Saturday, June 13

Husband Caned to Tears

What fun: hubby had his butt stripped then striped by no less than, count 'em, three strict ladies!!! And he was literally crying before we got done with him. Here is a quick pic I took of the lower part of his right butt cheek after his panties were pulled back up. Pretty!

Our weapon of choice was the super strict Delrin Cane.

He got 24 strokes: 6 from me to set the pace, 6 from my sister Susan, 6 from our friend Jennifer from the UK, then a final 6 from me to remind him from whom all these blessings of strict discipline emanate. I literally got him to the point of loud cries and big wet tears for my final six as he hung onto his punishment post for dear life.

As usual, I had planned this one out carefully. I have learnt that good "spontaneous" kink is a mixture of preparedness, jumping on opportunities, and solid planning. The opportunity here was Jen who was visiting my sister. Both have a reputation for having a "wild side" and so being somewhat more open minded and liberal in matters sexual. Sue is of course already deep into it, and I am quite sure she has kept Jen (who is a good friend of hers) at least a little bit in the loop as well with our mutual activities involving david. I had planned on adding a little extra touch of more sexually oriented humiliation for david after his caning if the girls were game, which it turned out they were. I figured I should not miss such a golden opportunity by doing less than what was possible. And, of course, I have you readers to think about as well. Need to keep upping my game!

I had taken the afternoon and worked from home. david arrived home after work. He knew what was to happen to him that night and he was both scared and excited. He has taken a few strokes from that cane, but not super strict ones, and nowhere near 24 all at once. So he was darned scared!

Sue and Jen arrived together. We greeted them and david was introduced to Jen for the first time. Jen and Sue got to know one another about 10 years ago when Jen was in Canada. Since then Jen moved back to the UK and became a schoolteacher (of all things, as she was rather wild!). I also knew Jen from then as well, though I was not as close as Sue. The two of them were real "pals" (and I mean, spend the day in bed together pals!). Sue had kept up with Jen and visited her. Jen was returning the favour and visiting Sue. I am quite sure Sue told her about david and I, and over dinner one thing led to another and before you knew it the three of us had made a date for tonight to cane my submissive husband's ass.

When Jen greeted david she patted his cheek with her hand while kissing him on the other cheek and said "I've heard A LOT about you!" Ha Ha! Sue and Jen both wore skirts and blouses, as had I. Sue and I had on a blazer as well.We had agreed on a "professional" vibe for his caning.

Drinks were offered and accepted, and it was Jen who actually kicked off the events by saying "So, I understand there's a naughty lad in need of a caning?"

I chimed right in. "There is indeed! david, go upstairs and change into the little outfit we agreed upon, then come back down here. We'll head to the basement together for your caning." The "little outfit" was a perky pair of red pin-striped panties I had picked out for him, and nothing else.

After david went upstairs Jen confirmed with me "he likes it hard, right?". The harder the better, I said, it's only six (each that is). I told her to go to town as it was his unique opportunity to be caned by a real life UK schoolteacher! "I can't wait to lay a cane across his bum." She said.

I had the cane nearby in the kitchen and went to get it to show them. They were both very impressed by my new Delrin Cane. It's at least a quarter of an inch thick. Quite stiff but still whippy. It won't break, but it will break him, and my guests agreed. They each took it and gave it a few practise swings, whipping it through the air. Both Sue and Jen expressed some doubts of going too hard with that cane. I told them it's what he wants and needs, and they'll hear it from his own mouth to make them more comfortable going all out.

I then asked if they would enjoy a little show after the caning?

"What have you in mind?" Asked Sue. "Something very naughty if I know my little sister!" She added.

I told them I was considering sticking something up his bum and getting him off with my hand IF he's a good little boy during his caning. As a sort of reward for getting through it. "Would you like to watch, or would you rather I did that in private?"

"Oh we want to watch! Absolutely!" Said Sue. "Of course!" Added Jen. "Great fun."

"Then how about this:" I asked, "why don't I take him up to the bedroom to do that, and we'll all pretend that you two aren't interested in seeing that at all. Then just after I've started you two just barge right into the bedroom and say you've changed your minds and thought it would be fun to watch him shoot his load after all?"

