Tuesday, July 11

e-Subbie's first assignment

I every now and then receive requests from my readers e-Domme them a bit. Always happy to do so. Today's little victim we shall call t. t pissed me off a bit by not telling me enough about his background, so he is being punished by me. His punishment is that I am not replying to his email privately, but rather will reply to it publicly here. I am hoping you readers will help me to chide t for his deceitful behaviour.

First, for context, here was his initial e-mail to me:
Julie -  hi! Enjoy your blog, even though I'm just a lurker.  :-)

I thought I'd take the plunge and ask for an assignment from you.  Nothing too bad, please -  I've never done anything like this before.

FYI - I live in XXXX, and late XX's professional male - married, though wife not into kink.
A typical profile for a male reader. I X'd out some of t's personal details. Wife not into kink is an all-too-common story. See my Advice for Wives column for my views on that. He says he's "never done anything like this before". Ha!

Taking him at face value, here was my note back to him:
From: Julie <strictjulie@gmail.com>
To: t
Jul 6 at 9:04 AM
Hi t!

So, you'd like an assignment would you? (Evil grin).
Ok, go to the drugstore and buy a box of tampons. That and nothing else. Cash out with a nice young woman (no automated checkout allowed!) You can look embarrassed, I'm sure that would be sweet. She'll assume you are just pussy whipped (by your wife, or a grown daughter perhaps). Little will she know that the tampons are for your boi pussy. Take them home, use lube, and insert one deep up inside of you with only the little white string dangling out. It's safe (but use lube). Masturbate with that up inside of you, knowing you are SUCH a pussy for allowing a woman to make you do this. Tug on the little string as you tug on your little cock. Think about being made to Tampax yourself as if you were a young woman. Make sure you swallow your cum afterwards, like a good little slut (girls have to do it all the time, consider this a little payback).
Send me a little story about your adventures and your feelings during it. Also a discrete selfie photo of your bum with the little white string dangling out as proof.
Make sure your wife doesn't catch you!

Good luck, t. Trust that it will bring a big smile to my face when I receive your email! I will not publish your photo or recounting (unless you beg me to).

This is a standard "first assignment" many blog readers will recognize. Either that or panty shopping. I get a lot of these requests, and so I reuse and recycle. This one always tickles me though.

After t performed his assignment, he wrote me back a note with an included file of his account. His note went,
Julie - hi! Thanks for the assignment! I've attached my report for your reading pleasure ... :-)

As to my feelings during the assignment, I'd say I'm not an experienced submissive - and certainly not to David's extent.

About publishing my photos and report - I'll leave that up to you. If you choose to do so, my only request is to refer to me as "T" and remove the "XXX" references.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

I'll let t take it from here in his own words from the attached file. I will interject my thoughts in red.

Report on First Assignment from Strict Julie
Two background points, before the actual report.
  • First, I had come across an article on Strict Julie's site which contained an assignment similar to the one she emailed me - that was in response to a guy requesting an initial assignment. Thus, I was not surprised by my assignment.
  • Second, after reading that article, I was intrigued about the concept of tamponing, so I bought  a box of tampons and did this on my own for the first time about 3 months ago. Since then, I've done this several other times. Thus, the acts of purchasing tampons and then tamponing myself was not new.
What? This was absolutely something mister "never done anything like this before" should have mentioned. It makes me feel like a dummy. I would have happily given him another assignment if only he would have filled me in on this background in his initial email.

Because of my background points, what I decided to do was "up the stakes" a bit and go with the LARGEST tampon I could find.

Hmmmph! NOT satisfied.

What's the saying - "Go large, or don't go at all"? Thus, I chose the Tampax Pearl Super Plus tampon, and purchased it at a chain drug store late (about 10:15 pm) one evening on the way home from a long day at work. When I parked at the drug store, I was not sure who would be at the cash register - upon walking in, I noted a pleasant looking woman, likely early 20's, at the register. Knowing this requirement was met, I walked to the feminine products section and searched until I found the Super Plus tampon (I knew this store should have it, because the web site showed good availability). It took a couple minutes to find it - there are SO many brands, shapes, sizes, materials, scents, and applicator options available! - and, while searching, a woman shopper came into the aisle, exited, and came back again a few minutes later.

A successful search...

With the desired product in hand, and nothing else, I proceeded to the cash register, where the young woman's half-smile momentarily turned into a bit of a smirk before settling at neutral when checking me out.

Ok, so this is what I LOVE about this assignment. That little smirk that says, "you are so pussy whipped!"

Given the lateness of the purchase and a long day, I wasn't feeling embarrassed at check out - though I did feel some uneasiness about the woman who came to the tampon section twice while I was there.

You should have been embarrassed, you little cucked pussy boy! (my reaction upon reading this).

