Friday, October 20

Playing Doctor

david and I played "Doctor" the other day. Very much fun! We occasionally do fun little role-plays. It's always me who initiates as I particularly envoy the acting part of it. As the dominant I tend to have the larger role which suits me fine. I have a real lab coat and a real stethoscope that we use, and also a toy plastic "Doctor's Kit".

He enjoys when we play. He was fine with it. I decided on a setup where I am his Doctor and he is a regular patient who visits me for a routine checkup, but this time he is under punishment from "his wife" who gave him a spanking, a rough pegging, and sentenced him to a week in panties.

When he realized that he had his Doctor's appointment with me that week, and that I always see him in just his underwear (no robe), he begged his wife to let him wear his underpants that day, or at least to cancel the appointment. She was pretty incredulous of his ask.

She told him firmly "no" on both counts.


A punishment is a punishment. Not her problem if he chooses to misbehave on the week he had a Doctor's appointment scheduled. She told him that she would make herself available by cellphone if his Doctor had any questions for her regarding his undergarment choice.

Fun setup, no?

I turned our living room into the waiting area, and our kitchen into the examination room. We have a sturdy white tile-top table that I converted into the examination table with a duvet, some pillows, a sheet, and newspaper underneath that crinkled.

I made david first prepare himself and then go outside for a walk around the block while I prepared the table and everything else. When he came back he was told to knock on the front door. I answered dressed as the receptionist (pencil skirt, blouse, glasses, no lab coat).

"Mr. Delmar, so nice to see you again!" I said. "Please have a seat in reception and the Doctor will see you soon." I conducted him to the living room to have a seat. Even had some magazines laid out on the coffee table and a medical brochure! I love play acting.

david was of course sitting there with only a pair of panties under his pants knowing he would have to expose them to his Doctor soon. He looked appropriately sheepish in the waiting room!

I let him sit there for a few minutes and then went back in to get him, still as the receptionist. "If you would come this way, please Sir." I escorted him into the kitchen cum examination room. I had various "medical gear" laid out on the kitchen island within easy reach of the examination table.

"Strip down to your undies and I'll be back in moment to record your weight and height."

david played along beautifully: "I... I... I thought the Doctor usually does that?" he asked.

"Yes, so observant! I just received my certification as a basic paramedical, so now I can do that on the Doctor's behalf. Big time saver. Just down to your undies please, I'll be back in a moment."

"Ummm... have you got a robe or something I can put on...?"

"I'm sorry, we don't," I said, and then taking a stricter tone, "is this going to be a problem, Mr. Delmar?"

"N... N... No" he said.

"Fantastic," I said, sarcastically, "down to your skivies now, and then just take a seat on the examination table. I'll be back in a jiffy."

Then I left the room and gave him a chance to undress. Hee hee!

When I came back in with my clipboard he was sitting there on the table, his feet dangling, with his arms crossed tightly over his white cotton "underwear" in an attempt to conceal an erection.

Roleplay is actually pretty powerful. If you set the scene right and play the role well, you can transport yourself into that actual situation. You can literally feel all the emotions associated with the real thing. I highly recommend it for those of you with "public play" fantasies like david and I, but don't want to risk it for real. david reports he was very "in the moment" imagining himself to be in that actual humiliating situation.

As the receptionist, I pretend not to notice anything at first. "Hop up on the scale, please Mr. Delmar." I pointed towards the bathroom scale that I had previously setup in the "examination room".

With a big sigh he got up and went to the scale, his hands covering his front. At this point, his panties were unmistakable.

"Mr. Delmar!" I said, sounding shocked. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I'm so sorry!" he wailed. "It's not what you think!"

"And what exactly do you believe I think?" I asked.

"That it's some kind of sexual thing," he said.

"Well you said it, not I," I said, angrily.

"No. No. It's not that. I swear." He said.  "It's my wife. She makes me wear panties as a punishment. It's not my idea, I swear!" He did a great job of sounding pathetically desperate. "I begged her not to make me come here like this but she told me I had to! That it was my fault that I needed to be punished the week of my Doctor's appointment and I had to suffer the consequences. Please, I can give you her number. She said you could call her if you had any questions. Please!"

I eyed him up and down with a look of disgust. "Write her number here," I told him, indicating my clipboard and giving him my pen. He scratched down my cell phone number. "Wait here," I told him, and left the room.