They both agreed. It was to be a grand little conspiracy to keep david off balance and super humiliated. He's such a little shame artist that it's just the sort of thing he would love/hate. Humiliated in his panties; humiliated with the caning from the three of us and his no doubt childish reaction to it; humiliated that it would be known by our guests that he was being "rewarded" with a milking afterwards with them chatting down in the living room; and finally humiliated by having the deed done not in private as he would be led to believe, but rather right in front of them as they cheered him on and applauded his little spurt down the backs of his legs, plugged anus uppermost.

I love taking things to the point beyond which even david would imagine I would go. Just to blow his mind, you know? And I suspected both Sue and Jen would be game, even though it was a bit sexual (they needed only to watch, though in fact they each went "above and beyond" on their own initiative when given the opportunity - I think girls in packs are dangerous things for subby boys!)

david came back into the living room. He was all bare except for a little pair of red pin-striped panties with a little bow in front. They were of the "cheeky" design, exposing a lot of lower butt.

He was looking very embarrassed to be just seen like that by Jen. His hands were covering his front.

"Hands at your sides, young man." I said. "we want Sue and Jen to have a good long look at you."

He peeled his hands away from his crotch, displaying a bit of a bulge in his panties. He did look rather mortified!

"What a charming little pair of knickers!" Jen said. Turning to Sue: "You can tell he's deeply submissive by allowing himself to put into a pair of knickers like that and paraded around by his wife, can't you?

"For sure." Said Sue. "That's why we enjoy him so. Have a turn david. Show us your backside."

"Oh yes!" Exclaimed Jen, seeing his Lilly white low bottom cheeks. "I shall very much enjoy caning those naughty cheeks of yours, david."

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am." responded david.

I then proceeded to extract the explicit consent from david that I felt I needed so that the ladies would give it their all and that I had promised them earlier. "david, turn back around and face us." He did so. "You're going to be getting a very severe caning from all three of us down in the basement tonight. You'll be standing up and holding onto the weight machine for balance. Your little panties will be pulled down and you'll be bare naked in front of Sue and Jen. You'll receive 24 strokes total, on the bare. They will all be hard. No safewords. No stopping. No holding back by any of us. Is that what you want? Do you consent to that?"

david's erection visibly grew in his panties as I said that to him. "yes ma'am" he answered weekly.

"I didn't hear you, david." I said.

"Yes Ma'am. That's what I want Ma'am!" He repeated more loudly.

"Did you hear that, ladies?" I asked Sue and Jen.

They both agreed that they definitely heard david's full consent to a no-holds-barred punishment-grade caning.

"Careful what you wish for." Said Sue.

"You are a submissive little pain slut, aren't you?" I asked him.

"yes ma'am" he answered, meekly again.

I continued. "The caning will be very hard for your to take. If you want, I'll be willing to give you a warm-up spanking across my lap before we go down to the basement. Do you want that, david?"

"Do Mistress Sue and Mistress Jen have to witness that?" Asked david in a whiny voice. As if he did not live for that sort of thing!

"Yes they do, david." I answered him anyways, playing along. "They will be right here to see you taken across my knee and spanked like a little girl in her little panties until your cheeks are nice and pink for that cane. Is that something you want?"

"yes ma'am" answered david.

"Then ask me properly."

"Please Ma'am, will you please take me across your knee and give me a spanking?"

"In front of Sue and Jen?" I prompted.

"Yes Ma'am. Please spank me in front of Sue and Jen." added david.

"Ladies, why don't you two have a seat there," I said, indicating the couch. "david, put your spanking chair in front of the fireplace." The ladies sat and made themselves comfortable waiting for the spanking show to start.

(thank you andy at Someone's Gonna Get It - you are a treasure trove of such photos!)

david moved his folding spanking chair from the corner of the room to in front of the fireplace directly opposite the couch Sue and Jen were occupying. I sat and motioned him to drape across my lap. I adjusted him up over a bit more so his nose was near the carpet, hands balancing him, and his toes barely on the ground. I decided I would not be lowering his panties for this spanking. That would happen as the final preparation immediately before the caning.

With him properly in position I then started slapping his cheeks beneath the panty line with my hand. I moved up and over top his panties. I pulled the panties up deeper into his ass crack and spanked the bare flesh now exposed a little higher up. That always makes him squirm as the material both pulls up against his anus and squeezes his penis and testicles at once, an effect my lady guests did not fail to notice!

