BBQ at Mom's House

Lion from Male Chastity Journal and I exchanged stories for our personal sexy pleasure and we decided to publish them on our blogs for your pleasure as well! The one I wrote to him is linked to from here. You can read all about the effect the following story had on me here.

“Just because I just married your mother doesn’t mean you can run wild, young lady.”

That was my mother’s new husband. My husband and I were visiting. I just stepped outside to enjoy an after-dinner joint. Phil, that’s his name, came out a few minutes later and found me smoking.

I looked at him defiantly, “You’re not my father. You have no right to talk to me like this.”

His face darkened. I felt a nervous twinge in my stomach.

“Put that out and come here!”

He moved to the porch steps and sat down. I put the joint out and stood in front of him.

“Julie, I don’t care how old you are or how long I have been your stepfather. I expect respect and obedience. When I don’t get it, I will punish you.”

Now my face got red. Who the hell is he to punish me! He is a big guy. My husband is six feet tall, and Phil is at least two inches taller and more muscular. Punish me? “You want to punish me?”

“I am going to punish you! Come closer.”

I was about three feet in front of him. I didn’t move. He reached out and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. Before I fully understood what was happening, he pulled me toward him and yanked my shorts below my knees. He reached up, and my panties joined my shorts.

I was furious. “Stop!” I yelled. He just smiled. He reached, grabbed me around my waist, and moved me over his lap like a rag doll. I could hear footsteps approaching from the house. The back door opened. It was my mom and David. They’ll put a stop to this!

“What’s going on?” my mom asked.

“Julie was smoking a joint and then gave me backtalk.”

“Mom, stop him! I’m a grown woman! David, help!”

Neither moved. My mom said, “Julie, if your stepdad wants to punish you, then that’s what will happen. Phil, do you mind if David and I watch?”

“David, stop him!” I screeched.

“No, but I will watch.”

My mom and David pulled up lawn chairs so they could have a good view. The setting sun and the bright porch light gave them a very clear view.

Phil said, “Julie, I’m surprised at you. I guess being without a father for so long has helped you form some bad habits. That changes now!”

“My daddy never punished me! You can’t!”

Without another word, Phil clamped one arm across my back and, with the other, hit my rump with a resounding smack.

“OW! Damn you!” I cried.

Phil calmly said, “The neighbors are out barbecuing. Keep that up, and they’ll be over to see what we are up to. Do you want that, little girl?”

“Uh, no”

Phil resumed spanking me. Each swat stung and burned. I looked over and could see that mom and David were smiling. I was kicking my feet and exposing my pink pussy. It went on and on. For a little while, I just grunted with each swat. Before long, it became too much for me, and I started to wail. I couldn’t help it.

Phil was right. Doris and Ben, mom’s next-door neighbors, came over. Ben said, “What’s going on?”

Phil didn’t stop spanking me. My wails turned into cries.

“Ben asked, “What did she do.”

Mom said, “Julie was naughty. She was smoking pot and then gave Phil back talk.”

Ben laughed, “She’s getting some backtalk of her own now.”

Tears were flowing now. “Please, Daddy. Please. I’ll be good, I promise.”

Phil stopped. “Have you learned your lesson, Julie?”

“Yes, sir.” I don’t know where the “sir” came from, but it felt right to say.

“What do you think, Peggy? Has she learned?”

Mom said, “I suppose.”

I was still over daddy’s lap. “Julie, stand up and face everyone and tell them what you did and that you’re sorry.”

“But, but, I’m naked.”

“Do you want more spanking?”

“No, daddy.”

Phil removed his arm. I slowly stood and faced everyone. I had my hands over my pussy.

“Hands at your sides,” Phil commanded.

I obeyed. “I was smoking pot and backtalked daddy Phil. I’ll be a good girl from now on.”

I added the last part myself.

“OK, Julie. Stand against the back wall of the house and think about what you did.”

I was glad to turn around but not happy to stand under the porchlight against the back wall of the house where everyone could see my red bottom.

Copyright 2021, Lion. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the author.

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