Thursday, February 28

A Week of Panty Training (part 1)

I love the term "panty training". It conjures up so much in such a little phrase. A wife's ideal method to ensure her husband's submissive obeisance: put him in a pair of panties for a preset amount of time to correct his attitude and render him appropriately submissive.

I love how the artist Sardax captures it in this illustration.

I imagine the younger woman is his wife. She has stopped in at her Mom's house to drop off her husband for babysitting while she goes out on a date. She is telling her Mom how he got a bit snippy with her and is now being panty trained as a consequence. Mom can use him for her housework while he is there. If he gives her any trouble she will deal with him in front of Mom when she returns.

Of course, panty training does not start and end with the pantying. No. During this period, a wife may combine his panty wearing with daily embarrassing nose-to-wall timeouts wearing only his panties, spankings with panties up or lowered depending on his attitude, and strap-on "play" (with his panties either off, or gagging him) to drive her point home. As long as he is wearing the panty, this is how he will be treated. Ideally, as in the illustration above, a wife may give a demonstration of how he is being panty trained to sympathetic friends or relatives (or both).

This is what was forced on my husband by a young lady (in my presence) the other night, and was continued by me for a very challenging week for him with a highlight that included my sister witnessing and participating in his very shameful, humiliating, and embarrassing panty training.

My husband being panty trained after his spanking.

As you read about in my previous post, Fangirl Dominates Hubby, my husband was lucky enough to have been dominated in my presence by a lovely young blog fan named June. During this session she put david into a skimpy pair of panties to add to his humiliation. After the session, she told david he may keep his new panties as a souvenir (in exchange for his underwear that she was keeping - ha ha!), She also casually suggested a follow-on:
"What do you think," asked June of me, "a week of panty training to remember me by?"
I instantly agreed, but then got a bit carried away saying that his "panty training" would include corner time and spankings and strap-on sex every night as well.  I guess I felt the pressure and blurted out my one week panty training "sentence" without a lot of thinking as to how realistic it was. But was there any going back?

On the way home with david, he and I discussed it. Of note was that he was wearing his panties, his boy's underwear having been confiscated by June.

"You were just playing along about the week-long thing, right?" he asked.

"I was," I replied, "and got kind of carried away, didn't I?"

"You did," he agreed.

"Except..." I continued, "June will write and ask how's it going. I can't lie to her..."

"Just a little white lie?" he suggested.

"David! No! I would never lie to June about something like that. But if we don't do what I said we would, she'll rightfully not trust us. I doubt she'd want to play again..."

Ha ha! I was teasing him, of course. I had no idea if June imagined I would actually carry out his "sentence" or not. I'm quite sure she would happily leave it to my discretion with no qualms, but no sense wasting an opportunity.

"No," I said, "there's no way to avoid it. We're going to have to just see it through. We'll figure out a way. Agreed?"

"Oh come on. Theses panties aren't the most comfortable, you know."

"Oh I know," I said.

"And a solid week of spankings? My ass will be black and blue!"

"Yeah, probably," I agreed. "But I want to."

"And I have no say?" he asked.

"Of course you have a say. You can say 'yes' and make me happy." (manipulative little so and so!)

"Oh... fine," he said.

"So we're agreed? A week of panty training?" I asked again. "A nice extended scene? I'll invite Sue over for one evening. You'd enjoy that."

"yes ma'am..."

Yay. My idle threat had turned into the real thing: a whole week-long panty training scene!

I kept a little diary each day. Here it is. I've illustrated each entry with a pic from our session with June just for fun and visual interest.


We met June on Tuesday and I figured he was plenty spanked and dominated for the day. So all we did on the discipline front is that I supervised him hand washing his panties in the upstairs bathroom sink and hanging them up to dry there. I told him part of his panty training was doing that every evening and allowing them to hang dry overnight.

We then went to bed, and I made him lick my pussy until I came a few times. There was no further "action" for him that night even though he had hardened during my licking. He did get a stroke and a squeeze, though, for his troubles, and hence was harder still by lights out.


On Wednesday morning we got up together. I'll describe this morning in a bit more detail in case you are interested.

