Friday, March 25

Playtime Happened: My Spanking

Happy to report that everything with our visit to the Pro Domme I mentioned in my previous posting Playtime! went off without a hitch and it was an amazing experience all around.

This particular lady is quite young, in her mid twenties perhaps (?), petite and super hot, and despite her youth, very experienced and very "together" and fun loving. This was our second time playing with her, so she knew us and we knew her and it was simple to setup by email. I thought she would be perfect as david's "daughter", and somebody I wouldn't mind getting friendlier with myself (wink, wink). We'll call her Rose, and no you can't know who she really is.

still not her!

Before I go further though, first a shout-out to the 416, the T Dot, by which I mean Toronto, Canada. We are blessed with a huge selection of Pro Dommes. I often suggest to frustrated guys that write me that they should consider playing with a pro, but it seems as if in most places it's hard to find. Or at least hard to find someone who is doing it because they enjoy doing it, and are smart and professional about it, and "get it". Well that has never been an issue with me and david in Toronto. This is our third different woman (not counting massage parlour girls), and all of them have been exactly perfect. And when I go online to find someone, there are so many really good-seeming ones to choose from. So sorry to rub it in, but the T dot is the place to play!

david and I collaborated on the scene we sent over to her. I even wrote in a part at the end where she and I would be making out in front of david.  She didn't particularly mention that part in her reply, but came back with a very enthusiastic "Yes!" overall regarding the scene. So I knew I was covered for when I made my move on her.

But I also wanted to "break the ice" a bit, and I thought that baring my own bottom for a sensuous little spanking before the scene even started would be a good way to do that. I figured that having already pulled down my panties and touched me on my bare behind, she would be open to doing more of the same later.

So... I made up a story that it was almost my birthday, and told her what a great BIRTHDAY present doing the scene with her would be. When she didn't bite, I made david (who was on the email cc) suggest that maybe I had some panty-down paddy-whacks coming to me on my birthday, and seeing as we were going to play with a real pro... I immediately wrote back "Mmmmm... I could get into that..." and so the ice breaker was on.

I told david that when we got there he needed to push the issue to make sure I got my spanking. I also told him that he could spank me first to set the mood. Across his knee. Lots of fondling and caressing. Pull my panties down half way through. Gentle smacks. Mucho groping. He should even touch my pussy and I would moan. Then he should insist it be her turn to spank me next... I was sure no ice at all would be left after that.

So we arrived at the place, which was a so-called "dungeon" (really a house) but with various interesting equipment in one room, and another room with a big bed.

We hugged when we first arrived, and made small talk. She offered us some water and we all had some. We talked about the finer points of the upcoming daddy/daughter scene, which she was totally into, by the way. david had brought a little birthday cake for me with a candle. We decided we would have cake and tea after the scene. Then david said that before the scene there was still the matter of some birthday spanks? I responded enthusiastically.

We first discussed where I should get spanked. Rose suggested OTK on the chair, or over the spanking bench...

I said, "what, like this?" and bent over the side of it a little. Rose suggested, no, more like this and she hiked up her sweater-dress and straddled it properly. She had jeans on and the pertest little butt. I gave it a little smack and she wiggled for me. But I wanted my panties down and I thought it would be a bit lewd all at once and so opted for the chair.

david moved the chair out into the center of the room. We agreed he should go first, and then Rose after. I draped myself across his knee. Rose perched on a nearby stool to watch things unfold. It was feeling a little awkward on both our parts I thought, though david was having fun at least.

I was wearing a reasonably tight black leather dress that came down to my knees and very high stiletto heels. It's not too dommy. I wear it out.

As soon as I was across his knee, he worked my dress up to my waist (a bit of an effort!) exposing my EXTRA cute pair of panties specially selected for the occasion.

