Wednesday, March 29

Spanked, Fondled, and Fucked

So many spankings... what to write about? On david's fitness front I got him a new trainer. This time a vanilla one from an agency. Young and cute and very knowledgeable and professional. I'll treat him like a child in front of her and we'll see where that goes. Ha ha!

But david has been doing pretty well on his diet, so the other day I allowed him to have his way with me as he chose. As a result I got spanked, fondled, and fucked.

He made me take off every stitch of my clothing as he sat there and watched. He made me put my hands on top of my head and do a slow spin for him. Completely bare!

He told me to bend over with my ass towards him, and show him my bottom hole. You guys are sick! I needed to reach behind myself and spread my cheeks before he was satisfied.

He gave me the choice of ass or pussy for my fucking. I chose pussy. Hey... if given the choice.

He made my put my hands on my knees as I bent over. My breasts dangled. He grabbed them in a very rough manner with his hands. Fondled them to the point of abuse! Twisted my nipples. Slapped them even as they dangled there. I hate when they dangle like that, like a milk cow.

I stayed bent over as he got a light flogger out. He flogged me! He made me stay bent over. Bend over more in fact. Spread my legs, grab my own ankles, and then he flogged me. It was on my ass but not just on my ass!!!! The tips of the flogger flogged my pussy, my asshole. He even flogged upwards, wrapping the flogger around to my pubis and my lower abdomen! The cad. I got so wet.

He then took me across his knee and gave me a jolly good spanking!

What's a naked girl to do in this position except to kick her legs and beg, which I did. He kept me across his knee for a good long time and really reddened my tender little bottom. He's developped a habit of cupping his fingers and slapping my near cheek so that his fingers whip into my asshole and my pussy. When I complained he went back to smacking my cheeks, but really hard. He asked me if I was sure I didn't want it gentler, but on my pussy. I oped for the pussy! He made me spread my legs and he spanked my pussy more directly. Lightly. I was dripping wet.

When I was well-spanked he put me on my knees in front of him, and I was required to suck him. I had to do it. It was his reward. He was allowed to have his way with me anyway he chose. 10 pounds of weight loss to-date earns him that privilege.

He stopped me before he came. He put me on all fours on the bed and entered me from behind.

I know how she feels...
He pulled me into him from the hips and roughly pumped into my cunt until he came.

He thanked me for his use of me, and made me go to bed with a cummy pussy and no relief! I had to wash the sheets myself next day. I was embarrassed to leave them for the cleaning lady.

Not to worry, I got my revenge on him soon enough. That's another story. But meanwhile, I am enjoying my trimmed down more muscular man. And so he got to enjoy his woman, anyway he wanted to that evening...

Friday, March 10

Husband's Weight Loss Update

It's now past a month from since I again took charge of my husband's diet. He's struggling. He has lost a total of, drum roll please, 2 whole pounds in a month. fizzle.

He was very close, 3 lbs, to suffering the ultimate indignity of enduring a bra and panty spanking across another man's knee. You think he would have tried harder to avoid this?

I would have loved to have sat with Tracy and seen him upended across John's knee, have his panties lowered, and then spanked to tears. Hand only. No safewords. I would have followed it up with a very public ass fucking for him, right in front of John and Tracy.

Don't think I wouldn't have.

Oh well. Not to be this month. Here's hoping for his sake that he hits his stride.

As it was, he was on the receiving end of four pretty harsh spankings, with another coming soon.

The ritual has been once a week, and starts with a nude weigh-in.

I have him stand there like that while I look at his food app. The problem is obvious. He's having a hard time limiting himself to his set number of calories. He's always just a little bit over. As a result, his progress has been negligable.

And I really don't get it. He has every motivation in the world to do better. He would get fun sex, get to spank me, get a good boy spanking from me with orgasm. But no. Week after week after week it's a harsh spanking from me, a full hour of corner time, another spanking, an hour's worth of lines, and then another spanking. I've standardized on a paddling for the first, a strapping for the second, and a caning or switching for the third.

I've been giving it to him harder and harder each week. And he appears to be scared of his weigh-ins. The full hour of boring corner time he hates. He hates writing lines for me as well.

Next time the paddling will be longer and harder; the corner-time will be butt-plugged; the strapping will be stricter with more strokes; the line writing will be bare-assed on a hard wooden chair sitting on his dildo; and the final punishment will be with my Delrin cane and he will NOT be sitting the next day. I fucking DARE him to not lose a pound a week after that. I DARE him!

After that, I suppose I will start inviting guests to see his weigh-ins.

I WILL motivate him!

Wednesday, March 1

Wife Spanked By Husband

As I alluded to, since I got my spanking from John I figured it was only fair that my husband get to spank my bottom as well.

David has always had an interest in spanking me, from the very first. In fact, before he asked me if I would spank him, he first asked if he could spank me, and I refused. But since then, I have worked my way around to it, and felt I needed to share this with my husband.

It was soon after the first time John spanked me, as recounted in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3). John is not even my husband and he got to do that. In fact, I even egged him on and got a FOR REAL hand spanking over his knee. Ouch! This was me during my spanking from John.

Even after my bottom was in this state, he went on to pin my hand to my side, and spanked me until I was one very sorry little red bottomed girl begging for her spanking to be over. His wife smirked at me and took photos from over his shoulder. This is what that man saw as I was bent high over his knees.

And this was what I allowed to happen afterwards as a result...

Yes, a very long and hard fucking, even having to endure his creaming at the end. I was so excited! I had never "cheated" on my husband before!!! It wasn't really cheating, as it was done with his full permission and even encouragement. And John's wife supervised my fucking, even insisting on his full ejaculation deep in my vagina. But it felt like it was cheating. And it felt good!

I needed to right the balance, and in the previous blog post,  David's Treat, I described how he was allowed to fuck John's wife, including creaming her pussy.

Prior to that, though, my husband gave me my first real Wife Spanking!

I went up to him and said, "I've been a bad girl..."

"Oh?" he said, with a smile on his face, "How's that?"

"I let another man give me a spanking," I said, in a pouty little girl voice. "A really really hard one with his hand across his knee on my bare bottom, but I've never even asked my very own husband to do that to me."

"And is that what you want now, a good hard hand spanking from me?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy," I said. "And there's one more thing..."

"Tell me," he said.

"That man who spanked me? I also let him fuck me. Fuck me real hard. Fuck me like a nasty little slut when I don't even belong to him. I think I need an extra hard spanking for that, Daddy."

"I see," he said. "You know you're going to get exactly what you ask for?"

"I know..." I said.

"And afterwards I'm bending you over for a fucking," he said.

"Yes Daddy."

"in your bottom hole."

"Oh... yes Daddy."

"And then I'm going to use my tongue on you until you scream for mercy, young lady."

"Oh YES Daddy!"

There was no more talk after that. He took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom where he undressed me to bare naked. He sat on the side of the bed and pulled me across his knee. He was very masterful! He started rubbing my ass. He told me, "you may say Yellow and Red. Anything else out of your mouth and you get it harder."

"Yes Sir"

And then he started spanking me! He was a very good spanker. He spanked me nicely down low on my lower bottom cheeks. He started off at just the right speed and strength, and then I could feel it going harder. I decided to test what he had said.

"Please, no, Daddy! It hurts!"

"Spankings are meant to hurt, young lady!"

And then he started spanking me harder!!!! I guess he was serious.

It was nice getting a spanking from my David!!!!! I fell into my submissive state of mind and fantasized I was a bad girl getting spanked by her Daddy.

Before too long, I was at my breaking point! "Yellow Daddy!" I yelled out.

He immediately let up on the intensity, but kept spanking me.

"Do you know what's coming next?" he asked me.

"Yes Daddy," I said.

"What's coming next? Use your words," he said.

"A fucking?"

I got a big slap across my ass. SLAP! "What kind of a fucking?" he persisted.

"The kind that a naughty, cheating, slutty wife deserves?" I answered.

SLAP! "Well yes, and what kind of a fucking is that?" SLAP!

