Friday, July 11

At the Cottage with Sister and slaveboy

My family has a cottage on a lake about three hours drive north of the city. My sister and I decided to go up a day early and make my husband into our little slaveboy.

This is how it happened. We were trying to coordinate a weekend together: my Mom and Dad, david and I, my older sister Sue (whom you know), and my younger sister and her family. We decided on the weekend we would do it and we were all set.

As nobody else was going up early (including my Mom and Dad, who normally would, but had a commitment in the city), I had the thought that perhaps david and I could take the Friday off, go up a day early, and I could scene him at the cottage for a change of pace. I phoned Sue to tell her my idea and ask if she cared to join in.

Sue is great. She is very secure and open minded about this sort of fun, considers it kinky playtime is all, and is up for watching and participating in lots of things, and with a smile, and in the spirit of  scening my boy. And she has no hangups or issues about nudity or touching. And she genuinely enjoys spanking a boy's or girl's bum! She likes girls best, but definitely enjoys my husband as an exception as he is a very good and safe submissive.

Sue thought it would be fun. She checked her schedule and found that she was able to take the Friday off as well. So it was a date. We decided to kill two birds with one stone. The cottage really needed a thorough "spring cleaning" so we decided we would have david do that as we lounged by the lake, weather permitting. david's carrot would be our sticks! We decided that between the two of us we would keep him well-spanked while he cleaned. That would be our contribution to the cottage cleaning.

As a "grand finale" I asked Sue if it would be ok, as a reward for good cleaning, if I were to bend my little housewife face down across the table and fuck his ass while she watched. She laughed and said she would enjoy seeing that. I asked if she would like to do the honors? She declined on that one. I knew she would but thought I would offer. She considers that sort of thing too sexual to participate in, though she says, and I quote, that it makes her happy to watch a loving wife such as me do that to her naughty husband.

I did not fill david in on the details of what we had planned, but did tell him that Sue would be joining us on Friday and that we three would have the cottage to ourselves, and he knew what that meant!

On the fateful day last week, david and I arrived in our car just after 11am on Friday. It was a hot and beautiful day. I did the packing in the morning before we left, and packed the hardwood paddle, the hairbrush, the strap, the strap-on harness, and two sizes of dildo. While david did not know exactly what I packed,  I teased him on the way up that between Sue and I and what I had packed, he would have such a red bum and sore bumhole by the time the others arrived that he would not be able to sit all weekend!

We arrived before Sue and opened the place up and did a few chores. Sue got a bit of a later start and arrived around noon. The lake was still quiet (it would liven up come the weekend) and the others were not due until around 6pm or so. We told david that he was ours until 4pm, after which we would revert to vanilla well in time for the others' arrival. That left 4 hours of slaveboy and spanking time!

We informed david that "us girls" were intending to get us some brownie points from Mom for doing the spring cleaning before she arrived, and that david would be making sure the cottage was cleaned to within an inch of its life as a result. We informed david that he would be doing all of the cleaning while Sue and I relaxed on the dock. And he would serve us while he was at it.

Sue and I both changed into our bikinis (Yay! Bikinis!).

We conferred briefly, and decided david was to strip bare naked and remain that way as long as he was our acting slaveboy.

I find it really fun playing with david together with Sue. It's so nice to play with somebody you trust completely and who is just as "into it" as yourself. It also brings us a lot closer, to share this "little secret" as we do! And I also love that david gets so excited when "the sisters" domme him.

To help better motivate him, we decided he should go about his cleaning with a sore red ass. Also, both of us would make periodic visits into the cottage to check up on him and refresh his bum. I also let david know that at the end, as a reward for the no doubt great job he would be doing on the house chores, that he would be rewarded like a good housewife by bending over and receiving sex from me as Sue cheered us on. I knew that would keep his anticipation level high!

We started him off with a pair of good hard spankings. I let Sue do the honors first, as she had not spanked him for quite some time. She elected to use the light hardwood paddle. She sat on an armless wooden chair in the center of the main room in her bikini, and took him across her knee. I could tell david liked that part! In a very sweet voice she informed him that she would beat that naughty erection right out of him and proceeded to do exactly that with a blistering application of paddle to backside (though she warmed him up first with her hand, which did not help that erection at all judging by the amount of squirming going on across her lap!). I was surprised that his erection went down at all, what with all that wriggling his private parts all over Sue's bare thighs and his side all up against Sue's bare tummy. And Sue is very good looking and dommy! I guess she did a good job with that paddle...

When Sue was done with him I led him over to the overstuffed arm of the sofa and bent him over it. I then used the strap to add to his blistering. As I strapped him I asked him if he would be doing a great job on the housework? He insisted, over and over again, that he would!

With him now in a nice submissive frame of mind, we showed him where the cleaning supplies were kept, and set him to vacuuming,  scrubbing floors, cleaning the kitchen sinks and appliances, and cleaning the bathrooms. All in the buff.

With that, Sue and I went to the dock to chat and sun ourselves. We told david to come along in a half hour when the rosé had chilled to serve us the wine.

We could hear the vacuum going as we settled ourselves on the dock and gave each other a "high-five". Having a submissive husband had its perks!

After a while, david came up to us with a tray bearing two glasses and a glistening bottle of rosé wine. Only one problem: he had put his bathing suit on!!

We interrogated him about this. He assumed that the dock was sort of public, and that others on the lake might see him, so assumed he should put on a bathing suit. We informed him of how wrong he was. We could see the other docks from where we were, and they were quite deserted. I told Sue I would take care of this.

I had him put down the wine beside Sue and then strip of his bathing suit, right there in the "great outdoors!". He looked bashful! I then ear-walked him all the way back to the cottage. There I got a pair of pruning scissors and a knife and gave them to him. I pointed him towards the woods and told him to cut and prepare for me and Sue a whippy switch, and when he was done to present it to us at the dock for inspection, and he better be bare this time!

I watched him as he wiggled his bare red bum towards the woods. There were a lot of mosquitoes in the woods, and I could see him swatting at them. I hoped they wouldn't attack his "delicate parts". I left him to his task.

I went back to the dock and told Sue what I had been up to. She approved and was looking forward to seeing the effects of his switch on his backside.

david returned with switch in hand. This time in the buff. I made him stand there holding the "instrument of his correction" while Sue and I ignored him for a while and finished our glasses of wine.

He looked to be very nervous, standing there in the all together right out there by the lake, sporting a hard on. I was keeping a sharp eye out for potential observers, though, and so far the coast was clear.

Sue and I stood up and we took david back a little bit back from the dock to an old tree stump. I put a towel down on the stump and told david to bend over it for his switching. I reminded him why he was being switched, and then proceeded to whip his ass cheeks. It was exciting to be doing this outside! I was getting hot and wet under my bikini. I would need a swim afterwards. He was draped in such a way over that stump that his cock and balls were on display between his legs. I loved how they dangled and danced as I whipped him!

I whipped in some hard ones and was rewarded with some nice lines. Sue took up position to continue his switching. I told her to be careful not the switch the backs of his thighs, as I would be making him wear his bathing suit that weekend regardless and then everybody would know he got a switchin'! Of course, Sue played with the switch over the backs of his thighs, and even whipped it down lightly a bit. But she did confine her more serious switching to his buns as I did.

The switching seemed to be a little hard for him to take judging by the muffled noises he was making and the "breaststroke" leg action in mid air. Nonetheless, Sue enjoyed whipping him with the switch as well, and added some extra stripes over his already red-striped backside.

We sent him back to the cottage to re-chill our wine and to continue his house chores.

Over the next couple of hours, we each took turns going in and checking up on his progress. Each time we went in we freshened up his bottom with another spanking. It was fun! Sue would head up towards the cottage while I stayed by the dock. I could then hear the sounds of a spanking (wood on flesh plus little male howls of pain). And then Sue would bounce back and let me know he was again "hard" at work.

