The Bargain (Chapter 1)

Fiction by Darryl and Julie

When Darryl's college French Professor, Madame Dubois, caught him cheating on a vocabulary quiz, she took him into the hallway and gave him the strap. You might think this unusual for a college-aged boy, nineteen years of age, and you would not be wrong.

His was a strict religious college and all students needed to consent to receiving corporal punishment at the discretion of their teachers. It was only very rarely meted out, but an honour code violation such as cheating, regardless if it was just an in-class quiz,  definitely called for it.

She made him hold out one hand then the other, and delivered four stinging blows to each palm with the stiff strip of regulation rubber.

Darryl did his best not to cry out because Madame left the classroom door open while she strapped him, and though he was out of his classmates' line of sight, he knew they were all straining their ears to hear. He wished he could take it stoically, but Darryl was sensitive, and the mere displeasure of his pretty young professor was almost enough to make him cry, as was the abject humiliation of being on the receiving end of a strapping, and having all his classmates know about it. So when she led him back into the classroom with burning palms, his face was red and his eyes wet. As a result of the discipline and humiliation at his teacher's hands, his penis was also straining in his underpants, though fortunately it was not noticed. The discipline was painful and embarrassing, and he did not understand why he reacted like this.

It was only 9:30 in the morning, and Darryl knew that the rest of the day would be an ordeal. First of all, by the end of the first break, the whole student body would know, such was the rarity of anybody getting the strap, and the student body grapevine that was quickly activated when it did occur. That would include his sister Julie, who was one year younger, and her silly friends with whom he constantly traded insults. They would love it.

Worse than that, however, was the certain knowledge that he would be in for a spanking from his mother when he got home. A nineteen year old boy, still subject to spankings from his mother!

He and most of the other students had grown up in families where "spare the rod, spoil the child" was a firm article of belief. But he knew that many of his fellow students stopped being spanked after elementary school and almost all by the end of high school. He had tried to argue that he was told old to be spanked in his freshman year of college, but his parents believed that as long as he was living under their roof, discipline should be dictated by his behaviour, not his age. So here was a college sophomore, still subject to spankings from his mother.

His mother never varied her routine, never made any allowances for his age, quite the opposite in fact. His mother would take down his pants and his underpants until he was bare, front and back. The abject humiliation of being bared by his own mother burned hotly. He would then be taken by her across her knee, with his head down and his feet barely touching the ground. The only variation over the years was the severity of his spankings, which became increasingly more strict the older he got. As a high school senior and college freshman his mother used a small, stout, hardwood spanking paddle on his bare rear end. The spankings were delivered forcefully, and did not end until his mother was positive that the lesson had been thoroughly imparted, which invariably wound up with his bawling like a six year old, begging for mercy, and promising over and over again to never ever repeat the bad behaviour that resulted in such a big boy being punished across the maternal knee.

After his spankings was always "corner time". He would be taken to the living room and placed so that his nose touched the corner with his hands on his head. His mother would then lower his pants and his underpants to display his well-punished posterior. He would be required to stay in that position, without moving a muscle, for an hour or more to reflect on his bad behaviour. On more than one occasion, his cheeks had burned hot when his little sister saw him like this after a punishment.

Having had the strap at school, it was a virtual certainty that he would receive a spanking at home as well. "If you get it from the teacher at college," his mother had warned, "you'll get it again when you get home." That his mother would find out was certain for two reasons. First, Professor Dubois was known to do things by the book. That meant that before she went home that afternoon, she would phone Darryl's mother to explain why she had given him the strap as was required by the document all the students had agreed to and signed. Second, even if, by some miracle, she forgot to call his mother, his big mouthed sister would make sure she found out.

And even worse than the certainty that his sister would tell their mother he got the strap was the certainty she would tell their friends and acquaintances at college that he got spanked at home, and his sister would be certain to tell everyone.

Morning break was as bad as he expected. Darryl's strapping was the main topic of gossip amongst the small student body, and he got teased about how Madame had made him cry. He thought that was unfair because he hadn't really cried, though there may have been some tears in his eyes. And, of course, his younger sister and her friends had to rub it in.