"An ass fucking, Sir!"

SLAP! "Correct."

I then felt him leaning over, with me still across his lap, and opening up the bedside drawer. He was getting the lube! I felt him parting my ass cheeks and dribbling the lube between them. He started rubbing the lube into my asshole, poking his finger in and out.

This development was not unanticipated. We had in fact discussed our scene the night before while cuddling in bed. I had asked for a good hard hand spanking across his knee followed by an ass fucking and then a licking. I do like to communicate clearly so there is no misunderstanding!

He started giving me a finger fucking up my bottom. He started slowly, but even one of his fingers felt big! He used plenty of lube and increased the intensity.

As he did this, his little finger also rubbed my pussy.

He then made me stand up and had me get on my hands and knees on the bed with my ass in the air. He took off his clothes and then came up behind me. I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my asshole. He gently pushed forwards. I breathed hard in and out until his cocktip passed the entrance. He grabbed my hips and began gently fucking me in the ass!

It was not very long, but I remember thinking "I am such a dirty slut!" over and over again in my head as I endured it.

"I'm such a naughty wife," I told him. "Please fuck me in the ass. Teach me my lesson!"

"Oh yeah. You're learning your lesson now, aren't you, bitch?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Who owns this ass?"

"You do Sir!"

"Oh yes I do... and I'm teaching you... teaching you... Ohhhhh!"

And with that he yelled out and came deep up my asshole!

Afterwards he pulled out, and we both went into the shower together and washed one another off. He then escorted me back to bed and licked my pussy until I came... several times!

It wouldn't turn into a regular thing, but every now and then it's nice to switch things up. My butt was sore the next morning. Ha ha!

Sunday, February 19

David's Treat

It happened a little while ago, a couple of weeks after my evening with Tracy and John (Schoolgirl Punishment) where I allowed Tracy's husband to have sex with me (with my husband's permission). Tracy was keen to get her husband more involved in our playtime and I let it happen. I felt like I was being "procured" for John by Tracy. Like a piece of meat! But fortunately I am totally sexually aberrant and found that totally sexy. To cut a long story short, my mouth and pussy were extremely well used by John. Much more so than I was used to from my sweet david.

But Tracy had agreed beforehand that if I gave it up to John, she would return the favour for david. She even used the words "anything goes" which I think means ass, right? Part of the deal with myself for allowing John to use me was that I would allow my husband to use Tracy. I am very sensitive to having the scales be balanced.  So I did not let it wait long, and we arranged a get together over at our place soon after.

Unless you've actually done it, you guys cannot imagine what it's like to have a pretty woman knocking on the door of your house to offer herself up like that. She's down home, country, conservative, Babtist, and freaky. She was wearing tall boots, skinny jeans, a sheepskin coat, and there she was, all alone, at our doorway, ringing our doorbell for a booty call. Unbelievable!

"So we're doing this?" she asked, still in the doorway as I opened it.

I grabbed her arm and dragged her in and gave her a big kiss on the lips. Tasty girl. She doffed her coat and kicked off her boots as we continued kissing. I took her by the hand and took her up to the bedroom. Why bother with the chit chat? We all knew why she was here!

"Where's david?" she asked. I told her I'd call him when we needed him. We knelt on the bed and we undressed each other down to our bras and panties. We then lay down next to one another and started kissing and fondling over our undies (and a bit under!)

"Call him," she said. I got up out of bed, went into the upstairs hallway and called down to david. "Oh Sweetie!" I yelled out to him. "Could you come up here, please?"

When he got into the bedroom he was greeted by the sight of me in my bra and panties, together with my sexy friend, undressed likewise. "Strip," I told him as I went back to kissing Tracy. I intended to be in control of this show. He stripped bare.

"Oh no! Would you just look at that!" I said. david was extremely excited! He was rock hard and his cocktip was engorged and almost purple. When he gets really excited it kind of arcs up towards the ceiling and twitches. And it sure was doing that!

"I guess he's happy to see me," said Tracy with a smile.

What do I think of that? Amazing! I was glad he was so excited. It would be a bit hypocritical if I thought otherwise. I had been excited to be fucked by Tracy's husband. First new cock in a decade. This would be david's first strange pussy in that same period. Of course he should be excited! Tracy also looked sexily eager. While she and her husband swung, that was before their kids, and she told me it was a rare occasion even then that she allowed a man to "go all the way." So this was her first strange cock in about a decade as well, and about to take her every which way!

We opened our arms and invited him into the bed. We put him face up between us, and we both went down on him at the same time. We licked up and down the side of his cock together. I put it in my mouth a bit, and then she did, and we went back and forth. I had never done this before! It was so strange looking into another woman's eyes as I licked my husband's cock while she was doing the same.

"Watch," said Tracy and she slid her mouth around his cock and went down until her lips touched his abdomen! Then she bobbed a bit and then came back up for air. Wow!

"Don't you dare cum!" I told david as I gave his cock a slap. His cock was purpled and twitching with excitement at the treatment he was receiving.

I knelt Tracy up in front of david. He started stroking himself slowly. I was behind her. I unsnapped her bra and slowly pulled it off her. She covered her tits with her hands coyly, as part of my strip tease of her. I grabbed her lower arms and pulled them behind her, which made her tits jut out proudly. Holding both her hands behind her back with one of mine, I started fondling her tits. Squeezing. Pinching. Lightly slapping. david seemed to enjoy the show.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked breathlessly of david.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered enthusiastically.

I let go of her hands and I moved to her panties. I slowly, slowly started pulling them down. Lower and lower and lower. She was kneeling up on her knees. I exposed her pussy. I reached my hands down to her lips and I pulled her apart, showing david her pink folds.

"You're going to get to fuck that," I told david. "If that's still ok," speaking to Tracy.

"It's why I'm here isn't it? A little fuck toy for your husband..." She said this in a husky, sexy voice as I fingered her pussy and opened it wide. A voice that made it very clear she had been fantasizing about it and anticipating the moment. Fantasizing she was to be given by her friend to the husband as a "fuck toy", which she absolutely was. I knew exactly how she felt. The power of fantasy.

"Make a man out of you," she joked with david, egging him on, referring to his beta male status with me.

Didn't want to let that pass unchallenged. Decided he should prove what a good little beta male he is first. "Come here," I told david. "Lick it."

He eagerly complied, kneeling in front of her and lapping his tongue up and down her pussy as I held her apart for him, There's my good little beta male, licking where he's told to lick.

I put her on her back on the bed, removed her panties completely, and had her spread and bend her legs a bit bent. I directed david to go down on her some more. He is very good at this, and proved it. As he was doing this I stripped off my bra and panties and lay down beside Tracy, kissing her and fondling her. I moved my hand down to her low abdomen and pushed where I like to get pushed as I'm licked. I stopped him before Tracy came. I recalled that she's a one or two orgasm gal, and I didn't want to use her up too soon.

"Are you ready to be FUCKED?" I asked her in a husky whisper.

"Bring it on," she said.

I had david get into missionary position in front of her. His cock inches from her pussy. It felt good letting him do this. Fun justice for my own infidelity.

"Go on," I said, "fuck that cunt." Such a dirty mouth. But I know Tracy likes dirty talk or I wouldn't have been so crude.

"You're both sure?" he asked.

"I'm very sure!" I answered enthusiastically.

"And I'm not used to having to invite a Gentleman twice," she said. Poor gal. Juicy pussy right there. Not sure if the man wants it. Can't have that.

I put my hand on his ass and encouraged him into her, guiding his cocktip in with my other hand. This was fun!  I supervised closely as I saw david's dick disappear up Tracy's cunt. Surreal. "Ohhhh!" he moaned. I kept one hand on his ass, and the other on Tracy's lips above her clit, and felt them doing it.

After maybe a dozen thrusts, and seeing his face, I said "tell me when you get close."

"Fuck, I'm close already!" he said right away.

"Hey, I'm nowhere near!" exclaimed Tracy

"How close?" I asked him.

"Really, really, close," he answered.