I have a little routine with david in the morning given he is dieting now (see Fat Loss and Spanking). He waits until I've finished my morning pee, then he sits to pee. I have him sit far back on the seat and I hold his penis and aim the stream onto a ketostix to test his ketone levels. Of course he could do this himself (and often does), but so long as I'm there it's just an added little humiliation to keep him motivated. This morning it read somewhere between "trace" and "weak" which is acceptable. I had him stand (nude) on the scale to measure his weight and body fat percentage. Weight held steady at 214.4, body fat was down 0.5% to 25.7%. Good boy. No swats for any of that.

He shaved while I showered. When I was done, he got on his knees and dried me off. He does not always do that, and I do not insist on it, but it's nice when it happens. I guess he was feeling submissive. I then got made-up and dressed as he showered. When he was done and had dried himself off I was there holding his skimpy little white thong panties for him to step into. He gave a little groan as he put them on.

He was at work in his panties all day long.

In the evening he got home before me. I told him to show me he still had his panties on. He dropped his pants so I could inspect. They were on. I asked about the experience. He said they were very uncomfortable and he was picking at them all day long. He also said that he found himself aroused at times during the day knowing that he was in scanty panties, and knowing that he was to be "dealt with" by me in the evening. That's what panty training will do for a boy.

We had a healthy dinner together. I cooked something quick. After dinner I told him he could leave the cleaning-up to me, but that he needed to spend 15 minutes with his nose against the wall. I reminded him to strip to nothing but his panties for his timeout. He did so and put his nose against the wall in the living room (the usual spot for timeout). I started a countdown timer on my iPad.

I cleaned up the kitchen and then went to surf on my iPad in the living room where I could watch him. For me, it's a sexual power rush to be so in-control of my man like this. I got a thrill that I was able to order him to put his nose against the wall for fifteen minutes wearing nothing but a skimpy panty, and he would actually do it without complaint. Each time I glanced up at him I got a little "tingle" in my pussy as he stood there so submissively. I was also imagining his ass writhing in agony as I strapped him, and also my giving him a nice long hard ass fucking after. I am a sadistic little kitty.

After his fifteen minutes, the alarm went off signalling the end of his timeout. He had hardly moved the entire time. I could find no fault with that.

Every day after timeout I planned on giving him his spanking, but this first day would be a bit different. I explained it to him: "For the rest of the week you'll be getting a spanking across my knee after timeout. But today you're getting the strap and then bent over for anal intercourse. I thought it wouldn't be fair to give you your spanking in addition to that, so you get off your spanking for today, ok?"

"Thank you ma'am," he said. Ha! Thanking me submissively for the strap. That's one more tingle in my pussy.

We went upstairs to the bedroom. I put three pillows down in the middle of the bed and had him drape himself across them. His panties were still on at this stage.

I took my time, stripped to my bra and panties, and fastened my strap-on harness around my hips. I selected the medium sized dildo for him today, the same one that June used to mouth fuck him with yesterday.

The reason for the strapping today was due to what happened yesterday in the scene. June was not wearing any panties when she straddled his face, and david stared at and had naughty thoughts about her pussy. He even took in her aroma and felt her juices dripping on his face. I promised him the strap for taking such liberties!

I say the above a bit tongue-in-cheek, but my actual feelings on the matter require a strapping as well. I do sometimes allow him to enjoy other women. It is always on my say-so. However, he must pay for the privilege. It is a way I keep balance in our relationship. He may enjoy when I allow him to, but he must also pay me my price, which would be a heavy one.

I retrieved the heavy, twin-tailed Scottish tawse from under the bed where it is kept.

This is one of david's most feared implements. I have had it for a very long time and am well-practiced in its thorough administration to his backside.

I walked over to him and lowered his panties down to his knees. A bit ceremonious, as they provided absolutely no protection whatsoever, but it sends a different message to be allowed to keep your panties up versus having them lowered for your strapping.

He looked over at me, his bare bum raised high. He saw me in my bra and panties, holding the much-feared tawse, with a large strap-on around me that he knew he would be fucked with after his strapping.

"Do you know why you are about to receive this strapping?" I asked him.

"I think I know, but I don't think it's fair," he wailed. So disappointing.

"Did you or did you not see a young woman's pussy yesterday?" I asked.

"I did, but I was tied up. It wasn't even my idea!"

"Irrelevant," I said. "And did you or did you not have naughty thoughts about her tight young pussy?"

"yes ma'am," he grudgingly admitted.

"Yes Ma'am, indeed, you even jerked yourself off pretending your hand was her pussy while we both watched."