I also touched up his upper thighs as I, for one, would be aiming a few of those cane strokes down low in that area where he marks best. I worked up from gentle spanks to harder ones, but I can never get much of a rise from david from just my hand. In fact, I could feel his hard erection continuing to poke into my thigh that whole time.

My guests played their bit by taunting david as he was receiving his warm-up spanking. Telling him how submissive he was to be across his wife's knees like that in his little panties. Sue told Jen how he often found himself in that position, but usually with his panties down and sometimes having to wear a padded bra as well, and me with a hairbrush roasting his cheeks as he kicked his feet and begged me to "stop, please stop!" she mimicked.

"Is he often a naughty lad?" Asked Jen.

"Sometimes if he doesn't do a good job on the housework he gets spanked like that." I said. "Or if a healthy dinner isn't on the table when I get home!"

"Ah! Fringe benefits!" Said Jen. "I like that. I've had a few boys and girls over the years on the same arrangement."

Interesting revelation. Jen seemed to have some experience anyways. She did not volunteer that tidbit before. All the better for his strict caning, I thought.

When his butt was properly pinkened for the cane, I fixed his panties and I also reached around underneath him. Sure enough, his engorged penis tip had poked out of the waistband of his panties. I did not want the ladies to see that just yet, so I discreetly fixed his panties in front as well. My handling of his penis obviously did nothing to soften it. I hoped he would not spurt even before we got to his caning! One thing, however, was for sure. After he was put in position for his caning and his panties were lowered to the ground, my lady guests would be witness to one very engorged and throbbing cock! What fun it would be to see how fast we could make it go flaccid by caning his backside. We could even place bets. One stroke? Two strokes? Three?

"Time for the main event." Said Jen, who had held onto the cane. "Let's get that bottom thrashed!"


We all went down to the exercise room in the basement, david leading the way. The reason I wanted to go down there was that we have a weight machine a bit like the one shown below.

I made david stand at the front of it, facing it, bending over slightly at the waist, and holding onto the upright bar behind the seat back This keeps his butt presented at a very nice angle. His head can even collapse into the seat back if that's what he wants, and it just juts his butt out that much more.

I told the ladies I'd give him the first and last six, and they would each give him six as well.

"No fair. You get twelve." Teased Sue.

"Wife's prerogative." I said.

I took the cane from Jen. The ladies stepped back a bit. I lined up to david's left,  touching the cane to his pantied cheeks. There was just enough room to give a good and proper swing.

"Are you ready for your caning, david?"

"Yes Ma'am" he said through gritted teeth. He was already expecting the worst.

"Sue, would you do the honours?" I asked.

Sue stepped forward and lowered his panties slowly down to his knees. She had to unhook them from the pole of his erection.

"Tsk, tsk" I said, moving the cane around to his front and tapping on his hard shaft. "Ladies, come over here and have a look at this." I knew this would be mortifying to david.

"Oh no!" Said Jen, playing along (there was no way this was news to her, as his tented panties had been a dead giveaway).

"My my," added Sue, "Just look at how excited he is at the prospect of getting caned!"

"How many strokes do you ladies think before he gets somewhat less excited by the prospect?" I asked.

"Give him the first six," said Jen, "and we'll inspect again after that."

The attention to david's penis left and the ladies went back to stand behind me and focus their full attention on his bare ass.

I lined up the cane again. I lined up low, just above where butt meets thigh. I moved back and forth for a few tapping trial swings.  Then I pulled back and unleashed a doozy to his ass! The cane made a swooshing noise through the air and landed with a thud right on target.

The cane compressed his cheeks and immediately left a weal. "Well done!" praised both Jen and Sue. At first, david, did not react at all. A couple of seconds later he let out a very pained sounding half grunt half cry. Before our very eyes we could see his first stripe of the evening developing. He danced up and down on his feet a bit and wiggled his bum to dissipate the pain. He settled down when I returned the cane to again lay against his bum. "oh no, oh no" said david softly to himself, anticipating my next stroke.

I waited a good long while between the strokes. At least fifteen seconds or more. I wanted the pain to sink in and I wanted to watch the weals develop.

I aimed my next stroke a bit higher. Another zinger. he grunted immediately as it hit. And then yelled out a second later. "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow" he said as the pain set in.

