Wednesday, February 13

Hubby to be Dominated by Fangirl!

Sometimes, I must say, this blog has its perks. The other day an attractive young lady reached out to me by email and offered to do a joint domination session on my husband. I intend to take her up on it! She sent a photo of herself along (I've cropped it here - the original has her face and everything).

What's not to love about a chick who keeps a baseball bat by her front door and poses with it!?!

She says she's in her early mid twenties now and has been a big follower of my blog ever since she was about eighteen years old, though has never left a comment at all.
According to Google Analytics, 18% of my visitors are female. Among all females, 7% are in her demographic: 18-24 years old. I get about 40,000 distinct visitors per year, so there are about 500 such young ladies who never seem to leave a comment lurking on this site, and she is one of 'em!
By now we have exchanged emails and had a lengthy phone conversation. She seems not at all worried about her "secret identity", and was quite open with me about her real name and contact information, but I am worried on her behalf and so will take great pains not to reveal her! She says she really respects my privacy a lot, and does not even want to know my real name or where we live or anything. That was comforting.

Here is what background I know of her so far. Her name is June. She does not live in Toronto. She is out on her own. She is from a middle class intact family with siblings and likes her family just fine. At age eighteen she had a much older boyfriend who introduced her to BDSM. He mainly liked being on the bottom and taught her how to top. He was a frequent visitor of pros and introduced her to a lady who ran a place. The lady of the house liked what she saw and so June started working as a Pro Domme when she was still only 18. She says she made a lot of money and the other girls were quite resentful, as all the regular clientele wanted to see the pretty, young, new girl. She found she was a natural at it, and really enjoyed it. She did that fairly intensively as she was working her way through post-secondary school. When she graduated she began pursuing her legit career and retired as a pro (with a healthy nest egg). But she still saw some of her regulars from time to time out of her place. She more recently got into a vanilla relationship, and her partner was uncomfortable with that, so she stopped. But she still occasionally sneaks behind their back to do a session in a hotel room. More because she loves it and misses it than for the money.

When she was first getting into being a pro, she says that she found my blog and drew a lot of inspiration and instruction from it for her scenes with her clients. Is that not cool?

She always thought to herself that if she ever got to Toronto she would want to meet me and show her gratitude. As it turns out, her (legit) business is taking her to Toronto later this month, and that's why she reached out to me. She knows david and I like to play with new girls, and she offered to co-top david with me as a little "thank you". Is that not uber cool!?!

I was of course wary of the whole thing, worried it might be a setup or something. But all her details checked out and so we set up a phone call. I figured out how to block my number (Settings, Phone, Show My Caller ID to off) and gave her a call at the arranged time. She seemed to be exactly who she said she was, which was again very cool. On the call she filled in a lot of the background above.

Long and short of it is that we agreed on a date for our tryst, and we would do it out of her Airbnb. I will bring my toys, dildos, condoms, lube, and latex gloves for her. I told her that I would love to basically just watch her work, with the occasional interaction, and she was fine with that. Said she would enjoy showing me what she learned over the years. She says she thinks she knows david very well, but wanted to know if there was anything she should know that was not covered in the blog. I said what you see is basically what you get!

She knows that david does not know about the blog, so knows not to talk about it. We made up a story that we met online in a women's topping chat group, and she offered, seeing as she was going to be in town...

June, I am very, very excited to meet you in person with david in tow! Thank you so much. Your gift is indeed very generous, and both david and I will love it, I am sure!

Blog folk, I have only one thing to say...
Do you like apples?

Thursday, February 7

Julie Dominated by Violet!

Soooo... as I teased in my previous post, A Visit with Violet, I got a bit of my femsub on with Mistress Violet the other day. Happened sort of by accident, and was amazing!

To recap, David and I had not seen Mistress Violet together for quite some time, so we set up a three-way in advance with a fun girls-on-top roleplay script. With a week's warning, my husband was called away for a business trip that day (it was important, he needed to go). We were disappointed that we had to cancel. But it was david who suggested, why don't I keep our appointment myself? So I did!

I let Violet know in advance. She asked about the scene I had in mind, and I told her I would leave it entirely in her hands. We had played before with her on top of me during our three way scenes, so she knew a bit about the sorts of things I was up for. But it was still very exciting for me, the anticipation, not knowing at all exactly what to expect.

I arrived right on time at her elegantly appointed studio. I felt like such a guy! Paying for her time like this... but Violet is very special (as I was to find out even more so during our session).

We had a little cocktail to start at the kitchen island, and we caught up a bit. We both laughed about her seeing both david and me separately and together. We reconfirmed our safe words and a little about the general types of activities she had in mind (without going into detail). It was all fine. Luscious in fact. Was making me wet talking about it. She was dressed very sexily in elegant black short shorts, a black top, and showing lots of leg and some cleavage. She had her make-up on exquisitely and smelled divine. She's really a very beautiful and sexy woman. As we talked, she sat close to me and teased me with her sex-appeal. I do like girls that way, but don't often take the opportunity... It was fun to have a sexy girl "come on to me" so openly.

When it was "go time" we walked over to the more living room part of the studio with the big black couch and the area rug. She sat on the couch and told me to stand in front of her and to take off my clothes. All of them. As I took off each piece she took it from me and threw it randomly on the floor. This confused me a lot. When she had made my husband strip in the past, she had insisted he fold and pile his clothes neatly. When all my clothes were off, and they were strewn around all at my feet and beyond, I felt very naked standing there.

She then stood up and faced me. Without my heels, and with hers on, she was much taller than me. Also, without my clothes, and she with hers, I felt smaller still.

"This is called CFNF 'clothed female / naked female'," she said. yes... gulp...

She told me to open my mouth and to lean my head back. She stood over me and spat into my mouth!!!! How humiliating... But it made my low tummy churn in that butterflyey way. She was asserting her dominance over me and I was melting into it.

What were my feelings then? My first impression, a split second before she did it when I saw what she was going to do, and then as she did it, was "yuck, disgusting".  But then as I felt her warm spit mixing with mine in my still open mouth, I felt so totally owned in a way I rarely have felt before. Owned and then sexually excited. Despite my disgust, my pussy still tingled! Bad pussy!

She went back to sit on the couch. "Clean up these clothes!" she said strictly. "They're a mess. Fold them neatly and put them on that chair." I had to go scampering, fully naked, mind you, to collect up all my clothes she had strewn around the room. I felt like her maltreated servant. So unfair. But I found myself falling more and more under her dominant spell.

She then stood up again and made me turn to face away from the couch. She told me to clasp my hands behind my back. I did so and my breasts jutted out. She began fondling them. She went to my nipples and pinched and twisted them. "A little sensitive?" she asked, as she saw my reaction. I nodded yes. I thought she would back off a bit. She leaned in and bit one nipple. Not gently! Ouch!!!! She pulled away and laughed at me. She told me to hold still. She moved to the other nipple with her mouth. I knew what was coming. I was afraid of it, but I knew I could not stop it. Ouch!!!! Again! Ouch! She did not "back off", she saw my vulnerability and used it. I was so... HERS.

She turned away and fetched something. Coming back, it was a pair of nipple clamps attached together. Sort of like these,

Oh no. I had never had anything clamped on my nipples before. They could not possibly be worse than the bite, though...