Well that was not a great showing! "Ok, pull out." He did so, and Tracy said "Ohhhhh!" in a disappointed tone. Ha ha! Not quite the same staying power as her husband, my man. I stuck one hand inside Tracy, feeling her wetness. I put my mouth on david's cock, tasting the mix of her excitement and his pre-cum, confirming how close he had been.

"We're not done," I told Tracy. "Hand and knees, girl. Doggy style."

Tracy smiled and barked at me "woof woof" putting herself into position, arching her back prettily. Showing off her puffy pussy and bottom hole. I slapped her bum which only encouraged her. I put david behind her, his twitchy hard cock inches from her pussy. It felt like I was playing with my Barbie and Ken dolls! I hoped Ken would not blow his load in mid air.

"Hold on," I said, and went into the bedside drawer to get out the lube. I dribbled the lube onto her bottom hole and rubbed it in with my fingers.

"Oh no! Not there!" said Tracy. "You didn't do that," she said.

"Shut up, you," I said. "I know what I'm doing. You're getting his cock and my finger at the same time."

"Ohhhh!" she said.

"Any more complaints?" I asked.


"Good. At least I'm not whipping your ass with a belt before I let him fuck you like you did to me. And I do remember you husband's fat fingers up both our asses!"

"Ohhhh!" she said again, in her pouty little voice.

I slid my middle finger up her ass. I got david to enter her from behind. What a visual david got of my finger lodged up her behind as he entered her vagina and fucked her from behind. I could feel his cock sliding in through her bum hole!

There are so, so many combinations and permutations of sex acts with three people. As I searched for images of threesomes for this blog post I realized that. I kick myself now for not doing my research in advance and trying all of them!

Poor david, though, it was, like, five thrusts before he started saying he was 'gonna cum.

"Ok. Hold still. Don't move," I told him, trying to get him through this.

"Ah! She's squeezing!" He said.

I slapped Tracy's ass again. "Stop that!" I told her. She giggled.

As david was holding as still as he could, I intensified my finger fucking of her behind.

"Oh come on!" complained david worried he would explode without the thrusting.

"Look away," I advised him.

"I can't" he said.

I told him to pull out, I gingerly felt his cock with my hand. I gave it a slap, and another harder one. I grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard. "Not yet." I told him. "Now get back inside her. Show her you can be a man." He slipped it back in. I slipped my finger out of Tracy's ass. I reached behind him and collected his testicles in my hand and squeezed. He moaned in pain as he fucked her.

"Is that better?" I asked him.

"No! It hurts!" He said.

I pulled him out of her by his balls.

I made him lie on his back. I got on top of him and sat on his face. I asked Tracy to sit cowgirl position with his cock up inside her.

"Lick my asshole," I told him.

Tracy and I kissed and fondled as david licked my asshole and she squirmed around his cock.

"You're actually making him lick it?" she asked.

"I sure am. It feels good. Do you want to try?"

"Yes!" she said.

"After he cums, first he'll clean your pussy and then your ass, ok?"

"Yeah," she moaned as she kept bouncing on david.

It was not very long at before david started bucking his hips and moaning and digging his tongue deeper into my asshole. He was going to cum.

"That's it, baby," I told him. "Shoot your load right into her!"

Tracy looked like she was concentrating, squeezing his cock with her vagina as he grunted, bucked, and gushed his sperm into her hot wet cunt. He came hard and I felt it all as he struggled beneath me, my ass in his face. What a treat for him, to so thoroughly sperm another woman's pussy while having the honour of licking out his wife's asshole!

I dismounted and Tracy and I changed places. He had just cum and was not hard any longer, so I just sat on his soft wet cock and kissed Tracy as david cleaned her up, licking and swallowing his own cum out of her cunt.

When I judged he was sufficiently done with her snatch, I had her sit up straighter. I made david put his hands on her ass cheeks and pull them apart, and then made him lick her asshole. Up and down. Across and back. Around and around. In and out. Repeat.

"You clean her little hole, david," I said. "Get all that nasty lube out of her."

How demeaning! He had to lick two women's' assholes, one after the other. And thoroughly too. That's what boys are best at!

"Do you like it?" I asked her.

"Fuck yes!" she said. "I've never had anybody do this to me before. It's nice." She was rubbing herself as she said this.

"Maybe get John to do it next time?" I suggested helpfully.

"Ha! Zero chance of that. You know he's been spanking me since we got together last time?" she revealed.

"Oh poor baby," I said, kissing her.

"If I suggested he licks my ass I'd be across his knee in a flash and then he'd probably make me lick his, and that's just gross."

"Oh I know! Who would enjoy doing that?" I asked sarcastically.

"Apparently your husband," she said. And then down to david, "Come on boy, keep licking. Nice and deep. Clean out my nasty corn hole." And then back to me, "There's no hope for him, is there?" she asked.

"No hope," I agreed. "Spankings, lickings, and ass fuckings is what he's good for." I was intending to prove all three tonight!

I took Tracy off of him and put her on her back on the bed. She had not cum yet. david's excuse for a fucking had not done it for her. But david has something going for him that her husband does not have. A highly trained and talented tongue.

I went into the ensuite bathroom, wet a bar of soap, and brought it a back with me. I made david open up and cleaned out his mouth with the soap. I scrubbed very thoroughly up in there. Tracy looked amused watching this. I told him to go the bathroom, rinse, gargle with mouthwash, and rinse again with water. I told Tracy he's licking her next until she came, and I wanted to be very careful with her delicate pussy, which she appreciated and thanked me for with a big kiss.

When he got back, I set him between her legs again, licking and lapping at her pussy. I told him to slow down and take his time. Tracy seemed to be enjoying it.

I stood up, went again to the bedside drawer, and got out my strap-on dildo. I pulled on my panties and then calmly put the strap-on harness around me, and then chose the medium purple dildo as my cock which I slipped into the the holder.

I knee-walked over to Tracy and slapped my dick against her cheek. She giggled and turned her mouth to take it in, blowing me nicely.

But the cock wasn't ultimately for her (but I do want to try that sometime with her, both ways!). It was for my man. "Make it nice and wet," I told her. It's going up his ass next..."

"Awww, the poor guy," she said.

"After that poor showing," I said, "I'm going to show him what a real fucking is like."

I mean, come on, he had his chance with Tracy. Barely got her wet with his fumbling short-lived attempts. Now Tracy would see that at least one member of this family knew how to deliver a proper, long, hard fucking.

I pulled out and went behind david. I arranged him, lubed him, and penetrated him. I made sure he was continuing licking Tracy's pussy the whole time.

Then I started fucking him. Tracy taunted him as his head slammed against her pussy with the force of my fucking. "You're getting fucked by your wife? Huh? Are you 'gonna learn what a real fucking is like? One that lasts longer than five thrusts?"

Ha Ha! She was playing too!

She grabbed david's head and pulled him into her as she started moving her hips and fucking his face with her cunt as I slammed his ass. "Oh yes! Yes! Sweet Jesus!" She said (!!!) and shuddered to a climax.

Closest I could find, yet oddly appropriate.

david's head moved further up Tracy's body. Onto her tummy as I kept fucking him.  She stroked his head as I banged him.

"Ah! Ah! Ow! No!" he complained as I thrust into him and Tracy comforted him. He had not made a good showing with his cock, and he was paying his penance now on top of his new lady friend.

Finally I started slowing down, starting to bring his fucking to an end.

"Had enough?" I asked.

"Oh yes Ma'am!" he answered.

"No," said Tracy, "give him some more. He needs to be punished. And make him keep licking me."

I pulled him back by the hips and positioned his mouth at her pussy.

"I'm fucking you hard until she cums again," I told him. He groaned.

Fortunately, it didn't take longer that about five minutes for him to get her off a second time. I'm sure his big wet tears helped with her excitement level.

When she came back down again and I had pulled out of david she told him "You poor man, you got fucked so hard! And here it was supposed to be me getting it hard from you. I guess I'll have to ask your wife to do it next time."

My thoughts exactly!