"Look at him wiggle his bum." Said Jen.

"Very sexy, david." Mocked Sue.

I then moved the cane down to line up on his thighs. I held it there until he settled down. He knew what was coming next and I could see him bracing himself for it. I whipped the cane down across the tops of his thighs. He immediately stood up straight, let go of the whipping post, and grabbed the backs of his legs. I could see that his penis was already a little wet noddle. Ha! Less than three strokes! But I could not have this. "BACK!" I ordered. "If you let go of the post again I'll be adding SIX extras each time you do. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes Ma'am!" Yelled out david, still in a lot of pain.

"Do you still want the rest of your caning david, knowing how hard it will be?"

"Yes Ma'am!" said my brave little soldier.

"And do you want Jen and Sue to strike you every bit as hard as I'm striking you now?"

"Yes Please Ma'am!" Said david.

"And will you be letting go of that post again?"

"No Ma'am! I promise! No matter what!"

"Good boy. Three more from me and then it's Sue's turn."

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am!"

"And," I added, "If you take the rest of your caning like a brave little boy, I'll give you an ejaculation after we're done. Would you like that? Would you like a nice release?"

I didn't wait for his answer, as he appeared unsure how to approach it!

"You ladies are welcome to watch that if you want." I said. "Assuming he takes the rest of his caning well."

"That's ok, Julie." Said Sue. "We'll leave you to do that in private." As arranged. She remembered. Yay! I remember thinking how amazing that was going to be. How I was going to put him into the most humiliating, compromising position I could possibly imagine, and then have Jen and Sue walk in on him like that. He'll love it!

I tapped the cane to his butt and david braced himself. I picked up the pace for the last three. I backed off a bit for the next two, but let him have it with my last of the six, right around where the first one had hit.

By this time david was breathing heavily and was clearly in some pain. I handed the cane to Sue and went around more towards the front so I could monitor his expression for a bit.

Sue lined up and gave him a solid thwack, though not so hard as mine. I could see a bit of relief on david's face, believe it or not. "Give it to him Sue. He wants it." I said by way of encouragement. She went maybe a bit harder, but not to my level. He got through his six from Sue with relatively little drama, but still a fair measure of pain for my boy. I went back around and looked at his butt. I touched it and rubbed it where the weals were coming out. They had started as neat red tramlines with white down the middle, but by now were becoming a more angry purply colour. The marks were more extreme on the right side of his butt, and especially farther around towards his flanks. The marks there on his thighs were more extreme still.

Sue handed the cane off to Jen.

"Do the British proud." I told her. I stayed behind david to observe the effects of Jen's caning to his rear end.

Jen lined up and let loose. Unlike Sue, she did not hold back, and I mean at all! david screeched at the top of his lungs, but held onto his "whipping post" for dear life. He knew I was serious about those extra six, no matter the state of his butt.

"Well you did say hard." said Jen with a shrug. To me or to david I was not sure.

"It was perfect. Five more just like that!" I offered by way of encouragement to our UK schoolteacher guest. Maybe she was imagining doing that to some of her more naughty pupils?

"Oh Fuck no! Please!" Exclaimed david.

"Language!" I said. "Do you want to experience the rest of this caning with a bar of soap in your mouth??"

"no ma'am. sorry ma'am"

"And I expect considerably better manners from you. Jen is a guest in our country and a guest in our home. Now thank her for that last stroke and ask her for another, even harder one."

"oh no oh no." said david "oh please Mistress Jennifer, I mean, thank you for that last cane stroke and please may I have another even harder one?"

"Of course you may, david." Said Jen in her lilting, high-pitched British accent. "You really needn't even to have asked for it to be harder, as it was going to be anyways."

The next five strokes that david received were what can only be described as an ordeal of epic proportions. Jen did not back off on any of them so far as I could see. She kept up a steady ten second or so pace between strokes. I could see that david was barely ready for the next when it whipped across his backside and had him yelling and writhing in a paroxysm of pure, unvarnished, pain. But he held onto that post and did not let it go. Brave, brave boy. But his ass. OMG.

"Finish him up?" Asked Jen with a fun and friendly voice, handing me the cane after she finished her six, as if she had not just whipped the shit out of a fellow human being.