Once when I went up I went in to find him on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floors, his bum a dusky rose colour. After I hairbrush-spanked him back to shiny red, I stood him up, got some soapy lather on my hands, and teased his cock until it was twitching and straining and his knees were week. I then set him back to his scrubbing with a raging hard on. Ha Ha!

At around 3:00 I went up to the cottage. david looked like he had done a good job and was getting near the end. I told him to finish up in the next fifteen minutes and then to make sure he was properly prepared to take Adam (his big dildo) up his bum in front of Sue. I gave him a few more detailed instructions regarding my expectations of him. I got a "Yes Ma'am" and a deep flush from his cheeks.

Around 3:30 Sue and I went for a dip and then we dried off and went back to the cottage. It was beautifully clean for my parents' and little sister's arrival. All the cleaning supplies were neatly put away. david was standing bare naked with his nose in the corner holding the smaller dildo in his bum with his hand. As per my instructions, he had been working that smaller dildo in and and out of his bum to try to prepare himself for his fucking from Adam. But he went to just holding it there in his bum when we entered. I guess he was bashful.

We'll have none of that! "Show Sue what you've been doing with that dildo to get yourself ready for me." I told him.

While still facing the corner he bent his knees a bit, jutting out his bum, and started fucking his rear with the dildo in his hand. Pushing it in and out and twizzling it around up there. Quel slut! But I know he loves being shamed like this by me in front of another woman.

Susan said something along the lines of that ought to make his little hole ready for me.

I picked up my strap and let it dangle from my hand. "Turn around, take it out, and show it to us." I told him. Let the shaming continue.

He looked pained but started doing as he was told. He knew that if there was any mess on that dildo, after he had been warned and given ample time to prepare himself for me, he would not only have to show us both a dirty dildo, but also be strapped on his ass until the tears flowed.

It was clean.

"Put in the bathroom sink, and bring me my strap-on harness and Adam."

david scurried to do as he was told. Sue was amused. She had seen david get an ass-fucking from me before, last time I believe was very memorably in front of her girlfriend at the time as well, but not for a long while.

When david returned I had him kneel at my feet and fasten my strap-on harness onto me, with Adam in it. Since he was down there anyways, I guided Adam into his mouth and had him give me head.

Sue's a bit of a cheerleader  type, and egged him on with cries of "suck it, baby!" and the like.

I pulled out of his mouth and then keeping his head there I gently slapped at his cheeks with Adam and said "you know what's next..."

I took him by the arm and led him over to the rough wooden dining table. I lay down a towel and bent him over the end of the table.

I told him to spread his cheeks, and to look up and look Sue in the eye. Sue was standing there in her bikini with her arms crossed over her breasts and a little grin on her face.

"You're 'gonna get a fucking now!" she said to him.

"Where's the lube?" I asked him. He told me it was in the bathroom. I went to get it. You think he would have thought of that when I asked for the dildo?? He'd be getting it just a little bit harder and a little bit longer for making me do that.

He stayed in position, looking up at Sue and holding his cheeks spread. I lubed his hole and then lubed Adam. Then I put the tip up against his rosebud and started gently pressuring it in. Adam is always hard for him to take. Good thing he had prepared himself, though!

"Take it. Take it" said Sue by way of encouragement.

I had to reach over and grab him by the hair to make him keep his head up and locking eyes with Sue.

"no no no no no please!!!" he said as I started gently pushing it in. Yes yes yes yes yes! And in it went. david took a big gasp. I then started gently fucking him, starting with only an inch at a time but building up to deeper and deeper thrusts. He still can't take Adam all the way up his bum ("kind of "balls deep" you know?) but within an inch is still bearable for him. So I gave him some nice long in and out thrusts. I made him keep his head raised the whole time. As I fucked him, we both praised him on what a good little homemaker he was, and what a good "wife" he made.

I pulled out (much to his relief) and wiped the slightly dirty lube off of him with some paper towels Sue handed to me.

I asked him if he wanted to cum? He said he did. I asked Sue if we should let him look at us in our bikinis as he jerked off? She thought that was acceptable. I went over to him and dribbled lube onto his cock. He had to dive to catch it in his hands and keep it from messing up his clean floors. So Sue and I stood there with our arms around one another while we watched david stand there and squeeze one out. (TOTAL SLUT!) He came quickly and caught it all in his hand.

"You know what to do with that," I told him. He again looked bashful but took his hand to his mouth, licked it all up, blushed, and then swallowed it all down like the little tramp he is.

His cock was soft and glistened with a mixture of cum and lube. And his asshole was no doubt still luby as well. I pointed him towards the lake and he ran down for a skinny dip.

The family arrived later on, and my mom especially commented on how great a job "us girls" did with the cleaning. We took ALL the praise and confirmed her sex role stereotyping by telling her that we made david sit by the dock and relax the whole time. I am happy building up his male ego in public, while Sue and I obliterate it in private. Ha ha!

Sunday, June 22

Sex Last Night

My husband and I had sex last night. As always, I called all the shots.

This time I decided we would do a "69" with a twist. We got on the bed, both bare naked, in the classic 69 position.

Only I was not going to use my mouth on him. I was going to use my hand in various ways.

I had him licking me the entire time, making sure his face was nicely buried in me.

First I inserted his bum toy for him, the vibrating Lux prostate stimulator.

It plugs into the wall for a recharge, and then packs quite a wallop! It has a little button on it. The longer I hold it the more intense the vibration gets. I start out middle of the road, and crank it up when I want to. I insert it so that the hooked end nestles between bum hole and balls. I hope that's right? Seems to do the job at any rate.

For this insertion he gets the KY Lube.

I coat the toy, and I also put some on my fingers and push it up into his bum hole.

It's always a bit uncomfortable for him as it goes in, but nestles in nicely once accomplished.

I turned the Lux onto medium and then put away the lube. You have to understand, I am doing all of this while he is licking out my pussy. Hard to concentrate!

So far I have not yet touched his cock or balls (except by accident). His cock is rock hard and straining towards me. I keep my distance (wouldn't want to get poked in the eye with that!)

Next I get out the baby oil.

Lube I find is good (and safe) for penetrations, but not for hand jobs. For hand jobs I much prefer the baby oil which stays slippier longer and has a nicer feel on my hand.

I then rub the oil into his cock and balls. He's still licking, though he falters momentarily but then snaps right back into it as he realizes.

He squeezes his legs together. Somehow his balls wind up in back and his cock out front. I use my two hands. With one I'm fondling, squeezing, and tugging his balls from behind.  With the other I'm stroking his cock. Sometimes I move from his balls to the vibrator in his butt, and play with that a little.

I can tell how close he is to cumming by how fast and hard he laps at my pussy! He cums from cock stimulation (mainly tip as far as i can tell), so I leave off his cock when he gets too frantic and concentrate on his butt and balls. He DOES NOT get to cum before I do! I tell him so: I'll strap your ass black and blue if you cum before me... He starts licking me even more frantically. Mmmmm!

I hold on around his hips and grind my pussy into his face. Ahhhhh! First orgasm for me!

"Keep licking..." I tell him. He knows to be more gentle just after I cum. I will likely cum again, but it's his turn now.

I push his cock back behind his legs as well. I nuzzle up closer and get both hands behind him. I turn the vibrator up to full power. I put some more oil on my hands and then onto his cock, balls, and butt cheeks. He moans.

I start spanking him. Hard hand spanks to his oily cheeks. I alternate that with hand jobbing his cock, tugging and kneading on his balls, and pushing on the vibrator.

I end it by stroking the shaft up to the tip of his cock as I spank his cheeks as hard as I can, the vibrator still humming away full blast. It will need a good recharging tonight!

He buries his face hard into my pussy. His tongue is paralyzed, though. He cums onto the backs of his thighs.

I roll him over towards his tummy to keep the mess on his thighs and not on the duvet cover as I untangle myself from him and get up. I turn off the vibrator but leave it lodged where it is. Don't move, I tell him.

