Sunday, February 19

David's Treat

It happened a little while ago, a couple of weeks after my evening with Tracy and John (Schoolgirl Punishment) where I allowed Tracy's husband to have sex with me (with my husband's permission). Tracy was keen to get her husband more involved in our playtime and I let it happen. I felt like I was being "procured" for John by Tracy. Like a piece of meat! But fortunately I am totally sexually aberrant and found that totally sexy. To cut a long story short, my mouth and pussy were extremely well used by John. Much more so than I was used to from my sweet david.

But Tracy had agreed beforehand that if I gave it up to John, she would return the favour for david. She even used the words "anything goes" which I think means ass, right? Part of the deal with myself for allowing John to use me was that I would allow my husband to use Tracy. I am very sensitive to having the scales be balanced.  So I did not let it wait long, and we arranged a get together over at our place soon after.

Unless you've actually done it, you guys cannot imagine what it's like to have a pretty woman knocking on the door of your house to offer herself up like that. She's down home, country, conservative, Babtist, and freaky. She was wearing tall boots, skinny jeans, a sheepskin coat, and there she was, all alone, at our doorway, ringing our doorbell for a booty call. Unbelievable!

"So we're doing this?" she asked, still in the doorway as I opened it.

I grabbed her arm and dragged her in and gave her a big kiss on the lips. Tasty girl. She doffed her coat and kicked off her boots as we continued kissing. I took her by the hand and took her up to the bedroom. Why bother with the chit chat? We all knew why she was here!

"Where's david?" she asked. I told her I'd call him when we needed him. We knelt on the bed and we undressed each other down to our bras and panties. We then lay down next to one another and started kissing and fondling over our undies (and a bit under!)

"Call him," she said. I got up out of bed, went into the upstairs hallway and called down to david. "Oh Sweetie!" I yelled out to him. "Could you come up here, please?"

When he got into the bedroom he was greeted by the sight of me in my bra and panties, together with my sexy friend, undressed likewise. "Strip," I told him as I went back to kissing Tracy. I intended to be in control of this show. He stripped bare.

"Oh no! Would you just look at that!" I said. david was extremely excited! He was rock hard and his cocktip was engorged and almost purple. When he gets really excited it kind of arcs up towards the ceiling and twitches. And it sure was doing that!

"I guess he's happy to see me," said Tracy with a smile.

What do I think of that? Amazing! I was glad he was so excited. It would be a bit hypocritical if I thought otherwise. I had been excited to be fucked by Tracy's husband. First new cock in a decade. This would be david's first strange pussy in that same period. Of course he should be excited! Tracy also looked sexily eager. While she and her husband swung, that was before their kids, and she told me it was a rare occasion even then that she allowed a man to "go all the way." So this was her first strange cock in about a decade as well, and about to take her every which way!

We opened our arms and invited him into the bed. We put him face up between us, and we both went down on him at the same time. We licked up and down the side of his cock together. I put it in my mouth a bit, and then she did, and we went back and forth. I had never done this before! It was so strange looking into another woman's eyes as I licked my husband's cock while she was doing the same.

"Watch," said Tracy and she slid her mouth around his cock and went down until her lips touched his abdomen! Then she bobbed a bit and then came back up for air. Wow!

"Don't you dare cum!" I told david as I gave his cock a slap. His cock was purpled and twitching with excitement at the treatment he was receiving.

I knelt Tracy up in front of david. He started stroking himself slowly. I was behind her. I unsnapped her bra and slowly pulled it off her. She covered her tits with her hands coyly, as part of my strip tease of her. I grabbed her lower arms and pulled them behind her, which made her tits jut out proudly. Holding both her hands behind her back with one of mine, I started fondling her tits. Squeezing. Pinching. Lightly slapping. david seemed to enjoy the show.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked breathlessly of david.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered enthusiastically.

I let go of her hands and I moved to her panties. I slowly, slowly started pulling them down. Lower and lower and lower. She was kneeling up on her knees. I exposed her pussy. I reached my hands down to her lips and I pulled her apart, showing david her pink folds.

"You're going to get to fuck that," I told david. "If that's still ok," speaking to Tracy.

"It's why I'm here isn't it? A little fuck toy for your husband..." She said this in a husky, sexy voice as I fingered her pussy and opened it wide. A voice that made it very clear she had been fantasizing about it and anticipating the moment. Fantasizing she was to be given by her friend to the husband as a "fuck toy", which she absolutely was. I knew exactly how she felt. The power of fantasy.

