Saturday, April 21

Raped by the Sister!

Ha ha! I know, clickbait title. You all want to hear about lil' ol' me "raped" by my sister.

Actually, what I will recount here is a roleplay between my husband and I. Much fun was had!

Sister fucks brother roleplay!

While it is true that our most common "roleplay" is Strict Alpha Wife on top of submissive beta husband (and yes, sometimes even I wonder how much it's a role and how much it's r/l!), we do like changing it up every now and then, and both david and I have a "thing" for taboo incest roleplay. So we jointly came up with a scenario (ok, more me than him) and we acted it out.

If you are triggered by brother-sister incest roleplay,
or by rape fantasies at all
(including male on male prison rape fantasies),
best not to read on!!!

david plays my younger brother, around 19 or so. He was living with foster parents until he got into trouble. I am his older sister, 23 years old, struggling to work and live on my own. We are all each other has, but we have not been that close.

He had just spent a month time in jail awaiting trial for theft over $1000 (he and his no good "friends" from back in high school stole goods from a warehouse - a non-violent inside job - and were caught). He was pleading guilty. It was a first offense.

His foster parents have had enough of him, and are washing their hands of him. They did not even bail him out and I could not afford it.

Nonetheless it fell to me to help the little brat. david's court-appointed lawyer and I managed to convince the judge to commute his sentence to house arrest under my supervision. I needed to have a "private talk" with the judge in his chambers to finally convince him. I am at my most convincing when I am skirt up, panties down, bent across His Worship's desk getting my pussy banged hard.

Somehow, amidst all my enthusiastic sucking and fucking, I must have impressed the judge as being someone capable of controlling my brother. He was not wrong. The judge releasing him was stern, and told him that if he gave me any trouble, all I needed to do was call the court to have him returned to jail for the full remaining duration of his sentence plus an additional 6 months.

So the scene starts with my brother delivered to the front door of my house by two officers of the court, complete with ankle bracelet tracker which they set up before leaving him alone with me.

He is looking sad, scared, and beaten up (by his time in prison, not by the officers who were very kind).

So that was all part of the "back story" for our roleplay. When I do a roleplay I like the scene to be fully fleshed out so that we understand our characters and and the background and then just act spontaneously according to how you would act in this situation. So not scripted, but more of an improv based on a richer back story.

We start the scene right after the cops leave and he and I are alone together. At first I act the totally loving and nurturing sister. "Awww, baby... Are you ok? Was it horrible?"

david looks miserable. He hugs me starts crying in my arms. I take him over to the sofa and sit him down beside me. He starts telling me all about prison. I listen very sympathetically and draw him out with questions. It turns out he had a cellmate who was very rough with him. He frequently made my little brother suck off his big dick. After lights out, he would go to his bunk, strip him, and fuck him in his ass with his hand over his mouth. Spit lubed and nothing else.

If he did not comply he got beaten up. He legitimately feared for his life and became this man's prison bitch. He called his cellmate "Bubba" behind his back. Bubba found out. For that, david got stripped and put across Bubba's knee for a ridiculously long and hard hand spanking. The prison guards ignored it. Sometimes the inmates just needed to work some things out among themselves, and a butt spanking was hardly something to get excited about. After all, the kid needed to learn prison rules. At the next meal time, all the prisoners laughed as "Bubba's bitch", as he came to be known, gingerly sat on his bruised red posterior. At least Bubba kept the other inmates away from him.

So all that came out during our discussion, and you need to imagine me sitting there with a very concerned sisterly look, egging him on, and david reluctantly saying all of this and then breaking down and sobbing in my arms.

When discussing with david in advance, this was all part of the backstory explaining why he would do literally anything to not have to go back to prison. From my point of view, I enjoyed making my husband tell me all about his rough gay sex "experience" in prison. It's a fantasy of mine for me to "force him" to be with a guy ("forced bi" it's called). david has always resisted relenting to this. But it turns me on like crazy the thought of pulling the strings and making a big Alpha Male make my husband into his bitch! So, a bit of an "ulterior motive" there for me!