The following morning, I resolved to "do the deed" early, before work, and when no one was around. After stripping completely, I opened the box, took out a tampon, unwrapped it, and stared a moment at its size. Boy, this was ONE BIG TAMPON!! It was visibly much wider than previous ones.

Gulp, this could be tough...

Yup. Right up where the sun don't shine, subby.

Nonetheless, I applied lube to its top, squatted down, and then inserted it into my "boi pussy." It took a few moments to get it in and positioned, because it was so large. Eventually, it was inserted to the correct depth, and I pushed the plunger to launch the "cotton payload" into my nether regions. Even several minutes after removing the plastic applicator, I could still feel the tampon inside me, unlike previous smaller ones where the sensation quickly subsided.

And, as requested, photo evidence!

This is my favourite part! I love that I can make pussy bois do this by remote control. Totally pathetic, I know! Nice butt, little miss cotton tail!

With the self-tamponing done, I moved on to the next step, to masturbate while occasionally tugging on the tampon's string - I did this, and came into my left hand within a few minutes.

I'm sure you did, feeling that big thing up your ass, wishing it was the real thing???

As instructed, I licked all the ejaculate out of my hand and swallowed it.

Yes you did!

With the assignment completed, I quickly cleaned up everything and went to work. Of note - I did decide to leave the tampon in for a little while, even after completing the assignment and going into work. Why? I viewed it as another part of "upping the stakes" for this initial assignment. Taking a break at work, I went into the bathroom and removed the tampon - and boy its size made it HARD to take it out! The Super Plus tampon was inside me 1.5 hours, and was noticeable the entire time. I guess size DOES matter...

How did I feel while doing all this? While Strict Julie suggested I should feel like "you are SUCH a pussy for allowing a woman to make you do this" when masturbating and then swallowing while tamponed, I did not have feelings like those. Rather, I viewed it as an experiment I was conducting on myself, to explore the kinky side of myself. I remained curious as to how I would feel while doing homework assigned by my female "Kink Therapist."

Keep telling yourself that.

  • The Super Plus tampon enlightened me as to the efforts women must take to not let the heaviest part of their periods interfere with their daily lives. I could feel this particular size tampon inside me the entire time, so I imagine women must be constantly aware of hosting one this size.
  • Masturbating while tamponed might be how anal sex feels to a woman during her heaviest flow - not unpleasant, yet not fully satisfying, either.
  • Swallowing was definitely a new experience to me - the warm sticky cum took numerous licks to clean my left palm, and it definitely coated my mouth on the way down my throat. I did not brush my teeth following this, and the slight residual stickiness eventually went away naturally. This certainly gives me a better appreciation of how this feels to a woman - while there's a certain sexiness to giving oral sex, the aftermath seems somewhat demeaning to be expected to swallow something from your partner's body.
All in all, I'd say this was less about feeling like I was a pussy, and more about how it feels to be a woman having to take care of her pussy by "pushing cotton" while also living up to expectations for having anal sex and giving oral sex, even if she'd prefer not to do so because of discomfort due to her period.

Well, that's a lesson well-learned anyways!

Respectfully submitted,


So, what did you think of t's adventure? What do you think of him holding out on me? What shall we make him do next? Comments welcome!

P.S. there is an AMAZING adventure that is lining up. I just need permission from the third-party to blog (I know - unusual that!), and then I can give you the setup. I am exceptionally excited!!!


  1. My wife make me regularly wear tampons every month the same time as she does. I also am required to wear bras and panties every day under my regular 'male' clothes. The ONLY sexual activity I get is strap-on penetratrion with me being in the traditional woman role. We do this atleast every other day and I always ejaculate from my 'pegging'. If I take too long to orgasm, the spencer paddle comes out and get my fanny blistered.

    1. Do you love, or dread, your peggings?

    2. I love my peggings and wearing women's undergarments as well. I am FAR more satisfied with my sex life due to my wife deciding on FLR and 'role reversal'. I absolutely love it when she yanks my panties down, bends me over, and pegs me hard wit her strap-on until I orgasm.

    3. Well that my clitty hard...

    4. My wife mow gives me an emema every morning of my sissy period now as well, continually 'upping' things a notch. I wish she would have decided on FLR years ago. Last week she took me to Macy's to be professionally fitted for my bras. THAT was an embarassing experience. She is a physician and is having me undergo a 'female physical' with one of her nurses present in our home next week. She as well as I prefer my new status as a 'male lesbian' to my old self. I even enjoy being bound to the spanking horse every Friday night for my spencer-paddle fanny blistering and rough butt pegging afterwards. once I ejaculated just from the spanking.

    5. After several months I am finally getting used to having to wear tampons 4-5 days each month. I enjoy my 'male lesbian' role far more than my 'traditional' role I had with my wife who is now my strict mistress. I feel far more comfortable in women's bras and panties than men's undergarments.
      Every day I look forward to my wife stripping me down to my lingerie, bending me over, yanking down my panties, and banging me raw with her strap-on penis. I always orgasm from her rough and deep anal penetration.

