Saturday, January 17

tom's sex shop humiliation

As a continuation of a previous blog entry (A Husband Reminded of his Place), I received the following response from tom:
THANK YOU again, Miss Julie!! This was, while a really challenging punishment, also a wonderful experience for us, particularly for J I think. She sometimes can be a little hesitant or unsure of exactly how she wants to mold and punish me as her slave, and I know that getting this from you really meant a lot to her. It was a wonderful Christmas gift...thank you.

In fact, J also told me to end my message to you with a request, only of course if you are interested, from her for another punishment for me to start the New Year. J feels as though we should begin New Year's Day with a forceful reminder of my place and she would love to receive more ideas from you, as she truly enjoyed this last one and it brought some new ideas into our home. Of course if you are busy she totally understands, but she feels like one more "Julie punishment" would start the year off right.
I was only too happy to oblige, but I needed a bit more info, so I responded as below.
Now, let's turn our minds towards the New Year, shall we? Does your wife own a strap-on dildo. tom, and if so, how used are you to receiving anal from her? And if not, have you a sex shop nearby where the two of you can go to purchase one?
Here was tom's reply.
We do have a small dildo that J has used on me, though not that often since we have never quite committed to just getting a really good dildo and strap on system. She has a harness that her dildo fits into and also a thigh strap, which wraps around her thigh and has a spot where the small dildo can fit in. She almost always uses the thigh strap when she does take my slave hole for her pleasure, and when she has taken me like her little slut it has usually been on the bed with my collar on, sometimes while wearing clamps or after a whipping. She has me push my face into a pillow and keep my ass high in the air so she can fully enjoy ravishing my slave slut hole.
It's funny you should ask, though, since we have been talking about getting a larger dildo (though probably not as large as your least not yet :-) ) and better strap on system so she can take me more forcefully and more easily for her when she wishes. In fact I shopped for one for J for Christmas, and the only reason I didn't is that she usually likes to pick out her own toys and implements of torture. We do indeed have a local sex shop and after I shared your question with J she simply smiled and said "oh, slave...we are definitely getting a new strap-on to start the year." As always, you are an inspiration! :-) And J is beyond excited to see that devious mind of yours is concocting...I am also excited, along with a little terrified. ;-)
That was the information I needed, and so I set his next punishment as follows.
In that case, and since you guys asked, here is what I want for New Year's!

I want your wife to take you to the sex store. Find a nice female attendant to help you. Together, the three of you are to carefully select and purchase a larger dildo and a nice secure strap-on harness. I think there should be LOTS of discussion with the shop lady concerning your experience with anal penetration, and discussing what size and type of dildo would be a challenge for you, but not too much of a challenge. You should also purchase some new lube as well, again with lots of discussion of pros and cons relating to its use during anal penetration. Then you need to have a good long discussion regarding the care of the dildo, making it very clear that caring for it will be your job. I also want you to buy a sex-kitten schoolgirl skirt at the same time which you will be wearing during your inaugural fucking with that dildo. Again, your wife should be making it very clear that it will be you who will wear the skirt, and that it needs to be in your size (or at least fit around you). It may have to be tried on over your clothes to make sure, or better yet, in the changing room over your underwear. Then you should take your items to the checkout and pay for your purchases as your wife looks on.

Then you need to go to the drugstore and buy an enema kit if you don't already have one. The kind with the hot water bottle is ideal. You might have to ask the attendants as they sometimes keep them behind the counter.

On the appointed night you need to give yourself three enemas, tom, or your wife can give them to you if she wants. Be sure to take the whole bag each time and to retain for a full 5 minutes before expelling. Ideally standing and facing the toilet as you squirm. Yes it will seem hard, but you must persevere and do it as we want you nice and clean back there. Stand on a towel, and if you start leaking, clamp down hard on your anus and put your hands back there to hold it together, but keep going for the FULL FIVE MINUTES each time! The first should be warm soapy water. The next two warm clear water. Be sure to shower afterwards, and give yourself 30 minutes to 1 hour of bed rest (lying on a towel) to be sure everything that's coming out is out. Clean your anus once again with soap and water. Follow instructions from the web on how to do the enemas safely. And use lots and lots of Vaseline on, in, and around your hole each time, or else it will really burn as what's inside comes out. But no matter what precautions you take, your anal area will be sore, which is just what I want.

