Saturday, September 8

Story: Humiliated by the Victoria's Secret Girl!

I have a pen-pal who wanted to confess things to me and have me be the strong dominant type with him. His first confession was.
Well, a woman ordered me to go to Victoria's Secret and ask the salesgirl for a bra and then to go into the fitting room and try it on!

I decided I would write him back with a fantasy response, and then asked him to write the same story from his perspective. His story back was amazing. Picked up on a number of my elements, and fleshed them our beautifully, not slavishly following my story exactly, but improving it markedly. He is a talent, but he wishes to remain anonymous.

Please enjoy the results of our efforts!

Julie's Story:

Oh joseph! Really????

Imagine how uncomfortable you made the other women in that store feel, much less the salesgirl, though I am sure she is used to men like you by now.

I march you right back to that store, mister, and we find that salesgirl. I tell her that I found this bra, and it is certainly not mine. Your lame explanation is that you bought it for yourself. Yeah right! Fortunately for you, she corroborates your story. Now instead of having a cheater on my hands, I find I have a little perv who somehow gets off on purchasing (and no doubt, yuck, wearing) women’s clothes.

I make you apologize to that salesgirl. I tell her that as soon as I get you home, you are in for the worst hiding you have ever experienced for that stunt. I’ll belt whip your ass so that you won’t be able to sit for a week! But I want to make sure you associate the punishment firmly with your disgusting little fetish. So you can wear that fancy bra of yours during your whipping. As a matter of fact, why stop there? I ask the salesgirl to help us pick out a nice pair of thigh-high stockings, a garter belt, and some lacy panties to match that bra. We hold them up against you to check for size. I make you purchase them (my, they are expensive, aren’t they?).

I ask the salesgirl’s permission to have you change into them here and wear them home. She laughs and is only too delighted to lead you to the change rooms. It seems Victoria’s Secret has a perv policy, they allow “men” to do that. I tell you to put them on and call me when you are in nothing but.

I chat with the salesgirl about husbands and boyfriends, and how sometimes you just need to treat them like the children they are. Before too long, you sheepishly poke your head out of the curtain and tell me they are on. I beckon the salesgirl. There is nobody else there just now. I draw the curtain wide open and you shriek in embarrassment as you are displayed in your feminine finery. The salesgirl stifles a laugh at you. I tell you you’ll be wearing that for a week under your clothes, hand washing them every night, and standing bare with your nose in the corner while they machine dry. I also remind you that you have a severe belt whipping across the seat of those panties waiting for you at home.

I ask the salesgirl that since you no doubt offended her, if she would like to come over to our place and watch you get whipped. She says she is off in an hour, and would be delighted to. She deals with pervs all the time in the store, and it’s about time a wife did something about it. I give her the address and tell her to take her time. You will be holding a quarter against the wall with your nose, dressed in nothing but your pretty new lingerie, and with your hands tied firmly behind your back until she gets there.

When she finally arrives, we have a nice spot of tea as you continue standing there, in obvious pain. When it is time, I bend you over the back of the sofa and pull out from around my jeans the thick leather belt that I will use to beat your pantied ass. I double it up and go to town. Full force strokes with follow through right across the seat of your little pants. The salesgirl suggests that the panties might rip, given the force of my swats. She suggests we lower them. What a splendid idea! She herself subjects you to a well-deserved panty-lowering, and then I continue on with belt on your now very bare naked ass.

As I tan your bare hide, the panties work their way down to your ankles, and then fly off as you kick and scream at your justly earned beating. We take turns using the belt on your ass, seeing who can hit hardest. The backs of your legs don’t escape either. She suggested we spread your legs to get the whipping “inside” as well. What a lewd site that was! legs spread, bumhole on display, cock and balls dangling there in front of us! I particularly enjoy targeting the crease of your ass, and am rewarded with some delicious screams as the belt snakes its way into your ass crack and whips your asshole. The salesgirl is young and enthousiastic, and strong, but not so accurate. She targets the insides of your thighs, which really has you yelping and begging for mercy. Too bad your hands are still tied behind your back and you can’t escape! It’s hard to get in there but miss your balls, apparently. You really scream as the belt accidentally whips your penis and balls. And how careless of her to have that “accident” happen three times in a row?

