for the Wilson's Falls Trail to duck back into the woods again.

After about five minutes David stopped me and said, "this does not look right..." I 'kinda 'sorta had to agree. "Did the trail map show any road on it?" he asked.

"Oh, I didn't look at the trail map, I thought it would be pretty well signed," I said, knowing how lame that was.

"Oh. honey!" he said. He took his phone out and looked at the maps app to see where we were and also found a trail map online (that I had never seen). "We are WAY off course," he said. I'm not that good with maps and David had to transfer where we were from the maps app onto the trail map in his head, but he seemed pretty sure. "Must have made a wrong turn," he said. Oopsy.

So we started walking back the way we had come, back along the road and down the muddy path. We got back to the fork where he had originally questioned me. "Well let's look over here," he said and walked a ways along that fork. He got up a dozen meters and said, "oh, look, here's a trail marker." It was for Wilson's Falls Trail.

"Ha ha," I said. "Well, goes to show me. Sorry about that!"

David seemed pretty nonplussed by it all. He had a smile on his face and just started leading the way along the trail, which was another steep muddy uphill hike but in a different direction than the first time.

"It's a nice day, anyways," I said. "A little bit of extra exercise is good. No harm done!" I added. He just smiled and nodded. He seemed not mad at me at all. It was a beautiful day to be out and about in the woods.

We walked for a bit and then came to a little section of fencing.

"This looks like a good spot," said David, looking around. Good spot for what???

He goes looking around nearby and breaks off a switch (!) from some new growth, and starts peeling it of its twigs by hand.

He whips it forcefully through the air a few times and it makes a high pitched swishing sound, "swish, swish, swish"

"Bare your bum and bend over that top rail," says David.

Oh no! Chickens coming home to roost! "Please honey, not here. Somebody will see!"

"Should have thought about that before setting off on a trail without a clue. Go on now."

"Ohhhh!" I said, but I turned towards the rail and started dropping my pants.

We had scarcely seen a soul so far, it was so early in the season. David gallantly took his coat off and draped it over the fence rail so that "I would not get splinters in my pussy during my whipping." I bent over it feeling extremely exposed. What if somebody were to see me!?! What a sight!

A naughty wife with her pants pulled down, her pussy and bum hole well-displayed no doubt, all ready for her admittedly well-deserved switchin'.

David walked up to me and swished his switch through the air a few more times then laid it across my butt. I could feel it tickling me. He lifted it up and then started bringing it down, very very fast, over and over again! All across my butt and down the backs of my legs! Whip Whip Whip Whip!

Before too long I was getting pretty frantic, writhing around over top that fence post as he marked up my bum and thighs.

That switch stung like a horde of bees! Sharp little intense flicks of pain wherever it landed. A few (mistakenly?) landed across my puffy pussy lips which was murder! Throughout, I never forgot what a spectacle we were making if anybody should happen across us!

I think David must have used up his switch because it very suddenly stopped and I could feel his hand stroking my bum, soothing me.

"Spread your legs," he told me in a soft voice. Oh blush! But I did as I was told. There were more switches in those woods, you know!

His hand stroked my pussy and I could feel his finger penetrating me.

"No, David, please, not here!" I begged. I was blushing furiously and my heart was racing.

I could feel two of his fingers deep in me, and then he started thrusting them in and out, giving me a good hard finger fucking mixed with the occasional smack.

I did not want this, but apparently my pussy had other ideas and I thoroughly soaked his finger with my juices.

He stood me up, told me to pull up my pants and then made me kneel on the ground. He took the two fingers he was fucking me with and made me suck them. I could taste myself on them. Tart and tangy.

"Now apologize properly," he told me.

"I'm very sorry for..."

"No. Not like that," he said patiently, looking down at himself.


I unzipped his fly and unfastened his pants. I pulled his hard cock out over the top of his underwear and put it into my mouth and started sucking him off. Right there in the great outdoors!

It did not take very long. He put his hands on the back of my head and thrust into me a few times. He came into my mouth. I swallowed all his ejaculate and then cleaned off his cock with my mouth before putting him away.

I stood up. He pulled me into him and gave me a deep kiss on the mouth.

I certainly felt like a very well punished woman!

Tuesday, April 24

Naughty Husband Gets The Belt!

I mentioned in my last blog post, Raped by the Sister! which featured a roleplay between by husband and I, something that turned out to be remarkably prescient a week later. I wrote, "it is true that our most common "roleplay" is Strict Alpha Wife on top of submissive beta husband (and yes, sometimes even I wonder how much it's a role and how much it's r/l!)". Well, so it came to pass that we "roleplayed" me whipping his ass after he screwed up for real!

It happened last Sunday afternoon. It was the first really spring-like day in Toronto. Sunny and 15C (~60F). My husband and I are reasonably avid bicyclers and I had been itching to get out on the road.

Especially so since we have a cycling vacation in the summer, and I need to train for it. He does not need to, as he always seems to be faster than me with less effort, but I do need to train despite me being in better overall shape than he.

So, Sunday early afternoon I'm with my husband and say, "Hey! Let's get the bikes out!"

He looks a bit reticent and says, "oh, gee, I don't think they're ready."

"So get them ready," I say. I mean, what's the big deal, right?

"Well," he says, "the tire on your bike is flat and the valve is broken and we don't have a spare inner tube, so I'd need to go out and get that, and then change it, and check out the bikes. It'll take a few hours."

What?!? That valve was broken at the end of last season. He said he would fix it over the winter. And it's not even the normal kind of valve that, like, NEVER BREAKS! No, it's some skinny little fancy valve that breaks! This isn't the first time either. And "a few" hours is too long. We have Sunday dinner later and that would not leave enough time.

I look at him icily and say, "you said you would fix that over the winter."

"Yeah, sorry, slipped my mind..."


"Take your belt off. Give it to me," I order him.

"Oh honey, no, come on!" he says, knowing what's coming: a good ass whipping! But he's well trained and starts removing his belt regardless and hands it to me.

"Drop 'em and bend over the back of that couch," I say.

david looks pained, but unfastens his pants, drops them to his ankles, and bends over the back of the sofa, with his elbows down on the seat and his tip-toes on the floor. He left his underwear up. I go up to him and yank his underpants down to his knees. His legs are fairly close together because of the bunched pants at his ankles. I play the belt over his ass without striking him yet.

I double up the belt and I snap it against itself.

"Why are getting this?" I ask him.

