Sunday, February 10

Punishment Administered

As promised, I punished david this morning for his jerking off without permission, and it was a doozie. I've never seen him act like such a pathetic little bitch before, so it was really fun for me!

One of my commenters gave me some handyman tips about choosing the right sandpaper. I didn't pay enough attention on the first comment, but fortunately he reminded me, and even more fortunately, we had some of the good stuff in the basement! The one I had before was a fine grit. I knew as soon as I touched the coarse stuff that it was definitely much better. And look at the description. Good for stripping. Check. For all surfaces. Check. Premium. Check: nothing but the best for my man's balls!

I started by setting everything up this morning. I put the stool in the living room near a corner then covered it up with a white towel and moved a chair in front of it. I wanted this to be a surprise for david. If you're just catching up, it was all explained in the previous couple of posts, but just to get the image back into everybody's mind...

Oh yeah, you get the picture, but with the coarse grit sandpaper stapled onto the stool.

I made a nice little lunch for david and we ate it together at the kitchen table. Then I looked him in the eye, and told him that I still needed to punish him for that jerking off I caught him at.

He made a little "ohhhh" sound, but there was also a smile on his face. He generally enjoys being punished by me and thought this would be the start of some playtime. It was. For me anyway.  He told me that because I had seemed so good with it he thought he was off the hook. No such thing, I was just waiting until I had enough time to do it properly.

"Strip," I told him, "I'm going to start you off with a spanking."

david stripped without hesitation, right there in the kitchen. I took him across my knee and started his spanking.

As I was administering his spanking, I told him I was punishing him for two things today, and asked if he could name them. He got "masturbating behind your back" right away. I asked if there was anything else? He couldn't think of anything else. I told him he was also being punished for masturbating to images of teens. He didn't get at all what was wrong with that because they were 18-19 year-olds, probably older, and "legal".

I must confess, when I caught him at it, I actually helped him to jerk off to those images and I have felt terrible about it ever since. After thinking about it overnight, I think it is wrong. While not all young ladies posing like that are being exploited, a good number are. Once they are older and more mature, then fine. But I think we all have a duty to protect the young, and so I decided I don't like any of that "Barely Legal" crap (even if it is hot - and yeah, 19-year-olds are hot, no getting around that).

But rather than explaining my thoughts and possibly arguing with a subbie, I just said, "Go upstairs and get my strap, and I'll explain it to you in terms you'll understand."

"Ohhh! Not the strap, please" he whined. He HATES the strap. Honestly. But I was adamant, and he scampered upstairs and then back down again with my twin-tailed strap.

We have some high padded kitchen chairs, so I made him bend himself over one of those. What I do is that I make him crawl through front to back. His hands can then grip the uprights near the bottom, and his legs can straighten and spread to support him. He really has no place to go. Getting out is a struggle and I could easily hold him there with a single hand. It's also very stable.

Once he got into position, I then used the strap mainly in an up-down-up motion to catch his bum cheeks nice and low. I took my time giving him ten very strict ones across his lower seat. I knew he would be sitting there later, and I wanted to leave an impression. After I got through I had some nice strap marks. I love how the strap leaves very definite rectangular shaped marks.

After those ten, I asked david if he wanted me to explain to him once again why he should not be masturbating to images of teens? He declined, and assured me he saw the logic in my argument and would not be doing it again.

I told him I was very serious, and he was to "move on" if the young lady was younger than 21, or was made to appear younger than 21. He asked me how he would know that? Men can be so stupid! I told him to use his judgement, and if I ever find out that his judgement is off, he'll be back bare bum across the high kitchen chair learning to apply better judgement at the end of my strap! I made one concession, I told him that if he saw an image of a young lady that very much turned him on, he could bring the image to me and I would decide if he was allowed to use it or not.

I then let him struggle to his feet and told him that the punishment he just received was for his poor judgement regarding what to masturbate to. But I was actually more upset with him for sneaking around behind my back with his iPad.

You see, I monitor david's Internet usage. A friend helped me set that up, but that's a whole different story! By using the iPad, he circumvented that. I believe deliberately, though he claimed he just forgot about that. Yeah. Sure. Also, he is supposed to ask me for my permission to jerk off in front of the computer, though I must confess that I have been lax about enforcing that. One reason for my laxity is I always let him do it when he asks, so he just assumed it was play. It sort of is, and so I haven't been taking it too seriously either. But I do think it would be fun if he needs to ask me every single time, it's a nice dommie-subbie thing, and he is ruining that. So my plan was to let him know today that there's a new sheriff in town!