Violet put one on. Ouch! Ow ow ow. And then the other. Ouch! Ow ow ow. The pain settled down fairly quickly, though, into a dull, sexy throbbing. She then took the chain and made me hold it between my teeth. This made my head bow and pulled up on my nipples at the same time.

An effective way to make a girl bow her head. I felt she had taken a page out of the Roman slave market or something. I flashed to being presented like that to a crowd of eager buyers. Breasts artificially "perky", head submissively bowed. Pussy starting to drip...

Also, as a consequence, I found myself now looking down at my pussy, which is exactly what she wanted. She got out a length of rope and proceeded to tie my pussy up.

She put the rope around my waist and then down between my legs and then back up again. She adjusted the rope and tightened it to cut into my bum crack on my bottom hole and to cut through my pussy lips and clit, sort of like this...

Oh my God! It was tight. If I wiggled, I could feel it rubbing me...

She told me to drop the chain from between my teeth and to put my hands on my head. She grabbed a hold of the chain, and with an evil grin starting slowly pulling on the clamp attached to my left nipple. She pulled gently and my nipple stretched, then all of a sudden she yanked it off! OUCH! She then repeated the treatment on my right nipple. OUCH! It really hurts as the blood flows back in!!! She then took the end of the rope and continued tying me up around the tops and bottoms of my tits and crisscrossing to back around my neck. A bit like this,

She gave my breasts a little shake.

Next she went away and came back again. She told me to kneel on the ground. She produced a ball gag...

She came towards me with it held out in front of her. She told me to open my mouth, and she took the opportunity to spit into it again. I was more ready this time and absorbed her spit into me greedily. Then she fastened the ball gag into my mouth, tightening it securely around the back of my neck.

I was completely bound, breasts and pussy, and ball gagged by Mistress at this point. There's something about being bound and gagged, completely nude, in front of a dominant clothed woman. Made me feel extremely vulnerable. (#bondage -- I'll hashtag everything she did in her tweet about me! tee hee)

She directed me over to the St. Andrew's cross (#standrewscross)

She made me face it, leaning into it, and then fastened my wrists and my ankles using leather restraints chained to the four corners. It took a bit of time as the chains jingled and jangled and I could feel her fastening me. I looked over at her and she was very "businesslike" and practiced, as if she'd done this hundreds of times, and she also had a little smile on her face, clearly enjoying it. As my hands reached up, the rope which was around the back of my neck tightened which pulled on my breasts and my pussy. The cross was also on a bit of a slope, so to prevent losing my balance completely, the only counterweight was my bottom, which needed to jutt out a little, which also tightened the rope on my pussy and bottom hole and tits!

Violet came close to me and reminded me that my safeword was "red", but that because I had the ball gag in my mouth, for now I could just shake my head vigorously back and forth instead. She told me to practice doing that, now. I did so. She praised me. She asked if I understood? I nodded my head up and down.

Next , she picked up a whip. It was long and skinny, like this. Totally scary! (#bullwhip)

She stood back. Way back. And she whipped me on my shoulder blades. I was scared, but the first blow was not vicious. It was sensuous. She continued with my whipping. She whipped all up and down my back, and also concentrated on my bottom. She wrapped the whip around to the sides of my breasts. She whipped up into my thighs and pussy...

My hands were gripping the chains attached between the cross and my leather wrist restraints. My feet were spread. The whipping hurt, but it was so sensuous at the same time. My body writhed on the cross. I could feel myself gyrating at the hips, no doubt putting on a fine show (actually, if memory serves I believe she commented on it...). Of course, the writhing also pulled the rope tighter up into my split pussy lips and bottom hole and pulled on my bound breasts as well. If I turned my head, I could see Violet wielding the whip. Oh my gosh. So sexy! I could see her whipping it up, entirely free-hand and then sending it over to connect just at my body, just where she wanted it to go. As I jerked my head up, the ropes tightened. Oh my.

Violet once told me that she observes her bottoms closely. There are two important "levels". At one level there is pain mixed with pleasure and the bottom is moving their body into the blows. At the other level the bottom is moving their body in such a way so as to run away from the blows. You need to be conscious of which one it is. It is ok to have some of each, but you must know the effect you're having and to mix the two appropriately. I was conscious of this lesson from her during my whipping. In my case, for this whipping, it was largely the first level. I found myself pushing into the whip strokes rather than running away from them, even though there was definitely a fair measure of pain involved. I'm sure my butt stuck out shamelessly, silently begging for my lashing to continue...

She put the whip away, picked up a leather paddle, and came up to me on my left side. I turned my head, my mouth still gagged. She showed me the paddle. She said it was made from the skin of a ray. One side was smooth and the other was rough. She let me feel that up against the side of my cheek. It sort of looked like this, although I did not get a close look.

She used it against my bottom. It was not a particularly fierce paddling, but it was again a mixture of sensuous pain and sensuous pleasure. I found myself writhing under her paddle, getting more and more excited the more she paddled me. She used the paddle on my thighs, between my thighs, and up against the lips of my pussy pushed out by the rope. Oh my!

After my paddling, Violet removed the restraints from around my ankles and my wrists. She took a pillow from the couch and tossed it onto the floor. She told me to kneel up on the pillow with my hands on my head. She took a seat in front of me. She leaned over into me and removed my ball gag. I could see deeply down her cleavage as she did so. I was also fixated on her red, red lips. As the gag come off, I slobbered all over the place. Blush!

She had on platform stiletto shoes, similar to this,

She pushed at my pussy with the sole and tip of her shoe. She raised her foot and pushed the rope deeper into my pussy with her stiletto heel. She kicked off one shoe and then the other. She had red painted toenails. She played her toes over my tummy and my pussy. She lifted her leg and played with my breasts with her bare feet. She moved her toes to my mouth and told me to kiss them. I eagerly complied and she praised me for my efforts. She made me suck especially on her big toe as she moaned in delight.

This foot worship thing is not something I do. Men should be worshiping our pretty feet! To require a woman to do that to another woman is... degrading. Utterly degrading. Utterly, pussy tingly, degrading.

She put her feet down and drew her fingernails over my body. I had not realized that she had such long and sharp fingernails. I don't know how I missed it. I looked down at them. She had on little metal claws on the ends of her fingers!

She used them all over me. My back, my belly, my breasts, my nipples. Even my pussy. Especially my pussy. She played with the folds of my pussy, moving the rope around, telling me to hold very still as she pricked at my clit. Oh no! Oh yes! Pain! Pleasure! Explosions of both. What had I gotten myself into?!?

She sat back. She told me to crawl over to the wall, and to pick one of the implements hanging there.

There was a collection of about a dozen different types of spanking paddles and straps, some leather, some wooden. I chose a wooden paddle with holes. I figured it would hurt the most. I wanted Mistress to hurt me!

By the time I got back with it, she had discretely removed her claws. They were gone as if by magic. She told me to hand her the paddle, to remain kneeling, and to bend onto the sofa with my hands in front of me on the sofa and my bottom up. I arched my bottom a little extra for her, which dug my rope into my pussy and bumcrack and tugged on my breasts. That rope was evil!