"Because I screwed up?" he answers.

"Because you screwed up," I confirm.

Then I begin his punishment. I allow some of my genuine anger to channel into my right arm as I deliver the first of many resounding strikes to his bare bottom with his own thick leather belt. I could have been out biking!

I deliver the strokes right handed, standing to his left. I am always careful to aim the tip of the belt where I want it to land, so I don't get wrap-around to his flanks, and so that I can target his near cheek as much as the far one. I really turn my body into each stroke and let my arm fully rotate and extend, adding a whip with my wrist at the end (I'm a tennis player, and I use a stroke similar to that, but with extra wrist action). So, in short, I know how to serve up a memorable belt whipping. Each stroke sounded like a gunshot.

Already in the first part of his whipping I had him in some measure of distress.  The sounds of heavy and well-placed belt strikes is unmistakable. Equally unmistakable are the grunts, cries, and fanny wrigglings of a husband in the process of being very well-tanned with such a leather belt. I counted in my head approximately 50 strokes, all concentrated around his butt cheeks and high upper thighs. I took my time between strokes. Maybe about one every five seconds or so. When belabouring his left cheek I allowed a bit of wrap around into his left ass crack and left inner thigh. After these 50 he was already dark and dusky red with some marks indicative of future bruising coming up in places.

I then re-positioned myself to be directly behind him. I crouched a bit low, and I let loose the doubled-up belt directly down his ass crack, also angling a bit left and bit right to get to the insides. I gave him about 20 of these. During these is when he got a bit frantic, and started begging for it to be over, and begging "not there! not there!" over and over again. Oh yes! Right there! He would not escape some bruising where his cheeks came together.

I then returned to his left side to finish up his strapping with another 50. I think he might have been numbing up by now, so I had to go even harder to get the reaction I wanted. Got lots and lots of apologies and promises to do better. By the time I was done, he knew he had been punished, for real. There's a little mewling sound he makes even after I've stopped. "myeah, myeah, myeah, ..."

Not quite this bad, but close!

"Stand up," I told him, "and I better not see an erection!"

He stood painfully and turned towards me. He spontaneously put his own hands on top of his head without my even asking him to. He was soft like a tiny wet noodle. Good!

"Did you learn your lesson?" I asked him patiently.

"Yes Ma'am!" he practically yelled out.

"Do we need another session with the belt to remind you?" I asked.

"No Ma'am! Please Ma'am! No!" So frantic.

"In that case you better get those bikes ready to go for next weekend. No excuses!"

"Yes Ma'am. No excuses!!!"

For some reason I believed him.

I know some of you will think that I am being overly cruel with my husband for a slight affair. It is actually he who craves the beatings he gets, and I accommodate. It is cathartic for him to be beaten like this for a true misdeed. In this case, it is most true that you need to be cruel to be kind!

Saturday, April 21

Raped by the Sister!

Ha ha! I know, clickbait title. You all want to hear about lil' ol' me "raped" by my sister.

Actually, what I will recount here is a roleplay between my husband and I. Much fun was had!

Sister fucks brother roleplay!

While it is true that our most common "roleplay" is Strict Alpha Wife on top of submissive beta husband (and yes, sometimes even I wonder how much it's a role and how much it's r/l!), we do like changing it up every now and then, and both david and I have a "thing" for taboo incest roleplay. So we jointly came up with a scenario (ok, more me than him) and we acted it out.

If you are triggered by brother-sister incest roleplay,
or by rape fantasies at all
(including male on male prison rape fantasies),
best not to read on!!!

david plays my younger brother, around 19 or so. He was living with foster parents until he got into trouble. I am his older sister, 23 years old, struggling to work and live on my own. We are all each other has, but we have not been that close.

He had just spent a month time in jail awaiting trial for theft over $1000 (he and his no good "friends" from back in high school stole goods from a warehouse - a non-violent inside job - and were caught). He was pleading guilty. It was a first offense.

His foster parents have had enough of him, and are washing their hands of him. They did not even bail him out and I could not afford it.

Nonetheless it fell to me to help the little brat. david's court-appointed lawyer and I managed to convince the judge to commute his sentence to house arrest under my supervision. I needed to have a "private talk" with the judge in his chambers to finally convince him. I am at my most convincing when I am skirt up, panties down, bent across His Worship's desk getting my pussy banged hard.

Somehow, amidst all my enthusiastic sucking and fucking, I must have impressed the judge as being someone capable of controlling my brother. He was not wrong. The judge releasing him was stern, and told him that if he gave me any trouble, all I needed to do was call the court to have him returned to jail for the full remaining duration of his sentence plus an additional 6 months.

So the scene starts with my brother delivered to the front door of my house by two officers of the court, complete with ankle bracelet tracker which they set up before leaving him alone with me.

He is looking sad, scared, and beaten up (by his time in prison, not by the officers who were very kind).

So that was all part of the "back story" for our roleplay. When I do a roleplay I like the scene to be fully fleshed out so that we understand our characters and and the background and then just act spontaneously according to how you would act in this situation. So not scripted, but more of an improv based on a richer back story.

We start the scene right after the cops leave and he and I are alone together. At first I act the totally loving and nurturing sister. "Awww, baby... Are you ok? Was it horrible?"

david looks miserable. He hugs me starts crying in my arms. I take him over to the sofa and sit him down beside me. He starts telling me all about prison. I listen very sympathetically and draw him out with questions. It turns out he had a cellmate who was very rough with him. He frequently made my little brother suck off his big dick. After lights out, he would go to his bunk, strip him, and fuck him in his ass with his hand over his mouth. Spit lubed and nothing else.

If he did not comply he got beaten up. He legitimately feared for his life and became this man's prison bitch. He called his cellmate "Bubba" behind his back. Bubba found out. For that, david got stripped and put across Bubba's knee for a ridiculously long and hard hand spanking. The prison guards ignored it. Sometimes the inmates just needed to work some things out among themselves, and a butt spanking was hardly something to get excited about. After all, the kid needed to learn prison rules. At the next meal time, all the prisoners laughed as "Bubba's bitch", as he came to be known, gingerly sat on his bruised red posterior. At least Bubba kept the other inmates away from him.

So all that came out during our discussion, and you need to imagine me sitting there with a very concerned sisterly look, egging him on, and david reluctantly saying all of this and then breaking down and sobbing in my arms.