Outside the kitchen I had a "one sided" conversation with... myself! I wrote out the script in advance so I could read it while "on the phone" so that david could hear. What a LARPy nerd I am! Here was my script:
"Hello, yes, Mrs. Delmar? ... Yes, this is Rose Smith, I'm the receptionist at Doctor Mardel's office... Yes... Your husband is here to see us. He's dressed in a pair of women's panties and is clearly aroused sexually... I see... I see... Yes... Well yes, that behaviour is unacceptable... Absolutely. No, they should be doing at least half of the housework, of course... Oh, you did, did you? ... Just like that? ... Ha ha, how childish! ... I can see how it would... No, he seems to be very well behaved now and genuinely embarrassed at his situation... That makes sense... Yes... Well, given that, his aroused state makes sense also, of course... Sure, happy to answer any question or have the Doctor do it... No. Not at all. Two weeks is definitely not a medical issue. Likely healthy for him, in fact... Sure... How big? ... That is big! I'll ask the Doctor to check him out there, make sure there's no damage. I'm pretty sure not. It stretches... Uh huh? ... No need to send him to the clinic. We can collect the sample here and send it in for testing... No... No problem at all... Yes... Yes, I'll be sure to tell Doctor Mardel... Uh huh? ... I'm sure that won't be necessary... We'll keep it in mind, I do have a very stout wooden ruler on my desk! Ha ha! .. Yes! ... Absolutely! ... No, it was my pleasure... If there were more wives like you, we'd have fewer problems with husbands... No, thank you Mrs. Delmar... Bye bye now."
I "hung up" the phone and went back into the examination room. david was seated back up on the table. "I spoke with your wife, Mr. Delmar." I paused and gave him an appraising look. "Well, are you ashamed of yourself?"

"yes ma'am," he croaked out.

"You should be," I said, "having to come to your Doctor's appointment dressed like that. Well all I can say is that it serves you right. Now no more nonsense or your wife gets another phone call. Up on the scale, please."

david hopped up and got onto the scale. I noted his weight. "Gained a few pounds since last year, have we?" I asked sarcastically. "I could tell already from your belly that you're carrying a bit of extra weight there." The truth hurts!

"Yes Ma'am. Sorry Ma'am".

"A little self-control is all it takes. Look at me, do I look fat?" I asked.

"No ma'am, not at all," he said.

"That's because I'm disciplined in my eating. I think I should let your wife know to put you on a diet. I'm sure some of her motivational methods will come in useful."

"yes ma'am".

"Let me get your height. Turn around, hands at your sides. Strand straight." He did all that. "Oh Mr Delmar! Really!"

"I'm sorry," he said softly, blushing fiercely as his erection tented his panties.

"I suppose that's what a few week's abstinence will do to a man. And I understand from your wife that's how you respond to take-charge women?" I stated.

"Yes ma'am," he answered.

"Hmpf!" I said.

I then measured him with a tape measure, taking pains to crouch down in front of him so my head was level with his panty-covered erect penis, and then stand up with the end of the tape measure, standing on my tippy-toes and rubbing my breasts against him a bit as I noted his height.

"That's all for now. Please wait here until the Doctor is ready for you," I said.

david went to sit back down on the table.

"No..." I pondered aloud. "Over here, please Mr. Delmar." I grabbed his upper arm in my hand and conducted him towards the wall. "Stand just like this, facing the wall. One hand here," I said, raising his right hand to the top of his head, "and the other here," I said, raising his other hand, "and interlock your fingers together," he did so, "now stand nice and straight. Let's see that nose touching that wall," he straightened up and shuffled more against the wall. "Perfect. You'll stay like that until the Doctor comes. Am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am," he said.

"I'll check on you. If I see you've moved a muscle, I'll let your wife know about your disobedience."

"That won't be necessary ma'am!" he said.

"I should hope not. What would happen if you were disobedient and forced me to make that call?"

"My wife would be angry with me?" ventured david.

"Ha! And what would she do about it? She's already told me..." I prompted.

"she'd give me... a... a... spanking..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes she would! How delightful is that? Do you know, she's even given me permission to take you across my knee if you're unruly?"

"No ma'am."

"Well she has, just now on the phone. Right across my knee for a good old fashioned spanking. I have a very stout wooden ruler on my desk that would leave an impression, I'm sure. So best to mind your p's and q's with me."

"Yes ma'am!"

Then I left the kitchen, leaving him standing there in his panties facing the wall for "the Doctor" to arrive.

Do you see how in a role-play the dominant has so much more work to do? I have to do practically all the dialogue, he just snivels back the occasional "yes ma'am / no ma'am". I actually like that. Play acting is something most of us don't get to do a lot of as an adult. It's childlike to play imagine.

