Thursday, December 13

Kitchen Punishment

I had to spank my husband yesterday. Here's what happened.

I get home from work quite late, well after dinner time. It was a long and frustrating day. I walk in through the back door that opens onto the TV room. The door is locked (as usual), and the light is off, so I am outside in the cold and dark stumbling for my keys. I get them into the door and open it. Right there is david, lounging on the couch, playing Mario Kart!

I mean, he didn't even pause the game for a second to turn on the outside light or open the door for me. He heard me fumbling at the door for my keys. Five feet away in the cold outside. Brrrrrrr!

FYI, his chosen Mario Kart character has always been... you guessed it: Princess Peach.

Ok, whatever. So I say hi, and he gives me a curt hi without even pausing. Whatever.

I walk into the kitchen. Steam comes out my ears. It's a total mess. There are dishes piled in the sink. The dishwasher is still not unloaded. There are dishes on the counter, paper wrappers not in the trash. Food on the plates. The mess was partially my fault, but the worst of it was HIM. Moreover, he had gotten home from work nice and early, and instead of tidying up the kitchen so I don't come home after a long and difficult day at work to an unholy disaster of a mess, he stuffs his face with take-out dinner and plays Mario Kart.

I take a few deep breaths. I know exactly how I'm going to deal with this. I leave the kitchen without saying anything. I take off my coat, I go upstairs to freshen up and change into house clothes. I pick up the big wooden hairbrush, and seeing it there, a little travel tube of toothpaste. I bring them downstairs and put them on the kitchen countertop.

I go into the TV room. He is oblivious. He is still playing Mario Kart. I pick up the TV remote control. He's right in the middle of a game. I turn off the TV.

"Hey!" he says, upset at me for terminating his game.

I reach out and grab him by the ear and pull him up out of his seat. He always goes docile like a lamb when I do that. He knows he's screwed up as soon as that hand grabs his ear, and he knows he's in trouble.

I ear march him into the kitchen in front of the filthy sink. I don't have to say a word.

"Oh..." he says. "Sorry..."

"Strip!" I tell him.

He always looks sheepish at this point, and a little embarrassed, despite his familiarity with humiliating corporal punishment. He does as he's told, and folds his clothes properly putting them out of the way on the kitchen table. He can't have failed but to have noticed the hairbrush and the toothpaste waiting for him on the kitchen island.

He comes back to me and stands in front of me, totally nude, facing me. His penis is hard.

"Stupid penis," I say, "it doesn't know what's about to happen to you, does it?"

"No Ma'am," he says.

I make him stand in front of the sink. I make him bend over so that his nose is right up against the filthy dishes piled there. I run some lukewarm water. I get a big glob of toothpaste on my finger, wet it and rub it all around his anal opening and up into his rectum. I repeat a second time. I have him stand. I squeeze another big glob onto my hand, and wet it, and rub it into his testicles, then up and down his shaft, and then all around his penis head. I repeat with another big glob. At first it's sticky, but pretty soon, with the water more mixed in, it becomes relatively slippery. I am essentially giving him a toothpaste handjob. I get yet another glob, wet it, and again go all over his balls and dick. He's still hard at this point.

"Now empty the dishwasher, throw out all that garbage, and get those dishes rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher!"

"Yes Ma'am!" he says. Ha ha!

As he starts working I walk over and pick up the hairbrush and gently smack the back of it into my palm over and over again. He looks nervously over to me every now and then. He knows what's coming. He doesn't need to be told.

About thirty seconds into the cleaning I see the first twinges of pain from the toothpaste. He's wiggling his bum and his legs are doing a little dance as he's doing the cleaning. I see him spreading his legs so that his balls are not at all touching his thighs. Every now and then there is big twinge and he shakes all over.

From debrief afterwards I know,
  • the burning in the bum started almost immediately, and just got worse and worse for the first three minutes or so, and then just stayed there;
  • at first his testicles did not feel much of anything, but after about a minute in (I guess the toothpaste had penetrated a bit), his balls started getting painfully "icy hot" and became sensitive to touching anything, but also sensitive to the cool breeze from the air as well, though the former was worse than the latter, and hence the spread "cowboy" legs;
  • his penis shaft was relatively unaffected;
  • his penis tip was icy hot, but bearable;
  • but the worst part was the frenulum (the ridge under his circumcised penis tip) which truly burned painfully and kept him hopping and on his toes, penis bouncing.
Jonsmith 93 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
So in this quite pathetic state he fully cleaned the kitchen which took somewhere around five minutes, I would guess. He seemed to be in a bit of a rush and worked very efficiently despite the excess hopping around.

As soon as he was done he turned to me and faced me, and looked at me with big puppy dog eyes. I just give him my best "angry wife" stare while I continued to tap the hairbrush into my palm as I had been doing the entire time.

"ouch..." he said pitifully as he writhed around on the spot, his bumhole, balls, frenulum, and tip burning icy hot.

I reached out and took him by the ear again. I marched him into the living room and made him face the corner, hands on his head. I wanted him to experience that burn for a few more minutes before his spanking.

"oh please..." he whined.

"Stay!" I ordered, as if commanding a dog.

He could not help but squirm in place, and when I said nothing, implicitly allowing his squirming, it intensified to the point that he was dancing foot to foot, bending and straightening his knees, and shimmying his ass. Some Dommes might insist on absolute stillness, despite the pain. I, on the other hand, enjoy seeing his natural reactions play out.

I gave him a full five minutes of writhingly painful corner time and then came to get him. I pulled him along by the arm, sat on my stright backed spanking chair, and pulled him across my knee. He sort of yelped and jumped when his "junk" came in contact with my lap. For the duration of his spanking, his bare naked toothpaste-impregnated testicles and frenulum would be rubbing painfully against my lap as he bounced, kicked, and wriggled to the swats. As I parted his cheeks to have a look, his anal ring was still quite white and was burning icy cold.

I lay into him with the heavy wooden hairbrush. I started lightly but solidly as a form of warm-up. After the first twenty I started increasing the intensity. By the time I had reached fifty, I was going at full strength and speed, and he was kicking his legs and crying out. Ahhhh... music to my ears!

Afterwards he told me that going across my lap like that was truly painful for his penis and testicles, and that was occupying his mind more than the spanking during the warm-up phase. His bumhole just stung him that entire time at a constant level. Once I ramped it up, his focus moved more to his cheeks, but he was nonetheless very conscious of his penis and testicle pain, and his consciousness flicked back and forth from ass to junk as the brush came down and then went up again. As the spanking became more intense, then as he kicked and wriggled his asshole does a sort of "pumping" motion in the air, sort of opening and closing involuntarily (that is something I can see, it "opening up" as he jacknifes up and then "shutting tight" as he gets swatted back down again). Once that started happening, his anus started burning anew and yet another painful sensation was thus added into the mix.

Once I hit my stride at fifty strokes, I continued on and gave him another full fifty bum-blistering spankings with the back of the big wooden hairbrush.

Once I had given him his full measure of one hundred, I let him up. He rose slowly and awkwardly and I could see the pain in his face, both from the hairbrushing and the toothpasting.

Once his punishment was over, I took on a more nurturing and motherly demeanour. I stroked his hair and kissed his cheek and told him "Mommy is sorry she had to punish you like that. Will you be good from now on and make sure you've done your chores before video games?"

"Yes Mommy," he said.

Ahhhh! It genuinely warms my heart when he calls me Mommy. I like it!

I could have let him go to the shower to clean off and out the nasty still burning toothpaste, but I wanted him to know that I had the power to both bring the pain and to make it all better again. So I helped him over to the sink. I used some liquid soap, a dishrag, a dish towel and a scrub brush to thoroughly wet him, soap him up, and scrub the toothpaste away.

I started in his bum by squirting a lot of soap onto my bare fingers, wetting my palm with nice hot water, and then rubbing around the outside of his anus and sticking my fingers in and out of his bumhole. I also washed down his perinium towards the backs of his testicles. I used my hand first, and did several applications of soap, both inside and all around. I had him standing on one dish towel as I used the rag to scrub him first, and then had him bend over further and used the scrub brush (pictured) to finish him up. I got a lot of winging and whining during the scrub brushing! Ha ha! I then used the other dish towel to dry him off.

"Is that all better in your backdoor?" I asked him gently.

"oh yes," he said, sounding very relieved!

Next I moved to his front. Again, I got plenty of liquid soap into my hand, added lots of nice hot water, and started soaping up his testicles, his penis shaft, and his frenulum and tip. I rubbed good and hard. For all the world it looked like I was actually hand-jobbing him, ha ha! During this treatment he went from "half-mast" to "full attention". Boys!

I then used the dishrag to scrub him all over and ended with the scrub brush (amidst more yelping and hopping around), scrub brushing his sensitive penis tip to make sure no remnants of nasty toothpaste remained.

"There now," I said, "is it all better in front as well?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said with a big sigh. The sting truly was completely gone, he told me later, as if by magic.

His penis was also very stiff. I took pity on it. "Would you like to cum?" I asked him. He nodded affirmatively. "You do it then, into the sink," I said. "Don't make a mess."

"Here," I said, "you may as well clean it off some more while you're at it," and I adjusted the water to a nice very hot bath hotness, and squirted some more liquid soap into his wetted palm. "Go on, rub."