I first took him over into the family room, where I had my riding crop waiting for me (everything was all laid out).
Holding the crop, and giving him a few random whips with it, I told him to bend himself over the arm of the couch, spread his legs out wide, and reach behind and spread those cheeks.

With his head buried into the seat of the couch, I knelt low between his legs and aimed the slapper right at his pucker. Oh My Goodness! A more childish series of squeaks, yelps, ouchies, and promises to be good you have never heard before! I've cropped his bumhole before, and know that it really turns him on, but also stings like the dickens. My intent this time was to make that hole a little sore and tender, preparing him properly for what would come next.

I kept telling him that the punishment fits the crime. I mean, if he was going to jerk off imagining young ladies fucking him in the butt, this was very fitting, no? He was forced to agree. I mean, he was literally forced to agree.

I lost count, but it was probably about 50 or so, all aimed at the exact same spot. You know what's funny though? You would think as I spanked down more are more he would let those cheeks slip back together again, and I would have to tell him to keep them apart. Just the opposite. The more painful it got, the harder I could tell he was pulling those little cheeks wide for me! But the harder he pulled them apart, the more I told him to pull them wider, mister! And he did, he was straining to keep them pulled wide for me.

I think he imagined that this was to be his punishment for masturbating without my permission. Poor naive baby.

When I was done with that asshole, I let him up and told him that I wanted him to be properly humbled for me. I picked up the belt I had also prepared earlier, and wrapped it around his upper thighs, trapping his cock and balls behind his legs.

I tightened the belt down HARD. (Afterwards, when I let him up, the belt had left very clear texture marking all around his legs. They looked like frilly lace stocking tops!)

I made him turn around for me. I tsk tsk'd wondering aloud whatever happened to that naughty penis now?

I told him that maybe if I made him into a girl he would not be so tempted to jerk off 24x7?

"Go to the living room," I told him. "Time for your time-out". He thought he would be standing nose in corner, humbled. Not quite.

He started taking little mincing steps over, hunched over. I still had my crop and gave him a little smack to the backs of his balls. He waddled faster after that. I almost had to chase him to give him a couple more! I love humbling him!

When we got to the living room I told him to stand there. I moved the chair, and then took the cover off the stool. I then stood Adam upright towards the back of the sandpaper seat. He didn't say anything! I went beside him, reached down with my hand, and grabbed his balls. I pointed to the stool with my other hand and said for his punishment he would be sitting TEN WHOLE MINUTES on that stool. He was still stooped over, so I was taller than him, which was great!

He told me "that looks like it will hurt." Yeah. Cry me a river. I told him that every time from now on that I caught him masturbating without my permission, he would be spending time on that stool, starting today.

First things first, I told him. I put the white towel down near his feet and had him step onto it. Then I gave him the lube and Adam, and told him to put it in. I just went to sit down on the couch and watch.

One observation. When he is lubing himself, he uses a LOT MORE lube than I usually use! He got three huge globs that he stuck up his ass, and then another couple of globs to coat the dildo. Then he went to stick it in. It was so funny. First of all, he was humbled, so that was ridiculous looking to begin with. Then he was concentrating sooo hard! He said "ow" a few times to himself, but in what I thought was record time, he got that big old dildo right up into his rectum like a trooper!

I then picked up the stool and put it into the centre of the room on the towel while he stood by, holding the big dildo in.

"Get on it" I told him.

"What? With my balls like this???" he asked me.

"Yes with your balls like that. Why do you think I put them there?"

Ok, now, a quick word on the ball squishing. It's not as bad as it sounds. He doesn't have a real humbler on, like this one,

which I can well imagine might squish his balls if he sat on them (though I do love the skirt and butt plug! Ha Ha!). His balls are more nestled into the V of his thighs. This picture show it better.

There's plenty of places for those little balls to hide up in there, though it is not comfortable, and especially when his scrotum is on sandpaper, as we have now found out definitively. I've hand jobbed david in the position shown above many many times. I've experimented with putting my hand flat across his thighs to give his balls a squeeze, and it's fine, so don't be such big babies about it, you people out there!

He looked a little petulant, but I was adamant, and I had a crop in my hand I was willing to use, so he went to slide on to the stool. That's when the first setback happened.

"Oh no no no! My penis tip!" he yelled. He had dragged his cock tip across the sandpaper. Ha Ha!

"Hurry up. Get on it." I ordered him.

That's when I got some real defiance from david. He got a serious voice and said, "No Julie, this isn't a good idea."