When discussing with david in advance, this was all part of the backstory explaining why he would do literally anything to not have to go back to prison. From my point of view, I enjoyed making my husband tell me all about his rough gay sex "experience" in prison. It's a fantasy of mine for me to "force him" to be with a guy ("forced bi" it's called). david has always resisted relenting to this. But it turns me on like crazy the thought of pulling the strings and making a big Alpha Male make my husband into his bitch! So, a bit of an "ulterior motive" there for me!

Once I got everything out of him, that's when I turn the corner on him. I can't hold it in any longer and I start laughing (as he is crying) telling him what a little bitch he is and how he got exactly what he deserved for breaking the law!

He argues with me and is indignant #metoo style that I am not taking his ordeal seriously. It's rape! I tell him to "suck it up princess", how I've had plenty of cocks in me, some more and some less consensually, and you don't see me breaking down and sobbing like a bitch. "But not in your ass!" he cries, and I say (truthfully as it turns out) "including in my ass" (though from r/l him and he knows it!).

Then I tell him ominously that he shouldn't expect it to be much better around here... I start laying down the law for little brother. This is the part I really love in roleplay, laying down the law!

As he is under house arrest and can't work, he will be doing ALL the housework, and ALL the cooking. He can order fresh foods for delivery from my account. He will do online correspondence courses to improve himself. No gaming or internet porn (I have the Net Nanny installed). And no jerking off in my house!

He gets really upset at this, and stomps his foot. Before prison his whole life was online gaming, internet porn, and jerking off! He pleads that he's been in prison for a month and was scared of jerking off (Bubba didn't allow it either, as it turned out). I relent on the last one. I tell him that if he obeys all the rules, then as a reward I'll allow him to jerk off, but he has to ask me each time, I decide if he gets to, and I decide what materials he may look at, no exceptions.

He looks very crestfallen and sulky. "You better improve that attitude," I tell him, "or you won't be jerking off anytime soon." I say it with all the disdain for the act I can muster, as only an older sister can to her younger brother.

"But cheer up," I tell him, "I got you a get out of jail present." He looks a bit more hopeful. I get up and go get it and bring it back. I hold it up for him to see.

"Look, a nice pair of panties for you to wear."

His mouth drops open.

"I figure you needed a little putting in your place, so get used to it, because you'll be wearing panties every single day you're still living with me. Here, strip and put these on, NOW!"

"No!" he says, stomping his foot.

"Awww, they're just a cute little pair of panties. I mean you'll be doing all the housework around here, like a housewife, you may as well dress the part. NOW!"

"No! I'd rather go back to prison!" he cries out.

"Ok," I say. I go and pickup my mobile phone, calling his bluff. I dial. "Oh, hello, yes, may I please speak with Officer Smith. This is Julie Delmar."

david is looking a bit worried.

"Oh, hello, yes, Officer Smith? Julie Delmar here. It's about my brother..."

david looks panicky and he snatches the panties from my hand and holds them, begging "ok, ok."  I motion to him with my free hand and my eyes to strip and put them on. Meanwhile I continue my phone call, "so I just wanted to get something straight, I can call you for any reason at all? Like, no questions asked, and he goes back to prison, right?"

david has started frantically taking off his clothes. I see his bare penis and backside! Then he yanks the panties on in a most unladylike fashion and puts his arms out, pleading with me, "I'm in them, see!"

"Ok, then, thank you. I just wanted to check. No, not at all.  A little bit resistant to some of my rules, but he seems to be coming around now. But it's great to know I have you there if I need you. Thank you again. Bye bye now."

I turn to david and tell him sternly, "next time I call, it won't be to ask them a question. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he says.

How delightful, he's spontaneously started "Yes Ma'am'ing" his big sister!

So that was fun, getting him into those panties. I thought the whole background and premise made a pretty compelling reason for baby brother to agree to just about anything. I mean, if you were in that situation, would you have not hopped right into those panties?

"Oh My God! Look at you!" I said. "Put your hands at your sides. Just look at you!"

My little brother was totally tenting the front of his panties!!!!

"I'm sorrrrry," he whined, "It's just, I haven't, you know, in a whole month!"

"You're disgusting," I told him with a sneer. Then I continued, "There's one more rule you need to know about," I told him. I walked away and then walked back holding a paddle. "You screw up, you get paddled."

I sat down on the couch. "Across my knee," I told him.

"What? Why? I haven't even screwed up yet!" he wailed.

"Excuse me?" I responded. "Did I not have to call the freaking cops to get you into your panties just now? When I give you an order, I expect to be obeyed. Immediately and enthusiastically. Got it?"

"yes ma'am," he said.

"So get across my knee."

david came over to me and draped himself over my knee. I started in on his spanking with my hand, slapping the seat of his cute little panties. Before too long, I lowered his panties down past his knees, and continued with my hand spanking on his bare bum.

"You disobey me, you get punished, understand?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Did you get spanked like this in prison, by Bubba?" I asked with a smile in my voice.

"Yes!" he wailed. Ha ha!

I picked up the paddle and started rubbing it threateningly on his ass. "You're going to learn your lesson," I told him. "How do you obey me?"

"Immediately and enthusiastically?"


"No," I corrected him, "immediately and enthusiastically, Ma'am!"

"Immediately and enthusiastically, Ma'am!" he repeated.


Waaaaaaaa! He wailed. That paddle was doing a NUMBER on him! His ass reddened up right away under my hard strokes. I kept going and going, giving him a proper ass blistering. The kind an angry sister is liable to give her life-wrecking little brother.

I readjust him to have him straddle my left knee as I pulled on and clamped down on his near foot with my right foot. He had to kind of wrap himself around me and I could feel his left arm around my ass. His cock and balls were laying on my knee as if on a platter. This position allowed me to paddle better down and into his soft thighs, which I really TORCHED! I pulled on the skin of his low ass cheeks and paddled thigh and low cheek, held taught. Poor baby was really suffering there!

I varied intensity from medium to hard to super hard. I had him bouncing around and screeching like a six-year-old.

Every now and then I would pause to give him a little lecture. I reached my hand down between his legs and fondled his cock and balls.

"nooooo... please... don't..." he complained as I fondled him to erect. "You're my sister! Don't!"

"Ok, then," I said, dropping his cock, taking up the paddle and laying into him some more!

When I thought his poor ass had had enough for one night I stopped and pushed him off of me.

"One more lesson for you to learn tonight," I told him. "Upstairs."