She immediately commented that "somebody got dressed for a spanking!"

david gave me my paddy whacks with his hand. Going lightly and sensuously, spanking my low cheeks where I like it. I moaned and wiggled a little. She said I looked so cute and did we want a photo? I said yes please and to just go ahead and user her own phone. So now there's a pic of me across my husband's lap in my cute little panties with a no doubt somewhat rosy butt! She has not yet sent them along yet. I wonder if I shall post one when I get them...

david then said something about it needing to be on the bare. Oh boy! He lowered my panties to my upper thighs and continued my "birthday" spanking. I felt a tingly thrill at being bared in front of Rose while in heat.

Rose made a comment about what a beautiful butt I had, which I enjoyed. david then spanked and rubbed and spanked some more. As per our agreed arrangement, he dutifully fondled me between my legs and I let out a little moan as I felt him touch my (quite wet!) pussy.

When he was done, he pulled up my little panties and helped me to stand. He announced it was now Rose's turn.

"You're sure?" she asked me.

"Oh yes!" I said.

She sat on the chair and I went across her lap. My dress had stayed up, and my panties were back up, and I was worried it might have been a strategic error of david's to pull up my panties. But no, the very first thing she did was to lower my panties right down, and then she started to spank me. It was also sensuous, but her spanking was quite a bit harder than david's had been. There was definitely a bit of pain with my pleasure, and I liked it!

She also allowed her fingers to roam all over me, and even down my thighs and their insides. She got very close to my pussy. I would say teasingly close, which excited me tremendously, but she did not touch me there. I interpreted the message as "more to come".

When she was done with me I stood up and told her "that was hot!" She replied that it sure was, and she kissed me on the lips. A long and lingering kiss with my dress still hiked up and my panties still around my knees and with her grabbing my bare butt! Who's seducing whom here???

At any rate, ice successfully broken.

But it's getting late now, so more on the daddy/daughter scene with david in my next post, and the amazing girl on girl ending!

(continued in Playtime Happened: His Spanking).
(those pics I mentioned in Playtime Happened: My Spanked Bottom!!!)


  1. Goddess Gretchen25 March 2016 at 01:50

    I think it is time to get you in diapers!

    Goddess Gretchen

  2. Very interesting start. I'm guessing Rose enjoyed spanking you more than you did from the kiss she gave you. What was David's thoughts on watching her spank you?

    1. Yes, I think she really, really enjoys giving a spanking, and it must be nice for her to spank a woman as she does seem to lean that way and I'm sure most of her clients are men. So, yes, I was patting myself on the back for calling the perfect seduction!

  3. BTW, Drake calls it the "6". I guess it's not T dot anymore. There's two plausible theories; first, there were 6 municipalities before they were consolidated to become the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The other theory - my personal favourite - is the area code for Toronto is 416 and it was simply shortened to the "6".

    1. I agree. Counting municipalities to the number 6 seems to be rather nerdy for Drake!

  4. OMG, so hot! I got hard just visualizing it, along with your tease of a pic sometime in the future (yes, please!). As a switch, this filled me with pleasure -- both feeling you over my lap to spank your bare bottom, and then being spanked (herder) by my 'daughter.' How red was your bottom? Can't wait for the rest of the story! TL

    1. It was rosy red I am told. I redden easily given I have so little practice taking it!

  5. Lovely and yummy so far Miss Julie. You are such a tease though, making us wait. Perhaps you should have to share that hot picture of you over David's knee for punishment. :-) Penney

    1. I shall have to see if it's flattering. (though with the magic of Photoshop...)

  6. What a great story this is already! That leather dress is outstanding.
    I am so looking forward to hearing more of this very exciting scene.

  7. Good grief amazing beginning. First off yes ma'am it is sometimes easier to go to a pro but yes not many really get it.

    Anyway how sensual, I am rock hard and must assume your panty was wet. What z good bottom wearing special panties very erotic. Amazing makes shopping you are that much hotter. Love it. Thanks

  8. Eagerly awaiting the rest of the story!

  9. Well that has my tail twitching!

  10.'ve certainly "wetted" my appetite! i may have to change these panties!

  11. do this mean we see or hear more about you get spanked or spanking when your been naughty girl

    iam sure you do have awesome butt
    we seen pic of your butt