Thursday, February 21

Fangirl Dominates Hubby!

Yay! It happened. My husband david and I had a lovely evening visiting with a twenty-something blog fangirl named June who was visiting town and wanted to connect with us. And what's more, I have plenty of photos and permission to publish them!

The mysterious June!

I describe the background at Hubby to be Dominated by Fangirl! To summarize, June got into pro domming while in college and mostly quit after she graduated. While she was active she drew inspiration from my blog. As she was coming to town she offered a little "thank you" to me by way of volunteering to co-top my husband. So here we are!

I explained to david that I had met June on a kinky newsgroup, and told him about her. I showed him her pic. He was quite excited, the dog! I also told him that June and I both wanted  "souvenir photos". I told him I would take the photos and ensure there was nothing identifiable. I added that it would be fun for us to look at them together. He grudgingly allowed it, knowing they would be shared with June, and perhaps with others as a result, even (gasp!) potentially posted on the interwebs!

We arranged to meet at 6pm where she was staying. We brought take-out sushi and wine. We rang the front door and she came to greet us. There was a bit of an entryway with multiple doors for the separate units. She ushered us into the ground floor unit which consisted of a central kitchen, an adjoining dining table and living room to the right, and a small bathroom and bedroom to the left. It was an older house and looked a bit lived in, with a lot of the owner's clutter around. We doffed our coats and boots and then greeted one another properly.

She had long brunette hair, was dressed in black boots with stiletto heels, and had on a short black dress that showed off her cleavage. There was a cute little skull and crossbones motif / logo at the hem of her dress on the left side.

She looked to be in her early twenties, as advertised. Very sexy! She had a mischievous grin as she greeted us, and she gave david and me both a big hug.

We unpacked the sushi and opened and served the wine and sat to eat. We exchanged small talk, and I asked her about her new career and about her pro domming experience while putting herself through school. Very fascinating! She in turn said she felt she already knew us from the "emails" she and I had exchanged, and she said she had heard all about the very naughty "david" and all the nonsense we get up to. She asked david about my sister, and about some of his physical trainers. Felt like she was testing us? david admitted to it all.

After dinner we told david to clean up and to wash the dishes while she and I continued sipping wine and chatting in the living room. She seemed quite excited to meet me. She admitted that she was not 100% sure I was "real" and was so happy to meet the "real me" in person. She asked me if I had brought my camera, and I said I had. She whispered to me that she was looking forward to the blog entry with the pictures to prove it. She seemed utterly unconcerned with her own privacy, but I am fully committed to guarding it nonetheless!

She asked about the things I had brought, and I gave her a quick tour through my toy bag. She seemed pleased with my selection.

When david was done with the cleanup he appeared in front of us, looking a bit anxious. He looked so cute, standing there like an eager little puppy dog!

"Well, I guess we should get you spanked then," she said. Yes indeed.

She told him to take off all of his clothes and to pile them neatly on the chair she indicated.

So this was how it was to be. No lowering of pants or leaving his underwear up. He was expected to strip fully nude in front of his wife and this young lady. And her tone brooked no nonsense!

We watched as he did his clumsy male "strip tease" in the small living room. He then stood in front of us naked as the day he was born, his hands awkwardly at his sides, sporting a great big erection. She commented on his penis size, saying he was "pretty big". As a former pro herself, I guess she would know (he is pretty big, although I don't usually let him know that!). June indicated we should all head to the bedroom, and that I should get out my camera for our "souvenir shots".

The bedroom was fairly small, but dominated by a large king-sized looking bed. She sat at the side of the bed, and beckoned my husband to stand next to her, ready to be pulled across her lap. I came in with the toy bag, set it down, got out my camera, and set it up. The room lighting was a bit dim, and I chose a slow flash setting on my camera to try to be a bit "artistic" in my photographs. When she saw I was ready, she took him down across her knee and I took my first photo just as he was being draped and readied for his spanking.

There's my boy, all ready for his spanking from my twenty-something fangirl. So cool!

I know this seems somewhat "routine" to all you boys and girls on the interweb, but please pause for a moment to consider. Here is my forty-something husband, completely bare ass naked, erect penis on display, in front of a grinning twenty-something girl. Then he is pulled across her lap, like a naughty child and prepared for an actual bare-bum spanking while his wife watched!

I loved seeing this. I was happy for him, and I was happy for myself being able to witness this. I also enjoyed being able to focus on the photography for a change. You'll all have to tell me if I have any talent with the camera. I think the shots are nice, and I am glad I have them for posterity. When he's all old and wrinkly we can bring them up again and again (and show them to the grownup great-grand-nieces :-)

She started in with just her hand at first, going all across his bum and thighs. In the photo below, there's her sexy bare thigh, and my husband's ball sac hanging down right across it! That particular smack I captured below was hard enough to jiggle his cheeks apart (zoom in, you'll see his hole). Ha ha!

What a lovely bare expanse of pristine ass cheek.

And here is the strict palm of a well-practiced spanker.

Her lap was not very long compared to his butt, so he needed to wrap around her a bit for balance, which is why his left leg was so far around. This had the delightful side-effect of opening up his inner thighs to receive some smacks as well.

June looks pretty severe in the shot above, but she is just concentrating. She actually has a very sweet face. I like how her breasts are so actively recruited in holding his ass in place!