I pushed him in front of me and smacked his ass all the way up the stairs to the bedroom. When he got there, he saw that there was already a towel laid out on the bed. I told him to lie face up on top of the towel, and not to dare touch his cock! His penis was working its way back to full erection after his paddling, and was nearing that already.

I took off my shirt. I had no bra under it.

"What, you've never seen tits before?" I asked him as I saw him (my "little brother") gawking at his big sister's bare breasts. His erection sprang to "painfully erect", sticking straight up.

"Filthy!" I said as I slapped his cock hard with my hand.

Then I pulled off my jeans and got down to just my panties. I pulled on the strap-on harness and put the mid-sized dildo into it.

"no... please..." he begged.

"Shut up, bitch," I told him. "Just because you're under house arrest here don't think your fuckings stop. You still need to pay your debt to society."

With that, I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to kneeling in front of me. "Suck it!" He looked reluctant. I tightened my grip on his hair and I forced my cock down his throat. "Suck it you little bitch, just like you did in prison."

I really like calling him "bitch" during roleplay. It's a special turn-on word for both me and him.

You know you're fucking his throat good when the saliva starts flowing, and oh boy did it. It positively coated my cock and dribbled down around his mouth and onto the floor in a puddle. Bitch.

I pulled his face off my cock and said, "now get on your hands and knees on the bed. Head down. Knees spread. Get that ass up high. That's a good little bitch. Time to get fucked."

Unlike "Bubba" I used a bottle of lube. I coated my cock with it and I dribble a bunch on his asshole which made him wince from the cold. I used my hand to rub it into his hole bit. Then I put the tip right against his asshole and started applying pressure. "Is this how Bubba did it? With you bent over like a little bitch? Well it's how I do it, so get used to it." I pushed slowly into him and then drove it in to the hilt. Grabbing his hips I started thrusting in and out and in and out, gradually increasing the depth, speed, and force of the thrusts. "Welcome to your life for the next five months," I told him.

I love the feeling of power I get while fucking a man. It's a bit of a workout for me, but not painful at all. In fact, quite pleasurable as the base of the dildo pushes into my clit very nicely. He is in quite some distress, however, but also enjoying his humiliating ass fucking, as I can tell from his moans that mix pain and pleasure all together. In doggy I really like watching the cock slide practically out and then ALL the way back in again. His hole stretches so wide around my cock, and seals so tightly. Sometimes I pull all the way out, and his hole just stays open gaping at me. I thrust in from an inch away and ram it all the way home, balls deep. Then I grab his hips more tightly and really jackhammer that ass. After I'm done, he knows he's been fucked!

I pull out and david collapses onto the bed, completely spent. I clean his ass with paper towels and take the strap-on off. I make him lie face up again. His cock once again flaccid from his rough fucking.

I stood in front of him be the side of the bed and pulled my panties off, baring myself completely.

"As long as you're here," I said, "and seeing as I have no time for boys anyways..." With that I straddled his face, looking down his body, bent forward, and told him "Lick!"

"no..." he said, "it's wrong... please..."


Lap, lap, lap, lap, lap, just like a good little brother should. I reached for his cock and started rubbing that.

"no... please..." he begged, but I kept rubbing his dick. I spat on it and rubbed it some more as he kept licking my pussy. I put my mouth around it and sucked. That made it good and hard for me! I ground myself into his face as he licked me furiously with his tongue. I faked a bit of an orgasm (I really wanted something a bit different) and said "Good boy!"

I continued, "for your reward, you can jerk that filthy cock of yours until it spurts."

david wasted no time in licking his palm and getting his hand down there.

"One condition," I told him. "You keep your tongue up my ass while you're doing it."

"Nooooo...." he moaned.

"Obey! Or it'll be Bubba's ass you're licking," I threaten.

I felt the tip of his tounge start exploring my bumhole.

"That's it," I encouraged him, "rub it all around there, and then stick it up nice and deep. Deep as you can." He did just that while furiously stroking his cock. I licked my fingers and started rubbing my clit. I love the feel of his tongue lodged up my bumhole as I diddle my clit while having the visual of him jerking off his incredibly hard cock!

To encourage him further, I continued the roleplay. "You're going to earn your keep around here, boy. I'm already setting up a web site for genuine brother-sister femdom. You're going to be a star, baby. The whole world will see you getting spanked and ass-fucked by me. Oh, and there's going to be live seminars also. I'll have over groups of women at a time and let them each have a turn. Whatever implements they use is fine. The harder the more it'll cost. Same for your fuckings. The bigger their dicks, the more I charge. You'll pay your way in this household, missy!"

That sort of talk always turns my husband on. He continued rubbing furiously with his toungue up my ass. I waited for him to cum, and when he did I rubbed myself a little more intensely and came as well, just at about the same time he did.

I recovered for a moment then hopped off him and to his side. I slid my fingers along his abdomen, tummy, and chest and fed him his cum with my fingers. I did that again and again until it was all gone and down his hatch. I whispered, "little slut," as I made him swallow it.

And there we go, another successful roleplay in the Strict Julie household!

Sunday, April 1

Alex - Embarrassing and Fun

Alex's blog, Embarrassing & Fun, is a fun romp.

I first became aware of Alex almost six years ago in January of 2012 when he dropped a comment on my blog entry Impromptu Shopping Trip. Whenever I got a new commenter in those days I looked them up to see if they had a blog of their own. I found out that Alex had just started one as well. We linked to one another in our blogrolls and have been friendly ever since.

So Alex and I go way back, but mainly via mutually exchanged comments. It wasn't until 2016 that Alex and I exchanged emails. Upon my request, Alex shared with me a very humiliating episode in his own life that he had arranged, complete with audio recording. Delightful! Later in 2016 I asked Alex to plug my first real spanking (Some news from the Spankosphere) which along with some other bloggers helped drive my page views through the stratosphere that month!

What Alex does is using his skills he manipulates images to create "fantasy scenes" that he then comments on. There are hundreds of these freely available on his blog pages.

More lately Alex has been requesting a donation of your choice for his work to help to pay the bills. To help him, I asked if I could select three of my favourite images from his "Private Collection" available to his supporters and display them and comment on them publicly. Alex was a bit concerned that it would be a betrayal of faith with his supporters, but relented in the end with "I'll just tell my loyal fans who bought these pictures that it is exceptional and only concerns a few pictures. Because honestly, who would dare to resist Julie? : ) Not me." Well said, little alex!