Once I got everything out of him, that's when I turn the corner on him. I can't hold it in any longer and I start laughing (as he is crying) telling him what a little bitch he is and how he got exactly what he deserved for breaking the law!

He argues with me and is indignant #metoo style that I am not taking his ordeal seriously. It's rape! I tell him to "suck it up princess", how I've had plenty of cocks in me, some more and some less consensually, and you don't see me breaking down and sobbing like a bitch. "But not in your ass!" he cries, and I say (truthfully as it turns out) "including in my ass" (though from r/l him and he knows it!).

Then I tell him ominously that he shouldn't expect it to be much better around here... I start laying down the law for little brother. This is the part I really love in roleplay, laying down the law!

As he is under house arrest and can't work, he will be doing ALL the housework, and ALL the cooking. He can order fresh foods for delivery from my account. He will do online correspondence courses to improve himself. No gaming or internet porn (I have the Net Nanny installed). And no jerking off in my house!

He gets really upset at this, and stomps his foot. Before prison his whole life was online gaming, internet porn, and jerking off! He pleads that he's been in prison for a month and was scared of jerking off (Bubba didn't allow it either, as it turned out). I relent on the last one. I tell him that if he obeys all the rules, then as a reward I'll allow him to jerk off, but he has to ask me each time, I decide if he gets to, and I decide what materials he may look at, no exceptions.

He looks very crestfallen and sulky. "You better improve that attitude," I tell him, "or you won't be jerking off anytime soon." I say it with all the disdain for the act I can muster, as only an older sister can to her younger brother.

"But cheer up," I tell him, "I got you a get out of jail present." He looks a bit more hopeful. I get up and go get it and bring it back. I hold it up for him to see.

"Look, a nice pair of panties for you to wear."

His mouth drops open.

"I figure you needed a little putting in your place, so get used to it, because you'll be wearing panties every single day you're still living with me. Here, strip and put these on, NOW!"

"No!" he says, stomping his foot.

"Awww, they're just a cute little pair of panties. I mean you'll be doing all the housework around here, like a housewife, you may as well dress the part. NOW!"

"No! I'd rather go back to prison!" he cries out.

"Ok," I say. I go and pickup my mobile phone, calling his bluff. I dial. "Oh, hello, yes, may I please speak with Officer Smith. This is Julie Delmar."

david is looking a bit worried.

"Oh, hello, yes, Officer Smith? Julie Delmar here. It's about my brother..."

david looks panicky and he snatches the panties from my hand and holds them, begging "ok, ok."  I motion to him with my free hand and my eyes to strip and put them on. Meanwhile I continue my phone call, "so I just wanted to get something straight, I can call you for any reason at all? Like, no questions asked, and he goes back to prison, right?"

david has started frantically taking off his clothes. I see his bare penis and backside! Then he yanks the panties on in a most unladylike fashion and puts his arms out, pleading with me, "I'm in them, see!"

"Ok, then, thank you. I just wanted to check. No, not at all.  A little bit resistant to some of my rules, but he seems to be coming around now. But it's great to know I have you there if I need you. Thank you again. Bye bye now."

I turn to david and tell him sternly, "next time I call, it won't be to ask them a question. Got it?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he says.

How delightful, he's spontaneously started "Yes Ma'am'ing" his big sister!

So that was fun, getting him into those panties. I thought the whole background and premise made a pretty compelling reason for baby brother to agree to just about anything. I mean, if you were in that situation, would you have not hopped right into those panties?

"Oh My God! Look at you!" I said. "Put your hands at your sides. Just look at you!"

My little brother was totally tenting the front of his panties!!!!

"I'm sorrrrry," he whined, "It's just, I haven't, you know, in a whole month!"