So, a grown man spanked red across a small woman's knee with just her hand. What is there not to like? Here I'm taking the photo with one hand while feeling the heat with my other. The photo does not do justice to the redness of his cheeks!

On the below pic, June parted his cheeks for me. So there's his testicles and his little hole just peeking out at us.

Yes boys, this is the view we women get as we spank your naughty little bottoms! Imagine the feeling of being put across a young lady's knee like this and being so thoroughly shamed in front of your own wife? With pictures taken!

I had brought along a selection of spanking implements and other toys with me. She selected a long hard wooden paddle from my bag.

Oh oh! An already well-reddened ass about to get... the paddle! First getting him positioned for the paddling.

I wonder if david was enjoying having his naked testicles rub across her smooth bare young thighs as he was spanked? Here comes a good crack!

Young lady on a mission! It was a lot of fun seeing my husband get his bare bum beat like this. He was yelping and kicking his legs, but she did not slow down for him. What an "opening course". I loved that I could see his balls from behind flipping and flopping across her bare thighs. She did not seem to notice at all. She was focused on giving him his paddling. (I think she wanted to impress me.)

She stood him up and he reached behind to rub his sore cheeks. His penis had deflated to only semi-erect from the effects of his paddling. "Did that hurt?" she asked.

"Yes Miss," he said as he rubbed at his rear cheeks while his penis flopped. We both laughed a little at his antics.

She then quizzed him on whether he was sometimes required to wear panties by me. "Does your wife put you in panties when you've been a bad boy? When you've gotten to be a little too big for your britches?" Ha ha! Those are words I would use!

"Yes Miss," he answered a bit sheepishly.

"I think he needs to be panty trained, do you agree?" she asked me.

"Oh yes, certainly," I answered.

She went to the dresser drawer, opened it, and pulled out a tiny pair of white lacy thong panties. She held them up in front of him. "Maybe these will teach you your place?"

She handed them to him and made him put them on in front of us. At first he could not tell front from back, but he got it right in the end. It was a very tiny panty that had a lot of coverage issues, both front and back. She bent him over, held his hands behind his back, and yanked his panty up into his crack. She held him there as I took my photo.

Often I like a more full cut panty on him so that there's the pleasure of lowering them and baring his buns for his spanking. However in this situation, after he'd already been spanked, I thought these panties were absolutely perfect. I even felt humiliated on his behalf, seeing him held there like that and being so thoroughly panty trained by a dominant young woman right in front of my very own eyes.

All you men reading this blog, I want you to take a very close look at the above photograph. This is what happens to naughty husbands who get too big for their britches. They are spanked red across a young lady's knee and then forced to wear a ridiculous feminine panty for their troubles. It's called panty training and you will learn to respect and obey your significant other as a result. And oh my gosh, it's just so cute, isn't it?

She took him to the bed with his arms still behind him and threw him face down onto it, maintaining control of his bent arm.

She asked me to please pass her the wrist restraints I had brought along. She Velcro'd them onto his wrists and buckled them together, and did this very excitingly, I thought, with a knee to his back to keep him in place.

That is fucking sexy!

Poor david did not know what was going on. There was no hesitation from her. No "wonder what to do next". It was straight from one thing to the next and to the next, and this was a different style than he was at all used to. A very "matter of fact" domination and discipline session. No nonsense from June. No question of his obeying...

And there he is, bound and helpless in his little panty all scrunched up his butt crack.

She was not quite done with him yet, though. She put him flat on his tummy and made him put his ankles together.

 Then she tied his ankles together with a belt I had brought.

There we go, nicely trussed up now! With him helpless like that and flat on his tummy, she suggested that I give him a flogging while she watched. So I did. She egged me on and we took turns using the flogger on him.

This is the only incidental photo I have of the flogger, unfortunately, and none of the flogging, as we were back and forth with each other during it. It was not too terribly hard. More sensuous than anything, but it was fun with him all trussed up like a chicken!

Once we were done with his flogging, she unfastened his ankles, but kept his arms tied behind his back.

With him in that state she made him turn over and we had a good look at his very excited front side, not at all contained by his panty!

Oh my gosh! Shield your eyes! WHAT a naughty boy! June knows exactly what a naughty boy like that needs. A good cropping!

One on the tip:

another on the balls,

and rinse and repeat.

She gave him a real testicle and penis cropping that had him hopping and writhing on the bed. At least twenty or thirty fairly strict strokes! How DARE he show those off like that to this young woman!?! June has a cure for that. She tells him to get on the floor. And then...

Oh no!  Oh yes!

A stiletto heel where it will do the most good, followed by the weight of her foot pressing down on his balls. Poor baby. Where are those hands when he needs them? Oh that's right, tied behind his back!

Despite the rough treatment to his testicles he seemed none the worse for wear. She clearly knew what she was doing and had no doubt trampled many men's balls in her day.

She then went into my bag and asked me about the latex gloves which were in a zipper pocket I showed her. She took a pair out and the lube. She sat back down at the spanking spot on the bed and put the lube beside her, and the gloves she held in her hand. She then ordered him back across her knee and recommenced his spanking.

His hands were still tied behind his back, and without his hands on the floor to balance himself, he gripped onto her arm to prevent himself from falling over, and steadied a leg on the floor thus spreading himself nicely for us.

She also took the crop to his very prominently displayed testicles in this position. Poor baby holding on for dear life to her left arm as he received crop discipline to his testicles while still bound and panty trained!