"Make a man out of you," she joked with david, egging him on, referring to his beta male status with me.

Didn't want to let that pass unchallenged. Decided he should prove what a good little beta male he is first. "Come here," I told david. "Lick it."

He eagerly complied, kneeling in front of her and lapping his tongue up and down her pussy as I held her apart for him, There's my good little beta male, licking where he's told to lick.

I put her on her back on the bed, removed her panties completely, and had her spread and bend her legs a bit bent. I directed david to go down on her some more. He is very good at this, and proved it. As he was doing this I stripped off my bra and panties and lay down beside Tracy, kissing her and fondling her. I moved my hand down to her low abdomen and pushed where I like to get pushed as I'm licked. I stopped him before Tracy came. I recalled that she's a one or two orgasm gal, and I didn't want to use her up too soon.

"Are you ready to be FUCKED?" I asked her in a husky whisper.

"Bring it on," she said.

I had david get into missionary position in front of her. His cock inches from her pussy. It felt good letting him do this. Fun justice for my own infidelity.

"Go on," I said, "fuck that cunt." Such a dirty mouth. But I know Tracy likes dirty talk or I wouldn't have been so crude.

"You're both sure?" he asked.

"I'm very sure!" I answered enthusiastically.

"And I'm not used to having to invite a Gentleman twice," she said. Poor gal. Juicy pussy right there. Not sure if the man wants it. Can't have that.

I put my hand on his ass and encouraged him into her, guiding his cocktip in with my other hand. This was fun!  I supervised closely as I saw david's dick disappear up Tracy's cunt. Surreal. "Ohhhh!" he moaned. I kept one hand on his ass, and the other on Tracy's lips above her clit, and felt them doing it.

After maybe a dozen thrusts, and seeing his face, I said "tell me when you get close."

"Fuck, I'm close already!" he said right away.

"Hey, I'm nowhere near!" exclaimed Tracy

"How close?" I asked him.

"Really, really, close," he answered.

Well that was not a great showing! "Ok, pull out." He did so, and Tracy said "Ohhhhh!" in a disappointed tone. Ha ha! Not quite the same staying power as her husband, my man. I stuck one hand inside Tracy, feeling her wetness. I put my mouth on david's cock, tasting the mix of her excitement and his pre-cum, confirming how close he had been.

"We're not done," I told Tracy. "Hand and knees, girl. Doggy style."

Tracy smiled and barked at me "woof woof" putting herself into position, arching her back prettily. Showing off her puffy pussy and bottom hole. I slapped her bum which only encouraged her. I put david behind her, his twitchy hard cock inches from her pussy. It felt like I was playing with my Barbie and Ken dolls! I hoped Ken would not blow his load in mid air.

"Hold on," I said, and went into the bedside drawer to get out the lube. I dribbled the lube onto her bottom hole and rubbed it in with my fingers.

"Oh no! Not there!" said Tracy. "You didn't do that," she said.

"Shut up, you," I said. "I know what I'm doing. You're getting his cock and my finger at the same time."

"Ohhhh!" she said.

"Any more complaints?" I asked.


"Good. At least I'm not whipping your ass with a belt before I let him fuck you like you did to me. And I do remember you husband's fat fingers up both our asses!"

"Ohhhh!" she said again, in her pouty little voice.

I slid my middle finger up her ass. I got david to enter her from behind. What a visual david got of my finger lodged up her behind as he entered her vagina and fucked her from behind. I could feel his cock sliding in through her bum hole!

There are so, so many combinations and permutations of sex acts with three people. As I searched for images of threesomes for this blog post I realized that. I kick myself now for not doing my research in advance and trying all of them!

Poor david, though, it was, like, five thrusts before he started saying he was 'gonna cum.

"Ok. Hold still. Don't move," I told him, trying to get him through this.

"Ah! She's squeezing!" He said.

I slapped Tracy's ass again. "Stop that!" I told her. She giggled.

As david was holding as still as he could, I intensified my finger fucking of her behind.

"Oh come on!" complained david worried he would explode without the thrusting.

"Look away," I advised him.

"I can't" he said.

I told him to pull out, I gingerly felt his cock with my hand. I gave it a slap, and another harder one. I grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard. "Not yet." I told him. "Now get back inside her. Show her you can be a man." He slipped it back in. I slipped my finger out of Tracy's ass. I reached behind him and collected his testicles in my hand and squeezed. He moaned in pain as he fucked her.