She stood above me to my left. I could turn my head on its side to see her there. She has trim and sexy legs, which I could see up to the bottom of her elegant black short shorts. She put a hand on my lower back, bending at the waist in a very sexy way. Then she swung the paddle into me. OUCH! It was hard. She did another. OUCH! And another OUCH! and another OUCH! By this time I was unconsciously writhing and twisting and running away from her paddle. She gave me another couple of paddle strokes that hurt a lot. She then said I had enough. Everything up to then had been much lighter. The wooden paddling was hard. This was the "running away" kind of impact play, not the "push into it" kind. But I guess I had brought her what I considered the worst paddle. I think she did it to scare me. To make me fear what she was capable of. As in, "the whole session could have been like this, little girl, am I not a most Merciful Mistress?" She did not say that. I just felt it.

She stood me up. I am still in my rope bondage. It is just starting to really bother me. I am hoping Mistress will remove it. She said I was a good girl, and that as a reward she would now take me upstairs to her bedroom to fuck me. She told me she was going to make me suck her dick, and then fuck me with it. My pussy tingled again. At that moment, I so wanted my fucking!

"Follow me," she said. She walked slowly and sensuously, swaying her hips, to the stairs to the loft and then up them into the bedroom with the huge bed. I followed along awkwardly behind, with a sore red bum, still all trussed up, the ropes pulling at my pussy and my tits, chafing at my bumcrack.

When we arrived upstairs, without my saying anything she began untying me. It was so nice to be untied, especially as her hands roamed across my body as she did it.

As she was untying me, already laid out on the bed, awaiting my arrival, was a triangular bolster.

My bolster... For my fucking... The fact that it was there, all laid out and ready to go, indicated a certain premeditation in her mind. This was not spur of the moment. She had planned out what she was going to do with me, and this was an important part of it. She had thought about it. She had thought about doing this to me. Hot...

She made me drape myself across it and wait there while she prepared. I turned my head to the left to see her. She slipped off her shorts revealing a black thong panty. She slipped of her shirt revealing a sheer pink lace bra. She took her time putting on her leather strap-on harness. She then selected from a variety of dildos, choosing a medium sized blue one which she attached into her strap-on harness and slipped a condom over.

I was going to be fucked by Mistress! It was exciting! Fucked by a girl.

She came on the bed directly opposite my turned face, knelt there, and fed me her cock. "Suck it," she said. I put her dildo into my mouth and began sucking on it. She gently wrapped her fingers into my hair and pulled me deeper around her as she slightly thrust into my mouth. She encouraged me verbally in a way many men would not be comfortable doing: "that's it, suck it baby, suck it good" sort of thing. I think I received about five minutes of cock-in-mouth until she was satisfied with my performance and decided to move on.

She went back to the dressing room table and picked up a bigger dildo in her hand. She switched it on and it started vibrating. She switched it back off again. She placed a condom on the vibrator. She picked up a tube of lube. She said she would not need to prepare me with her fingers as I seemed eager enough as it was.

She went behind me. I felt the tip of a dildo at my pussy. Violet dribbled lube on me and on it and moved it around. It was the handheld one. The vibrator. She turned it on and it started buzzing at my pussy entrance. She played it around there some and moved it towards my clit. Oh Geez! So nice... She brought it back to the opening and slowly pushed it in. Then she started fucking me gently with it. In and out and in and out. As she fucked me, I started taking it deeper and deeper into me. It was in really deep. She turned up the vibrator and she left it there, buried deep into me.

I could feel myself squirming over the bolster as the big thick vibrator had its way with my pussy. I felt like putting a hand down there, but dared not!

Next she dribbled lube onto my asshole. "You're getting DP'd", she told me. Doubly-penetrated. A cock in my pussy, and another in my ass. Violet's cock in my ass. Oh dear... (#DP)

"Come on baby, it's just the tip," said Violet as she pushed the tip of her girl-cock into my ass. "How many college boys have said that to their girlfriends?" asked Violet with a laugh. That made me feel like a virginal little slut, "giving it up" like that because, well, it's Biff the Hunk. In this case it was Violet - gorgeous Violet - more commanding and assertive then any man I had ever been with.

My pussy was exploding from the vibrator. Once Violet got the tip of her strap-on into my ass she paused there, allowing me to take a few deep breaths and get used to the anal intrusion. Once my body had relaxed, she said, "now take the whole thing, baby, you can do it," still channeling the college boy and making me feel the role of the reluctant but horny girlfriend. With that, Violet started sliding it fully into me.

Have you ever been fucked in the bottom before? I have. It's always the same. I imagine it's the same for boys and for girls. It hurts going in. It's part of the experience. You are nervous your partner will push in too fast, too deep. You think you can't take it all! Then your bottom hole relaxes a bit, and it's not so bad. Not so bad until it starts going in deeper and deeper. Rinse and repeat. With a thick vibrator buried deep into my cunt, and Violet's cock buried deep into my ass, I felt very filled!

Violet started fucking me. Slowly at first and then building up the speed. She also made sure the vibrator stayed deep into my pussy, pushing it back in a few times if it risked shooting out.

"Play with yourself," she told me. I shot both hands over the bolster and between my legs. I was able to reach the end of the vibrator with my fingertip and I pushed it deeper into myself and held it there. As Violet rocked me with my ass fucking it made the pussy vibe fuck me as well. With my other hand I used my finger to flick at my clit and rub on it. No lube required. I was so wet already!

Violet was saying, "Oh this feels so good. You can't believe how this strap-on pushes back on my pussy lips, on my clit, as I'm fucking you."

"Keep going! Keep going!" I beg her. She intensifies her pace, fucking me violently. What a nasty little tramp I am, wanting it harder and deeper in my ass!

I start moaning louder and louder and Violet could tell I was getting close because she upped the intensity and just as I started cumming she simulated a deep orgasm herself, thrusting jerkily inside of me and crying out gutturally the way a boy does as he cums.

Holy shit!

Violet pulls out and she turns off and removes the vibrator from my pussy. She takes off her strap-on as I lay there, wrung out. She tells me to get up off the bolster. "am I... clean?" I ask her. She spreads my cheeks and says simply "yup". That makes me feel better! She removes the bolster but lays down the towel that was covering it on the bed where she has me lie down on my back. She hops into bed next to me, sideways on. "Did you like that?" she asks me with a great big happy smile on her face. "Oh yes!" I say. "It was all amazing! Every part. I'm so glad we did this. You're so amazingly creative. You're so good at what you do!" She thanked me. She explained that since it was our first time outside of a specific roleplay scene, she thought it would be fun to run me through all the more "stereotypical" sort of BDSM-type stuff that you might see in a BDSM documentary. Like baby, beginner stuff. I liked the baby beginner stuff!

"It was nice," I say dreamily, as my hand wanders back down to my pussy and starts stroking it.

"Can you orgasm again?" she asks me.

"Yes," I say, feeling a blush come up.

"Then do it. I want to watch," she says.

I don't usually "do it" with just my fingers. Usually I have my trusty Hitachi. But I don't feel as if I need it today. I play with myself with a certain intensity. As I do it I look over at her. She is so beautiful in her pretty bra and panties. Her sleek little bottom. I can see the sleek muscles of her legs, her arms, her belly. As my friend chris, from the previous blog post said, in a followup email to me,
"Just between you and me, Miss Violet is so sweet, so nice, beautiful and please don't pass this on because I will pay with pain if you tell her... I'm sure you noticed... what a great ass!!!"
Uh oh. Did I just go and get chris in trouble again?

Oops!... I did it again

So I'm actually doing it, she is looking at me. I look back at her. She smiles at me. She turns her gaze down to my pussy, which I am rubbing furiously as I start to moan. She seems to be squirming in delight as I do it. She touches me gently on the front of my thigh. Then it happens, a second absolutely gigantic orgasm under Violet's watchful eye.