Now I had a choice. Let him off his final six? Don't let him off but go light on him? Or teach him which woman he really needs to fear? When I put it like that in my head, my choice was pretty darned clear. Poor, poor baby.

"These six will be the hardest yet, so you be sure to not let go of your post, ok?" I said this to him in a soft voice, stroking his head. He was sweating like crazy. His endorphins going nuts no doubt.

"yes ma'am" he whispered to me, implicitly acknowledging his need for me to outdo Jen for his final six, and prove to the little submissive boy within him that I am his Mistress, and nobody else.

He made a mewling sound as he leaned further over placing his head against the padded back of the seat and putting both arms around the whipping post. This presented his butt magnificently. I rested the cane across his ass, using his now peeking out anus as the vertical reference. I let loose and crushed it!

He screamed from the pain and yelled "NO! NO!" as loud as he could.

"Only five more, baby, and then we're done." I said.

I lined up the next stroke on his upper thighs and let loose another terrific zinger, not holding back at all. More screams and yells, but he held on. The mewling got louder, but he stuck his butt out for me. I struck down hard high across the very crest. We were rewarded with a blood curdling little scream. Nice high mark! "No! No!" he said again as he pushed his butt out for another stroke.

At this point, with only three remaining, the mewling turned to crying. Real sobbing. I put my hand under his eyes and felt tears. Very real, very copious tears.

"He's crying." I told Jen and Sue. They got an angle to look at his face. They were silent. A bit in awe. It was a very moving experience.

I returned to his ass, and let another cut down across the flesh of his bum. He cried louder and the tears streamed out of his eyes. My second last was again to his upper thighs, right into the crease. My last was right across his pair of sit spots, criss-crossing his previous tramlines.

Phew! We were done.

Unlike some photos I have seen, we did not get neat parallel lines across his ass. Our lines were haphazard, at various angles, and all the marks were different in one way or another. I can see how there may be a bit of an art to a neatly applied caning.

I helped david to stand. Sue came over and pulled his panties carefully back into place. He winced as the panties went over his ass. He took several deep breaths and his tears stopped. He looked peaceful somehow. He thanked all three of us, very sincerely, for the experience. And then we hugged and he whispered to me "thank you so much".

"You can take a beating!" Said Jen, a bit in awe. "I was going hard as I could and you just took it."

I also was a bit surprised. I told david that now that I know he can take that, that if he pisses me off in future he'll get his strapping first, and then his 24 cuts of the Delrin Cane after.

"Now up you go, to our bedroom." I told david. You have your treat coming. Ladies, the white wine's in the fridge, please help yourselves while I take care of this."

We all went upstairs. david went ahead and walked very slowly and very stiffly. The marks from his caning were very clear where the skin was exposed under the leg-line of his "cheeky girl" panties. I snapped this photo when we got to the bedroom, telling him I NEEDED a picture.

The rest of his ass was even worse. Just criss-crossed with similar and even angrier weals.

In the bedroom I started piling several pillows in the center of the bed. david stopped me and asked if it was ok if we didn't do this right now. Couldn't we just wait until the ladies had left?

"Oh don't be silly," I said, "they won't hear a thing down there."

"I know, but they know it's happening..." whined david. Perhaps he had had enough for one day? Hmmm... I'll be the judge of that.

I told him his choice was a nice handjob here and now, in the privacy of our bedroom, or I would invite the women in to watch him get a strapping over those same pillows, and then he'd be sentenced, right in front of them, to a FULL MONTH without any kind of release at all. His choice. He chose the handjob.

I had him over the pillows. I put comfy restraints on his wrists and attached them with a little rope to the headboard. I lowered his panties to his ankles and had him spread his legs a little for me. I fished his penis and balls out so they were back between his legs, and made him close up this thighs trapping them there. This has become his favourite handjob: from the back ("doggy style?"). Then I took a belt and looped it around his legs just above his knees to keep his private parts sticking out behind like that (I know, it is very silly looking!).  Being a submissive, he enjoys being tied up for sex, so that he feels he has no control at all. Thus the wrist and leg restraints.

I then got out the lube and the midsized dildo, and gently inserted the dildo into his bottom hole. This operation caused him some considerable ouchiness as I pulled at his well-battered cheeks.

It looks something like this, but add in a messed up cane marked bum!