I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, and wet a hot washcloth. I bring back the washcloth and a small dry towel. Before I clean him, I scoop up as much cum as I can with my fingers from the backs of his legs and feed it to him. I make him lick and suck on my fingers until they are clean, and until he has swallowed his own full load. That's a rule in my house and my bed: my husband eats what he ejaculates.

I clean him with the nice hot washcloth, and then dry him off.

I take the hairbrush from the bedside table. I take him by the arm and have him stand. He is still weak kneed. I sit on the side of the bed  and pull him across my knee. "Oh no! Please!" he begs. My david is not so excited to be spanked after an ejaculation. "Oh Yes!" I say, and I start laying into him with the hairbrush. The vibrator is still sticking out of his butt. I like how it wiggles around as I spank. I give him a good blistering 100 with the hairbrush. Hey! He's the one who first asked me to spank him!

I let him up to go to the bathroom and take the vibrator out in privacy. I have a little cat who ate the canary grin on my face as I watch his red cheeks wobble towards the ensuite.

Sex Julie style!

Monday, June 16

An e-subbie humiliates himself

I have a little e-subbie who desperately needed some panty training.

He was told to go to the lingerie shop, pick out the prettiest panties he could find, and buy them in his size. I was very interested in what he would pick out...

Here is what he came back with.

Awwww! How cute! A very telling choice of panty. I think this boy imagines himself as a little girl, about to get those little panties pulled down for a good hard spanking across Mommy's knee!
For part 2, I told my little e-subbie to put those cute little panties on, reach into the waistband with his hand, and tug on his poor little no doubt regularly abused penis until he disgraces himself right into those panties. Then he can send me another photo of those panties with the stains from the ejaculate clearly visible.

Bad boy! Bad! What a mess he's made of his panties! I told him that I now needed him to hand wash those panties, at the sink, with plenty of soap and hot water,  hang them up to dry and send me a photo proving he had done as I demanded.
All nicely hand-laundered, ready for round 2 with his little penis no doubt...

After I received these images, I found myself quite busy and unable to get to my kinky email for a time. My little e-subbie was incredibly whiny during that time. "Please Mistress, I've done as you've asked, is there anything more for me..." Nyah Nyah Nyah Whine Whine Whine.

I finally sent him back a note, telling him that he whines like a baby, and since he was so keen to get my attention, well, now he's got it.

I told him to go out and buy a baby's pacifier from a drugstore. Put on his new panties and nothing but, and then sit at a table with pen and paper in front of him, sucking on his pacifier, and write out 1000 times "I must not whine like a little baby for Ms. Julie's attention".
So, what do I make of all this?
I find it very amusing that grown men will email me requesting to be dommed by me. They will do the most ridiculous and embarrassing things just because I tell them to. That makes me smile. This particular e-subby, after I am finished punishing him with the line writing, will be made to spank himself until he is well-reddened and well-marked and then send me a photo of his bare bottom to prove it.

I keep thinking that men like this are an absolute delight for women, and I cannot understand why they are not all snapped up by dominant gals.

I mean, all they really need is to be humiliated, femmed up, and taken across the knee. In return, they'll do anything, no matter how abject, for their mistress. I think that's a pretty good deal, especially when you "role play" maid and Mistress and have them do all the laundry, cooking, and house cleaning while you relax.

And, what's more, you can have girlfriends around and they can watch and participate in his little humiliations too. Who wants to spank him? Who wants to borrow him for a day of housekeeping duties? The only rule is that the plug goes in and the humbler stays on as he works.

Wednesday, June 11

Husband bathed and spanked

I gave david a good scrubbing with a bath brush, and then an equally good spanking afterwards!

Before I get into that, first a little update on my new adventure. My lady friend appears to be getting a case of cold feet. She has a new girlfriend who is not quite as adventurous, and she doesn't want to do anything behind her back. She is in a bit of a dilemma. The new adventure is not dead yet, but I would judge it on life support. I'm not pushing hard, so we'll just have to see.

Meanwhile, I have a husband who needs regular spankings, and so that is just what he got the other day. I can't wait for flaky people to make up their minds if they want to play. There's work to be done! Husbands to be spanked and shamed!

I told him in the morning, before we left for work, that he would be getting a bare naked spanking that evening. I told him that it would be a very hard spanking, and that it would be very hard for him to take, but that he would be taking every last stroke I decide to give him. I told him that I would be expecting him to pleasure me afterwards. I whispered in his ear that he would be licking out my pussy, and then using his tongue on my asshole, until I came two or three times. Then I went to work with a little happy grin on my face. Let him think about that all day long!

We got home in the evening and prepared ourselves a little dinner. Nothing was said about the impending spanking. After dinner I told him that I felt sorry for him, but that it was time for his spanking. I ordered him upstairs to go get ready for me. I told him to get upstairs and into a hot shower, and that I would be up in a moment to wash him myself

I had previously decided that I would give him a good soapy scrub all over before his spanking starts, followed by some kind of shaming corner time. For the washing, it's not that he is particularly dirty, it's more that it is a very maternal thing to do to a male, and puts him the right submissive state of mind to accept a very hard spanking. Shameful corner time just adds to that.

I followed him upstairs after cleaning the kitchen. I opened the shower door and a haze of steam came out. "Get yourself all soapy", I told him. he stepped out of the stream of water and soaped himself up. I then used the long-handled bath brush and scrubbed him very properly. No, I didn't beat him with it! (This time, anyways). I used it to scrub him. I scrubbed his chest and underarms, then his cute little tummy, and then low low down on his tummy. I then got to his private parts. They need to be especially clean. It seems to really perturb him when I scrub away at his private parts with that bath brush. Especially his testicles, and even more especially the tip of his penis. What a baby!

I told him to turn and bend over so I could continue his scrubbing from behind him.

I then used the bath brush all up and down his crack and all over his bottom hole. I made him reach behind and hold himself open for me when I did that.  I pushed the bath brush bristles up between his legs to do that hard to reach bit between his anus and scrotum. Then I had a second go at the undersides of his testicles and penis shaft (and apparently the underside of his sensitive tip as well, by the fuss he was making!).

Despite the discomfort of the stiff-bristled bath-brushing, he was still rather hard. How delightful. As a bonus, his little bumhole was clean as a whistle.

Good thing, as it would be getting some unwanted attention later on. I was determined that he would be spanked thoroughly, and all that area between his cheeks and near his bum hole that normally gets off Scott free would be reddened and sore by the time I was done.

I told him to rinse off and come out to get his spanking.

I marched him still damp to the bedroom wall by his ear. I got out Adam (my big pink dildo), stuck it into his mouth, and told him to stand with his hands on his head, giving head to my dildo against the wall. Adam is a real mouthful for david, and heavy as well, so he needs to suck very hard to keep it from falling out.

I told him that if Adam falls out of his mouth, if he uses his teeth at all on Adam, or if I catch him taking his hands off his head at all to help keep Adam in his mouth, then he would be hogtied naked and left in the dark bathroom until bedtime, and we would try again in a week for his spanking.

Just try me. I dare you!
In the meantime he would be getting a lot of practice holding Adam in his mouth, a half hour each and every day bare naked against the wall while I watched TV. And too bad if we have visitors ;-)

I then left him and told him he will not hear me when I come back, which may be at any moment, and so he better obey me. He knows I am perfectly capable of what I threatened, so I knew he would be good.

My philosophy as a Domme is never threaten a punishment you are not willing to carry out, and always carry out a threatened punishment if earned. david knows this about me by now. I don't kid around with stuff like this. Consistency is so important in training your male.

I left to do a little more tidying in the kitchen, and then came back upstairs again (quietly). I was kind of hoping I would catch him slacking, as the promised consequences would introduce a new punishment dynamic that would shake things up and allow me to reinforce with david that my threats are not to be taken lightly. But he was good as gold, and was struggling valiantly to hold Adam correctly and without help from his hands.

