Saturday, May 5

Trained in front of Sister

Did it! There's another notch in my belt! And better yet, david is still sulking. Lil' bitch. Ha Ha!

I set out david's first week's premature ejaculation training as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In a previous post, Training Time!, I described Monday's training session. Wednesday was similar, except I upped the ante and he had his bum violated by a dildo I belted around his ass to hold it in. Needless to say, he did not reach his 60 seconds without begging to stop, and he needed a clamping from my hand two times out of three. So he got spanked bright red and did pantied corner time. I also feigned anger and disappointment that he actually seemed to be moving backwards (though I think the invasion into his bumhole was a significant factor this time). I told him he could expect me to be stricter with him on Friday, but did not elaborate. As it happened, we skipped Friday and rescheduled for today (Saturday).

What was actually going to happen was that I would be having Sue over to watch him being trained as punishment for his lack of progress, but I thought I would keep that a surprise for him.

The dildo in his backside had such a good result that I wanted to go even further along those lines to be absolutely sure he would have an accident in front of Sue. So I went out shopping for a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. I had seen these things previously, and it stuck in my head. It was a fun shopping trip. I went by myself and had a nice chat with the salesgirl regarding the intended use of the device in my husband's bumhole. We had a nice little laugh over it, she and I. We picked a marvellous device. Could not be happier with it. My intent was that david would have this up his butt, and Sue would wield the controller from the couch.

He would blow his load for sure, and there would be a strapping as punishment which I am just dying to administer to him in front of my sister.

I was determined to not compromise a moment of this wonderful opportunity. In past situations I have always regretted not going far enough, mainly because I never have enough humiliating stuff planned out in advance, and when I'm ad-libbing, I'm not nearly as good. This time I made a list of the things that I wanted to make sure to get to with david, and it was a long list! If I don’t get to some of the things on it, so be it. But on the other hand, if I'm given half an opportunity I will get through my list. And my list has some nasty shit on it, let me tell you!

Sue came by this morning. He was surprised to see Sue at our house, especially as he knew we had postponed Premie Training until today. I took them both into the living room and we all sat down. I explained to david that I was disappointed in his backwards progress, and as punishment and additional motivation I have already told Sue about his premature ejaculation problem, and furthermore have asked her to lend a hand with his training today.

He whined somewhat, saying "Julieeee… no…" or some such noise I forget. Sue spoke up. She said that for my sake she was really disappointed to hear that he was an underperformer in bed, and maybe that helps to explain this spanking and panties thing he has. She explained that she once had sex with a man who blew his load a few seconds after penetration. She never went out with him again, and can’t see why any woman would. I had asked Sue to embarrass him during the scene, but oh my!

I stepped in and told david he should go up the bedroom, undress, and come back down, completely nude. I already had the usual equipment: hairbrush, lube, pink lacy panties; in a drawer in the living room. Plus his new toy as well, already unpacked, washed, and tested as functional.

I honestly thought he would put up more of a fuss over Sue's presence. Maybe even refuse outright, which would have been a buzzkill. I guess I have him pretty well trained! Ha Ha!

As he was upstairs, Sue and I arranged the living room to make more space in the middle. I put down his blue towel for him to stand on and, hopefully, mess on.

When he came down he was looking bashful. "Do we have to do this?" he whined, but I could tell by his tone of voice, and by his erect penis, that he wasn't going to rebel. I stood david on his towel, feet together, standing straight, hands at his sides, and Sue and I took a seat on the couch. "Tell Sue when you first knew you had a problem with premature ejaculation, david. You know, in high school." I told him.

You guys have already heard the story, but this was Sue's first hearing, and we provided some additional detail so please forgive me if I repeat myself.

He blushed but explained that he was on a date with a girl his age in grade 10 (second year of high school here) and they ended the evening in her basement, necking on her couch. He said she touched his penis over his pants, and he ejaculated. She knew right away because of his involuntary shudder, and because of the stain on his light summer pants. "You should go" is what she said, a bit angrily. He left and avoided her the rest of high school. He knows she told at least one other person, because she and a girlfriend were passing by him and the girlfriend said "Hi Speedy!" and giggled as he passed.

He didn’t offer all of this up straight away, but I knew the whole story, and prompted him until it was all out. Sue said he was lucky, because she would have told the whole cheerleading squad (yup - she was a cheerleader in high school - and yup, that did actually happen to some poor boy in her school, though not of her doing - talk about a punishment!)

While david had started out hard, telling his story took all the wind out of his sails, and likely for the first time ever, he was limp-dicked in front of Sue by the end.

I got up and got the lube, told him to put his hand out, and squirted some into his palm. "Get yourself hard." I told him.

david looked very pained by it all but hunched over a bit and did as he was told. He must have been so embarrassed to be rubbing his cock in front of my sister! As a matter of act, he wasn't making much progress. What a funny thing a guy's cock is. I wonder if he was embarrassed that he wasn't getting hard? You poor boys, criticized if you don’t get hard fast enough, and criticized if you blow your wad too soon. I feel for you.