We'll start with one of Alex's older "free ones" that has some personal significance, and then move on to the three I picked from his "Private Collection".

One of his first ones that I became aware of was Shopping Panties for hubby!!  inspired by an amalgam of two my escapades with david. He did the image and added the text below in his post:

"I told the salesgirl we were there to buy panties for this gentleman here, for him to wear. Oh dear! Both the salesgirl and my man's mouths dropped open at the same time!"
(Strict Julie's spicy life in November 2011: Panty shopping).

I guess the staff and some customers may have been interested to take a little picture as souvenir? It could be a moment of glory when they show this to their colleagues at the habitual Friday after-work drink. So this is the moment I have pictured above. And how fun this is to surprise your man with this sweet humiliation? Thank you again Julie to have inspired me in this!
Ha ha! As I said, the scene is an amalgam of two that david and I did for real (described here and here). It did happen just as I described it in my blog, but Alex went further imagining the lack of privacy in the change rooms and the nude picture taking. There were other later occasions where I did have david try things on and otherwise embarrassed him in public (here, here, and here, for example). I also detailed the amalgam scenes Alex refers to at more length in Chapter 7 of my ebook, and then added onto the end (it's pretty obvious where!) an extension into pure fantasy where the entire female staff put him through his paces.

What I love about Alex's work is the attention to detail. My husband is pictured wearing a Canadian T-shirt with a Toronto football team on it. I am crouching down in the change room, very elegantly dressed, a wisp of my blonde hair visible, helping him try on his panties. I clearly left the curtain a little ajar to add to his anxiety and embarrassment and did not allow him to close it. Wasn't he surprised when a woman came by at just the "wrong" moment. Is that the salesgirl or a customer who happened by and decided to take a pic of a humiliated husband in the process of being panty-trained by his strict wife? Isn't that a delightful little humiliating smirk she has on her face as she is taking the photo? As Alex indicates, she will get together with her colleagues and girlfriends on Friday night and pass the photo around, having a good laugh at this poor hubbie's expense!

Alex has many beach-themed scenes where young men get humiliated by confident, sexy women, generally for an inability to control themselves. You poor boys: completely unable to hide your excitement at a pretty, half-naked woman! This young woman intends to accompany little alex back to his mother to complain about his ogling and lewd reaction. If Alex's other works are anything to judge by, this young man will likely be publicly spanked in front of the young lady, lose his swimsuit privileges for the remainder of the day, and be put into his "balls pacifier" and set to building sand castles while all the young ladies on the beach laugh at him. I can SO imagine myself being that young lady in that image! Oh the fun I would have with that poor lad!

A second common theme in Alex's work is the medical examination, where again the young man cannot control his bodily reactions to being seen and touched by attractive women. Just look at how poor alex has disgraced himself: a full blown erection in front of his Mother and his female Doctor! Mom knows she must be stern, but can barely contain her mirth at her son's reactions. The Doctor has seen this before, and is looking him straight in the eye, pointedly not looking down at that disgusting thing! alex can not look back at her, he is too embarrassed! He is told that his body is playing tricks on him, and that today he will certainly not be penetrating the pretty, older, disinterested Doctor! However, the examination will continue, regardless of the state of his penis. We can only hope alex will not humiliate himself even more by "leaking" his sticky mess during his subsequent examination. Sometimes I wish I was a Doctor - I would have such fun with the male patients (so good thing I am not!).

This last one is another common theme. It is the son being discovered doing something quite perverted. In many cases he is discovered with a dirty magazine and is spanked by his religious Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, or neighbour. In this case the sin is even more egregious. He has been caught spying on his naked sister in the shower! What do you imagine is the appropriate punishment for this? Well, it is a spanking household and both Mom and Sister are very upset with him. Mom emerges with the spanking paddle in hand, commanding her son to remove ALL of his clothes. His sister had no privacy, why should he? The spanking will occur over his Mother's knee while his Sister watches, and will continue, at a no doubt furious pace, until his Sister says he has had enough. Wronged and embarrassed Sisters can be very cruel to their younger brothers. We can therefore only imagine that little alex will be in for a very, very, long spanking! Afterwards, naked corner time for the little pervert showing off his well-spanked derrière. Sister will be allowed to invite her girlfriends over to complete little alex's humiliation. How they will all laugh at his raw red buttocks! Will his penis engorge when being made fun of by these young ladies? Will his Sister notice and call over her Mom to see? Imagine how angry she will be! Poor alex will be pulled out of the corner, made to face the young ladies with his hands on his head and apologize for his disgusting display, and then be re-spanked until the offending appendage is seen by all to be well-wilted!

There we go! One of Alex's public photos, and three from his "Private Collection", all of which you can see by making a small anonymous donation.

Alex is a true talent. Please support this naughty artist's ongoing efforts!


Monday, March 26

A little spanking for david

Yesterday night I gave david a little treat.

He was watching TV around 9:30pm or so. I went to him, took him by his wrist and made him come along. He always gets this very sheepish look in his face and blushes when I do this to him. He knows what's coming!

I took him like that, slowly, all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

"Take off your clothes," I told him. He stripped to bare for me as I admired him.

I sat on the side of the bed and beckoned him over my lap. He scrunched over me, with both legs and chest resting on the bed.

I started spanking him with just my hand. Just a nice light spanking.

This session would be more "massage" than punishment. I started pulling his cheeks apart and spanking all around his anus. He gets particularly excited when I do this, he is such a bad boy! I puled hard on his cheeks and smacked my palm right across the center, which sent a jolt right into his bumhole.

I reached over to the bedside table and got the little bottle of lube and one of his prostate massagers. I dribbled the lube onto and around his anus, and also onto the toy. I pressed the toy into his bum until it went in deep.

He moaned loudly as it sunk home.

I continued spanking his low cheeks with the butt plug in.

I told him to get up off my lap and to lie face down in the middle of the bed with one pillow beneath his hips.

I got the massage oil and I rubbed it into his shoulders, back, neck, buttocks, and legs. I then gave him a massage. As I massaged his upper legs, my hands glanced past his testicles and his penis, which excited him. I also massaged deeply into his bum crack, all around the plug. I reached between his legs and pulled out his cock and balls fully, and had him push his legs back together again.

I continued massaging everywhere except his cock and balls. He was anticipating my touch there, but I withheld it for a time.

He likes when I mix some submissive fantasy into his sexing. As I rubbed him I asked him gently if he was thinking of those massage parlours he used to go to, with the young ladies massaging him naked like this. He just sort of moans in response.