I am such a slut...

Monday, February 4

Fat Loss and Spanking

Spanking and humiliation assisting with health and fat loss is something I have long experience with. I had to give my husband a very humiliating spanking and corner-time punishment this past weekend to keep him on the right path, so the topic is very fresh in my mind.

image by 'lill jo

I also know this is a topic that many of my readers are struggling with and interested in. My most frequent ask from e-subbies is to help them with their weight loss. This blog post will have a lot of sexy bits, will describe a very severe punishment for my husband from the weekend, and will also be educational regarding exactly what you should do if you are interested in losing fat (I say losing fat rather than losing weight, as we want to maintain and even gain muscle mass).
[N.B. I was going to post my solo experience with Violet this time, but because of what happened on the weekend I was inspired to post on this topic instead. Have no fear, my Violet episode was already fully written and edited while still fresh in my mind, so we can safely leave that for a bit and not lose any of the rawness of that experience.]
I believe that for a submissive with a dominant partner, that spanking and humiliation can be an important part of a successful fat loss and health program, but not the way most people imagine.

People imagine that the spanking is somehow "punishment", and because of the desire to avoid said "punishment", the submissive will work hard at their program. Nonsense! The submissive craves the spanking, how can it possibly work in that manner?

In our case, the fantasy of my husband having his wife strictly correct him to keep him on the straight and narrow is what he really craves. Therefore I play with this. I play the strict wife keeping him on track. For him, it makes the program fun and sexy and interesting and keeps him at it when the going gets tough. It also means there's a lot of wifely attention on his program, which will make it go better.

Some people, I'm sure, are motivated by not wanting a spanking. I was a case in point. This was before I really got into my subby side at all, and I believed I was 100% dominant. I remarked to David that I really needed to lose 5 pounds. He, being a good husband, was incredulous, and said how terrific I looked and there was no need. But the scale (and my hips) don't lie. I needed to lose 5 pounds.

He offered to help. He asked me about my goals, and I told him it was 1 pound per week for 5 weeks. He offered that if I fell short of my goal at the end of any given week, he would give me a spanking. He said it would be a real, hard, over-his-knee, bare bottom, hand spanking to tears, for as long and as hard as he decided. I really, really did not want this! But I agreed to the bargain, exactly because I did not want it. And guess what? I was so terrified of that spanking that I lost 2 pounds a week and exceeded my target in a shorter time! I think David was disappointed he did not get to give me that spanking!

Imagine had I not been so successful. I would have been spanked, for real, and I did not doubt it for a moment. It is something I absolutely did not want, but would have submitted to if I failed in my goals.

that could have been me!

Isn't that sexy as hell? Total consensual non-consent. Can you imagine a completely reluctant wife spanked against her will as if she was a misbehaving child from the 60's? This should not be sexy at all. This should be horrible! But the sex appeal to us spankos is unmistakable. We crave realness in our scenes, and the ultimate in realness is not wanting it in the least. Cruelly paradoxical!

The only reason this worked for me was because at the time I was completely not into being spanked. Motivating somebody who craves to be spanked is a totally different story. For this, a much subtler hand is needed.

Let me now explain my husband's situation. Since the time I have known him he has gone up and down in weight. When I first met him, he was thin and trim, weighing in at around a solid 190 pounds (he is over 6 feet tall). Gradually, with the pressures of work, a very poor diet, and no exercise; he put on weight, and at his peak was around 240 pounds. I, on the other hand, keep my weight very tightly within a fairly narrow band, eat well, and exercise a lot.

For me it is not at all about how he looks. I love him every bit as much at 190 or 240 pounds. And I find him every bit as sexy. The excess fat does not "turn me off" at all. I understand women are less visual that way, and I know that is true for me. It's not that I don't notice and admire a tight bod, but it's just that the visual stimuli is not directly connected to my sex drive the way it seems to be for many guys.

But at 240 pounds he is not healthy. He is sluggish, lacks energy, gets sick more, cannot keep up with me in any sort of physical activity (even climbing stairs at some attraction, for example), and seems a bit down and stressed all the time. Plus there are definite health issues associated with too much tummy fat, such a heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. It kills me to see him that big, therefore. I love him with all my might, and I want him to be around with me until a ripe old age!

Generally, despite any impression you may have gotten from my blog, he decides himself when it is time to lose weight. He generally diets until he gets back to sub-200, which takes around 6 months or so. At anything around 200, he gets a lot more energy and I have trouble keeping up with him in physical activities. He also looks really good.

Then, despite his good intentions, when he's off his diet he has no sense of the proper kind or amount of food, and gradually his weight creeps back up again. That takes about 2 years or so, and he's right back where he started.

Just before New Years, he was hitting it at just under 230 pounds, and he made a New Year's resolution to get back to under 200 before the summer. So he started in on a very serious diet and monitoring kick on January 1, and has been doing great so far. He asked if I could help him out in my "usual way", and I was only too happy to do so!

He's had a new trainer who comes by the house for about a year now. Initially when he started with her, he lost some good weight, and she was very pleased, even bragging about him to her other clients. Then we went on a vacation and he gained 5 pounds, and then it was summer and he kept putting on the pounds, much to her chagrin and embarrassment. Since New Year's she has been very happy to see his weight drop off, and helps me in monitoring his progress once a week. She always asks, "so how are you doing?" the first moment she's in the door, and it's understood that is not a general question, it is specific to his fat loss program.

We have had kinky trainers for david in the past, but this is not a kinky one. We tried a few hints here and there, but she's having none of it. She shuts us down very politely by just changing the topic, and focusing on the work. That has its advantages also!

David has the most success on a low carb diet. It used to be called "Atkins" back in the day, but is now called "Keto" (with a few differences that are really not that essential - they are both carb restricted). David did all the research on this and shared it with me, and the results speak for themselves.

The way it works is that you keep your "net carb" intake to about 50 grams per day. Net carbs are total carbs less the fiber, some of the sugar alcohol, and glycerine. Only the net carbs spike your insulin. The other carbs tend not to so much (though it's a bit complicated). But for david, 50g per day of net carbs keeps him in a state of mild ketosis, which is what we are after. The things he needs to avoid is any kind of bread, pasta, pastry, sugar, potatoes, and so on. Those are all simple carbs that rapidly turn into glucose and spike his insulin levels.

Fruits and vegetables need to be handled carefully, as they have carbs. Most vegetables, however, are high in fiber, which is not a net carb at all, and so is fine, especially green vegetables. Vegetables to avoid are ones you might think of as sweeter, such as carrots or beets. Fruits are, unfortunately, generally not great for keto: too much sugar. Berries are the best, especially blackberries and blueberries. It's ok to have a bit of fruit outside of this, but generally just a half an apple at most, or half an orange (just keep an eye on total net carbs for the day).

It takes him about three days of mild misery to get into a state of ketosis. Also know as "carb withdrawal". He gets hungry and headachy and gets a very dry mouth. After the first three days, these things all level out, and he instantly starts feeling better than he even did before. What happens during those three days is that his body basically adjusts to living off fats and proteins as opposed to sugars. There are actually changes in the mitochondria within the cells that adapt. The adaptation in the cells makes the body much more efficient at burning fat, including his own stored fat. As "ketone bodies" are a side effect of this type of metabolism, they appear in the urine and can be easily tested for using "Ketostix".