"Grab your sac with your other hand, david," I said, "like you do when you jerk off in front of the computer."

He again looked sheepish, but grabbed his ball sac with his left hand and pulled it downwards, which is what he does when alone and masturbating (I walked in on him once in front of the computer doing that). "Pull it down harder, sweetie" I told him. "He likes masturbating like that." I told Sue.

"He still masturbates?" Asked Sue "I thought men outgrew that. No wonder he cums so fast." I told her I put the reins on it a few weeks back. Now he has to ask my permission before doing it, and I told her that I have Net Nanny so I can see what he is masturbating to. "In fact…" I said, and went to get my iPad out where I had stashed that picture. This is what he masturbated to last time. "No way!" Said Sue.

"It's worse." I said. I showed the picture to david.

J: david, when you masturbated to this picture, where were you looking?
d: at her backside
J: And do you imagine you’re the big strong man in the photo?
d: no
J: So who do you imagine you are in this photo?
d: nobody...
J: Liar! That's not what you told me. Now one more chance to tell the truth. Tell Sue who you imagine you are in this photo?
d: the girl

He said that rather piteously, rubbing his limp cock, and I looked at Sue and she looked at me with a big smile and a laugh.

J: Now look at the girl and imagine it's you. Keep rubbing yourself. Where's that big strong man taking you?
d: he's not taking me anywhere
J: Shut up and imagine you're the girl like I told you to. Now where is he taking YOU.
d: to bed
J: And what's he going to do when he gets you there?
d: give me a spanking
J: What will he use on your cute little ass?
d: just his hand
J: Yeah, he has a big strong hand. His hand would be like my paddle, wouldn’t it?
d: yes
J: Would he make you cry?
d: yes
J: And then what would happen?
d: I don’t know
J: He'd want to fuck you, wouldn't he?
d: yes
J: In the ass?
d: yes
J: and pussy?
d: yes

J: Would his cock stay hard a long long time as he did that
d: yes
J: And you’re not gay at all, right?
d: NO!

Sue and I laughed again. But mission accomplished. The photo had worked its magic, and david was hard as anything.

Time to start. I set my iPhone countdown timer. I poured more lube onto his cockshaft and tip, and said "Sixty Seconds. Go!"

I was standing beside david. Sue was sitting on the couch directly in front of him, curled up on it like a cat, watching him intently, and looking like the cat that ate the canary, or was about to! I tracked where david's eyes were looking: right down to the carpet in front of him. "Look at Sue, david. Don’t break eye contact."

Sue wiggled a bit on the couch and said "You can do it, david. It's only a minute." david moaned a bit. "C'mon, do yourself proud" she said. Sue hiked her knee-length skirt a little showing off some of her sexy thigh. "Ohhh!" david moaned. "david!" I said, and smacked his bottom once, "don’t you dare have thoughts about my sister!"

Sue was no help at all. She pursed her lips, ran her tongue around them, and played with the top button on her blouse. Ha Ha!

"I have to stop!" he said.

"Only five more seconds, david. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… DONE!"

"Very Good!" Sue said, and I echoed the sentiment. david was still shaking and wiggling, with his sexy glistening cock twitching as he squeezed his thighs together, hands glued to his sides.

"We better increase the challenge." I said.

"No!" begged david.

"Look, I bought a new toy for you, david." And I showed him the remote-controlled butt plug. "This goes up your backside, and it vibrates in there. Sue can control the strength of the vibrations from the couch with the remote."

"I'll cum!" pleaded david.

"No you won't!" I said, strictly.

"You better not." Sue added, "or you'll get Julie's strap, which, by the way, I think you deserve for being  a premature ejaculator."

I told him to bend over so I could get this thing into him. I remember he complained about that so I told him that's fine, if he's going to complain, then Sue can watch the penetration, and made him turn his bare butt towards Sue and then bend over. I told him to reach behind and hold his cheeks apart.

"You stay there and hold those cheeks apart while I give this a rinsing." In truth, I had already cleaned the thing, but when I saw how humiliated he was bending over like that, holding his cheeks apart while Sue watched from the couch, I decided to prolong the exposure of his little boy hole. After all, with a golden opportunity like this I was going to milk it for all that it was worth.

I got back and found him where I had left him. As he stayed bent over, spreading himself, I sat with Sue and we went over the various functions on the butt plug. She held it in her hand as we cycled through ten settings. Some were constant at various power levels, and other did cycles and pulsations. What must david have been thinking as we did that, sitting there talking about that, awaiting his penetration in front of Sue, forced to hold his cheeks wide like an eager ass slut awaiting Mistress's fat cock.

When we were done playing, I lubed the toy and started working it into him. As the widest part started going in I got some moans and groans from him, but his little hole is well-trained by now and opened up nicely to gobble up and suck in that butt plug! I pushed it in nice and deep for added security. "That's impressive," said Sue, "I'll bet that's not the first thing that's gone up there."