He looked sheepish. I was showing no signs of going anywhere. He needed to stand on his tiptoes to get his dick and ball sac up above the countertop, and even so his balls smooshed down onto the marble countertop in front of the sink. His hand started moving very quickly up and down his shaft, the suds built up, and a little pool of water formed underneath his balls.

"That's it, that's it," I encouraged him as I very gently smacked his bottom and rubbed his chest, back, belly, and abdomen.

"Do a nice big one, right into the sink," I cajoled him.

"Yes Mommy!" he cried out. There it is again. Still loved it!

He arched his back, screwed up his face, and squirted a big load of white goo directly into the kitchen sink.

"Good boy!" I praised as he cajoled the last few spurts and dribbles out of his cocktip. I then used my hand to rinse off the soap and his man-goo, and the dishrag and towel (though not the scrub brush this time, figuring he'd be pretty sensitive!) to clean and dry him and the sink.

"No more video games tonight," I told him. "I want you to read a book." And I kissed him on his forehead and we went about our business.

What a great stress reliever after a hard day's work!

Sunday, December 2

Would you do it?

I have an e-subby I have been corresponding with for a while now. Due to various twists and turns, he may now be required to deal with this:

He is not gay, but nonetheless he will do his best (for me) to suck cock and present ass. Many of you submissive males have a secret longing to be "made to". Would you do it if required to by a beautiful and dominant woman?

The man who will be submitting to that penis is best characterized by the below self-portrait.

Don't you enjoy the contrast between the two pics?

This particular e-subby has a "thing" for a grown up niece who is very attractive. When she visits, he lives to sneak into her room and collect a pair of her soiled panties to sniff and taste. His biggest aspiration is to find a discarded tampon of hers to suck on. His dream scenario is that she finds out about him and dominates him mercilessly.

Yes, welcome to my world of pen-pals!

I am not particularly alarmed over this. Many men who read my blog have deep rooted fantasies similar to these. Some won't admit to it. Others are racked by guilt over it. I find it quite amusing the extent to which this one is enthralled by his young lady. He is very conflicted because at the same time as having these feelings about her, he is also very protective of her and has been a great Uncle to her over the years. I judge he is of absolutely zero danger to her. Quite the opposite in fact, he is so enthralled that if she ever caught on she could abuse him mercilessly, no doubt destroying his marriage and draining his bank account in the process if she was that kind of girl.

Now, if I was that niece, and if I discovered an uncle sneaking into my room and stealing my panties to sniff and taste, well let's just say that it would be "open season" on his ass. Under dire risk of humiliating exposure and possible arrest, I would require him to submit to the punishment I decree. I would meet him in a secluded spot. I would tie his wrists and his ankles, and then tie him bent over a makeshift spanking horse. I would get out the most vicious strap in my arsenal. I would, literally, remove the skin from his ass with that strap. I wouldn't think twice about it. I wold enjoy it in fact. I would rub some iodine in afterwards, for safety's sake.

Oh well, it's not my panties he is stealing.

He is in the process of arranging a spanking from a Pro Domme, and combining this with a trip to Vicotria's Secret for a bra fitting that I suggested. This is hot on the heels of his going to the same store earlier to purchase several pairs of panties, and interacting with the saleslady. Here is his account of that.
I was visiting my mother in my old home town to help her with some chores and errands. When I took her to a hair appointment, I had some time to visit the local mall which contains a Victoria’s Secret. Walking into that entrance knowing what I’m about to reveal about myself always hits me hard. The shop had just opened and I had a few moments to browse all the sexy underthings on display as I made my way to the panty section. An attractive woman in her early 30s approached and asked if she could assist me.

My heart rate went up as I explained that I was in trouble and I wasn’t allowed to go back home without buying some sexy panties for myself. She asked about size, style and colors. I said I wasn’t sure about size, but they needed to be as sexy, frilly and feminine as possible. Pinks or other pastel colors. As she selected some examples, she estimated I would need size medium panties. As for style, I indicated that they should cover me sufficiently, but that it wouldn’t be difficult to do. Through it all, she remained very professional as I wilted inside, feeling my masculinity draining away. We finally settled on 3 after I let her select what she thought was sexiest and what colors she liked.
Finally I asked if I could possibly wear one of them out of the store. She agreed and when I couldn’t decide on which, she had me pay, then cut the tags off and led me to the dressing rooms. The store was already busy and we passed several shoppers and sales people on our way. I couldn’t be more obvious what was going on. Moments after the changing room door shut, I heard several women laughing loudly. I was certain it was about me.

I excitedly undressed and slid on the first pair. A streak of precum stained the front panel. I finally decided to wear one with a shiny fabric that looked like something a stripper would wear. I dressed, walked out, checking if anyone saw me leave the dressing room (no one was there) and walked with my head down, stopping briefly to thank my saleswoman again before I left with my cute little VS bag, my balls pushed up inside me and my little cock tucked down.
Ha ha! Here he is modelling all three of his purchases for me.

And he included a readout of his heart rate during this encounter...

I suggested that next time he also go for the bra fitting. He is taking me up on it (poor sweet man, wrapped around my little finger as he is - it amuses me to torment him like this!).

He wrote to me about some of his inner thoughts regarding his niece's upcoming visit.
Dear Mistress Julie,

This is Thanksgiving week in the US, and starting Wednesday we will have a houseful of family staying here, including my niece.  There will be so many people here, it will be difficult, but I am hopeful to find a way to spend some quality intimate time with her panties.

I haven’t let myself cum in five days and am feeling very horny in anticipation of seeing her bottom sway as she walks to our hot tub spa in the back yard and watching her high, firm breasts bounce in the undulating water.

Over the past few days, I have had some extended alone time during which I watched femdom porn involving ball busting and faggot humiliation. There is something about that look in a woman’s eyes when she taunts you with verbal insults like faggot, cocksucker, panty-wearing sissy; insults which cut deep because I know that some of them are true and some might be someday!

To keep myself under control while waiting to see her, I have put myself in chastity.

While she is here, I was thinking of wearing panties, although with all the people, that might not be safe.

Nothing says, “Please fuck me!” like Victoria’s Secret panties, does it? And oh, do I want to be fucked! Or raped, in some way, physically or mentally.

If panties don’t work out, I’m thinking of taking Viagra every day while she’s here and trying to hide my erection every time she looks my way with her green eyes and pouty lips.

Regardless of how things go with her awesome face, tits, ass and panties later in the week, this Tuesday will be my time to play. I have found a pro domme in a convenient location for me using the website I told you about last time. There is a small chance I may be able to meet with her in the morning for some spanking fun, but more likely I will be headed to Victoria’s Secret to be fitted for a bra!

I will be arriving about the same time as my last visit, and I am hopeful that I will find the same saleswoman who helped me with panties last time. I intend to embellish and add to the story from last time, when I said I needed to buy sexy panties for myself or I wasn’t allowed to come home. This time, I will thank her for helping me with the panties because my girlfriend “Julie” had caught me trying on her lingerie and she demanded that I purchase some for myself or she would end the relationship and kick me out. Now she is demanding that I be fitted for and purchase a sexy bra to wear home for her. I will tell her Julie says she is embarrassed by me and my lack of masculinity and she wants me to be embarrassed during this shopping experience. I am thinking of writing a short note from Julie to give to her to encourage her to make my experience as public and embarrassing as she is comfortable with. Julie is embarrassed and disgusted with me as a man and now that I have shown that I “want to be a woman”, she is going to make me share her humiliation and have the “complete” woman’s experience.

My heart is pounding and I have a lump in my throat thinking about what might happen in just 2 days.
I get very excited reading about his excitement, and his upcoming humiliations. I even like hearing about his worship for his niece. It is soooo pathetic.
Dear Mistress Julie,

My niece and her mother arrived late last night. She looks phenomenal! I’m not a breast man, but hers are perfection, high and firm. I was admiring her long arms and wondered how hard they could spank me.

I will enjoy watching her move and hopefully be able to sneak some time with her panties in this crowded house.

I am urgently horny! I haven’t allowed myself to cum in 9 days. I have teased and edged so much that my little penis is getting sore. My balls are so full! I heard an appropriate expression for precum today. My penis is crying!

I am thankful that I am blessed with someone like you that I am able to share my feelings and experiences with!
My pleasure! Sharing with me, and now with all of you blog readers as well. I hope you will be as encouraging of him as I in the comments section.

I wrote him back.
I love the image of your "crying" penis in your grown up niece's presence.  You do realize, of course, that she is completely aware of your sexual infatuation with her? Pretty girls have a sixth sense about it, and with the sorts of subconscious vibes you must be throwing off, she knows for sure. Who will be the first to mention it?
After the weekend, he sent me a response and a recap.
Dear Mistress Julie,

You are so right. My niece must notice the way I look at her. I’m sure my submissive desperation must be easy to feel for anyone tuned in.

I did have some success in spending some quality time with her panties. Even with a crowded house, I was able to fish a worn pair out of her overnight bag and sneak into the bathroom. I edged twice while inhaling deeply. No cumming! At least until Monday. I will let the events of the day; bra shopping and possibly a spanking, determine if I am worthy to spurt. I was almost caught sneaking the panties back! I believe she might be on her period. If I am able to find one of her used tampons, I think I would lick and suck it.  I’m such a dirty pervert!