If you ask me, there's nothing so sexy as a damp naked (hard) man standing against a wall with his hands on his head, struggling to hold a big cock in his mouth. I definitely wet my panties seeing that. He was not aware of my presence at first. We have carpet and I was in my stockinged feet. I just watched him struggling to hold position for a minute or so. I love that he struggles so hard to obey me. When I told him to turn, I could see his mouth making a big "O" around the dildo with his lips a perfect circle around its girth. He also had a big erection. He looked so gay like that, and I told him so.

I took the dildo from his mouth and asked if he wanted a good hard fucking with it tonight? He said he did not (he was genuine in that - we have a smaller dildo he generally enjoys up his ass - not Adam). I told him in that case he better continue to obey me and behave during his spanking, or we would end with a solid five minutes of hard fucking.

With these preliminaries out of the way it was time for his spanking.

I had decided that this evening's program would be a no warm-up spanking with a hardwood paddle, then a hand spanking to his inner crack and thighs with him in the "wheelbarrow position" (I had never tried that, but saw it recently on Banjo's BBS and wanted to give it a try). I would end with a caning with him face down on the bed. I promised him a hard-to-take spanking, and I was determined to deliver the goods.

I sat on the end of the bed, and pulled him across my knees. I then put my right leg over the backs of both of his, locking him in. I demanded his right hand, and bent it up between his shoulder blades. His head was practically on the carpet, and he was jackknifed across my left knee. His upper thighs and lower spank spots were perfectly exposed to me.

For this spanking I would use a newly acquired paddle I had yet to take for any serious spin.

It's round and made of quite thick hardwood. Poor baby.

I started in with the paddle. No warmup. Just hard strokes to his sit spots: right, left, middle, repeat. The paddle is big enough that when I target the center at his sit spots, the lower edge spanks his upper thighs. And oh my goodness did he wail! From the first spank to the last. He wailed and struggled, but I was holding him very firmly. Even though he is bigger than me, when I had him in this position I truly felt I could control him. He did start begging for it to stop. And as you may know about me, I love that begging!

It wasn't terribly long by spanking standards, but it sure felt long to him. I started to think about letting him up once I thought I heard genuine tears in his eyes. But I needed to make sure, so I carried on until there was legit sobbing and frantic cries of "no! no! please! no!".

A word on safe play. I know david well by now. We have been playing very regularly for over two and a half years. We initially had safewords. "Yellow" for slow down and "Red" for stop. We don't really talk about them any more. If he said "red red red" I would stop. If he said "yellow" today - well I don't think I would slow down. I'd probably go harder on his ass. But he didn't even try to say "yellow". He yearns for a true "disciplinary" experience. That's his kink. Along with the public humiliation thing. And if that's what he wants, well it's not my ass getting dusky red, bruised and blistered!

I pushed him off my lap onto the floor. There were real tears in his eyes. yay. He clutched his cheeks and just lay there on the floor, in a sort of fetal position, breathing hard and still half sobbing. What a little bitch.

"I'm not done with you yet!" I told him in a forceful voice. Get up here, I told him. He didn't know what we were doing, and so it took a bit of prodding and male acrobatics to finally get him into the "wheelbarrow position".

I could really admire up close the damage I had already inflicted on him. His spank spots were as red as I had ever seen them, and the very tops of his thighs were quite discolored and looking like they would bruise up nicely. I put the paddle away and just used my hand. But hard. I spanked up and down his thighs. And inner thighs especially that this position is so great for getting at. david is sooo sensitive on his inner thighs. You have to move his junk out of the way to spank there. So I just sort of grabbed a handful with my left and pushed it to the side while my right hand slapped his inner right thigh right up to the crease where his scrotal sac attaches. Then I switched hands. He was yelping and wailing again, with just hard hand slaps!

You can also really easily access the area between his ass cheeks, deep into his crack. so I parted his cheeks and also spanked up and down each side of his ass crack. Especially the skin nearest his bumhole. I found no online image of the view I was getting, but here is a female approximation.

Yup. Penis, testicles, bumhole, all perfectly displayed. And see that white area around her bottom hole? Was not white after I was done with my david! If it ever happens with my new lady friend (and maybe even her girlfriend?) then I will want to put david in this position over my lap and have them watch from over my shoulder as I spank his inner thighs and inner crack.

The wheelbarrow position spanking really rounded out the redness nicely. He was now red from stocking top to mid ass and everything in between. But I was not done yet!

I relocated my david to face down across a pillow on the bed. I stripped down to my bra and panties and got my punishment cane.

It's fairly thick and has a handle part wrapped with leather. I put the cane down across the midline of his bottom cheeks. david was so cute. he grabbed at the comforter with his hands making cute little fists, and bit down on the comforter as well while making funny "nnn... nnn... nnn..." sounds getting ready for his caning.

I gave it a good swishy swing and brought it down CRACK across his little red rump. I was rewarded with a little line, a comforter-muted scream, and some furious pillow humping to chase the sting away. Ha Ha!

I lay the cane back down onto his bum, which was his signal to settle down. He started mewling again into his comforter. I tapped his bum lightly a couple of times saying "up up" as I did so. david arched his lower back and presented me his bum most submissively for his next cane stroke.

A big backswing, a big swish, and CRACK, less than an inch below my previous line and almost perfectly parallel with it. david screeched again and flattened his ass into the pillow trying to escape the searing pain, and when that proved singularly unsuccessful went back to humping the pillow. I added several more similar strokes. Some higher and some lower. I made him arch his back and put up his ass for each and every stroke. After about a dozen his ass was shaking as he held it up to beg for his next one, please. I also alternated sides of the bed, trying to even out the "far cheek" effect in that manner.

The caning on top of the slapping and paddling left a red and purple base coat with dark dusky tram lines across his ass. he would certainly be feeling the effects for several days to come, and I was hoping for at least a week with the marking.

Deciding he was more or less done I scooted onto the bed beside him. Kneeling there, I pulled him gently across my thigh. I started giving him light hand spanks. Once I lingered behind and just gave him a little itching type scratch with my nails. That got a reaction of "oooh oww ooooh", so I kept going. Poor baby was laughing and crying at the same time as I gave his tender, reddened skin a nice healthy itchy scratch!

I rolled him over onto his back and moved him down the bed a bit. I stripped off my panties and straddled his face. Then I just told him "lick". He started licking and lapping at my pussy. He is such a pro at that. Ladies out there reading this, I highly recommend a submissive and well-spanked man for great oral sex! I guess I was a bit worked up by david's spanking, because I came very quickly from the licking. In about a minute I'd say. After I came, I recovered a bit and then eased back down on his face and told him to keep going. Next one in another minute or so. And both were good ones too!

Then I sat more upright on him and put my asshole on his mouth. reaching over, I picked up my Hitachi Magic Wand (always nearby and at the ready!) and started pleasuring myself with it as I instructed him to lick out my asshole. I talked dirty to him the whole time as I pressed the Hitachi against my clit. I can't cum just from him licking my asshole, but the combination of the Hitachi on my clit and the ass licking really makes me wild. Both the feel of his tongue burrowing up inside contributes, but also the thought of my "making him" lick me in that dirty, dirty place. Those things together make me wild. And I came again. Three times in maybe five minutes. All mind blowing good orgasms. I love spanking david.

But that was it for me! I put my Hitachi aside but kept my asshole on his mouth and insisted he continue to ream me. I thought david deserved a little something something, so I spat on his cock and started rubbing it with my hand as he continued polishing my butt hole with his tongue. I got a little fatigued bending over like that and so sat up more on his face and told him to finish himself up. He managed to get a hand out and down to his cock. I spat on his cock again for lube and he started rubbing it furiously. I egged him on by calling him a dirty ass-licking slut, and so on. I also told him that next time we did this I would have some girlfriends over and really show them how to keep a husband in line... (he loves that kind of public shaming talk).