"Heavens no," I told her, standing david up and turning him around to face Sue once again. "david is often 'the woman' in bed. When I get in the mood, he gets himself a real long hard pounding up his bumhole with my strap on, don’t you dear?" As I said that, I gave his bare bum a patronizing slap.

"At least SOMEONE's getting some hard cock in this marriage." Added Sue. Priceless! She plays the game well.

As she sat there, she randomly pushed the buttons on the remote, and it was so funny because as she tried each one you could see the reaction on david's face and in his loins.

I reset my iPhone countdown timer again. I poured even more lube onto his cock, and again said "Sixty Seconds. Go!"

david reached for his cock and sac and started rubbing. I reached behind him and made sure the butt plug was in nice and deep, and slapped his ass playfully. Sue turned the vibrating butt plug on which got an amusing gasp out of david. "Look in Sue's eyes again, david. Don’t take your eyes off her." I warned.

"Bad little premie." I said as I slapped his butt.

"If you did that to me in high school, I would have spanked you on the spot for wetting yourself." Said Sue.

"I have to stop!" said david.

"That's only 30 seconds! You can hold on longer." I said.

"Are you really going to cum after only 30 seconds?" asked Sue

"Yes! Please may I stop?!" said david.

"Pathetic" said Sue

"Stop!" I said.

david stopped, put his hands at his sides, and squirmed up a storm.

"The vibrator!" begged david.

"What, this?" asked Sue, waving it in the air.

"I'm 'gonna cum. I need your hand Julie, please!"

I reached over and clamped his penis as he continued to squirm. I gave Sue a sign and she turned off the vibrator. He writhed all around my hand, but I had a very firm grip on him, and he wasn't going anywhere. But his circumcised cocktip was amusingly red and engorged with blood. "Look at that." I said to Sue, looking down at it. "Disgusting." Said Sue, but with a smile. I told him to put his hand in front and I released my grip on him. A few drops of pre-cum came out into his hand.

David had reached 45 seconds, but needed a clamping. "That's 60 minus 45 times 3 spanks because of the leakage. What is that, Sue?"

"45 spanks!" she said.

"Let's start again, david. Last time." I said. "Ready, Set, Go!"

Sue also turned the vibrator back on, and I made sure it was still firmly lodged up in him, while fondling his ass.

Sue was getting into the spirit of things and put on a sexy little kitten show for david. She undid a button and showed david a bit of bra strap and lace around the cup. She also hiked her skirt a little bit higher on her thigh. And then she gave a little moan and said "you 'gonna cum for me, david, you little premie you?"

"I need to stop!" said david.

So easy! "No! Control yourself. Don’t think of my sister like that!" I answered.

"I need to! I need to!" repeated david, as Sue cranked up the power on the vibrator. "Please. Please." He pleaded with me.

When I saw he was beyond the point of no-return I ordered him to stop and put his hands at his sides.

Urgently, he said "I need your hand, Julie!"

"You don’t get my hand for perving on my sister!"

As he stood there, nude, in the living room, hands pinned to his sides, it happened. His face contorted and he cried out, arcing a stream of cum from his cocktip.

Sue jumped off the couch in a panic. The cum did not reach that far, though, and fell only on the blue towel. The second spurt was less energetic, and the third and fourth just kind of oozed out.

"Ooooh!" I said.

"Disgusting!" added Sue, for the second time.

"Are you ever in for it now, mister!" I told him. I grabbed his hair and pushed him down on his hands and knees, and then I pushed his nose into his cum. "Bad premie!" I said, and whacked his ass as I smushed his nose into his cum puddles, like you would a bad puppy.

"Kneel there!" I told him, and went to get a spoon from the kitchen. Then using the spoon I scooped up all the cum I could, off the blue towel and off his face, and spoon-fed it to him telling him to hold it in his mouth and don’t dare spit it out or swallow it. "because you jizzed when you weren't supposed to, you're going to be punished holding that cum in your mouth!" I told him.

I got a wet dishrag and dry cloth from the kitchen and came back to clean him off. The cum on his face, the lube on his hands, cock, balls, and inner thighs. I stood him up and bent him over and ordered him again to hold his bum cheeks apart. I then slid the plug out. There was some mess on the tip of it, and I showed it to him and called him a dirty boy in front of Sue. "I need to wipe your ass. Stay like that!" I commanded him. Sue wrinkled her nose. I went to the bathroom and got some toilet paper to finish off the job. I had "wiping his dirty ass in front of Sue" on my list. Disgusting of me, I know, but oh so exquisitely humiliating for him. As I said before, this was my golden moment to shine!

"He blew his load with 20 seconds left, so I say we add another 80 to his spanking, and then he gets the strap." I said to Sue.

I carefully rolled up and got rid of the cummy blue towel and put the chair in the center of the living room and then got the hairbrush out from the drawer.