"You're disgusting," I told him with a sneer. Then I continued, "There's one more rule you need to know about," I told him. I walked away and then walked back holding a paddle. "You screw up, you get paddled."

I sat down on the couch. "Across my knee," I told him.

"What? Why? I haven't even screwed up yet!" he wailed.

"Excuse me?" I responded. "Did I not have to call the freaking cops to get you into your panties just now? When I give you an order, I expect to be obeyed. Immediately and enthusiastically. Got it?"

"yes ma'am," he said.

"So get across my knee."

david came over to me and draped himself over my knee. I started in on his spanking with my hand, slapping the seat of his cute little panties. Before too long, I lowered his panties down past his knees, and continued with my hand spanking on his bare bum.

"You disobey me, you get punished, understand?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Did you get spanked like this in prison, by Bubba?" I asked with a smile in my voice.

"Yes!" he wailed. Ha ha!

I picked up the paddle and started rubbing it threateningly on his ass. "You're going to learn your lesson," I told him. "How do you obey me?"

"Immediately and enthusiastically?"


"No," I corrected him, "immediately and enthusiastically, Ma'am!"

"Immediately and enthusiastically, Ma'am!" he repeated.


Waaaaaaaa! He wailed. That paddle was doing a NUMBER on him! His ass reddened up right away under my hard strokes. I kept going and going, giving him a proper ass blistering. The kind an angry sister is liable to give her life-wrecking little brother.

I readjust him to have him straddle my left knee as I pulled on and clamped down on his near foot with my right foot. He had to kind of wrap himself around me and I could feel his left arm around my ass. His cock and balls were laying on my knee as if on a platter. This position allowed me to paddle better down and into his soft thighs, which I really TORCHED! I pulled on the skin of his low ass cheeks and paddled thigh and low cheek, held taught. Poor baby was really suffering there!

I varied intensity from medium to hard to super hard. I had him bouncing around and screeching like a six-year-old.

Every now and then I would pause to give him a little lecture. I reached my hand down between his legs and fondled his cock and balls.

"nooooo... please... don't..." he complained as I fondled him to erect. "You're my sister! Don't!"

"Ok, then," I said, dropping his cock, taking up the paddle and laying into him some more!

When I thought his poor ass had had enough for one night I stopped and pushed him off of me.

"One more lesson for you to learn tonight," I told him. "Upstairs."

I pushed him in front of me and smacked his ass all the way up the stairs to the bedroom. When he got there, he saw that there was already a towel laid out on the bed. I told him to lie face up on top of the towel, and not to dare touch his cock! His penis was working its way back to full erection after his paddling, and was nearing that already.

I took off my shirt. I had no bra under it.

"What, you've never seen tits before?" I asked him as I saw him (my "little brother") gawking at his big sister's bare breasts. His erection sprang to "painfully erect", sticking straight up.

"Filthy!" I said as I slapped his cock hard with my hand.

Then I pulled off my jeans and got down to just my panties. I pulled on the strap-on harness and put the mid-sized dildo into it.

"no... please..." he begged.

"Shut up, bitch," I told him. "Just because you're under house arrest here don't think your fuckings stop. You still need to pay your debt to society."

With that, I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to kneeling in front of me. "Suck it!" He looked reluctant. I tightened my grip on his hair and I forced my cock down his throat. "Suck it you little bitch, just like you did in prison."

I really like calling him "bitch" during roleplay. It's a special turn-on word for both me and him.

You know you're fucking his throat good when the saliva starts flowing, and oh boy did it. It positively coated my cock and dribbled down around his mouth and onto the floor in a puddle. Bitch.

I pulled his face off my cock and said, "now get on your hands and knees on the bed. Head down. Knees spread. Get that ass up high. That's a good little bitch. Time to get fucked."