He exploded hot white cum all over his tummy. The rules for david are the same as the rules for you subby guys reading this blog. Scooped up and into the mouth. Every last cummy drop. And then every drop swallowed like good little whores.

Yes, you heard me right boys. If you haven't cum yet, do it now. Right now. And then swallow it all down for Julie.


Well that was it for my little solo spanking adventure with david. We'll see how the marks develop. I'll go back to more spontaneous, little spankings for a bit now, playing the "domestic dommy wife". Plenty of opportunity as spring cleaning is by now overdue!

Tuesday, May 27

New Adventure Coming Up

Yipeeee: I have a new adventure coming up.

I met a very interesting lady the other day. A recovering alcoholic, quite overweight, and with a blue Mohawk hairdo and some facial piercings. We got to talking. She was very open about her past life and her alcoholism, and she mentioned that she was a pro domme for a time (but no longer). Based on that past, and on how open she was, and that I just got a good feeling from her, and that we really had no shared circles of friends, I thought I could confide in her. So I did.

We went for a coffee and I shared with her how I spank and otherwise have BDSM-type fun with my husband. She was tickled and told me I did not look the part and she was quite surprised. She's a butchy type lesbian, but she says she very much enjoys domming men and misses that aspect of her past life. I asked if she wanted to come over and spank my husband sometime... (fingers crossed)

Well, on the spot she said she'd love to! She was going away for a bit but is returning next week, and so the fun only awaits the scheduling.

I described her to my lill sketch bitch, and he did a quite reasonable sketch of her:

She is really not david's type at all, but I think I think it would be humiliating for him to be spanked in front of and by a woman he wouldn't choose to sleep with.

I have not shared this meeting and conversation with my husband yet. My thought would be to spring her on him as a total surprise, ideally with us "catching him" red-handed in some very compromising misdeed, and then role playing a scene with him.

Here's my plan so far.

I will arrange it for a day I know david is free, and confirm that with him, then tell him I have something fun planned for him. Then the day of I will tell david that we will have some role playing fun later that day. This is actually not that unusual. We are less spontaneous then it may seem and often we actually schedule our playtime - hey, we are both busy!

I'll tell him that he should find some dirty nasty porno on the web of women being spanked, put in bondage, degraded, fucked in the ass, and so on. I'll tell him that at exactly 6pm (or whatever) he should have a screen full of the stuff, with lots of tabs on the browser. He should be at the computer with his pants and undies down around his ankles and rubbing his dick, and to make sure it's good and hard, and a bit leaky if he can manage it, but not to dare cum. He should also have on headphones and be either listening to loud music or to a loud sex video.

That's when we'll walk in on him!

I'll go through the scene all in detail with my new friend, of course, so she'll know exactly what to expect and how to react.

david will have no clue, I guarantee it! He will assume that we will just be role playing the two of us by our lonesome, as we have not had much third person action recently at all. He'll be taken totally by surprise and off guard by my new friend's presence. And I think a bit intimidated by her size and demeanor. She definitely has the look of an angry feminist who could deliver a brutal beating to a poor boy's backside!

The setup will be that I have specifically forbade david this activity, especially in regards to viewing images that degrade women. david thought he could get away with disobeying me because I told him I would be home two hours later than I actually was.

david and I will discuss this part of the setup, as it would apply to a role play between the two of us equally well (and is a game we often play together).

The setup with my friend will be that we met each other at a meeting for a charity that helps abused women get a leg up. She will be a somewhat radical organizer of the group. I would like to become involved as a volunteer. We were planning to go out and discuss it, but they messed up our restaurant reservations so I invited her back to our house for a bite instead. She will not be amused when she sees my husband masturbating to images of women being abused!

I'll make him keep his pants down around his ankles as I scold him harshly in front of her. I will want to impress on my new friend how I do not take matters such as these lightly. I will tell her the methods I use to bring my husband back into line when he so severely misbehaves like this. She will applaud my methods and volunteer to help bring this potentially abusive male to heel.

I will let her know in advance that david can take a hell of a beating, and requires no warmup. Then I will sit back and watch the fireworks. I'll give her a safeword that I will use if I think he can't take it. I won't be quick to use it though. I want his little buns beat black and blue this time, and I want to watch him howl!

So what do you think of my plan? Awesome, no? Any additional suggestions for fun-filled activities for david during this scene... heh heh heh.

Monday, May 12

Naughty Cousin Role Play

There was an comment on my last blog entry regarding a man who was dominated by his older cousin and eventually got married to her. That reminded me of something in david's past. So I drudged it up for him and we did a very naughty role play around it.

This first part is true. david was very much "in puppy love" with his four year older female cousin, Margot. The would spend summers at the same cottage together, and he would admire her from afar in her bikini, sunning herself.

Margot was always the cool cousin as well, and would remember her little cousin david on his birthday and always get him a cool, grown up gift, such as some of her favourite music, for instance.

I've met Margot, of course, and while she has perhaps lost her teenaged figure and put on a bit of weight in the intervening years, I can still see david being a bit bashful around her.

The comment on my blog gave me the impetus to tease david about his childhood crush on his older cousin. I asked him if he fantasized then about getting a spanking from Margot. He said he was not yet into it at that age, but his wet dream was Margot giving him "her" for his birthday instead of an album. How very naughty! I suggested we role play, with me as Margot and david as his younger self. We talked about it a bit and tossed some ideas around, and then we did it. Despite how pervy it is, and with apologies to Margot, here is how it went.

I dressed down in cut-off jean shorts, a loose fitting shirt, and visible bra straps. We pretended david was over at his cousin's apartment on his birthday. I confessed that I had forgotten to get him a gift this year. He said that was fine, and he never expects anything, but is always grateful. I told him that doesn't mean he won't get a gift this year. I asked myself what does a boy david's age really want more than anything? I stared him in the eye and told him that this year, as his birthday gift, he could do anything he wanted with me for the next two hours. Anything at all.

david looked shocked. He said, "you mean, talk about anything, or like, play cards or something?"

I said, "No silly, I mean anything..." and I took his hand and put it on my breast.

david spent some time hungrily fondling my breasts through my shirt and bra. He was playing an eager boy. I told him to slow down and be gentle. "Would you like to take my shirt off?" I asked him.

He nodded eagerly. I took him by the hand and led him up to my bedroom. There he clumsily removed my shirt. "Kiss them" I told him. He leaned forward and kissed the tops of my breasts as he fondled my bra cups.

"May I... ummm... take it off?" he asked, expecting to be disappointed.

"I'd like that." I told him, enthusiastically. He pulled me towards him and made a boyish attempt at removing a girl's bra. When my breasts were finally bared, he sighed and then dove down and started kissing and sucking on my nipples. I again, gave him some basic instruction on pleasing a girl, and then enjoyed the groping and sucking.

"Why don't you take off my shorts?" I whispered to him. Like a shot, he went down and started undoing my shorts and pulling them down. Oops. No panties. I was bare naked and ready to be groped by a teenaged boy four years my younger!

He put his hand down between my legs, and his mouth came back up again. We faced each other and he started kissing me on my mouth as he grabbed my ass. We tongue fucked as he grabbed my ass and groped me between my legs from behind. He lifted his hand and gave my ass a light little slap.

"Ooooh!" I said. "You like spanking? Do you want to spank me?"

"ah... I mean.. oh... yes please???" He stammered back at me.

"Good!" I said. "Because I LOVE being spanked. the HARDER the BETTER!"

I led him to the side of the bed, and I draped my naked self across his knee to endure a spanking and no doubt more groping of my privates.

david spanked lightly and I made a show of really enjoying it. After a bit, I turned up to look at him and asked "How about you? Do you want a spanking from 'lil 'ol me?"

"okay" he said. Now that Margot had been spanked, getting spanked was clearly cool, and while david may not have admitted it before, this is really what he wants to do with a girl (at least now it is!).