I did a quick change out in the living room, putting on my lab coat and real stethoscope, taking off my glasses, and tying my hair back. Transformed from receptionist to Doctor!

I went back into the "examination room" in my Doctor persona.

"Oh my goodness," I said, as I stood there now as the Doctor staring at the pantied man standing in timeout facing the wall.

"Ms. Smith told me about your situation, Mr. Delmar. We're more than happy to accommodate your wife's wishes in this regard. I understand from Ms. Smith that your wife spanks you as well, is that true?"

"yes ma'am," said david, still facing the wall.

"Well, we need to have a look then, the law requires me to assess the situation to look for spousal abuse."

"No! Please! It's, it's consensual..." he said.

"That's what they all say, Mr. Delmar, best I have a look. Come on over here, put your elbows on the table. I'm just going to lower your panties. There we go. Let me see now." I started running my hands over his butt cheeks. "Well that doesn't look so bad. Some residual redness from what appears to be a mild spanking. Did she use an implement at all?"

"Yes ma'am, a hairbrush ma'am," he said, "and it wasn't 'mild'!" he added.

"Certainly not abusive, but I imagine a lesson well-learned, Mr. Delmar?" as I asked this I smacked his butt with my hand.

"yes ma'am," he said.

I started pulling his panties back up his ass. "And these panties are just adorable. For how long are you required to wear them?"

"A... a... a... week ma'am," he stuttered back an answer.

"A full week! Your wife is very strict. Very admirable. Now let's get you examined. please have a seat," I said.

david hopped back up on the table and I used my toy Doctor's kit to "examine him". Reflexes, heart rate, listening to his lungs, blood pressure, eyes, ears, and throat.

I had lie down and put his head on the pillows. I gave him a breast exam, feeling all the way around. Then I quickly grabbed the front of his panties and lowered them down to catch on the undersides of his balls.

I then grabbed his balls in my hands and said, "look away from me and cough. And again. And one more time." I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling for as I do this, but I was told it was "a thing" for guys to have their balls held while they coughed. Hernia I think?

Then I pushed his cock back, holding it down on his belly as I felt all the way around each testicle looking for lumps.

"Checking for anything unusual," I said as I felt him up. Bonus check-up. I did read once about what to look for. Happy to report he's clean. All wives should do this regularly for their men. I pulled his panties back up to cover his junk once again, ignoring his erection.

"Let's have you over on your side now please. Good. Knees to chest. Time for that part of the exam," I said. This is how his Doctor (female) does it.

I pulled his panties down in back, baring his backside. Leaving him like that, I snap on the gloves.

Then get the lube.

And then I put my finger into his bottom hole feeling for his prostate. As I'm doing that, with my free hand I quickly knock on the table, simulating a knock on the door to the examination room. "Come in," I say, with my finger still lodged in his bottom hole.

I then put on my receptionist voice and have a dialogue with my Doctor voice. david is turned away and cannot see. He can imagine it is the both of us.

"Sorry to disturb you, Doctor. It completely slipped my mind earlier, but when I was on the phone to her earlier Mrs. Delmar asked if while you're examining him if you could please assess his rectal area for any potential damage from her use of her strap-on dildo. She uses it for punishment, and just wants to make sure it's safe for him."

"Of course, Rose, you've caught me just at the right time. Usually any problem would manifest as lazy muscles in the rectal area, but he seems quite tight. But just to make sure, could you please bring in the phallus and condoms we use for sex ed with the girls. I want to see how his anal sphincter reacts to a larger probe."

"Right away, Doctor Mardel."

Then speaking as the Doctor back at david, "Everything seems A-OK in here with your prostate. Nice smooth dome. Not too large.  Ah, there you are Rose, just finishing up his prostate exam. We'll just check his sphincter now to assess if there's any damage from his wife's use of anal intercourse."

"Have a look. No problems here I can see."

Ha ha! How humiliating would that be, having the Doctor pulling your cheeks apart and examining your bum hole while the receptionist looks on!

"Hand me the phallus, please Rose. Mr. Delmar, is this approximately the size your wife uses on you?"

He looks at it and nods.

"Great, let's give it a try and see. Rose, could you please place a condom on it. Thank you. Let's get it in there now... A bit of a tight fit. There we go. Right. In. There.

"See how his anus stretches to accommodate it, Rose? Could you just grab the base there and work it in and out a bit. That's good. Twist it a little as you go. We're just trying to loosen it all up back there. Simulate anal intercourse a bit. You can go harder. That's fine. Let's pull it out now. Slowly. There! See how his hole stays open?"