After 9 days of teasing and edging, I officially have blue balls. They are full, heavy and they ache. It is such sweet suffering! It scares me where my mind goes when I get this desperately horny. I feel very vulnerable and seduceable. "Control the cock, control the man."  Although, I cant really call this thing a cock, can I? And I’m certainly not anything like a real man. 
Isn't the pathetic angst just wonderful?
No, you’re really not much of a man, are you, existing at the whim of pretty young women, willing to do anything demeaning at a snap of their fingers, such as sucking on their used tampons!?!??

Real men snap their fingers and have the women running around trying to please them, so I really don’t even know what to make of you.

Tut tut,
He wrote back to me the other day about his attempts to setup a session with a Pro Domme. In his online wandering he came across a different type of ad. This is what he wrote to me.
Dear Mistress Julie,

Why does it excite me so much to confess how weak and pathetic I am and for you to confirm it? So desperate!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any used tampons when I dug through all the trash. I did find a couple applicators, which I sucked, of course, knowing that will be as intimate as I will ever be with my niece's sweet pussy. So desperate!

I don’t know if you are getting hit with this same storm pattern, but we are snowed in here until tomorrow, which will delay my bra shopping and spanking adventure for 24 hours. By then, it will be two full weeks of teasing, edging and no cumming! So desperate!

While I was perusing ads, looking for a spanker, I found one from a man wanting to have his cock sucked and/or fuck a man’s ass. I responded! He responded back! I told him that I have someone who wants me to do this, thinking of you, of course. We are still discussing logistics, but I think ultimately, me going through with this will depend on you... You understand what deep humiliation this would be for me and how much I crave humiliation and how much it scares me to death. My question is, are you interested in participating in this in any way? Would you “snap your fingers” and make me do this demeaning thing for you, knowing I would struggle with the shame of being a true faggot cocksucker for the rest of my life? Would you push me into it? I think you are the only woman who is both able and willing to make me do this.
The only woman? Perhaps not, but I know what he means. He says if he does it he will struggle with it for the rest of his life. So what? If it amuses me, why not make him do it? I mean, wah wah wah. That's my attitude. Does that make me unbearably cruel? His fault for denying himself for so long. Men can make some spectacularly bad decisions when they get so "pent up". I wrote back.
Very interesting development.

As to having an experience with a man. Yes, I want you to do that. You will do it because it pleases me, and you deserve it.

I want you to arrange a meeting with this man. Tell him I want you very soundly spanked first. Starting across his knee with your pants and panties pulled down (yes, wear your pretty panties). First his hand, hard as he can. Then a stout wooden hairbrush or paddle that you will supply. Then I want him to take his own belt off from around his waist while you watch. After it's off, I want you bent over, bare ass high, for a nice long drawn out belt licking. I want your bum nice and tenderized so you can feel his thighs later on as he's fucking you.

Then I want him to wear a condom for your safety. You will suck him until he is nice and hard. You will go down on him deeply. I want gagging. Tell him to not be gentle with you. I want you thoroughly face fucked like a little $2 whore, his hand at the back of your head, forcing you to deep throat. But tell him not to cum. Oh no. Not yet. When he is ready, you will bend over and he will give you anal intercourse to completion, hands on your hips, ramming you as deeply as he can. If you do a good enough job on the blowy, it ought not last overly long. You are, of course, not allowed to cum at all, even if he offers.

And lest you think I am being overly cruel, there is nothing I'm requiring of you here that I have not subjected myself to for you and the other blog readers' amusement.

You will send me an account of it, and what pictures you can, and then I will give you permission to stroke yourself off and consume your ejaculate. Are we clear on this? On ALL of this?

Consider this as punishment for you OUTRAGEOUS behavior vis-a-vis your adult niece.
There, that was easily enough said, wasn't it? Took very little of my time to express that. Subby men are so grateful to me when I tell them to do the most demeaning things imaginable.
Dear Mistress Julie,

What have I done? You took the worst, most humiliating scenario I could imagine and made it worse! Much worse!
Turning me into a cocksucker and ass-fucked faggot is such a huge leap from anything I have done before! My stomach is doing flip flops! 

But you are right. And VERY clear about your directions for me. I have enjoyed reading about the very same things happening to you. And you are right that this is a very much deserved punishment for everything I have done and fantasized about doing with my sweet niece. I deserve it, and you deserve it. I want to please you! 

I have forwarded your explicit instructions to the man via text. I will let you know how he responds and progress toward setting up the meeting. 

Here is a photo from the ad of the cock that will be using me:
I am afraid and shaken like I’ve never felt before.
Isn't that just marvelous? I can't wait to see if he will actually go through with it! I am pleased enough with just the torment of it all for him, but will only be truly pleased once that cum hits that condom thrust deeply into my boy's submissive ass.

Wednesday, November 28

Fiction: The Bargain

For some reason, I've been the lucky recipient of a lot of stories in my email from fans recently. I took one of the best of them, from a fan named darryl, and turned it into a collaboration.

It recounts the story of a young man who was strapped on his hands at college, which then required that he also be paddled at home by his Mom afterwards, a fact that all the student body seemed to know about thanks to his little sister's blabber mouth.

To make things worse, his sister had stealthily arranged for her two best friends to be at home with her working on a "science project" when news of the strapping was sure to arrive in the form of a phone call from the college.

Through some tactical lies, the girls got the boy into even more trouble, which resulted in his spanking taking place in the living room where all the girls could see.

However, the spanking was only the start of his humiliations. His inability to control his arousal in front of the girls earned him the ultimate embarrassment that is every boy's worst nightmare...

I hope you enjoy it: The Bargain

Sunday, November 11

Horny Little Wife

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately. Work is busy for both of us, and we don't have as much time right now to fool around. As a result, I was getting quite horny. I wanted my pussy licked, bad, but my husband took advantage of the situation and insisted that would only happen if I got spanked first. The things a girl has to do to get her pussy licked around here...

It was the evening and I was feeling horny and I went up to my David and asked him to lick me.

"Only if I get to spank you first," he said cheekily. Ohhh!

"Yes, Sir," I said.

"And..." he continued, "69. In your mouth. No spitting." Ohhhhh! Foot stomp! Give him an inch and he makes me take a yucky mouth fucking...

"Yes, Sir," I said. The things a wife needs to do to get a little action around here.

So he takes me to bed. I was wearing socks, pants, panties, bra, and blouse. He sits on the side of the bed and beckons me over. He helps me out of my pants and socks, and blouse. I am standing there in just my bra and panties. He is still dressed in his jeans and a coarse blue lumberjack shirt. He pulls me over by my arm and spins me around. He unhooks the clasp from my bra and my breasts swing free. He turns me around to face him and begins fondling my tits. Overly aggressively, if you know what I mean. He squeezes my nipples hard which makes my eyes water. He pulls me across his lap.

He fondles my ass through my panties (they are just simple white cotton).

"What a naughty girl," he says as he fondles my rear cheeks.

"I've been good!" I protest.

"Good girls don't constantly need their pussies licked," he explains. Well, he got me there!

He hugs me in closer to himself with his left arm around my hips. My knees and my chest are on the bed, and he's angled me a bit towards him across his lap. I am feeling... small... in a nice squishy way. He begins spanking me over my panties. Nothing terribly hard, and it's feeling nice. He comments that he's just getting my pussy ready for its licking by bringing all the blood flow down into that region.

In a little while he lowers the backs of my panties to just below my cheeks. Like a Daddy would reluctantly do to his little girl if he needed to spank her without exposing her pussy.

He continues spanking my now bare bottom with his palm. The spanking is intensifying.

He lowers my panties some more, this time down to me knees, exposing me. More like a Daddy spanking his teenage daughter's bare bottom, pussy bared as added object lesson. He hugs me in tighter, bending me more. I feel my bare pussy and bottom hole starting to sick out. His slaps go there. Still on my bottom, but all around that "area", fingers whipping in where they ought not.

He straightens me out and uses his hand hard, like a paddle, about 20 strokes. That was a real spanking. I start getting worried midway! Will he spank me hard like that? But he slows down, and then he bends me over more again, pulls me into him, and puts his hand between my legs, feeling my by now moistened pussy with this fingers. Playing with my folds, rubbing me, finger fucking me.

He pulls my panties right off. He spins me so that I am now straddling his knee, my tip-toes on the ground, my chest on the bed, my weight mostly on my pussy grinding into his hard jeans-covered knee. He learned this from my sister (blush!).

My weight feels like it's directly on my clit! I am feeling myself being embarrassed by this. I flashback to my sister putting me in this position over her knee, one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life. I actually could not contain myself, and rubbed myself across her knee despite my ass getting fucked up by one of the most intense spankings of my life. He jiggles me on hs knee. He spanks me some more, all down low and insides and such. He fondles my cunt as well, and finger fucks me. I moan and grind myself onto his knee. As a reader commented, like a kitten on her scratching post. How humiliating that I am so "in heat".

He takes me back across his knees. He hugs me into him. He says, "now I'm going to spank you." Now?!? What was all that??? He means, really spank me. Oh oh.

His hand comes down brutally on my exposed backside, alternating cheeks and low across both. All in all he gives me 50 spanks. All really hard. My ass is on fire! I hate it and I love it. It seems to go on forever but also seems to stop before it even started. My man is spanking me. He is spanking me because he loves me. His entire attention is captivated by my wriggling, jiggling, reddening, ass. I am the center of his entire universe. My pussy is the center of me.

He stops and rubs me, saying, "wow... so pretty when it's so red..."

He puts me to my feet. Yikes! Sore butt!

