Wednesday, September 4

More on begging!

A pen-pal of mine named Shan sent me a recounting of what happened after she read my post Begging for it to stop.  The email was so awesome I just had to reproduce it here for you all!


Hi Julie thought I'd drop a line & say hello. It's Shan. We're still out here in spanking land. Love the last 3 or 4 post. Well I love them all but Fucking David's ass was hot. I also wanted to say I've learned a lot from you & your blog.

I had Steph so well trained & had forgotten he wasn't allowed to ask for it. At all. It was my way or the highway. I had told him if he ever asked for it not only would he never get it again, I'd toss all the toys in the trash & that would be that. Not a peep out of him since. I had been a ball gag gall. I don't want to hear your pleassses, that is until I realized what I was missing out on!!

Did some thinking & decided to tell Steph I wanted a total subby hubby for a while to test it out and see how it goes. It's been a work in progress. He wasn't getting into the begging part & I was getting frustrated. Then I read how you get David to beg & wallaa what do ya know it works. That & I like it. Total control, & is he a willfull subby.

Last Sat. night I felt real Domiiiii & told him I was feeling Domiii & wanted some begging. Nothing!! The crack of the split belt on his ass got his attention! He was not expecting it at all & never saw it coming. Though his 'HAY WHAT THE' did not go over well with me. After I reeled back & swung 3 or 4 times with no intended landing spot as hard as I could he was on his knees begging me to stop.

"Don't You Ever 'Hay Me' mister! Now Down!" & on all 4's he went.

I went & got the long belt. He was fully clothed.

"Let's see how fast you can strip."

 'Huu?' Was all I heard & I started swinging. 90 seconds. Flat. ;) To butt ass naked!

"Now beg me to fuck you in the ass."

It was pathetic & I started swinging. He was begging with tears for me to stop.

"Now see, you do know how to beg. Now beg me to fuck you in the ass!"

Still utterly pathetic. More swings & all of a sudden he's on my leg begging me to fuck him in his ass anything but the strap please no more.

"No not anything but. Beg me to fuck you in the ass."

He spun around & spread his ass apart with his hands.

"please ma'am fuck my ass I want your horse cock in my ass fuck me hard & fast ma'am. I present my ass to you to use as you want use it abuse it fuck my ass ma'am."

Good boy!!

I bought a Pegasus horse cock sleeve & I had never used it on Steph. I had thought it was to damned big for his ass.

GF was I wrong! It slid right up in there & oh did he holler!

"Oh take it out oh god please take it out!"

Hahaha no way was that ganna happen. I did mess with his head though: "I wish you'd make up your mind. Fuck me in the ass he says. Take it out he says. Which is it Bitch??"

Nothing, I had the strap nearby & landed one right on his back between his shoulder blades. 

"Beg Bitch."

"My ass my ass ma'am fuck me in the ass ma'am."

Ohhh did I fuck him in the ass. & Hard too. I must have pulled it out & rammed it back in 4 or 5 times.

"Now beg me to stop."

Long pause.

"It's not a joke I want to hear you beg me like you mean it to stop."

Another pause & I pick up the whip this time & out came a superb performance.

"Oh please stop it hurts it's too big it hurts."

"I'll stop when I'm dam good and ready!"

A little later I told him I'll stop when he dumps his hot cummm load. So fuck it like ya want it. Work that ass bitch! Oh he really got into it he was even pushing back the deeper I went the harder he pushed.

"Tell me you want it deeper tell me you want it harder!"

Oh my god did he cut loose. I'd never seen him move his ass like that before he was arching his back so far I thought he was going to hurt himself!

Then I started really getting into it, rubbing his ass & his back & grabbed his hips & started really grinding lifting the back up forcing the head down to his G-spot & then all of a sudden out came a roar almost in agony.

"ya baby fuck that ass deeper ya oh ya right there ya don't stop ohh ya right there ohh ohh ohh ohhhhhhhh"

& he jerked his head back & I grabbed a hand full of hair & pulled

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhh omg I'm cumming I'm cumming omg yes I'm cumming."

I reached around & grabbed his head: 

"yep sqwirt sqwirt cumm gizz all over."

 I pushed him forward so hard the Pegasus popped out. Awwwww.

He flopped flat on the floor. I cleaned up & cleaned his ass. I leaned forward & whispered into his ear, "see I told you you knew how to beg. Next time I tell you to beg I'll know you'll know exactly what to do. Hummmmm?"

Now he brings the belt to me: "ma'am I need my ass spanked,"  & he begsssss for it & knows when to beg for it to stop.

Like you I stop when I want to.



  1. That describes a truly lovely relationship!
    slave don

  2. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing Ms Julie and for inspiring other women to take control of their men!


  3. Eww... looks like a large dildo. What is the circumference/diameter?

    My wife, when choosing the dildo she regularly uses on me, had a simple principle: out of reciprocity, it should be ask wide as my penis...

    1. Very fair minded of her. But I want my bitch to suffer! ;-)

  4. My wife likes to have me kiss & lick her feet, but refuses to spank me. When I insist too much she just pinches me hard. I tried getting her to kick my ass with her feet but she refuses, she just likes to have them worshiped. Any advice Julie?