    6. She does this every day? What stamina!

  2. I also never thought about tampons being so big. It's a full-on butt plug! :O

  3. Ms Julie:
    Since t seems to be focused on women's experiences, perhaps some panty and bra shopping, (fitting could need some assistance from sales staff?) and modelling for your loyal blog readers, would be in order?
    For punishment, perhaps some way to have him beat his own ass.

    1. A wire coat hanger doubled up is exceptionally effective for this. Lovely welts! And perhaps I will send him for a bra fitting. The ladies at Victoria's Secret are so wonderfully accommodating!

  4. interesting hopefully we get to here again from jessie some time as well. I'd say a couple's pedicure with the wife or a waxing should be his next punishment. Is David getting a summer off?


    1. A nice Brazilian waxing. Wonderful idea. Perhaps an asshole bleaching to go with it?

  5. So I suspect when this e-subbie says he hasn’t done anything like this before he is referring to asking someone to e-dom him. So in that regard I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Having said that, you have every right to be perturbed at the lack of up front information on his part. The first thing he should have done is to reply back with something like, “ I’m sorry Miss Julie but may I respectfully ask for a more challenging task as I have already tamponed myself based on reading a previous post of yours”.

    So what to do now? Here are my suggestions;

    1) Send him to Victoria Secrets, La Vie En Rose or somewhere similar and have him buy a nice lacy bra and panty set complete with breast forms (like david’s). He must ask for sales help and possibly try them on first for fit. He must then model them and send you the selfies.

    2) Perhaps a chastity device may be the order of the day. He will have to wear it until given explicit permission from Miss Julie to remove it (hygiene reasons not withstanding). Selfies of him wearing it, at your discretion of course. He will also not be allowed to climax unless he asks for and receives specific permission and instructions to do so and knowing how busy you are lately that may take a while ;-)

    3) A diapering! Again he would have to ask for sales help when purchasing maybe having to ask what size would best fit him, absorbency, etc. I will leave the rest up to you or your readers, who are more in tune with that activity .


    Those are my suggestions. I’m interested in seeing what some of your other readers suggest! ;-)

  6. Mister "up the stakes" tells us that for his asshole "size does matter".
    We are happy for him but life is not made only of pleasures.
    the new assignment could be
    Buy another box of tampon at the same drugstore, go into his car and insert one deep, wait 15 mn, go back to the store, buy a second box + lube this time, cash out with the same nice young woman. Thus t. will appear as the dirty little pervy that he is.
    This impertinent could also steal one of his wife's sexy panties and wear it all day (he must have done that before with his mother's panties) too bad for him if he is discovered!
    I must add : what an humiliation for the 1000 men (4000 pages per day) summoned by Julie to brain-storming session in order to propose punishments and humiliations for the poor t. which could be each of us.

    1. Yes, he is feeling appropriately humiliated as confirmed over e-mail.

  7. since you had order me go to Victoria Secert which i have alway chicken out when female sale person ask if can help me. I know suppose say i been order by strict online dom to buy and find myself a couple panties to wear show her.

    you may be strict but you are sweet and caring young lady i would thanks you in person if could for your punishment maybe hug you as well

    1. Ya welcome Miss Julie meant every word will alway respect obey you your punishment idea scare me lol
      like sitting with white pale butt instead sore red one

  8. would you be type of person to punish somebody if had too like if you were only one who saw naughty boy do naughty thing would you spank them or tell them need a good spanking from their wife or girlfriend? if they wont do it you be glad to beat his butt red

    if a vanilla friend ask you for suggestion what do with husband or bf would you tell them to spank them or how bf/husband need good spanking? or do you hide this side of you from family and friends

  9. Hello Mistress Julie,

    I am glad to see your stable of slaves keep increasing. Nice account here, got a rise out of me and yes I consumed.

    As for t, first with his wife vanilla, it would be hard to go to far with things. That said I say a bra fitting. Not just buying panties, but a full fitting for bra and purchase. He should be wearing a white shirt and buy a red or black bra. Matching panties would be nice, but he needs to wear the bra out of the store. Pictures would be great, but not sure if some stores want to be involved. No if is really want to up the stakes. After the bra purchase, he needs to go to a local sex shop and buy a but plug, still in bra. Once home, find out that the tampon or the plug is bigger. If tampon is bigger, he needs to go back and get a larger size.

    True this is a getting expensive for t, but he ask for it. I know from my online services, be careful for what you ask, you just might get it.

    pie pie 4 now

    1. I do like the idea of MORE of a butthole stretching.

  10. Ms SJ,

    Hmmm, tamponing.

    I have never thought seriously about it. I am sure that if Irene ordered me to do it, it would be a thrill just as all her orders are.