He kneels up on the bed. I follow him and start hungrily removing his clothes so that he will be as naked as I. We lie down on the diagonal of the bed in the "69" position. I pull a pillow along with me and put it under my head. His head wrests on my lower thigh. I hold my upper thigh up off him. He pulls it down so that it is clamping his head. He does not want me to strain my leg holding it away from him.

Meanwhile, his cock is in my face. It is already very hard. I know my duty! I purse my lips and pull it into my mouth and start sucking on it.

I reach behind him with my hands. Though his legs are together, one on top of the other, his balls are half sticking out the back. I fondle them from behind as I suck on his cock.

He has started gently lapping at my cunt. Nice gentle wet strokes of his tongue.  I guess I like when I am "distracted" by sucking his cock skillfully. I don't focus my conscious mind on my own pussy licking, and it seems to get me excited faster that way. It just sort of all of a sudden out of nowhere, just gets to be amazing.

I am diligently working his cock, and his hips are becoming more insistent. He is starting to face fuck me and his cock is going in deeper on each thrust. His hips strain towards me. I back my head off a bit to get some breathing room. His hand clamps down on the back of my head and pushes me back into him. Doesn't he know it's hard to catch a breath??? I force my head away and remove his cock from my mouth. I use my hand on him vigorously. He cries out in frustration. He was super close (I could literally "taste it"). He swats my ass hard several times.

"You better finish what you start, woman," he says to me, "in your mouth," he adds. Oh God! I stick it back in. He pushes the back of my head, and I start sucking like crazy, as deep as I can. His hips have begun thrusting into me, driving his cock down my throat. At the same time, he is licking my pussy full on, his lapping getting more and more excited and "rough" as his cock gets excited.

I am having a correspondence with a pen pal. We are mutually fantasizing about me going to live with him in the South of France for the summer to improve my French. As "payment", I will be required to suck his cock like this. I flash to that fantasy as my husband drives his cock deep into my throat. I am thinking, "Merci Monsieur, Merci Monsieur" as I "take it".

I feel the sightly bitter taste of his pre-cum in my mouth. Oh no! He is about to explode into me. I can feel his cock getting harder and more insistent. I am imagining my Frenchman's friends all sitting around, watching him extract his payment from me, egging me on to suck it properly, petite salope Canadienne ("little Canadian slut"). Men and women. Older couples watching me.  I feel the spurt against my soft palate, and another and another. I need to breathe, but I don't! I suck his cum out of his cock. "Merci, Monsieur". His friends shake their head at my sorry display.

My husband's spent cock softens and leaves my mouth. His cum is still mostly in my mouth. He does not slow down his pussy licking. He intensifies it! Ah fuck. I swallow it without making a fuss. Little whore.

I am close. I am grinding into him. He stops. I am momentarily confused. He spins me around and places me in a fetal position on the bed, sopping wet pussy well exposed.

He jams a pillow between my legs so that my pussy is freely accessible. He molds his body to me in a reverse 69 type position, his head buried in my cunt, his knees at the back of my head. Sort of like this, but more wrapped around me.

He licks me from behind. One of his hands roams my tits, belly, abdomen, and pubis. His other hand is roaming my pussy. As he licks my clit his finger plays at the soppy wet entrance to my cunt, not penetrating, just rubbing around the entrance. Feels soooo good. Then his finger plunges in and he is rubbing my G-spot. Feels even better. I cum with a massive scream and spasm. He keeps licking until I physically push him away.

Am I not a totally slutty wife?

Monday, October 22

Spank MY Bottom!

My last blog entry, Spank Those Bottoms Blog was about a fellow blogger's site that had lots of gif mini-movies of girls being spanked (strictly speaking, they are of course women being spanked, but I kind of think of myself as a "girl" when I'm getting spanked, and I was referred to as such by Rick, the blogger in question, which kind of sort of flipped my switch and got me thinking subby).

Well, after all of that I just had to get a spanking, so I asked my husband to help a girl out. That was the day after I posted my previous blog entry. I wrote this up immediately after that, but held off hitting "Publish" so you had more of a chance to read the last blog entry.

I went up to him as he was watching TV. I stood there just in his peripheral vision with my hands fidgeting in front of me, my feet angled in, my knees knocking together, my head and eyes downcast, and squirming a little. I had on just a full cut pair of white cotton panties and a T-shirt, and nothing else.

It was picked out special for the occasion. My pussy was already wet. I must have looked like I needed to pee! I was going for the shy, immature teenaged girl vibe.

He looked over at me, and looked me up and down, appraising the situation. "Yes?" he asked.

"May have a s... s... spanking, Sir?" I stuttered as I said it. It's fucking embarrassing to have to ask for your spanking!

He got a big smile on his face, turned off the TV, and said, "certainly!" He went on, "how do you want it?"

How did i want it? It was about a little girl getting a spanking from her man (Daddy?). I answered, "just your hand, please Sir, over your knee, but really real. I mean, hard and real..."

There. Said it. As soon as I said it, I knew my fate was sealed. I had done all I needed to. I knew my man would take it from there.

"Really? To tears, young lady?" he asked, teasing me.

"Yes, Sir," I answered. Oh gosh. There were going to be tears!

"Something your Daddy should have done to you before you moved out," he said. He picked up on it. Yay! Yes, he knows all about my Daddy fantasies like you all do!

"Yes, Sir," I answered meekly.

"But it wouldn't be appropriate for your Daddy to do that to you anymore, now would it?" he said.

"No, Sir," I said.

"Well, it's a good thing I'm in charge of you now, and know exactly what to give you when you get in this sort of a mood," he said. Oh yes!

"Yes, Sir."

"Go to the bedroom, sit on the side of the bed, and wait for me there," he ordered. "I'll be up when I'm up."

I got a little extra tummy flutter as he ordered me like that.

"Yes, Sir," I said, and I went to leave the room and go to the bedroom.

"Oh, and sweetheart," he called out after me. I stopped in the doorway and turned to look at him, "there are going to be tears," he emphasized.

I gulped and nodded and went on my way without saying anything more. He was serious. That was him promising me I would be spanked, and for real. That was the thought I carried with me as I made my way to our bedroom, sat down at attention on the side of our bed, and waited for my man to arrive and give me the spanking I so desperately needed.

He had given me that mental image to focus on. I would be spanked to tears. I would go over his lap, he would bare my bottom, and he would spank me bright red. He would continue spanking until I literally cried. Oh no! What do I get myself into?

He let me wait there for many minutes. I would say fifteen minutes or so. I replayed in my mind over and over again the fact that he would enter the room, put me across his knee, bare my bottom, and spank me... to tears.

My little outfit, white cotton panties and a T-shirt, were chosen deliberately, with a purpose. I knew David would have picked up on it, and he had.

He came in. Oh my gosh. It was starting!

"Well, young lady, here we are again. You've been asking for this spanking and now you're going to get it."

Well that was true enough.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I won't do it again, I promise!" I was not yet sure what I would not do again, but I went with the flow.

"Too late for promises, Julie. You've been told time and time again. You DO NOT sit on my lap in your panties and T-shirt like that, with nothing on underneath. That IS NOT appropriate or acceptable in any way."

Oh gosh! Yes, he had of course picked up on my thing, without even being told. When I was a teen I flirted outrageously with my actual father. I would run to him and give him a big hug and a kiss and sit on his lap and hug him some more. I did this in just my panties and T-shirt, which was how I slept. I would do this in front of my Mom and my sisters. I had breasts and everything. I don't know what I was thinking. Poor Daddy! But he never said anything. He never seemed flustered or uncomfortable, or (yuck!) turned on at all. He would just hug me chastely and then put me off him. Nobody ever said anything. My Mom was zero reaction, my younger brother didn't notice, and my sisters looked daggers at me. Sue, my older sister, knew what I was doing, even if I didn't fully. My younger sister, Nancy, was jealous of the attention I was hogging. Anyways, my husband knows all about this about me, and how I sexualize it and fantasize about it to this day. He had spontaneously introduced it into our roleplay without me even asking. That's what having a lifemate is all about!

"Oh Daddy, I just wanted to hug you!"

"That is nonsense, Julie. You know exactly what you're doing and it's very, very wicked. Your Mother is my woman, young lady, not you, and its high time you learned that. In fact, your Mother has told me to come up here and to give you the spanking of your life."

Oh no. He brought Mom into it?? Really???

"Get across my knee!" he said. He pulled me up off the bed by my arm, sat where I had been sitting, and then hauled me back down across his lap. He tucked me under his left arm and put his right hand on my panty-covered butt.

"You do not... SMACK... come out of your bedroom... SMACK... dressed like this... SMACK... anymore... SMACK."

Each of those SMACKS was his open palm to my panty-covered butt. They were each hard! His hand felt like a paddle. Each smack took my breath away.

"Your Mother insisted I give this to you bare bottomed and bare breasted, young lady, and by golly I intend to do just that!"

With that, he started peeling my panties down my ass and raising my shirt above my breasts.

"No! No! No!" I cried out, and kicked and wriggled and tried to get my hand back there to stop my panty's descent. He was having none of this. He moved my hand away and angled his body to block me. He pulled my panties down to a band around my knees and left them there. He then tugged my T-shirt high up my back, and pushed it right above my tits in front, baring them for my spanking. He then re-encircled me with his left arm. My breasts were at this point mooshed against the bed and my legs were dangling off of it.