"Is that better?" I asked him.

"No! It hurts!" He said.

I pulled him out of her by his balls.

I made him lie on his back. I got on top of him and sat on his face. I asked Tracy to sit cowgirl position with his cock up inside her.

"Lick my asshole," I told him.

Tracy and I kissed and fondled as david licked my asshole and she squirmed around his cock.

"You're actually making him lick it?" she asked.

"I sure am. It feels good. Do you want to try?"

"Yes!" she said.

"After he cums, first he'll clean your pussy and then your ass, ok?"

"Yeah," she moaned as she kept bouncing on david.

It was not very long at before david started bucking his hips and moaning and digging his tongue deeper into my asshole. He was going to cum.

"That's it, baby," I told him. "Shoot your load right into her!"

Tracy looked like she was concentrating, squeezing his cock with her vagina as he grunted, bucked, and gushed his sperm into her hot wet cunt. He came hard and I felt it all as he struggled beneath me, my ass in his face. What a treat for him, to so thoroughly sperm another woman's pussy while having the honour of licking out his wife's asshole!

I dismounted and Tracy and I changed places. He had just cum and was not hard any longer, so I just sat on his soft wet cock and kissed Tracy as david cleaned her up, licking and swallowing his own cum out of her cunt.

When I judged he was sufficiently done with her snatch, I had her sit up straighter. I made david put his hands on her ass cheeks and pull them apart, and then made him lick her asshole. Up and down. Across and back. Around and around. In and out. Repeat.

"You clean her little hole, david," I said. "Get all that nasty lube out of her."

How demeaning! He had to lick two women's' assholes, one after the other. And thoroughly too. That's what boys are best at!

"Do you like it?" I asked her.

"Fuck yes!" she said. "I've never had anybody do this to me before. It's nice." She was rubbing herself as she said this.

"Maybe get John to do it next time?" I suggested helpfully.

"Ha! Zero chance of that. You know he's been spanking me since we got together last time?" she revealed.

"Oh poor baby," I said, kissing her.

"If I suggested he licks my ass I'd be across his knee in a flash and then he'd probably make me lick his, and that's just gross."

"Oh I know! Who would enjoy doing that?" I asked sarcastically.

"Apparently your husband," she said. And then down to david, "Come on boy, keep licking. Nice and deep. Clean out my nasty corn hole." And then back to me, "There's no hope for him, is there?" she asked.

"No hope," I agreed. "Spankings, lickings, and ass fuckings is what he's good for." I was intending to prove all three tonight!

I took Tracy off of him and put her on her back on the bed. She had not cum yet. david's excuse for a fucking had not done it for her. But david has something going for him that her husband does not have. A highly trained and talented tongue.

I went into the ensuite bathroom, wet a bar of soap, and brought it a back with me. I made david open up and cleaned out his mouth with the soap. I scrubbed very thoroughly up in there. Tracy looked amused watching this. I told him to go the bathroom, rinse, gargle with mouthwash, and rinse again with water. I told Tracy he's licking her next until she came, and I wanted to be very careful with her delicate pussy, which she appreciated and thanked me for with a big kiss.

When he got back, I set him between her legs again, licking and lapping at her pussy. I told him to slow down and take his time. Tracy seemed to be enjoying it.

I stood up, went again to the bedside drawer, and got out my strap-on dildo. I pulled on my panties and then calmly put the strap-on harness around me, and then chose the medium purple dildo as my cock which I slipped into the the holder.

I knee-walked over to Tracy and slapped my dick against her cheek. She giggled and turned her mouth to take it in, blowing me nicely.

But the cock wasn't ultimately for her (but I do want to try that sometime with her, both ways!). It was for my man. "Make it nice and wet," I told her. It's going up his ass next..."

"Awww, the poor guy," she said.

"After that poor showing," I said, "I'm going to show him what a real fucking is like."

I mean, come on, he had his chance with Tracy. Barely got her wet with his fumbling short-lived attempts. Now Tracy would see that at least one member of this family knew how to deliver a proper, long, hard fucking.

I pulled out and went behind david. I arranged him, lubed him, and penetrated him. I made sure he was continuing licking Tracy's pussy the whole time.