"Don't move," I said to him. "until I can clean you up a bit." I left him there with his head resting on Tracy's tummy.

I went to the bathroom to take off and clean my strap-on, and to get some toilet parer to bring back to david. When he was cleanish I pulled him off of her, sat by the side of the bed, and pulled him across my knee. "Pass me that hairbrush," I asked Tracy.

"That cock is a disgrace!" I told him as I spanked him with the hairbrush. "Have you any idea how much longer John can fuck than you? Would you ever be able to satisfy a woman like Tracy?"

"No," she answered for him.

"It's a good thing I don't cum from cock, and that your tongue is so talented," I said.

"It is," Tracy added.

I finished him off with a flurry of spanks and then set him to stand in the corner of the bedroom with his spanked red bare ass showing.

"I'm sorry about his performance," I told Tracy, gong back onto the bed to kiss her some more.

"It was exciting anyways," she said, "and he goes down, which I have a hard time getting John to do."

"david!" I yelled out. "Go put on a pair of your panties and then stand back in your corner."

"He's really like a woman," I told Tracy. "Submissive, gives head, takes cock."

"You stand there in your panties," I called out to him as he returned to his corner in his pink lacy panties, "and think about what a good woman you would have made some man."

Ha Ha! It was all part of my plan for the evening. Need to make him pay for his strange pussy treat. Wouldn't want him getting too big for his panty britches and thinking he was good enough to fuck any woman, now would we?

Besides, it's what he loves. I know that. He is very turned on having me discuss his sexual inadequacies as a "man" in front of Tracy, and being punished for them. After-talk confirmed this.

I actually just kept him there in the corner for the next hour or so as Tracy showered, dressed, we talked some more, and then she left. Just before leaving we went back up so she could say goodbye to david. She approached him in his corner, put her hand on his pantied ass and told him that she hoped he knew that we were just teasing, that he has a fine cock and that she was very excited having him inside of her, and that she had two great orgasms from the licking which she usually does not get from her guy.

"I'm sorry you had to get a spanking on account of me, and such a hard ass fucking," she added.

"I'm not, Ma'am," he said.

"I can see that," she said. "Julie, look," she said, turning him and showing me the tent in his panties. "He's hard again. What a stud! Except for the panties..."

I went up to him and turned him back around and pushed his nose back into the corner. "Nose in the corner, panty boy, until I tell you otherwise. And put your hands on your head. I don't want you touching your cock anymore tonight. You've had your fun and you still have another licking coming."

I left him in doubt as to whether "licking" meant a spanking, or a pussy licking for me. In fact, it would be the latter.

After I saw Tracy out I came back up to david again. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"Oh yes! A dream come true. Thank you so much!!!"

"You're welcome," I said. "But now you have another pussy to lick... no fair she got all the fun..."

Saturday, February 11

A New Regime

Still alive! Took a bit of a break from blogging after that last six-parter. Phew! Much kinkiness has transpired since then: a threesome with Tracy, David switching it up on me. But I think I need to return to my roots a bit, so today I'll blog about a proper Dominant Wife Spanking I gave my husband recently.

Recently his trainer Mags moved on out of the country to do a graduate business degree. It was fun having her train david, though in truth her whippings were getting a bit routine. She did not have much kinky imagination, and without that from the Domme, things can get stale. Still it was a good way to keep david motivated to work out: having a pretty young thang strip him and whip him between sets!

But quite apart from that, I have been noticing david putting on extra fat around his middle. Exercise is great and has all manner of health benefits, as does eating healthy food, but getting fat comes from over-eating, pure and simple. On an airplane I recently read a very interesting article in Scientific American called The Exercise Paradox that cites new evidence based on the latest and most accurate measurement techniques that says the number of calories your burn is relatively constant regardless of how hard you exercise. The body adjusts, they hypothesize, by cutting down on unnecessary "repair" activities to preserve energy (apparently, evolutionary speaking, the only reason a human slows down from the hunting and gathering is when they are ill).

So, after reading this article I decided to take matters into my own hands regarding david's health. He is now weighing himself every day on the Internet scale and recording all his food in an app. The results of his weekly weigh-ins will be spankings, chores, and sex.

If his record keeping and weight loss pleases me, he'll be allowed to be very manly towards me and give me a spanking, require me to do chores around the house, and have sex with me in any way he chooses. Implements and ass sex are reserved for a string of good weeks.

If he displeases me, he will be dressed in women's clothing, spanked severely, made to do chores, and I will have sex with him any way I choose. I also reserve the right to put him in timeout and write lines for me if I think he's enjoying himself too much. And don't think he won't be sitting nude with a very red butt and a big fat dildo up his butt as he writes me those lines. Oh there will be tears.

And lest you fear too much for my ass, I mandated a very aggressive (though still healthy) rate of fat loss for him, and I shall be very hard to please.

I made him agree to an additional highly motivational penalty if there is weight gain across any given month: a very hard, in his bra with panties pulled down spanking across John's knee while Tracy and I watch. John and Tracy have already agreed to it. Bra and panties and everything. (John had a chuckle, especially about the bra and panties, but was glad to help, according to Tracy). I am quite sure david will not allow it to come to this, but we shall see.

I confronted him with all this, and he agreed to it, knowing he did need to shed body fat. I had to really put my foot down regarding the spanking from John, but he reluctantly agreed, feeling he could use the extra backstop motivation to absolutely positively lose fat.

We started off by taking him up to the bathroom scale. He had not weighed himself in some time, though the roll of fat around his belly told the story only too clearly. I made him strip to nude, and supervised as he stepped up onto the scale.

Before the numbers came up I already knew the verdict. He was fat and flabby. This was especially highlighted for me given my recent experiences with Tracy's husband, who is so lean and muscular. If he can do it, certainly david can as well, and it starts with good diet!

And yes indeed. His weight was way up. Around 10% higher than it should be, and all of it fat.

His diet was going to get off on the right foot with a hairbrush spanking and a strapping. I dragged him by the ear and took him back downstairs. I stood him with his nose firmly in the corner of the living room. As he stood there like that, I set up the spanking chair, and I fetched the hard wooden hairbrush and the twin tailed tawse.

I scolded him some more as he stood in the corner, his vulnerable little buns seemingly quivering in fright. I left him there like that, telling him that he could contemplate the errors that got him into this situation, and the bun beating he would soon be getting from me.

I took my time. I made myself a cup of herbal tea and I did some reading. I left him there for a full 30 minutes.

When it was time, I went up to him, and took him again by the ear, and lead him over to the spanking chair. I sat on it, and then pulled him down across my knee. I hiked him over a bit higher so that his head was near the ground and his feet were dangling. I prefer him like this. Of course he was hard. He always is at a time like this. It would not last.

I used the hairbrush right from the start, and I used it hard. A couple of hundred solid whacks that had him kicking and begging for mercy by the time I was only half done. His ass turned a deep, crimson red. I also used the brush on his upper thighs and into his cleft and inner thighs. It was a wonderful spanking!

This is what my husband's ass looks like after
one of my "punishment" hairbrush spankings

He was well-spanked, but not yet strapped.

I stood him up and took him by his upper arm over to the sofa, where I had him bend over across the back of it, ass high, legs spread. This is a lovely position for a man. His cock and balls are visible and vulnerable, dangling there between his legs. His ass cheeks are spread, showing off his bottom hole. How embarrassing that a "man" should be made to display his bottom hole like this to his wife! Well it was for a good cause. I am especially adept at "near cheek wrap around", which means whipping the tip of the strap around the near cheek and into his crack, punishing the tender skin nearest his rectum. I am also skilled at striking vertically with the strap, in-line with his ass crack, but at a slight oblique angle to impart a fiery sting he'll feel whenever his cheeks rub together. It's a skill I possess.

I began his strapping. I visited his entire ass, his thighs, his inner thighs (ouch!), and his crack. I ended with an intense and fiery strapping at full force onto his twin sit spots. It made me smile thinking how my husband would be squirming at work the next day.

I am sure his "stand up" desk will get plenty of use!