"This is for your own good," he told me, and then he started my spanking...

Oh my gosh, how do I describe it? It hurt, that's for sure. He did modulate somewhat, but it was all on the hard side of things. His palm connected over and over again with my rear. He concentrated on the lower ass cheeks and went left side, right side, middle, repeat, over and over and over again. I scrunched my eyes and balled my little fists and I held on and I held on. Over and over and over again his hard palm spanked me. After a couple of minutes of it I broke!

"No Please! No more! Please!!!" I yelled out.

"Not until I see some genuine tears, young lady," he said. Oh no! Hoist upon my own petard!

I needed tears, and I needed them, like, right now! I tried to focus past the pain in my rear end and focus on my "offense". I had jumped on my Daddy's knee scantily clad, in hopes of getting a sexual response, which I would have hated him for. What a little shit I was. I focused on that, and said,

"I'm sorry Daddy! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done it! I'm so sorry!"

"Not as sorry as you're going to be," he stated. Oh no!

He kept spanking my ass, harder and harder and harder. I was getting frantic, but the tears has still not come! I could have safe-worded out, but no fucking way! I needed to pull out the big guns...

"Please Daddy, I'm sorry I did that, I love you! I love you! Please!"

Yup... That was enough to do it. Tears. Real tears.

"I'm sorry! I love you! I'm sorry!" I said over and over again, crying my little eyes out.

David stopped spanking me. He picked me up and he put me down, face up, on the bed. He lay beside me and gathered me up into his arms and hugged me close.

I wasn't that emotional, but I had cried. More from the fanny pain than anything.

"Thank you for my spanking," I told David. He was back to being my David. My husband. I loved him so much just then! I started kissing him all over his face. Then I had an idea,

"Do you think it's possible that I can kiss every square inch of you?" I asked.

"We could find out," he said.

So I proceeded to do just that. I started at his face and head, and lay kisses on every part of him except that back of his head which I could not reach (yet!). I sat him up and took his shirt off. I kissed his shoulders, down his arms, his underarms, his neck, his chest, his nipples, down his tummy, down both sides. Kiss kiss kiss kiss the whole way.

I took his pants off, leaving his undies on. My T-shirt was still on, where he had left it, bundled up above my bare tits. My panties were long gone, having been kicked off during my spanking. I kissed down the fronts and sides of his legs, and onto his feet and onto his toes. I kissed the soles of his feet. I came up kissing, kissing, kissing the insides of his thighs. He parted his legs for me so I could get right up high. I could see his cock hard in his underpants. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

I rolled him over onto his tummy. I went back to his head and kissed every part of the back of his head and his ears, necks, shoulders, back. Then I went down the backs of his legs and came back on the inside backs. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

I slid his undies down and off. I kissed his ass. Every square inch of it, high and low from one hip to the other. I parted his cheeks. I kissed the cleft of his ass, first one side of it, and then then the other. Yes, I had said every single square inch. I kissed his bottom hole, and lingered there, kissing it all around and right on it. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

I turned him over again, so he was facing up. I kissed his midsection all over. I had to move his hard penis and balls out of my way so I could reach every spot there. Then I started in on his balls. I kissed every last part of his testicles. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

I started going up the shaft of his cock, kissing it all the way up and down again, up and down again, all around it. I move myself around the bed to get a better angle. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

I got to the engorged head of his cock. I kissed it everywhere, all around and right on the very tip. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.

I looked up at him greedily.  I met his eyes. I put his cock into my mouth and started sucking and slurping noisily on it. I went as deep as I could, gagging on it. I moved my ass closer to his head. He obliged by reaching out and soothing my sore cheeks as I sucked his big cock. He slipped his finger into my wet cunt. He fucked me with his finger as I sucked his cock. I wanted more. I reached a hand behind me and pulled my cheek apart. He didn't get it at first. I had to take his cock out of my mouth and say, "here", as I touched my asshole with my finger. He got the message. He shoved his thumb into my asshole while he kept his fingers in my cunt. Oh it felt good!

I then went down on him in earnest. I wanted him to cum. To cum hard into my mouth. Right into my mouth. I had a sore spanked rear end, my husband's thumb was deep in my ass and hias fingers deep in my cunt. I bobbed and slurped on his cock like a little whore. I felt his body stiffen and Ifelt his cock stiffen even more in my mouth as well. He put his other hand on my head and pushed me down farther on his dick. I gagged and slurped and gagged some more, but I was determined to have him ejaculate deep down my throat, like a good girl!

He jerked and I felt it. A hot gooey liquid in my throat, squirting forcefully out of his cock. I swallowed and sucked and sucked. I sucked every drop of cum out of his cock. I held it in my mouth, whatever had not already gone down my throat. He pulled his fingers and thumb out of me. I knelt on my haunches on the bed and I faced him. I looked him straight in the eye. I swallowed his cum down my throat so he could see it. I locked eye contact with him the whole time.

"Ummm Yummy!" I said. I collapsed back down onto him, He held me against him as we cuddled. I did not cum that night.

What a nice spanking!

Thursday, October 18

Spank Those Bottoms Blog

Today's entry is about the blog site Spank Those Bottoms. The owner of the blog, Rick, left a comment on my last entry thanking me for my link and offering his services in gif making:
As always, great post girl keep up the good work. Loved your 'comment inserts'. If you ever need a gif or animation for a post, feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can come up with, you have my Email. Also big thanks for keeping us in your 'blogs I follow'. 😎😎😎...
I kind of liked the "girl" reference. Made me a bit squishy. You all know that my switch is easily switched if you catch me at the right moment!

In this mood, I went to take a more careful look at Rick's blog and found myself getting very turned on as a submissive. He has 1000's of entries going back more than a decade. He takes various spanking media and makes little gif's out of them. Fun! With Rick's blessing I collected up a bunch of them and repost them here with my comment. I only picked out those that made me a little wet and made those butterflies fly in my tummy.

After I made this blog post. I "previewed" it in a very naughty way (BLUSH!). I put a discrete (*) next to the one I fixated on as it happened for me. I'm a very bad girl and desperately need my husband to spank me. NOW!

These first two I found to be very cute. There's just something about a bare naked hand spanking across a man's knee that turns me on something fierce. I imagine there are male witnesses present, watching me catch it from my fed-up man.When my tits hang over his knee and jiggle with each spank (they really do!) I can only imagine how amused my onlookers would be. Is there anything more humiliating for a girl??? This will be a theme...

Yes, there is something more embarrassing for a girl, as illustrated in this one. This is the view a man gets during certain spankings. This spanking is being given by a girl, but that is incidental (I find myself leaning towards boy tops, nowadays...). The flogger has ready access to all the parts of a girl. I would want my disciplinarian to make sure the tips go everywhere!

I have literally been in just such an exposed position, shown off to a man who is not my husband. Oh Blush!

I imagine this is me across my husband's knee. No witnesses. The intimacy excites me in this one. I have been naughty. Undone chores I imagine. Or maybe being snippy with him? Or spending too much? My skirt has been pulled up, and my panties have been pulled down. Far enough to expose me completely. Not far enough that I am not humiliatingly aware they have been lowered for a spanking. He is spanking hard. My bottom is red. My pussy is on full parade. I am looking distressed, and I am saying something. I think I am promising to not repeat the misbehavior and begging him to stop, please stop! The little jacknifing across his knee and kick of the legs only exposes me more. Thank gawd nobody is here to witness it!!!!

The cutest part is when she bends over that little bit extra. It is something I have done deliberately to show myself off...

Here I am again being spanked by my husband in the privacy of the basement den. He is strong and holding me in place. I am not going anywhere! My ass is turned upwards and jiggles in a womanly fashion with every smack of his hard hand. My sex and my bottom hole are on display to him. After my spankings, I am required to submit to intercourse. If I have been a good girl, it is only my pussy that will receive a good pounding. But I have not been a good girl... it will have to be bum sex (been there, had that).

Oh no! This time I am not getting away with it. I was rude to our guest, I will be punished in front of our guest. It will be in the most humiliating manner imaginable: panties down, bare bottomed across his knee, kicking and shrieking like a banshee. My reactions, combined with a thoroughly reddened bottom, ought to be all the apology our guest needs. And yet my mean husband will make me stand in front of him after my spanking, panties down, skirt up, facing him, and cry out a verbal apology before I am sent to the corner to face it, bare bum, hands on head, while the men admire my spanked bottom as they drink their Scotch Whiskey.

I will blush at comments regarding my sexual performance, and how "responsive" I must be in the sack...

This one, unfortunately, does not happen in the privacy of the bedroom.  There was a discussion with another couple about domestic discipline. My husband tells the other couple I am regularly disciplined, but it does little good as I seem to enjoy it. They are incredulous! This is how my husband is proven right.

How embarrassing for a girl to have to show off such a wet kitty!

I am alone on a business trip in Vegas. A convention. I am in the casino. A man's wallet drops out of his back pocket. I pick it up. It's filled with cash! I can chase after him. I don't. I go up to my room with his wallet and all that cash. I will take the cash and drop the wallet anonymously in the lost and found tomorrow. Unfortunately, this man is "connected" and his "in" with casino security shows him the security camera footage. The facial recognition identifies me as a guest. Security asks if the man wishes to press charges. No, he'll take care of this himself. The security man gives him my room number and cuts him a card key. The man promises the guard that no serious harm will come to me...

