Thursday, November 13

Massage Boy

Have a bit of a change of pace to report for this blog entry. My boy gave me a lovely massage where, completely on his own initiative, we role-played "full service massage boy" and "Madam customer".

It started when he brought home some massage lotion purported to have aphrodisiac properties. He was excited to take that lotion for a spin on me.

He set up our massage table in the bedroom, dimmed the lights, and put on spa music. He was all showered up and shaved for me, and wearing loose fitting white pants, bare feet, and a nice tight yoga shirt. He held up the sheet and averted his eyes as I placed my little nude self onto the massage table. Then he draped the sheet over me.

He said something like "are you comfortable Madam?" I didn't know we were role playing, and still was not sure at this point, but as it went on it became clear he was playing massage therapist boy and I lady customer.

He did a great job on the massage. He kept me covered with maybe just peek-a-boo touches "by accident" here and there on the sides of my breasts and near my pussy.

At one point he draped me so that the sheet was between my butt cheeks and tucked under a leg, and the whole one side of my body was bare from tip to toe, but nothing naughty was showing. That was nice, those nice long strokes.

He had me turn over. He held up the sheet shielding his eyes from my nakedness as I turned, and put the sheet back down again. He then modestly undraped various bits of me and continued the massage.

Acting very decisively, he rolled the sheet up to my waist, uncovering my bare sex. He bent down over me and started going down on me. Just a few licks. Nice. Then he got some lube and massaged that into my pussy, and I do mean into. That was very nice. He had me moaning.

Then, as if it was just another phase of the massage, he stripped off all his clothes and got up on the table between my legs. He was very hard. He gently inserted himself into me, and being very careful to keep all his weight off me began slow, shallow, gentle thrusting.

"Madam should let me know if the depth and speed is acceptable."

I let him know it was barely acceptable. I encouraged him to go faster and deeper, and he obliged clumsily.

I don't orgasm from vaginal intercourse, but he is liable to at any point, so before too long he asked me, "Does Madam prefer to complete vaginally, anally, or orally?" As if he didn't know!

I played along. "Orally" I answered him.

He pulled out and went down to the end of the table, bent over and started going down on me again.

He paused at one point and came up to me at the end of the table. His hard cock was right at my head. "If Madam would like..." he said.

I smiled and took his big hard cock into my mouth, and sucked him off a bit. It was for my pleasure.

"A little more vaginal intercourse, boy" I instructed him, "and then you may finish with your mouth."

He gently guided me over onto my side, and he inserted into me that way while still standing.

I didn't know how much longer he could hold out, so I had mercy on him and instructed, "Now, finish me with your mouth."

"Would Madam prefer on her back, side, or face down and bottom up?" he asked.

He genuinely did not know the answer to that, as I like all three. But it just so happened I was in the mood for belly down and ass up. So sue me! It does not mean I want to be spanked!!! It's just that his tongue gets in there better... "On my stomach, please."

He arranged some pillows under my hips and he guided me to bottoms up across them. I must have been quite a sight!

 "Lick my anus first, boy. Then go wash your mouth out with soap, and finish with my pussy."

"Of course, Madam." He answered.

He licked and lapped at my asshole, and got in nice and deep with his tongue, parting my cheeks with his hands to allow for better access. "Continue until I tell you to stop." I said. He would not cum from this, so I allowed him to continue servicing my bottom hole in this manner for quite some time.

"That will do." I said.

He stopped and went to the ensuite bathroom, where he proceeded to wash his own mouth out with soap. From the sounds of it, he was being very thorough. Ha ha!

He came back and he started gently lapping at my pussy and clit. He did a great job (he is very well trained, after all). As he licked, he rubbed my still slippery back and flanks with his hands. Mmmmmm.

"Finger in my ass, please, to finish."

"Yes Madam, Of course, Madam."