Unlike "Bubba" I used a bottle of lube. I coated my cock with it and I dribble a bunch on his asshole which made him wince from the cold. I used my hand to rub it into his hole bit. Then I put the tip right against his asshole and started applying pressure. "Is this how Bubba did it? With you bent over like a little bitch? Well it's how I do it, so get used to it." I pushed slowly into him and then drove it in to the hilt. Grabbing his hips I started thrusting in and out and in and out, gradually increasing the depth, speed, and force of the thrusts. "Welcome to your life for the next five months," I told him.

I love the feeling of power I get while fucking a man. It's a bit of a workout for me, but not painful at all. In fact, quite pleasurable as the base of the dildo pushes into my clit very nicely. He is in quite some distress, however, but also enjoying his humiliating ass fucking, as I can tell from his moans that mix pain and pleasure all together. In doggy I really like watching the cock slide practically out and then ALL the way back in again. His hole stretches so wide around my cock, and seals so tightly. Sometimes I pull all the way out, and his hole just stays open gaping at me. I thrust in from an inch away and ram it all the way home, balls deep. Then I grab his hips more tightly and really jackhammer that ass. After I'm done, he knows he's been fucked!

I pull out and david collapses onto the bed, completely spent. I clean his ass with paper towels and take the strap-on off. I make him lie face up again. His cock once again flaccid from his rough fucking.

I stood in front of him be the side of the bed and pulled my panties off, baring myself completely.

"As long as you're here," I said, "and seeing as I have no time for boys anyways..." With that I straddled his face, looking down his body, bent forward, and told him "Lick!"

"no..." he said, "it's wrong... please..."


Lap, lap, lap, lap, lap, just like a good little brother should. I reached for his cock and started rubbing that.

"no... please..." he begged, but I kept rubbing his dick. I spat on it and rubbed it some more as he kept licking my pussy. I put my mouth around it and sucked. That made it good and hard for me! I ground myself into his face as he licked me furiously with his tongue. I faked a bit of an orgasm (I really wanted something a bit different) and said "Good boy!"

I continued, "for your reward, you can jerk that filthy cock of yours until it spurts."

david wasted no time in licking his palm and getting his hand down there.

"One condition," I told him. "You keep your tongue up my ass while you're doing it."

"Nooooo...." he moaned.

"Obey! Or it'll be Bubba's ass you're licking," I threaten.

I felt the tip of his tounge start exploring my bumhole.

"That's it," I encouraged him, "rub it all around there, and then stick it up nice and deep. Deep as you can." He did just that while furiously stroking his cock. I licked my fingers and started rubbing my clit. I love the feel of his tongue lodged up my bumhole as I diddle my clit while having the visual of him jerking off his incredibly hard cock!

To encourage him further, I continued the roleplay. "You're going to earn your keep around here, boy. I'm already setting up a web site for genuine brother-sister femdom. You're going to be a star, baby. The whole world will see you getting spanked and ass-fucked by me. Oh, and there's going to be live seminars also. I'll have over groups of women at a time and let them each have a turn. Whatever implements they use is fine. The harder the more it'll cost. Same for your fuckings. The bigger their dicks, the more I charge. You'll pay your way in this household, missy!"

That sort of talk always turns my husband on. He continued rubbing furiously with his toungue up my ass. I waited for him to cum, and when he did I rubbed myself a little more intensely and came as well, just at about the same time he did.

I recovered for a moment then hopped off him and to his side. I slid my fingers along his abdomen, tummy, and chest and fed him his cum with my fingers. I did that again and again until it was all gone and down his hatch. I whispered, "little slut," as I made him swallow it.

And there we go, another successful roleplay in the Strict Julie household!


  1. Wonderful role play. Big sister little brother can be fun and very erotic. We have role played with me being her sissy slut husband and after giving her oral sex which was not good enough for her I get paddled then pegged as she calls me names and tells me she is going to have a man come over so I can suck his cock and feel him in my slut hole and find out what it's like to feel a cock squirting in me. after a proper pegging I again give her oral sex that is much better.