It was a very sorry and sniffling husband I led to the corner to display his well-whipped hindquarters. Oh, if your balls hurt so much, you can just grab them as you stand there in your corner!

His Story Back:

I couldn't believe I was actually going to meet Julie.

We started conversing -- emailing actually - over the internet.

She has a dominant blog in which she describes how she tortures her husband.

My secret is that I've always been submissive.

Now she had actually offered to meet me at a Starbucks at a mall and I had agreed. I wasn't sure what to expect...maybe she would show...maybe she wouldn't. Maybe she would be attractive...maybe she wouldn't. I had never been more nervous in my life...I wasn't sure if I wanted her to show or not.

I was just about ready to go when I looked up and saw a pretty attractive woman wearing black high heels, a blue skirt and a red top. That's what she said she would be and blue and red....I guess to signfiy what happens when she spanks guys.

I took a deep breath and walked over and gave the signal "Can I buy you a coffee". I mean, who else tries to pick someone up in a Starbuck by buying them a coffee?

Oh -- did I say she was attractive? Not slutty over the top stripper attractive...more like girl next store who can rock your world attractive.

She looked me up and down putting me in my place and just said "tall mocha cappuccino latte". So of course I got on line and got her the coffee.

We sat down. She didn't say much. Just drank her coffee....kind of forced me to watch her tounge go after the foam....trying to get me hard....succeeding.

She finished the coffee and said/ordered "Let's go shopping".

She grabbed my hand and walked me out of Starbucks into the mall. I was happy to have some physical contact, no matter how small.

A smile showed on her face "Oh look, one of my favorite stores......probably one of yours too". I realized she was speaking of the Victoria's Secret.

We walked into the was late so it was pretty empty. There were a few salesgirls around....Julie passed up the first one and went after the second one. I have no idea why she picked this one, but terror struck my heart as I realized that a while back I had actually bought a bra from this VS from this very salesgirl. I prayed she wouldn't recognize me. That prayer was not answered....she looked up and gave me a wink and said "how are you doing?"

I hesitated....Julie looked at me and I had to speak to the salesgirl. She had a nametag that said "Charmagne". I said "Charmagne, my girlfriend found a bra in my things. She thinks I was cheating on her....I told her that the bra was mine and I bought it here. Could you please tell her that's the you remember me?"

Charmagne looked at me and I could see the wheels spinning. She was in a no-lose situation. She could either admit that I was telling the truth and see where things went from there (she looked at Julie and some kind of weird vibe passed between them) or she could say she didn't remember anything which would really screw me with Julie. All of a sudden I felt I was naked and Charmagne had my balls in her hand that she was thinking of squeezing and Julie had a hammer ready to smack them if Charmagne let go of them.

Charmagne decided to tell the truth....or maybe just to play along...and said "Oh yes, how is that bra working out for you?"

I felt so relieved...for a microsecond. Now Julie had confirmation that I had tried to crossdress...what would she do?

She looked like she wanted to kill me...and there's not much I could do to stop her.'s embarrassing to admit but in a physical contest, Julie can beat me. If you looked at us you wouldn't think so....I'm a little bigger than her and I'm a guy. She's in good shape but it's not like she's some kind of weightlifter or anything. But the one time we ended up fighting it didn't take her long to subdue me. It's a combination of several things....first, she seems to know what she is doing. Second, she knows where my weak points are.....she's quite capable of shoving a knee into my balls or pulling me by the earlobe. Third, she can do stuff to get me distracted and turned on in the middle of the fight which gives her the advantage. Fourth, she has a natural psychological advantage over me. There's probably reasons 5 and 6 that I can't even think of now.

Anyway, Julie just looked at me and Charmagne and said "Well, he needs panties and stockings to go along with that sexy bra you picked out, don't you think?"

