Saturday, June 16

Fifty Random Photos

As I go around looking for the perfect photos to illustrate a blog entry, I often come across photos that intrigue me, but are not on point, so I save them in a special folder on my computer in case a situation ever comes up that might fit. I thought for this blog entry I would put some out that you boys might enjoy (me too!) and tell you what thoughts it inspires in me. Would be interested in your thoughts also in the comments.

Note that some of these I might have used and just can't remember. Also, if  the photos are owned by you, please drop me a note and I will either take down or attribute according to your wish.

Here they are, in no particular order.

First it was a spanking, and now it is corner time for a very bad boy! I love how serious her expression is. I like how submissive he is, with his hands on his head, his head bowed. He will be standing there for quite some time, showing off those redenned buns. Who is taking the photo do you suppose? Her sister most likely.

That is a hard hairbrush, a serious woman, a well-spanked bottom, and she's clearly not yet half done. Notice the humiliating way his legs are kicking and spreading as he absorbs his painful punishment. While spanking "turns him on", he is, at this precise point in time, very much regretting the behaviour that got him put across her knee today.

A seriously sexy woman who is going to give you a run for your money across her lap. I want to be her. I want to be spanked by her!

I love the "on the spot" nature of this shot. Regular household clothes. He was caught coming out of the shower. Was he playing with himself in there, you think, or was it some other infraction she just became aware of? A serious hand spanking, resulting in a reddened bottom, with plenty of scolding along the way. So sad for him!

This boy is being taught the meaning of submission. I love how her smokey eyes are looking down on him. Her clothed, he bare naked, his hands bound behind his back. She looks a bit angry, and quite capable of being cruel and not giving a fuck. He had best get deeper than that on that cock of his own accord if he expects not to be vigorously throat-fucked (and I mean hands on back of head,  balls deep) for the next 10 minutes.

Here's a proper submissive husband, kept naked at home by his pretty young wife. At the left of the photo you can just see the leg and hemline of her guest. I am getting the distinct feeling he is not living up to expectations. Perhaps he has become "overly excited" while serving the ladies? Likely those white buns will get well-toasted as soon as her guest leaves.

A strict wife admiring her handiwork. She looks to be on her way out for the evening. He looks to be settling in for a long bout of corner time with his underpants lowered and his severely spanked buns fully on display. Not to worry, the live-in maid will make sure he holds position until his wife returns hours later from her important business function to put him to bed.

This young lad was caught by his aunt peeping on his cousin and her friend when they were in their lingerie. His punishment is bra, stockings, and panties so that the girls can peep on him the rest of the evening! But first hands on his head, panties down, for a bottom smacking from Aunty. Girls, would you like a go?

Oh no! Tweaking my Daddy fantasies. She has no clothes on!

Looks like a good caning well delivered in front of the ladies.  He must be taught early on who wears the pants in this family!

This one really captures the abject humiliation of this man's predicament. His wife is on the left, holding the panties. Her friend is on the right, invited over to witness his shame.He does not look happy that his "secret life" has been so casually and callously shared with his wife's loud friend (whom he dislikes intensely). Tough luck, buttercup.

That cock is right about the look and size of "Adam", the punishment dildo I use with my husband. It is not a pleasant experience to have to endure having that shoved up your tight little asshole, much less endure the next 10 solid minutes of "to-the-hilt" thrusting. You can see the tension in his body as he is steeling himself to "take it".  She is relaxed and comfortable and will not think twice about delivering a very serious punishment fucking on top of his earlier spanking. He will learn to respect the woman of the house, and with very little effort on her part.

Caught ogling the girls on the beach. Swimsuit confiscated, punishment delivered! 

I imagine she will be going across his knee for a spanking before those holes are plundered by his cock. Or maybe that's just just the way I think?

A very disturbing photograph. Whatever happened to women's lib and #metoo? This man seems not to understand these things! She's been a bad girl and her man will not put up with it. Disrespecting him in front of her girlfriends? It was an ass whipping, followed by an ass fucking, all while her girlfriends watch. They do not dare interfere. He is nuts! They are worried they might get the same from him!

The telltale marks of a sound OTK hairbrush spanking from his wife. That nose had best not leave that corner for the next hour, mister!

Poor sweety! Tied spread-eagle to the bed for her punishment. She must lie there, like that, panties at mid-lower, the object of her immediate future chastisement draped carelessly across her ass. When he gets back, the panties will be, literally, ripped off, and her belting will commence. What are the odds puss and inner thighs will be spared?