Then I started fucking him. Tracy taunted him as his head slammed against her pussy with the force of my fucking. "You're getting fucked by your wife? Huh? Are you 'gonna learn what a real fucking is like? One that lasts longer than five thrusts?"

Ha Ha! She was playing too!

She grabbed david's head and pulled him into her as she started moving her hips and fucking his face with her cunt as I slammed his ass. "Oh yes! Yes! Sweet Jesus!" She said (!!!) and shuddered to a climax.

Closest I could find, yet oddly appropriate.

david's head moved further up Tracy's body. Onto her tummy as I kept fucking him.  She stroked his head as I banged him.

"Ah! Ah! Ow! No!" he complained as I thrust into him and Tracy comforted him. He had not made a good showing with his cock, and he was paying his penance now on top of his new lady friend.

Finally I started slowing down, starting to bring his fucking to an end.

"Had enough?" I asked.

"Oh yes Ma'am!" he answered.

"No," said Tracy, "give him some more. He needs to be punished. And make him keep licking me."

I pulled him back by the hips and positioned his mouth at her pussy.

"I'm fucking you hard until she cums again," I told him. He groaned.

Fortunately, it didn't take longer that about five minutes for him to get her off a second time. I'm sure his big wet tears helped with her excitement level.

When she came back down again and I had pulled out of david she told him "You poor man, you got fucked so hard! And here it was supposed to be me getting it hard from you. I guess I'll have to ask your wife to do it next time."

My thoughts exactly!

"Don't move," I said to him. "until I can clean you up a bit." I left him there with his head resting on Tracy's tummy.

I went to the bathroom to take off and clean my strap-on, and to get some toilet parer to bring back to david. When he was cleanish I pulled him off of her, sat by the side of the bed, and pulled him across my knee. "Pass me that hairbrush," I asked Tracy.

"That cock is a disgrace!" I told him as I spanked him with the hairbrush. "Have you any idea how much longer John can fuck than you? Would you ever be able to satisfy a woman like Tracy?"

"No," she answered for him.

"It's a good thing I don't cum from cock, and that your tongue is so talented," I said.

"It is," Tracy added.

I finished him off with a flurry of spanks and then set him to stand in the corner of the bedroom with his spanked red bare ass showing.

"I'm sorry about his performance," I told Tracy, gong back onto the bed to kiss her some more.

"It was exciting anyways," she said, "and he goes down, which I have a hard time getting John to do."

"david!" I yelled out. "Go put on a pair of your panties and then stand back in your corner."

"He's really like a woman," I told Tracy. "Submissive, gives head, takes cock."

"You stand there in your panties," I called out to him as he returned to his corner in his pink lacy panties, "and think about what a good woman you would have made some man."

Ha Ha! It was all part of my plan for the evening. Need to make him pay for his strange pussy treat. Wouldn't want him getting too big for his panty britches and thinking he was good enough to fuck any woman, now would we?

Besides, it's what he loves. I know that. He is very turned on having me discuss his sexual inadequacies as a "man" in front of Tracy, and being punished for them. After-talk confirmed this.

I actually just kept him there in the corner for the next hour or so as Tracy showered, dressed, we talked some more, and then she left. Just before leaving we went back up so she could say goodbye to david. She approached him in his corner, put her hand on his pantied ass and told him that she hoped he knew that we were just teasing, that he has a fine cock and that she was very excited having him inside of her, and that she had two great orgasms from the licking which she usually does not get from her guy.

"I'm sorry you had to get a spanking on account of me, and such a hard ass fucking," she added.

"I'm not, Ma'am," he said.

"I can see that," she said. "Julie, look," she said, turning him and showing me the tent in his panties. "He's hard again. What a stud! Except for the panties..."

I went up to him and turned him back around and pushed his nose back into the corner. "Nose in the corner, panty boy, until I tell you otherwise. And put your hands on your head. I don't want you touching your cock anymore tonight. You've had your fun and you still have another licking coming."

I left him in doubt as to whether "licking" meant a spanking, or a pussy licking for me. In fact, it would be the latter.

After I saw Tracy out I came back up to david again. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"Oh yes! A dream come true. Thank you so much!!!"

"You're welcome," I said. "But now you have another pussy to lick... no fair she got all the fun..."


  1. You are so good to David, too bad he goes off so quickly, maybe if there is another time a little numbing jel. to help him or get him to climax quick then get him hard again that should help him last longer. I'm sure David enjoyed every bit of it. And he got a pegging and spanking along with every thing else.