I then got Adam, my bigger realistic looking dildo with veiny penis and balls and everything, made him turn his head to face me (and the closed doorway by chance), and inserted it into his mouth. As it approached he tried begging off the penis in the mouth. I told him, "no, you know you cum faster when your mouth is full of cock. You suck on that and pretend it's me in my strap-on." As I said that I held his nose and as he opened up his mouth to take a breath I pushed Adam in. No way was he going to be allowed to be barged in on by Sue and Jen without a cock in each hole!

With him all prepared like this I got out the Baby Oil and started rubbing it onto his cock and balls with my hand. I also very gently rubbed his sore little bottom as well. We started getting into the handjob, and he was starting to moan a bit into his cock, when can you even imagine what happens? You got it. Sue and Jen barge right into the bedroom with their refilled glasses of white wine in hand.

"We changed our minds. We think we want to see this after all!" They both giggled.

david let out a grunt through his penis gag that sounded like a muffled "nooo!"

"Is that a cock in his mouth?" Asked Jen rhetorically as she grabbed the end of it and hand fucked his mouth a bit.

"And one sticking out his bum too!" Added Sue unnecessarily, giving it a little in and out action as well.

"And what a position for his bollocks." Added Jen.  "It looks positively painful sticking out back like that."

"Oh, this is his favourite position for a handy, isn't it davey?" I said as I rubbed his shaft and tip in that way he likes.

"mmrmrmmrmph" is all he said through his penis gag.

It really is. With all the bells and whistles.

"Oh, you ladies seemed to have inspired him. I think he's going to spurt!" I told the ladies.

They left off what they were doing and bent down for a closer look.

I slowed down on the final few strokes. Going long and firm right from balls to tip and back down again.

He grunted and wiggled and shot a great big load right down the backs of his legs. Yay. The ladies both applauded his little sex show.

"There we go!" I said as I milked the last drops of semen out of his softening penis onto the backs of his thighs. I wiped the remaining man goop off my hands and onto his punished ass cheeks saying "A little cream on there, sweetie? Is that good?"

I went to the ensuite to wash up, leaving him where he was, draped, restrained, and fully spent in the presence of our two lady guests with one cock in his bum and another larger one in his mouth.

"There we go ladies," I said, emerging from the bathroom, "my wifely duties done."

Turning to david I said "You can stay right there in timeout until I come back up to give you your bath and put you to bed."

"And you better keep those cocks in your ass and in your mouth. If I come back here and see either of them spat out, it'll be the strap across your sore ass before your bath, and don't think I won't because you know I will. Now say goodnight and thank you to Jen and Sue." With that I pulled Adam out of his mouth temporarily so he could speak.

"Thank you Sue. And thank you Jen." Said david.

"For what?" I prompted him

"Thank you for the very hard caning."

"And also thank them for helping to make you ejaculate just now." I added. "Don't pretend that them walking in here and teasing you didn't make you cum."

"Thank you also for helping me to cum." Added david.

"Good boy!" I said as I slid Adam back into his mouth to suck on while in his timeout.

Leaving david where he was, Sue, Jen, and I walked back downstairs. We all agreed it had been great fun, and we postmortemed poor david's bum-bum quite a bit. All the marks and all. And the pain he took. Eventually the conversation drifted to a bit more catch-up between us, and then Sue and Jen left. I gave them both a great big hug and thanked them for helping to make david's fantasies come true.

"You are a great wife!" Said Jen on the way out.



  1. Do you ever wish that you would have married a real man instead of a subbie slut?

    1. Strongly support the long unheard-fromDavid. Any man who can take that level of discipline is going to be pretty formidable in supporting and defending Julie and treating her well in public (suitably rough-edge removed)

    2. Well said. And I love my subby slut! He's only like that when we play. And I love playing with him like that. Vanilla "he-man" in the bedroom would just be annoying and boring to me. Outside of our play. he's a very capable and very accomplished man in all respects, and while peace loving is more than capable of dealing with a confrontation. Perhaps its because he can let go in the bedroom that he's so fantastic?

    3. strongly agree here. My own subbiness seems similar to David's. It is a deep and powerful obsession and we are both fortunate to have wives that have not only accepted it but revel in it as well. But it is pretty much a sex thing, and does not mean we are not "real men"

      I understand there are men and women who do this stuff differently - personally I cannot understand a marriage that is not based on mutual respect.