One thing I do for him in the morning is to make him urinate onto the end of the test strip. I make him sit back on the toilet, make him start to pee, and hold the test strip there. He is not allowed to pee in the morning until I can assist him with this, which sometimes gets me some amusing begging and pidgeon-toed knee knocking until I am ready for him. Of course he could do this for himself, but what's the fun in that?

I check that he turns the strip some colour. We aim for the "weak" or better "medium", which are the third and fourth squares from the bottom. The second is "trace", which is ok. The bottom one is zip, which is no good.

If he has ketones in his urine, it means his metabolism is burning fat, and there is not excess insulin running around in his system.

The marvelous thing about ketosis is that when he is in it, it is biochemically impossible for him to store fat. He can eat 10,000 calories (but no net carbs or you get knocked out of ketosis), and he will not gain even one ounce in fat, because without insulin there is no biochemical pathway for storing it.

In order to lose fat, however, he needs to keep his caloric intake less than his caloric expenditure. He needs to be careful here, though, because if he lowers his caloric intake too much, his body goes into a kind of "starvation mode" which conserves calories by shutting down important mechanisms that keeps him healthy and energetic. If that happens, then he needs even fewer calories in order to burn fat, and his body then shuts down even more, in a vicious downward spiral that leads to an unhealthy "prisoner of war" kind of weight loss

The most David can reasonably lose, therefore, is about 1.5 pounds per week max. 1.5 pounds is a caloric deficit of about 5250 KCal per week, or 750 KCal per day. His sedentary weight maintenance calorie level is about 2550 KCal, so he is aiming for around 1800-2000 KCal per day to actually lose weight. So the rule of thumb is "keep it under 2000, buddy!". Your mileage will vary.

In addition to the daily morning pee test, he also steps on the Aria Fitbit scale which measures his weight and body fat and sends it up to the app. If I do not like what I see, either on the ketostix, or on his fat% or weight, he might get a scolding and a spanking on the spot. I am a strict marker, so he gets a lot of morning swats!

This sort of morning ritual, where I am paying attention to him and his program in a sexy way that turns him on is really powerful motivation for a submissive partner. I "roleplay" a strict wife upset with him for not making enough progress. He does not mind that I am always critical. He knows it is a game we play. Sometimes randomly in the middle of the day I'll praise him on his progress so that he gets some of that kind of encouragement as well.

In the past, I have extended this sort of play to other women as well. Once I hired him a regular fitness trainer who was an aspiring dominatrix on the side. Swear to God! I have many blog entries concerning her and the trainer after her, who was a young lady readily corrupted. I had 'lill jo illustrate some of the many scenes we had together.

For instance, this illustration below captured only the second meeting we had with the aspiring domme trainer (she and I had met, and planned it out in advance). Yup, he got spanked in the living room by his brand new trainer to set the tone! Ha ha! He had literally no idea. He thought she was a normal vanilla trainer (I told him so, in fact). This was after a week of recording food and exercise, and presenting her with a (frankly horrible) written report. She scolded him for his bad habits, made him drop his pants and shorts, took him over her knee, and gave him a very solid hand spanking as I looked on! He had no idea! (see Personal Trainer: getting interesting!)

Sometimes we did his "weigh-ins" together, and scolded and punished him together afterwards!

And she kept him hopping with some "creative" exercises, such as "pants-down plank".

Or stair runs where  he bends over for the whip at the bottom for his recovery time.

Or a switch across the backs of his legs when on a treadmill or elliptical. This trainer was particularly fond of stripping him to his panties for many exercise sessions (he was required to wear panties for every session).

Once even my kinky sister was present when he was made to exercise in his panties and a sheer baby-doll nightie, with OTK hairbrush spankings from his trainer between sets, fully witnessed by her and I!

And of course, if he is not putting in his "all" during his training sessions then we have to show him we are in this together...

We had and have lots of fun with his health and fitness, as you can see, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's a consistent problem for david, and I help him to make it sexy and fun, and am happy to do so. We put two things together in his mind: kinky embarrassing submission which he craves, and diet and fitness. Because he loves the one, the other comes along.

It's fun to involve other women in his shaming. Even fairly vanilla women can be brought a bit into the play. As in, "he's on a diet - he's not allowed it..." in front of another woman is mildly shaming. And if he complains? Well that's a sign, "do I need to give you a spanking?" ha ha ha.

But getting back to the issue at hand, let's see how my boy is doing this time round. First, here is his body-fat to-date:

You can see that he started out at a near obese 29.5% body fat on Jan 1, reached a low of 27% near the end of Jan, and bounced back a bit to 28%. We are aiming for about 18% body fat. His lean body mass is currently around 160 lbs. At 30% body fat he's 230, which is about where he started. At 18% body fat he's 195 pounds, which is his target assuming he does not lose any muscle, which is the goal during any type of weight loss: maintain muscle mass!

The way I maintain his muscle mass is to not starve him: 1800-2000 calories does that; to have him do exercise, especially weight bearing exercise which his trainer does with him; and to feed him a minimum of 100 grams of protein per day (1g per kilo of body weight) to rebuild those muscles.

Here is how the weight went:

He started out at nearly 230 pounds on Jan 1, and has dropped down to just over 215 pounds. You can see the big initial weight drop of just over 5 lbs is water weight as his body acclimatizes to the ketogenic diet. After that we saw a steady steep decrease followed by a plateau at around the 218 lb level. The plateau is cool. His body fat percentage kept dropping during that plateau, so I knew his weight would catch up (likely water retention or such). Ignoring the initial 6 lb drop, he went from 224 to 216 in 5 weeks, or about 1.6 pounds per week, which is right on track!

When he's dieting, he uses an app to track all of his food choices. He uses MyNetDiary. He absolutely must do this religiously!

If we look at his caloric composition, averaged over the past 7 days, we get a sense of what he is eating.

The bar on the left is his target. The second bar from the left is his daily average for the past 7 days of recording. The other bars break it down by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

We can see by comparing target to average that he's eating a bit less than the target, which is good, but please not too much less or, you know, starvation. His net carb target is 50g, but he's coming in at around 60g. Actually, for the first 5 days of the week he was tracking well, less than 50g, but for the last couple, which we shall get to shortly, he was hitting 100g, which is a GIANT NO NO! That's why his average was 60g. His protein intake is right on target at just over 100g. The rest are fats and alcohol.

Now let's get to his caloric intake history since Jan 1.

  • The green level (< 2000) is where we are aiming. Any time there is only green it is good, but not less than 1500! He has had 18 days out of the 33 so far in the green, so over half.
  • If the green has some yellow on top it means he's still losing, just not as fast as we want. There's another 11 days like that. So together that's 29/33 days where he's losing. That, along with the 50g or less net carbs, is why he's doing so well on dropping body fat.
  • When there's also some red, it means he's not losing at all (but not gaining either, because of his being in ketosis). There's only been 3/33 days like that (likely 4 if you count the missing day - which was a bad one!)
If we look at the last full week he had a great run, every day between 1500-1800 (I would actually prefer he eat a bit more, but that's ok). However, the last two full days! YIKES! Not only were his calories high, but even more damaging, his net carbs (not shown) were 100g on both those days!!! That's a complete destruction of his diet. He risks going out of ketosis, losing his ability to efficiently burn his own fat (which got him such great progress to date) and actually gaining fat!