Then put on your schoolgirl skirt. I think if you are to be taken like a woman, you should look the part.

Crawl over your wife's knee, and have her flip up your skirt and give you a nice long cheek reddening spanking with a wooden implement. I always enjoy fucking more when I can see a nice skirted red ass in front of me. Then I would suggest your wife inserts one of your smaller toys into your backside as a warm up to stretch you for the main event. Or ideally, a sequence of larger and larger butt plugs (you can buy a set of three at the sex store, I am sure).

After your spanking, hold that little stretcher inside of you and help your wife to put on her strap-on dildo. Since you're down there anyways, suck her cock. Like you mean it! While it would not at all be polite for a man to put his hands on the back of a woman's head when she is performing this service, it is perfectly fine when the roles are reversed. Your wife should definitely grab your head and pull you hard onto her dildo. You won't be able to deep throat at first, but with practice... I found I developed a keen sense of that point where gagging becomes "throwing up", and am able to stop him just before that point, again and again. I am sure your wife will enjoy acquiring that skill as well.

Then it's bottoms up for your fucking. Kneel on all fours, push your ass back, allow your wife to flip up your short skirt, and relax as you take her dildo into you. She can grab your hips as she goes to town on your ass. She should start slow and shallow, and proceed to fast and hard and deep. I want you exhausted, rung out, and sore by the end of your fucking. Yes, that means it will go on well beyond the point where you would want it to stop. But it won't kill you, tom, I assure you. And its good cardio and toning for your wife that I am sure she will appreciate! Your anus may be a bit sore for a while, though...

Have fun for New Year's!
So that was the setup for this week's exciting adventure. tom sent me an email recounting part 1 of the story. Enjoy!

First, from J herself:

Hi Julie! :-) I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ideas, help and inspiration! My little slave has definitely been put through his paces and I'm seeing a dramatic improvement in his submissive attitude and attention to me! It's all thanks to you, I had been feeling a little blah about bondage stuff and you have rekindled my fire for sure! And thank you sososososo much for the lovely illustrations from your sketch slave! I love them all and have had a few printed already, and I'll be sure to have tom kneeling while staring at them as part of his slave meditations.

I have truly treasured your help, it has really made a difference for me and has been a wonderful experience for both of us. :-) Well, at least for me...slave may have different things to say, but those don't matter nearly as much, do they? ;-) I hope you had a wonderful New Year's, tom will now proceed to fill you in on how we kicked off our 2015, which I hope you enjoy! I also hope we are able to stay in touch, I'm always open for any ideas you may wish to share, and please let me know if there's any way we can pay you back for ALL your goodness!!!


Hello Miss Julie,

Thank you again (as always) for your wonderful ideas! We did (finally) make it to the sex shop and also finally had our first night with our new strap-on, which J adores and promises will be a fixture from now on. Gulp....

First, the visit to our local sex store (recreating the conversation as best I can remember). The first two times we went there actually wasn't a female attendant there, just one guy behind the counter so we browsed a little and left, as J was relishing the idea of being helped by a woman. The third time we went there was an attractive younger woman (not nearly as attractive to me as J, but still lovely) named Stef, probably in her late twenties with long black hair wearing a short black leather skirt and tight white top. She was shorter than J, maybe 5'2" with a fuller figure and had on a gold necklace with a set of cuffs as the pendant, which was pretty cool - J in fact asked where she got it and we may be getting one for her soon. :-)

The attendant asked if she could help us and J simply smiled, put her arm around my waist in a very possessive kind of way and said "oh, I think so...honey, what are we here for?" I swallowed hard and gulped out the words "a, um, strap-on." J would have none of that! She smacked me playfully on the butt and said, "Don't be rude! She is here to help us, tell her what we need!"

"A strap-on," I said, much more loudly and clearly this time. Stef smiled and shared a glance with J and said "I see...well, let's take a look, shall we?"

She led us to a corner of the store where they had a few harnesses and strap-on options available. Stef asked what kind of experience we had, looking at J for an answer. I think she had easily picked up on our dynamic and who really wore the "pants" in the family. :-) J smiled and simply said, "tell her dear.." insisting with a wicked smile that I truly humiliate myself in front of this lovely young woman, who was smiling and seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as J.

