by Julie and her pen pal

"david, I have a special surprise for you this weekend..."

Julie's voice was a lilting sing-song of delight. For weeks she had been toying with the idea of bringing her devoted husband david in to the clinic for a sentience Transfer, a simple procedure that would move his consciousness into the body of a sweet young female sextoy clone. She had spent hours in her neuroterminal surfing through the clinic's archives, choosing the perfect look for her husband, a petite curvy little blond with large perky breasts and a round heart-shaped ass. Her round face was angelic with wide eyes and pouting lips. Julie had also selected enhanced clitoral sensitivity, hyper vaginal lubricant production, heightened female ejaculatory reflex, a high pain tolerance, and an un-popped cherry. This little bitch was going to get fucked and spanked long and hard.

For herself Julie had chosen the body of a Legion soldier; tall, muscular, packing twelve inches of thick hard cock. Enhanced stamina, enhanced sperm production and recovery and a modified orgasm trigger; she would be able to hold off as long as she wanted and fill her little husbands mouth, ass, or pussy with steaming hot male cum at will.

She had been mentioning her plans and desires to david, but he had begged off. He loved the idea of being her little bitch and submitted to her strap-on whenever she felt the urge to fuck him, even donning silky panties and eagerly deep-throating her engorged silicone phallus before she penetrated him with it. But for some reason he balked at Transfer.

Julie didn't care anymore. She was legally the head of the household and she would drag his ass down there whether or not he whined and bitched about it. She knew in her heart that david would love every second of the experience even if it terrified him at first. She had made up her mind to make it happen.

She was going to fuck her husband!

The idea thrilled her to no end. She was over 90% hetero, and the idea of fucking another girl really didn't do much for her, but knowing her loving husband was going to be trapped in the body of a tight little fucktoy set her pussy on fire. She masturbated constantly to that theme as the weeks went by, biding her time until the clones were ready for Transfer.

Finally the day came.

david was upstairs when she came home on Friday after work. "Oh daaaaaaavid" Julie sang. She was a bundle of nerves but happy-happy-happy. This was going to be great! "Come on, honey I have a surprise for us." david came bounding down the stairs two at a time and hurried into the kitchen. "What are you planning" he asked warily, grinning. He knew his wife was adventurous and unpredictable and he was probably in for a wild ride.

Julie pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows "I guess you'll just have to wait and see, baby." Then she laughed, and grabbed his ass, pulling him in for a rough kiss with one hand tangled in his hair. "Now, we don't even need to pack, I've taken care of every detail, you just get your little bottom out to the transport and I'll be out in a sec, I just want to check my messages."

david paled and became visibly nervous. "Umm, let me go clean up in the bedroom, I left things a mess up there, then we can go". He tried to push past Julie up the stairs but she grabbed him by the elbow. "What don't you want me to see up there, david?!" Julie could go from zero to Bitch in less than 3.2 seconds, and she was revving her engine.

david was quickly falling apart, he totally sucked at lying and knew it was better to just confess and take whatever punishment she doled out.

"I-I..I was reading pornafiction, no pictures, I swear Julie"! david was stammering, possibly near tears. This was a serious offense in Julie's household, she had made it clear that anything REMOTELY pornic would have to be granted by her, and it would not be very often...

She stomped up the stairs into the bedroom. Julie knew this could be played perfectly into her plans. She wasn't going to let this ruin her sexcation, instead she chose to use it to her advantage.

"Come up here and kneel you little fucking pussy!!!!" david was beside himself. Julie was taking a tone with him that ignited his submissive fuse, but he was also terrified; he knew how creative and merciless his wife could be in her punishments.

Julie touched the terminal and brought up the history of david's last browsing session. All of the material was Femdom, no surprise, but with an interesting twist. Nearly all the material she scanned contained an element of forced bi. Her subby little husband was fantasizing about sucking cock and taking it up the ass!