      Best, Rosco

  2. david looks like he could use a full brazillian wax. I am sure Sue Jenn would love to see him in a full bikini swimsuit by the pool having him serve drinks and rub on sun tan lotion.


    1. Yes indeed! I have not taken him for a waxing yet. Perhaps I shall?

    2. Infact maybe the three of you could go as girls day out to the spa ;-) I am sure Jen and Sue would love it.


  3. unbelievable :)


  4. I'm sure it was quite gratifying to have david in tears before the three of you. Will Mags get to see his punished arse? Gloria

    1. She's not due until Wednesday. I doubt there will be much left, if anything. Already today (only one day later) he's mostly healed up (except for a bruise at the far right, the second stripe up from the bottom at the end).

    2. I understand; my boy heals quickly as well. Gloria

  5. I have been caned twice and get a full Brazilian 4 times per year. Being caned is worse . But not by much. No matter how tight you pull the skin on your sack it hurts something fierce. It is not easy being a girl.

    1. I find men's balls immensely entertaining. What hurts and what doesn't on them is such a mystery!

  6. I would have liked to see David fully dressed as a girl. I consider the ritual of lifting a girl's skirts over her back an essential part of a spanking. Having your mascara run when you cry is also so girly. I cannot fathom how sore David's bottom is today.

    1. I can see that, but I also love having my man completely naked and whipped in front of three fully clothed women.

    2. You are the best !!

  7. The cane is fierce. There is an erotic part of being caned as the cane whistles before striking. The nuns in school in the 50's and 60's used the pointer. Bent over the teacher's desk and swung with authority the pointer hurt way more than the ruler or even a paddle. I only saw one girl not caned on her skirt. She had been seriously rude so sister raised her uniform skirt and caned her on her panties. Quite the thrill for the boys in class!

  8. Nothing short of astounding, and a fine piece of writing.

  9. Threats of Mouth soaping and time-outs? Bath time and early bedtime? Might we be seeing (or hearing about) David in a diaper before long? Surely it can't be far off with the hints dropped here...?!?!

    1. Part of his humiliation is all. Great fun!

  10. This post was so close to my heartland, 'spanked' to tears, humiliated in front of female witnesses, feminized, creative domm, surprising domm, strict domm. Real fear. Real searing challenging pain. Even plugged and gagged! So many of your posts are 10s this must be an 11! And in the end david trusts you so much! beautiful.

    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

    1. Most gals just go to 10, but I wanted it louder...

  11. Dear Julie, I just want to know if it was also sexually arousing for you (and your friends). I only read "fun" - what does that mean? His butt is so sexy (especially in those pants), that this alone must awake some erotic desires in the women (I hope that, as a man). But is there not the desire in you females to stroke, knead (and even kiss) that sweet ass also ? I already asked that.- But afterwards, the sight of his wounded skin: Isn't that a bit cruel? Not sexy anymore! - Tim

    1. This deserves an entire post I think...

    2. O yes, please write it! Or should I write it?

    3. Thank you for your very precise explanations. Now I understand more. Everybody is different,more or less. For me the "weights"(the accents) would be devided differently. More love, less pain - and no spanking without sensing the female desire for the male butt (like vice versa). - Tim

    4. I can definitely respect that!

  12. Where did David get the beautiful panties love the lace trim and the cut

    1. That pic was just to illustrate the cut. The panties he wore you can see on his photo with the caned ass!

  13. Sound like David felt comfortable getting spanked by you in front of the other UK lady even so was first time meeting her iam sure he will remeber these caning being can for long time

    seem like you take david over knee/lap for otk spanking alot of times i bet he had enought otk spanking from you last lifetime same as he been punish enough by you other strict female as well

    madison ohio

    1. He's no stranger to being spanked by my friends and acquaintances!

  14. That was a fun read. It sounds like he was pretty spent by the end. With your creativity I can see how it would be dangerous for a submissive to be anywhere near you.

    Ted the switch

    1. Not so much the creativity, more the sadistic tendencies... ha ha ha.

  15. Another amazing adventure ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Amazing what your man can take! I consider myself quite capable of taking severe C.P., but what you have described, it appears, is far beyond my threshold. Believe I would have earned the soap and an extra six of "your very finest" after the first stroke, and probably a couple more additional sixes before it was over.