"Well...we, um, we've used smaller toys before but never really had a real strap-on before. And none of what we used was nearly these are," I stammered, feeling the heat in my cheeks, which must have been bright red.

"I see.." said Stef. "Now, what you really mean by we is that you have had your butt plugged with smaller plugs, yes? I'm assuming that you are the one who gets plugged and not the other way around," Stef said, smiling as she looked at me.

"Yup, that's right," I stammered my cheeks feeling even hotter.

"Honey, be polite! Is that any way to address this nice woman helping us?!? Apologize, and answer her properly!"

I felt my heart quicken as I realized what she meant..."I'm sorry...I meant to say 'Yes, Ma'am, it will be me being plugged."

Stef smile widened when she heard the word "Ma'am," and we we're off to the races..."Such a polite boy! How ever do you get him to behave so well?" Stef grinned, clearly knowing the answer.

"Oh, there are ways...he's really a dear as long as he's properly...motivated and reminded of his place," J answered, the two of them thick as thieves by now and laughing with each other.

"I can see that!" laughed Stef. "Well done to you," she added with another smile. "You are a dear, aren't you?" she looked at me.

"'am" I said, my eyes lowering, submissive impulses settling in place, heart racing, cheeks flushed and cock getting hard as I was taunted by these two gorgeous women.

"So...your first real strap on! This is exciting! I think you'll find this adds a lot to your play," Stef said. "What have you used before?"

We picked out a couple of plugs that looked like what we had at home and Stef opened one up and brought it back to the Corner of Strap-ons. She held it up against a couple of the (now seemingly huge!) dildos for comparison. "Looks like someone's going to get a little stretched!" she laughed.

"First, though, let's make sure this harness works for you. You're free to try it on out here or in our private space in the back," said Stef, fully knowing what the answer would be.

"Oh, I think here is just fine," smiled J, looking around at the (now seemingly tiny) store. "Don't you agree, dear?"

The way she said "dear" was a lot like how she says "slave" in private, and it got my nether region all tingly. That and her smile...always her smile.

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered quickly, my submissive nature now fully in place. I dropped to my knees and started working the harness up my lovely wife's legs, trembling softly, wondering if anyone would come in and see us.

"My, my...he is putty in your hands, isn't he?" Stef cackled, clearly enjoying herself more than ever. She then helped us understand all the straps and whatnot to get a good, comfy, snug fit on J's hips, promising us that if it fit in the store it would fit at home and that if it didn't we could return it no questions asked. Along with being such a playful person and great sport she was a great salesperson too!

J agreed, and then we started looking at the dildos. "Now what are we thinking here?" Stef asked.

J looked at me to respond, as per your instructions. "Well, I've been plugged some but by nothing nearly this large. I'm a little terrified to be honest."

"Oh...poor baby..." Stef cooed. "Well, I'll be honest, the first time you are taken with one of these will be...memorable. But you'll adjust and soon it will not seem so large. Kind of." She laughed at that last part, and J did too.

Stef and J looked at a couple of different dildos, starting with the smallest one but quickly moving up to one in the middle range of sizes. J held it while looking right into my eyes and said "I think this one will be perfect." My subby heart melted. :-)

"Excellent," said Stef. "Now let's talk lube!"

J smiled, "Oh, he'll need lots of that, he's still kind of a weakling when it comes to being plugged," she said. "Though I think that's going to change!"

Stef laughed along with her. "Well, here's a great, safe non-toxic lube that I highly recommend." J had prepared me for the lube conversation, and I knew what I had to ask. I gulped hard and did as instructed.

"So...when you say non-toxic, what about if any of that gets accidentally swallowed? Because..." I did hesitate for a second, but the look in J's eyes pressed me on. "Because I might also be sucking this dildo from time to time. Will that be an issue with this lube if there's any on it?"

Stef smiled right at J and my subby heart melted even more. "Oh, that should be fine. Obviously don't swallow it on purpose or anything, but if there's some on there while you suck it that shouldn't be a big deal." God, she was definitely enjoying herself, and J was too. I was mortified, cheeks so red I thought my face might burst into flames. But cock so hard I knew I was in the correct submissive place where I belonged and that this kind of humiliation was what I longed for.

"Anything else?" Stef asked. "Oh, yes..." replied J. "Dear?"