Friday, January 27

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 6)

Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 5).

So, up to now I've had to dress in a schoolgirl skirt, pose for photos, go over Tracy's knee for a hand spanking, go over John's knee for a hand spanking (!), take a nasty paddling from Tracy, take a belt whipping from Tracy, and then had to have sex with John (!!). You can understand why it's been a six-part post! Mercifully, this is the last installment.

It starts with the outfit. A little humiliating for sure to be dressed like that, expecting a spanking. Tracy's spanking was soft and sexy. When John spanked, though, it was very different. So strong by contrast. I tried resisting a little and felt his easy strength putting me across his lap. No round edges there. All his surfaces were hard. Once I got him going, his hard hand hurt. And I had a strong sensation of there being no way I was getting off his lap until he allowed me to. I found that very sexy, to understand that if this man wants to spank me, he will spank me and I have no say in the matter. Just a teary-eyed, red-bummed girl learning her lesson! Sexy.

But then it was Tracy's turn with the paddle. And this is where women excel. There is a casual cruelty in many women that cannot be matched by a man. That same sort of cruelty would be ugly in a man. In a woman, you better watch out. If she gets into a position of power over you, with an adequate implement to multiply her strength, well fuck you. She will giggle as she blister-roasts your cheeks to a deep dark red!

Sex with John was the most outrageous thing. From almost the very start of my interactions with Tracy three months ago the thought of her husband's involvement had been hot and bothering me. First just the notion that he would be told about my paddling was already humiliating in a tummy churning way. Then it escalated to him watching me get spanked, and from there to touching me intimately, and then to me blowing him and hand-jobbing him while he stuck his finger up my ass. All of that sexual stuff happened the first time he was present. I am SUCH a slut. So in retrospect, nobody should have been surprised that I was putting out on the second date.

I mean, everybody wanted it. Tracy wanted it, clearly John wanted it (though he did not hint, which was cool), my husband wanted me to, and I wanted to as well. So guess what? I made it happen. Like magic. Despite my extreme sluttishness, neither Tracy nor John were expecting it.

But Tracy did make me pay for it. I had to get on all fours on their Ottoman and wave my ass and pussy in their faces as she belt whipped my already sore behind, and adding insult to injury even whipped my pussy lips directly with the tip of the belt! During this entire whipping I just felt that it was necessary to arch my back and stick my butt out so as to prominently display my pussy. As my pussy lips were being whipped I distinctly remember feeling extremely submissive, knowing that John's rather large cock, with his extreme lauded staying power, was going to have at me next. Tracy clearly intended that I would leave their house with a very sore pussy! (And I did).

After my pussy whipping I thought that John would immediately enter me. Instead, I was put on my knees with my hands behind my back, and was required to put John's rather large penis deeply into my mouth.

I am calibrated to my husband's penis size, and John's seemed so much larger! I had to really struggle to get my mouth around it keeping my lips pursed in. Goodness knows I didn't want to nip his cock with my teeth at all! No telling what his wife would have done to my ass had I done that!!! Another dozen with the paddle at the minimum and then back down on my knees to try again?

And Tracy made me go deep. There was literally no way to keep his cock in my cheek. The only way it was going that deep was down my throat. I tried to relax as much as I could, but still managed to gag on his cock.

And then all of a sudden I was put back on the Ottoman on all fours, my skirt was lifted way up over my back, and my pussy was presented. For a fucking. Oh my. I asked for it and I sure got it. A grade-A pussy pounding.

Ouch! Nothing pleasant about this!

As he got near the end and slowed down, I grabbed onto his big cock with my cunt and wriggled on it like a fish on a line. He pounded me a bit more and then I actually felt him cumming inside of me, something I had never experienced before.

Once I was done, I clamped my hands to my vagina to keep John's juice inside of me. I could feel some had already escaped, and some more was wet on my hand. But mostly it was all still inside of me. And all of a sudden, I felt the strong urge to turn the tables on them both. There's one thing about being submissive with me (which probably indicates I'm not a "true" submissive, more just an experimental libertine), and that's after a submissive experience I want to Domme more than ever.

As well-meaning as Tracy and John are, they are not natural dominants, at least not yet. Perhaps in my recounting I make them out to be more than they actually are. In person, it comes across as a bit... tentative I would say. They "check in" with me to a fault, even when there is no need to. And they are so delicate with my feelings, which is nice, but if I was that way with david he would wonder what was going on! I have trained them to spank hard (and now fuck hard) but I really needed to bring them both to it, they were so afraid of "hurting me". I mean, John felt the need to ask me how I wanted my fucking. Oh for goodness sake, wasn't it clear by then? Hard and violent and don't ask me, show me! Don't get me wrong, that is a great instinct for a beginner, but it is a beginner's attitude, not the attitude of a confident and experienced Domme. (Although, as you will see, they do have some game!)

It's like being made to watch a dumb co-worker slowly and painfully type out a document at the keyboard. At a certain point you just want to push them aside and say, "for heaven's sake I'll do it myself!"

I felt this dominant power inside of me, just waiting to be unleashed. I did not feel it during my submission, but rather immediately after its climax (which was John's literal climax). And after a man's climax, he is at his least aggressive, and I knew he would obey.

So I just summoned up my Domme power, and very authoritatively told them both the score (and it's not like they hadn't been warned beforehand). It was sort of funny. I was clamping my hand on my pussy, holding my lips tightly closed with John's semen splooshing around inside me. You would think that would make me feel a bit submissive? Quite the opposite! His semen was my weapon.

I ordered John to undress me, and he complied like a little puppy dog. It's not as if it's a completely unpleasant task after all, so no troubles there.

And then I ordered Tracy to strip, and to then to get her little caboose up to her bedroom for her cleanup duties. I said it in a confident tone that brooked zero dispute. I have honed that skill over the years Domming david. I knew that Tracy, used to being sexually submissive to her man, would obey me. Especially after I dominated her man by ordering him to undress me. Once John had served his purpose, I ignored him, focusing all my will on Tracy.

So I stood there buck naked, holding both hands on my pussy while Tracy did a striptease for me. She could see where my hands were. She knew what was inside of me. She had been told she would clean it up with her mouth. I imagine that thought was in her mind as she stripped for me.

I mean, it was her fucking husband's cum. I should clean it up myself? She's the eager little cum guzzler. Let her do it. Besides, I don't cum from getting fucked. I cum from getting my clit licked. She can take care of that too while she's down there.

When she was naked I turned to John and said, "you stay here. I've got some business upstairs with your wife. Watch some porn and stroke your dick. I want it nice and hard for when I return your wife to you, because you're going to fuck her like it was your wedding night while I supervise. You understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he said. Good. I had never seen a husband fucking his wife in the flesh. I thought that would be... I don't know... entertaining.

"You, pretty lady," I said, turning my attention to Tracy, "upstairs. Now."

"Yes Ma'am!" she said with a giggle, imitating her husband and playing along with me.

We were both naked and I followed her up the stairs, admiring her sleek womanly curves. I lay myself down on her bed with my back leaning against the pillows at the head. I spread my legs, my hand still clamped on my pussy lips.

"My bedspread," she said.

"Fuck your bedspread. If you don't do a good job cleaning me up, I guess you'll be doing laundry also."

I pointed to my crotch and she crawled up between my legs and put her face down near my pussy. I released my hands and immediately she dove in, licking and lapping and slurping and swallowing. Ha ha! Now who's the slut??? How must she have felt to taste and swallow the mixture of her husband's cum with my pussy juices, the woman he just fucked? I was cucking Tracy!

And I talked dirty to her. Girl, did I ever! "Clean it up you filthy whore. Get every drop. What's it feel like to lick your man's cum out of my pussy? Slut!" I've had lots of practice using exactly these same words, in exactly this same situation, with my husband!

This talk just made her more eager. And as she licked, I must say I was enjoying it very much as well. I pulled her head down and clamped it onto my pussy, mashing her into me so she was barely able to breathe. I could still feel her tongue desperately wriggling down there as I orgasmed spectacularly! Oh fuck! I highly recommend it to all you ladies, getting a wife to eat her husband's cum out of your pussy!