    1. A real man ought to be able to hold off without artificial aids.

  2. I wonder, has david ever tried having a "tactical wank" to increase his staying power, or using a cock ring to keep him hard and delay his ejaculation?

    1. A "tactical wank" would seem like quite an obvious solution to the problem, though if caught would probably result in punishment.

    2. Unfortunately, he's not exactly a teenager anymore. He might not get it hard again. Bad enough that he cums too soon. Imagine my embarrassment if he couldn't even get it up for Tracy!

    3. I'd be surprised if he couldn't get it up when faced with his wife on a state of undress AND he swinging friend. And he could always survice you two while recharging.

      Have you tried a ring?

    4. Wank, spank, lick, fuck, wash. Repeat as desired.

    5. As I said, not that young anymore... takes him a couple of hours to be able to cum again.

    6. If he new that you had a play date that evening could he prep himself a few hours before?

    7. Listen, I LIKE him on his little hair trigger. So cute! So much fun to tease. SOOOO responsive. My every touch has him practically cumming. What's not to like??? His cock in my cunt? No thank you.

    8. Don't forget to tell him that when you're not playing

  3. What an absolute dream for a submissive man, to be a sex toy for two women at once. You are so good to david.

    I don't think his lack of staying power is a problem at all. He makes up for it with his tongue, which was a special treat for Tracy, since she doesn't get that at home. And he's apparently the first person to ever tongue her anus, and she had a good time with that, too. david's beta-male orientation, desires, and skills are a wonderful complement to what she gets from alpha-male John. Tracy (and you!) got the best of both worlds in this pair of threesome romps. And david got to fuck a new woman in the ass and come in her pussy. These are treats far beyond the realm of possibility for most submissive men.

    And perhaps you've convinced Tracy that david is not going to snap out of his submissive state and start dominating you. Pounding his ass with your dildo while he licked her pussy really put him in his place. And making him lick the lube out of her ass--great touch! Eww, consuming lube! But wow, getting to lick her ass! Haha, a treat with a twist.

    Great post, Strict Julie. Your blog is the best on the web. And I'm hard now. Gonna stop writing and get to stroking...

    1. That was really my point in the ass lickings and fucking him. Let Tracy know his true nature.

    2. Yes, I think you really helped solidify the pecking order here. I think soon you will have lil david servicing all three of you.

      Maybe sometime when you need some alone time you can drop him off in his diaper for Tracy and John to babysit.

    3. Not with their 2 girls there!

  4. Delay sprays can also help with increasing staying power. I use two--Fuck Forever and Stud 100. Different active ingredients but both work great!

    1. I think if a man can't hold off on is own, he deserves to be humiliated for it.

    2. You are absolutely correct Ms Julie!

  5. First off dont Think Mrs Tracy is sorry David got a an otk hairbrush spanking from you bet she enjoy every bit of watching you spank him and smile whole time do you agree

    now seem like Tracy is getting spanking from her Husband John Mrs Julie you done it again another female being spanked with spanking in their realtionship you rock

    wonder if she her self is spanking John just as well do you think John being spanked by his wife i still love see you spanking david and tracy spanking John same time what you say about this

    1. I'm quite sure John is NOT getting spanked!!!

    2. well If JOhn NOT GETTING SPANKED!!!! I guess who will be getting spanked is you and Tracy right

  6. Julie, I was hoping for david's sake that you'd create a great scene and you exceeded all expectations. It was right up there with the one my wife did for me the one time I was allowed to "cheat."

    My wife's best friend was my nemesis...probably because I secretly wanted her. The friend disliked me greatly as well. With my wife's approval from the friend, my wife had me ask the friend to have sex with her. Of course, I was a disaster. david was a marathon man compared to me. In the end, the scene was far more erotic than the act of having sex. It put me in my place, solidified the friend's place above me and allowed my wife to "hold my cheating over my head" to set me up for punishment in the future.

    Well done, Julie! You never fail to deliver.

    1. Thank you. We would love to hear more about your episode, though!

  7. Julie, I blame you for davids staying power. You have not trained him well. You have done a great job of making him a submissive panty boy. If your going to have company come over, your going to have to train him. Twenty five strokes is not going too do it. I would try doing some edgeing, make him hard to the time of ejaculation and stop make him sit with it. Intel he has calm down and do again and again. Just want to say it , your so lucky to find playmates to inrich your sex life.