    She does send me out on errands with a butt plug and tight panties (in part to help make sure the but plug does not slip out). I also recently went shopping with a full petticoat under my jeans. i don't think it looked funny but it sure felt that way.

    I have not been ordered to find the proverbial young salesgirl. In restaurants, when we get a pretty waitress Irene will often forbid me to speak and will order for me. I am also not allowed to look at any pretty waitresses or she'll spank me. But in those cases I seem to get a sound thrashing whether I am good or naughty, so I;ll confess that I sometimes lose incentive to try to behave.


    1. Bad boy! You keep those eyes down, young man!

  11. I feel he tried his best to please you, and was being incredibly honest and open with you. I feel he might have been embarrassed to start a connection with you by admitting he was so desperate to follow your direction, he previously followed the direction you had given to another. Perhaps you could help him with that by having him write: "I can feel safe being vulnerable with Julie" 200 times, stopping to masturbate and eat his cum after every 50...and send you a photo of the pages of lines and decreasing amounts of cum in his hand. peter peter

  12. I rethinked your post this morning by doing my jogging. The little red word written in red appeared to me.
    « I'll let t take it from here in his own words from the attached file. I will interject my thoughts in red. »
    He had marked me.
    Why not try to explain the poetic power attached to this little word.

    At school only the schoolmarm is allowed to write in red.
    If, talking to the children and writing on the chalkboard, she changes chalk and take the red one to write the word red in red, the children's group is pleasantly thrilled. They are tickled by this fantasy to which they had not thought.
    It's like a wit.
    We are pleasantly surprised and we thank the author of the wit of the little upheaval that he produced in our minds.
    The schoolmarm is kind, she makes her students laugh by surprising them by her poetic invention.

    But the « red » of the schoolmarm can also be evil-looking.
    She has the power to give a bad note, to write (in red) assessments that will earn you a punishment from parents.
    The little red word written in red slaps like a slap, like being hit with a ruler. It has the color of the mark that flames on the side of your face or your thigh.
    The little pupils do not laugh any more. They fear their schoolmarm.

    Red can also appear as the mark of the red iron. The three letters sink into the flesh of t. every time you mark his page of your comment, was it the most lapidary: « Well, that's a lesson well-learned anyways! »

    1. Red seems perfect to me. I think Ms. Julie's making sure j knows who's boss.

    2. Red was not chosen by accident!

  13. Get the name and phone # of his pretty boss. Call her to set up his humiliation. Make t go to work with pretty pink panties and tampon inserted. At some time during the day t will be called into the boss' office and told that his performance must improve. To ensure this takes place he is made to kneel on a chair and be paddled bare bottom. Forced to expose the pink panties he must now expose the tampon. The boss now knows how pussy whipped he is and that she owns him. She paddles him with a thick wooden ruler just for being a pussy(and a poor performer). He cums on the chair and continues to be paddled while licking it up. This is just the beginning of regular punishment sessions with the boss.......

    1. I like the element of public exposure...

  14. We do not know if t. reads all this. Perhaps you could ask him to describe what he himself would find most humiliating coming from you, which would be barely tolerable for him.

    1. No. i would prefer to dish it out and expect him to take it.

  15. This is not my kink so I won't express an opinion.

    My only comment is that it is the 21st Century, ALL women need and use sanitary products, and it's no big deal.

    I don't mind or blush one bit if I'm asked to pick up tampons or whatever; my only peeve is that happens - A LOT - around 11:00PM, and she wants it now.

    OK. Suck it up, big boy, and go get it.

    My second peeve is that I'm told, "Pick some tampons", and not told the SPECIFIC brand, type, size, color of the box, scented or regular, whatever.

    The fun part is when I'm at the market, get texted to pick they up for my teenage goddaughter, and have to call back asking for the specifics, then hearing her mother tell her that I'M THE ONE buying them for her, and you can hear her blush through the phone! That's kinda' funny.

    And at checkout, no woman cashier ever gave me smirk about my buying them. An everyday thing for her, too, I guess. (I also buy a couple of packages, just so I don't have to go through this again late at night!)


    1. And I'm sure you're happy to carry your wife's purse for her in public as well. I can't think of an Alpha Male who would be caught dead doing either of those things. Pure beta territory that. And we are smirking, even though you might not see it, and making "whipping" sounds in our heads. But you just keep doing those things, aj, oh, and the laundry too, and be a dear and scrub the bathrooms before I'm home. THANKS honey.

  16. I'm going to have to get up the nerve to try the tampon thing. I don't see what the big deal is. Still, I'm almost afraid to try it.

    1. Ha ha! The big deal is that it's something only women use... and "men" that are told to!

    2. Thanks for the reply, Strict Julie. I was just wondering if it hurts or anything like that. You've just about got me curious enough to see for myself.