"I don't care if you think it's a good idea or not. Just do it." I told him.

"No. I don't want to play like this." He said.

"Oh, you get to choose how we play now, is that it? I've been thinking up this punishment for you all week long, and I want you to learn a lesson this way."

"You've punished me enough already," he said, sounding whiney again, which I thought was progress. It was actually funny, arguing with your husband when he has a humbler on and a giant dildo up his backside. Hard to take him too seriously.

"I decide when you've been punished enough. Now get up on your stool."

"I don't want to." He said.

"Well then maybe I don't want to either. Maybe we should take a break from all this kinky stuff. Is that what you want?"


 his Achilles heel...

"Then I decide how we play. Got it?"


"Do you trust me?"


"Then do as you're told. Get up on your stool like a good little boy."

He went to get up on it again. This time he was very careful where his cocktip went! He lowered himself gingerly, with his balls on the sandpaper and the dildo ramming deep as he sat. He got down and up, down and up, three or four times before finally settling down onto it.

"Ouch!" he said. But he wasn't screaming in pain or anything.

I went to the drawer to get out the zip-ties. I zip-tied first one ankle to the side of the stool, and then the other. This removed a means of support for him (his feet couldn't reach the floor, but they could reach the cross-pieces at the base of the stool). He complained some more as he lost that support, but was using his hands at the sides of the stool to help him.

Then I went behind him and told him to give me his hands.

A little more defiance now. "No!" he said. I took the crop and whipped it down HARD right across the front of both his thighs. "Ouchhh!!!" he yelled, and gave me his hands, gingerly settling his weight on the dildo and on his balls. I zip-tied his hands behind his back.

He was mine now. He was submitted, and I loved it, even though it was a struggle. I could now make him sit on that stool for as long as I wanted. He would be getting off when I let him off, and not a moment sooner.

He was starting to breathe harder and grit his teeth, He was also rocking backwards and forwards a little. He was starting to sweat.

That's when I announced. "Ten Minutes, starting NOW." I had my watch on and noted the time.

"Nooooooo!' he wailed, at the re-iteration of his full sentence, and the reality of what ten minutes meant in his present predicament.

The next ten minutes were super intense. During those ten minutes, he submitted to me in a way he has never done before. I don't know the exact sequence or dialogue, but here comes a pretty good approximation...

He wailed a bit. "I can't last ten minutes!"

"You're going to have to..."

"Owww, oww, oww," he just kept saying over and over again, and rocking back and forth.

"How are your balls?" I asked. He said that they hurt. I asked if they were getting crushed, or if they were just hurting? "Just hurting, ma'am", he answered. Nice that he was honest with me.

"And how's that dildo?" He answered that it hurt too. But I told him that I knew he could take it. That I had had Adam balls deep into him several times already. "Yes ma'am" he said through gritted teeth.

Finally I had to ask about the sandpaper. "Is that sandpaper scratchy."

"It's ok if I don't move at all." he said.

Can't have that!

"Then move!" I said, as I whipped the crop down hard onto his thighs. The hard crop strike did not move him at all. I whipped down several more times in succession. "Move! Wiggle! Now!" He jiggled his bum to get me to stop whipping the tops of his thighs. "You wiggle that little bum and balls every time I whip you, do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am!" He yelled.

"Are you ever going to masturbate without my permission again?"

"No Ma'am!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Dance!" I said as I whipped his thighs.

He wiggled his butt again.

"Owww! Owww! No Please!!!! Please!!! He said as he wiggled.

Every time I cropped him he wiggled for maybe ten seconds or so, and then couldn't bring himself to do any more until the next whipping. He was alternating between the pain of the crop and the pain of the wiggling. When the crop got too much for him, he wiggled. When the wiggling got too much for him he stopped, thus inviting the crop again.

I gave him a little break from the wiggling, and scolded him some more. I walked around behind him and cropped the high back of his bum that was sticking over the stool. The dildo was still firmly on the seat. I could that see whenever he leaned forward.

"Please Julie! Please! I'll be good! I'll never do it without your permission again! Oh please!!!! Please can I get down?"

He was actually pleading like that. For real. That's something I've never seen before.

"No!" He mustn't ask for that. Now he gets punished for asking. "Wiggle!" I said as I cropped down on his thighs three times in a row. He wiggled, still apologizing and promising to never do it again.

"Two and half minutes in." I told him.

"Noooooo!" he wailed.

That first two and half was the longest for him. After that he settled into the "routine".