He was not used to this much punishment to his balls, so he was sweating for sure!

But those gloves were not in her hand just for show, and we all have a pretty good idea of what's happening next...

Oh no! She's not! Oh my gosh! She is! She is going to abuse my husbands tight little backdoor!

In and out and in and out, over and over and over again with her finger. Pulling his little panty aside to finger fuck his tight hole. david moaned and writhed like a dirty little whore as he received his finger fucking right up to her knuckle at times.

When she was done, she restored his panty back in place.

Remember, david's hands were bound behind his back this whole time. He had no say in the matter.

She stood him back up and put him face down on the bed. She asked me for a condom and put it on the big blue cock herself. Then she fed it to him...

Take it you slut. Every last inch... Don't you run away. Purse those lips into a nice round "O".

If he thought oral sex was done-for with this five minute mouth fucking, he was sadly mistaken. But there was something else that needed doing first. Leaving the cock in his mouth, she went around and got behind him. She slowly lowered his panties and removed them completely. Our little girl was about to get fucked! She retrieved a second dildo, placed it at his entrance, and started pushing it in. She relentlessly shoved that dildo deep into his ass despite his girlish complaints, muffled as they were by the cock in his mouth.

I like this picture the best of them all. Does my husband not have just the cutest ass? Is its cuteness not added to after a good spanking and a dildo deeply inserted? It is. And how just so embarrassing to have his hole violated like this by such a young woman?

She flipped him back over, dribbled some lube in his cock, and told him to start jerking it with the dildo still inside of himself.

As if having a dildo up hs ass was not bad enough, he now had to masturbate himself as the young lady looked on.

She made him squeeze his legs together and continue the sex show for us.

After sufficient  strokes she made him show off his horny cock for my camera.

She grabbed it herself to show him off for the camera. Not so small, my man. What do you guys think?

And now back at it, bad boy.  Rub, rub, rub, like a naughty little monkey!

As he was continuing to do that, she decided to try a new position for his cock gobbling.

There we go. "Do you like that view, sweety?" She asked him. His hand went behind towards her ass, but she was onto him. Before he got anywhere close he was pinned and the cock was teased across his eager lips.

Next came the feeding. In it goes...

All the way in!

She stayed there for quite some time, face fucking him from above. Making him gag and gurgle. And as I found out later... she was not wearing any panties...

She face fucked him so much that he lost his erection a little. She lightened up and told him to keep stroking...

There it comes...

You can just imagine david's excitement. His ass, cock, and balls were all sore from his spanking. His butthole was stuffed with cock. His mouth was stuffed with cock. He had a beautiful young lady's thighs clamping his head, and he was looking up and seeing her tight young pussy right above his face. He said he could smell her excitement, and he swears he felt it even dripping onto his face. All the while he got to jerk his own cock, and with his wife watching approvingly.

"Ask permission before you cum," she ordered him. She took the dildo out of his mouth.

"Yes Miss," he answered to her pussy, while frantically rubbing his excited dick.

"Oh Please! May I cum Miss? Please?" he begged as he was getting very close.

"Hands at your sides," she told him. "What do you say, Julie?" she asked me.

"I think I'll give it a bit of a rub mysef," I told her. I put away my camera and knelt up on the bed beside him. I added some lube, grabbed his hard cock in my hand, and started rubbing him.

"You may cum," I said, "but only on condition that you lap it up from my palm and swallow every last drop while June watches." You all know me!

"Yes, Ma'am," said david, unable to say anything else.

"Oh, a little cum-guzzler, is he?" asked June, rhetorically.

"He certainly is," I said. "Tell Miss June, david, after it's in your mouth, are you allowed to spit it out, or do you have to swallow it?"

"swallow... miss," he said sheepishly.

"That's right. You have no choice. You're like a little girl-slut whose man makes her swallow every last drop, aren't you?"

"yes ma'am..." he said.

Ha ha! I like playing games like this with him for an audience.

I continued rubbing his cock and asked him, "are you getting a good view of Miss June's panties, david?"

"No Ma'am," he said.

"Oh, is it too dark under there?" I asked.

"No Ma'am," he said again.

"I'm not wearing any," said June, clearing things up.

"Oh you bad boy!" I told him. "You're getting the strap after I get you home for taking such liberties with Miss June!"

david whimpered a bit. Ha ha. It was hardly his fault. Nonetheless...

"Are you being properly respectful of Miss June's pussy?" I asked him.

"Oh, yes Ma'am!" he said.

"Ha!" said June, "I bet you want to fuck it, good and hard, don't you?"

"No Ma'am," lied david, caught between a rock and a hard place.

"Ohh!" gasped June, "what's wrong with my pussy, exactly?"

"No, no, no, nothing Miss!" he said, "It's just, my wife wouldn't allow it!"

"That's right, I wouldn't," I told him. "You barely get to fuck my pussy as it is. What makes you think I'd ever let you fuck a hot tight little pussy like Miss June's?"

"Yeah, my pussy is too good for you," added June, playing along.

"I'll tell you what, though," I said. "Grab your dick, and rub it yourself, imagining your hand is her pussy." I let go and he took his own cock and started rubbing it.

"Show me how tight you imagine Miss June's pussy is," I told him.

He tightened his fist and squeezed the life out of his poor abused member, and then rubbed it like that.

