Friday, January 2

A Husband Reminded of his Place

I received a note from a reader, tom, at the start of the holiday season.
Hello Julie.

My name's Tom, I'm a longtime fan of your site (I used to comment as 'adoring my wife') and my wife J is seeking advice from you. She feels as though my submissive attitude has slipped a bit and wants a vigorous retraining program to end the year.

We are both HUGE fans of your blog and J decided that the best way to start was for me to write you and give over the controls and power of my First Punishment to you. J has said she is up for anything, and we'll both defer to whatever you decide, and I have already been tasked with writing you a long and thoughtful response should you decide to help us. :)

Thank you!!!

tom (property of J)
Now how delightful is that? I had full reign to remotely control a husband's punishment and start the New Year off right for him! Yummy! After due thought, here is how I responded.
What a lovely Christmas present for me!
Punishment is as follows.
1) Over-the-knee spanking
Bare naked for you, tom. 5 minutes warm-up with the hand. Then 15 minutes with a hairbrush or wooden paddle. All of them nice and hard. During that spanking, I want to also have your thighs spanked, your inner thighs especially, and I want the spanks up and down the sensitive inner cheeks which will require your wife spreads your ass for that. But mainly nice and low to your spank spots.
2) Corner time
Bare naked corner time for a full 15 minutes. Ideally in a less usual location than the bedroom. I want you with your wrists bound behind your back, and holding up a coin with your nose. If the coin drops, you get a further spanking across your wife's knee with a hairbrush for 5 minutes, nice and hard, and then you start over the 15 minutes from the beginning.
3) Belt whipping.
I want your ass up very high on the bed across 4 or 5 pillows. So you are jacknifed. Then a good 15 minutes of belt whipping with a doubled-up leather belt to your rear end.
4) Face sitting
Roll over onto your back, scoot down the bed a bit so that your head is clear of the headboard. Your wife should lower herself on your face, looking down the bed towards your feet. You will be required to lick and penetrate your wife's beautiful bottom hole with your tongue. She will use a light whip or riding crop down your front side, not neglecting your cock and balls. Another good 15 minutes of that. I want you telling your wife (to the best of your ability with your tongue where it is) how beautiful she is, and how you promise to obey her completely and in all things.
Have fun!
I was definitely looking forward to tom's response! A week later I received it. It is published below the line. It is so well written, and J did such a fantastic over-the-top job on her husband, that I just had to ask if I could publish the response on this blog. I also wanted to command my subbie lill partner in crime, lill jo, to illustrate the episode according to tom's account and my editorial direction. I thought that would be a nice keepsake for tom and J. Here is my response after tom wrote me back the full account
Oh what tremendous fun!
And it did seem challenging for you, tom.
Please ask J if I may publish your lovely letter on my blog, or if she would like you to edit it a bit first and have me publish that.
I am thinking of having lill jo illustrate it.
If agreeable to her, describe yourselves a bit, and your wife's outfit at the start, so lill jo's rendition will be a nice keepsake for you that you may print out and keep in the private family photo album...
 Here is tom's response.
Hi Miss Julie!

Yes, it was tremendous fun for J, and VERY challenging for me! :-)  I am very glad that you enjoyed reading my letter, that makes me and J happy to hear. We would be honored if you wanted to publish our letter, and would be thrilled to see it on your blog!  J says it is OK with her and she doesn't feel any need to edit it, but that if there is any editing you wish to do for any reason that you are welcome to do so, or of course to make me do it for you. :-)

And what a lovely offer, we would love to have a drawing from lill jo! That would be one last lovely Christmas present for us! Here's some info on us, let me know if you need anything else: I am 6 feet tall, about 185 lbs, 5 in cock with short brown hair and blue eyes, I'm clean shaven, no tattoos or anything and in pretty decent shape, I swim and run a lot so I'd say I'm lean, though not as lean as I used to be (lol). :-)  J is 5'7" with shoulder length brown hair and bluish-green eyes...she is 34b with a wicked smile, long lovely legs, amazing bottom (which I am now quite familiar with) and a beautifully toned body. She was wearing a knee length black skirt with bare legs, black heels (her shorter ones, maybe 2 in), a white button up blouse with the top couple of buttons open and a devilish smile.