I told him that I bet they didn't spank him rosy first, and keep a plug in his ass during his massage.

Now I moved to his cock and balls.

I suggested that I take him to the massage parlour. Pay a young lady to watch me fuck him. Tell her that you have been a bad boy, that you have been seeing whores, and that as punishment you agreed to be treated like a whore in front of a pretty young lady. That is why you are blushing so much, dressed in your bra and panties in front of her. First you go for a trip across my knee, where your panties are lowered and you are given a spanking. Then its up on your hands and knees on the massage table. I get behind you with my strap-on dildo, and give you a fucking while she watches. That would be worth $100 to have a young lady witness that, no?

I'll tell her to go see who else is free to come and watch. Tell her there's $20 for anybody who pops their head in to watch. Hand her a pile of $20's to go round up anybody she can. Meanwhile I still have my cock up your ass.

She goes out excitedly - this is fun for her! She comes back with several other young ladies, and the receptionist also. They all crowd in and watch as you get treated like my little whore. Our girl explains to the others that it's a husband being punished by his wife with a spanking, a dressing up, and a long hard anal fucking, for seeing whores.

They all roundly condemn your actions, and say that you're getting exactly what you deserve!

I have been rubbing his cock all this time, and this mental image is too much for him. He convulses and spurts his seed down the backs of his legs.

I tell him to clean himself up and to get into bed as he has an early day tomorrow.

Saturday, March 24

Tim Punished

Some of you were wondering what happened to Tim's cartoon that appeared briefly on my last post and was then removed. I will share with you the whole story and its aftermath here. It makes for an interesting case study in online boorish behaviour, something I am subjected to with some regularity.

Tim, a.k.a. "Hattrick" was the person I was bantering back and forth with in my post Are Women Just Wired to be Submissive. He lit the flame that got me started on my family swatting and the several weeks of submissiveness that ensued. Towards the end of that, as I was considering swapping roles, Tim sent me a gift in an email.
Hi julie,
I just thought these might be a couple of fun cartoons for you! 😉

I interpreted these as a gift to do with as I pleased (was I wrong on that count?) and used the second one in my blog post Tables Turned! to illustrate what was going on in my mind as I was preparing for the turn. I added a cheeky caption to it attributing it to "tim" and thanking him for sending it. I deliberately lower-cased his name as we had been going back and forth on the lower-case / upper-case thing, and in my mind this was a continuation of a fun flirtation.

Well, Tim behaved poorly. We exchanged comments on that blog post (since removed), but I have them all in my email still.

His first comment was
So julie I Think you made a Typo in The carToon capTion use missed a CAPITAL “T” as in TIM. Perhaps you just forgot “one of my readers named Tim (there is more than one tim, but this one I have to capitalize from now on,” …TIM ;-)
The comment struck me as not being so playful in tone as I would have expected, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and responded cheekily.
I'm sorry, timmy, you must be referring to my subby identical twin sister, julie. ;-)
Soon after I wrote this, I received a lengthy email from Tim.
Well julie....

I must say I'm very disappointed in you.

I know that you will not respond well to this 'verbal spanking', I also know, from previous experience, that you will spin it to look like you are "definitely in the right", but unfortunately, however you spin it, what ever good will that may have been established has been torn down, and for what? An unnecessary display of wannabe dommyness for your blog!!

Not only did you use my recent cartoon in your latest blog post (Tables Turned), without my explicit permission, but you've reverted back to referring to me in lowercase; the same as all the rest of the masturbating, submissive, cum guzzling sycophants. Something I thought you'd have realized by now that I'm not! This email should be proof of that! While some other reader would be choking back his cum right now all you've done is made me angry and disappointed, (not that you care).

I am less angry about the use of the cartoon than I am about the lowercase name. I would have, in all likely hood, agreed to it's use anyway, but it would have been nice to have been asked rather than it be assumed! At first I thought it must be just a typo and was willing to give the benefit of the doubt (re my nudge, nudge comment on the blog). After reading the post again carefully, that is clearly not the case, it was no typo. There is no misinterpretation of the words "but this one I have to capitalize from now on" those words are quite clear and indisputable no matter how you try to spin Doctor them. You may very well point out that I have still being addressing you in lowercase. That is very true, but I never made a claim to do otherwise, and as events have now shown I was justified in continuing to do so! I would have eventually changed my form address had the respect toward me continued as professed, clearly it has not. They were your words, not mine, you published them for all your blog fiefdom to read. That is what is so disappointing!

I thought we had moved past that, I earned that respect.

I thought you would have had more integrity than that!

Very, very disappointed!!!
That was a very long, petty, and annoying email. I am VERY protective of my "cum guzzling" fans!!! You are the greatest guys on Earth, and what nerve with this guy? And so petty! And trying to act all "above" and Dommy? Give me a fucking break. All he's displaying here is his very thin skin. TOTAL turn off to display so much insecurity while pretending to be a Dom. yuck.

Soon after that email he must have seen my return comment, and his comment back got even angrier.
TIMMY IS NOT THE LEAST BIT AMUSED!!!! THIS REFERS TO BOTH subby julie AND her wannabe domme twin!!
Also kindly remove the cartoon as you do not have explicit permission to use it!!
I did not publish this one, and I was starting to get a little freaked out by the vehemence. As if he was so invested in Domming me that he was incapable of bantering. I deleted the comment, ignored the above email diatribe, and wrote him a polite email.

In regards to your comment that I deleted, please remember that you're a guest on my blog. This is a Dommy post, intended for my subie readers. I will not be breaking character on this post.

Best Regards,

He wrote me an email back

That's fine I shall refrain from making in further comments on this post!

However, please note that you were still not given explicit permission to use this cartoon, therefore I must insist that you remove it. I will also ask that you refrain from using any other materials that I may have sent you, that you have not received explicit permission to use

Best Regards.

Well I was now getting more than a little annoyed at Tim. Isn't it annoying how he copied my letter format? I had constructed the blog post using the cartoon and I would have to edit it in order to work around it. But I had zero desire to lift a single finger for somebody displaying this sort of boorish attitude. I wrote back.
I find that to be very petty of you tim, and a transparent attempt to dominate me.

You sent it to me unsolicited for my own use without limitation and so I shall use it as I see fit.

I will remove the caption crediting you, however.