"Well, well, well," Julie narrowed her eyes and turned slowly to her husband. "I guess you are not satisfied with how I have been treating you in the bedroom, you need to supplement your sexual diet with tales of cocksucking, hmmmm?" She circled her husband, leaning in and whispering hoarsely "You want to suck a real cock, baby?" david babbled something unintelligible, he was flushed red and on the verge of tears.

"You want to taste another guy's hot cum in your mouth, my little pussy of a husband?" Julie had stopped behind him and took a handful of his hair.

"You should be careful what you wish for," she whispered in his ear, sweet as honey. Julie released his hair, crossed the room and rummaged about in her dresser. "Now, put these on under your clothes and meet me in the transport." She tossed a pair of red satin panties in his lap and strode out of the room. She paused at the door, turned, and looked him in the eye. "I will not forget the Disrespect you have shown me today," she said coldly, and went down the stairs and out into the carport.

david did not keep her waiting long, and they were underway as soon he got in and closed the door. Julie had already entered their destination coordinates, so david was still clueless until the very last moment when their transport slowed and the doors opened at the entrance to the Clinic.

david turned to his wife, stricken. "Oh, god, Julie, please don't!" he begged. Now he knew exactly what he was in for.

Julie decided to take a hard line with him. She whirled angrily on him and took him by the ear. "Listen to me, dear husband," she hissed. "I'm finally going to teach you the meaning of the word 'bitch'. You've been dreaming of it, and we've been toying with it, but this week all your filthy dreams are going to come true." Julie cooled off as she spoke, gradually releasing his ear. "Now, you are going in there, and you are going to obey me to the very last letter of every command I give you. Today is the first day of our sexcation, and you will be my obedient little fucking pussy-whipped bitch for the duration of it, do you understand?" She caressed his face. There was no malice in her voice, no venom, only love and steel. Steel wrapped in silk. david heard it, and he knew he was deeply and utterly fucked.

"I understand, Julie," he said, defeated. Submissive. Julie felt a blossom of heat in her lower regions at her husband's acquiescence. She really did get off on Domming him.

She exited the transport and extended her hand to david, he slid over and came out the same door. "Park" she said to her vehicle, patting the roof. The doors slid closed silently and the transport made its way underground to park itself.

They walked in holding hands, david a nervous wreck but Julie felt like she was on cloud nine. The decor was warm and comfortable, welcoming. Like the lobby of a fine hotel. A pretty attendant met them just a few steps inside. "Hello!" her smile was warm and genuine, Julie found herself at ease and smiling back at her instantly. david, on the other hand, was a hot mess.

"Are you here for Transfer?" the attendant asked. Julie nodded and offered her thumb for ID. "I'm Lia, I'll be happy to get you started." Lia took Julie's hand gently and touched her thumb with a clear datapad.

"Ahh, Julie and david, you two are going to just *love* your Transfer, I promise you that. Julie, may I voiceprint you, please?"

"Julie 34034" Julie said clearly. She loved the fact that Lia had not even spoken a word to david, she was so very obviously in charge of her husband. She turned to check on him and saw he seemed to be quite enthralled with Lia's every move, his eyes were glassy, lips slightly parted. Julie grinned.

"Lia, are you phero-enhanced? My husband looks as if he is about to start drooling..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Julie, I'm a bit heavy-handed with the pherocoder." Lia blushed prettily, adding to david's fluster. "It's standard procedure, but I'm not very subtle, I just usually crank up the sex and maternal and it seems to make things go a little easier with the male clients. I can have someone else help you if you wish."

Julie smiled. She rather liked winding her husband up in front of this pretty young girl that he would never touch.

"You are just fine, dear, my husband can dream about you when he drifts off before the Transfer." Julie paused and Lia looked at her curiously. "It will give me one more reason to whip his pretty little ass after the Transfer."

Lia blushed crimson and laughed out loud, breaking her professional demeanor. david, on the other hand, went a shade paler and looked like he might cry.

The medical procedure was actually very simple and well-rehearsed by the staff. A team of medical professionals entered and started preparing them. Julie stripped to her white sports bra and boy-cut panties. david was stripped down to his red-satin panties that Julie had insisted he wear. Julie smiled and david blushed as they overheard one of the medstaff say to another that they could figure out who would be winding up in the girl body without even looking at the chart!