I am half-naked, getting ready for bed, as he keys into my room. I go for my pistol! He easily subdues me and takes my gun. He gives my bum a good whacking and then lays me face down on the bed telling me to grab my ass with my hands and keep them there. He calls down to his buddy in security, and asks him to bring him up a razor strop and a switch, because this feisty bitch needs to be taught a lesson. I lie there until the doorbell rings. The security card hands him the implements. I can feel his eyes on my naked rear end. He is not allowed to stay and watch.

I must strip completely and stand in front of the unshaded window. Oh my gosh, somebody will see me! I am kept standing there for 20 minutes, fully exposed to the outside world, as he works the switch painfully across my ass and legs.

He takes me to the bed and puts me face down, bent over the hotel pillows. He then uses the hard leather razor strop on my bare backside until I am sobbing and begging him for mercy. I promise to do anything, anything, if only he will let me off! All he wants is to give me my justly-deserved beating. He leaves with his wallet and cash telling me to watch my step in his city. He doesn't even fuck me...

Yes, this is my subby fantasy of what happens when I don't behave. My husband's belt comes off and my bottom is strapped until I cannot sit down for a week.

I love the strap-marking in the lower pic. So uniform, with the thighs not spared. And her expression of pain and anguish. It turns me on, imagining myself in her place...

What appeals to me is the clothed man and the fully naked "me".  My bare breasts rubbing against the far side of his clothed thigh, my nipples scraping the couch.  The spanking is long and severe and is only halfway through. Why must I be fully bared for my spanking? Why? To teach me a lesson. To teach me who wears the pants in the family. The pain is real, the cries are real, the tears are real.

I have been hand-spanked like this across my husband's knee, to tears. I know exactly what she is going through...

I have not been doing a good job keeping the kitchen clean. As punishment, I must strip and clean every square inch of it to a shine. Partway through, my man reminds me to be a good housewife from now on. Why does this turn me on????

For some reason, I thought of this one as my Daddy doing this to me in the living room. He is fed up to here with my disobedient ways. From now on I will do my chores, and I will do them without being snippy to Mom. For a daughter who was last spanked when she was six years old, this is a very hard lesson I have to learn.

This is my Daddy again. I have a girl friend over. We have been chattering away and laughing and playing pillow fights. It is 2am and tomorrow is a schoolday. Daddy has already warned me twice. Last time, in front of my friend, he said that if he has to come back again, I'll be getting a spanking. Ha! I called his bluff!

What I like about this one is how helpless this girl is across her strong man's knee. Her panties are already bunched into her ass like a thong. They offer no protection! They still have to be lowered. A point needs making. The point will be made with her pussy and bottom hole bared.

I imagine this schoolgirl was caught shoplifting and is in the police station. The cops have a way of dealing with pretty little entitled shoplifters. She is given a choice: a criminal record, or summary punishment. The door is left open so she can be made an example of in front of the whole police station. She is stripped naked and made to stretch across the police sergeant's old wooden desk. Her tits are pushing into the hardwood. It is not good enough that she is completely on display. Her legs must be spread farther apart, wide as they can go, so she can learn some humility.

This is what happens in school when you persistently miss your homework and cheat on your test! Look at her burying her face in her hands in mortified embarrassment. It is because this spanking is happening in front of the whole class. Boys and girls. Little miss popular social butterfly. Spanked like a toddler across teacher's knee, her highly sought after, though never given up charms, bared for all the boys to see as she wriggles across teacher's knee.

* (when his finger brushed "my" bum hole...)

Imagine if this is what happens to her if she is ten minutes late for your massage! First the punishment, which includes an incredibly humiliating diaper position dust-binning, followed by a  good long groping to make sure she is hot and horny. Only then will come her massage. The full 60 minutes despite her lateness.  The massage will be "straight", and fully draped, much to her frustration. She will moan and wriggle and hump the table as his hands get close, but she will be allowed no satisfaction this time. Maybe next time, assuming she can manage to arrive on time.

A very severe tits out, bare bummed, paddling. She will not repeat this mistake again!

I used to read Archie comics! I always used to imagine myself as Betty...

Thank you to Rick at Spank Those Bottoms. Please head over for a visit!

Thursday, October 11

Letter from a Reader

I received a couple of letters from a reader named Darryl recounting some of his childhood spanking experiences. I, like many spankos I believe, am fascinated by this sort of thing. He allowed me to reproduce it here. I hope you enjoy reading it as I have. More of my comments on it below [in red].

Hi Julie,

I apologize for the length of what follows.  I got carried away.  Don’t feel that you have to read it if it bores you. [Heaven's no!]

Overview of Spanking in Our House

There were five kids: I had a brother and three sisters.  I think sibling rivalry was intense because we were closely grouped in age.  We all got spanked from early childhood to the verge of adolescence, but I believe my brother and I got it much worse than my sisters, either because my parents thought girls should be treated more gently or because the behaviour of boys actually merits harsher and more regular discipline. [who cares about yucky boys anyways ;-)]

My father worked long hours away from home, so my mother handled most of the discipline.  Most spankings consisted of a few quick smacks to the seat of the pants, when she was breaking up sibling squabbles, for example.  Sometimes she used her hand, but more often a large wooden spoon. If she was angrier she would use a doubled up strap.  Sometimes, if we were in more serious trouble, she would spank us more formally, over the knee, sometimes baring our bottoms. [Nothing less than you deserved, I'm sure, Darryl]

In the worst case, my mother would say, “Wait until your father gets home.”  That threat was mainly directed at us boys, as my mother usually handled the girls herself. Waiting for our father to get home was frightening because we knew it meant a harsh strapping with his belt, usually with our pants down. [Yes!] The belt hurt terribly even when he didn’t bare our bums, so I’m not sure why he added that humiliation of to a punishment that was already painful and humiliating.  I suppose it indicated different degrees of displeasure.

My brother and I would make a dash for our rooms when my father took off his belt.  That wasn’t to escape punishment but to try to have some degree of privacy.  If he caught hold of us before we escaped, however, he might haul our pants down on the spot, which meant our sisters could see.  Even if we made it to our rooms, my father wouldn’t close the door when he came in, so I always felt terribly exposed.  Additionally, our house was one of the main places where kids from the neighbourhood came to play or hang out, so I always feared that my sisters’ friends might see or hear. [I would have taken every opportunity to be over there!]

On one occasion when I was 6 or 7, one of my sisters came into the kitchen with some friends just as my father had hauled my pants down.  Instead of retreating they made their way silently around the perimeter of the kitchen on the way to the basement rec room as my father strapped me. [watching your bare bum intently]

Gender Inequality in Spankings

I don’t know how my sisters feel about it, but I’m sure spanking was way more humiliating for us boys.  I don’t think I ever saw one of my sisters get it from my dad the way my brother and I did. I think part of it may also have been a simple consequence of wardrobe differences between boys and girls.

If one of the girls got an over-the-knee spanking wearing a skirt, dress, or nightgown, the garment would be flipped out and they would get it on their panties.  The may have been a concession to female modesty.  But maybe it was purely practical. Panties are skin tight and thin, so they don’t offer any insulation from a spanking. Because boys underpants are looser, they would often come down together with our pants.  Or if we were wearing pyjamas, those pyjama bottoms with elastic waistbands would come down quickly and easily and there would be nothing underneath.

My Earliest Spanking Memory

I just realized that the first spanking I remember distinctly was actually a play spanking.  I must have been spanked earlier because the game would not have made sense otherwise, but I don’t have any clear memory of any specific earlier spankings.

Because there were five kids close together in age, we had baths in pairs when we were small.  Usually, I had my bath with my brother, but in this instance I was in the bath with my sister who was a year older.  I don’t think I could have been more than 4 because I don’t think my mother would have put my sister in the tub with me if she was more than 5 or so.  I say that because I had a fully developed sense of shame about nudity, even around my sisters, by the time I started school.

My mother had left us in the tub together, while she went to get my younger sisters settled for the night.  My sister suggested that we should play a game where she would be “the mother fish” and I would be “the baby fish”.  I asked her how to play, and she said we should pretend that I had been “a bad fish”, so she had to spank me.  She sat sideways in the tub with her legs crossed and got me to float into position across her lap, face down.   (Okay, I know that fish have neither bums nor hands, but being in the water was enough for it to make sense to us).  Then she gave me a play spanking, her hand loudly smacking my wet bum.  I recall she told me that “all the fish in the school were watching.”  (I suppose she got the school idea from the expression, “a school of fish”).   [Awwww!]

I found the game extremely exciting, and I began to squirm across her lap, discovering that the friction against the skin of her thighs was very pleasurable. After the spanking, she was amused to see that my penis had become erect, a phenomenon that was mysterious to both of us.

Later, I continued the game on my own in bed, pulling my pyjama bottoms down and squirming against the smooth sheets, pretending that I was being spanked on my “bare bum” in front of the “fish school.”  I believe I discovered how to masturbate that night, and I connected those pleasurable sensations to the shame of being spanked. (I was actually able to have dry orgasms that way, as a little kid). [naughty naughty]

A F/fm Spanking

This memory may be a year or so later. My sister (the same one) and I picked a bunch of tulips from an elderly neighbour’s garden to make a bouquet for our mother. By the time we got home, my mother had a received a phone call from the angry woman who had spotted us as we left the garden. Our mother must have been mortified that her kids had ruined the neighbour’s tulip display, so serious punishment was called for.  I seem to recall that my sister tried to put the blame on me.  LOL  But my mother would have none of that.  She pulled a chair out from the kitchen table then took first my sister and then me over her lap for a dose of the folded belt on our bare bottoms.  Then she marched the two us, still puffy-eyed and sniffling from the spanking,  down the street to apologize to the neighbour. [Should have made you show her the damage, naughty tulip destroyers!]