Then he responded with more of the same.
The fact that you find this to be petty, julie, is of little consequence to me. In so far as an attempt to dominate don't flatter yourself I really couldn't care less.

Yes the material, as with other material, was sent unsolicited, as was other material that permission to use was requested in advance . However without lilmitation for use as you deem, I don't think so. However please feel free to point me in the direction of the statement on your blog that so specifies that "unsolicited material sent to the blog owner becomes the sole proprietary property of the blog owner for use at their descreation and the author and or producer of said material waives any and all rights to such material". Show me where that statement, or similar, is on your blog and I will stand down!

Otherwise save yourself the grief and take it and the accompanying caption down.

Ok, at this point I read this as some sort of pseudo-legal threat to me, and it scared me. He might contact Google, claim it was his work, and make more vindictive claims regarding my blog and have it taken down. I am feeling vulnerable with all the sexual content I post. Or he might be threatening to dox me somehow? I don't know. Last thing I wanted to do was to deal with a lunatic. I responded with one line:
Fine. Good riddance.
I removed the cartoon and all comments referencing him from that blog entry and hoped he would just stop harassing me.

Well, a few days later Tim comes crawling back to me, half-repentant.

I have been reading the comments so I am going to assume that you have not as yet flagged my emails as trash?

I understand that you are peeved with me, as I am with you.

I would like to point out that you are not the only agreived party here and therefore not completely blameless in this! You did renege on captilizing my name, something you publibly vowed to do, then tried to fluff it off and then hide behind your dommy persona. You did use something without express permission. You had not done that in the past, you always asked first that set a presedent.

I on the other hand realise that I behaved very very badly and boorish to the situation.

I believe there is room for restitution on both sides. I would like to propose that we check or Dom/sub personas and discuss this as adults to reach an amicable resolution satifactory to both of us.

If you are not in the least bit interested then that's fine. We can just both travel the good riddance highway!
I know I should have just ghosted him, but I believe in peace and reconciliation, not war, so I hoped there was a chance at saving the situation, but it would only be on my terms.
Hi Tim,

At least we can agree that you did behave very poorly.

You frightened me with your aggressive email. I am very concerned about being doxed, and also concerned that the blog may be taken down at any moment by Google if people complain, and thousands would lose this forum. As you know, I make no money from this at all, and frankly losing the blog might be a relief as it is a big time commitment, but I would feel genuinely bad for the fans. Based on the tone of your message, which was out of all proportion to the good-natured teasing regarding the capitalization of your name, I was quite concerned that you are not stable.

You will have to earn my trust back.
I tried to take a balanced and even tone, and refrained from referring to places where he felt I did him wrong (which I disagreed with, but thought it not worth discussing).

Rome was not built in a day, and Tim wrote back again,
Hi Julie,

You replied back so I'm hoping this is a sign that we can perhaps move forward with this.

First, I would like to reassure you that you were never at risk of losing this blog at any time. At the very least not from me! As pissed as I was at the time I never had any intention of going to Google or who ever the watch dog for blogs may be. I would not and could not do that to you or your loyal readers, and whether or not I am banned for life, believe me I would miss it too! (What is doxed by the way?)

I understand that there are now trust issues. They exsist for both of us.

Right now I am not seeing any acceptance for some of the blame here. When someone tells me something I have a tendency to take them at their word and believe they will follow through with what they say! I trust that they are not lying to me or playing me! When they don't, follow through, they lose my trust and my loyalty. I believe the good natured teasing regarding the capitalization of my name was nothing more than a way to try to skirt the issue, after I had already raised it. I still to this point do not understand your reasing for it (the lowercase lettering) both it and the explantions for it made no sense given your previous declaration.

If you truly feel that you are blameless here then I don't believe there is a chance for us to move forward. Please do not view this as some veiled transparent attempt to dominate you, it is not.

It is an attempt to establish that neither of us are blameless here, that we both have a certain amount of responsilbilty to shoulder and we both have trust to rebuild.

If you are willing to admit to, and accept, some of the liabilty here, then I have a proposal I would like to pitch. However it is contingient on that admission.

If not then I guess we are truly done.


As I said, Rome was not built in a day, but I was getting some movement here. And I felt that if only Tim would understand the differences in our situation, he might be made into a better, nicer person and think more of others in general. So I gave it another try, still on my terms (I DO NOT give up where there's hope).
Here's the difference, Tim.

In one case it's you being obsessed by the difference between "tim" and "Tim" and ascribing a ridiculous importance to something that is absolutely silly. What I did was referring to you as "tim" in a playful and cheeky and in fact flirty way on my own blog, in a polite caption crediting you for your cartoon which you made and sent to me as a lovely gift.

In the other case it's you making things extremely awkward for me, genuinely worrying me, and forcing me to physically change my blog entry after it has already been posted, which people noticed. Your coercive overreaction frankly made me very concerned. I did not think I overreacted at all to your frightening threats. "Doxing" is exposing an anonymous Internet person's true identity. My career and relationships are at risk from it. It's no insignificant thing for me. And protecting the blog is no insignificant thing for me either. What else other than these things could you have meant by your threats? In all my years corresponding with hundreds of men, nobody has ever been as bullying and impolite and threatening towards me as you have been. I urge you to re-read your email to me and try to put yourself in my shoes.

If you think there is any sort of parity here as to who did the most harm to whom, you are very mistaken.
Well, after this message, something must have happened and he finally saw the light. Yay!
Hello Julie,

I apologize....I apologize for my bad behaviour, my ill manners, my temper tantrums and in general poor attitude.... I apologize for the problems, the aggravation, the stress, and the fear I have caused you. There is no excuse for it.

I want you to know that this is not some attempt to try to appease you, I do not expect any forgiveness, that I have overstayed my welcome here is a foregone conclusion.

This is a heart felt, no strings attached, apology for everything.

I am truly sorry!!

Ahhh! That felt good. So rare that a person actually comes around like this. I responded back.
Hi Tim,

Your apology is accepted and you are forgiven. I do not hold grudges and am relieved that you are not a threat.

You do get quite angry at perceived slights. Is that a "thing" you are trying to deal with?

Would it make you feel better if I assigned you a mild punishment of my choosing?
Actually, I really, really wanted to punish Tim, which is why I added the last, but I wanted to suggest it in a way that would not restart the wars and would see the greatest likelihood of him actually accepting my punishment. Initially I was a bit disappointed at his response.
Hi Julie,

Thank you for your graciousness and your forgiveness. You are a far better person than I.