"sorry, ma'am," he said.

"Oh, nothing to be sorry about. It is what it is. And now you're going to be punished by me to teach you to whom you belong. Do you understand that?" I asked.

"yes, ma'am" he whispered, getting deeper into sub-space.

"Is that fair, david?" I asked.

"yes, ma'am," he said, unconsciously wiggling his bottom a little.

"Now I'm going to give you twenty strokes with this strap, as hard as I can swing it."

He whimpered.

"I need you to stick your ass in the air for each and every stroke, thanking me and begging me for the next stroke like that. Not with your words, but with your cute bare behind."

He whimpered again and stuck his ass higher in the air, begging for it.

I hauled back on the strap and ripped it down across his lower ass cheeks. He yelled out and collapsed into the bed. He wiggled his ass and then promptly stuck it right up for the next stroke. The first had already left a beautiful rectangular mark!

I took my time between strokes, allowing the pain and the after effects to fully sink in before delivering the next and the next and the next. Each stroke was carefully aimed, and came down from on high with a full swing of my arm and my body driving into it. On each stroke my pussy tingled and my panties dampened.

After we were halfway through I asked him, "do you know why June allowed you to experience her pussy like that?"

"no ma'am," he said, frantically.

"It was in the certain knowledge that you would never, ever, be allowed to fuck it in your life, or anything even remotely like it. I mean look at you, you're practically twice her age, you're not even in such great shape, and you'd probably cum before you even stuck it in. I told her that about you in my emails to her. Plus you're a little panty-wearing pussy-whipped sissy slut. Why would a girl like her ever want somebody like you?"

"she never would, ma'am," he agreed.

"You're lucky I even let you near my pussy, but don't think for a moment you'll be fucking it while you're still in your panties, got it? Maybe after the week is over and you man up. We'll see."

I like teasing him like that. He knows it's a tease. All the while we were having this conversation, his marked up ass was waving in the air, begging for his next stroke. Ask and ye shall receive. He got another ten from me and his strapping was complete.

I put down my strap and went to caress and admire his red marked up bottom. I slipped his panties down his lower legs and off his feet. I got out the lube and lubed my dildo and his asshole. I gave him a bit of a finger fuck to loosen him up, and then knelt up behind him and pushed the dildo into him.

I never feel more powerful, as I imagine a man must feel, than when I am fucking david with my strap-on. He never feels more like a woman than when he's receiving it.

I started slowly at first, rocking into and out of him. I then picked up the pace and before too long my husband was getting a very thorough ass-banging. Before long he was moaning (grunting?) on every thrust. You know, like "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh".
"Yeah, you take it. You take it you little bitch."

"uh uh uh uh uh uh uh"

I slowed down and talked to him.

"You imagined yourself doing something like this to her, did you?" I asked with a laugh in my voice, languidly going in and out to give him a chance to answer.

"yes..." he said.

"Isn't it ironic that you're the one getting fucked?"

"yes ma'am," he agreed, my cock deep up in his ass.

I picked up the pace and gave him another flurry of hard deep strokes.

"uh uh uh uh uh uh uh"

Unlike his dick, my dick is whatever size I choose it to be, is hard whenever I need it to be, never ejaculates after three thrusts, and never, ever softens. I gave him an epic fucking.

"uh uh uh uh please uh uh uh please uh no uh uh please uh oh uh no please uh uh ..."

I buried it deep into him and then jerked spasmodically a few times to indicate I was done. I pulled out carefully. There was mess.

"Go clean yourself up and wash your panties," I told him. "You may dress as you like until bedtime."

We spent the rest of the evening doing our own thing. He was in a fluffy blue robe watching youtubes on the tv.

Just as a bit of a tease, I sat beside him and lifted up his robe. What I saw was a bit of a surprise: he had on his red panties!!!

He blushed at me and said that seeing as he was being panty trained... Ha ha! Methinks not entirely against his will, my little sissy slut.

[to be continued in part 2]


  1. Lovely post. A week of panties is likely to lead to a lifetime in them!

    sissy pet

    1. Oh no. I like to keep it for special occasions.

  2. Hmm all of a sudden I'm eager to be put in panties for a week...
    I think the Sardax pic could just as easily be depicting you, David and Sue! Where do you find his art now that his member site has closed if you don't mind me asking?