"We'll just observe and see how long it takes to pucker closed again. There it starts now. Closing up.... Closing up... That's about it. What, around a minute or so? That's perfectly normal. Indicates no problem at all with the muscle elasticity. We'll just get your panties back up. And thank you Rose, I can finish up here."

"Now," I went on as the Doctor, "I understand from Rose that your wife has requested a sperm motility test? Thinking of having babies are we? That's wonderful. We'll just collect a sample now and send it off to the lab for a count. Should get results back tomorrow."

"Ummm," stammered david, "how will the sample be obtained?"

"Well, we're not equipped with the usual pornographic materials they have in the labs. Are you able to masturbate without anything like that?"

"I... I don't think so, ma'am..."

"That's not a problem. We can use a prostate massager combined with manual digital stimulation of your member. Always seems to do the trick. The association requires that I have another staff member present during the procedure. I take it that's ok?"

"yes ma'am..."

"Great. We'll have Rose observe. Now if I can just have these panties (tee hee) off for this next part. Knees up. There we go."

"If you'll just wait there like that while I get the necessary equipment. Oh, and I will need you wife's consent for this procedure as well. I'll give her a quick call."

I left the room. Then I then had a second pre-written and pre-printed-out "conversation" with his wife just outside the kitchen where he could still hear me.
"Rose, could you please get me the number for Mrs. Delmar? ... Thanks... No problem, I'll dial it. Hello? Mrs. Delmar? Doctor Mardel here. You spoke with my receptionist Rose Smith a little while ago? ... No, everything is fine... The panties are no problem at all. Very fetching. Ha ha! ... He did, he blushed up a storm! ... Very effective! ... Yes, Ms. Smith told me, I did a quite thorough anal examination and found no problems at all. Tight as a drum... Absolutely you can keep doing that... Yes, that's normal for it to be a bit painful for him... No I don't expect that to ever go away completely. I mean, would you even want it it? ... Ha ha! Of course not! ... I wouldn't recommend that. A throat numbing spray might mask an injury... He needs to just learn how to take it in deeper... No, no, the gagging won't hurt him at all... There are resources on the Internet, mainly aimed at women, on how he can take it in deeper without gagging. Just get him to research that... Exactly, the gagging is good motivation. And just extend the session... Yes... Exactly. Actually, the main reason I phoned is I understand you want a sperm motility test? ... It's no problem at all, I just like to get the wife's consent for the procedure when possible... Manual stimulation from me with a gloved hand, with a prostate massager inserted. Ms. Smith will attend as well. It's required... A little 'Speedy Gonzalez' is he? Ha ha! Makes my job easier... And just while I have you, I note on the chart that he's gained a few pounds since his last visit... I think you should... Weekly weigh-ins with consequences I imagine... A good hard strapping? ... Yup, right on the bare bum, nice and low... Oh I don't know. Fifty maybe? You'll have to gauge by his reaction... Certainly... We can definitely accommodate that. I think it's a good idea... Yes, I agree, there should be consequences here as well... Absolutely... It's been lovely speaking with you Mrs. Delmar... Indeed... Bye now."
"Rose, would you mind joining me while I extract his sperm sample?"

"Happy to, Doctor," I responded in my Rose voice (a bit higher pitched than my Doctor voice!)

"And one more thing," I went on in my Doctor's voice (hard work!), "maybe before we get started with the sperm extraction, as I really should speak to Mrs. Winslow about her thombosis now. Mrs. Delmar has requested that he be 'consequenced' for his weight gain here as well as at home. Can you handle that?"

"Of course, Doctor. How do you recommend?"

"I would just take him across your knee, and give him a good old fashioned spanking. Be careful of his penis though, I understand he's a bit of a premature ejaculator and we will still need that sperm sample. Find some implement around the office you can use so you don't hurt your hand."

"I have just the thing!" I said as Rose.

Did another quick change. Lab coat and stethoscope off, hair down, glasses on. Voila! Rose in the flesh. I picked up my wooden ruler and walked back in to david.

There he was, still cowering there where the Doctor had left him. First glimpse by "Rose" of his bare penis.

"Mr. Delmar. I'm afraid your wife has requested that we consequence you here and now for your weight gain. So hop up off the table and come over here across my knee." As I said this, I arranged a chair and sat.

"Awww... geeeez!" said david.

"Right now, young man!" I said sternly.