No this is not something I'm working on. Believe it or not I am normally a very calm and collected person. Now that the dust has settled even I am having hard time understanding my outburst and subsequent rampage. It is hugely embarassing.

Thank you for the offer of a mild punishment but it won't be needed. I am already in the process of arranging for my own well spanked ass as punishment. It won't be happening right away, but it will be happening!

In the meantime I will be staying away, from the blog, until such time as I have been appropriately punished for my actions. If that is alright with you?

A day later, before I had a chance to respond, he sent me another email.
Hi Julie,

Further to my previous email, I have been thinking about your offer of a mild punishment! I don't know if it will make me feel better, but I do feel it is now the right thing for me to do, to help make amends, especially knowing that it is coming from you as the wronged party.

This will not be replacing the hard spanking I have already mentioned. That I will be getting regardless!


Ms. Julie, may I please be assigned a mild punishment, of your choosing, as restitution for my actions?

Thank You,

Ahhh! A contrite little boy. Finally. I responded.
Good decision. I can respect that. Get a pad of paper and a pen, and write out 100 times by hand,

    "I must not behave badly, be ill mannered, or have temper tantrums online."

Take a photo of the results and send it to me. I won't publish it unless you ask me to in order to make full online penance (which would also include a photo of your spanked bum).
Quite mild, and I would not publish it unless I had him asking me to. I DO NOT believe in publishing anything of a personal or private nature without the full buy-in of the involved parties.
Ms Julie,

Thank you for assigning the punishment to me.

Attached are the photos of my 100 hand written lines as requested. I hope they meet your expectations.

I would like you to know that I also received my spanking! My bottom is quite red, sore and welted even though it may not look that way in the photos. I have attached two photos of my spanked bottom. I am holding a note which says "timmy's spanked bum" so that you'll know it is actually my bottom.

Please, Ms Julie may I ask you to publish them so that I can make my full online penance complete.

Thank you Ms Julie,

Well is not that just a delight! I wrote back, still in my stern mode.
Ok Tim,

But in addition I will have to re-publish the cartoon and excerpts from our correspondence to provide context. It will be deeply shaming for you. Please acknowledge your acceptance of this.
He did.
Yes Ma'am, I fully understand that I will be shamed and embarassed beyond belief!

I acknowledge and accept!

Thank you Ma'am
I was now curious about his spanking. I could tell that it was not self-administered from the evenness of the damage. I asked Tim to give me the full lowdown on that. This is how he responded.
Hi Julie,

This is pretty much what I can remember.

Have a lady friend; I have known her more than 20 years, we are not romantically involved just good friends. A few years back we were trash talking each other and after something I said she replied to the effect “I should spank you for that” and then she did, nothing to serious and not on the bare. Since then we developed a one way spanking relationship. Whenever I feel the need for a spanking I give her a call and she is usually happy to accommodate me. I contacted her on Saturday shortly after I sent my apology email and told her about what had transpired. She agreed to do it but said she was busy and wouldn’t be available until the following weekend. Sunday afternoon she called to say her plans had fallen through and that she could do the spanking that evening. I was to be at her home around 6:00pm. When I arrived we went to the kitchen where she poured us some coffee. She wanted to know more details about the situation, so I showed her our email conversations. When she was done reading she quite literally said “What kind of fucking asshole does that? No wonder you’re asking for a spanking”. She told me that she would give me the spanking under the condition that she is not to be involved in any way, with any of this afterwards, and would certainly not be in any photos.

At this point she told me to strip, and while I was doing that she spread a heavy blanket over her island work station, while she continued to chastise me. For the life of me I cannot remember very much of what else she said, I was only thinking of how disappointed in me she must have been and how small I felt, but D- bag and asshole were mentioned a few times. She then told me to bend over and grab a hold of the far edge of the island. When I was in position she stood beside me and started in with a hand spanking, noticeably harder than usually. She is not much for using implements and when she does it’s usually something nearby. I don’t know for certain how long the hand spanking lasted but I would guess around 10 minutes or so! She started complaining that this wasn’t working and left my side momentarily. A few seconds later I could hear a whoosh noise from behind me and a very excited “Yes”.

I have been stung by wasps on several occasions and the first swat by this implement was like getting stung by 100 at one time. It made me jump! Each swat seemed to sting more than the one before. She would do several swats in row then stop for a few minutes. Then it would be another volley of swats. Then she would stop again. She also moved from one side of me to the other. Sometimes the swat would land directly across the middle of my bum cheeks and other times it would land on that area where the cheeks curve down to meet your legs. I have no idea how many of those swats I got. Counting them was the last thing on my mind. I guess she was too busy swinging to count them either. The punishment stopped after the third time she broke skin and drew blood.  The only thing I thought of during the spanking, aside from the pain, was “you brought this on yourself”, “you asked for it”, “it’ll be over soon!” I just kept repeating that over and over. When she finally let me up she pointed a finger at me and said “I don’t want to ever hear of you doing anything like that ever again or you will get more of this!” She then showed what she had been using on my now very sore ass. It was a long thin semi rigid clear plastic tube maybe ¼ inch diameter, one end was straight and the other was hooked, essentially like a cane I guess. It stung like a mother f****r. She then gave me a quick little hug. All in all I was across the island for about 35 to 45 minutes judging from the time on the clock.

She then had me kneel in front of the island and said “let’s get this picture stuff done so you can get going”. That’s when I thought about the sign and she got me a marker and paper. She took a couple of shots with my phone.  Then I got dressed and left.

When I got home I spent the rest of the evening sitting, with a sore ass, on a hard kitchen chair writing out 100 lines of “I must not behave badly, be ill mannered, or have temper tantrums online”

35-45 minutes of a good hard ass beating from a pissed off woman who understood fully what he had done to me. My surrogate! My hero! Even drew blood and kept going. Then having to sit on his hard kitchen chair afterwards writing out my lines. Be still my fluttery heart!

I am fully satisfied with Tim's apology, with his chastisement, and with his contrition. Following this blog post, I am happy to welcome him back with open arms as an equal and valuable contributor on my blog. I expect all of you to do likewise as well, and forgive him his trespasses as I have done.

That is after this blog entry. For this blog entry you may all pile on a bit, express any displeasure with him you may feel, and tease and embarrass him over his chastisement. Fair game this one post only.

And timmy, NOT A WORD from you in response on this blog post. NOT ONE WORD. You sit there, you read it, and you take it.