    1. I try and try and try again. Nothing seems to work.

    2. I don't know, I like the idea of subby boys being quick lil squirters - let's us know what pathetic panty boys we are!

      Of course, you could always have John demonstrate for him.

    3. I agree totally. I like to know how excited he gets by me!

  8. The following is my analysis/view of “david’s Little Treat”.

    Predictable activities (as in you knew this would happen before the post was released):

    Aside from david fucking and cumming in Tracy’s pussy.

    1) david getting punished/spanked for fucking Tracy.
    2) david getting pegged
    3) david having to lick and eat his cum out of Tracy’s pussy (also qualifies under the next group,unsanitary activity)

    Unsanitary activities:

    Only one here that I found was david licking and eating his cum out of Tracy’s pussy after having had his tongue up Julies bottom hole, Eeww! (and not for licking bum holes but for not gargling with mouth wash in between. Also, not to be confused with david licking Tracy’s pussy after having had his tongue up her own bottom hole. Mouth washing was performed in between, apparently.

    Missed Opportunity:

    1) The spanking of Tracy especially after her having given the segue into it about John spanking her since the last play date.
    2) Spanking Tracy period. She gave a spanking before John got fucked would have made perfect sense that Tracy get spanked before david got fucked
    3) Tracy pegging david.
    4) Tracy spanking david for his poor performance
    5) Tracy getting DP’d

    Just my view/analysis, I’m sure there are other points that may have been missed.

    1. Yes... the moment got to me and I forgot to have him clean up just then. I realized it just as it was happening, so made him do it next time.

      I gave Tracy's bottom a bit of a slap, and I did DP her with my finger at least...

  9. In France at the moment, men are penetrated too but without being lubed. It is with the telescopic truncheon of the cops.

    1. Yes. Horrible. I hope they have a fair trial and if found guilty rot in jail.

  10. You and Tracy have both had fun with David and John in separate sessions. Don't you think you deserve time with David and John both servicing you? Similarly Tracy having David and John together. The mind boggles at what may transpire each of these occasions.Do you dare create the opportunity, Julie? If anyone could ever do it its only you.

    1. The next step is a foursome. Maybe I can get david into that if I promise him the boys don't need to play with each other?

  11. Dating is when I found let it all out, if it doesn't work out it was not met to be. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the F/m relationship, nothing greater than across her lap. Her friends knew, mine I tried to keep that a secret. She had a friend in her 50's, she was something else. I asked if she knew of the spankings and the response was of course. I said boy a spanking from an older lady, dressed as such, that would be interesting. Well the woman was not backwards, and on a Saturday afternoon, she was visiting and out of the blue said young man, you wish a spanking from me, I looked shock, and said yes. She pulled a chair to the middle of the room and had me stand before her. My girlfriend smile as my pants and underpants were lowered. I was erect, the woman smiled, cute isn't it, but it will be gone shortly. The spanking she gave was wonderful, it hurt and her hand was hard. Dear she said to my girlfriend, have a hairbrush handy, Yes and soon I felt the sting of the hairbrush. She did not have me face the wall after the spanking, I had to undress and stand hands on head in the middle of the room while the two talked. After she left my girlfriend asked how I liked it and said it was great and she smiled, my erection was back.

    1. Awesome!!!!! I wish I could meet a young couple like you when I'm her age.

    2. Women at that age I learned let it all out, for a male, these women dress such that the spanking is effective. Trust me her hand and then the hairbrush got my attention. My girlfriend has asked what is it about older women, I said they just have experience and have learned to let go. It was maybe a month later visiting this woman, my girlfriend was away on business, that the spanking was brought up. I said I've been a naughty boy, she smiled, to the bedroom and oh it was the spanking I dreamed of, my girlfriend is good at spankings, but older women just something about them.