I picked her up by the hair, kneeled to face her and said, "let me taste you," and then French kissed her deeply on her lips. I could taste his cum, her mouth, and my own pussy. A very heady mixture.

"How's your bum?" she asked me as we disentagled.

"Sore!" I said. And then, "here, I have an ideal." I got up and sat down, nude, on the end of her bed. "Come over my knee."


"Come over my knee, silly goose, I'll give you a nice little spanking. You'll like it. It'll get you ready for your husband," I offerred.

"I'm already ready for my husband!" she proclaimed.

I took her over my knee despite her feeble protests, and I started smacking her cheeks. This is something I know how to do! In a sensual spanking you want to start light, but not make the mistake of staying light. It needs to go up and up in intensity, and then down, and then up and up again, and so on, pushing higher each time. When her ass runs away from you it's too hard, when her ass raises to invite the spank, it's good. You want it up there begging for it, and then you increase the intensity until she runs away, flattening her ass against your lap, and then you lighten up again until she's again begging for it. All the strokes nice and low so that they resonate into her pussy and asshole. Harder and harder you go until those cheeks are nice and rosy and your gal is moaning in pleasure and crying in pain!

"Did you like that?" I asked, rubbing her bottom cheeks with my hand, knowing she did.

"Oh my gosh," she said, "that was amazing. You have to teach John how to do that!"


"Maybe next time, sweetie. For now, this pussy needs its man," I said, stroking her kitty, feeling its wetness. "John!" I yelled at the top of my voice, in a most vulgar fashion. "Get your big hard cock up here! Your wife needs a fucking!"

John was up in a flash. Naked. Dick in hand. Hard again (yay!)

I had Tracy up on her feet by now. I spun her around and bent her over a bit under my arm. "Do you like the colour of her ass?" I asked him.

"I sure do!" he said, enthusiastically. Tracy's ass was very red from my little spanking. I was envious of her reddening skills.

I put her on her back on the bed. I slid a pillow under her hips (that's how I like it). I told her to put her legs in the air and to spread 'em!

"Go on," I told John. "Go get her!" I said. As he was walking on his knees on the bed towards her I gave his ass a slap. He stopped and looked at me with a dangerous look. I put both hands up in surrender. His look lingered on me as if to say, "I can still put you across my knee and spank you, young lady!" Ok. NOT a sub!

He slid in between her legs, put his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and pushed in. Wow. I had never seen it like this before! So up close ad personal. Tracy had her legs way up, bent backwards, fully exposing her cunt for a good hard fucking which is just what she got.

I just watched and supervised. And it didn't take very long at all before Tracy was cumming. Amazing from my perspective. To cum just from a cock!

"What about you, John?" I asked. "Got enough in you for one more ejaculation?"

"Of course," he said, starting to pump again.

"'Atta boy," I encouraged, "you don't get two beautiful daughters like yours by pulling out before the job is done!" I know, I shouldn't have. I couldn't resist.

He fucked her some more and then came again. What a stud! Lateish thirties and everything!

"Did she make you clean her up?" John asked Tracy.

"She did," she said with a smile.

"Oh no!" I said, but in a fun way, backing away from him.

He reached over and grabbed my hand, and then pulled me into him. "Me first," he said as he pushed me down to his groin, and pulled my head onto his wet limp dick! Ewww! I sucked and swallowed and cleaned his dick off of all the cum and pussy juices. He then grabbed me gently by the hair and pushed down towards Tracy's crotch. "That's right," she said. He pushed me towards her and I started lapping at her pussy, just as she had done to mine. He held me there by my hair as I cleaned his nasty wife's snatch out for her.

"Clean her up good," he said, as he slapped my ass. Fortunately, the volume of his ejaculate seemed somewhat diminished from what had been oozing out of my nasty snatch so I had it comparatively easy, though I still got a good mouthful of his cum I needed to choke down my throat. I ended by lapping my tongue all up and down Tracy's hot puss like a little Tigress! Meow!

We all then knelt on the bed and hugged each other. What an evening! I won't go into it more, but eventually we each went around finding our clothes and putting them back on. I kissed John goodbye and thanked him. Tracy showed me to the door.

"Next time at my place?" I asked in a lowered voice. "I owe David your pussy now," I said.

"I know, I did agree to that..." she said.

Yes she had!

Tuesday, January 24

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 5)

Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 4).

Where we left off in the previous installment is that I had gotten my bottom spanked by first Tracy and then by her husband John, and then Tracy had laid into me with a dozen strokes of the giant nasty paddle. I thanked her, and then I sat on John's lap and thanked him also, and made my "special request", which was asking them if John might possibly fuck me...

You must understand, I had planned this in advance. It was what I intended to do tonight. I had discussed it at length with my husband (more for my sake than his as he was all for me experiencing this from the get go). It had previously been a line I told myself I would not cross, but I changed my mind (a woman's prerogative I have been told).

Certainly there has been subtle pressure from Tracy to involve John more and more, with the obvious end play of "wife swapping", or a foursome, or whatever swingers call it. And there was "pressure" from david telling me if I wanted to I should just go for it. I think had I felt any pressure from John, I likely would not have done it; but, ironically I got no pressure from him at all, nothing but respect for me as a woman and him bending over backwards to respect my wishes, which I found very sexy. His good looks and fine cock did not hurt either.

When Tracy had come over to play with david and me, we had worked out a sort of "cuckolding" motif where we would compare david sexually with John (unfavorably!) and imply that I might get a fucking from John in future, which I "pretended" to want. Tracy made a big deal how of I would likely have to beg him for it and how he would expect me to deep throat him on my knees beforehand as the "price of admission" (which she actually made me do!). Truth be told, this talk of my sexual submission to John under Tracy's guidance turned both me and david on. It was for sure a blurring of play and reality.

After that, there had been a very explicit discussion between Tracy and david where she asked him if I was allowed to have sex with John, and what my feelings about it were. He said that he was encouraging of it, but that I had not yet made up my mind. They also had a very frank discussion about birth control and STDs. She held out the carrot, which david relayed to me, that if I had sex with John, she and John would be willing for her to engage in an "anything goes" threesome with me and david. And that last actually made me feel better about it, because if I was going to give it up to John, I would feel crummy unless david got the same consideration from Tracy. In fact, being the MC for the fucking of Tracy by david was exciting to me given what I was planning.

So, in retrospect, there was little doubt that I would be the slut and give it up to John (it's in my nature to be the slut!)

Mind you, I had not told Tracy or John about my decision until the moment it would happen, keeping them a little off-balance as a result. Plus, I was mixing sex into the Daddy - Mommy - Daughter roleplay, which knowing that they parent two younger girls no doubt kept them off balance as well. Evil, I know. But for some reason it delighted me, not the least of which is that fantasy Daddy - Daughter sex play is a bit of a hot button for me, and John made a beautiful Daddy.

They did seem a bit shocked when I announced, bare ass sitting on Daddy's lap, front of skirt held high by John, no panties, that what I really needed was a good hard punishment fucking from my Daddy. In fact, it knocked them out of the scene and they needed to double check with me that I had meant what I said. When they realized I was serious, including no condom and a spunking, Tracy got back into her Dommy persona and told me that I could get fucked by her husband, on condition that I first took a belt whipping from her. Way to go Tracy!

Now I know what you all are thinking. What am I thinking having unprotected sex with a strange man??? I don't recommend it in general, but I went pretty far back with Tracy and we were pretty good work friends for a while, and they were responsible parents to two daughters after all, and had been tested before they had kids and not fucked around after. And it had been explicitly discussed, so I felt I had my bases covered. And this is what I wanted. In my mind, I wanted John to cum deep inside of me, and I wanted Tracy to have to lick it out! And damn it, you only live once, and if I was going to do this I was going to do this right! Life's a risk. You be as careful as you can be and then you take your chances for something worthwhile. And excuse me for being such a libertine, but this is the definition of "worthwhile" for me at this time.