The first day, whatever. Get back on the horse and keep riding. One day over 50g won't knock him out of ketosis. But after knowing he had such a shit poor day, doing it again????? No self-control, that boy, and he knew it, and felt really bad about it. He wanted and needed me to correct him for it.

The first bad day was a Friday. We were out for dinner with another couple and he got carried away. After that, on Saturday morning we drove up North to the cabin for some cross-country skiing. We got two good days in, Saturday and Sunday (which helps to mitigate his dietary mess, somewhat).
[N.B. In general, I don't anymore net out his exercise calories with his eating calories, as his fat loss seems to be much more correlated with his eating calories only, regardless of the amount of exercise he does. This is not to say that exercise is not critical. It is. It helps keep muscle mass, and it helps keep the metabolism running hot all day long to burn more fat.]
It so happened that we were in a hardware store buying some weather-stripping on the Saturday to stop a draft in the cabin. Coincidentally, while in that store, we noticed some "Souvenir of Muskoka" hardwood paddles!

Amazing as I had broken our old one on his ass about a year ago and hadn't found a good replacement of the like since. So we bought one, together with the weather-stripping. The checkout lady was an older, grey-haried woman who was humming a little song to herself as we went up. I thought I'd play a bit. I said, "the paddle I'm using on him". David visibly blushed and the lady smiled and said "oh, well, my, my." She knew I was serious. But at this stage it was not yet a spanking for two bad days, as one of those days was the Saturday in question.

We had a neighbor over at the cabin on Saturday evening, and that is day 2, when David over-indulged again. He had not realized quite how badly he had screwed up until Sunday morning after we returned from our early morning ski, when he retroactively logged his food and beverage choices for the previous evening.

He came up to me with his app and said, "I was bad..." We looked at it together, and I agreed.

"Do you need to be punished?" I asked him.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

I told him to wait while I set things up, and to come when called.

I went up to the TV room couch, and laid out some things on a little coffee table in front of the couch. I placed it near the left end of the couch, where he would be able to see the coffee table as he was spanked. After I laid it all out, I took a picture for you guys:

As you can see, there is his app with the two horrendous days clearly visible. There also was the new hardwood paddle, and his belt. He'd be getting a hand spanking first, and then the paddle, and then the belt, with some embarrassing corner-time in between.

I had him remove his socks, pants, underwear, and outer shirt, allowing him to keep his red sports shirt on. His penis was a little hard. I sat in the middle of the couch with a pillow behind me. I had him drape himself over my lap and told him to look at the coffee table as he was being spanked, and think about what he did wrong, and what he still has coming.

I started in with his hand spanking while scolding him the entire time. I wanted to warm up his butt for what was coming next, and for his corner time. I then asked him to hand me the paddle. He reached over and handed it to me. I rubbed the cold hard wood on his ass. I told him that he would be doing his corner time before his paddling and belting, but I wanted him to know what to look forward to, so I was giving him 10 good ones with the paddle first, and then he'd get another 100 after corner time followed by 50 strict licks of the belt. Then I lifted the paddle and cracked it down full force on his ass, 10 times total. He howled like a baby - that paddle is very effective!

I then hustled him into the corner. I made him put his hands behind his back, lifting his shirt, and his nose right in the corner touching both walls. There is a little box thing (like heating ducts or something?) at his feet, so he had to stand further away and sort of arch into the wall, sticking his butt out. I told him to put his cock and balls behind his legs, to humble him. I told him to pidgeon-toe his feet to conform to the countours of the floor. He looked ridiculous. For good measure, I made him hold the paddle between his cheeks, the handle end resting on his balls. I told him 30 minutes (that's quite a long corner time, especially in so uncomfortable a position!). He groaned. I felt like changing it to an hour because of his groan, but chose to be merciful instead.

I left the room, but came back every few minutes to be sure he did not move. On one of my trips back I got the evil idea to take a photo of him standing there like that. With his nose so buried in the corner, he would not see me do it at all, and I would make sure the phone made no flash or noise as it took the photo.

After I got home, I cropped and blurred the photo, and decided it could be posted without fear of anybody identifying him. Also, in the off chance that he is a secret blog reader, he can consider it as added punishment that his ridiculous corner time is now made public. So without further ado, blog world, please meet my slightly overweight husband david!

Oh Ha ha ha ha ha! Can you even imagine having a wife who makes you stand like that for 30 full minutes, cock and balls out, red ass showing, holding the paddle you're about to be severely beaten with between your ass cheeks like that? And then to take a photo of it, and publish it? Even his penis and testicles humbled and on full public display, fully photographed. Look how absolutely pathetic a grown man can be. I ought to feel bad for publishing it. I absolutely don't. All you male blog readers, I want you to imagine yourselves like that, put there by me, knowing that when your corner time is up you'll be paddled with that thing between your cheeks 100 times, and then belt whipped 50 times. You will stay on your diet after that!

Imagine if the neighbor from last night knocked on the door when he was like that. Would I release him, or keep him there and let them come in? To me, this would be a sign from above. If he was so unlucky as to have unexpected visitors for the relatively brief time he was being punished in the corner, it would be serendipitous and he would deserve what he got. I would explain that he is being punished for being badly off his diet for two days in a row. Imagine how much he would blush as our neighbour and I discussed his misbehaviour and its consequences. His cornertime might be elongated while I make us some tea. They would of course be invited to stay and witness his spanking.

Lucky for him, no such neighbours showed up during corner time. When his time was up I went to get him. I went up behind him and put his testicles in my hand and squeezed as I took the paddle.  I made sure my nails dug in as I squeezed his balls. He cried out softly in pain. "Get over here," I told him. I pulled him away from the wall by his balls, turned him, and walked him to the sofa, sat down, and pulled him over my knee, entirely by his balls. I told him he better hide those things away unless he wanted them smacked, and he very quickly did do!

I rubbed the paddle across his cheeks as a tease, and then started in on his punishment paddling. Each time I did another ten I announced where I was. He was really in pain, and he was getting very red! He was really in distress as I hit the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The last ten were the hardest of them all. I put the paddle down and soothed his angry looking cheeks with my soft cool hand.

"Do you think you deserve the belt as well?" I asked him.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said resignedly. I would have stopped had he done otherwise.

We both stood, and I arranged three cushions for him to lie on in the middle of the three-seater couch. and then made him drape himself over them, ass high. I picked up the belt, doubled it, and gave it a snap.

His right hip was touching the backrest of the sofa, so it was not possible to wrap-around onto his delicate hip skin, which is a blessing. I think this is the first time I've used this exact position for a belting, and hence realized that it had this benefit.

I whipped the belt down hard across his mid ass-cheeks. He screeched. "Which one's worse, the paddle or the belt," I asked. "The belt!" he immediately said. Excellent, made me feel better about the 49 additional licks he had coming, and more determined than ever to not hold back. I fully intended to sizzle his ass so thoroughly that he would have trouble sitting for the next two days: long enough to get himself back on track with his diet!

The next 49 licks were an absolute marathon ordeal for him. About half way through the begging started. He started begging me for forgiveness, and promising he would not have a bad day ever, ever again. Promises, promises. 50 hard licks is what I promised, and 50 blistering, weal-raising licks is what he got.

After his last lick I put the belt down and comforted him with a "there, there, it's all over now, baby." All he could do is thank me over and over again.