I gulped again, J's wicked idea had been to make me ask for everything, knowing that I get flustered when I have to say bondage-y things out loud. She says she loves the flush in my cheeks, since it reminds her of my red ass cheeks after a good whipping. :-)

"Um...yes. We are looking for a short, plaid skirt," I stammered.

"I see," said Stef. She looked over at J, "So what are you interested in?"

"Oh, it's not for's," I replied, my cheeks burning now.

Stef smiled and said "I see...well, let's take a look." She led us over to their fetish costume area and we found a couple of short plaid skirts among the leather pants and corsets. Stef played it up wonderfully, holding up a red and black plaid skirt against my waist before saying "hmmm....not quite right" and then finding a light gray and blue plaid skirt that she held up against me. "Perfect! Don't you agree?" She winked at J.

"Oh, yes...he'll look good in that!" she laughed. "Try it on, dear," she barked, with no need for any illusion about our roles by now.

My humiliation complete, I took the tiny plaid skirt and wrapped it around my waist. It was a little snug but since I was wearing jeans we figured it would be just right when we got home.

Though of course my humiliation was not complete. J was clearly enjoying herself and really enjoying the lovely and very game Stef. "Give us a twirl, dear," she smiled. I twirled and both women laughed evilly. I was shaking slightly by now, my cock throbbing against my jeans as my humiliation was made even worse. "Now a curtsy," J ordered. I obeyed and both women applauded.

I took the skirt off and we took it and our new strap-on to the counter. Stef packed everything up, professional as ever, smiled wide and said "Have fun you two!" with a twinkle in her eye as she walked us to the door.

As we got in the car J slid her hand over the bulge in my jeans. "Look at liked that, didn't you slave?"

"Yes, Mistress..." I whispered, my hips bucking already in response. I thought I was going to explode right there in the car!

"Well...wait until we use our new toy, my dear. I think this is going to be such fun! For me at least..." she laughed. "Now what do we say?"

"Thank you Mistress. And thank you Miss Julie," I said, my voice quavering as she slowly teased the bulge in my pants.

"Very good, dear. Now let's go home and you can draw me a bath." J gave me a kiss and we headed home.

--I'll send you Part 2 soon Miss Julie, I wanted to get this to you sooner so you had some response from us. Thank you again, as always, you have truly been an inspiration to J and I am one lucky submissive husband. :-)

tom (property of J)


  1. tom as well as david and me are a very lucky men to be taken such good care of. I had the enema routine yesterday. It went on a while because she insisted that I take the whole bag. Three times. It cleaned me out very good and got me ready for what followed with the strap on dildo having its way with me.

    1. Yes, I think 3 is the magic number, with a good 5 minute hold time each time!

  2. Very nice - reminds me of "impromptu shopping trip", one of your earliest posts StrictJulie. I've gone back and read it on many occasions. The public embarrassment factor looms large for me it seems.

    I've never bought panties in my own size in a store and sex shops are less embarrassing since that's what they do (though this one goes pretty far).

    The first riding crop I bought was in a western wear store. I was trying to seem like I rode horses and trying to find the right crop. An attractive buxom young female salesperson picked up a small one, told me it "stung plenty", offered to show me by striking me with it. I was stunned then she laughed it off. I bought the small nylon one she recommended as well as a longer leather one.

    - Rosco

    1. Yes, I love the more public play, being very sensitive with whom you are dealing. For the most part, the public participants seem extremely willing to go along and have some fun at our boys' expense. On the rare occasions when the first vague suggestions get a bad vibe in return, we just aborted.

  3. So nice! Very lucky guy!
    I d love if a sales women would show me a skirt like that!
    I d be soooooooo embarrassed!

    1. Off you go to the sex shop then... scoot...

  4. StrictJulie et al:

    What a great adventure. The humiliation factor is at a maximum with the extended conversation with the saleswoman. Irene and I have not done anything so daring - though it has been fun making certain purchases at our local sex shop (run mostly by gay women).

    It reminds me of my favorite all time StrictJulie post "Impromptu Shopping Trip' from January 2012, several years when you took David in to buy panties. I have gone back to read it several times. It is very well written and makes it easy to imagine being there. I confess I have been reluctant to buy panties for myself except over the internet. I did buy a lacy slip once and the salesgirl asked if I thought it was going to fit me OK.