  17. I am with anon above. It would be lovely to hear about David put into punishment diapers! Imagine how humiliating it would have been had the ladies walked in on his handjob to find him spread open and taking dildos in both ends, but also a diaper, powder and wipes waiting next to him on the bed. "Oh that? that's just David's new bedtime attire. Isn't that right, baby Davey? Now you wait quietly while mommy sees the ladies out and then I will get you cleaned up and into your pampers. Unless the ladies would like to help? Maybe hold up his legs or powder his bottom?" lol! So many blushy possibilities.

    1. Have you ever considered making him hold a raw unbroken egg in his mouth ; bandana-gagged, during punishment?
      Reward for enduring it without breaking it, extra punishment if it breaks!
      Also: his cum should be collected and spoon-fed to him by the other two ladies!
      I would love to experience a caning from you! :)

    2. re. the egg... Ahhh... no! But i love the variety of kink!

    3. Hmmm maybe you could demand it and see how it goes!
      Plus, he definitely should have to swallow his own cum. Preferably spoon fed by your sister or friend!

  18. well if no stranger being spanked by your friends and acquaintances guess it ok and good thing he probalby need be punish spanked by them as well by you

    madison ohio

  19. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That sounds so incredibly unbearable! Kudos to david for taking his punishment so well, and of course an even bigger kudos to You Ms Julie for being so devious with Your humiliation techniques!!!


  20. Hmm I think you should try the egg and see how you like it.
    And he should definitely have his cum collected and spoon-fed to him by your friends, no question!

    1. I like that! I once made him a sauce out of his own cum to eat on a chicken breast in front of one of his trainers. Ha Ha!

  21. I have watched a number of caning videos, and I have come to the conclusion that men just can't take it, compared to women.
    They wimp out and struggle and whine, where I have seen women take over a hundred strokes only whimpering but calm.
    Obviously men need a LOT more training!

    1. Yes, I have seen some of those videos. Unbelievable!

  22. sissy jamieanne20 June 2015 at 05:39

    Absolutely delish and delightful! Your David suffered a severe caning at the hands of 3 lovely women, followed by a most humiliating milking and no doubt loves and cherishes You for choreographing the whole scene! You're an amazing woman, Ma'am...and I think the world needs a lot more strict Julie's! Thank You for sharing this!

    1. Yup. 24 strokes of the Delrin. No joke!

  23. One of my fantasies is to be locked into a Humbler, hands cuffed in front, made to lie face down for a hard caning!
    As you know the Humbler prevents the man from being able to straighten... Ass must be kept raised aginst gravity AND wicked cane!

    1. Yes indeed. I am well aware of the position!

  24. I'm curious if you've ever caned a man in a Humbler or if you would like to?


    1. Sort of. I often pull david's penis and testicles back behind his legs and have him close them up tight. This humbles him with his own body. As well, I have sometimes fastened a leather belt around his upper thighs, with his penis on the far side of it, which has the effect of pushing them out even more so that they can't nestle into the crease between his legs. He is absolutely terrified when I use a strict implement on his ass and legs when he's in that position! I would definitely want to try a real humbler one day.

  25. Wow, I REALLY like that idea!!!
    Did you invent that? Very devious and elegant!!! Charles.

    1. Actually, I think it started when I was spanking him and wanted to fondle at the same time. I pulled his junk up when he was across my lap, and the rest is history!

  26. .......very odd how people revel in this....

    1. It IS very odd, especially if you are on the receiving end!

      But you must crave it also, else you would not have dropped into this corner of the Internet?

  27. Whoa . . . .

    I cannot believe what David can take without just completely falling apart. He has the mental toughness of a Navy Seal.

    1. He subjects himself to it, really, but I agree with you!

  28. Always follow your heart.

  29. Hi Julie. Really loved this one apart from the cocks at the end but the witnessed spanking from you followed by the caning from the three of you seriously pushed my buttons. What an incredibly lucky guy your David is. I imagined it was me being thrashed like that by you lovely ladies thoUgh I would take the caning whilst bent over a desk if I had a choice. But what an incredibly erotic story and what a brave man your David is. You are a wonderful woman too. Best wiShes and bottom stripes, Richard.