There was more of the same until I announced five minutes, and then seven and a half. He literally hadn't stopped his yelling and crying this whole time. I imagine that took more out of him than the punishment. Sometimes he would just rock back and forth saying "ouch... ouch... ouch... ouch...". Then I would whip him again and get him to do his little butt dance, which started up the pleading, wailing, and promising again.

Then suddenly, it was "Ow Ow Ow My cock! My cocktip! Ow! I'm sitting on it, Owww!" He had wiggled too much and his penis got folded underneath his balls. Now the bare tip was on the sandpaper. Poor Baby! He got very still, but was sweating like crazy. The odor in the room was getting strong as well. His sweat was permeating, and had the real smell of panic. I had never seen that from him before. He was just sitting there grunting and breathing hard through gritted teeth. I really wanted to let him off at that point, as he was in some real pain, but I'm his domme, and it would have been irresponsible to let him off before the full ten minutes were up, or really to take any kind of mercy on him at all.

"Dance!" I said and whipped his thighs.

"No!" he screamed back but he started dancing anyways, and screaming while he was doing it.

"Ten more seconds," I told him. "Dance!" and I whipped him. He wriggled his butt in circles and side-to-side those those last ten seconds.

"Stop. You're done." I said.

He froze in place, and his mouth opened, and he just gasped in air by the lungfull. He smelled bad! But I loved the smell. They say you can "smell fear". I sure could.

I got the little snippers and snipped off the zip ties. He very gingerly peeled himself off the stool. The sandpaper had unfastened a bit, and was sticking to his balls as he got up. I helped peel it off. He put his hand behind himself to hold the dildo in place.

"Let's see." I said, as I turned him to see his cock and balls. I was relieved that there was no blood or anything. They were very red, but I couldn't tell if that was from sitting on them or the sandpaper. His cocktip looked fine, though david claimed it hurt like hell. His ass was an angry red. I undid the belt and freed his trapped "manhood". The belt had left deep grooves in his thighs.

I turned him to me and looked him in the eye. "Are you going to ask for permission next time you masturbate?"

"Yes ma'am" he said.

"You better." I told him. Then I told him to go upstairs to the bathroom, take the dildo out carefully, so as not to make a mess, and to have a shower, because he stinks. He hobbled away slowly, with his legs spread, clutching at his balls, and holding that dildo in.

I checked in with david a little while later. He said his balls were sore as were certain parts of his cocktip where the ridge is. His rectum was fine. His balls were still an irritated red colour an hour later. Checking in with him again just before I post this (about 8 hours later), there is still some soreness, and he still claims his cocktip is the worse, but honestly there are no marks on it at all, and the redness on the tip has all subsided by now. He also says his butt is abraded where butt meets thigh. That's where I strapped him, and then that's where it got a lot of sandpaper action as well, so I'm not surprised. It's a little red is all, as are his balls still a bit red and abraded looking.

So, all in all I think it was a really good punishment. Definitely something he does not want to have happen again. No lasting damage, but soreness that should last a while yet. And I think he learned a lesson about not taking what I say so lightly any more. A little fear in him is good for our kinky side.

For my part, I have never felt more powerful as a domme. david reports that he has never felt so totally powerless and beholden to me, and he said he liked feeling that, though not those other things (by which he means his messed up privates! Ha Ha!).


  1. Very intense. The new level of play comes through in your great post. I can only imagine what went through each of your minds as you cinched the wrist tie and you both fully realized the power and powerlessness it created. You must have been quite worked up yourself!

    Thanks as always for sharing... your activities but also the quality writing and the hot visuals.

    1. Thank you so much! Half the fun of doing these scenes is blogging about it afterwards, so thank you for reading!

  2. Wow, what an ordeal!
    You two are certainly dedicated into kink, that's for sure.
    I was concerned the coarse sandpaper (60 grade? You're kidding, I hope!) would've broken the skin, with possible infection, especially on such a tender area, considering david's squirming on it with all his weight.
    But I could see he was in good hands with your
    caution and loving supervision.
    FYI, I'm squirming myself.
    (Stop laughing!)

    1. I took a photo of the actual package, and that is what it was - 60 baby! But 60 is not as bad as you imagine. Besides, his wiggling wasn't really scraping his skin across the sandpaper, it was just rolling side to side, back and forth, and around and around, which did the trick nicely. It wasn't like I took a electric sander to his balls!