    Buying most stuff in a sex shop does diminish the embarrassment factor a bit since that is what the stuff is there for. I did go into a western store once to buy a riding crop. I was looking at the merchandise trying to make people think I rode horses and inspecting a long black leather crop with tassles. A buxom salesgirl pulled out a smaller nylon version, told me that it would "smart plenty" and raised it as an offer to show me by striking me with it. I was momentarily stunned then she laughed it off. I bought both crops.

    1. Up into the 2000s, in France, you could find floggers (called "martinets") sold in supermarkets allegedly for use on unruly pets (now it's rarer - child protection associations have lobbied for them not to be sold anymore, since they suspected a proportion was used on children).

      My wife tasked me with buying one, and nothing else (no pet supplies). When the female cashier saw it she first was startled ("oh!), then looked at me straight in the eyes and told me "somebody is going to feel some pain". To that date I don't know whether she thought I was a bad parent (but I looked pretty young at the time so I might not have looked like I had children) or I was going to be the recipient. I burbled something about an unruly dog.

      Maybe I should instead have been frank and said "yes, me".

    2. I think she somehow knew...

    3. I don't know. I also wondered whether she was startled because this instrument brought back bad childhood memories. I think she also said something like "excuse me we don't sell many of these anymore".

  5. A very lucky guy tom is indeed!

  6. I think Tom did a wonderful job of describing their trip to the shop. I could feel his embarrassment and submission as they looked different items over. Maybe to add to his submission the next time they go back to the shop for more items, Tom should be ordered to explain to Stef how well the strap on worked and how it felt.
    Can't wait for Tom to respond to using the strap on and the full feeling of being stretched and taken.

    1. Oh yes, tom's account on part 2 is overdue...

  7. Ms Julie and Ms J (and slave tom),

    Thank you Mistresses for the generous mention here of my small part in tom's original punishment post. It was a pleasure. I'm loving the whole 'play-group' I only wish I was bent over beside tom with our four nicely blushing cheeks on display.

    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

  8. In a few years, when journalists will investigate for the origin of this change of practices for most couples in society, they may find the spark in the powder was here : )

  9. What ?! no mention of his panties? Surely tom had to don some cute frillies?
    Also, his cock needs prettied up. Perhaps some bows? or some cheap jewelry? I find the W-M pre-teen girls section has lots of stretchy wristlets / necklaces that, when twisted over a time or two, dress up a cock. One at the base of the scrotum, one at the base of the shaft, and one just under the head looks delightfully tacky. I like an amethyst color, but pink or red would be tackier.
    Perhaps Mags would appreciate some tasteful cock / scrotum jewelry that matches his panties.


  10. I appreciate tom's situation. I got my period on Saturday. Two full two quart warm water enemas. In between a sound spanking with a riding crop because I uttered a word of complaint.

    But after my housework was done I experienced the submissive and totally feminine joy of being mounted and taken like a girl. I find the merest act of raising my skirts up over my back sends me into subspace.

    I moan and sigh in the girliest way as I get taken.

    1. Yes, that's why I specified the skirt. It does the same for my husband, and to be completely honest I very much enjoy laughing at my boy, in his skirt, bottoms up, ready to be fucked, and then flipping up the skirt to do the deed!

  11. Julie
    Has it ever happened where your husband has come home and just asked for a panty spanking, being life and stress?
    Great stuff

  12. Julie- Oh my! What a great humiliating situation. :) The extended (!) help from Stef, and her talking with J (ignoring tom!)... learning about enema routines... and that skirt, heh!
    Wife has made me buy panties, but never like that! sara e

  13. The first strap-on dildo that we purchased was thin; we had no experience in such acts. Then once my wife found it was fun, she also became willing to try receiving anal sex. She then pointed out that, our of reciprocity, the next dildo should have the same circumference as my penis. So we bought our next two dildoes slightly less wide than my penis (slightly less wide to account for their lack of feeling).

    We are not into transdressing, skirts etc. but on occasion, when she fucks me from behind (as opposed to missionary-style) my wife has me wear a bathrobe that I must lift, as a woman with a gown...

    Generally for us, anal sex is preceded by 1) potty time 2) a *small* enema with the bag, or several, until the returns are quite clear, given by the "active" participant 3) a spanking, to get into the submssive mood.