I got up off his knee and turned the tables on him. Before I did, I made him undress for me. He had a pleasantly raging hard-on that "Margot" played with a bit before coaxing him across my knee.

I gave him a spanking with my hand. But hard enough to confuse my poor boy. It was "ouch ouch ouch" all the way, but he was getting soo excited all the same. He was squirming his little erection all over my thigh as he got his bum beat.

After a bit, david turned to me and asked, "can I put it in you?"

"No way," I said, "You're way too big and you'd hurt me," teased Margot. I decided that Margot did have some boundaries. "But would you like to learn about something that girls really like?" He answered that he would.

I moved him off me and scooted backwards. I guided his head to my pussy and told him "Go on, lick it."

He got busy down there. He pretended to be a bit clumsy, and I pretended to instruct him, and before long he was doing it perfectly. Honest to goodness I literally came three times as he was doing that. I am very multi-orgasmic when in the mood, and boy was I.

"Would you..." asked david tentatively, "do that to me? Please?"

"What?" I asked, in mock outrage, "You want me to take your cock in my mouth and suck you off???"

"I'm sorry!" said david, backpedaling fast,. "I didn't mean that. What I meant was..."

"Yummy!" I interrupted him, "Of course I would. I love doing that also."

We flipped places and I took his penis deep into my mouth, giving him a great blowjob. Now, isn't that what older girl cousins are good for, boys?

As his hips started getting insistent and he knew he was getting close, I pulled out.

"No. No. Please." He begged. "Please keep going."

I toyed with his quivery cock a bit and said "You know... That spanking thing?  Well I get really, really turned on when I spank a boy. Spank him hard I mean. Really hard. With a belt, or a strap, or a paddle, that sort of thing. It really turns me on when I make a boy's ass really suffer for me. If I were turned on like that, maybe I would be turned on enough to finish your blowjob and let you cum right on my tits, or onto my face, or even into my mouth. Would you do that? Would you take a hard whipping from me so that I can be that turned on that I would do that?"

"Yes! Yes!" He pleaded.

I rolled him over and stuck some pillows under his hips. I got up and went to my chest of tricks. I opened the top and inside were all manner of BDSM gear. It seams Margot has a kinky side. Margot, in fact, does this to random men for extra cash to get through College. But Margot LOVES her work! And Margot has never whipped a younger boy like david, nor a boy she is so fond of in a cousinly sort of way.

For the next half hour, young david was subjected to all manner of vicious but skillfully applied implements to his poor backside. Margot even had little david in tears at one point, but david did not want her to stop. But Margot knew how to keep david interested. For example, she made david take 25 hard cuts of the cane, after which he was flipped over and rewarded with enough of a blowjob to make sure he remained interested in finishing what they started. But just when david was reminded why he was doing this Margot stopped, flipped him back over onto his tummy, hard wet cock between pillow and his own thighs, and gave him 50 with the hardwood paddle, as hard as she could swing it! david was sobbing and his penis was all shrunken and shriveled by the end. But cousin Margot even put his little shriveled cock into her mouth, and made it stand up straight as a sailor again. But then it was right back over again. Ass up for nothing less than the strap!

After he was strapped until fiery red and bruised, Margot told david she had something that would make him feel good. She got out a vibrating butt plug, lubed him and it, stuck it in, and put it on high. david moaned in pleasure and started humping his pillows.

Then one last time I flipped him over onto his sore ass and took his cock into my mouth.

When he was very close I pulled out and cruelly said "Finish it yourself." david's hand dove for his cock and he started rubbing it, just like the teenaged boy he was pretending to be. Margot stood there with a superior expression on her face and watched as david disgraced himself all across his tummy and chest in spurt after spurt after spurt.

So that was our role play. Here are some random thoughts of mine related to it.
  1. Role playing is fun. It's fun to not be yourself for a bit.
  2. The more naughty and taboo the role play, the better as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Yes, I did let david spank me during the role play, but Margot made up for it in the end.
  4. I would never give a man that I was not in a relationship with, even if I liked him a lot, that "gift".
  5. david would have actually loved to have received that as a gift, for real, and is confused why women are so cruel as to never give a guy what he REALLY wants in those situations.
  6. Margot had an ulterior motive all along. Some gift!
And now a question for you, blog followers:
  • Why didn't Margot finish david with her mouth as she sort of promised she would, but made him use his hand on himself at the end instead?
(there is no right answer, but I'm not exactly sure why I did it that way either so would love to hear your thoughts!)

Thursday, May 1

Oh My!

Oh dear! Look what tomas sent me by email.

Very nice. I like that she is dressed and he is stripped to the waist, put against the wall, and then has his jeans lowered for a good hard butt grab. He looks a bit ashamed, doesn't he? She has a little smile/smirk on her face. Is he being punished, or is he just ashamed that he has to submit to a woman?

Is it just me, or does she look like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? She certainly seems to be overpowering that poor man. Do you think she will pull off his pants next, mount him, and fuck his brains out? That boy better be hard for her... or else...

Oh no! What have we here? I think that man is about to get a good old-fashioned whipping to those bare cheeks, don't you? Is that an apron he barely has on?? Ha ha ha! Is she pulling out his balls because they will be whipped as well? I sure hope she won't injure those delicate little balls of his. Look at her expression. She looks like she'd just rip them off and hardly think twice about it, you know what I mean? And the girl with the crop looks PISSED OFF!

Yes, we know, he's YOURS. That's a big black butt plug going into his ass. I imagine she's stretching him out, preparing him for what's coming next: a hard ass banging from her. But look at how territorial she looks. Do you think she'll demonstrate his complete submission by making him bend over and receive his fucking from her in front of ALL her friends??? Oh yes she will.

That's what I call sexual harassment! I imagine she's a big star, and pool boy there is her hired help. She's the boss. She can check out her hired help if she wants to.

But no matter how badly we treat you, those silly little erections of yours give you away. You may say you don't want us to, but those hard little pricks say otherwise.

Sunday, April 27

A Public Fondle

A while ago I saw something that put a big smile on my face.

I was taking a walk by myself and I saw a young heterosexual couple meandering slowly ahead of me. Maybe early twenties or late teens? Without particulary knowing I was behind them, the girl reaches down and grabs the boy's ass and gives it a long lingering squeeze. As I passed them I glanced back quickly and smiled at the couple. The boy was very nicely turned out: nicely built, clean cut, and hair coiffed. He looked a bit sheepish as I glanced back. The girl had the look of the cat who had caught the canary.

What do you think? Was she just trying femdom on for size or was her boyfriend already bending over for spankings and peggings and expected to service his dommy gf in every way imaginable?

Have any of you seen similar scenes on the street?

Friday, April 25

A Public Spank

I had to give david a very embarrassing (for him) spank in public the other day followed by a much longer disciplinary spanking after I got him home.

We were out shopping for new outfits for me. At first, david was very good natured about it, sitting patiently and politely in the "husband chair" as I tried on one thing after another with the help of a pretty young female sales associate. Unfortunately, he started fidgeting and getting bored, and we were only about an hour into it!

I didn't realize this at the time, but apparently there has been extensive research done on the subject:

Men get bored shopping after just 26 MINUTES... women after 2 hours
  • Eight in ten men hate shopping with their partner, 45% avoid at all costs
  • Being hungry, thirsty and wishing they were outside cited as reasons
  • One in four men simply go home without their partner when they get bored
  • Half of all couples end up arguing when they go shopping together
  • Men are less likely to 'act out' if promised a treat at the end of shopping trip
Read more:

I should also add that in my limited experience men are less likely to 'act out' if subject to an embarrassing swat to the seat of their pants in front of the sales associate if they do. Oh yes I did!

It was mainly just the look on his face. I asked, "getting bored?" sarcastically because he was acting out with that "I'm so bored" look. He replied in kind, very sarcastically, putting his head back and mock yawning as he said "not at all."

"Stand up" I said.