"Yeah, that's right," said June, "you just imagine that's my pussy you get to fuck. It's the closest you'll ever get. Your own hand. So tight and hot and wet. In and out and in and out. Open your mouth."

david opened his mouth and June slid the dildo in and started lightly fucking him, saying "in and out and in and out."

Before too much longer he was wriggling and writhing and did a big spurt, with another couple of little spurts, and then some dribblies, all for our amusement.

June took the cock out of his mouth, dismounted him and moved her head so she was looking him straight in the face, waiting for the cum guzzling show. I made david take his cummy palm to his mouth and lick it up. I then used my hand to gather the remainder and fed it to him.

"He really does eat his own cum," said June, more for effect I'm sure, as she is no doubt no stranger to having men eat their own sperm.

But david licked it all up, and swallowed it all down, as we watched, and that was the end of a great scene.

June got up and said, "that was fun!" She said he could go have a shower and showed him the towel he could use. david got up carefully and waddled over to the bathroom with the dildo still deep up his ass, using his hand to keep it there lest it shoot out his backdoor and make a mess of things.

As he extracted his dildo and showered, June and I had a quick little tête-à-tête on the living room couch where we talked about my blog. She told me how creative I was and what an inspiration I was. I told her how great she was as a dominatrix, and that I could understand how she was so successful at it! I asked her if she would ever consider going pro again. She said she was committed to her career, but appreciates the chance to session every now and then.

When david came out of the bathroom he had the towel wrapped around himself. He had to go get dressed and his clothes were all near us more in the living room area.

"Drop the towel, baby," I told him. "We want to see that sexy little marked-up bod."

We made him show us his ass. It was nicely red and marked. I asked, with a smile, "how's your poor little cock? Was June too rough with it?"

"No Ma'am," he said, bashfully, "just a little sore."

"Come here, let's inspect it," I said. He came over to us with a little groan of embarrassment. I picked it up in my hand and examined it from various angles. "Looks fine to me," I said, "June?" She picked it up in her bare hand, moved it around, inspected closely, and gave it a squeeze and a shake proclaiming it perfectly fine and oh how he carried on. It was getting a little "chubby" again.

"And how's your bumhole?" I asked.

"Oh, it's fine Ma'am," he said, blushing up a storm. "Really."

"We better inspect," I said. "Kneel down on the floor, ass towards us. Right down, head on the floor. Reach behind you and pull those cheeks apart. Let's see."

He did as he was told, and exposed his bottom hole to us. We were both sitting on the couch, side by side one another. June reached out with her stiletto heel and placed it at the entrance of his asshole. "Does that hurt?" she asked as she pushed it slightly in. "No Ma'am," said david. She pulled it out and laughed again. We declared his asshole perfectly fine, despite his earlier girlish squeaks as June had shoved the cock into it.

david got up and we finally allowed him to dress again. As he was pulling on his underwear, June said, "No no. I brought those panties for you, as a souvenir of our session. You wear them home."

He slipped his underpants off again and went back into the bedroom to search for and put on the little virginal white thong panty. He returned to us in just his little panty.

"What do you think," asked June to me, "a week of panty training to remember me by?"

"A week would be perfect," I said. "Do you hear that david? One week of panty training for you. You wear that panty every day for a week, and hand-wash it every evening. That also means corner time and a spanking across my knee every day during panty training, and I don't care who's there to see it. I'll see if Sue can make it. And that's on top of the strapping your earned tonight. And after your spanking, oral sex for me, and anal sex for you. Ya ha, the strap-on."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, standing there in nothing but his little panty, looking very sorry for himself. Imagine being "sentenced" like this by your wife in front of a young lady such as June? I'm sure she could imagine him bending over for my big dick up his asshole!

"Perfect!" said June, pleased with my regime for him. "Now give me your boys' underwear," she said to him. david handed them to her. "These are my souvenir," she said, "I'm keeping them." She looked him in the eye as she said this, daring him to contradict her. He, of course, acquiesced without a word and continued dressing. June was bringing home a trophy!

When he was dressed I sent him to collect all our toys from the bedroom.

We did not want to overstay our welcome after this wonderful scene, so said our very fond goodbyes.

June - thank you very much - what an amazingly great "reward" for me!

In case any of you were wondering, he wore June's panties today and ended the day with a strapping before bedtime. Tomorrow he will strip to just his panties, do corner-time first, then a hairbrush spanking across my knee, and then sex. Oral and anal for him, then he'll eat out my asshole as I Hitachi myself to multiples. Ain't life grand?

Wednesday, February 13

Hubby to be Dominated by Fangirl!

Sometimes, I must say, this blog has its perks. The other day an attractive young lady reached out to me by email and offered to do a joint domination session on my husband. I intend to take her up on it! She sent a photo of herself along (I've cropped it here - the original has her face and everything).

What's not to love about a chick who keeps a baseball bat by her front door and poses with it!?!

She says she's in her early mid twenties now and has been a big follower of my blog ever since she was about eighteen years old, though has never left a comment at all.
According to Google Analytics, 18% of my visitors are female. Among all females, 7% are in her demographic: 18-24 years old. I get about 40,000 distinct visitors per year, so there are about 500 such young ladies who never seem to leave a comment lurking on this site, and she is one of 'em!
By now we have exchanged emails and had a lengthy phone conversation. She seems not at all worried about her "secret identity", and was quite open with me about her real name and contact information, but I am worried on her behalf and so will take great pains not to reveal her! She says she really respects my privacy a lot, and does not even want to know my real name or where we live or anything. That was comforting.