Oh yes. If you ask me, the underpants add an element of shame greater even than him being fully nude. The cane is stout, she is strong and experienced in its use, the underpants will do little to protect him. But in light of the fact her sister is visiting, he will be allowed to retain them for modesty's sake. I am predicting a bloody ass and red stained underwear in his near future, sister or no sister.

Oh no! He's really bungled the laundry again today. Thinks he can get away without ironing and folding properly, just stuffing things in the drawers hoping she will not notice? Her white garter belt and stockings will need to be hand-washed and hung to dry anyways. So as an object lesson, she has made him put them on for his spanking. Now he can just stand there for the next 30 minutes in timeout in his ridiculous little outfit looking at the mess he created before starting the laundry over again from scratch. No dear, I don't care what time it is. And stop sulking. Any more backtalk and it will be the strap.

A favourite Sardax ( illustration. I imagine that the woman with the hairbrush is his wife. She is just about to go out and has called her Mother over to watch her husband while he is being punished. If the coin drops, Mom is to help him put it back. When his wife returns, that hairbrush will be put to good use for 100 hard strokes across her knee while Mom watches the "little lady" get "her" comeuppance. Every coin drop adds 100 additional strokes. Mom is very proud of the way her daughter keeps her man in line.

Oh my gosh! Such a cutey pie! I definitely want to spank that bottom!

Oh no, there I go again... "Julie's home life was an endless torment of punishment and shame from which there seemed to be no escape..."

"Mean Girls!" The one on the right is using her head as a vibrator on her puss. The one on the left is looking on and pleasuring herself. The one in the middle is mid flogger. I want to be all four of them!

Uh oh. Julie's been a baaaad girl and david is about to teach her a lesson. Is Daddy watching you think?

I include this one because that looks a bit like my husband's cock. I love how quiveringly hard it is. How all the blood has rushed into the head. How his testicles are tight with fear. That cock does not seem to realize it will get nothing but a whipping and a teasing, with no release whatsoever.

Now that looks like the marks from a down home country switchin'! Leave the dirty dishes in my sink will he? He was made to put on his punishment panties and go cut a switch. Oh how the neighbor lady gets such a kick out of it when he is made to do that. And he had best hurry with those dishes as her Mom and Sister are due over any minute now. She doesn't care, if those dishes are not done by then, well I guess the cat will certainly be out of the bag!

"Mom! Please no! Please! Not here! Not on the beach in front of everybody! I promise I'll behave from now on. I promise! Noooo!"

"Will you ever use that word for me again??? Ever? I'll show you who's the little bitch!"

Oh My Gosh Yes! The proper position for a very long, very hard, very drawn out, man spanking. He is not going anywhere until after his trainer and his wife are completely satisfied that this behaviour will not be repeated. This is a position I have used on my husband many times, right down to the knee clamp, the arm behind the back, and the head on the carpet. Very effective for keeping bad boys in their place while doling out their discipline.

I don't think that butt is photo-shopped! I love the tell-tale "white centers" of a red ass: a hairbrushing done right! Look at the sheer humiliation for that boy. He came out in front of the three women in only his little white underpants. Then he was draped across the knee like a child, had his underpants lowered to to his knees, and was spanked (severely). I love the satisfaction on the spanker's face in the midst of doing a job well. I love the submissive, despondent posture of the spankee. Totally nude, feet pigeon-toed in, head low, bottom high. I love the expression of the witnesses. They might be feeling a little bit sorry for the boy, and cringing at his harsh punishment, but won't say anything as they know he deserves it.

A lovely straightforward domestic scene. I wonder what he did wrong? Whatever it was, she is only getting started while he is already frantically kicking his legs, trying fruitlessly to cover his ass, and begging for it to be over.

He was told what his punishment would be if he back-talked her again. What? Did he not think she would actually carry it out? He does not know her as well as he should!

Relatively rare photo of a "man" being punished by way of "Tampon Training". I particularly enjoy training some of my e-subbies this way (photos expected - I have many of those, but they are private unfortunately - this one was "live" on a now defunct blog that is still up). I make them go to the drugstore and purchase a pack of tampons, nothing else, and checkout with a live salesgirl. They can make whatever blushy excuse they want. Then it is back home for "period simulation", including a half-enema up their bottom holes prior to insertion. Are you really sure you want to be my e-subby?