He went across my knee, all nude, and I started smacking his ass with my ruler. It's a good weight for a wooden ruler. Hard to find a heavy one nowadays. This one is a bit of an antique I guess. It did the job anyways, turning his white cheeks first pink then rosy red. I also belabored the backs of his thighs as he lay there helplessly across my knee, taking his 'lickin. I won't go on an on about his spanking, but it was a good one! I definitely had him begging before the end and promising to lose weight.

I let him up and scolded him again for his weight gain as he stood there with his hands rubbing his spanked backside and his bare penis and testicles flopping around in front of me.

"Back up on the table now. I'll fetch the Doctor for your sperm sample."

With that I left the room and changed back into my Doctor's uniform. I came back in with his prostate massager (you know it from last time).

I had him bend his knees and put his feet up. I commented on the thorough job Rose had done spanking him. I called Rose in as I was holding his legs up and congratulated her as we surveyed the scene (this time we had to just pretend Rose was there with me!).

Then I put my gloves back on and applied the lube to his bumhole and to the prostate toy,  inserted it in, and turned it on talking to Rose the whole time about the procedure. When he put his legs down at my command, he was already hard.

I placed a little shot glass nearby within reach, lubed his penis, and began rubbing as I imagined a Doctor might do, very dispassionately and professionally.

"Close your eyes, Mr. Delmar, and imagine something sexy please."

As he did this I had more freedom to involve "Rose". I told her to take the shot glass and to hold it at the tip of his penis.

"Come on then, Mr. Delmar, we don't have all day..."

He started bucking, writhing and moaning and soon, with my encouragement, ejaculated into my little shot glass as I congratulated him on his big load!

"Rose, please take that to your desk, label it and box it and call the lab for a pickup. Open your eyes, Mr. Delmar," I told him as I hovered over him looking him in the eyes. "It's all done now. You were a brave boy. I can't imagine it was pleasant having two women do that to you. No doubt a bit embarrassing, eh?"

"yes ma'am" he said.

"I know, but all done until next year. Just lie here like that, I'll send Rose back in to clean you up. Very nice seeing you again, Mr. Delmar. Until next time. And do say hello to your wife for me. What a charming lady! Goodbye."

The Doctor left the room, and one quick change later, Rose came back in.

I went to the table and picked up the baby wipes I had ready. I took some out and started cleaning up his penis, testicles, low abdomen, and inner thighs.

"There, there. Not so bad," I said as I cleaned him.

I picked up his legs and raised them to the diapering position. I then used more wipes on his bottom hole and his behind. Imagine if that had happened for real. How humiliating for him! Naked man. Fully dressed receptionist. Cleaning him like a baby. Cute to boot ;-)

I took his panties, sat on the chair, and told him to come over and to put his panties back on, holding them there for him to step into.

I pulled them up his legs and up around his penis and balls. I reached in and arranged his genitals to fall better in his panty. I turned him around, patted his bottom, and told him I hoped the spanking didn't hurt him too much.

"Go ahead and get dressed the rest of the way yourself, Mr. Delmar, I'll be waiting for you outside in reception."

And then I left to the living room, and awaited david to get dressed and come to me, and then the scene was over.

He loved it! He said it was just like being there. I enjoyed the whole theater of it, and I enjoyed doing something that was also so fun to write about.

How about you guys? What do you think of it? And what kind of roleplays have you done?


  1. My wife Irene dresses up as a nurse, then teases and punishes me.

    It’s really not fair. She bends over in that tight white uniform, then accuses me of staring. Before spanking me she invites all the other nurses on the ward to watch and learn how to take care of disobedient patients. It’s hard to believe they’re serious about their nursing when they’re jus laughing at me. Like I said, it’s not fair.


    1. Nurses are fun loving girls and guys, clearly!

  2. It's been a while, but we have played doctor in the past. The only addition is when the panties come down and the doctor discovers all the pubic hair, the doctor comments "that will never do" - for cleanliness reasons and does a full shave prior to her exam!

    1. I also forgot to add that one time the 'doctor' prescribed a series of enemas to be administered a few hours prior to the exam. When I balked, I was spanked. Then my wife oversaw that a gave myself the full bag enemas. And I was ordered to wear a sanitary napkin in my panties to make sure I didn't soil them. It was very humiliating! We have a folding massage table that can be used for the exam table.

  3. I came at "As the dominant", third line.
    No discussion on the point.
    Why is being so confident and self-assertive so exciting?
    Still much to read...