  3. Ms Julie...Excellent session. So pleased to have given you some tips that proved useful with david's punishment. To hear that you felt so very powerful is an added bonus. Trippit

  4. Ms. Julie,

    That was an amazing scene you so perfectly described. What a powerful physical and emotional experience for you both. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I've never had him sweating and yelling like that. He said he really let himself go on the yelling part. If his life was at stake he could have kept quiet, but he says he didn't see the point in that, and thought I would appreciate knowing how much he was suffering for me. Good boy!

    2. I'm sure your "physical reaction" was one of extreme arousal!! Was david in any condition to attend to your needs, or did you give him a 'pass' for the time being?

    3. A total pass this time, though it did excite me to have him so submissive to me!

  5. Wow!
    I mean ... wow!

    1. Did you know that 'wow' spelled backwards, is 'wow'?
      And thank you!

  6. Great punishment, i bet it's a long time before he lets You catch him masturbating again! One or two more times on the stool and he will be begging You to buy him a cock cage so that he isn't tempted! Thanks for sharing, i love reading Your blog!

    1. He can masturbate any time he wants, and he knows it. He just has to ask my permission first. He can even txt to ask if he wants, but he must ask, or else it's the stool!

    2. Is david allowed to have his ejaculate go everywhere 'willy-nilly', or do you require him to C & C (capture and consume)?

    3. Definitely C&C, that's the rule.

  7. Julie, even though I am a submissive male, I was laughing as I read your story. I guess it was the way you wrote it. The head of the penis is very sensitive and even if you don't see any redness it can still hurt quite a bit. Hope you let david soak it in cider. (insider her..get it?) PS, don't be so lazy, buy one of those coarse welcome mats to replace the sandpaper.

    1. You wouldn't think it was so funny if it was you up on that stool, mister ;-)

      He says it's still a little bit sore, but for the life of me, there are no marks!

      And is this a submissive male calling a woman "lazy"??? It so happens I had a very busy week! You need to get your bum beaten for that, young man. Go to your domme and tell her what you just wrote about me here, and then we'll see!

    2. Well Julie, I did as you requested and showed my wife the comment I made here. She was silent, but judging from the looks I have received this evening I may just have that sore bum you recommended when time permits :( I'll keep you posted. ken

    3. Good! Looking forward to an abject apology from you on my blog after you've had that beating.

  8. Amazing! Bravo! A punishment david is not soon to forget.

    As you've extended your control over him to the extent where he has to ask permission to masturbate, perhaps you might consider extending it further to if/whether/how he gets to orgasm.

    You might consider "milking"; either digitally (with yellow rubber gloves?!) or using Adam in this manner.

    And even if you deny david his 'natural' doesn't mean you need to suffer!!!

    1. Deirdre over on her blog has great tips for milking. I just have to deny him for a month first is all!

      And when I want to be fucked (which is less and less, but it still happens), then I want the real thing sliding into me.

    2. Same for me too. I used to fuck a lot, but as I became more dominant, I fucked less and less, while disciplining my husband more and more. It seems like the pleasure of punishing him substitutes for sex.


  9. You are sick in your head

    1. Thank you so much! I try hard.

    2. Yes She is. Miss Julie is also a wonderful, powerful dominate Woman who should be adored/respected/honored/worshipped just like all other Superior Women! :)

      I love it. BTW, did You try leaving the chair out yet Miss Julie!

      Mr. Beth

    3. No... I put it away... for now!

      You know what would be fun? For you to show Ms. Beth this post, and to have her do the same thing to you, and then you can blog about it afterwards. I would love to learn if all subbies reactions are the same.

  10. How Long Did This Punishment Last? Was david Happy When The Whole Punishment Spankings and Stool Punishment was over? Did He keep Telling you Over and Over how sorry he was and wont happen again?

    Iam Sure You were Upset When it Ended and Had Smile On Your face Knowing How you had him in Palm of your hands and his butt will feel this for very long time

    1. About a half hour or so I would say, maybe a bit longer.

    2. well half n hour might be long enough to get job done and make the punishment hurt too

  11. You have outdone yourself with this one! The only thing that could remotely improve it would be to have done it with Sue as a witness. With Your creativity i would love to have a session with You. i can dream can't i?

    1. No no. He may get the stool one or two times more before that happens...

  12. Let me first say I love reading your blog. After reading the last post, I do have one question. It is related to a phenomenon I see repeatedly. "Could you comment on your own evolution as a domme? Is it correct to state that the longer you are living your dominant lifestyle, the more strict and more demanding you are becoming and will become?" It always strikes me to see how far a woman can travel between starting outas a reluctant domme to a self-assured, demanding woman.