Here is what background I know of her so far. Her name is June. She does not live in Toronto. She is out on her own. She is from a middle class intact family with siblings and likes her family just fine. At age eighteen she had a much older boyfriend who introduced her to BDSM. He mainly liked being on the bottom and taught her how to top. He was a frequent visitor of pros and introduced her to a lady who ran a place. The lady of the house liked what she saw and so June started working as a Pro Domme when she was still only 18. She says she made a lot of money and the other girls were quite resentful, as all the regular clientele wanted to see the pretty, young, new girl. She found she was a natural at it, and really enjoyed it. She did that fairly intensively as she was working her way through post-secondary school. When she graduated she began pursuing her legit career and retired as a pro (with a healthy nest egg). But she still saw some of her regulars from time to time out of her place. She more recently got into a vanilla relationship, and her partner was uncomfortable with that, so she stopped. But she still occasionally sneaks behind their back to do a session in a hotel room. More because she loves it and misses it than for the money.

When she was first getting into being a pro, she says that she found my blog and drew a lot of inspiration and instruction from it for her scenes with her clients. Is that not cool?

She always thought to herself that if she ever got to Toronto she would want to meet me and show her gratitude. As it turns out, her (legit) business is taking her to Toronto later this month, and that's why she reached out to me. She knows david and I like to play with new girls, and she offered to co-top david with me as a little "thank you". Is that not uber cool!?!

I was of course wary of the whole thing, worried it might be a setup or something. But all her details checked out and so we set up a phone call. I figured out how to block my number (Settings, Phone, Show My Caller ID to off) and gave her a call at the arranged time. She seemed to be exactly who she said she was, which was again very cool. On the call she filled in a lot of the background above.

Long and short of it is that we agreed on a date for our tryst, and we would do it out of her Airbnb. I will bring my toys, dildos, condoms, lube, and latex gloves for her. I told her that I would love to basically just watch her work, with the occasional interaction, and she was fine with that. Said she would enjoy showing me what she learned over the years. She says she thinks she knows david very well, but wanted to know if there was anything she should know that was not covered in the blog. I said what you see is basically what you get!

She knows that david does not know about the blog, so knows not to talk about it. We made up a story that we met online in a women's topping chat group, and she offered, seeing as she was going to be in town...

June, I am very, very excited to meet you in person with david in tow! Thank you so much. Your gift is indeed very generous, and both david and I will love it, I am sure!

Blog folk, I have only one thing to say...
Do you like apples?

Thursday, February 7

Julie Dominated by Violet!

Soooo... as I teased in my previous post, A Visit with Violet, I got a bit of my femsub on with Mistress Violet the other day. Happened sort of by accident, and was amazing!

To recap, David and I had not seen Mistress Violet together for quite some time, so we set up a three-way in advance with a fun girls-on-top roleplay script. With a week's warning, my husband was called away for a business trip that day (it was important, he needed to go). We were disappointed that we had to cancel. But it was david who suggested, why don't I keep our appointment myself? So I did!

I let Violet know in advance. She asked about the scene I had in mind, and I told her I would leave it entirely in her hands. We had played before with her on top of me during our three way scenes, so she knew a bit about the sorts of things I was up for. But it was still very exciting for me, the anticipation, not knowing at all exactly what to expect.

I arrived right on time at her elegantly appointed studio. I felt like such a guy! Paying for her time like this... but Violet is very special (as I was to find out even more so during our session).

We had a little cocktail to start at the kitchen island, and we caught up a bit. We both laughed about her seeing both david and me separately and together. We reconfirmed our safe words and a little about the general types of activities she had in mind (without going into detail). It was all fine. Luscious in fact. Was making me wet talking about it. She was dressed very sexily in elegant black short shorts, a black top, and showing lots of leg and some cleavage. She had her make-up on exquisitely and smelled divine. She's really a very beautiful and sexy woman. As we talked, she sat close to me and teased me with her sex-appeal. I do like girls that way, but don't often take the opportunity... It was fun to have a sexy girl "come on to me" so openly.

When it was "go time" we walked over to the more living room part of the studio with the big black couch and the area rug. She sat on the couch and told me to stand in front of her and to take off my clothes. All of them. As I took off each piece she took it from me and threw it randomly on the floor. This confused me a lot. When she had made my husband strip in the past, she had insisted he fold and pile his clothes neatly. When all my clothes were off, and they were strewn around all at my feet and beyond, I felt very naked standing there.

She then stood up and faced me. Without my heels, and with hers on, she was much taller than me. Also, without my clothes, and she with hers, I felt smaller still.

"This is called CFNF 'clothed female / naked female'," she said. yes... gulp...

She told me to open my mouth and to lean my head back. She stood over me and spat into my mouth!!!! How humiliating... But it made my low tummy churn in that butterflyey way. She was asserting her dominance over me and I was melting into it.

What were my feelings then? My first impression, a split second before she did it when I saw what she was going to do, and then as she did it, was "yuck, disgusting".  But then as I felt her warm spit mixing with mine in my still open mouth, I felt so totally owned in a way I rarely have felt before. Owned and then sexually excited. Despite my disgust, my pussy still tingled! Bad pussy!