    So sometimes I learn that I'm getting pegged tonight when I see my wife with the enema bag and I'm instructed to go to the loo.

    1. No reason for reciprocity. Fuck that! she should get a nice big dildo and train you on taking that, mouth and ass! And yes, if you are a "man" who gets penetrated by his wife, panties and skirt are very appropriate attire.

    2. Actually, she's never been into making me suck the dildo but I've had to lubricate it: it's somewhat humiliating to have to "prepare the instrument".

      She uses a double-ended dildo so fucking brings sensations to her vagina.

      She's not into transdressing me, save for the fact that she likes me wearing a bathrobe for "bent over" fucking or paddling, because she likes flipping it up like a gown.

    3. If she likes flipping up the robe, she'll LOVE flipping up a little skirt!
      And sucking is half the fun (for me, anyways, when I make him do it)

    4. Well... the preferrred position for pegging me is "missionary style": I lay nude on my back on a towel, legs apart and drawn to my chest, my wife fingers me with vaseline, then puts KY on the dildo and here we go.

      She inserts it very progressively but surely, if you see what I mean. Then once my sphincters have given up resistance, the fucking begins.

      The position is somewhat humbling: I basically am opened very wide...

    5. And in some occasions she has come from pegging me (remember, double-ended dildo with some piece that goes to the clitoris). It's an experience for me because she accelerates and does it harder as she tries to reach climax.

  14. HOT !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Indeed. I love the public humiliation scenes.

  15. I have a silly question to Americans and Canadians -

    When do you think was it still possible to see paddles sold except in sex or fetish store? 1960s? later?

    1. Much later. I'm pretty sure they were common in souvenir stores in the mid 90's anyways, but I haven't seen any lately, it's true.

    2. Wow.

      (Wonder whether only pervs like us would buy them or whether paddling was still popular with parents.)

    3. or, maybe to some people a cute little souvenir paddle is just a cute little souvenir paddle?

    4. Er... taking an instrument of corporal punishment as a touristic souvenir is a bit weird for me. Would you hang it on a wall?

    5. It's only weird 'cause you're a spanko. For most people, a paddle is something used to propel a canoe!

    6. I assume these souvenir paddles were not long and wide enough to propel a canoe, were they? As far as I understand US-style corporal punishment, paddles for spanking have a fairly different shape than paddles for canoeing...

      Seriously the thought of a spanking-style paddle in a souvenir shop boggles me. (I've seen pictures of old paddles titled "board of education" or "for the little deer with the bear behind"...)

    7. We have one. It's a "Souvenir of Muskoka" hardwood paddle. Perfect for toasting his buns!

  16. You are amazing ...............

  17. travelling I had been grumpy and said I had a belly ache), my wife took me to a drugstore to buy a rectal thermometer, an enema bag and vaseline (and, I'm not sure, some cotton and alcohol to clean the tips). Then, in front of the cashier, she remarked to me that I would be treated as soon as we were at the hotel.

    The cashier did not blink an eye.

    In the hotel lobby, I noticed that the drugstore plastic bag, which my wife carried, was somewhat transparent.. and that "Douche and Enema" and the vaseline jar showed, depending on the angle. Unfortunately she was not paying attention and read some advertisement posters.

    (To be fair, people could have believe this equipment was for use on her.)

    My temperature was taken and I was purged. I avoided the spanking because it was apparent that the soundproofing was very poor; we have a policy of not embarrassing neighbours.

    1. I'm sure there was no doubt who was going to be "treated". I imagine the demeanour alone would give it away.

      And speaking as a potential neighbour, spank on!

    2. I indeed probably looked like a combination of sheepish and nervous.

      Do you sometimes purge David when he is too annoying?

      One of the most humiliating twists on that is to have to go potty in front of my wife, then to get wiped and have my bottom washed with soap as if I was a little boy. It does not happen often, though.

  18. Public humiliation! It strikes a deep nerve for me. It has been a long while since I've experienced that feeling of being utterly embarrassed and having nowhere to hide. Just having my shame exposed for all the world to see, and laugh at. I miss that feeling.

    1. Well, time for a trip to the sex shop for an in depth conversation with the lady there about butt plugs!

    2. The thought of that got my little clitty twitching! Could Mistress Julie craft an assignment for this eSubbie that would make the experience extra special?