Sue was enjoying the show, but david looked like he was in a daze. Certainly he had nothing to say as his mouth was full of his own ejaculate.

"How much is that in total?" I asked Sue.

"45 before plus 80 now - that's 125 whacks!" Answered Sue, who was always so good at math. "And THEN the strap" she added. "Can I give him the 125?" Asked Sue.

"Of course! I'd appreciate it in fact, so that I'm fresh for the strap. You start in. Make them ALL hard ones. I'll go upstairs and get my strap." I said.

As I started towards the stairs I heard Sue call david across her knee and could hear her scolding him for not controlling himself. I lingered a bit out of sight listening to the scolding. I heard her make mention to him of being spanked holding cum in his mouth, and how he should be ashamed of himself, but how fitting it was, being spoon-fed his own premie cum by his long-suffering wife. She told him she knew he wanted to swallow it all down, like the slutty girl he is, but not to dare until I gave him my permission. I think Sue is learning fast from me! Then I started hearing that familiar wood on flesh sound, and little grunts from david. Those strokes sounded hard and fast to me!

I hurried upstairs to get the strap as I wanted to be back down before Sue had finished. I got back down in time to see the tail end of his spanking across my sister's knee. His ass and upper thighs were bright, bright red, and he was squirming and kicking across her knee, with that typical "mouth closed" screaming you hear in these situations. His eyes were wide, and there were beads of sweat and/or tears streaming down his face. One last hellacious volley of smacks low down across both his cheeks had him going rigid, planking across Sue's lap, marking the end of his spanking.

Sue literally pushed him off her lap and he tumbled onto the floor, clutching his hindquarters, breathing heavily through his nose and mewling like a baby.

"Good job!" I told her, genuinely impressed. That was likely harder than anything I had given him with that hairbrush.

"Now he gets the strap!" She said. My was she eager.

Sue and I adjusted the sofa to a better position. I picked up david by his ear and guided him across the back of it. I told him to spread his legs nice and wide for the strap. david's toes just barely touched the floor when he did that, and his cock and balls were dangling prominently between his legs. He seemed to have a lot of trouble breathing, with his stomach compressed like that, and using only his nose. So I had mercy on him. Besides, I wanted to hear him beg and carry on like a little girl as I strapped him. I grabbed his hair and lifted his head up and told him to swallow his cum, like a good slut. Sue watched him as he swallowed every last drop down. Cross another off the list!

I stood back with the strap, aimed low, and whipped it hard across his lower ass cheeks. "That's for cumming in front of my sister!" I told him. I aimed another stroke across the middle of his butt-cheeks and whipped hard. Both strokes seared him like a steak on a hot griddle, leaving perfectly rectangular strap marks. I gave him four more hard ones. He was truly suffering.

"Want to try?" I asked Sue.

"No. I like to watch you." She said.

I lined him up and continued strapping him another half dozen times or so. "How many strokes was that?" I asked Sue.

"About a dozen," she said.

"I'll give him another dozen." I said, and I heard david moan.

I took my time with these. Lining it up, fidgeting the strap a bit back and forth, and then striking full force with follow-through. I spared his thighs, as I didn’t want to get too close to his cock and balls. This wasn't the right position for a thigh strapping, and he hadn't earned himself a ball whipping. His ass was severely marked up, though, and I do mean severely! I never put my strap away until I am positive he has a renewed fear of it, but I was sure I had already reached that mark. He had lost all modesty by now, and was pleading and begging to be let off after each stroke. Kicking his legs and crying like a baby, and right in front of my sister.

For the last few I told him to look Sue in the eye. He had to strain his neck upwards to do that. I told him that after each strapping landed he needed to apologize to Sue for thinking naughty thoughts about her, for cumming in her presence, and for being a premie. I strapped his ass hard, and when he could talk again he did as was told, blubbering out his apologies, runny nose and teary eyes notwithstanding. He was done. Well-humiliated and certainly well-strapped.

I brought him his panties, and helped him on with them, and then sentenced him to fifteen minutes of hands-at-sides, panties-up corner time. As he went to his corner, I followed him and hiked up his panties, exposing more of his well-beaten lower ass cheeks.

Sue and I went to get a glass of water. We exchanged looks and smiles. "that was fun!" she whispered to me. "I think I need to go home and take care of something." She said. Ha Ha! She was super turned on, was my big sister! "That was an amazing strapping!" she said to me.

Before she left, she went over to david, still standing in the corner, patted his ass and told him that she was sure he would do better next time for me, and she hoped that she would not be needed to step in again.

"What do you say, david?" I asked.

"thank you, Sue." he said.

I kept david in his corner for the full fifteen. I thought he needed the time. When he came out we discussed the experience. I asked him his thoughts. He said that the worst part was that Sue knew about his premature ejaculation problem. After all that. After all the humiliations I put him through in front of my sister, after the anal penetration, the forced masturbation, the ejaculation, the cum in his mouth, the bumhole cleaning, the hard hairbrushing from Sue, and the butt-sizzling from me, that was what stood out for him!?!