  4. Dear Mistress Julie,

    So very hot! I had an attractive woman doctor for a few years and often thought about wearing panties to my appointments. I never worked up the courage, though, especially since she was a friend of my wife.

    I haven’t had any role play experience, at least in the traditional sense. I did have one occasion where a very special friend provided me with a recorded role play with a very taboo and arousing subject. I still treasure it and replay it to this day!


    1. In this day and age of fluid gender identity, Doctor would not even be allowed to complain about your feminine undies choice. That erection, though...

      What an amazing person to provide you with a recorded role play session! I'm sure you reciprocated.

    2. Indeed! I did my best to reciprocate in kind. Still, it feels like that person has done so much more for me than I can ever repay.

    3. "...especially since she was a friend of my wife..."

      Now that was smart!

  5. Julie, Very fun scene. The amount of work that goes into something like this for the top is not often realized the bottom. It’s always after the fact but sometimes as a bottom I can feel a little lazy. I always hope the very creative tops, such as yourself, get as much out of the set up as the scene.

    Back before marriage I had a girlfriend who loved roleplay. One of my all time favorites was me playing a high school student and she played the school nurse. I inserted a candle, about 3.5 to 4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter (so not to big),completely into my ass. I went to her office to shyly explain I had something stuck. The ensuing back and forth was about what, where and why!?! Her tone went from care and concern to maternal shock and disapproval. Turning very stern at my admission of “playing with myself”. (She later told me this inquisition was her favorite part.) I was ordered over her lap. There she took her time with the examination and removal. All during the “procedure” she was lecturing me. It’s interesting how some parts are very vivid and others are vague. I vividly remember the part of the lecture about the punishment I was should get. Immediately after removing “the disgusting object” as she called it the spanking began. It was one of the longest she ever gave me. Starting out as sort of a warm up but got very serious quickly. I was dismissed to return to class after dressing. With a hand written note to the teacher about why she should have me stand in the back of the class.
    It was great fun for us both!

    1. You've written my next roleplay! Thank you!

    2. Julie, You are welcome. I know you both will have fun. Looking forward to your version.

  6. my wife and I enjoy talking about what would happen at the doctors office when I go for my circumcision. the doctor obviously being a lady. sometimes it's in a more female dominant world where she can try out men already cut to different levels of foreskin removal while I am examined. sometimes it's just talk of my embarrassment at being examined in such a way.

    1. Probably penis needs to be examined both soft and hard. Former might be a problem!

  7. I see you had the Onyxxx Joi Vibrator in use once again. Since you mentioned it in a previous blog, I have purchased one (not pink lol). Best vibrator I have every had. As you said, the multiple functions simulate being fucked with a strapon. I would encourage anyone into receiving the strapon to purchase one.


  8. That is a GREAT roleplay! You are sooooo creative!

  9. Brilliant story. I really liked the adaptation of the theatrical scenes of telephone conversation to the spanking porn literature.
    On the other hand, it is really humiliating for ALL men, to be represented by the pictures of such an ugly asshole. There is a willingness to ridicule men that may not have been necessary, given the reason the patient is examined, namely the regular punishment of this orifice, a sufficiently humiliating revelation on its own.

    1. I think ALL men deserve a little humiliation. Good for the soul!

    2. I agree with Fat Ass, the two phone conversations are very funny.
      It's funny to imagine the missing replies of the wife.
      A good moment is when the doctor is feeling hubby's prostate, you knock on the table and she says « come in » to the receptionist
      I thought about adapting this post on stage (a real theater scene) for one actress.
      Indeed, david is reduced to an asshole and a cock, so he is easy to figure through your fingers (like in Sex with my hand : "I made my hand into a fist")
      The long and perv-professional exam of the hubby's sphincter and bumhole is a treat.
      What did you do with the sperm sample ?

    3. What do you think I did with it?

  10. I need make apt with Dr Miss Julie for my checkup iam sure a good old fashion spankin be needed by nurse and dr as well Recepotinst can join in too. I dont take care myself I gain weight dont excerise eat right either smoke too much cigarette too

    1. Yikes mike! Stop that. Take care of yourself!!!

    2. Hey Mike don’t worry eating healthy is easy. Just add a bit of romaine to your dressing, bacon and cheese! (Obviously I’m cruising for a bruising from the Doctor also!)