  2. Hello Julie, You had me at "Raped by Sister", but enjoyed your brother/sister incest scene. Your level of kinky fuckery including daddy, brother and sister makes for a wonderful family reunions:). Anything new with Sue and the fact that she has made you and David her bitches?


    1. Nothing new with Sue lately, other than a few flirty words exchanged. I think she wants to spank me again...

  3. David is one lucky bro.Just back readaing your site after four months away (not in prison but on a job location where the site was barred ,being deemed 'inappropriate'). Your creativity has blossomed over the the years and will be preserved for posterity and, as far as I am concerned, for my posterior's punishment by my girlfriend,who is starting to become another avid reader

    1. Moi? "Inappropriate????"

    2. Sorry but could not access votre blog without setting up a VPN. At least I can enjoy catching up now.

    3. Great! Leave comments as you go, I read even comments on older blogs.

  4. AMAZING role play as always. It was especially intense to read for me as you know of my situation with my younger sister who sees herself as my big sister. "Suck it up princess" is definitely a phrase she would use as she has taken to calling me "princess" quite often in recent months. Your "You're going to be a star" encouragement was really hot and also something I've experienced as well. I can see why it is such a turn on for David!

    1. I just wish that sister of yours would give you a proper spanking already!

  5. That is one intense roleplay! I find it interesting that it is erotic to roleplay or fantasize about scenarios that would be horrifying in real life. Whereas a D/s relationship needs to be "safe, sane, and consensual", it is exciting to transgress those boundaries in fantasy or play.

    I find fantasies of brothers falling under the disciplinary authority of sisters strangely erotic. I say "strangely" because I have a strong sense that brothers and sisters should not interact erotically, but erotic feelings arising from disciplinary humiliation seem to override the incest fantasy that is.

    I think that for me the erotic potency of the sister/brother D/s fantasy is rooted in sibling rivalry. Siblings, especially if they are close in age, as I was with my sisters, often interact as rivals. For example, I can recall playing games with my sisters where the desire to win was intense, and the winner would often gloat. So the idea of being subject to discipline and intimate control (e.g. orgasm denial) at the hands of sister-rival is deliciously humiliating. For me, the humiliation would be enhanced if the age relationship in your scenario was reversed, .i.e. if the sister was younger than the brother, and she gloated while humiliating the "big brother" who had once lorded it over her.

    1. Yes! Little sisters, when they grow up and become full fledged young women, enjoy a newfound power over their older brothers...

  6. Did David think of his sister's hands or pussy or you at your brother's cock or asshole during this scene?

    1. We don't generally think of our real siblings during such roleplay, only abstractions of them!

    2. I know what you mean. Although I find the fantasy of being disciplined by a sister incredibly arousing, my real life sisters never enter into that fantasy. The mean sisters that populate my imagination are indeed abstractions. The sexual imagination is strange and powerful.

    3. Your brain "protecting itself" from your kinks!

  7. And this : Bubba will soon be out of jail. Imagine that you meet him by chance and bring him home: what a surprise for David! (and why did you choose "Bubba" ?)

  8. Amazing, which paddle did you use to spank David?

  9. Why stop there? Now that you know the boy enjoys being feminized, do what my wife did. Put him in a French maid's dress and make him actually do the housework. Nothing lets me know I am in an Flr as much as when I'm in my dress, petticoats, bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and high heels and spending hours doing the laundry, vacuuming, cooking, etc. And my wife bought all the clothes. She hasn't shown me off to her sister, yet, although she keeps threatening to embarrass me that way. But I think sue would enjoy seeing your maid serving the two of you a drink or dinner. Of course, she might want to borrow maidboy occasionally, but I'm sure you would agree since you want to please her and she is your domme, after all.

    1. I somehow thought just the panties would be a bit more subtle humiliation, especially when I pull down his boy clothes in front of women and they see him in his panties!