Julie and david were ready for Transfer in just a few short minutes, and Lia's cheerful banter made the time pass quickly. The lead doctor came into their room and sat on a rolling stool between the beds. Julie and david were both warm and comfortable, although david was literally shaking from the adrenaline, and the humiliation.

"I see you have arranged for transport during the 12 hour stasis period, do you have any questions?" the doctor asked.

"I understand we'll wake up in our new bodies at our resort destination, that's right isn't it, doctor?"

"Yes, but I see you have requested to be awakened first by 2 hours, do we have that right?"

Julie tried unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle. "Yes, I have a few things I'll need to get ready for my spouse."

david groaned ruefully, and they both drifted off peacefully at the touch of the hypospray.

Julie woke and stretched like a cat. She was surprised to see Lia sitting in a padded chair next to her bed, reading from her datapad. Lia smiled warmly, genuinely happy to see Julie awake.

Julie's body was simply abuzz with new sensation. The increased mass of her male body didn't feel heavier, but it did feel massive, powerful. She looked at her large hands, and then down at her thin, clingy cotton shorts. Her cock lay dormant, but she could see its girth, and a prominent ridge circling the head. As she examined it, it began to pulse and grow, arching up and stretching, erecting slowly throb by throb. She reached down and squeezed her new member, which accelerated the process terrifically. It felt so good! She fished it out of her shorts and wrapped her strong hand around it. "OH MY GOD!" she thought. "This feels SO GOOD, no wonder my husband can't keep his hands off himself!" She pumped it up and down and now it became fully erect.

Julie was suddenly aware of Lia's breathing, which had grown somewhat loud and ragged in the last few minutes.

"Miss Julie!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "My gods, what a cock!!!!" Lia stood and gently wrapped her cool, smooth hand around the turgid pole. It was as big around as a drink canister, there was no way she could fully encircle it.

She lay back and closed her eyes. She had designed this clone body with enhanced phero sensitivity, and Lia's pherocoding was doing a number on her. Her erection raged, she needed to jerk it, thrust it, and bury it in a tight hot hole. The drive to do so was all-encompassing, overwhelming. "How can men live like this," she wondered, truly amazed.

"Jerk it, Lia. Jerk my dick!" Julie growled. Lia was clearly going to obey whatever she was told to do, the power exchange was an aphrodisiac for both of them. Julie loved telling this hot, young, pretty girl to tend to her needs.

Lia took to her task with gusto, kneeling down next to Julia and cupping her massive balls with one hand while she gave her an expert hand-job with the other. Julie strained her neck forward to watch and began to take in some of the other details of her new body.

The body she had chosen was spectacular, large ripped muscles, now sweating and straining, bucking as the petite girl jerked for all she was worth. Julie felt the orgasm building, "OH, OHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" She hung on the razor's edge of a tremendous explosive orgasm, unable to tip over. She looked over at Lia, "What's the matter with it?!"

Lia smiled a wicked smile.

"You have a trigger, Miss Julie". She reached up and gave Julie's earlobe a long, firm squeeze. "So you can hold off until you are ready to squirt", she continued jerking Julie's massive dick with her other hand.

The explosive force of the ejaculation shot sperm all over Julie's beautifully sculpted chest, her face, the pillow, her belly, it was copious and hot and sweet and the sense of relief, the sense of pent-up tension released was overwhelming. Julie screamed a throaty, guttural male scream of pleasure, and then passed gently into sleep.

Julie woke a few minutes later to Lia's gentle ministrations. She washed Julie softly with a warm damp cloth and brought her some fresh shorts. Lia kissed her on the cheek and gave her a quick hug. "Wow, girl!!!" She said, laughing.

Julie took notice of her surrounding for the first time. Her room was exactly as she ordered it. Ultra modern, white with stainless steel accents. She swung herself out of bed and stood, marveling anew at her incredible male body. Lia whistled softly.