I gave him a bit of alone time to recover and get dressed, but then we had to pack to go home. I noticed him walking a bit funny. As we were driving home in the car, I teased him by asking how his bum felt every now and then. "Still sore!" he replied happily. "Good!" I said.

So, you can see that our playing is a bit of fun mixed with a bit of real contrition - more about self-discipline with an external assist rather than externally imposed discipline. But most of it is more about just having this as an excuse for some kinky fun. By associating the fun thing with the not so fun thing (for him at least: the dieting and exercise), it makes the not so much fun thing way more fun. It's also about giving him more than usual shame-oriented female attention around his program. Most men who diet with the appearance that their wives are in charge look very pussy whipped indeed!

When david next sees his trainer, she will for sure notice and ask about the double-spike days. David will have to admit his screw-up, and she will look sooooo disappointed with him. I will ensure that david tells her that "Julie blistered my butt for that already - I mean literally blistered my butt - I was, like, sore for two days." She will smile a little and change the topic.

Thursday, January 31

A Visit with Violet

I've written previously about our favourite Pro Domme in Toronto, Mistress Violet Mays.

You can contact her at or at any time from the sidebar of my blog. If you do contact her, please don't waste her time. Book a session!

My husband and I have played with her on multiple occasions. I also have allowed my husband to visit her "solo" from time to time. I know, crazy right? But I figure he should experience other dominant women one-on-one as it's a different vibe, and come back and tell me about it, which turns me on immensely. I trust Violet totally, and she always sends him back home hard and ready for me with a good tale (and a red blistered tail-end). She never lets the poor boy cum. She sends him home for me to take care of that (or not, as I see fit).

But I like going also, to play and learn, so about three weeks ago we setup a three-way scene with a fun girls-on-top roleplay script. Unfortunately, with less than a week's warning, my husband was called away for a business trip (it was important, he needed to go). We were disappointed that it looked like we had to cancel. But it was david who suggested, half jokingly, why don't I keep our appointment? Guess what? That's what I did!

Coincidentally, just before that happened a reader left a blog comment as follows.

I immediately corresponded with Violet,
Hi Violet!

A blog commenter going by the name “Chris” left a comment saying he was seeing you this Friday? He asked if you could possibly give him a spank with my name on it. As in “this one is from Julie!”. In fact, if it fits, why not bend him over, get a cane out, swish it menacingly through the air, and say “these next six are from Julie” and really let him have it! Ha ha!
She replied,
Hi Julie! 

Yes, Chris contacted me at the end of December but I was on vacation and referred a couple of other Dommes to him, but he said he specifically wanted to see me because he’s such a big fan of your blog. Cool huh? 

I will absolutely give him those 6 cane strikes with your name on them. 


So, two fun intersecting Violet sessions, chris' and my own. Both sessions took place, and I've already written up mine (ran right home and wrote it all up when it was fresh in my mind!), but I'll publish chris' session first, as it happened first, and there are lots of photos from chris' session that show Violet's studio in the background, which will set the scene for my session later.

Violet tweeted in anticipation of chris' visit...

The next thing I heard was from chris, as follows.
Hello Julie,

As promised I wanted to let you know how things went with Miss Violet earlier today. To say that I was pleased, satisfied, impressed? All of those things and so much more. Beautiful, kind, cruel, and creative operating in a clean stylish location.

Miss Violet took the scenario I had presented (I don't want to take up too much of your time as I'm sure you get lots of e-mails but will elaborate if you wish) and ran with it, everything I could have wanted/asked for and more.

There was an intended break in the story line and it was at this point your instructions were followed. I can't thank you enough for playing along, it really added another dimension to what was already a fabulous day. My first caning!!! and delivered by you via proxy, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I hope they amuse you, I would be flattered and humblered (pun intended) should you care to use them. After each stroke, five in total I has required to say "thank you miss Julie" I did and I do. They were progressively harder, five of the best, my poor little ass is still on fire.

When you described how David got pounded by "Kimberly" I dreamt of getting the same treatment. Strapped down and helpless, Miss Violet (using an appropriate sized cock, I am very tight) and pardon the language... fucked the living shit out of me. I must have been moaning like a little bitch because she just kept going and going and going until she dropped her load in my little ass.

Thank you so much,
kindly, humbly

Five cane strokes??? I asked for six! I couldn't imagine Violet doing just five. All became clear when the photos arrived directly from Violet.

I don't know about you, and I can't imagine poor chris' mental state, but those sure look like SIX to me! I was also surprised and delighted to see chris fully "locked up". It was part of the scene as I shall describe shortly.

Here is another angle on chris' caned bum.

This above angle is never flattering to a bum, making them look rather big! In fact, chris has a very smooth pretty little bum...

Finally, here is a wider-angle view:

This photo also shows part of Violet's studio and equipment. See the little cage back there? How would you like to be locked up into that, subbies??? Huh? And do you see the paddles hanging from the wall just to his right? When it was my turn, I had to crawl over there and pick one to be used on my bare bottom. There were no good choices! But that's for the next blog entry.

After getting these pics, I decided we needed a blog entry (this one), and so I went about collecting the backstory, the scene, and how it actually played out based on emails and recollections from both chris and Violet. (Violet's were more reliable, for obvious reasons, chris' emanating from an endorphin-stoked sexual haze).

When chris first contacted Violet, he filled in the quite extensive contact form on her website. This is what he left in the "what kind of session are you interested in" box:
Job interview. Times are tough. I am way over qualified but vulnerable. I will be forced to strip for you... you make it clear that that is part of the job. Part of my job will be to service new clients, whether naked serving drinks or just being on display.
And here are some excerpts clipped from chris' correspondence with Violet.
"Thank you for your quick response. I hope you enjoy your vacation and that your spanking arm will be well rested. I found you through the "Strict Julie Spanks" blog, she really rocks my world so I would be most pleased to wait until you return. Verbal humiliation, calling me your bitch and your little slut, using me orally and anally with a strapon, I would like these incorporated in our session. Other than that I am more than happy to let you lead the way."
Awwww! I rock his world! Cute!
"We have left any scenario rather vague at this point, ie job interview. I am perfectly happy to leave this in your hands, the unknown is always more exciting. If you would incorporate any of the following: OTK, bare hand, paddle, hair brush, CBT including spanking, chastity. As part of the interview you make it clear that your company (all female run and staffed) has been advised by the Ministry of Labour that you must hire a male. If hired I will be the office bitch. Casual Friday's for the staff and CFNM for me. What will I be forced to do?"
Ah ha! The plot is thickening as chris' fantasy starts becoming more fleshed out. I wonder if he is masturbating to it at all? It brings to mind Underling's wonderful illustrations of his imaginary company OSIRIS from his blog. Underling's Humblings. Thinking of...

But chris now reveals a twist!
"Half way through my interview you will inform me that this has all been a scam!! While my hands are tied behind my back... You say that you float this great job offer to find males that you will turn over and train... to sell... to dominant women. In my case someone who wants to punish a German man. Jewish, British, American or Chinese girls especially want to abuse me. I will be sent naked and stripped to a retraining center... I haven't done anything wrong... but you're going to make me your little bitch!!!"
How fertile is the subbie's sexual imagination!?!