He kept harping on the point and told me that I should have talked to him before telling her that. That it was a betrayal of trust. Yada yada yada. I was actually getting a bit angry. Here I put him through his super fantasy humiliation, and he can’t get off that one thing. I told him I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It was only my sister, and it was my decision what to tell her and what not to tell her. He can’t expect to behave like a subby slut in front of my sister and still dictate to me what I can and can’t share with her.

He said another thing was that he thought that the strap was reserved for when he really screwed up, for real.  I said. "But who's to say you didn’t really screw up, what with your premature ejaculation, and the ogling of my sister?"

My david is a bright boy, of course, and said that he knows I don't really care about his PE, and as for ogling my sister, I told him to look at her and she undid her blouse, and he's not gay after all… Ha Ha! Got me there on all counts. He asked me if it was ok if we stopped "the training" now, now that I had gotten what I wanted. Again. Smart boy! That's why I married him. And he knows me too well by now. I told him that yes, I had gotten what I wanted out of it and we could stop.

He is still a little sore at me for exposing his deep dark secret to my sister. I'm sure he'll just sulk for a day or two and then get over it. I promised to ask Sue not to tell anybody else (of course she wouldn’t) and not to tease him about it (not so sure on that count!).

All in all, I am proud of myself for making it all the way down my list of nasty humiliations to carry out in front of Sue without losing my nerve! Yeah me! Fortunately she had fun as well, and what a go-er! She is for sure just like me. Domme through and through. No doubt about it. So I need to give her a tremendous amount of credit as well. She is an amazing sister, and she and I are a lot closer since we started exploring and enjoying our secret life together at david's expense!


  1. Outstanding! You have david exactly where you want him...and where he wants to be!

    About Sue; she has clearly 'warmed' to the idea of female domination, corporal punishment, humiliation and perhaps even anal play (of the male variety). You mentioned she's divorced - has she indicated that her recent experiences with david has made her interested/likely to seek out submissive future male partners? Her need to 'go home and take care of something' means this has got her sexual motor running..,

    1. I know Sue is warming to the idea of sexual dominance. At this point she would not be happy with anything else, in fact. We do have some conversations I don't recount here, you know.

  2. Any reaction from Sue on david's being regularly taken with a strapon? Or given all that has transpired, how might that seem startling?! LoL

    1. She actually already knew that about us. We have been having some talks, she and I.

  3. Very nice jennifer,

    Sounds like sissy david had a wonderful time. Maybe he should be in a nice little school girl uniform next time ;-) Also sent you an email about Chloe.


    1. I assume you are addressing me? I have dressed him in a plaid skirt, blouse, and panties and face fucked him before. Is that close enough?

  4. So, let's see, you have primed the take a real cock topic to build on later. Sure seems Sue was playful. Hints of her showing David more to look at? And if i followed, the frist time David is aware Sue knows he takes the strap on?

    Submissive Husband

    1. Yes! Sue was very playful. Leading up to this event we actually talked more than I blogged about. I knew it was her intent to get more playful, but the proof was sure in the pudding!

      She did know about him taking the strap-on, though I believe you are correct that I have never mentioned that before in my blog.

    2. I forgot to commnent regarding David not caring for you giving out information without consulting him first. From what i have learned from my play, even when you call it a game, once you start handing over the control to your domme, you are sub, just how much it evovles time will tell. I don't think David understands how much he has given away. If it pleases you, whatever it is, my guess he will do as told and discuss it later, as if that matters!

      Submissive Husband

    3. As I wrote in an email earlier today:

      I take him, sometimes kicking and screaming, and drag him into a “scene” that oftentimes he has no say in. That loss of control is the price he pays for handing me the hairbrush.

  5. so, Julie - your sister, she's not seeing anyone, right? ;-)

    1. And not currently interested, or so she claims, but our fun and games may change her opinions on men!

  6. Hi Julie , i just had to write a comment , i've been following this episode in davids training and i have to say i found it very enjoyable . Your so inventive i would call it mean or cruel but i know david must enjoy it so its not mean or cruel . If only more wives took your example there would perhaps be a few less divorces . Keep up the excellent work .. respectfully

    1. Hi david! So nice to hear from you. I still cherish those photos of you getting that slipper!

      It IS mean, and cruel, and he loves it, the 'lil bitch!

  7. Even tho she has not indicated an interest, I am guessing the wheels are turning in Sue's devious brain. She was divorced because she was not truly happy with the way her life was moving. She has to have second thoughts with her new associations with your own devious mind and the consequent activities. she is actually getting as much, or maybe more, out of this activity than than you are. After all, you are doing the planning. she has been swept along in your wake and has already responded with making some of her own waves.