"You did a great job with that clone, Miss." Julie towered over her, she bent and gave the petite girl a quick hug. "Thanks for helping a fella out..." she quipped, and they both laughed.

Her husband lay on a bed nearby, but she did not want to look him over just yet. He had another hour or so to sleep, just enough time to get everything ready...

In the adjoining room there was a single piece of furniture. Innocent enough, it looked to the uninitiated like an exercise machine of some kind. What it was in reality was a fantastically diabolical bondage device called a Rack. It could fully support its victim in any imaginable position, and turn them any which way the operator deemed. Her recalcitrant little husband was going to spend a lot of time in this fiendish device, the thought of it brought her cock to half mast. She tested the controls and the webbed straps, everything was in perfect order.

She checked the stores of sex toys she had ordered for the room, paddles, lashes, leather belts and straps, plugs, inserts, clamps. Her cock grew more as she examined the toys and imagined their use. She resolved not to indulge herself again, however, any further sexual activity would be saved for david.

Lia and Julie chatted as they waited for david to wake up. "I was surprised to see you here, I didn't know anyone from the clinic would accompany us." Julie said. Lia had fixed them both a little snack.

"We usually send a technician if the Transferee moves during stasis." Lia said, sipping a hot cup of tea. Her lips stained the cup ever so slightly, Julie found herself aroused by this detail, and let it wash over her, her cock pulsing and twitching.

"I was very intrigued by your attitude with him and the details of your profile, I'm a certified tech so I arranged for myself to be the one to come along." Lia looked up from her cup with lidded eyes. "And the truth is, I've always had it very bad for bossy girls..." Lia's voice dropped to a whisper. "But I've never had the courage to act on it." She had let her eyes drop back down, unable to look Julie in the eye.

Julie had a flash of intuition.

"Lia, you are a Transfer, aren't you?"

Lia's teacup betrayed her, her trembling hand set the liquid into motion. "Miss, please!" Lia's face was a frozen mask of fear. She was really not supposed to be here!

Julie was a mix of emotion, on one hand thrilled to have TWO subby little pussy 'men' to play with, both trapped in female bodies. At the same time, she did not like being deceived.

"GET UP!" Julie stood and pointed to the corner. Lia scurried over and buried her nose against the wall. A quick trip into the playroom and Julie returned with a few toys.

She spread a blanket on the floor. "Kneel!" she said sharply, and Lia complied. CLICK, STRAP, POP, and poor little Lia was bound helplessly and placed back in the corner. "Stick out your ass, you are going to get exactly what you have always wanted."

Julie's hand was like iron on Lia's soft ass and she wailed loudly at the indignity and pain. Oh, how she squirmed and pulled against her bindings! Her ass turned a bright crimson very quickly and she actually broke into sobs after about 20 swats.

"I do not want to hear a sound from you while I play with my husband, I may come and check on you, but this little corner is your whole world until I say differently, do you understand, Lia?" Julie's voice was commanding, gruff, masculine. She reveled in the power this body afforded her.

"Yes, miss.." Lia gave a little involuntary sob/sniffle at the end of her sentence that made Julie's cock throb. God, she was enjoying being a dommy guy!

david began to stir on his bed. He stretched his lithe female form, pointing his cute little feet and curling his pretty toes, his dainty hands balling into tiny fists as he arched his back.

Julie's cock stirred at the sight. david was beyond cute or pretty, he was absolutely gorgeous in a blindingly sexy way. Every detail of his body invoked a sexual response in Julie's body.

david opened his eyes to find his wife standing over him imposingly. It was disorientating. He knew what was going on but was unable to connect his thoughts of his wife with this stranger, this very tall, very muscular stranger standing over him.

"Wakey-wakey, baby-doll." Julie smiled and leaned in to kiss her husband. For david, receiving a male kiss was jarring, but his body responded. There was a twinge in his lower parts unlike anything he had known. Wetness and heat, with tiny little electric pulses radiating from his clit.