    1. I had downloaded a few a while back, and asked him for permission to publish them to illustrate blogs.

  3. Ms. StrictJulie:

    Wearing panties in the privacy of the home is one thing. Doing so when out for dinner or doing errands is another.

    But, speaking from experience, wearing panties at work can be quite a powerful experience. Especially when important meetings (it is all relative) are scheduled or one must give a presentation. On these occasions I have been very careful to wear pants in good condition and to keep them tightly secured about my waist.

    I don't always know in advance when Irene expects me to wear them. Sometimes when I get out of the shower in the morning I will find some frilly pink girly panties laid out on the bed. I know then what is expected.



    1. Next time I hear a presentation from a man at work, I will imagine he has on a pair of panties underneath!

  4. I particularly like how you jerk your girl cock spasmodically to indicate that you’ve ejaculated into his sissy ass and, that being accomplished, there is no point continuing the session. A very masculine attitude towards use of your submissive girls holes for your pleasure. Perhaps another time you may wish to withdraw at the end and cum in his mouth? He can then lick your cock clean. Sluts are often used that way and it’s good training for him to take real cock in the future if that’s a goal of yours.

    May I ask, quite apart from the mental satisfaction of your dominance, is there any physical pleasure for you derived from strapon fucking? Is there, for example, clitoral stimulation from the particular apparatus you use? If not, I understand that some strap ons are designed to provide clitoral stimulation and that others have double dildoes for the dominant ladies pleasure. Would you be interested in using one of these or is mental dominance the main game and your sole interest when pumping sissy boy holes? Thank you for your blog. I’m a huge fan. Derek

    1. I learned about the simulated cumming from Violet actually.

      And yes, very nice sensations "down there" as I push my dildo into him!

    2. Rogering here.David's epic bumhole suffers again.
      Your descriptive powers are awsome Juile, but the three simple words "There was mess" kinda brought home to me LOL. Cheers,

  5. The phrase "panty training" has been so triggering to me lately. Beyond your two most recent posts, I've coincidentally seen a few memes on Tumblr lately that used the term and found myself instantly aroused. I've spent so much time in panties the last two weeks. Picking out my panties has been the perfect way to start to the day.

  6. I too like the sardax picture. Looks like daddy took his daughter (young Julie) to school sport. But at the netball game daddy was ogling the girls while they ran and jumped about the netball court in their short tartan skirts and singlets and his erection was visible. Disgusting! So young Julie marched him home to her mother giving him a painful pink panty wedgie in the process. Mum looks down and approves of her daughter’s wedgie work and attitude. Daddy will get the Scottish tawse later and young Julie will be given an opportunity to continue her education. Family fun. Mr D

  7. Hmm I wonder if he’s wearing his panties at work? He’s not protesting about having to wear them at work very much. I bet he’s taking them off at work and putting them on again before you get home. Shouldn’t he have to visit the bathroom and send you and June a text message photo every lunchtime while holding a newspaper in his panties to prove he’s wearing them? June would approve and it’s all part of the fun.

  8. WOW A WHOLE WEEK! I also like to wear sexy panties, not sure why, if it's the idea of getting caught by another woman especially at work, or the fact that I'm being forced to wear them., but I also will get random erections during the day at work, when you feel the satin material rub against your dick. I know you are having Sue come over to play, but you should look for other opportunities to expose David this week. David will be in so deep of sub space after a week of panty training, spankings, pegging, and being dominated by multiple women several times, he may never return. Love it, and glad you got some pleasure from David, always like to hear the details on your pleasure. Have you tried a strap-on's with built-in vibrators in the base or the Feeldoe strap-on, which allows penetration of both parties and vibration also. There nothing more exciting than having my wife orgasm, while fucking my ass.


    1. I would have so much fun if I saw a little waist fringe of panty on a man at work. All the women would know about it in, like, 15 minutes!

    2. Very interesting! Would love to see a fictional post around this scenario and see what your mind come sup with!

    3. That poor "man" would never live it down if you caught him. You would probably give him a wedgie. If only david would play with other sissies, you could arrange a play date.

    4. Yes, a fun scenario for sure.

  9. Cindy and Joey, a young couple.
    Cindy: This time you need a lesson, Joey ! Put on your pink panties! I’ll drop you off at my uncle John’s and pick you up at the end of the afternoon
    Joey: Oh no, honey! Please ! panicked.