Charmagne looked like she had died and gone to heaven. Clearly she loved dressing guys up and she could tell that Julie was forcing me to do this. I bet lots of guys come into the store and poke around and leave without doing anything....for Charmage that is annoying. But to have a guy that would actually spend money...because his "girlfriend" was forcing him to buy looked like her pussy had gotten wet just by hearing about Julie's plan.

Charmagne just looked up and said "sure, follow me" And with that I spent the next 45 minutes at the hands of Julie and Charmagne in Victoria's Secret trying on whatever they wanted me to wear.

It was the most embarrassing 45 minutes of my life.
It was the sexiest 45 minutes of my life.
It may have been the best 45 minutes of my life.

At the beginning I was just embarrassed. But the store was pretty empty and they let me try stuff on in the woman's changing room. And after the first 10 or 15 minutes, I actually started to enjoy it. I started to think that I should wear women's panties all the time....they are so much more comfortable, smooth, sexy and interesting than men's underwear. They also made me wear pantyhose. Pantyhose is not as good as I looks so smooth on women's legs but it doesn't feel quite as good as it looks.

Still...if Juile were to order me to wear pantyhose under my pants to work, I suppose I would do what she said. It's not like I'd be wearing a dress or anything.

We finished up and Julie had me buy all kinds of stuff for myself and also stuff for her as well. She even made me buy stuff for Charmagne. I couldn't believe I spent $400 on lingerie. I wanted to pay cash but I didn't have it, so now it's on my credit card records. I saw that Charmagne took close attention to my name on the credit card and ask for my address as well. Julie left me in stockings and pantyhose but let me put my pants on on top of them.

I thought it was all over and I had survived, but I was sadly mistaken. Julie actually asked Charmagne if she wanted to go out for a drink with us! Charmagne blushed and said that she would love to, but she had to close up the store and she couldn't do that for another half hour. I tried to say something like, "Oh, that's too bad" so that Julie would just leave it there, but she was not to be denied. She looked at her watch and said, "Well, it is getting a little late. Why don't you just come to my apartment when you get off work?" I couldn't believe it. Charmagne clearly wasn't sure what to do. Julie got a piece of paper and wrote something down...I'm not sure it it was our address or maybe just her phone number. Then Julie grabbed me by the hand and escorted me out of the store.

Everytime I walked through the mall it reminded me that I was wearing the stockings and pantyhose. Fortunatley, my dick did get soft. I didn't know what to say to Julie....I couldn't tell if I should be apologetic or just try to be close because we had shared a sexy experience or if I should try to break the spell and take charge. Yeah, right, like I had a chance to take charge after all that.

I thought we might go out for a drink but Julie just went straight to the apartment. When we got in I started to say something and she just looked at me and put her fingers over my lips and told me to take off the pants. So I did. Then she told me to take off my shirt. Then she told me to prance around a bit. She said " looks so cute, I wonder if I should put some lipstick and make-up on you". I prayed that she wouldn't...I knew if I protested, she would definitely do it. Fortunately the idea passed and she just said "Go open a bottle of wine". I did and poured us some glasses.

I couldn't resist "Did you really give that woman our address" She just smiled and said "What do you think". I said, I don't think you never brought anyone into the apartment before....I don't think you really want her knowing where we live."

Julie said "You're so smart". I felt relieved. She said "But you do need to be punished for buying that bra without telling me"

I shuddered....punishment from Julie moved from sexy to painful very quickly.

She went to get some of her toys and pulled out her favorite chair and sat down. She had me assume the position over her knees with my ass easily accessible. I thought the maybe the stockings and panties would protect me. I was wrong. She started with the back of a hairbrush. She had me count the smacks. After a while I felt numb and I knew I was turning red. She stopped...I guess her knees were hurting her. She had to go to the bathroom and she told me to wait in the corner. She came back and had some more wine. Then she picked up a whip....she actually bought it at a store where they have supplies for people that ride horses. She pulled down my stockings and started to whip me.

I couldn't believe how much it hurt and I started to scream. She told me to shut up.