"I'm going to give you exactly 60 seconds to touch it, then you are all mine. You'll get nothing else except what I give you, do you understand?"

"Yes, Julie. " david was shocked at the sound of his own voice, so soft and sexy! He slid his hand into his silky panties (they fit so much better now!) and zeroed in on his clit.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" His exclamation was involuntary and loud as his middle finger found the button. Like a shock of pleasure that centered on that nub, but not only there, his entire pussy was awash with sensation and he quickly soaked his panties. His pussy was hot and wet and ready to be filled.

"Time's up!" Julie scooped david up from the bed easily. The act was profound for both of them. For david it was utter submission. There was absolutely nothing he could to resist or prevent her action. For Julie, it was an act of supreme domination. This was her property, she owned it, she would have her way with it, and no one could stop her.

She carried him into the playroom and he got his first glimpse of the Rack. He struggled fruitlessly in Julie's arms. "Not yet, little one, but soon enough." Julie cooed in his ear.

She touched a control on the playroom wall and a full size bed slid out. Julie set her husband down and climbed into the bed. "First, you are going to give me a proper fluffing." Julie spread her legs and david got his first real look at the incredible shaft. Her balls were the size of plums, the cock itself was at a minimum, 12 inches, and perfectly shaped, thick, veiny, pink with a beautiful ridged head. There was a clear drop of precum waiting for david's pretty tongue.

He kissed her prick with little hesitation. This was a deep fantasy of his and now that it was unfolding he found himself swept up in it. His female body was responding to his wife's sex. david began to feel a deep desire to have this giant tool inside him.

He did his best to suck it properly, but he really only was able to bob on the head and not much more. Julie needed it to be deeper.

"Here, up on your hands and knees." She guided him up and knelt in front of him, slapping his face very gently with her dick. He tried to follow it with his mouth, but she was teasing him, smacking his lips with the big head.

"Now, I happen to know you can take this big monster, you have a suppressed gag reflex. I'm going to give it to you, and you are going to take it, just relax and trust me." Her voice was firm but patient, and the sound of it made david's cunt twitch and become slippery wet.

Julie fed her dick into her husband's pretty mouth, taking a handful of his pretty blond hair for leverage.

"MMMMMMMMPH, ACK, MMM!!!!! MMMMMMPH!!!!!!" david struggled to take it, but Julie was having none of that. She slowly began to fuck her husband's mouth and throat, feeling the back of his oral cavity against the head of her cock. She pushed deeper, and began to pump in and out of his mouth steadily.

david began whimpering, moaning with desire. His pussy was slick, absolutely drenched, really, and he needed very badly to touch himself. He didn't dare interrupt his wife's reverie by attempting to speak, however. Julie was lost in it, head thrown back, gripping david's long tresses while she plunged her rock-hard cock in and out of his slobbering mouth. All at once, she withdrew.

"ogod-please fuck me now, Julie, PLEASE!" david pleaded. Julie looked down at her little man-pussy and without hesitation, slapped him across the face. An angry red handprint sprang up on david's pretty cheek, and tears spilled down, he was helpless to stop them.

"I was clear about what you would receive from me, I'll fuck you WHEN I want, HOW I want, and you will take it, do you understand, little pussy!?! Get your ass over to that Rack, NOW!"

david scampered over to the Rack as quickly as he could and in about 60 seconds, Julie had his panties off and completely bound. A small dais with a control panel rose from the floor. Julie touched a few keys and david's lithe form was gently but irresistibly bent and raised and twisted into a doggie-style position at the perfect height for fucking. Or, ass-whipping as it turns out.

"As badly as I want to fuck you right now, there is a little matter that I need to settle with you first." Julie walked over to the wall of toys as she spoke and selected a sturdy and wicked leather strap. She made a slight adjustment on the Rack's control panel and the articulating arms raised his ass a bit higher and drew in his knees a bit tighter. He was extremely vulnerable to whatever she had in mind in this position.

"I will brook no further Disrespect from you dear husband, and NO pornofiction without permission, bitch!" Julie brought the strap down hard on the perfect female ass before her. david gasped, but before he could even cry out Julie strapped him twice more.

"AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" david howled, completely unable to maintain his composure in even the smallest measure. Julie whipped his ass without mercy, however. The strap left deep red weals on david's flawless, curvy ass, his screeching and mewling and bawling did nothing to deter Julie from meting out his punishment.


Julie stopped and dropped the strap on the ground, panting. Her cock was incredibly hard, throbbing, aching to be buried in hot flesh, the beating had ignited some deep instinct in her body. She needed to fuck and she needed to fuck NOW!

She picked him up off the Rack, and carried him back to the bed. She lay him out on his back, his big beautiful breasts flattening against his chest. Kneeling in front of him, Julie picked up her husband's dainty legs, exposing her husband's sloppy wet pussy. david's eyes went wide as she felt his wife's massive cocktip push against his virgin sex. With a hard thrust Julie penetrated her man's pussy, taking his virginity. david screamed with the pain, but his enhanced pain tolerance kicked in, as did his enhanced sexual response, and within a few thrusts he was already close to his first ever female orgasm.

Julie had been fucking her husband's ass with the strap on for years, but it did not prepare her for the sensation she was now experiencing. For the first time, her own member, not some plastic facsimile was stretching her husband's incredibly tight pussy. 

Julie bore down on david, splitting his little legs. He grabbed both of her husband's small wrists in her large left hand, and reserved her right for playing roughly with his jiggling tits and hard nipples as she banged him up his soppy-wet cunt.

david felt a wave building, unlike anything he had ever felt before. It started in his thighs, or maybe it was the muscles of his ass, or groin, he could not tell, but it was coming. All of a sudden it arrived. david screamed in delight as wave after wave of female orgasmic pleasure washed over him. While this was happening, he could feel gush after gush of his own female ejaculate soaking the bed.

"You little slut!" exclaimed Julie. "You're soaking the bed! I guess we'll have to see about that." Julie picked up her small husband and reinserted the breathless girl into the Rack. She adjusted again so that david's girlish ass was presented uppermost.

Julie was breathless as she lubed her husband's tight asshole as well as her prick. He was too far gone to protest. He was not nearly satisfied and needed that dick in his cunt again so badly, but did not dare raise a word of dissent against what he was about to receive.

She pushed firmly and slowly working it in, david grunted and groaned loudly as she impaled him without mercy. Despite the discomfort, he eventually took it all, and as she began to work that mighty pole slowly in and out of his virgin asshole, a heat began to build in his nether region.

She was gentle with him at first, but as he opened to her Julie began fucking david with abandon, the heat from his whipped ass spurred her on, his mewling cries of pleasure, the wetness that flowed from him freely now, making his thighs slick, betraying his lust for what was being done to him, all of it worked together to fuel her own burning lust.

As Julie pounded his ass, david ached for her touch on his clit but he was determined not to repeat his earlier mistake. He would accept whatever he was given.

"You like that, little cunt, you like being fucked in the ass you little fucking PUSSY?!" Julie plunged her cock into david's ass harder and harder, deeper and deeper. He began to let out an involuntary "UHHNNNNN" at the end of each stroke. "You gonna cum, little pussy? You gonna cum from being fucked in the ASS?" They were both building toward climax, sweating, crying out, Julie reached under david and pawed roughly at his big amazing tits, twisting his nipples.

That did it for him, that electric shock of a sensation tripped his orgasm again. He screamed his pleasure, his pussy convulsing, his whole body shaking and jerking. Julie pinched her earlobe to trigger her own release at the same time, thrusting his cock balls-deep into her husband's ass. She squirted powerfully into that tight channel, feeling his orgasm spasming his pussy as she did. Although david was familiar with the sensation of anal penetration, he had never been fucked by a real cock, and the feeling of his wife's hot cum flooding him inside set off another orgasmic wave.

Julie hit the release control on the Rack, and they both stumbled over to the bed and passed out in each other's arms.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent recovering. Lia was untied and forgiven, although she admitted to one final deception: she was not a male Transfer as she had led Julie to believe. She had been a rather plain girl who wanted to have a spicier life. Her profile was 90% Lezzie and she was deeply submissive.