I pretended to protest Tracy's suggestion of a belt whipping, but was sort of excited that she had turned it this way. As all you readers know, I had a history of teasing my real-life father with my body when I was a teenager, and a belt whipping from my mother was exactly what I had deserved back then! Pulled off dad's lap, thrown across the back of the couch in only my short T-shirt and panties. Mom getting the strap and beating my ass across the seat of my panties, underneath my cheeky panty line, and down my thighs. Dad saying, "now dear, aren't you over-reacting?" as she smacks my ass raw, my big sis looking on with glee, "it's just normal teenage behaviour." Mom: "You will dress and behave modestly around your father from now on, young lady, are we completely clear yet?" Me: "YES MOMMY! YES!!!!"

So I genuinely hoped justice would be served and I would get a good hard one, despite my already impossibly sore ass from my naughty-girl spankings and paddling; and despite the fact that I was pretty well certain that my regressed sixteen-year-old pussy would get the pounding of its lifetime from my surrogate Daddy!

So it was on as soon as Tracy said, "get off my husband's lap you little tart. John you get up too. Kneel on the Ottoman, Julie, ass nice and high. John, give me your belt..."

Holy fuck I was excited! I got on my hands and knees on the Ottoman with my already well-beaten behind sticking out, my soon to be violated pussy prominently displayed so Tracy would be reminded of why she was giving me the strap, and John could feast his eyes on that which he would soon possess so completely.

Forgive me for my poetic license in describing this affair, but it's a once in a lifetime thing (for the sake of my relationship with david I was definitely not planning to make a habit of it).

Tracy took John's belt. She said (ha ha) that he wouldn't be needing it to keep his pants up for much longer. I was pleased that Tracy was having fun with it, teasing John and I both.

She doubled it up and snapped it, like she had done in the store. I turned my head to look at her. "So, you want a fucking from my husband, do you? First you have to earn it," she said. And with that she hauled back and whipped my ass hard with the belt. She was good with the belt, she had mucho practice last time I got belt-whipped by her! The very first stroke burned my backside, and the rest were more of the same.

She kept up a good pace while I writhed in distress, kneeling on that Ottoman, trying desperately to hold position. She whipped my low ass cheeks and my thighs, whipping perilously close to my holy of holies! I was very brave and just stuck my ass out even farther for the next one and the next one and the next one. I remember wanting my pussy to be the center of attention. I remember thinking to myself "I'm 'gonna get fucked, I'm 'gonna get fucked!" as I stuck my ass out there for my well-earned belt whipping from Mommy thinking "Daddy's going to give me a hard fucking while Mommy watches!"

I like getting into character. It's "The Method" - like Brando. I took her whipping. I knew I could take it. I had taken worse by now. And I needed to take it, I needed to earn John's hot cock in my soppy wet puss.

Tracy paused and said "stick it out". I did so. Eagerly. But oh my ass was on fire! She played the belt gently all over my bottom, up and down the cleft, onto my pussy lips. Then I felt a gentle belt whip right on my pussy. I think she was using just the single tail. "mommy, no..." I said, breathlessly. I got another, and another, and another as I writhed around, ass high, desire obvious, completely humiliated by my own behaviour.

"Take your clothes off, John," she told her husband. Oh shit. Shit was getting real! I stuck my pussy out further, if that was even possible. I was going to be fucked. Fucked by a strange handsome man.

"Come here," said Tracy, dragging me by the arm of the Ottoman, putting me on my knees in front of her husband. He was naked. Bare naked. His cock was already hard. "In your mouth," she said. "Suck it."

Holy smokes. She had been serious!  Not only did I have to take the belt whipping, but I would have to suck him, and no doubt try to deep throat him, to "earn" his cock. She had alluded to this before, when we played with david, but I imagined it was role play talk. Not so much. She had meant it. That was kinky! And believe me, I am the Queen so I should know.

I lifted my hands to his cock to guide his member into my mouth.

"No!" said Tracy. "Hands behind your back."

I put my hands behind my back and with only my mouth took him into me and sucked.

"Deeper," said Tracy.

I went deeper onto his hard cock. As deep as I could. A little gag. Another. I came up for a breath. And then went back, trying to engulf his entire member with my mouth, my throat. I bobbed back and forth on his cock, keeping it as deep as I possibly could, backing off for a breath when I absolutely needed to, and then back in again. I was conscious of my throat making strange gurgling sounds as I impaled my mouth on his cock. Nobody was making me. There was no hand on the back of my head. I was doing this myself. I gagged. Came out. Recovered, and went back in again as deeply as I could and bobbed on him some more, making rhythmic little throat sounds as I moved my head slightly in and out and in and out.

"Good," said Tracy, praising my efforts. "Very good."

"Come here," she said again, taking me by the arm and putting me back on all fours on the Ottoman where I had started. My skirt was down, covering my ass and pussy.

"Go ahead, John, enjoy her," said Tracy.

Enjoy me? I guess so. But I would enjoy him too! I could feel John stepping behind me. I could feel his hands at the hem of my skirt, lifting it high up my back and leaving it there, baring me. Then the tip of his cock. Bumping against my pussy lips. Running up and down. Teasing. Bumping. Then I felt the tip barely penetrating me. 'Ohhhhh," I moaned. It was the first strange cock near me in over ten years. It was frankly exciting! He grabbed my hips, he moved his cock around, just the tip inserted. I was about to get fucked!!!!

"Yes, Daddy, please fuck me," I demanded.

"How do you want it?" he asked of me in a breathless voice. "Slow or fast? Deep or shallow? Hard or soft?" As he asked me, he kept the tip inserted and sort of moved it around, just barely penetrating me.

"Hard, deep, fast" I said, knowing that is what I needed to say. Hoping that was what he wanted to hear.

He tightened his grip on my hips, and he pushed into me. All the way in, deep. to the hilt. Oh my gosh! I wasn't ready for it! He was so big and so long. It hurt. It hurt good. He pulled out pushed in again, burying himself in me. Owww! The thrusting became rhythmic: hard, fast, deep. His hands were all that held me up. Pulling me deep into him. I loosened up and it got easier on me to take him. But he just banged and banged and banged!

This was a different experience than with my darling david. John was stronger. Bigger. More insistent. david would have already cum. A while ago! My pussy was not used to this!

"Yeah Daddy, fuck me!" I yelled out and he intensified my screwing. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Teach me my lesson, Daddy. Teach me to be not such a slut!"

"I'll fuck you hard," he said. "As hard as you want." He matched actions to words as he jack-hammered my poor punished pussy into submission.

Tracy meanwhile grabbed me by my hair and lifted my head to look her straight in the eye. There was a look of lust on her face as she watched me take it hard from her man.

"Had enough?" she asked.

"Yes, Mommy," I said. "Please let Daddy come inside of me." I had plans for that cum.

"Go on, John," said Tracy to her husband, "Cum inside her cunt."

She said "her cunt". I remember that clearly. She was always super polite. She would never refer to a woman as a "cunt". At the time I felt as if when she said it she meant I was nothing but a "cunt". A random female's cunt. Not a girl he loved. Not his wife. A random cunt for John to fuck and cum into. Take his pleasure from. But she had read it right. I wanted to be nothing but that dirty little cunt!

John slowed his pace, and went at his own rhythm. Then he got faster and faster, and then slowed right up. I grabbed onto his cock with my pussy, squeezing as tight as I could. I felt him get bigger and harder as his cock pulsed against my vagina and I felt a soft warm wetness deep inside of me. I've never, ever, felt an ejaculation like that before. John grunted and moaned as he spermed deep into me. FUCK!

He stayed inside of me as he softened, and then slowly pulled out. I immediately put my hand against my pussy, squeezing my lips together so as not to make a mess on their Ottoman. My pussy felt sore. Well used. I pushed myself up to standing, breathing hard. I moved my other hand down to my pussy to help out.

"John, undress me," I ordered.