"Boy, are you going to get it when you get home," his sister taunted.

"What's 'gonna happen?" her cute friend Leslie asked.

"He'll get a spanking," Julie said. Her friends giggled excitedly.

"No way," said Leslie, "at his age???"  she asked incredulously.

"Oh yes," answered Julie.

"Will not," Darryl replied. "You're a liar." But the redness of his cheeks told another story, and the stirring in his pants caused him a slight panic. The situation was exacerbated because he had once asked the pretty Leslie out on a date. She told him that she could not, and trotted out the old chestnut that she was washing her hair that evening, and seemingly every other evening he suggested as well. She did not even think enough of him to make up a decent excuse! He got the humiliating message: that he was not even considered good enough "dating material" for the freshmen girls. He was sure the girls laughed about that between themselves.

"Look how red his face is!" Julie's other close friend Marie said.

"Not as red as his bum will be by the time Mom finishes paddling him," Julie proclaimed loudly enough to draw the attention of an expanding group of excited students.

"Will she pull down his pants?" someone asked.

"Yup. She'll pull down his pants and spank him over her knee with a paddle until he cries. Then she'll make him stand in the corner bawling his eyes out."

"Isn't he kind of old to be spanked?" someone else asked.

"Mom says as long as he acts like a bad little boy, he'll get spanked like one," Julie explained.

Darryl, of course, tried to deny that he got spanked at home. He even claimed that his sister would get in trouble for telling lies. But the excited chatter and gleeful laughter of an expanding circle of students only increased.

One very pretty and sexy senior girl came up to him and said to him conspiratorially with a coquettish lilt to her voice, "don't worry, I get spanked by my Daddy when I'm bad also."

"You do?" said Darryl gratefully, as if he was a drowning man thrown a life ring.

"No!" she said, and laughed and pointed at him, joined by several of her senior friends all laughing and pointing at him as well. Darryl's cheeks burned as he ran from the group.

He was glad when when break time finally ended. He tried to concentrate on his work until lunch time, but he was sure that any whispers and giggles he heard concerned him and the rumour his sister had started that he was in for a "bare bum spanking across his Mom's knee" at home.

After eating lunch, Darryl went out to the quad again. He wanted to be by himself. He looked around warily and was relieved when he didn't see his sister and her friends. Maybe they were staying in their classroom to work on something for the rest of their lunch break. Unfortunately, he saw them come out a few minutes later. When they spotted him, all three headed straight for him, looking more smug and amused than ever.

"Guess what?" Julie asked.

"What," Darryl said nonchalantly, trying to sound uninterested in whatever his sister was about to say to embarrass him now.

"I just phoned Mom," Julie said. "I told her that Marie and Leslie are coming over after classes to work on our science project and asked if they could stay for supper. Mom said they could." She looked at each of her friends, then back at Darryl, smiling triumphantly. "So you know what that means?"

Darryl's mind raced and butterflies fluttered madly in his stomach. "But….but…does Mom know that…" He was talking more to himself than to the girls, but he spoke out loud.

Julie completed his thought. "That you got the strap? I don't think so. She didn’t say anything about it. But don't worry, I didn't tell her. I wouldn't want to get my big brother in trouble, would I?"

For a moment Darryl almost thought his sister was being nice. Then Julie smiled wickedly and added, "If I told her, she probably wouldn't have let me invite Marie and Leslie to come over." She paused to let her cleverness sink in. Then she continued, "But Professor Dubois will probably call Mom after school. That's what she's supposed to do, anyways."

Darryl realized that was true. And if she did...

"Do you think your mom will spank him while we're there?" Leslie asked, completing Darryl's own thought. "With his pants down?" Marie added, almost breathless with excitement.

"She won't!" Darryl shouted, trying to convince himself, as much as the girls.

"I don't know for sure," Julie allowed, ignoring her brother's outburst. "But last summer my cousins, Ashley and Lisa, went to the cottage with us, and they saw him get spanked."

"Why did he get spanked?" Leslie asked with a smirk.

"He got in trouble because he went out in the canoe by himself without a lifejacket." Julie began to giggle, enjoying the memory. "I think Darryl was trying to show off to Ashley. She's older and he has a big crush on her."