I particularly enjoy the ferocity in the application of the long strap to his marked up ass. The dynamic muscular tension in her body as she uncoils herself into the stroke. The extreme nervous tension in his body as he grits his teeth, tenses his whole body, and clenches his fists at the pain. I can smell his pungent fear-drenched sweat from here. This whipping will last a very long time.

A great fantasy of mine! Cock-sucking lessons for the boys, with whip in hand for encouragement. Loser is the one who squirts into the winner's mouth first. Penalty is that he has to receive the winner's sperm in his asshole. Deep in his asshole. Better hold out, boys! But half-hearted cock-sucking is not tolerated, and is dealt with by the whip.

This looks to be extremely candid to me! The woman at his feet, pulling his jeans down is his wife. The other young lady has never seen anything like this before, and is laughing her head off at the rubber stockings and the cock cage! Look how genuinely embarrassed is his body posture, and how genuinely gleeful is the woman's friend. Will he ever live this down?

He will be given a punishment fucking by her. But first he must insert the clear blue dildo in his ass and sit on it in timeout for 30 minutes.  ...or...  He is being told to kneel in front of that chair and to get his mouth down and around that dildo while she takes care of his backside? A double-team with woman and chair? You decide.

Is this not what it is all about? Can his sexual arousal at being forcibly feminized by his wife be any more clear than this? Imagine the giggles of her female guests as he is made to demonstrate what a little sissy slut he is right in front of them all. The shameful ejaculation is not the end of it though, oh no! Next in the program is that "she" will be passed around as the subject for a very public demonstration of strap-on play. Some of the first-timers are very enthousiastic! "Her" asshole will never be the same again.

Clearly a staged photograph, but oh my! Humiliated in bra and panties. Her proudly bare-breasted and cock-wielding. He is about to have that little thong pushed out of the way for a good long session of anal intercourse from her!

 "Now behave, or else!" What a very attractive angry woman. My heart is fluttering imagining what she will do to me next. Whatever it is will be very long and very painful. I will be taught how unwise it is to cross this woman!

So sweet! It is a good rule that he is allowed to ejaculate from her hand (spoiled of course) once weekly. But she does not have all day. If he is not done within five minutes, the cage (and panties) go back on until next week. Rules are rules.

Oh gosh. Am looking at this thinking that this is me. I have been a very naughty girl and this is my timeout before my husband spanks me. What? Who is that at the door!!! No! Not my Daddy! David, please! No! Get my mouth back around that cock! Who allowed me to speak? Back down on the cock, my timeout is not done yet. In honour of my Daddy's presence,  I must spend the remaining 15 minutes of my timeout bobbing my mouth up and down on the cock, balls deep each time young lady, never mind the gagging, or else it will be the belt and your Daddy will be allowed to watch your ass fucking afterwards.

A cock-caged misbehaving husband who is due for some severe ass blistering from his wife. "Why would you do that? Why would you do that when you know you will be paddled for it? Why?"

Wife and husband staying in shape with some wrestling practice. First to fully strip the other's gym clothes off wins. Loser to be unceremoniously carried to the makeshift basement spanking bench where they will be fastened down and whipped without mercy. Sometimes he regrets marrying a championship wrestler!

Yes, that is exactly right. We know what your kind of boy needs, despite the quite frankly "girlish" complaints along the way.

A wife "showing off" her husband's tiny penis to her Alpha Male lover. "This is why I cuckold him Steve, surely you can see my point? Honey, rub that little nub of yours and show it to Steve when it's 'angry'. Steve, you'll see it barely gets any bigger at all! But it's not that I don't let him play. He can be on 'clean up' duty afterwards, he likes that."

Uh oh! I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is for him, but she will get the job done, staring into his eyes like that. Imagine his dread as he feels his excitement building and building, knowing he is getting closer and closer to receiving that humiliating "full facial" while his woman looks on.

A punished husband performing "timeout" in the bedroom after his wife spanked him. His Mother-In-Law let herself into the house and heard the tail end of his spanking from downstairs. Before she leaves, she will come up to say hello and "inspect the damage".

"Daddy! What the fuck? Get out. Yes I fuck my husband, what about it? I know for a fact Mom does it to you. Wait until I tell her I caught you snooping around here."

I don't know how to break it to you boys, but this is the view your guests get when they watch you get your spanking. A tiny tug on your cheek and all your charms are on display. Not only painful and humiliating to be treated like a child, but a highly sexually submissive position as well. Ass raised, cheeks spread, hole ready for whatever the Mistress of the House chooses to do with it, witnesses or not.