As I stood there holding my pussy shut he took my clothes off without question. I moved one hand away at a time to allow him to remove my clothes, while keeping my pussy clamped shut, unwilling to let a single drop of his precious ejaculate escape. He undressed me to naked and stood behind me, running his hands up and down my body and across my breasts. I turned to face him, and gave him a slow kiss on his cheek and said a soft "thank you." I moved away from him towards Tracy, who was watching the show. I went to her and kissed her flush on her mouth, penetrating her with my tongue. She grabbed me and kissed back.

"Get undressed," I told her, now ignoring John, "and then you and I are going up to your bedroom. You're on cleanup duty."

Oh yes she was!

To be continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 6).

Saturday, January 21

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 4)

"I'll cure that teenage attitude once and for all. It's the paddle for you, missy!"

[Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3), after a brief detour into Unacceptable Fantasies.]

Continuing the recounting of my latest role-playing experience with my friend Tracy and her husband John. Tracy played my Mommy. Her husband was my Daddy. I was their naughty school-aged daughter with the bad report card and the inappropriate panties. Mommy had spanked me first, and then Daddy took me across his knee, and spanked my little caboose red with just his hard hand!

No Daddy! Please!

After that spanking I got stood up. I was sore but uncowed! I continued to maintain that spelling was "stupid" in these days of spell checkers. It was a test of wills. My fourteen-year-old will versus my parents' stupid prejudices. Who do you think would win that battle?

"I'll cure that teenage attitude once and for all. It's the paddle for you, missy!"

Oh Gosh. So there it was. This was the reason I was here after all. My Paddle Daddy had made me a fierce paddle to my (unfortunate in retrospect!) specifications. I needed an excuse to get "Mommy" mad at me, so I maintained stubbornly, despite the spankings I had just received, that spelling, for which I received an "F" on my report card, was "stupid". It's a form of safe-wording, I suppose. If the brat continues to act like a brat, the scene intensifies!

Mommy made be bend over in front of the Ottoman, and put my elbows and forearms down. I felt very vulnerable like that! Tracy paused the play to take a photo, my cheeks still showing red from Daddy's spanking.

This one is the most embarrassing one to me.
Freshly spanked bottom fully displayed.
Panties at my knees. Skirt flipped up. Socks and shoes.
Bent way over waiting for my paddling.

She did some roleplay banter which I no longer remember. I was distracted! I do remember her rubbing the cool wood of the fierce paddle all over my butt. Then she pulled it back and gave me a whack. Woompf! It was hard, but not intolerable. I felt it did not have that much velocity on it. I think Tracy was just getting her bearings. But already I noticed that even though it covered both cheeks, the far cheek got the worst of it.

Tracy sentenced me to a dozen paddle whacks. She hauled back and let loose the second. OWWW! That one was much harder! Ok , ok, I get it now. That paddle is a bitch!

Then WOOMPF! Shit! That one was hardest yet. I felt now I had to say something, "it's all on the right cheek, Mommy!"

"I'll have to fix that," she said. And WOOOMPF! Another one this time entirely on my near cheek.

She rubbed my ass some more and then WOOOMPF! Holy Shit! This one came from underneath more and practically lifted me off my feet. I yelled out OWWWWW! Tracy giggled. The bitch giggled! John was there, watching it all, but I wasn't thinking about him, believe me!

I got back into position and I was hyperventilating!

WOOOOMPF! Again she lifted me off my feet, my lower cheeks bearing the brunt.

"Do you still think spelling is 'stupid', Julie?" she asked.

"No Mommy! It's not stupid. It's good! It's good!" I responded. The time for bratting was OVER.

"Six more, young lady!" decreed Mommy. Oh no!

WOOOOMPF! Youch!!!! Ouchie ouchie ouchie. I couldn't help it, my knees buckled and fell onto the Ottoman and I put a hand back to protect my cheek.

"Awwww," said Tracy, and told me to hold the pose while she took another photo.

She told me to stand up and get my forearms and elbows down in front of me. That I still had five coming and they were going to be the hardest.

"Oh no no no no no..." I said, but I complied with Mommy's instructions and put myself bravely back into position.

She rubbed the wood across my ass cheeks again and then let fly another doozy. WOOOMPF! Owwwwwww!

"I'm sorry Mommy, I'm sorry Mommy," I said, the tears starting now.

"Sure you're sorry now," she said, "but you'll be even more sorry after the next four..." What a bitch!

The last four were a blur. I think she alternated cheeks, and some were more square and some came up from the bottom more. It was pure hellish agony getting through those! I felt extremely submissive just then, and extremely well punished. It was good being able to countdown the twelve though. It makes it easier to take if you know the end is in sight!

After the paddling, I collapsed face forward onto the big Ottoman and started rubbing my cheeks. Tracy told me to hold that pose, and she posed me with the nasty ass paddle.

I know, it doesn't look too beat up, but believe me it was! I had two dusky dark circular bruises on my low ass cheeks that lasted a couple of days. And one other bruise on top of that on my right ass cheek that coloured up nicely.

Tracy made a variation of the lying down one with the padde on my legs, "for scale" she said.

On that one you can see where the extra bruise on my low right cheek was going to develop.

She made me roll over into a fetal position and posed me there.

I think this is one of the cutest! Poor little babygirl crying her eyes out after her paddling!

And another one kneeling, pussy on parade.

Tracy then stood me up and made me face the wall, holding the paddle in "timeout".

This is Paddle Daddy's favourite

After the spankings, and all that picture taking, I was still a horny little girl. I turned to Tracy and said, "thank you for punishing me, Mommy."

"Go thank your father as well," she said. She used "father" throughout the scene. Must be used to that form of address! Hee hee.

"Can I sit on Daddy's lap while I thank him?" I asked.

"You may," she said, sounding intrigued.

I went to John and had him sit on the Ottoman, just where he had spanked me so thoroughly. I lifted my skirt behind and sat my bare bum down on his lap, snuggling my butt into his crotch, feeling his hard excitement. He held me in his arms around my waist. I put one arm around his neck, and with my other hand I tugged up on the front of my skirt, up to just barely below my pussy. John got the hint. He lifted my skirt all the way clear of my pussy and lower tummy with one hand, and he started stroking just above my pussy with his other.

"Yes, you wanted to say something," he asked.

"I've been a very bad girl, Daddy."

"Yes, you have been," he agreed.

"No, you don't understand," I said. "I've had very very bad thoughts. About you, Daddy."

"What kind of thoughts," he asked as he grazed my pussy with his fingers. He knew.

"About you fucking me Daddy. Fucking my pussy. Giving me a punishment with your cock like I deserve."

Well there you go! Now the cat was out of the bag. I had decided, in consultation with my husband who was very encouraging, that I was going to get fucked, Tracy and John willing. I don't know what else to say. There it is.

"Woah, did you hear that, Tracy?" he said.

"I certainly did," said Tracy, "what a very naughty little girl we have here, John. Shall we give her what she's begging for?"

"Up to you," he said, "I'm willing."

"Julie," said Tracy, "are you sure?"

"Yes, Mommy. Please may I have Daddy's cock in my pussy, and please can he fuck me really long and really hard, just like you get, Mommy. No condom. I want to feel Daddy squirting inside of me and then I want you to eat me out afterwards."

"Wow. John?"

"Oh my gosh. You two have discussed this, right?"

"In theory, yes, but not about doing it tonight."

"I'm clean, Mommy, and on the pill, and I know Daddy is clean from what you said, and I WANT HIM inside of me! I NEED to be punished with his big cock." I rubbed my ass on his lap and John squeezed my tits as I said this.

"You're very demanding, young lady," said Tracy with a smile. "I'll let you have my husband's cock, on one condition. That I give you another ass whipping first."

"Oh Mommy, no!" I said, but I was secretly delighted. This played perfectly into my fantasies. "My poor bum is already so sore!"

"Take it or leave it," said Tracy, with a smirk.

"I'll take it, Mommy," I said.

"Good. Then stand up. Get off my husband's lap you little tart. John you get up too. Kneel on the Ottoman, Julie, ass nice and high. John, give me your belt..."

To be continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 5).