Tuesday, January 19

Sexy Trainer Explores Husband's Bumhole

david got his bumhole thoroughly explored by his pretty young trainer the other day.

Let me tell you, to the extent I know it, how it went down.

As you know, david has an at-home personal trainer, Mags, who both works him out and also gives him spankings. I recruited her via email. You can go back and read all about it in New Trainer! and follow-up posts. She is young and keen and very game. In fact, she is in her early twenties and david is pushing forty, so she is "half his age" and "young enough to be his daughter", all of which adds to the fun!

The other day the two of them got to talking during training and the subject of bum fucking came up. Don't ask me how. I was not there. Mags, who is very naive in certain ways, asked my husband "someone once told me that guys have, like, a G-spot up their bum..." According to david, she said it in such a way that if it turned out to be totally false she could laugh it all off and say she never believed it anyways.  david earnestly told her that, yes, in fact, there is such a spot and it's called the prostate. Mags then confirmed that her boyfriend would never let her get anywhere near that part of him anyways, and they went on training.

When david related this to me I decided I just had to donate david's bumhole to the cause of this young woman's education. I texted her telling her that next time she came I would have david lay out gloves and lube and she should feel free... She txt'd back "sure!" What did I tell you? Game! (She also knows she is likely to collect a little bonus from me also - fun and profit.)

I wasn't there for it, but the following is how david told it to me.

Before she arrived, david had laid out a pair of latex gloves, a tube of lube, some paper towels, a plastic bag, a Lux vibrating prostate massager, and a diagram of a finger touching a prostate.

He had also cleaned himself very thoroughly, inside and out.

david showed her the stuff and she giggled. He told her about how she's very welcome to explore back there. To make her comfortable, he told her the story of going to visit his (female) doctor and of having his prostate examined and developing an erection. She enjoyed that story and questioned him about some of the details. She thought it was very funny that his penis was bare and he was erect and a bit dribbly in front of his doctor when she had a finger up his ass.

To david's surprise, despite the warm start, she ignored the stuff and told him to start his exercising with some in-place running. After he was warm she picked up the leather belt and told david to bend over the exercise ball. He lowered his gym shorts and panties, hoping for a bum exam. She wrapped the buckle end of the belt around her hand several times and used it single-tail to whip his bare behind.

Her whipping of him had its usual ridiculous severity, and he was soon howling under her strictly applied lash.

When his bum was adequately sore and marked, then she had him start in on an exercise set. Between exercises she whipped him some more. When they were through the first set she said, "ok, let's try this out. Bend over the ball".

david, heart beating, took his gym shorts and panties right off, and bent over the large exercise ball bare from the waist down, legs spread, and penis and balls hanging down between his legs. He was very much hoping it would be a probing and not another whipping as he lay so very exposed to her.

Mags put on the latex gloves. david then felt her dribbling lube on his bottom hole. The diagram of the prostate was arranged right in front of her, at david's head where she could see it. She penetrated him with her finger. david felt she did not have enough lube, but did not say anything. She was reaching for the prostate, but despite the map was reaching her finger in the wrong direction. david had to tell her to turn her finger around and press downwards towards his front. She rooted in there for a while, and then david said "that's it!"

"Oh yeah, I feel it!" she squealed in delight. "That's it? Does that feel nice?" She asked. "It's smooth." She commented.

"yes... that's... nice..." said david. (Ha Ha!)

She fucked him a bit with her finger, in and out, and in and out. david figures she spent a good couple of minutes in there. His penis visibly stiffened as she did this, but she did not comment on that.

"Ok, back to work!" She said. She pulled her finger out, and took the gloves off.

As david pulled his panties and gym shorts back on, he also showed her the prostate massager and explained what it was for.

She asked a few questions, such as how does it go in, and david also showed her how the vibrating feature worked. She seemed interested in an abstract sense, but didn't say she would use it on him at all. She made david go back to exercising, and alternated with the spankings as usual.

When david was finished all his exercising, and there was only stretching left, she said "Get back over the ball, let's try this out," picking up the prostate massager.

My husband again stripped himself below the waist, and again bent over the big exercise ball. She put the gloves back on and lubed the massager, and started inserting it. At first it would not go, but she bumped, bumped, bumped it against his anal opening, and eventually it went in, which apparently delighted Mags. She turned on the vibrating action and david moaned like a slut.

She asked if it was on the spot? david said it was. Then she grabbed it in her hand and started fucking him with it. In and out and in and out. david moaned each time it went in and she shushed him with a "Shhhh!", but he kept moaning regardless, and she kept fucking regardless. She put one gloved hand on his ass while she fucked him with the other. The she moved the hand on his ass to between his legs, and pushed down on his penis and balls, pushing them into the exercise ball between his legs as she continued the fucking. david moaned and bucked and squirmed during this treatment, and she continued fucking him and shushing him, seemingly a bit embarrassed by his carrying on, perhaps afraid I might come home and hear him, or maybe she just objected to a grown man, old enough to be her father, moaning like a slut under her hand.

david swears he was moments away from spurting when she stopped, pulled the vibrator out, and put it down on the top of the elliptical machine on the towels. david stayed bent over and moaning for a bit as she laughed at him. I'm sure she got an eyefull of his asshole lubed and gaping open, and his cock hard and wet with pre-cum. But that's all he got.

Her view of my ridiculous husband.
Yes, a hard little bum-fucked bitch.
He only wishes he got to touch himself and dribble that much!

As david calmed down, he stood and pulled his panties and shorts back up over a huge erection which she pretended not to notice at all. david was relieved and pleased that there was no visible mess at all to clean up. He had done a good job preparing for her.

She said "Time to stretch."

david got a gleam in his eye and asked, "may I stretch with the plug in me?"

"Sure!" she answered.

david pulled his pants down again, and right in front of her, as she watched with a little smile on her lips, stuck the massager back into his own bum, erection bobbing in front of her, turned it on, and restored his panties and shorts for his stretches. He was being stretched in more ways than one!

It was still in there, humming away, as david saw Mags to the door, paid her usual fee, and then added the same on again as my bonus to her.

I do believe a good session from Mags with the strap-on dildo is not far behind!


  1. David had another good work out and besides getting the belt he felt her inside his slut hole. Too bad Mags didn't leave the massager in until her climaxed then spanked him again for making a mess. I'm sure she will love using a strap on and giving it to him good.

    1. Indeed!. Things have progressed. About to write about it.

    2. Hope you loan her Adam for her first spin….

    3. Not first time out! But I think she should have access to Adam after the first time, if she feels so inclined.

  2. Oh my. Heavenly session. Amazing.

  3. Lucky david, though not so lucky with the always severe one speed spanking.

  4. OMG. I have no doubt I would have cum on the spot! Excellent control, david.

    1. He usually needs more cock stimulation to spurt.

  5. I have no idea how David held back. Prostate massager inserted, pretty young girl standing there, then giving him a bare bottom spanking. I might cum just visualizing the scene. You should get Mags to take some pics to share here - and some just for you to masturbate to! TL

    1. Yes, but as I mentioned above, david needs his little clitty firmly stroked to cum.

  6. Miss Julie
    Mistress Julie
    Dom Julie

    i Think you be right about what lot of submissive mens would love even enjoy you have lot of experience with what we bad boy like mostly with husband

    is it all right if i call you Dom Julie or Mistress julie

    1. Call me anything you like so long as you don't call me late for lunch!

  7. I used to go to a very, very attractive female doctor. I always wondered and secretly hoped I would get hard in front of her but I never did. I'm sure I would have been humiliated.

    1. Try one of those little blue pills next time. Ha Ha!