    Let us see how long before she introduces you to a new "victim" in her own life. you will all have quadruple fun together. Ahh! the possibilities ------

    1. Yes! That would be fun if she recruits an appropriate man! I would love to provide a helping hand (but I guess I would need to ask david... shucks!)

  8. The "training" may have ended but you're still stuck with a "preemie", no? Perhaps you should have Sue give david a gift designed to compensate for his short-cummings (har!). Something like this will give you long-lasting physical sensations as well as reinforce & humiliate david about his sexual inadequacies.

    Plus he'll have a front seat to your erotic reaction to a proper fucking and allow you to verbally venture down a cuckolding road as you whisper in his ear as he wields his silicone replacement.

    Just a thought...

  9. Julie, You are a great lady with a need to punish david. I would like to stand up for david but I just can't. With him being mouth after Sue went home. That is not called for you need to let david know that you are the boss. He should grounded. No talk to you. He should have to write everything down. That way his words won't hurt your feeling. I think you should not let him off the hook. Two more weeks of training. Let Sue know the nights and if she want's to show then let her make her feel welcome. Maybe think about a cock ring.

    Great job by you and Sue.


    1. Well, I let him mouth off a bit. He'll know it when he goes too far. No spankings for a week!

  10. Julie,

    Wow. That is easily the best post in your entire blog in my opinion. You have a great many great posts so that is saying something.

    How can we top this on our blog? No way. We won't even try to top it, but we'll make it our own. But wow - I am in awe with all three of you. You - for your inventiveness. Sue - for her taking it up a notch or ten and finally accepting her inner-Domme while having a ton of fun along the way. david - for him being smart enough at the end to realize the bigger picture and talking to you about it. Kudos to all of you. Well done.

    There is so much in this post I feel like I am trying to take a sip out of a fire hydrant. I need to step back and relect on this for a day or so. I might comment again as thoughts occur to me.

    In the end, david is a very lucky hubby/sub. Sue is a very lucky sister. And you are very lucky woman to have both of them in your life. Ain't life grand when things play out this way? I feel lucky that way too.


  11. Incredible scene and hot journey forward for david and Sue! All that whipping and what cut deepest is what you told Sue. I'm sure he will see your wisdom of the 'whole' package soon. In some sense I'm sure he's grasping for that last bit of lost control. But there is no hiding from you... AND now Sue. In the end, that is what he desires. Hot hot hot. Of course by asking to end the training, he frees you to think about your next move.


    1. Yes. I was bored with training him anyways. I want to plot and plan something new!

  12. Thank you for sharing with us, Julie. Your writing sparks sooo many delicious fantasies, you have a really nice way of turning a phrase.

    I'm so curious, would you ever let Sue 'borrow' david for a few minutes to relieve some of that tension? I think I read in an earlier post that any sex was strictly off limits, but it seems like things are progressing. Is the idea of your husband servicing your sister completely off the table? It was the first thing I thought of when I read the bit about her 'needing to go home and take care of something'.

    The other thing that popped into my head was a scene where david spends an afternoon cleaning and 'slaving away' at Sue's place: laundry, dishes, scrubbing, etc to show his gratitude for her participation in improving his marital performance. He must know he is completely fucked at this point and bitten off way more than he can can chew (which is exactly what us subby guys dream about, I'm sure you know). I'm not particularly fond of housework, but I absolutely *thrill* to the idea of being used, I bet he would as well.

    Thanks again for choosing to share with us.

    1. When she told me she needed to "take care of something" at home, my first thought was to loan her david's talented tongue. I was feeling it at the moment and would not have felt the least bit jealous. I did not say it, though. Somehow I think my big sister would be insulted with the implication that she can't snap her fingers and put any man she wants between her legs. She is very attractive and doesn't need to "borrow" something that belongs to her little sister for that!

      Though it would be much harder for her to snap her fingers to get a man to do her housework... hmmmm I'll have to think about that one!

  13. Another great post Miss Julie, thank you. After everthing that has happened in such a short span of 6 months in your marriage, I sure david cant believe the changes in the relationship nor his luck.
    What's next?
    A Dominant / submissive relationship for Sue to explore.
    A chastity devise for david. ( that would certainly help in his training )
    thank you again, looking forward to future posts.

    1. What next indeed... chuckle chuckle chuckle - evil grin!

  14. Very lovely Julie,

    I was skimming the channel guide the other day on DirectTV, and noticed that there was an hour long program on the BUZZ network called "Adult Bedroom Toys!" I watched for a few minutes and it seems as though it was a home shopping network show for BED ROOM TOYS!!!. Might be an interesting program to record or watch live for your sissy girl.


  15. Hi Julie ever thought of using the NeoSteel chastity belt on your sissy hubby, or maybe the humiliator gag with several different interesting attachment? the neosteel still gives her a feminine front but has an opening for a but plug and can also get a dildo to attach to the front for your self without releasing her.