    Uncle John is tall and broad-shouldered. He loves to use his strap and his sjambok stick. He likes ass fucking, boys or girls, whatever. It is enough for him to have at his disposal young adults in tears and their anuses defenseless.
    He is very powerful sexually and he can fuck a butthole three or four times in an afternoon.

    Around 5pm, Cindy returns. As she does not have time to get off, she parks in front of the house and honks to warn Uncle John.
    The door opens and the uncle sends Joey into the street with a big kick in the ass.
    Joey is walking in a fun way. He is in his pink panties. He opens the passenger's door and sits in the car.
    Cindy: Joey! Where are your pants?
    Joey sniffs and moans too much to be able to talk
    Cindy: Oh, Joey! Like the last time ?
    She starts the car.
    She thinks, maybe she's too hard on him, then she remembers that he's signed their mutual commitment "she has the pussy, she makes the rules".
    A good evening to come. She likes to hear him tell her his afternoon while he licks her.

  10. now for a whole week of diapers for you Ms Julie ;-) If only he had to have a bra on as well to hide.


  11. Ms Julie as a 24/7 pantie wearer I can tell you it's a constant reminder that I'm submissive to her and she wears the pants. Spankings are never over the panties, they come down to my knees or off completely. The same is true when she pegs me. Giving her my slut hole (her words) is also a reminder of my total submission to her. I don't think you do this but she inserts a bullet vib. in her pussy and the control is held in place by her waist harness. I know I'll be used until she has a climax or if she desires a second climax.

  12. Goddess Gretchen1 March 2019 at 11:25

    Hi Julie,

    We started our reltionship with my baby in panties also. It was after he wet them that we moved to diaper training. Now he has little control and has not used the toilet in over 4 years. Only diapers for my little sissy.

    Goddess Gretchen

    1. SOunds like you would have very entertaining blog or twitter account if you put one together. You and Julie could tag team ;-)


    2. I think Emily would like to be diapered...

    3. Please consider sharing more of your experiences, Goddess Gretchen.

  13. A perfect ending do his panty training I'm thinking, how dare you lust after young Ms June, in the presence of his loving spouse no less, this naughty fellow deserves a proper ass fucking, I noticed you cross-examine him before applying the strap, You're A Gifted mistress Ms Julie!!..

    1. Always! The verbal is a big part that ought not to be neglected.

  14. I have only worn panties once for a few hours. Like david says, they are very uncomfortable but also arousing. Unfortunately I found them just too uncomfortable. I notice that in the picture for Wednesday his hands are bound behind his back. Personally, if I had choice of spending the whole day either in panties or bound, I would choose to wear boy briefs and submit to having my hands securely tied behind my back all day.


    1. Really, even if I tied them at your elbows?

  15. Panty training would be soooo embarrassing. The worst part, though, would be that strapping from a wife who is really strict and knows precisely how to administer the dreaded tawse. I imagine it to be especially humiliating to be forced to wiggle and present my bare behind high for each branding of unbearable fire, but what other choice does a panty-trained male have? The panties are a key to the husband's submissive obeisance, but I believe the psychology is spot on when you lower them for a spanking on the BARE bottom.

    I would definitely want to talk my way out of a strapping, but the dialog before the lesson made the point that he belongs to you, which is what a devoted husband wants to be assured of anyway. Under the circumstances of his sexual interaction with another woman, even with you setting it up and your complete approval, a no-nonsense strapping is as clear a confirmation as there is to set things straight. There is also the satisfaction he gets knowing that his punishment gives you pleasure. I remember that even a relatively few strokes of leather strapping leaves a tingle that is felt the next day, so a severe bare-skin tanning should keep a wife's message of ownership on her husband's mind for a long while.

    1. Oh yes, he got his ass licked and tanned for real. In my head I’m all, “yeah, you wanted to play with other girls, well now it’s time for me to play!”

  16. A hole week (pun intended) of panty training, David is going to be in great shape when (S)hes' whipped into shape...bitch.

  17. I love feet, my wife's cousin has adorable feet every time she visits us I end up with a spanking because my wife says I stare at her feet a lot.

  18. Never considered panty training until reading your blog. I will have to show this to My Queen for her consideration.

  19. When i get a licking on my butt, i have to give my Mistress a licking of her butt, a very thorough licking until my tongue is tired and sore.