Thank you for your generous offer, Miss Julie! We are touched and thrilled at the idea of seeing our letter on your blog, and of seeing lill jo's drawings! Please let us know if you require anything else, and thanks again!
I always feel the need to get the wife's permission, as I respect a woman's right to privacy. A warning to you males out there, though, don't expect any privacy for yourselves (outside of hiding identifying information) if you choose to send me any nonsense, such as naked pictures. Up they will go for ALL the world to see your naughty little bits!

So with that preamble, here is tom's response, essentially unedited other than some minor changes to match the drawings (as that naughty little slut, lill jo, neglected to pay well enough attention to the text!!!! A good wire hangering for him!); and correcting a few typos (I'll keep track of the number of corrections and ask J to bring the belt back accordingly).

Please enjoy tom's little torment.

Miss Julie,

Thank you! J particularly sends her gratitude for such a wonderful Christmas present back from you! :-) She was very pleased with your punishment for me, and we were both thrilled that you would turn your wonderful, wicked mind to us!

J had ordered that I should print any response from you without reading it, fold it in half, place it in an envelope and hang it from our Christmas tree. This meant I spent all of the afternoon and evening of Christmas Eve seeing that envelope and feeling thrilled and a little terrified of what was to come. Such delicious anticipation...:-)

J opened the envelope Christmas morning, smiled and said only..."oh, you have an evening ahead of you!" We then had family obligations and whatnot the next couple of days so we were not able to get to my punishment until last night. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and I was gently massaging her beautiful feet (as a good slave does of course) when she smiled her beautiful, wicked smile and simply said "It's time, slave. Stand up and strip."

I stood, trembling, as J slid the envelope with my punishment inside out from the drawer in the coffee table. I obediently stripped, standing naked before my Mistress Wife as she opened the envelope and read silently to herself, a smile spreading on her gorgeous lips. I felt myself shaking, standing exposed before her, my hard manhood giving away my true slave desires.

J reached up, grabbed me by the cheek and kissed me once softly, then told me to get down on all fours and fetch her large wooden hairbrush. I crawled to our upstairs bathroom for the hairbrush, trembling all the way at the thought of what was coming. Yet aroused all the same. I returned to J and handed her the hairbrush, kneeling before her, my head bowed. As always, the feeling of submission washed over me, and a feeling of gratitude that I could serve this beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman. J then roughly grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up and over her knees. My head hung down awkwardly, legs splayed as she set to work with her hand. SMACK! The first spank rang out and I gasped, the sweet first sting always so shocking. J slowly increased her force and regularity as she warmed up my slave bottom, the sounds louder, sting hotter and her own breathing getting quicker. My legs were already kicking as she finished the warm up.

I then felt the hard wood of the back of her hairbrush slide across my already warming cheeks. She laughed softly and simply said "now you will learn about truly being my slave," and then SMACKED my ass with the hairbrush. I yelped and squirmed but J held me down firmly as she launched a rat-a-tat of spanks to my warming bottom. Again and again the hairbrush fell on my cheeks, my cries and whimpers only seeming to spur J on as she punished my backside.

J continued my spanking, hooking one leg around one of mine to spread my thighs and holding my neck and hair with one hand. Then suddenly a SMACK in a new place caused me to almost leap up...

J had brought the hairbrush down on my inner thigh! I had not expected that (it was not something she normally did, thanks--I think--for the new idea :-) ) and was suddenly shaking all over as she tortured my inner thighs, the brush coming down on each thigh, then back and forth between, then down the back of each thigh, then my ass, then the inner thigh again. J seemed to enjoy my response to being hairbrushed on the inner thigh and kept working those over for what felt like an eternity.