    3. Nice to know I'll still have something going for me when I'm old!

  12. In this post, it seems that david is treated from one end of the scene to the other as a dog.
    (Hence perhaps the comical aspect)
    Julie whistles, he rushes and waits almost by pulling his tongue. She has him naked and leads him, hard rock, to fuck Tracy as we lead a beast.
    Nothing is left to his desire. He constantly obeys orders. He is get to enter, withdrawn by the balls, then pulled by the hair by Tracy to satisfy her.
    Finally he is insulted, beaten, set to stand in the corner (a dog in the corner!) where he becomes a little more human (but not of his sex) disguised with a woman's panties.
    The two women manage to perform the phantasy of david in all its complexity while using it to take pleasure and the intermingling of the two is particularly successful.
    Perhaps the first episode of a TV series (with very few cuts)

  13. How about all four of you getting together next time? Find out if David and John also enjoy each other like you and Tracy. Or are you worried John will be able to please David better than you can with a strap on? Or David will learn to enjoy a real clock better than your Adam, and the taste of John's cum?
    I am sure David will have the more fun than John. After all his tongue can last longer than John. Only Tracy may have to learn how to rim and lick John's ass once he experiences and enjoys the pleasure David gives him .

  14. guess no trick came with treat for david do you think david consider tracy a friend like you do does he really enjoy her company

    1. I think so. They have spent some time talking with one another and they like each other.

    2. well all that matters right your all friends and get along ok with every kinky ideas have

  15. OHH my God! Super hot x 100!!

  16. How about John giving David a good ass licking with a belt and David reciprocated with his tongue?

    1. Yes! An ass licking from david to John to make up for the one he must take! ha ha!

  17. Magnificent. But Tracy got away without a spanking.

  18. Oh my so freakin hot. Love the sex play with you two ladies in panties. Hard fucking and locking and finally over the knee hairbrush spankings. Oh and a strap on with your pant on just love it. Hard right now.

    1. You didn't think the evening would end without david being spanked, did you?

    2. I was counting on it

  19. Ms. SJ

    What an adventure - so many possible comments to make.

    I understand that Sly Stone's lyric "different strokes for different folks" applies when it comes to sexual satisfaction. But I couldn't help but feel a bit bad for Tracy and John when you said he doesn't like to "go down on her".

    Pussy licking is such an essential part of the relationship I share with Irene. I don't call it "going down" partly because mostly we employ a position I call "reverse cowgirl cunnilingus" where she sits atop me - and often "hands-free" if I am tied to the bed with a freshly whipped bottom.

    For me the sensations are really special - seeing her round fleshy bottom inches away, feeling her weight on top of me, and of course tasting and smelling her beautiful pussy - extra points if she has just been working out. During these times, there is nothing else that matters - it is like her nether regions are the entire globe right before me.

    It's pretty much guaranteed to produce a powerful orgasm. After she stops shaking and catches her breath, Irene will ravish me madly with her fingernails, then climb aboard for a fucking.

    She'll fuck me hard and fast at first. Sometimes it is hard not to come right away and I just give in and let it happen - a premature ejaculation, I suppose. But I much prefer to "ride out" the first initial burst of energy and settle into a rhythm wherein I can mostly control when I come.

    I would be hard-pressed to give up any of it, but I do feel bad for guys who don't like to lick pussy as well as of course the girls who don't get the lickings.

    Keep it up,


    1. I feel exactly the same way, but I can't cum from a fucking, and Tracy can. She enjoys the vaginal orgasms more than the licking ones. So I guess we each found the perfect mate. Asking for a good fucker and a good licker might be seen as greedy ;-)

  20. Given the relationship between Tracy and John that you've described, I'm sure John knows ALL about what transpired...pegging, cum cleaning, lack of stamina, analingus, spanking, panties. Is david aroused knowing a manly man knows how he was treated and probably looks down on such behavior? Should david find himself across John's lap, perhaps that david could be reminded of it?

    1. Yes, John does know all. Oddly, he seems not at all freaked out by it and willing to play along, spanking david in his panties. Tracy told me he never had a problem with having another guy in bed. I wonder if he's a bit bi?

  21. You sensational devil!!

  22. Maybe you 4 should plan a retreat to the same villa Sissy leeanne and her wife are currently at enjoying some nice private kinky adventures. It appears they are very accommodating.

    1. Yes, I read about the trip to Mexico. Such a fantastic adventure!

  23. omg, this was so hot! Beta boy finally got some... love when You soaped his mouth out (heh) and had him stand in the corner while you two finished up. Well, actually i loved it all... tenting my panties here, ~sara

    1. It was so much fun. I actually enjoyed seeing him fuck.

  24. But david should have spanked Tracy.

    1. I've started letting him spank me, so she has to wait her turn.

    2. How good is david in spanking? Can he swing a cane to give 6 of the best? Or just hand / hair brush spankings.

    3. I've not let him (or John for that matter) use anything other than his hand. A man's hand is bad enough!!!

  25. "She's down home, country, conservative, Baptist, and freaky."