He lubed my asshole and his finger, gently stuck it in, and started thrusting as he continued licking. I actually like this combination if truth be told, and came quite quickly. A nice shuddering climax. Yum!

He removed the pillows from under my hips and I lay back down on the massage table. He re-draped me. Then he went to the bathroom to wash his hands. He came back and finished off my massage with a nice upper back and shoulder rub.

"Was everything to Madam's satisfaction?"  He asked.

"Not really. I found your penile thrusting to be clumsy and lacking in finesse." I said.

"I'm terribly sorry, Madam!" He answered.

"Does this establishment have a client administered punishment policy?" I asked.

"Yes Madam. At Madam's full discretion."

"Fine fine. And what implements are available to me here?"

"There's a paddle and strap we keep in the therapy room, Madam."

"In that case, fetch me the strap, boy. We'll see if a good strapping to your backside won't teach you a lesson in the importance of finesse while pleasing a woman."

Yes Madam. I'm so sorry Madame. I'll fetch the strap immediately, Madam."

I stood up holding the sheet against me as he went to fetch the implement from our bedside drawer.

He handed me the strap. He was still naked and hard.

"You may thank your lucky stars, boy, that I won't make the punishment fit the crime and take this strap to that clumsy hard penis of yours."

"Yes Madam. Thank You Madam!"

"I suppose you'll need that cock in working order for your next customer, won't you?"

"Yes Madam. Thank you again Madam, for being so thoughtful."

"I'm thinking of your other customers, not of you, boy! If it weren't for them, that clumsy penis of yours would be black and blue after it receives the strapping it deserves!"

"Of course, Madam. I understand Madam."

"Bend over across the stool, boy."

He bent over, presenting his ass to me as if on a platter. "Keep your eyes closed, boy." I said as I dropped the towel.

I lined up the strap with his lower ass cheeks. "Good thing you don't need to sit for your job, boy. And I don't think your other customers will mind seeing you with a rosy red bottom, now will they?"

I gave him a nice strict strapping to his sit spots. Not too many. Just the appropriate number for a massage boy who tries hard but displays a clumsy moment with a customer. About 50 is all (tee hee).

After I was done I placed the strap onto his lower back and told him "Stay as you are. I'll send in your manager and she can decide if you've had enough of the strap, or if you need more."

"Yes Madam." He said.

"On second thoughts..."

I took the strap off his back and led him to the bed. I jumped down under him and spread my legs."I think you need more practice with that cock of yours..."

I let him fuck me and cum into my pussy.

It was a nice massage, after all.


  1. hmmm i was womdering what would happen if the manager was Sue! ;)

  2. What a great description of role play. And to top things off he received a wonderful spanking. I'm sure that was a bonus for him along with being able to reenter you and climax.

    1. Yes. He needs to be spanked regularly, and it was the least I could do...
      He doesn't often get to cum inside of me, so that was a rare treat for him.

  3. I take great pride in my massages. I took classes to learn the best techniques. I give pro quality foot, back and overall massages. My wife, and her friend, seem to love them.

    We almost always include oral worship with every massage. It seems a natural follow up.

    Both my wife and Liz prefer me in something like a bikini or a leotard and tights for giving them full massages.

    1. I approve! Perhaps i should send david to massage school.

    2. Julie, classes in feminine activities are great for reenforcing one's girly nature. I have taken ballet, sewing, massage, cooking and multiple cosmetology classes in nail, hair and currently makeup.

      It makes me all the more attentive as my wife's maid and I dare say she adores the pampering.

  4. That was a great post...erotic yet very tender showing how close you both really are. Very nice!

  5. Nice change of pace!! That massage story was almost as good as the one you told from the other summer ;-) Love the way after massaging your hot sexy body he still gets the strapping!

    1. Maybe if he was a better cocksman I might cum from his thrusting?

  6. "...I let him fuck me and cum into my pussy..."

    Did he clean up his mess...with his tongue?