  16. Another great post Julie. I was thinking since he has this premie problem and cried like a baby after punishment maybe you should threaten him with diapers as added punishment and humiliation. The thought of having to lay down and be powdered and be put in a diaper and plastic panties would be an ultimate embarasment. Espescially in front of Sue. Far more so than panty corner time.

    1. I should introduce you to Gretchen, bob. You two would be a match made in heaven!

      I think it would be fun to diaper him while another woman watched. Full on legs up, wet naps, powder, and diaper! Ha Ha!

    2. If I wasn't married I would say introduce away but I am, even though my wife is very vanilla when it comes to the stuff you put David thru. But other than not filling my spanking needs she is wonderful. That is why I enjoy your blog so much it let's me fantasize about being David. By the way as far as Gretchen is concerned, who would be diapering who. LOL

      And I think if you think it would be fun to do to David you should go for it. Who knows he might enjoy it also!!

    3. Gretchen is a commenter on my blog. And for sure it would be the boy getting the diapering, Bob!

  17. Julie - you really outdid yourself this time! This is your best post ever. i already came (not prematurely by the way) 3 times from reading the scenario and comments. It has all the elements:
    1. public humiliation
    2. public spanking
    3. verbal humiliation
    4. forced masturbation
    5. forcing david to recount his humiliating H.S. experience
    6. anal penetration
    7. forcing david to swallow his own cum
    8. forced to wear pink panties while in the corner
    9. having his sissy ass wiped
    10. cock-teased by Sue (a sure sign he's "pussy whipped"

    Congratulations on your best effort yet! Gotta go- need to jack off again!!!!

    1. Oooh, four and counting eh? You are a bad boy.
      You nailed it on number 10. I enjoyed the "cock teasing", as you put it. My sister is very gorgeous, and I am 100% secure in the fact that he will never get any from her, which fills me with pleasure!

    2. Well I think you should try sending him over to clean and have her over and have him serve. I think they will both enjoy the activties and Sue can get more comfortable with her inner Domme. What ever happened to his trainer. I think we are love the idea of multiple Dommes. craig

    3. His old trainer left town, sad to say, and his new one is very vanilla, unfortunately!

  18. Wonderful writing Miss Julie, I throughly enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. Seems like your sissy David learn his lessons especially about ogling over your sister. I bet he will not be able to look her in the eye, even at family functions unless you instruct him too.

    BTW, PE is not a problem for me but if it ever did, I am sure my Wife Miss Beth would read your blog with great interest and take lots of notes!


    - Mr. Beth

    1. Yes, in my preparations I needed a good excuse why I would not "help him" with my hand. In the end, I asked Sue to give him a little tease, and then I would pretend to be mad at him for cumming from that tease, and hence refuse to help him. It was the best part of my planning for this, and I am happy you noticed!

    2. You are very welcome Miss Julie. I did notice too that you seemed a bit tired of his training. If I may respectfully ask, is this due to not finding new training techinques or just bored with his training period?

      If it's pure boredom, I perhaps suggesting outsourcing him to other women for training. My Wife Beth oursources me sometimes especially to her BFF Diana who is pretty much my 2nd Mistress. That way he can continue to train even when you are not with him Miss Julie. Hopefully it will make him a even better submissive.

      I also noticed that your husband like the picture of the muscular man overpowering the slave girl. Perhaps sissy David wants to get his ass kicked by a musuclar woman. That is something else you could try Miss Julie, there are many professional bodybuilders who also session. My wife Beth happens to be a amateur bodybuilder who is also a black belt in juno so she kicks my ass whenever/wherever she feels like it. But sometimes she will get her BFF Di to do it or another one of her bodybuilding friends to do it and She just sits back and enjoys the show..all the while verbally humiliating me. Just some food for thought Miss Julie!


      Mr. Beth

    3. Wow. Sounds amazing, mb! I would love to see a powerful woman kick my david's ass for sure. Right now he submits willingly, but in the back of his mind he knows he could just get up and put a stop to it. With the sort of women you're talking about, he may just panic knowing he can't! Ha Ha!

    4. Oh most definitely Miss Julie! No matter how often it has happened to me whether it be Miss Beth or one of Her cohorts kicking my ass, I often panic for a few moments knowing there is no way of stopping my ass kicking. And I am a guy that spends hours at the gym and lifts weights. But there is no stopping Miss Beth once She decides to lay the smack down on me, it always end the same: me either screaming pathetically, pleading, begging for Her to show some mercy or even me taking a few moments of sleep as She knock me out. And of course, I am even further humiliated when I wake up with a huge errection and Beth quickly notices. :)


      Mr. Beth

      PS - Miss Julie, if you want to know all means please ask about this or anything else. I be happy to share! :)

    5. Mr B, You are living my number one fantasy. You are so fortunate. I had to give up on my dream of being wrestled down some 60 yrs ago with severe back problems.
      I can still fantasize tho.

    6. Observing, I am a very very very very fortunate man indeed! I am so sorry you have such severe back problems, perhaps you can still be belly punched or leg scissored, LOL!