All of a sudden he looked very sheepish. The sales associate was right there. All sorts of emotions played over his face, along with a little pleading from his eyes. But I was adamant and held my ground. He stood.

"Turn around" I said. Same story. But he obeyed me.

I grabbed his arm with my left hand and gave him one very solid swat on the seat of his pants with my right. I looked over at the sales lady and grinned at her and she grinned back!

"You'll sit there until we're done," I told him, shaking my finger at him.

"Sorry!" he said quickly, and with a big blush on his face sat down again. My sales associate said "Oooh! You have him well trained!" with a laugh. "I certainly do." I said back. There was kind of an all around "a bit of a joke" vibe going on that made it all upbeat and comfortable.

And that was actually the end of the public part of it. This was all entirely spur of the moment based on his bored look sitting in that chair. Thinking about it afterwards oh how I wished I had been better prepared! Given the grinning reaction from the sales associate, I could easily have taken it further.

Here are some candidates I have thought of since:
  • We'll have a lengthier "discussion" about your attitude once I get you home, mister!
  • Would you like more? I can take you to the changing rooms right now if you'd like more!
  • Do I need to take you across my knee? I will.
  • And you can count on a good long spanking after I get you home, and don't think for one minute that your pants will be staying up for that!
I could go on. Oh the possibilities. I could have even invited our sales associate home to witness his spanking! That would have been fun. 20-20 hindsight. That's why I like planning these outings in advance.

But you'll be happy to know that once I did get him home, he did get put across my knee, his pants did come down, and he did get such a hair-brushing to his rear end that he was feeling it for the rest of the evening!

He was one very well-disciplined brat after I was done with him!

Next time: In the back room in front of the sales girl!

Thursday, April 10

david's reward

Thank you again for your votes! Accordingly, david received his reward the other day.

It was a actually several days ago now, but I had to wait until my lazy ass sketch bitch finally got around to delivering the images I asked for: over 3 full days after I told her to do them!! Believe me, we will have one very well-plugged and sore-bottomed sketch bitch once I get around to punishing her for keeping me waiting like this. A good thing the sketches are so great, or "she'd" be in real trouble.

Anyhow, this is how it went down.

We used a regular training session time after work, but I let him off his training and instead we took the full hour to reward him for his good results. david had not been let in on the reward, and so it was a nice surprise for him.

I made a point of being home for Michelle's arrival and already changed into my tight black yoga pants and pink top. When she arrived I told david that she had suggested that because he had done such a great job lately on his weight loss and exercise, that instead of a workout, Michelle had graciously offered to provide him with an exciting reward instead.

Well, I can tell you, he looked very happy. I still don't know what images were dancing in his head regarding what a reward from Michelle might entail. He has been coy on the subject. I sure hope he wasn't imagining he would get to fuck her, spank her, or receive oral from her. I guess a boy can dream, but he would also very much like what we had in store for him, I was sure.

We took him upstairs to the bedroom where all the action was going to take place.  I told him his reward would consist of "bedroom activities" so we needed the bedroom. Bedroom meant sex, and david was clearly excited that "sex" and "Michelle" were being referred to together!

I went to his "naughty drawer" and got out his pink bra and inserts and his white garter belt and stockings. I handed them to him and told him to go get changed in the ensuite and come back out when he was properly attired.

While he was changing we got out two strap-ons and placed them on the bed along with his hairbrush and a tube of lube. We used david's less challenging dildo in Michelle's strap-on. I put his more challenging dildo, Adam, into mine. When david was ready we stood him in front of the bed and then I explained exactly what his reward would consist of. He looked so cute standing there, blushing like a bride, all excited and "at attention" for us ladies!

I started by telling david that he may be wondering why he was being dressed as a girl, normally associated with punishment, if this was to be a reward session. I solved his riddle for him by telling him that Michelle had graciously offered to reward him by bending him over and performing anal intercourse on him with her strap-on dildo while I watched.  david knows that he must be dressed as a girl for strap-on play. There is a big Period on that. No questions asked. House rules. You want to get fucked like a girl? Well you're going to be made to look like one in my household, like it or not.

Men are so pathetic! As soon as I told him he was getting fucked by Michelle he unconsciously started rubbing his knees together, blushing more, and his hard cock started twitching. Ha Ha! A man's thought are so transparent when his penis is exposed like that (actually, most of the time, exposed or not, come to think of it!)

As I didn't want him embarrassing himself or me in front of Michelle, I told him that I wanted him to go to the bathroom and give himself a nice cleansing enema first. I told him that he had better be thorough, because if there was any mess when Michelle pulled out we would not get to "Part Two" of his reward (he didn't know what that was going to be, but now he knew there was a Part Two!), and instead he would be baby wiped in diaper position and then I'd let Michelle take the strap to him while I held his legs up. I added that I'd be sure to insist that Michelle aimed that strap so the end would wrap around right between his cheeks! I got a very nervous "Yes Ma'am" from him, and off he went back to the ensuite to give himself a no doubt very thorough enema while Michelle and I retired downstairs for a glass of water. A diaper position strapping is no joke, and david has felt the ends of my tawse "accidentally" whip around between his cheeks, and that is certainly no joke.

My initial thought was that it would be just too embarrassing for david if Michelle were to actually see him taking an enema. We had already done this in front of my sister and her ex-girlfriend, and david had reported extreme embarrassment. I thought that him self-administering an enema in the privacy of his own bathroom to prepare for his fucking was already quite embarrassing, so that was what I told him to do. I had had him self-administer enemas prior to anal play before, so he is a bit practised at it.

Trouble is, I wanted to embarrass him! When I figured he was about right in the middle of his enema, I asked Michelle if she would like for us to walk in on him? She was all for it. Game is that girl. I like that!

"david, are you done yet?" I yelled out as Michelle and I walked up the stairs, into the bedroom, and then into the bathroom. "No no! Not quite yet!" said david as we barged into the bathroom. There was my little husband, on his hands and knees on a large bathroom towel with a a long white enema tube sticking out of his bum and a big red hot water bottle hanging from the top of the shower by a bent wire coat hook. Michelle walked over, felt the enema bag, and declared it was almost empty.

david blushed like crazy kneeling there on all fours in his sexy lingerie with his little tail injecting him with water! Poor baby!

When Michelle told me it was fully empty I clamped off the enema hose, and gently pulled it our of his bum. I then had david stand facing the toilet and told him to hold it in for five minutes before expelling. david clenched his cheeks tightly, wiggled and squirmed, and even used his hands to help hold his cheeks together. "please???" he begged after only thirty seconds. "Ok," I relented. It wasn't a punishment enema, after all, where I would make him hold it for the full five. He didn't move immediately to the toilet, but just sort of squirmed there and pleaded at me with his eyes. I let him off the hook and told Michelle we'll give him some privacy while he expelled. "Wait until we're back downstairs," I told him. I didn't particular want Michelle grossed out by hearing, or smelling (!), that.

Michelle and I went back downstairs to chat while david finished off his business with the enema. After a while, we heard david call out from the top of the stairs that he was ready.

Up we went again. I immediately told david to bend over and hold his cheeks apart for inspection. Thanks to his Yoga practise, he was much better at bending over than before. I inspected his bumhole and found it to be squeaky clean. I asked Michelle her opinion, and she agreed he had done a very thorough job on the outside at least, and as far in as we could see...

But how about inside, where it mattered just as much? I kept david bent over and spreading as I put on a latex glove, lubed it up, and then stuck my finger inside. david moaned as I finger fucked him so deeply, and twirled around inside of him. He has a very nice prostate, and I was sure to make several passes right over that, nice and deep as he continued moaning. Now for the moment of truth!

"You had better be clean in there!" I warned as I started pulling my finger out. I pulled it fully out and had a look. It was clean as a whistle. I showed it to Michelle, and then I bent over and showed it to david as well. "Good boy!" I said as I peeled off the glove and discarded it.