    1. david and I are still "playing" even though it does not seem like it on the blog. We spend a lot of time together just being normal people. But it is true that it is seeping into our lives. If he pisses me off, I can punish him freely, so make of that what you may!

  13. This is not another comment joining your delighted s/m-colleagues rather a reminder before you might be carried away by your own staged scenarios and / or your kinky literary ambitions. You may be walking on thin ice, and the next time you push your and yours husbands limits you may not be so lucky. An infection in scrotum isn’t necessarily funny nor is a irreversible penis nerve damage, so good luck to you and your husband especially

    1. Oh pooh to you! You don't know what you're talking about, you weren't even there. I am always careful with my man as I love him very much. We have been building up to things at a slow and steady pace for more than a year of constant play, and I only do things I am absolutely sure will result in no permanent harm. I even tried out the sandpaper on the stool on my own bare little butt, and it's not that big a deal. You should go try it yourself before commenting - for a good long time! Don't forget the dildo.

    2. As I was reading your report and the replies this morning, i had suddenly begun to remember that you, in earlier posts, had indicated you tried your (outlandish) punishments on yourself before committing to applicating to your subby. I was just starting to worry that you had foregone such experimentation before this latest "punishment". I am so glad you are still so concerned

    3. Your lack of manners can't hide I apparently hit a nerve there. Have a nice day and good luck with your future love life. You may need it some day!

    4. Pooh man: MY lack of manners???? I have never consented to whip any other man, but you make me really want to... Mind you, it would not be fair for you to get your whipping from me before my NICE commenters do! I always need the last word so you may NOW consider any further utterances from you on this comment thread banned from my blog.

      Obs: It was just too tempting not to! I needed to understand what his little butt would feel like on that sandpaper. Mind you, as a woman, I had no need to feel a big cock up in me: been there, done that!

  14. OMG, this is incredible and I so admire him for taking it all....not that he had a choice but I bet he will not even think about jerking off again forever!

    Love the spanking.


    1. He actually tried pulling on his penis experimentally last night, and it was still sore. Tonight he reports that he is back to 100%

    2. GULP

      The sound you hear is of david swallowing the "results" of his experiment...

    3. Nice are amazing!

    4. gulpy: Ha Ha! Not without permission...

      ron: I take it you were referring to the other thread... thank you!

  15. Dear Julie,
    As always, your blog rocks!
    I though you might be interested in this. If you want to make a really good punishment stool, then forget the sandpaper, and use a plastic doormat. I've made one by cutting up pieces of this;

    It really hurts a spanked bottom, without cutting it.


    1. Nice! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much.

  16. Sometimes my wife gives me what she calls Ultimate punishment that is whipping my back with bull whip, spanking me with wooden paddle, strap & crop, also bastinado with cane & crop.
    The scolding is done on the rhythm of her slapping my face with her slipper

    1. I'm sure you deserve every stroke. You should feel ashamed of yourself that your behaviour provokes this reaction from your woman. You better just shape up mister, or your 'Ultimate' punishment might just have to end with a half hour on "the stool".

    2. She does not believe in that. She says if God wanted women to fuck men he would have created them with a cock. The only safe place is my anus, the rest of my body gets her full punishment

  17. Looks a little too painful for my taste but wow nicely done Julie.

  18. Your creativity seems to be limitless , what an inspiration. It would be lovely to see david's sore parts damages after such a session...
    Thanks for sharing


  19. ... a pair of coarse wool tighties

  20. Not sure if commenting on an old post will get many replies, but...
    1) Have you (Julie) used this or a similar punishment since?
    2) Has anyone found "more punishing" alternatives to sandpaper such as doormats or spiky mats?

    1. Sure!
      1) I have not. david does not appreciate it so he can't have it.
      2) sandpaper requires a "wiggle" to be punishing. I would imagine something spiky might not. I should look and give it a try for timeout. I have certainly heard of it.

    2. Thanks for the reply!

  21. Hello ma’am, I agree with you that no man should ever be allowed to masturbate without explicit permission or supervision from his significant other. I also very much agree with your strict stance on masturbating to women 21 and below or made to look so. Just because they’re “legal” doesn’t make them adults or the act of doing so any less perverse. It’s a good rule to live by and while he may not have good judgement, at least he knows you’re serious about it and that he has you to lean on for judgment if he’s unsure. It might be better if you approved any material though because based on what you described it doesn’t sound like he can be trusted to abstain and “move on” from the pictures of young women. Also, have you considered using enforced chastity via device? It can be a very effective enforcement tool when used alongside corporal punishment.