  7. Dear Ms Julie,

    Thank you for sharing you wonderful night you had with David. I am sure David got more then he expected, and he was very happy massage boy. I do like how this was a story of love and caring with just a bit of spanking. Keep up the great work.

    pie pie 4 now

    1. Exactly. I like adding in a bit of spanking, but if that's all there is to it, what's the point?

  8. Another great story! I bet you would love to hire a male to give david a massage that would end in completion anally!

    1. Tee hee. I've already had him fixed up with a male masseur who gave him a hand job. A dick job in the behind is surely not such a stretch?

  9. Miss Julie,

    I'm glad to see david finally got to cum inside you. I was really starting to feel sorry for him. Excellent post by the way sounds like it was great for both of you.

    1. It doesn't do much for me orgasm-wise, but it is nice to feel him in me every now and then.

  10. massage and spanking sound fun i heard people dorole play or done massage where spanking happen i bet people cant resist slapping smacking butt when face down

    1. I would be a little shocked if an RMT smacked my butt during a massage, but between a couple, sure thing!

  11. Julie Chrstmas is coming close. A time to exchange gifts. Why dont you plan ascene with David that you have thought of but never dared? It will be his present to you. You deserve it for sharing your lifestyle with so many of us and inspiring women like me.
    love Asha

    1. Hi Asha,
      Thank you for the nice thought!
      The only scene I really, really want is david spanked and fucked by a stud. I am resigned that it may never happen... boo hoo...

  12. What a wonderful scenario Ms Julie!!! You have david trained so well! Now I'm eating my cum again for you...and am almost ready to drink my urine again.


    1. How about a mixture? Pee in a shot glass, then add your ejaculate, stir it all around, and then bottoms up!

    2. UCK!!!!!!!!!!! That was horrible Ms Julie!!! But worth it obeying your directive!


  13. Something is changing in your soul, I think soon Sue will have to spank and fuck both of you and you will start to enjoy such a thing

    1. Nah. I can't get into the whole "being spanked" thing. Hate the loss of control. I get panicky! LOVE being on my side of the strap!

  14. Hi Ms Julie,
    I love the fact that david initiated something that he knows you like, he carried out the procedure satisfactorily and still got punished! It is a lesson well learned - Mistress is in charge and can punish whenever she feels like it. I know that spontaneous punishments keep my subby on his toes! he is punished every night before I go to bed-that is a given. But sometimes I will summon him - he may be cooking, or washing up or ironing, vacuuming or dusting and I suddenly will feel the urge to make him cry. So he is summoned, sent to the toy cupboard to fetch the implement of my choice and then told to lower his trousers ( he isn't allowed to wear underwear) and assume the position.
    May I ask, Ms Julie, do you ever bother warming david up before beginning severe punishment? I used to with mine, but now I prefer to start as I mean to go on! Warming him up is just a waste of time and effort I think! Do you agree?
    I'm thinking that your massage parlour needs a strict manager to keep the staff on his toes. I'd suggest Sue. She could observe her staff whilst they work, assess his performance and administer punishment should the customers complain. Let me know if she applies for the job. I just might nip over to Canada and ask for a management special. I'd love to have my tits done by your sister! And maybe when she's finished with me, you and I could compare notes (amongst other things!)
    Hugs, licks and kisses from,
    Ms Olive XXxxXX

    1. Oh! So naughty! Sue might enjoy that, I'd wager.

      I'm 'kinda with you. I used to be so careful about warming him up so that "he could take more". Actually, it's a big Duh, he takes whatever I give him.

      And i agree. Sometimes the best punishments have no rhyme or reason at all. "Because I fell like it!"

  15. About the only dommy thing my wife does in the bedroom is she usually demands an oil massage before I am allowed any sexual activity. Of course, massaging her arouses me and I am usually able to worship her ass after the massage is complete. Subbies must appreciate what we can get!

    1. Before I started spanking david, Once I let him jerk off onto my ass cheeks...