I Get Spanked Outdoors

I must have been five or six.  We visited my grandparents’ farm during the summer, and I was fascinated by a mousetrap I found in the woodshed off the back of the kitchen. My mother and grandmother both told me to keep away from it.  The morning we left to go home, however, I stole the mousetrap.  I guess it didn’t fit into the pocket of my shorts, so I stuffed it down the front of my pants.  (I know.  Yuck!)  The first part of the car ride was uncomfortable because the corners of the mousetrap dug into me.

We stopped at a park with a large, crowded picnic area for lunch.  While we were at the picnic table, my mother noticed that I was uncomfortable trying to sit down, and I guess she noticed me trying to adjust the position of the mousetrap inside my pants. She asked me what I had in my pants.  I told her I had nothing.  When she came towards me to investigate, I tried to escape, but she caught me a few paces from the table.  She knelt down and unsnapped the front of my shorts.  As she began to lower my shorts, I struggled to stop her, partly to prevent her from finding the stolen trap, but also because I was embarrassed to have my pants pulled down in a crowded picnic area.

When she found the mousetrap, she was angry and disgusted, angry because I had disobeyed her command to not touch it and because I had stolen it from my grandparents, disgusted because it was, as she said, “dirty”.  Outdoor spankings were not unheard of, but usually an outdoor spanking would be on the seat of the pants.  I suppose, however, that since my mother was really angry and my pants were already half way down, she figured modesty be damned and yanked my pants and underwear the rest of the way down.  Then she wrestled me to a face down position across one knee and spanked me with her hand, scolding me in a loud, angry manner that must have attracted the attention of everyone at the surrounding tables.

When I returned to the table, my siblings had poker faces under the eyes of my parents. But they later teased me about getting spanked “on the bare bum” in front of lots of people, and they gleefully reported it to their friends when we got home. [Just punishment, appropriately meted out]

A Younger Sister Gets It

One of my sisters who was  perhaps 8 at the time had learned how to belch loudly, and she liked to amuse her friends and siblings with her skill.  My mother, however, warned her that it was a very bad habit to develop because she might forget herself and do it in an embarrassing situation.  My mother’s warning proved prophetic. Our church pastor, his wife, and their two sons were at our place for Sunday dinner.  Forgetting herself, my sister belched loudly at the table in the middle of supper.  There was a horrified silence.  Then my father quietly said that if she couldn’t behave in a proper manner at the table, she could go to her room.  She didn’t wait to be told twice.

After the main course, my mother began to clear the dishes, and my father excused himself from the table to go have a talk with my sister.  After an expectant silence, we could hear the sound of a spanking.  A few minutes later, my sister returned to the table, red-faced and teary-eyed, and apologized to our guests for her rudeness. [must have been terribly embarrassing for the poor dear]

My Worst Spanking Ever

This happened when I was 13 or 14.  The mother of my best friend caught my friend and me smoking in their attic. She was furious because of both the health and fire risks. She told my friend that he was in for severe punishment from his father, and then she sent me home, warning me that she was going to call my parents.

My mind raced the whole way of the short walk home.  I knew I was in big trouble because smoking would be a really big deal to my parents.  My father’s father had died of lung cancer a couple of years previously, and my father had warned us kids at that time that if he ever found out any of us had started smoking we “wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.”  That was his stock phrase when he threatened harsh punishment.

[Wow - what a walk home, knowing that you had a severe belt whipping on the bare coming...]

It was Saturday afternoon, and my father often worked Saturdays, so I was hopeful he wouldn’t be home.  In that case, my mother would have received the phone call, and maybe I would be able to persuade her not to tell my father.  As I rounded the corner and turned up our street, I could see my father’s car in the driveway.  Shit! [Now you're 'gonna get it!]

I considered briefly turning around and not going home right away, but that would probably make things worse. And there was an additional consideration.  Two of my girl cousins, Cheryl and Nancy, were staying with us for a couple of weeks.  Cheryl was two years older than me, and Nancy was my age.  Getting punished while they were there would be beyond humiliating.  But maybe they, and at least a couple of my sisters, would be out for the afternoon, so it might be better to get this out of the way immediately. [A forlorn hope, I am imagining, ha ha!]

As I approached the house, I saw movement at the front window.  One of my younger sisters was looking out.  A second later my cousin Nancy appeared at the window, followed by my older sister.  Shit! Clearly my arrival was anticipated. [Did your tummy do a flip? Knowing they would hear, and most likely see, your bare bum belt whipping?]

I considered again running away, but that would only delay the inevitable. As I went up the driveway, I seized on another faint hope. I hadn’t actually been spanked for a while.  Maybe my parents considered I was too old for that now, especially with my cousins in the house. Girl cousins! [Not this time, my boy, Daddy promised you a severe whipping if he ever caught you smoking, does not sound as if your Daddy would go back on his word like that, girls or no girls.]

When I entered the back door in the kitchen, my father was waiting with his doubled up belt in hand.  I tried to stammer an excuse or an apology, but he was clearly intent on spanking first talking later. Three inside doors opened into our kitchen.  I tried to make a dash for the closest one.  If I could at least make it to my room…

But my father caught my upper arm in a crushing grip and yanked me into the centre of the kitchen. He set the belt on the table and yanked hard on the back of my pants.  The snap of my jeans popped open.  He yanked again.  The zipper came open from the force and my jeans and underwear came part way down my hips.  “No, please, not…”  One more hard yank bared me from the waist to mid thigh, hobbling me so that I couldn’t escape even if I broke free.  The belt bit into me again and again, raising welts on my bum, my hips, the top of my thighs.  I couldn’t see clearly for the tears in my eyes, but I was vaguely aware of being watched from outside the kitchen doors. 

When my father finally let go, I started for the door to the back stairs, pulling my pants up as I tried to run. The belt lashed me a couple more times on the way.  I passed my older sister sitting on the stairs.  Through my tears it looked to me like she was frightened.

When I got to my room, I closed the door, threw myself face down on the bed and cried into my pillow. At first I cried mainly from the pain.  Then I cried from the humiliation.  How much had my cousins seen?  Had they watched?  How could I face them again? [They saw everything, from your pants coming down, to your private parts, to your bare bum, to your whipping, to your tears. No way would they have not.]

I wished I could skip supper that night, but I had to eat at the table with everyone. Usually there was animated conversation at our supper table, but everyone was quiet and subdued.  I was too embarrassed to look anyone in the eyes.  I think my sisters and my cousins may have had pity for me. I’m not sure.  They were all nice to me for a while. But a couple of days later my older sister made my cousins giggle by asking me in a gently teasing way whether I wanted a cigarette.  

I would say that was an emotionally scarring experience. But miraculously, I somehow turned it into a source of erotic pleasure as my cousins became characters in my masturbatory spanking fantasies. [Of course you did, you're a spanko, like the rest of us!]
That was the last time I was spanked by my parents. I theorize that my mother empathized with the extremity of my humiliation and told my father that he had gone too far, so they agreed to use more age appropriate punishments in the future. [Awww!]

Embarrassed by Masturbation

We lived in an old house where all the doors had large keyholes.  You could actually see into rooms through the keyholes, even when the key was in the door.  If you wanted a guarantee of privacy, you needed to hang something on the inside doorknob to block the keyhole.   As an adolescent, I used to masturbate in the bathroom sometimes, since it had a lockable door.  One day I was doing that, but I had forgotten to hang something on the doorknob.  My sister who was a year younger peeked through the keyhole and saw me jerking off to the women's underwear section of the Sears Catalogue. You can perhaps imagine my horror when I heard her burst out laughing behind the door and realized she had seen me.

To my intense humiliation, she told everyone what she had seen: my other sisters, her girlfriends, even my mother.  My mother scolded my sister for invading my privacy, and she tried to console me by explaining that what I had done was "normal" for teenaged boys, but the humiliation was intense and enduring.  For a long time my sisters and their friends teased me. [So humiliating!]

My Big Crush

I was aware that all three of my sisters were good looking and popular with boys.  They were sexually quite precocious, whereas I was a shy, late bloomer. Thus, my sisters all had boyfriends before I ever had a girlfriend. 

One day when I was about 17, I was home alone with my 15 year old sister and her really hot friend.  I had a real crush on her, so I tried to sort of hang out with my sister when she was there, but I felt invisible to her.  I was quite excited to be home with just my sister and her, and I was hoping to make some kind of impression. However, my sister and she invited a couple of "hot guys" (their words) to come over.  I was embarrassed and extremely jealous when the two couples started kissing right in front of me, and the guys ran their hands down over the girls butts.

The guy with my sister must have noticed the look on my face, so he said to me, "Hey, you should invite a girl over."  I felt really self-conscious as all four of them looked at me, and I stammered some excuse about the girls I knew living too far away and not having a car.  But my sister said, in a very matter of fact voice, "D doesn't have a girlfriend.  He's too shy."