"Do not!" Darryl protested.

"Well, did he ever show off!" Julie continued, ignoring her brother. "Mom was so mad that she pulled his bathing suit down and spanked him right in front of everyone! She didn't even take him into the cottage. She did it on the bench down by the dock. Some people in boats even saw it! He was crying before Mom even started, saying everyone would see. But Mom said he should have thought of that before doing such a dangerous thing."

"Holy crap! That's amazing!" Leslie said. "Do you think your mom will do that when we're there?"

"She might," Julie said. "She'll get really mad about cheating at school. She'll spank him for sure, but she might do it in his room or maybe later if you're there. I'm not sure. She didn't worry about my cousins seeing, but they're family, I guess."

"Did you and your cousins get to see everything?" Marie asked excitedly.

"Oh we saw everything alright," Julie said with a giggle. "And it was so funny! When my mom pulled his bathing suit down, his little thingy was sticking right out."

"He had a stiffy?" Leslie asked, clapping her hands together in delight.

"Oh yeah," Julie continued. "And his bathing suit fell right off his feet, 'cuz he kicked so much while Mom spanked him, so he was bare naked when my mom let him up. And he had to walk all the way up the hill to the cottage like that, crying and rubbing his bum, with his little penis sticking right out! And he tried to go fast, but he couldn't because the path is stony and he had bare feet. So me and my cousins got a good look at everything!"

That spanking in front of his sister and his two cousins and some distant boaters, had been the most embarrassing event of his life. The fact that he got a humiliating erection for all to see was the worst part of it. But at least his cousins lived far enough away that he didn't see them often, and it had happened during the summer away from school and all their friends, so he didn't have to worry about his sister's big mouth at the time. But getting spanked in front of his sister's friends, risking their seeing a possible erection, knowing that the whole student body would find out if that happened, would be beyond embarrassing.

The suspense for the rest of the day was agonizing, yet Darryl was in no hurry for it to end either. His mother wouldn't really spank him in front of Marie and Leslie, would she? Surely she would see how embarrassing that would be. But then, he hadn't expected to be spanked in front of his cousins either.

Maybe, he thought, Professor Dubois wouldn't call his mother. Maybe she would be too busy at the end of the day, and she would forget. No, it didn't seem likely. And anyway, even if his professor let him off the hook, Julie would tell on him. Julie was his nemesis: she was always squabbling and trading insults with him, and her two annoying girlfriends were her allies in bugging him. How they liked to gloat even over some minor victory, like getting their way in an argument over which show to watch on TV. No, there was no way Julie wouldn't tell on him.

There was no way he would escape a spanking either. His mother would be furious about his cheating on a test. If he was lucky, she might wait until after Julie's friends had gone home. The next best thing would be a spanking in his bedroom. Even that would be bad enough. Their house wasn't big, so the girls would hear it. In fact, if they listened in the hall just outside his bedroom door -- and they would -- they would hear everything. Or maybe his mother would spank him in front of the girls, but not on the bare. She didn't always take his pants down. Sometimes she would give him a quick standing up spanking, holding him by the upper arm and smacking him on the seat of his pants with her hand. But those were more like warning spankings than real punishments. But maybe if the girls were there he would at least get to keep his pants, or at minimum his underpants, surely?

Shortly before the afternoon break he thought of a possible plan to escape the worst possible outcome. What if he raced to get home before the girls and confessed everything to his mother? What if he told her that he knew he deserved to be spanked, but could she please not do it in front of Julie's friends? If his mother knew that Julie had asked to have her friends over that day just because she knew he was in trouble, surely she would see how unfair it would be to embarrass him in front of them.

Another possibility was to try to bribe Julie not to tell on him in the hope that Professor Dubois wouldn't call. What could he offer Julie? His allowance? A promise to do her chores as well as his? But the price would be steep, he was sure, and the girls would probably impose humiliating conditions on him. But then, once he had escaped the immediate threat, their power to blackmail him would diminish. He was pondering his options when class ended.

During the break, the girls were almost nice to him. Julie said that she wouldn't tell on him if the college didn't call home. "Why not?" Darryl asked, suspicious of her motives.