She went back to sit on the couch. "Clean up these clothes!" she said strictly. "They're a mess. Fold them neatly and put them on that chair." I had to go scampering, fully naked, mind you, to collect up all my clothes she had strewn around the room. I felt like her maltreated servant. So unfair. But I found myself falling more and more under her dominant spell.

She then stood up again and made me turn to face away from the couch. She told me to clasp my hands behind my back. I did so and my breasts jutted out. She began fondling them. She went to my nipples and pinched and twisted them. "A little sensitive?" she asked, as she saw my reaction. I nodded yes. I thought she would back off a bit. She leaned in and bit one nipple. Not gently! Ouch!!!! She pulled away and laughed at me. She told me to hold still. She moved to the other nipple with her mouth. I knew what was coming. I was afraid of it, but I knew I could not stop it. Ouch!!!! Again! Ouch! She did not "back off", she saw my vulnerability and used it. I was so... HERS.

She turned away and fetched something. Coming back, it was a pair of nipple clamps attached together. Sort of like these,

Oh no. I had never had anything clamped on my nipples before. They could not possibly be worse than the bite, though...

Violet put one on. Ouch! Ow ow ow. And then the other. Ouch! Ow ow ow. The pain settled down fairly quickly, though, into a dull, sexy throbbing. She then took the chain and made me hold it between my teeth. This made my head bow and pulled up on my nipples at the same time.

An effective way to make a girl bow her head. I felt she had taken a page out of the Roman slave market or something. I flashed to being presented like that to a crowd of eager buyers. Breasts artificially "perky", head submissively bowed. Pussy starting to drip...

Also, as a consequence, I found myself now looking down at my pussy, which is exactly what she wanted. She got out a length of rope and proceeded to tie my pussy up.

She put the rope around my waist and then down between my legs and then back up again. She adjusted the rope and tightened it to cut into my bum crack on my bottom hole and to cut through my pussy lips and clit, sort of like this...

Oh my God! It was tight. If I wiggled, I could feel it rubbing me...

She told me to drop the chain from between my teeth and to put my hands on my head. She grabbed a hold of the chain, and with an evil grin starting slowly pulling on the clamp attached to my left nipple. She pulled gently and my nipple stretched, then all of a sudden she yanked it off! OUCH! She then repeated the treatment on my right nipple. OUCH! It really hurts as the blood flows back in!!! She then took the end of the rope and continued tying me up around the tops and bottoms of my tits and crisscrossing to back around my neck. A bit like this,

She gave my breasts a little shake.

Next she went away and came back again. She told me to kneel on the ground. She produced a ball gag...

She came towards me with it held out in front of her. She told me to open my mouth, and she took the opportunity to spit into it again. I was more ready this time and absorbed her spit into me greedily. Then she fastened the ball gag into my mouth, tightening it securely around the back of my neck.

I was completely bound, breasts and pussy, and ball gagged by Mistress at this point. There's something about being bound and gagged, completely nude, in front of a dominant clothed woman. Made me feel extremely vulnerable. (#bondage -- I'll hashtag everything she did in her tweet about me! tee hee)

She directed me over to the St. Andrew's cross (#standrewscross)

She made me face it, leaning into it, and then fastened my wrists and my ankles using leather restraints chained to the four corners. It took a bit of time as the chains jingled and jangled and I could feel her fastening me. I looked over at her and she was very "businesslike" and practiced, as if she'd done this hundreds of times, and she also had a little smile on her face, clearly enjoying it. As my hands reached up, the rope which was around the back of my neck tightened which pulled on my breasts and my pussy. The cross was also on a bit of a slope, so to prevent losing my balance completely, the only counterweight was my bottom, which needed to jutt out a little, which also tightened the rope on my pussy and bottom hole and tits!

Violet came close to me and reminded me that my safeword was "red", but that because I had the ball gag in my mouth, for now I could just shake my head vigorously back and forth instead. She told me to practice doing that, now. I did so. She praised me. She asked if I understood? I nodded my head up and down.

Next , she picked up a whip. It was long and skinny, like this. Totally scary! (#bullwhip)

She stood back. Way back. And she whipped me on my shoulder blades. I was scared, but the first blow was not vicious. It was sensuous. She continued with my whipping. She whipped all up and down my back, and also concentrated on my bottom. She wrapped the whip around to the sides of my breasts. She whipped up into my thighs and pussy...

My hands were gripping the chains attached between the cross and my leather wrist restraints. My feet were spread. The whipping hurt, but it was so sensuous at the same time. My body writhed on the cross. I could feel myself gyrating at the hips, no doubt putting on a fine show (actually, if memory serves I believe she commented on it...). Of course, the writhing also pulled the rope tighter up into my split pussy lips and bottom hole and pulled on my bound breasts as well. If I turned my head, I could see Violet wielding the whip. Oh my gosh. So sexy! I could see her whipping it up, entirely free-hand and then sending it over to connect just at my body, just where she wanted it to go. As I jerked my head up, the ropes tightened. Oh my.

Violet once told me that she observes her bottoms closely. There are two important "levels". At one level there is pain mixed with pleasure and the bottom is moving their body into the blows. At the other level the bottom is moving their body in such a way so as to run away from the blows. You need to be conscious of which one it is. It is ok to have some of each, but you must know the effect you're having and to mix the two appropriately. I was conscious of this lesson from her during my whipping. In my case, for this whipping, it was largely the first level. I found myself pushing into the whip strokes rather than running away from them, even though there was definitely a fair measure of pain involved. I'm sure my butt stuck out shamelessly, silently begging for my lashing to continue...