My bottom was already burning and now my thighs felt like they had been lit by a match, but J pressed on, ignoring my whimpers with either a "be quiet!" or a "this is your punishment and you will endure it for me...and for Miss Julie!"

Then...I felt her hand come off my neck and move to my ass. She slowly caressed the burning flesh for a second (and in my idiocy I thought maybe it was over) but instead then said "keep still!" in her sternest voice, roughly pulled my cheeks apart and SMACKED the inside of my left cheek! Then the right one...then back and forth.

Tears were streaming down my face, I was gasping and spluttering, my legs pinned beneath J's as I struggled to keep still while she tortured my ass. She worked the inner cheeks for a while,

then back to the thighs, then finished with a HARD flurry on my still tender ass. By the end I was a puddle of submissive goo...:-)

J then had me kneel before her and thank her for the spanking. I thanked her most vigorously, feeling ever more like her slave. And she also had me say "thank you Miss Julie" out loud as well. She then smiled and said "oh, we're only just beginning, slave. Time for part 2..." with that wicked smile. I was then told to crawl to get our leather cuffs and a penny from the change jar.

Upon returning J had me stand and immediately cuffed my wrists behind me with our black leather cuffs. She then led me by the cock to the corner of the living room held the penny up on the wall in the corner and had me press my nose against it. J then told me I was to stay there and NOT let the coin drop...

She wickedly did not tell me for how long (I now know it was 15 minutes) and she walked away, leaving me there. I was still trembling and my thighs and ass were still burning and stinging as I stood there, helpless. All my will was bent towards keeping that coin up... and I was doing OK until J snuck up behind me and slid her hand across my tender ass.

I yelped and jumped and dropped the coin!

J grabbed my hair, yanked me down to my knees, slapped me once and said "you let it drop! Oh, slave...well, Julie has instructions for this too!" She then dragged me back to the couch and spanked me mercilessly with the hairbrush for another 15 minutes. No words, no letup, just smacked my ass raw. I was crying and yelping and kicking helplessly, my bound wrists being shoved out of the way by J in her eagerness to punish me.

She then dragged me back to the corner, stuck the penny against the wall and simply said "again!"

This time, thankfully, I was able to make it the full time, despite a couple of J's attempts to distract me by scratching my (now very red, purple and bruised) tender ass, and even teasing my yearning cock once. I almost lost it once but was able to survive...thankfully. Once again J had me kneel before her and thank her and you both for that punishment.

J then ordered me to crawl upstairs to our bedroom and pile all the pillows he had in the middle of the bed. This was a new one, as she had never had me jackknifed in the way you requested before. I did as ordered and knelt by the bed, awaiting her arrival. My heart was racing, ass and thighs burning, cock yearning and mind racing as I waited in the darkness for my Mistress Wife. I could see she had definitely been inspired by you, and that your punishment was definitely harsh and challenging, as it should be.

J then arrived, sliding off her clothes to reveal her beautiful body to me. I gasped as I always do when seeing her loveliness..."soon enough you will service me, slave...but not yet" she said, and ordered me over the pillows. I was definitely jackknifed as I climbed on the pillows, struggling to find a position that would be stable. J was out of my vision and I had no idea what to expect... and then WHHHAAAAAAPPP! The incredible sting of the first belt whipping made me scream, my already red ass feeling like it would burst. J had never whipped me with a belt before (we actually didn't even own a good leather belt and she went and bought one just for this whipping...and of course now for future ones) and I was shocked at the hot sting as it lashed a stripe across my red ass. Again and again J brought the belt down, painting my ass like a canvas as she worked me over.