"Because I'm a nice sister," Julie said, smiling sweetly. Her friends giggled.

"What do you want in return?" Darryl asked warily. He knew there had to be a catch.

"I'm not sure yet," Julie replied. "You will owe me big time."

"You will owe all three of us big time," Leslie interjected. "Especially Marie," she added with a mischievous smile. "She's never seen a penis, much less a stiffy. She's been looking forward to it."

The three girls burst out laughing. Darryl blushed furiously. "How do I know you'll keep your word?" he said.

"Well, I guess you won't," Julie replied. "You'll just have to believe us."

"You'll be at our mercy," Marie observed.

"But it might not matter," Leslie said. "If Professor Dubois calls, we can't do anything about that. Marie and I made a bet. I bet that she will call, and Marie bet that she won't. The suspense will be fun."

"Yeah, especially for Darryl," Julie teased.

Darryl thought about Julie's offer during the final period of the day. Could he really believe her? Not that he had any choice, mind you. Maybe they would keep their promise just to have power over him for a while. Maybe they had talked it over and decided to be nice. But then, it wouldn't matter if Professor Dubois called.

The ride from the campus back to town that afternoon was terrible. Everyone on the bus seemed to know about his potentially humiliating situation. There were whispers and giggles, and even open teasing. Worst of all, the bus stopped to take on more students from the regular community college on the way, and a couple of pretty senior girls sat down near enough to hear Julie and her friends teasing Darryl.

Out of the corner of his eye, Darryl saw them exchange glances that were at first incredulous, then amused. Finally, one of the girls said to Julie, "Excuse me, but do I understand that your brother here is going to be spanked by your mother when you get home??"

"He sure is," Julie replied with a smile.

"On the bare bum," Marie couldn't help interjecting with a giggle.

"How old is he?" the other girl asked, looking at Darryl with interest.

"Nineteen," Marie replied.

"Oh my God!" the first girl said, and they both broke into giggles.

"On the bare bum, at nineteen?" the second asked.

"That's what we're all hoping," Leslie replied with a laugh. Thus began a conversation about Darryl's spankings between all five girls.

As Darryl exited the bus, he heard one of the community college girls ask Leslie to save them a seat on the bus the next day, so they could hear how the story ended.

As soon as Darryl's sneakers hit the sidewalk, he took off running. He heard the girls calling from behind, but he didn't slow down. He had made his decision: he had to get to his mother first.

Panting, Darryl reached the back door of the house. He breathed, trying to catch his breath and steel his resolve. He had to tell his mother and plead his case before the girls arrived.

He found his mother reading a magazine in the living room. "Hi, hun," she said, looking up and smiling as he entered. "How was school?"

"It was good," he replied, thinking about the best way to begin.

That's good," she said. "Wasn't your sister on the bus with Leslie and Marie? They're supposed to be coming over to work on a project."

"Yeah, they'll be here in a couple of minutes," he said. "I ran home from the bus stop. For exercise," he added.

She regarded him curiously for a moment. "Oh, okay," she finally said. "We're going to eat at about five. You can have a little snack if you want, but not much."

"Okay, thanks mom." This was his only chance. He had to tell her now. "Mom?" he said softly.

"Yes, hun, what is it?"

"Um..what's for supper?"

"I ordered a pizza and some chicken wings at Domino's since Julie's friends are going to be here," she said, looking at him more closely now, sensing that something was up.

Just then Darryl heard the back door open, and he heard the girls talking and giggling. He lost his nerve and told his mother he was going to his room to do his homework.

Passing the girls on the way to his room, he whispered, "You promised." Julie smiled and made the OK sign with her hand. Darryl listened as the girls went into the living room and talked to his mother. Leslie and Marie thanked her politely for allowing them to come over. They were always so polite that his mother thought they could do no wrong.

"How was school?" he heard his mother ask the girls.

Darryl held his breath and strained harder to hear their response. He exhaled when Julie said school was fine and started talking about their project. Maybe he could trust the girls. If Professor Dubois didn't call within the next half hour, he would breathe much easier.