She put the whip away, picked up a leather paddle, and came up to me on my left side. I turned my head, my mouth still gagged. She showed me the paddle. She said it was made from the skin of a ray. One side was smooth and the other was rough. She let me feel that up against the side of my cheek. It sort of looked like this, although I did not get a close look.

She used it against my bottom. It was not a particularly fierce paddling, but it was again a mixture of sensuous pain and sensuous pleasure. I found myself writhing under her paddle, getting more and more excited the more she paddled me. She used the paddle on my thighs, between my thighs, and up against the lips of my pussy pushed out by the rope. Oh my!

After my paddling, Violet removed the restraints from around my ankles and my wrists. She took a pillow from the couch and tossed it onto the floor. She told me to kneel up on the pillow with my hands on my head. She took a seat in front of me. She leaned over into me and removed my ball gag. I could see deeply down her cleavage as she did so. I was also fixated on her red, red lips. As the gag come off, I slobbered all over the place. Blush!

She had on platform stiletto shoes, similar to this,

She pushed at my pussy with the sole and tip of her shoe. She raised her foot and pushed the rope deeper into my pussy with her stiletto heel. She kicked off one shoe and then the other. She had red painted toenails. She played her toes over my tummy and my pussy. She lifted her leg and played with my breasts with her bare feet. She moved her toes to my mouth and told me to kiss them. I eagerly complied and she praised me for my efforts. She made me suck especially on her big toe as she moaned in delight.

This foot worship thing is not something I do. Men should be worshiping our pretty feet! To require a woman to do that to another woman is... degrading. Utterly degrading. Utterly, pussy tingly, degrading.

She put her feet down and drew her fingernails over my body. I had not realized that she had such long and sharp fingernails. I don't know how I missed it. I looked down at them. She had on little metal claws on the ends of her fingers!

She used them all over me. My back, my belly, my breasts, my nipples. Even my pussy. Especially my pussy. She played with the folds of my pussy, moving the rope around, telling me to hold very still as she pricked at my clit. Oh no! Oh yes! Pain! Pleasure! Explosions of both. What had I gotten myself into?!?

She sat back. She told me to crawl over to the wall, and to pick one of the implements hanging there.

There was a collection of about a dozen different types of spanking paddles and straps, some leather, some wooden. I chose a wooden paddle with holes. I figured it would hurt the most. I wanted Mistress to hurt me!

By the time I got back with it, she had discretely removed her claws. They were gone as if by magic. She told me to hand her the paddle, to remain kneeling, and to bend onto the sofa with my hands in front of me on the sofa and my bottom up. I arched my bottom a little extra for her, which dug my rope into my pussy and bumcrack and tugged on my breasts. That rope was evil!

She stood above me to my left. I could turn my head on its side to see her there. She has trim and sexy legs, which I could see up to the bottom of her elegant black short shorts. She put a hand on my lower back, bending at the waist in a very sexy way. Then she swung the paddle into me. OUCH! It was hard. She did another. OUCH! And another OUCH! and another OUCH! By this time I was unconsciously writhing and twisting and running away from her paddle. She gave me another couple of paddle strokes that hurt a lot. She then said I had enough. Everything up to then had been much lighter. The wooden paddling was hard. This was the "running away" kind of impact play, not the "push into it" kind. But I guess I had brought her what I considered the worst paddle. I think she did it to scare me. To make me fear what she was capable of. As in, "the whole session could have been like this, little girl, am I not a most Merciful Mistress?" She did not say that. I just felt it.

She stood me up. I am still in my rope bondage. It is just starting to really bother me. I am hoping Mistress will remove it. She said I was a good girl, and that as a reward she would now take me upstairs to her bedroom to fuck me. She told me she was going to make me suck her dick, and then fuck me with it. My pussy tingled again. At that moment, I so wanted my fucking!

"Follow me," she said. She walked slowly and sensuously, swaying her hips, to the stairs to the loft and then up them into the bedroom with the huge bed. I followed along awkwardly behind, with a sore red bum, still all trussed up, the ropes pulling at my pussy and my tits, chafing at my bumcrack.

When we arrived upstairs, without my saying anything she began untying me. It was so nice to be untied, especially as her hands roamed across my body as she did it.

As she was untying me, already laid out on the bed, awaiting my arrival, was a triangular bolster.

My bolster... For my fucking... The fact that it was there, all laid out and ready to go, indicated a certain premeditation in her mind. This was not spur of the moment. She had planned out what she was going to do with me, and this was an important part of it. She had thought about it. She had thought about doing this to me. Hot...

She made me drape myself across it and wait there while she prepared. I turned my head to the left to see her. She slipped off her shorts revealing a black thong panty. She slipped of her shirt revealing a sheer pink lace bra. She took her time putting on her leather strap-on harness. She then selected from a variety of dildos, choosing a medium sized blue one which she attached into her strap-on harness and slipped a condom over.

I was going to be fucked by Mistress! It was exciting! Fucked by a girl.

She came on the bed directly opposite my turned face, knelt there, and fed me her cock. "Suck it," she said. I put her dildo into my mouth and began sucking on it. She gently wrapped her fingers into my hair and pulled me deeper around her as she slightly thrust into my mouth. She encouraged me verbally in a way many men would not be comfortable doing: "that's it, suck it baby, suck it good" sort of thing. I think I received about five minutes of cock-in-mouth until she was satisfied with my performance and decided to move on.