  10. Out of the frying pan and into the fire... what a mean "sister!"

  11. Why hurt your hand, paddle him right from the beginning. I rarely saw a Lady doing hand spanking, usually she has a wooden spoon or if spontaneous with nothing planned she simply takes off her slipper whacks the naughty bottom.

    1. I do like "warming him up" with my hand. Warms me up as well.

    2. This male knows full well that a woman's hand will get your attention quickly. It is when there is a break between spanks that the dreaded hairbrush is next. I have danced around the room, rubbing, even after just a hand spanking. The female knows how to correct the male.

  12. Hi Julie, a really hot scene! Are you still in touch with John? Perhaps he is the right person you should pick for David's first ass fucking. Having experienced him yourself, I am sure you will know how he will fit in David's rear passage. You could plan a nice evening where you take turns at David including both his holes. I am sure you will find a way for David to experience a real clock up his rectum anddown his throat!
    You are a real combination of a wicked and truly loving wife.

  13. OMG. Sounds like fun and horror rolled into one loving scene. You describe it so deliciously and eloquently, Julie.

  14. Do you know someone who can role play Bubba?

    1. david won't let me... :-(

    2. Good, David is a real man in this regards

    3. Those are his boundaries and I respect his boundaries.

  15. Ms Julie do ever you consider dominating your real brother? You could give him a bare bum OTK spanking and if he takes it well have david deep throat him. Then you force your brother to fuck david for your viewing pleasure. Lots of possibilities to fulfill fantasies your forced bi fantasies. Mr D

  16. While I've been reading it for a long time, the story comes back and insists.
    The introduction is very successful and when it leads to the current scene where the two giants are going to play off each other, I will prefer to invest more discreet places.
    Which character to identify with? Going back further in time, to the foster parents ? to the judge who receives Julie Delmar in his office, to the prison guard who ignores the spanking, to Bubba ?
    In the dark and arbitrary space of the prison, I choose to be David, 19, bright-red, furiously burning buttocks on the bench of the refectory, eating under the jeers of the other prisoners, nicknamed Bubba's bitch.
    Obsessed with the idea that Bubba will still fuck me tonight. GHM!
    Anticipating the excruciating intrusion of his thick, hard dick.
    Fear brings tears to my eyes and makes me pee in my panties.

    1. Ha! I could have guessed that!

    2. For my improvement, which meaning should I choose? : Ah!
      1 - Awknowledgement of someones comment or joke, but indicating it wasn't funny. 
      2 - Like lol, it is meant to convey a laugh in texting and instant messaging, but unlike lol, you must actually have laughed before typing it. It also implies more confident laughter.
      3 - Some times used to show amusement, sometimes used to show that what the person is saying, doing, trying to do,or asking is complete unresonable on your standards.

    3. Number 2 this time, including the "out loud" part when I read it!

  17. Reading this sure got my pervy mind into overdrive! I have visions in my head of the same situation only with big sis Sue and little sis julie. I am sure Sue and Adam could do quite a job on your cute little puckered hole!

  18. Outstanding post (just catching up on my Strict Julie fix). Amazing that I just had this fantasy (again) last night!! Never happened, but it sure turns me on - and you describe it so deliciously well. TL

  19. You mentioned you love the power associated with fucking a man. Can you elaborate? It would be hot to hear your reasoning. Great blog piece.

    1. It's a more forceful and insistent power then we ladies usually get to experience. We typically have a more subtle power over the boys. This is blatant and extreme. The fucking ends when I say it ends!

  20. Great fantasy but I especially enjoyed the prison bitch aspect. Been fantasizing about that since I was a teen (on the receiving end of course!)

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    1. According to Google: "Blonde pussy hot, Pussy pussy gorgeous, I would love to suck you all and punch this 23 cm pica to the beautiful bag, and see you enjoy a lot on my beautiful dick, how horny, I'm naked here and I was painted with desire, kisses."

      Thank you! (I think...)