I could feel the long stripes form, the skin rising as the belt did its cruel work. I was whimpering and moaning and even screaming by now but J carried on relentlessly, clearly enjoying herself. She took one or two breaks, sliding a hand all across my ass to admire her handiwork and I could feel the welts all across each cheek. I felt as though the welts would burst open, especially as J took special care to re-hit certain raised welts for her own amusement. My whole body was shaking and mind racing, I fell deep into a submissive space and took the whipping like the slave I am, one that deserved this kind of's why we asked for your help. :-)

Finally the whipping was over... J had me again kneel and thank her and you out loud, and also had me kiss the belt, telling me I would see it again soon. My ass had never been truly tortured like that before in my memory, and every part of it was welted, red, purple, bruised and incredibly sensitive. J then told me it was time for my reward, and the final part of my punishment. She had me lie on the bed and close my eyes...I obeyed instantly, already feeling the fear of further punishment (which means it was working, right?!) and waited. I heard her open a drawer and wondered what was next.

I did not expect what did happen, though...I felt the pressure of J's weight on my face and then realized she was lowering her perfect bottom over my face! We had never done that before and I was shocked and then instantly aroused as I felt her lovely cheeks come down on my slave face.

"Serve me, slave" she whispered an I eagerly set to work, my tongue flicking and licking her perfect bottom. "Tell me how beautiful I am" she ordered, and I eagerly screamed that she was the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world and that I was lucky to be her slave...though my words were muffled by her bottom. She then said "and you will now obey me in every way, right slave?" and I screamed "YES!! Yes Mistress!!!" over and over again. Honestly I pretty much babbled about how I would be eager to obey, be always her slave, do anything she commanded and on and on into her perfect ass. Then she told me to hush and worship her. My tongue caressed her cheeks and explored between her cheeks, sliding up and down. J's hips were rocking and a soft moan from her lips told me she was enjoying it. I then slowly slid my cheeks between her cheeks and my tongue into her perfect bottom hole as she moaned again more loudly...

I was eagerly servicing her when I felt the SMACK of our riding crop against my tender thigh! J laughed and simply said "continue, slave.." and started working over my thighs with the crop. She then moved it up to my stomach, painting a series of stinging red marks as I whimpered while still eagerly licking her perfect hole. J's crop went back down to my thighs and then slowly up until she whipped my balls, HARD. I gasped and jumped, though with my face buried beneath her I only really kind of squirmed a little.

J then cropped my balls again and again, drawing pledges of eternal obedience from me while I caressed her pink bottom hole with my slave tongue. The croppings got more and more firm on my cock and balls, my whole body shaking again as J clearly enjoyed this new torment.

Finally the cropping stopped and J lifted her ass off of my face briefly..."well done, slave" she whispered, her eyes gleaming as she looked down at me. "That completes your punishment. Now thank me...and thank Miss Julie too for her generosity."

I eagerly thank you both and J once again drew promises of eternal obedience from me. She then smiled and then lowered her ass down on my face again and said "serve me, my slave!" I again eagerly explored her cheeks and hole with my tongue, lavishing her with worship...I heard her vibrator turn on and felt her hips start to rock slowly. My tongue moved faster and more eagerly as she began to moan and rock faster, she had never sat on my face before and clearly enjoyed it. I worked more eagerly as her vibrator brought her to the edge, my perfect Mistress fucking my face with her ass until she exploded with a loud orgasm. As always, the feeling of seeing my Mistress Wife cum filled me with submissive joy...

 J then rolled off of me and held me, whispering that I had done well and that she expected eternal obedience from me from now on. I thanked her again for the punishment and we fell asleep in each others' arms. It is the next day and I still cannot sit comfortably, which brings J no end of delight and serves as a constant reminder to me of my place at her feet as her slave.

THANK YOU again, Miss Julie!! This was, while a really challenging punishment, also a wonderful experience for us, particularly for J I think. She sometimes can be a little hesitant or unsure of exactly how she wants to mold and punish me as her slave, and I know that getting this from you really meant a lot to her. It was a wonderful Christmas gift...thank you.