"I guess it's time for your spanking then!" I said. david did not exactly look surprised. I have never fucked him without spanking his cheeks to a bright red first, and he knew it in spades.

I thought Michelle should do the honours while I watched. We had him lie across Michelle's knees. She started him with a hand spank and then moved to the hairbrush that I passed her. As she paddled his bum I stroked his head and told him what a brave boy he was, and how excited I was to get to see him fucked by Michelle!

I had Michelle do a thorough job of his spanking. I wanted him bright red and feeling her hips against his sore ass during intercourse. And while I forgot to ask Michelle, I know it always pleases me to penetrate a freshly spanked bottom, and makes me want to give it to my little submissive boy just that much better.

I had Michelle finish him off with a hard flurry while I enjoyed his reaction.

Isn't it a wonderful paradox that he gets spanked both as punishment, and as reward?

With his spanking over, I asked him if he was ready for his fucking now? He responded submissively that he was ready. We had him kneel on all fours on the bed. Then Michelle and I both put on our strap-ons over our yoga pants. We were both well-practised at it and didn't even need one another's help. Michelle also put on a pair of latex gloves.

She positioned herself at his rear, and I went to his head. "Suck it, baby!" I commanded him as I dangled the large cock in his face. He, seemingly reluctantly, put his lips around my cock and started sucking and bucking. I grabbed his head and hair for encouragement, and pulled him onto me more deeply.

He has to struggle to get his lips around Adam, and struggle to take it as deeply as I wanted him to.

Meanwhile, behind him, Michelle was lubing him up and sticking fingers into his bottom hole. She was stretching him out nicely prior to his penetration. She is so thoughtful. With my encouragement, david was bobbing up and down on my cock, but when Michelle's finger went in, he stopped dead for a second. I gently encouraged him and he started bobbing again. When the second finger went in, he again froze, and only started bobbing again after more encouragement.

When Michelle's finger came out the second time, he again stopped bobbing, and this time I let him. Michelle carefully placed the bulbous head of her dildo against david's bumhole. "ready to get fucked, baby?" I asked him. He only said "Mmmmpppph!"

Michelle then started gently pushing in. david's hands went a little frantically around my thighs as he steeled himself for his cute personal trainer's reward penetration. She grabbed his hips tightly and pushed into him, going deeply in one slow, firm, gentle thrust, penetrating him to his submissive core.

david sucked his dildo and held onto my thighs as this was going on. When Michelle was fully in, we looked up at one another and smiled again. "Ready?" we seemed to ask one another with our eyes, and then we started in.

Michelle started increasing the intensity of her thrusting, and I became more insistent on david's slurping and bobbing action on my cock. All the while, Michelle and I were smiling at each other. This was fun, double teaming my little slut! Sometimes the timing was just so, and just as david went a little deeper on my cock, just then Michelle would sometimes ram him from behind, propelling him even deeper onto me and eliciting a frantic gagging. It seems to be a little rough on him getting double-teamed like this. Ha Ha!

But that was not the point. We eased off when stuff like that happened, and returned to a slower, gentler rhythm. I wanted him fucked sensually, and I wanted him to enjoy the action of submissively sucking on my big dick. Once Michelle got going, david sort of moved with it and moaned around the mouth cock each time the bum cock went in.

What was really fun for me was was that Michelle would bang him from behind, which caused his body to move and his head to move on my cock. To keep from getting deep-throated every time, david's mouth would clamp down on my cock. However, his motion against the clamped penis pushed the cock into me so that I was actually feeling Michelle's thrusts in my pussy. Yum!

I thought it was a particularly good choice that he was in bra, stockings and garter belt, with a freshly spanked bottom for this spit-roasting. He did look all the world like a little whore slut taking it from two guys in two holes at once, and we certainly told him so.

I gave Michelle a signal, and she slowly pulled out of his ass while I did the same from his mouth. As we dismounted him, david collapsed face down on the bed, sighing with pleasure.

We took off our strap-ons and put them aside. I told david that Michelle's cock was clean as a whistle (which it was), and so we could forgo the diaper-position strapping, and we could go on to Part Two of his reward instead.

I told him to turn over and to lie face up, and scooch down the bed a bit. As I mentioned earlier, I wore my tightest black yoga pants. They are of a slightly thicker fabric, a bit wet-suit like if you know what I mean? But they also hug my contours quite closely. I don't wear them out much in public, as they really hug too closely to, ahem, my finer detail shall we say, down there! With these tight pants on I then mounted him, facing down his body, and sat on his face.

david immediately could not breathe, and he struggled to get his hands and arms out from where they were pinned to his sides and to use them to lift some of the weight off of himself by pushing up on my bum. Once I felt his hands on my bum, I could immediately hear him breathing again. That's good!

Michelle meanwhile had positioned herself to the side of him and started in on his handy. As david felt the lube going on and her gentle hand on his cock he started moaning again. david told me after that he was not expecting this, in fact any of it, and certainly not a handjob from his cute young trainer at all. But he was in boy heaven, no doubt about that, about to be stroked and allowed a release from a woman not even his wife.

Michelle muttered to herself, "this won't work", and re-positioned so that she straddled his legs facing up his body, towards me. "That's better!" she said, as she adjusted her weight on david so that they were both comfortable. She then reached down and began stroking his penis in earnest.

So there we were, me on his face, and Michelle on his legs. He was held completely and totally immobile by us, with not even his arms free as he needed those desperately to relieve the weight on his face and allow himself to breathe.

We could both feel him bucking beneath us as Michelle skilfully manipulated his cock. She started off slowly with long strokes, twisting her hand around the tip and shaft as she traveled up. Michelle had actually done this kind of work professionally, and so she knew what she was doing!

Meanwhile, I started noticing david's tongue actually getting busy!! The little slut was using her tongue to lick me on my yoga pants where they covered my pussy and asshole . While Michelle could not see this, it must have nonetheless been a submissive thrill for david to be doing this in her presence. I couldn't feel the usual wetness of his tongue that I so enjoy, but nonetheless appreciated the pressure and his efforts! I guess he thought it was fitting, as did I, that he should only cum at the hand of another girl with his tongue straining to get into his wife's asshole.

Michelle started getting more serious about making him cum. She took a lighter grip and started a very fast and loose up and down motion. There was a rapid slapping sound each time the lower edge of her hand slapped down on his abdomen. Sixteenth notes on a 4/4 time signature with a metronome marking of 60, I would say. This was accompanied by a fast, wet, lubey, splooshy sound on the up stroke. I could see the tip of his penis the whole time, so her fist never went up above there, but rather seemed to rapidly rub the side of his tip on the up stroke, and of course the whole shaft very rapidly.

Whatever she was doing, it seemed to be extremely effective because david started tonguing me more frantically, wiggling around like crazy (though not moving at all!), and moaning out loud.

"There you go! There you go!" said Michelle as david exploded cum out the tip of his cock. She slowed down and milked the rest out of him onto his tummy.

I dismounted his head and Michelle his legs. david had a massive smile on his face and was breathing hard. "Thank you so much!" is the first thing he said, to the both of us.

I had prepared Michelle previously regarding my "you spurt it, you eat it" rule as it applies to males under my roof (i.e., david!). Michelle sort of bounced off him and bounced to his side on the bed, scooped up some cum on her fingers and brought it to his mouth saying "I hear you have to eat this now..."

david looked very bashful but said "yes ma'am" as Michelle started finger-feeding him his own cum. Michelle was very careful and scooped up all his cum (along with a lot of lube) and smeared it onto his lips and face and towards his mouth. She seemed to really enjoy this part as she had a big grin on her face as she did it!

david took it all into his mouth and all down the hatch with an exaggerated swallowing action.

"Did you like your reward?" I asked him?

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, enthusiastically.

"Keep going like you have been and maybe we can do that again." said Michelle.

"Yes Ma'am, Thank you Ma'am!" he said again.

Michelle and I both laughed and left him to clean himself up.