    Those damn conservative Baptists. They're the worst!


    1. I've never had the guts to call her out on the apparent conflict of her church-going and swinging ways!

    2. DON'T!!!

      Please. You may lose a friend. Not to mention a world of good times together. And they're no different than millions of others. I may smile at them, but I won't sneer.


    3. Maybe just an innocent, genuine, question...

  26. "You know he's been spanking me since we got together last time?"

    Ah! Mission accomplished. All your fault Julie. (I hope she thanked you...!)


    1. Yes, they both enjoy it now, but can't be too loud with the children in the house: "Was Mommy a BAD GIRL, Daddy?"

    2. they have kids dont they if mommy bad girl she get her spanking from daddy when kids not home or in bed

  27. ...and thus ends another chapter in the on-going saga, "David! One lucky son-of-a-bitch!"

    From now until the end of his life, his license to complain about ANYTHING is now revoked.


  28. so Tracy is a mom right how many kids do her and John have ? in your household we all know who does the spanking it Miss Sweet Julie do i win sweet prize

    have you ever spanked david before gone out in public to either family gathering knowing he has well spanked butt or some where else

    1. Tracy and John have two lovely girls. They don't spank them.

      And yes, david has definitely gone out with a sore spanked butt!

    2. well i know lot parents or couple who has kids dont spank but couple spank each other adult need spanked more

      iam sure David was embrassed to have sore spank butt bet lot people stare at him when he try sit lol

  29. do you smile to self or laugh when TRacy tell you she got a spanking from John knowing full well Naughty Tracy desver the spankings when can we expect YOU TO BE OVER HER LAP BEING SPANKED BARE BUTT AGAIN?

    1. I do get a smile because John and Tracy are having fun with a new thing.

      I certainly hope to be spanked by Tracy again, and spank her.

    2. iam sure both have seen you smile and know why you smiling iam sure after you leave they talk about you thanksing you bet Tracy your best friend

      iam hoping betting wont be soon untill you both spanking each other again Tracy rock and cool like you

  30. Julie: you are definitely having a lot of fun, but seems you need a daddy to tame you every now and then.
    bottoms up

  31. After reading this and about david spanking you, I was fantising about something that might be fun when planing davids next "treat".

    Hubby comes home from a long day, feeling a bit tense and pent up. He's hoping his beautiful wife might help relieve him.

    She's no where to be seen when he gets in so calls outfit her. She shouts out that she's upstairs, and she's not alone.

    When he enters the bedroom he sees her and her lovely friend entingled on the bed in a state of undress, clearly enjoying each other. Now much as he'd enjoy watching he was hoping for a little bit of quality time with his wife, maybe a shared bubble bath and shoulder rub followed by some sleepy fucking. But now it seems she'd made other plans and forgot to tell him. If he'd know. He'd have picked up some wine but now they're making him into a bad host. He really has no choice but to spank them for their behaviour.

    He tries pulling both over his lap at once, but that just results in them straddling his thighs, grinding and kissing behind his back as he spanks them. If anything they seem to be enjoying it!

    He moves onto having them one at a time over his lap and spamming their bare bouncing bottoms. But the moment one is free she starts playing with herself, and that's very distracting for him. Poor hubby, he just can't handle these minxs.

    At last he come up with what he thinks will be a solution. Both women get bent over the edge of the bed and he starts turning their pink bums red with a paddle. It seems that being spanked together is just turning them on, and the way the wiggle and moan and gaspe, hobbies getting pretty hard.

    Notice this, Wife says maybe he should fuck them hard, just to show them why they should invite them to join the fun next time. Hubby can't resist.

    Friend turns into her back and opens her legs wide, inviting him into wet quim.

    Just as he's setting himself up to enter, she clamps her legs around his chest, holding him fast as something coming done with a stinging smack to his bottom!

    It's been a all been trap! Now Wife is paddling him hard as Friend pulls his cock in to pleasure her puss. Neither women are going to let him go till they get what they want from him.

    He has to be manually pleasures cock and hand while Wife paddles him. After that he's to orally thank his Wife.

    Finally he's to sooth the two womens' bottoms by massaging in some cool lotion while they get back to what they were doing before he interrupted them.


    1. Nice! I especially enjoy the thought of being paddled "cheek beside cheek" next to Tracy!