When Julie learned of this, for fun, she made the two girls make out with each other. Julie had programmed 100% heterosexuality into her fucktoy husband, not knowing they would be accompanied by another female body. david reluctantly therefore was made to eat out Lia's pussy. david couldn’t fathom what was happening to him. He used to love eating pussy! Now he was repulsed by it, but Julie just sat there, massive cock in one hand, and her leather strap in the other, brooking no dissent from her girls.

Julie made the girls kiss, fondle each other, and 69 each other on the bed. Julie became surprisingly aroused at the site, and her giant dick engorged as she pulled it languidly, enjoying the show, despite (or maybe because of?) david's obvious discomfort with it.

When Julie got bored, she picked Lia up and Racked her. Adjusting the controls, she bent her at the waist, then made her knees go to her chest, and then made her arch her back up. This exposed her fine pussy and asshole. Julie grabbed david by his hair and pulled her over to Lia. "Lick it!" she commanded. david made a face, but stuck his tongue out and began lapping half-heartedly at Lia's pussy. "Not there," said Julie, "There!" she said pointing at Lia's asshole.

"No!" said david, panicked and defiant for the first time, his sexual responses extinguished by the demeaning act on a female. Julie grabbed his hair again and pushed his face towards Lia's asshole. "Lick it!" she repeated. david stubbornly refused. Julie used the strap in her other hand and whipped it down hard across david's girlish rump. "AGGGGG!!" screamed david, and he stuck his tongue out and began lapping at Lia's stretched asshole, crying as he did so. "Up and Down. Back and Forth. Around and Around. Now stick it in deep. Fuck her ass with that tongue, you lezzie slut!" said Julie as she applied the strap to his bubble butt for further encouragement.

Lia, sexually enhanced as she was, came hard from the anal stimulation, and gushed onto david's firm titties as Julie continued to hold his head into her ass.

Julie pulled david off Lia's ass and hauled him over to the big chair. She left Lia right where she was, spent pussy and asshole lewdly presented and gleaming.

As a reward for david's good behaviour, Julie put him across her knee and hand-spanked him. The rough treatment at the hands of a powerful male stimulated david's female sexual response, and helped along by Julie's fingertips wrapping around to strike gently onto the womanly folds between his legs, david achieved orgasm after orgasm as his womanly ass was given a spanking by Julie's hard male hand.

Deciding it was enough for the night, Julie made david give him head as she watched Lia's upturned butt, uncomfortable and squirming enticingly in the Rack. Pulling her earlobe, Julie let loose a massive dose of cum down her husband's throat, clamping david's blonde head against his middle as he deposited squirt after squirt against his tonsils, forcing him to swallow the massive load.

Julie release david and they both collapsed on the bed and slept again, but not before Julie remembered to press the button to gently release Lia from her humiliating display.

The three of them chatted like old friends as the night wore on, Lia fell easily into a submissive role, preparing food and cleaning up for them.

At 9 PM the door chimed. Someone was here! Julie jumped up to answer it, david was happy to just relax and stay put.

"Sue!!! Trina!!! My word what a nice surprise, please come in!!" said Julie in her deep male voice.

david's heart leapt into his mouth when he heard what Julie said, but he thought he would absolutely DIE when the two tall, well-built men walked in and made themselves at home...

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  1. Thank you for this wonderfully erotic story, Julie. I love the sci-fi premise. I thought I was the only person who fantasized about being able to swap genders with my spouse. That fantasy began very early in my marriage, way before I came out to my wife as a sexual submissive and she became the figurative wearer of the pants. Back then it sometimes happened while we would be fucking that I would project myself imaginatively into my wife’s position, and imagine that she was the one getting my masculine pleasure out of it. Once we came to a formal agreement that she wore the pants, the fantasy intensified for me. I would love to be able to experience how it would feel to be “manhandled” by my wife, like David in this story.