Being a first-timer with Mistress Violet, chris needed to do his identity and reference checks and place a deposit. Fellows, please! Do not balk at this. Violet is utterly professional and any personal information is completely safe with her. You should think of your provider's safety first and happily comply, as did chris.
"Thank you for agreeing to see me, I'm glad that my references panned out. Since we have a job interview scenario to start with perhaps you could incorporate that. Innocent lingering touches as we meet and you guide me to my seat. Perhaps a guiding touch on my bottom (even a mild squeeze/pinch) just to let me know who's in charge? You're checking my references, sitting beside me, running your hands over my thighs (they are great) over my crotch (accidentally of course). Again as part of the interview you could make this as embarrassing/humiliating as you like."
chris is a very hopeful little boy, is he not? To hope for such loving attention from Mistress Violet.
I have left a lot of meat on the bone for our first (and I hope of many) encounters. Don't be shy about expanding on my parameters, whether that means a humbler, bondage (yes please) spitting and/or pissing on me or any number of things I haven't even heard of...

Thanking you in advance

your little bitch (call me that)
May I call you that as well, chris? "my little bitch?", or are you now only Violet's little bitch? Ha ha!

But chris better watch what he asks for when he asks for "any number of things he hasn't even heard of". Besides her "softer side" that my husband and I have come to enjoy, she does have quite an edge as well, as indicated by some of her recent tweets!

She would not, of course, do that on a "first date", but just be a bit humble there, chris!

Don't get too worried though. Violet is every bit at home in a more domestic style D/s scene. All's I'm saying is that as kinky as you think you are, she's kinkier!

Chris then wrote me a more detailed account of his entire session. I forwarded it to Violet and am including her corrections as well in the below, still keeping it in chris' voice.

Miss Violet buzzed me in. I walked up the stairs, anticipation building... fear... I knocked on the door.

Stunning beautiful commanding Mistress Violet greeted me. I was stiffening from the word GO. We exchanged pleasantries. I was already dizzy. The walk from the subway was a little farther than anticipated, the only thing worse than being early is being late. She invited me in.

We sat at the kitchen counter for at least fifteen minutes. I was offered a glass of water (I drank two glasses), and we discussed the scene at length. We also went over my boundaries, my desires, the script, safewords, my previous experiences with Pro Dommes, and a bit about my personal life - just the regular but important stuff as this was our first time meeting.

I then went to the bathroom to freshen up and came out fully clothed for the interview roleplay. The scenario was that I was applying at a Women-lead company (the Ministry of Labour insisting that a male be hired). Mistress Violet led me over to the desk, guiding me into her office, her hands running over me... my butt... my face... my crotch. She peppered me with questions as she asserted her sexual superiority over me.

Eventually she came to the "physical examination" part of the interview for which she told me to strip naked. She placed a "Bitch" collar placed around my neck and cuffs around my wrists. She handcuffed me to the table...bent over. She then placed my (almost too shy to say) my "package" into a "Humbler".

It's impossible to say what I was abused with... riding crop I think... I had been gagged.. spit upon... begging for mercy, Violet just took me...

At one point she leaned in and asked me if I knew what the safe word is. “Yes Mistress” I replied. “Can I hear it?” She asked me. “Red” I replied. “Good” she said.

To my surprise and horror the riding crop wasn't used on my butt not even on my balls but on my poor defenceless cock, she is all purple and bruised. I was gagged and this was right at the start of the session so certainly wasn't going to give in so early. All of this I was assured was part of the interview process.

Job Interview: naked, handcuffed, humbled.
The future of male employment...

I have very sensitive nipples and somewhat foolishly I had mentioned this up front, the touches, the pinches were driving me wild, I was moaning like a little bitch. Apparently not enough to satisfy Miss Violet because, yes you guessed it, the nipple clamps came out. I begged her not to but that only seemed to encourage her. The sensation, the pain the pleasure literally made me weak in the knees. I was swooning.

The humbler was removed for the next part of the interview.

Miss Violet then explained some off the duties I would have in the office: delivering the mail, photocopying, and getting the ladies coffee tea and the like; menial tasks that women should not be bothered with. Since I would be the only man in the office, and so that this wouldn't become a distraction, I was placed in chastity: locked up!

Mistress placed the key on a chain around her neck.

Just to make sure I knew my place, I was placed over her knee for a spanking. It started out almost gently with a few light smacks. Quite pleasant in fact. This wasn't to last. Apparently, my squirming was not appreciated and so the spanks got harder and faster, sometimes with both hands. Just when I thought it was over she would lay into me some more. My poor little bum!!!

Miss Violet stood me up and said I had done quite well and I had the job, Yahoo!!! I just had to meet the CEO. What the hell? What was going on? I had to place my hands on the table and wait. I could almost hear two sets of footsteps, I was half afraid and half delighted at the thought that Ms Julie was the CEO. That was just my fear taking over but not entirely.

This is where the break came in. Miss Violet explained to me that Miss Julie had sent instructions and a message to be delivered via a caning. I'd never had one before. To add to the humiliation, not sure if this was part of the instructions or not, but I was forced to hold a cock in place on the table and suck it in between strokes.

Every stroke needed to be followed by a "thank you miss Julie". Each stroke was progressively harder, liquid fire indeed. It was almost sensory overload, my ass on fire, my mouth full of cock, delighted that this was being inflicted on me by such a beautiful woman and at Miss Julie's instruction. Violet asked me how many I had taken, I was pretty sure it was four when she asked and I was to take five, the naughty girl as if she couldn't see the marks all red and sore.

I was finally allowed to stand up, I thought the job was mine...and then the penny dropped.

There was no job. Miss Violet was a recruiter for a sex slave ring and used the job as bait and I had fallen into her trap. She had done her research, no one would miss me, I would just disappear. I told her I had money and would pay her if she just let me go. She just laughed and said I didn't have that kind of money. She would begin my training and then send me off to a boot camp where I would be trained further in proper behavior.

I was guided over to the horsey, shackled by my wrists and ankles... totally helpless at this point and really already Miss Violet's bitch and would have done anything she said.

waiting for the cock...

She returned with a little blue strap-on (I had said previously that my fuck hole was really tight), and she sodomized me orally, slapping my face with it, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to take all of it, gagging.

That wasn't enough. She went around back and I knew what was next, no point in struggling and I really wanted it. Lubed up, slowly but relentlessly penetrated, we got a little stuck part way in but Mistress wasn't going to let me get away with that.

Then she got going. She placed her hands on my hips and she began fucking me, slowly at first then harder and faster. All the time she told me that when I was sold I would be raped like this on a daily basis, this and so much more, whatever my new owner wanted. I could feel her body against mine her hair falling over me as she lay on top off me. I was her bitch and she owned me, she would not let up... I loved it!!!

after my fucking...

Finally I was let up, and the collar and the restraints removed. I asked Miss Violet if she would consider keeping me as her personal slave rather than selling me. She said she'd think about it but I had better perform better for her next time!

So that was chris' encounter with the lovely Mistress Violet. Careful what you ask for, subbies!

Violet tweeted after chris' session,

and she received several replies to it...

Note that I had to modify chris' account slightly, as it seemed to be rather too informed by his imaginings and did not pay sufficient attention to the professionalism of the scene. As Violet put it during our email exchanges when I suggested we modify it accordingly based on some of her recollections, she replied,
Ok that sounds good - I would prefer something more realistic too, especially as it’s my profession he’s writing about lol. 

I’m sure that he is peeing his panties by the attention he is receiving from you Julie!
Are you chris? Are you peeing your panties from all this attention? Oh I hope so!

Stay tuned for my session with Violet next week!