She went back to the dressing room table and picked up a bigger dildo in her hand. She switched it on and it started vibrating. She switched it back off again. She placed a condom on the vibrator. She picked up a tube of lube. She said she would not need to prepare me with her fingers as I seemed eager enough as it was.

She went behind me. I felt the tip of a dildo at my pussy. Violet dribbled lube on me and on it and moved it around. It was the handheld one. The vibrator. She turned it on and it started buzzing at my pussy entrance. She played it around there some and moved it towards my clit. Oh Geez! So nice... She brought it back to the opening and slowly pushed it in. Then she started fucking me gently with it. In and out and in and out. As she fucked me, I started taking it deeper and deeper into me. It was in really deep. She turned up the vibrator and she left it there, buried deep into me.

I could feel myself squirming over the bolster as the big thick vibrator had its way with my pussy. I felt like putting a hand down there, but dared not!

Next she dribbled lube onto my asshole. "You're getting DP'd", she told me. Doubly-penetrated. A cock in my pussy, and another in my ass. Violet's cock in my ass. Oh dear... (#DP)

"Come on baby, it's just the tip," said Violet as she pushed the tip of her girl-cock into my ass. "How many college boys have said that to their girlfriends?" asked Violet with a laugh. That made me feel like a virginal little slut, "giving it up" like that because, well, it's Biff the Hunk. In this case it was Violet - gorgeous Violet - more commanding and assertive then any man I had ever been with.

My pussy was exploding from the vibrator. Once Violet got the tip of her strap-on into my ass she paused there, allowing me to take a few deep breaths and get used to the anal intrusion. Once my body had relaxed, she said, "now take the whole thing, baby, you can do it," still channeling the college boy and making me feel the role of the reluctant but horny girlfriend. With that, Violet started sliding it fully into me.

Have you ever been fucked in the bottom before? I have. It's always the same. I imagine it's the same for boys and for girls. It hurts going in. It's part of the experience. You are nervous your partner will push in too fast, too deep. You think you can't take it all! Then your bottom hole relaxes a bit, and it's not so bad. Not so bad until it starts going in deeper and deeper. Rinse and repeat. With a thick vibrator buried deep into my cunt, and Violet's cock buried deep into my ass, I felt very filled!

Violet started fucking me. Slowly at first and then building up the speed. She also made sure the vibrator stayed deep into my pussy, pushing it back in a few times if it risked shooting out.

"Play with yourself," she told me. I shot both hands over the bolster and between my legs. I was able to reach the end of the vibrator with my fingertip and I pushed it deeper into myself and held it there. As Violet rocked me with my ass fucking it made the pussy vibe fuck me as well. With my other hand I used my finger to flick at my clit and rub on it. No lube required. I was so wet already!

Violet was saying, "Oh this feels so good. You can't believe how this strap-on pushes back on my pussy lips, on my clit, as I'm fucking you."

"Keep going! Keep going!" I beg her. She intensifies her pace, fucking me violently. What a nasty little tramp I am, wanting it harder and deeper in my ass!

I start moaning louder and louder and Violet could tell I was getting close because she upped the intensity and just as I started cumming she simulated a deep orgasm herself, thrusting jerkily inside of me and crying out gutturally the way a boy does as he cums.

Holy shit!

Violet pulls out and she turns off and removes the vibrator from my pussy. She takes off her strap-on as I lay there, wrung out. She tells me to get up off the bolster. "am I... clean?" I ask her. She spreads my cheeks and says simply "yup". That makes me feel better! She removes the bolster but lays down the towel that was covering it on the bed where she has me lie down on my back. She hops into bed next to me, sideways on. "Did you like that?" she asks me with a great big happy smile on her face. "Oh yes!" I say. "It was all amazing! Every part. I'm so glad we did this. You're so amazingly creative. You're so good at what you do!" She thanked me. She explained that since it was our first time outside of a specific roleplay scene, she thought it would be fun to run me through all the more "stereotypical" sort of BDSM-type stuff that you might see in a BDSM documentary. Like baby, beginner stuff. I liked the baby beginner stuff!

"It was nice," I say dreamily, as my hand wanders back down to my pussy and starts stroking it.

"Can you orgasm again?" she asks me.

"Yes," I say, feeling a blush come up.

"Then do it. I want to watch," she says.

I don't usually "do it" with just my fingers. Usually I have my trusty Hitachi. But I don't feel as if I need it today. I play with myself with a certain intensity. As I do it I look over at her. She is so beautiful in her pretty bra and panties. Her sleek little bottom. I can see the sleek muscles of her legs, her arms, her belly. As my friend chris, from the previous blog post said, in a followup email to me,
"Just between you and me, Miss Violet is so sweet, so nice, beautiful and please don't pass this on because I will pay with pain if you tell her... I'm sure you noticed... what a great ass!!!"
Uh oh. Did I just go and get chris in trouble again?

Oops!... I did it again

So I'm actually doing it, she is looking at me. I look back at her. She smiles at me. She turns her gaze down to my pussy, which I am rubbing furiously as I start to moan. She seems to be squirming in delight as I do it. She touches me gently on the front of my thigh. Then it happens, a second absolutely gigantic orgasm under Violet's watchful eye.

I am such a slut...