    3. Yes Miss Julie

      I will try take care of myself more before I get spankin from you or any female dont want you order me do self spankin again

  11. Great role playing, you might have another career in the waiting. I have a new very young female doctor and I'm in chastity pretty much 24/7 and for my first physical with her, I wore my cage (wife usually let's me out) and she was shocked at first, but then asked a number of questions about it and sounded interested. She said to make sure and wear it for next year physical. Love the attitude of young women now a day. John

    1. Sure! Erections must be a problem for young female Doctors. Nice to know there is some motivational ball pain if one tries to rip out during an examination. So giggly for your Doctor!

  12. What about adult baby play?

    1. Not into it sexually, but seems like fun both ways!

    2. I would love to read an experience of you into it, babying david, with diapers, milk bottles, pacifiers and everything (maybe boob sucking?).

    3. it can be messy. you need to know who will be on clean up duty before you go down that path

      that said very embaressing when ny wife goes out and im left babied with one if her friends in charge

    4. I like the idea of boob sucking! Sitting on my lap like a little baby. You've just inspired me, in fact...

      I'm sure it's totally embarrassing!!!! For my part, I don't mind cleaning up dirty nappies. He hates it a lot more than me!

  13. Is that you in the photo holding the ruler Julie

    1. I wish! Gorgeous, isn't she? I don't know who it is...

  14. Roleplay is the best. We have done boss/naughty employee, doctor/patient, policewoman/detainee and my personal favorite teacher/student. This is a fantasy going back to the 70's where woman wore shorter and shorter skirts with pantyhose and gave(on purpose?)beaver shots. i get caught looking up the teacher's skirt to see a pantyhose gusset with no panties. i am required to serve detention where i am scolded for being pussy whipped. My pants are pulled down for an otk paddling with a thick ruler and i cum on Her lap. i am made to lick up my own cum and laughed at while swallowing my cum and i am accused of looking up Her skirt again. Since i have disrespected Her pussy i have to sniff, kiss and lick her pantyhosed pussy. She then turns around and i have to do the same with her asshole. She finally pulls Her pantyhose down and forces me to lick her asshole. i am not permitted to lick her bare pussy. This is my favorite. Yours was fantastic. Yours is the 1st site i view each day.

  15. Oh Julie, you have such a delicious imagination! And your generosity to continue sharing with us....thank you.

    I had been, I confess, hoping for a bit of a weight loss failure. I had a different particular consequence in mind, though.

    peter peter

    1. Lovely guess!...sorry, I hadn't intended to be so vague....the humiliation of david upended over John's knee and hand spanked to tears is the particular consequence you put into my mind and which has caused me to have been so uncharitably wishing for a humiliating!!! peter peter

    2. Stop that! Making me wet my panties in the morning like that..

    3. I suspect for him to follow through he might need an anonymous man to be the one to so thoroughly hand spank him...not one who he'd have to look in the eye again!!! peter peter

    4. I'll ask again! "pwetty pwease..."

  16. Hello Julie,
    Who is that girl ? (the wife, picture 2/3/4)
    Thank you

    1. Wish I knew! Random google image. Perhaps some readers recognize?

  17. Excellent, especially doing two roles Doctor and Rose

  18. Hi, Miss Julie!

    Has david ever actually been sent to the doctor in panties?



  19. something tell me if I told you I still smoke and buy pack of cigarette or carton I would find myself bare butt over your knee being spanked hard right with nurse and receptionist watching as well

    plus I gain weight like I mention I wont be sitting for least 2 weeks right doctor Julie in fact my own female doctor not happy I smoke still I know bad boy mike I would tell her to spank me maybe but my mom was in room too

    1. Smoking would get you the the doubled-up electrical cord. What are you thinking, mike????!!!!

    2. Miss Julie bad part is iam not thinkin double up electrical cord whippin spankin sound painful make me nervous I for sure learn lesson I be sore painful way

      maybe make me count as well like pick up cigarette butt up to throw away as you ehip me or any female I would have for sure of 60-100 cigarette lol

  20. Hi Julie,

    Love your blog. I have a question. Do you allow david unrestricted access to his cock? ie is he allowed to play with himself without your permission? Do you allow him masturbation privilege?
    If yes, is that wize? Do you not feel his sexual energy should all be directed towards you. Isn't it a form of infidelity?

    Love Arthur

    1. He has "all access" unless I have something special in mind for him.

      I find his sexual energy high regardless!

  21. Any way you could do a future post updating the Evan/fantasy thread and whether you'd add to or change anything about the scenario?