      Mr. Beth

  19. Hey Julie, absolutely great training session with your sissy. I was wondering what your thoughts would be on letting us take a quick picture tour of sissy's room without anyone in it, and maybe an open drawer/closet tour to see her toy and clothes collection to get better idea of what you have gotten her.


    1. Hi Emily, you would be very bored. He has a few panties hidden away in a drawer, and another bedside drawer accumulating some implements and dildos, but other than that it is a normal bedroom.

  20. You mentioned you had grown tired of this training. For Your next move I suggest you have david gather up all your soiled panties (prior to washing them himself, of course). he would then put them in a pot of water and boil them. This would make "panty tea" for him to drink. BWTM - he needs "cream" in his tea so You will force him to jack off into the cup. he will invariably cum prematurely so he'll need to be whipped hard. You will then force him to drink his tea followed by corner time. This reinforces the notion of how "pussy whipped" he is by having him drink a concoction of your panty residue and his cum and he'll receive the whipping he so richly deserves. This could also be done in front of Sue. Maybe She could add her soiled panties to the mix and david could be cock-teased further by telling him this is the closest he'll EVER get to Sue's pussy and ass!

    1. I just got bored with the routine for his premature ejaculation training. It was a put on to begin with, and then doing it three times is enough, already.

      I think I might take a pass on your suggestions, but I will say you have a MOST interesting fetish!

  21. Wow. That's the most amazing thing I think I've ever read!

    1. Thank you! Tops my list of naughtiest things to date as well! I had a quick look over at your blog - very interesting reading! I added a link for you. Thank you for coming over to visit me here.

  22. Ms. Julie- Omg... this is incredibly hot! I've tented my panties and cum to your tale the past two nights..ha, and no, I'm not usually "premie"!!
    You've hit about a half-dozen "hot buttons" all in one post/session with your little hubette and Sue. Amazing!!

    1. Thank you! I enjoy when you boys rub at your little penises, like monkeys in the zoo, thinking about me!

  23. Julie have you ever considered allowing Sue to use the strap-on on David will he pleasures you? I'm sure it would be extremely humiliating for him to be fucked by his mistress's sister and I can only imagine it will help Sue bring out more of her dominant side. Just food for thought, keep up with this amazing blog it keeps getting better and better!

    1. A little over the line. I doubt Sue would be interested in watching my pussy get licked out, and I would definitely not want her to! Also an ass-fucking is pretty intimate, even with pants on...

  24. Julie

    Not sure what to say, I know it takes the two of you but to add your sister in, well amazing, "the familiar wood to skin" hairbrush spanking from your sister, otk, just outstanding, I love the way you keep the tradition of the spanking in your relationship even if it is your sister. You are just wonderful and amazing.


  25. Ms. Julie-
    As I tent my little panties here and prepare to squirt in them for the 3rd time to this post, I have to agree with Marc that this is one of the hottest posts I've ever read. Some of the things that get me
    - david having to stand on his "towel" to cum on
    - of course, your sister being there in the first place!
    - him having to describe to your sister about his premie problem
    - You having david wait bent over while you got his new vibe :)
    - Sue using the vibe control, and david having to look at her
    - You rubbing his face in his messy cum, and making him hold it as you begin his punishment

    Oh my! You are just incredible with all this! Looking forward to more of your ingenious activities!
    Now, off to sperm my panties! :)

  26. Ever think about putting David in chastity? Just think of the humiliation you could inflict between you and Sue. Then there's the entire aspect of controlling when he cums. You could even force him to look at all his porn for a week or so and then not let him cum.

    As for the post itself, I agree with the others, it's fantastic, I think it's easily the most erotic one yet. Between the vibrating butt plug, his admission about the picture (definitely need to dig into that a little deeper!), making him eat his cum and then the spanking itself, it's just brilliant!

  27. Very hot, thanks for sharing. Chastity would be fun. Where can you go next with david?
    look forward to the next installment!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. VS here.

    I'm a bit puzzled. Did your husband actually want to be humiliated for his PE in front of your sister? And be beaten by both of you? Or did he endure some embarrasment and humiliation because he knew you would enjoy it, even if he didn't?

    Viktor Strelnikov

    1. Oh no, he craves the humiliation in a scene sense. He was upset that Sue knew about his PE for real, in the real world. Had it been a pure scene with made-up PE, he would have been completely fine with it. As it is, he got over her knowing, and he admitted this scene was the hottest ever humiliation in his life.

  30. One of the best things I've ever read

  31. Hi Julie
    I recently found ur blog and u guys rock. I also have a hot mistress whom just started spanking me along with her many other punishments. You and Sue really know how to keep David in line and he is one lucky slave to have a mistress so motivated and creative. Keep up the great work and fantastic accounting of ur lives!!

    1. This one is so long ago I had to refresh my memory.
      That WAS an awesome scene!