Then the doorbell rang! I couldn't believe it. Julie looked at me and smiled...we both knew it was Charmagne.

Charmagne walked in an for a split second was completely shocked. I was hoping she would run away, but she quickly had a change in expression and a wave of anger and lust came over her. Julie came right back and started whipping me again. Then she looked up at Charmagne and said "My arm is getting a little you want to take over?" Charmagne just smiled and said "Sure".

She started tentatively but soon was smacking me just as hard, if not harder, than Julie. And then I realized another problem. Julie knows what she is doing...she has done this many times before. Charmagne was new at it. Some of her shots were, how shall we say - off the mark. My ass is kind of used to getting hit. My thighs not so much. Especially the inside of them. And the back of my balls.

Getting spanked by Julie is a humbling experience. Getting spanked by Charmagne was more of a frightening experience. I started to think that maybe if Charmagne got more practice on me, she would get better. How messed up is that?

Julie wanted to get back in the action. I was hoping she would pay some attention to my cock, but she just loves spanking. I was hoping she would maybe start making out with Charmage, but that was not to be either. Instead she told Charmagne to concentrate on my left cheek while she worked on my right. It became incredibly painful. I was literally sweating as if I had run a few miles.

It hurt so much I put my hands back to block the whips....which is something Julie hates. I was shocked when Charmagne said "Why don't we tie up his hands?" Julie laughed and said "Great idea...use his own panties on him." Julie told Charmagne what to do....I could tell she liked the pecking order that she had established....Julie #1, Charmagne #2 and me at the bottom...maybe number 100. Meanwhile, I had to worry that Charmagne was new to this and clearly was taking to it rather well. Now Charmagne knew where I lived, and knew that I had a panty fetish, and she had tied me up and spanked me. What would prevent her from doing it to me on her own? She had all my information....she could find me and order me to do stuff.

What would Julie do if Charmagne started dominating me? Julie was mean but I trusted her completely. Charmagne could be a wild card. Was Charmage sufficiently afraid of Julie? I kind of got my answer when the phone rang and Julie went to answer it which left Charmagne alone with me. Charmagne told me to stand up...she actually had to help me since my hands were tied behind my back and I was bent over. I thought she might be taking pity on me because she turned me around and came in real close and started nibbling at my ear. I started to get even harder when all of a sudden Charmagne kneed me in the balls! I dropped to my knees in pain. Charmagne just stepped out of the way, put her hand on the back of my head and pushed. Gravity took over and I fell practically on my face. Then she started spanking me and Julie walked in. I was hoping Julie might rescue me, but she just said "Nice job, Charmagne!"

At this point I started to do what I do when I'm drunk and vomiting and in pain. I promised myself that if I ever got out of this I would never do this stuff again. It's just too dangerous. It's one thing to have some fetished, but now I felt completely helpless and scared. I tried to send my mind somewhere else, but you can't go somewhere else when you are being beaten by two sexy women. Charmagne started to go crazy on me.....she was walking on my with her heels and kicking at me. Even Julie realized she was losing it.

God, Julie is great. Somehow she managed to calm Charmagne down and take her to the other room. I think they finished the bottle of least it was gone the next day. I just lied on the ground and tried to recover. I could hear the door close as Julie gave Charmagne a kiss goodnight. I was hoping Julie would come untie me, but she didn't....she just left me there for a while. She actually just went to bed!

I was left to struggle out of my binds, which took about an hour. I wanted to jerk off, but I thought I ought not do anything that might upset Julie. I couldn't take another spanking. And what if she got Charmagne back. I went to sleep exhausted, horny, and in awe of my Julie. I wonder what she will do to me next?


  1. Your "friend' should learn to proofread his tales. He went from meeting you for the first time to going back to your/his (I'm not sure whose appartment) that you shared together to apparently being Wife and husband. there are some other points that i have not, myself, proofread yet. Otherwise, both of you have done a bang up job. Very exciting and sexy, both of you. Who reads such details anyhow? The subject was great.

    But, Julie, you are still the champ.