My sister didn't say that in a mean way.  She was just stating a fact as she saw it, that when it came to sexual things, her "big brother" wasn't very mature.  Most embarrassing was that for a moment her friend, who never seemed even to notice me, really looked at me, and I felt as though she could see right through me and knew how much I longed to touch her the way the other guy was touching her.

[A little beta cuck in the making - so cute!] 

My Older Sister Is Humbled

My sister was perhaps 15 or 16 when this happened.  She was out in the driveway, flirting with three guys who had come over in one of their parent’s cars.  It was getting late, so my mother called her to come inside. A few minutes later, my mother called her again.  When she still hadn’t come in after a few more minutes, my father went to the door and told her gruffly to get in the house.  “Now!” 

When she still didn’t come in, my younger sisters and I exchanged amazed glances, thinking her crazy to ignore that last warning?  “Boy crazy,” one of my younger sisters opined. I should mention that my other siblings and I found our older sister rather annoying at that point in life because she had become condescending towards us. “You’re so immature,” she would say to us, as if SHE was an adult.

Suddenly my father said, “That’s enough.”  He strode out the kitchen door, sliding his belt out its loops.  I couldn’t believe it!  Was he going to use his belt on her?  Outdoors?  In front of the boys with whom she was flirting?  Would he bare her bottom as he had mine? [Dream on!]

The three boys saw my father coming before my sister did.  They scrambled to get in the car and make a getaway.  I saw my father say something to my sister and point to the house.  My sister hurried towards the house, followed by my father.  My sister came in the door crying and made a dash for her room. 

When my father came in, I expected him to follow her to her room to complete the punishment. But he put his belt back on and left it to my mother to go talk to my sister. He hadn’t actually hit her, but I guess he figured the fear and embarrassment had been punishment enough.  He was probably right.

Neighbourhood Spanking

We were aware that friends and other neighbourhood kids got spanked too.  That was the peak of the baby boom, so there were lots of kids in the neighbourhood, and on hot summer evenings windows would be open and you would sometimes hear kids “getting it.”  Or their siblings might blab, so spankings often had a public aspect, even when done in the “privacy” of the home.

My most distinct memory involves the neighbours two doors up the street from us. There were three daughters in the family, one of whom was a close friend of my older sister. It was neighbourhood knowledge that the girls’ mother was a strict disciplinarian. Most fascinating to me was that she kept an honest-to-God spanking paddle on a hook on the kitchen wall.  I saw it a couple of times, and I remember thinking how embarrassing it would be to have on object whose sole purpose was to paddle your bum hanging on the kitchen wall for all to see.  I remarked on it to my sister, and she told me that her friend and her two sisters got frequent bare bottomed paddlings over their mother’s knee.  She even claimed to have seen her friend Penny get it once.  (Something tells me that my sister shared my fascination with spanking). [Cute that there's a family tie there - if she were to read this, she would recognize herself for sure. Wonder if she would spank you for fun?]

On one memorable occasion, Penny was playing in the yard of our house with a bunch of other kids. Suddenly Penny’s angry looking mom came striding into our yard carrying the paddle.  She scolded Penny for leaving the house without finishing her chores.  Penny pleaded with her mom not to spank her and promised to go home and finish her work, but her mother spun her around and gave several smacks on the seat of her shorts.  She then proceeded to paddle her bottom all the way home. To add to the excitement of the event, my sister pointed out to everyone that Penny would most certainly be getting it “on the bare” at home.

I have a fascination with spanking paddles to this day, and I have a wonderfully humiliating fantasy about my wife hanging a spanking paddle on the kitchen wall for guests to see. [We have a riding crop hanging in plain view in our home gym...]

School Spankings

Corporal punishment was still common throughout my elementary school years. The standard method was hand strapping, but I witnessed 3 spankings. I’ll describe two of them that had a huge impact on my erotic imagination.

The first was in grade one. Our teacher was a very strict elderly woman.  I was actually afraid of her scolding alone.  A boy named Larry was always getting in trouble for getting out of his seat and behaving in a distracted manner.  Today, he would be diagnosed with ADHD, but to our teacher he was a “naughty, disobedient boy.” 

One day after she had warned him a couple of times in short order to “behave”, she got fed up and ordered him to come to the front of the room.  When she pulled the chair out from behind her desk and placed it in a central spot, I think my heart skipped a beat.  Surely she wasn’t going to…?  Not in front of the whole class?

Maybe it was my imagination, but I believe a ripple of excitement ran through the class as she sat down and pulled Larry face down over her lap.  Some of the girls giggled as she proceeded to spank him on the seat of his pants with her hand. I felt sorry for Larry because I imagined how intensely embarrassed I would be in his place, but I was excited too.  Most memorable for me was the expression on the face of Susan, the pretty girl at the desk next to mine. She put her hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle, and the expression on her face showed both amusement and excitement.  I’m certain she got erotic pleasure from Larry’s humiliation, though I had no word for that feeling back then. [Oh yes!]

I suppose that to anyone who didn’t have innate sadomasochistic tendencies, the spanking was unremarkable. It didn’t last long and it probably didn’t hurt that much, though Larry had a very red face when he returned to his desk.  But to me it was huge, as it became a focal point of my childhood masturbation fantasies.  Of course, I imagined myself in Larry’s place, and I pushed the humiliation further, imagining the teacher baring my bum for the spanking, to the amusement and delight of my classmates, especially Susan. In its final transformation, I imagined Susan taking great pleasure in baring my bum and spanking me herself.  I had a major schoolboy crush on Susan, but I was shy and embarrassed in her presence at school because of what I imagined at night. [As well you should have been!]

The second one took place when I was in the grade four side of a split grade four and five class.  Miss Baker was the kind of teacher kids wanted to please and feared to displease.  I imagine I wasn’t the only boy in the class to have a schoolboy crush on her because she was beautiful, with a pretty face and a shapely, compact body which she showed off to amazing effect in tight fitting skirts and high heels. She could reward us with nothing more than a smile, but she also had a quick temper.  Her face would actually become red and her gaze fierce when she was displeased, and a sharp rebuke from her stung like a lash.  I don’t think she ever used the strap because she didn’t need it to control us.

One day, however, she was working with the grade five kids and had given us grade four kids some work to do independently.  My friend Bill in the desk next to mine was so entranced by a book he was reading that he kept going back to reading the book instead of doing the assigned work.  Miss Baker told him a couple of times to put the book away and do the work.  But Bill pushed his luck, and tried hiding the book on his lap under his desk to read.  He was so entranced that he didn’t notice when Miss Baker stopped talking to the grade five group and walked right up to his desk.

She got Bill’s attention by smacking the top of his desk with her hand. She scolded him fiercely and then told him to stand up.  I thought, “That’s it: she’s going to use the strap now.”  Instead, she ordered Bill to bend over with his elbows on the desk.  When Bill looked confused, she repeated the order in an icy voice.   I think people’s jaws dropped in amazement, and we all exchanged excited glances. Teachers didn’t spank big kids, did they?  But Miss Baker did exactly that, her red nail polish glinting as she smacked the seat of Bill’s pants several times with her hand.

Once again the expressions on the faces of some of the girls watching affected me as powerfully as the spanking itself: their undisguised amusement and excitement, an excitement that by that age I was beginning to understand as sexual.  One of those girls was a friend of my older sister who sometimes came to our house.

I masturbated intensely that night, reliving the scene in memory, with myself in Bill’s place.  My schoolboy crush on Miss Baker intensified.  Not only was she beautiful, she now seemed dangerous in a way that aroused me terribly. 

Not long after that, I did something stupid that incurred her displeasure.  She gave me an embarrassing public scolding and told me I should stay after school.  You can imagine what I was afraid she might do.  I also thought my classmates might be thinking the same thing.

She didn’t spank me, of course.  When I was alone in class with her, I apologized contritely, feeling terrible about having displeased her.  I may actually have been on verge of tears.  She told me in a firm but gentle voice that my misbehaviour had surprised her because she knew I was “a good boy”, and she made me promise not to repeat the offending behaviour. Then she forgave me and let me go.

That little drama of guilt, contrition, and forgiveness was deeply emotional to me. It felt so terrible to be out of her favour and wonderful to regain it. When I relived that scene in memory, however, I added another step between contrition and forgiveness:  strict but loving punishment, over her knee with my pants down. [Should have been!]

There you have it, Julie, the childhood experiences contributing to the making of a submissive, male masochist. [Thanks!]
There now, weren't those just the cutest thing???

As I'm reading these, I definitely put myself in the place of one of Darryl's sisters, excitedly watching my big brother have his pants lowered for a belt whipping from Daddy. I imagine how wet I would get watching Darryl screech in pain as the big belt connects repeatedly with his bared, increasingly reddening backside. His bumhole winking at me as he receives his strapping. The glimpses of his penis and testicles as he writhes in pain.

I would invite my friend over and we would tease Darryl about his spankings, about how I caught him masturbating through the keyhole, and about his big crush on my friend. With her help, I would cajole him into taking a bare naked paddling across each of our knees. When he gets hard, we would stand him up and laugh at his erection. We'd then make him masturbate it to completion in front of us, while we watch. Then back across our sexy knees to finish up those paddlings. I'd tell him that from now on he was not allowed to masturbate unless he comes to me first and asks my permission. If he obeyed me in that, and everything else, for the next three months, I'd let my friend give him a blowjob (my friend would be eagerly nodding, yes, yes, yes - I spank her also!).

Ha ha!