    1. My mind is blanking. What's the Evan thread?

  22. hi Miss Julie

    trolling the archives just read this...

    juliesp11 August 2012 at 14:57

    I would happily do that if the guy had previously agreed to be a subby (hence the pin idea). Or, better yet, if there was a law that said all guys needed to submit to a spanking whenever a female sentenced them to one! Heh heh! All you men would be in SO much trouble then!

    a fun tease between my wife and i is that where i work there is an employee retention plan for ladies called WIMP. Women Inflict Male Punishment. A star is next to the names of the wimps in the employee directory and ladies can call meetings with a wimp to dominate embaress or discipline him at any time. there is a designated wimp of the month who instead if eating lunch dresses as a cafeteria lady and serves the ladies lunch washes their dishes. a different lady each week wins the wimp of the month to do her work on friday so she can go get her nails done catch up on shopping an r and r day for her.

    i get quite excited as we discuss what it woukd be like.

    my wife likes to tease and deny me eith such things.

    totally not this posts topic. sorry to hijack

    1. No worries! I love to hear your dirty thoughts anytime and anywhere. Love the concept!

  23. Hello Julie. My husband and I have been practicing FLR since before we married 10 years ago. I am an MD (Physician) that owns a small family practice. My husband serves as my office manager and does so in subdued feminine attire consisting of nice slacks, and a fitted blouse covering his bra and panties. I discovered your blog a few months ago and have incorporated several of your ideas into our bedroom activities. In our relationship I solely do the penetration which occurs almost each day. I can assure you that male strapon penetration not only does no harm, it is healthy for maintaining the prostate gland. Discipline is reinforced via Spencer paddle at least weekly. As a result of your blog my husband is now required to enjoy a monthly simulated period for 5 days each month and will do so until I reach menopause if not longer. He is now required to wear a tampon as a result of your blog. Medically speaking the male rectum can accept penetration from anything the female vagina can. He is naturally submissive and enjoys our FLR as much as I do.

    1. How wonderful! Somehow you need to get the word out that yours is an "FLR friendly" practice. Panties, cock-cages, and tampons welcome on/in males, marks on bottom commented on but otherwise ignored! :-)

    2. The nurses on my staff definitely know about our FLR relationship and one of them actively has feminized her husband as well. My husband gets his yearly medical as if he is a woman. This is not something we have as a "part time scene" in our life however. It is 24/7/365. It took Danni some time getting used to this role, but he now loves it and has on many occasions asked me to promise we will keep things this way forever. He has multiple orgasms just like a female. Whenever we have intercourse with one of my many strapons, he keeps his bra on as he loves to have his nipples rubbed through his bra. Thank you for all the great ideas in your blog !

  24. Showed this to the Wife..She's thinking about sending me to my next PT session in panties now because of You, in which my pants and undies are almost always partially lowered by the youngish, female therapist for therapeutic purposes.


    1. Perfect! You'll have to explain that your wife made you do it. Then she'll really know who calls the shots in your marriage!

    2. Uhg, I know! It's horribly humiliating!

      Right now we're 'arguing' over the pair. I'm trying to get Her to let me go with white cotton, but I don't think She's buying it...

    3. No way! I would never. Red, pink, baby blue maybe. Lace around the waistband.

  25. Appointment is tomorrow (Monday) and it sounds like it is purple silkies for me...

    I'm just trying to be a good boy until then so at least I don't have to go with a red bottom!

    This is totally Your fault though, Miss Julie...this wasn't going to happen until She saw Your post!

    1. Well now you've gone and done it. Blamed a Domme woman (me!) for your troubles. I want you to go show your wife your comment and my response. I think all three of us know what an appropriate punishment would be. Ideally immediately prior to your appointment!

    2. I'm supposed to tell You i've been 'upgraded' to my ruffled bloomers and a belt whipping before we leave.

      I'm also supposed to thank You for keeping Her so well-informed and helping to keep me in my place.

    3. Glad to hear it. Please congratulate your wife on her excellent management of you. We need to nip these little misbehaviors in the bud (or is that "in the butt" in your case?). The after-effects of a good belt whipping will leave nobody who sees it in doubt as to who wears the panties in the family, and who wears the pants.

    4. Yes, Ma'am. And I'm sorry I blamed You; i know everything is for my best as a subby hubby. She does like to use that exact phrase about who wears the pants and who wears the panties...reminding me I wear much girlier undies than She does.

      I really don't want too...but I'm supposed to ask if You'd like a picture of the view my PT will get..

    5. Oh yes please, and so would all my blog readers. If you send it, I will publish it, sissy girl.

    6. My My. Since everyone is sending you pictures of there husband in girly panties, I will have to send you a picture of my sissy husband for everyone to look at. These is just something about a sissy in panties that just makes me wet.