--tom (property of Mistress J)

There was one little postscript from tom...
Also, J has ordered me to send you a special thank you - 20 lines while typing on my knees, nipples clamped and mouth gagged tightly. I am sitting before my laptop right now as I write this to you.

Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves
Thank you Miss Julie for helping to make sure this lowly slave gets the punishment he deserves

Thank you Miss Julie!

So, there you have it. Isn't that just an amazing account? Didn't J just do an amazing job!!! I almost feel a little bit sorry for tom. It's as if any tiny remaining alpha male part of him just got snuffed out by his Alpha Wife and her new whipping belt. I really think this illustration of lill jo's captures it best:

Welted, beaten, balls out, whipped. Genuinely afraid. What a wonderful way for an FLR couple to kick off the new year!


  1. Holy smokes, that was incredible. It has me thinking. Should I ask Mistress K. .... ? Naw

    1. Yes. So pleased that a few words of mine could have such a dramatic impact!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful experience for you all. Great drawings too!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Qbuzz.

      lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

  3. Hi Ms Julie,
    Oh dear me , I'm lost! I adored your blog about your sub's second session. Now I'm reading that male subs who read your blog are actually writing to you and asking for directions!
    What is going on? Obviously strict women such as you and I know how to keep our subs in check. But I despair of so called Dommes or Mistresses who allow their subs to dictate.

    If I were tom's Domme I would beat him until he begged for mercy, and then keep on going until my thrashing arm could beat him no more. he needs to realise that "topping from the bottom" is not acceptable.

    I still adore your blog, Ms Julie,and hope to read that david has been made to accept lots of extreme arse warming punishment in 2015. Please keep blogging!
    Hugs, licks and kisses from
    Ms Olive

    1. I think you are being too hard on poor tom. I believe his wife did also request the suggestions, but I know what you mean...

  4. Oh My !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ms Julie,

    (Where to begin) Thanks for bringing me in on this story Ma'am. It was a privilege given, as I mentioned to you, I thought the tale was a delight on its own!

    Also i humbly apologize for my shortfalls on the sketches. A subby who can't follow detailed instructions ... well , I wish I could receive correction direct from you Ma'am but i will follow your instructions as if you were wielding the coathanger Ma'am.

    My compliments on the photoshopping of the sketches too Ms Julie. Better than I could have done myself.

    And to tom and his Miss J my compliments. I do think tom should hand write those lines and send you a scanned version though Ma'am. Sorry that's a bit uppity of me.

    Thanks again all,

    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

    1. could only imagine your face if she had you also in full makeup and the mess of it afterwards with tears and sitting etc.


    2. Dear Ashley,

      Just the idea of being fully made up and in appropriate clothes then spanked by Ms Julie is ... a dream.

      lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

      [Maybe look back about 18-20 months on this site to see how I received my bracketed name]

  6. That was lovely to read - especially as I was imagining it was me with my wife. Quite a revelation of feelings! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes. I was very taken by tom's recounting as well.

  7. You are so amazing for sharing your knowledge and talent with others Miss Julie!


  8. This is great! It reminded me of Jessica too. And I've loved the recent blogs about david's new trainer! I think you should get Jessica working out too. I'd love to see her cute, young bod in some pretty workout photos! Don't you think she'd look good next to david's new trainer? They're both so cute.

    1. I wonder how little jessica has been doing lately... will have to check up on her.

  9. You, and J, certainly understand men! :)

  10. WOW, spank me please over your knee as long and as hard as you please.......great stuff and drawings...

  11. Love this! A perfect scene! I saw a pro domme regularly over a number of years. Her favorite way to finish a session was with me on my back and masturbationg with 2 (or more!) of her fingers inside of me. She enjoyed being able to feel me cum as she watched it. The pleasure nerve bundle of the genitals also includes the anus. I would love to have my tongue deep inside a woman's bottom hole and feel her cum as her muscles contracted. Women's bottoms. (Sigh!)