    1. Yes, I noticed that, but I didn't want it changed. It was so delightfully spontaneous and scatterbrained in that way because of his obvious excitement while writing it. I loved it as is.

    2. Yes, I agree. The poor guy was so excited he did not know where he was.

  2. Wow Julie this is kind of scary or should I say de ja vie. I just finished sending you my email about Bob and what he got tonight. And decide before I go to bed that I would go to your blog and see if you posted anything new. Well imagine the surprise I felt reading this story and the similarities to what I had just emailed you on what Bob got for real tonight from me. I swear I wrote you the email first before reading this story check the time stamps if that's possible. I guess I'm a good student Julie cause my strapping of Bob and your fictional story are very similar right down to inside the thighs the balls and butt hole getting a taste. Your fiction story and my real strapping of Bob are so close it begs the question, "am I becoming a Strict Julie. If so poor Bob!! LOL

    1. I noticed the similarities as well. I think it's just that those dangly little balls and puckered little assholes make such great targets on an otherwise smooth expanse of ass!

  3. Well done and love it. I was once, and wish it would happen again, sent into Vicoria Secret by my lap, she stood along side but said nothing, was made to ask for full bottom panties, for me. The lady was well skeptical at first but joined right in, she selected three of them for me, no trying on but as I paid for them I had to tell her I was going home to be spanked with a hairbrush in all three pair. She did not laugh nor budge, she looked up and asked me why? I told her I was rude and she looked at me and said, well then good luck but you deserve a good spanking. She turned to my lap and told her to make sure she does a good job over the panties.

    While I was hot and hard, it was an amazingly humilating but exilerating experience. The brushings I got were equally amazing. Love this scene.


    1. Very nice domination. Sometimes rudeness calls for a bit of a public response such as the one you describe.

    2. BTW... ron, I, personally, think it's rude to refer to the Lovely Lady who dominates you as "my lap". No wonder you got spanked and publicly humiliated.

    3. It was and the lady's reaction was well just mind'am, I always refer to my ladies who spank me as my lap..I don't like calling them doms or tops, laps just seems so nice, sorry did not mean to offend....the last few ladies I played with actually liked being refered to in writing as my person it is ma'am.
      No offense intended ma'am

    4. Well... seeing as no offence was intended, you are forgiven. ;-)

    5. Gee and without a spanking, thanks ma'am, you are terrific

  4. Nice story indeed. Writing is hard work and requires concentration and focus. In general i find Women to be the better writers since it seems to tap into Their natural strength with languages/communication. i also struggle with proofreading my text. It's much harder than One/one would think.

  5. Great story, Julie. You are so helpful and supportive of all these submissive men here. I admire that very much! Keep up the good work.


  6. OMG...yes! You always have me tenting here! Loved these stories...

    1. Do you go shopping on your own, sara, or does a real woman take you?

  7. dont know why but when ever i walk pass a Victoria Secert store i want walk in there and look around then maybe tell sale person about my spanking idea and wonder what they would say.

    heck half time i go into any store i want to mostly if i walk into kitchen store i want look at wooden spoon or spatula and any time if clerk or sale person beautiful female i want bring up spanking with them and might say looking for a strong wooden spoon that wont break when i get spanked with it might ask the female if she would spank me with it to make sure

    p,s i need your full email so i can send you the video of myself spanking myself for you i yet make it cause need email

    madison ohio

    1. my email is top right. You need to figure it out!

    2. i did figure it out which why and how i was able to send you that video which you had respond about few weeks back i had an idea what your email was. iam ready to make another video for you if i must

      madison ohio
      age 41

  8. Hope to hear how you your sissy are doing.


    1. He's not a sissy all the time, just when I tell him to be one! OR ELSE!

  9. Finally got caught up reading all the post I've missed over the last few weeks. Enjoyed them all as usual. Dianne says you mentioned to her about taking me on a little trip to Victorias Secret after she told you about her fun at Wal Mart that one night. I hope she doesn't follow through with something like this.
    Bob S.

    1. I hope she does. A good measuring up for you, bob! Ha Ha!