Julie asked her mom if they could work on the dining room table, so they could spread out their materials. The desk in her room would be too small. They looked excitedly at one another as they laid out their materials. The house had an L-shaped living room and dining room, so the dining room table gave them ringside seats for a spanking in the living room if Mrs. Wright was true to form.

After about 15 minutes, the girls began to worry Professor Dubois wouldn't call. Mind you, they had a plan B if she didn't, but Julie thought a call from the college was most likely to give the desired result. If she appeared too eager to get Darryl in trouble, her mother might suspect that their science project was a ruse. Just when they were about to give up on Professor Dubois, and Darryl was starting to breathe easier in his room, the telephone rang. The girls exchanged excited looks and listened breathlessly as Mrs. Wright answered the phone.

The girls had to stifle cries of joy as they listened to Mrs Wright's side of the conversation with the French teacher.

"Hello. Yes, speaking...Hello, Professor Dubois…. Oh?...Really?... I see…Un huh. Un huh…. No, I don't mind at all. You did the right thing. He deserved it…That's exactly what I think. Cheating won't be tolerated in this house…. You can be sure he won't get off any easier with me, Professor Dubois…. Yes. Thanks for calling to let me know …. Okay. Good bye."

The girls began working on their project again as soon as Mrs. Wright hung up the phone. A moment later she appeared in the door from the kitchen to the dining room, visibly angry. "Julie, that was Professor Dubois from the school. Did you know that your brother got the strap today, for cheating?"

Julie pretended to look nervous and hesitant. "Well, um, I heard about it from some of the kids in his class at the end of the day," she said.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was going to, Mom. Honest," Julie said in her most remorseful sounding voice. "It's just that…" She paused.

"It's just that what, Julie?"

"Well, um, Darryl said that I better not tell you. He said I would be sorry if I did."

"Oh, he did, did he?"

"And when he found out that Marie and Leslie were coming over, he was really mad, and he threatened them too."

"Is that right, Marie?"

"Yes, Mrs. Wright."


"Yes, Mrs. Wright. I was scared." Leslie acted in the school play, and was delivering her lines perfectly with just the right amount of fear in her voice and trembling in her body.

"It's true Mom," said Julie. "He was acting really crazy. We were all scared."

"Well then," Mrs. Wright said sternly, "we'll have to do something about that." She turned and walked back into the kitchen. Julie heard a drawer sliding open. She peered around the door frame into the kitchen and saw her mother getting out the paddle.

"Oh my god," she whispered excitedly to her friends, "she's 'gonna do it." When her mother took a couple of steps towards the opposite door leading towards Darryl's room, Julie was worried she might spank Darryl in his room. So she added one final touch. "Mom?" she called.

Mrs. Wright returned to the dining room holding the paddle in her hand. "Yes, what is it, Julie?"

"I hope you're not mad at us, Mom," Julie said with feigned contrition. "I was really scared to tell you, after what Darryl said. And please don't tell him that we told on him, I'm worried he'll bully us if you do."

"I wouldn't worry at all about that, young ladies," said Mrs. Wright to the girls. "He'll not be playing the tough guy after he's been taken down a couple of pegs. And that's got me thinking. I was going to give him his spanking in his room, but after all that I've just heard, it might be more appropriate to spank him right here in the living room where you can all watch. I'm quite sure that you watching him spanked like a little boy across my knee will put a stop to any bullying from him. But if you girls are uncomfortable about it," continued Mrs. Wright to her daughter's friends, "I can always punish Darryl in his room or after you've gone home."

"Well if you think it will stop him from bullying us, Mrs. Wright," Leslie said, in a tone that suggested a mature and judicious thoughtfulness. "I'm willing to watch it." Mrs. Wright nodded approvingly at the maturity of Leslie's response.

"How about you, Marie?" she asked, turning to the other girl. "Would you be uncomfortable if I spank Darryl now, where you can see?"

"No, Mrs. Wright," Marie replied demurely. "I don't mind. It would make me feel safer."

"Okay, it's settled then," Mrs. Wright said. "you are all going to witness his comeuppance. There's just one more thing," she added after a moment's reflection. "I should warn you girls that spankings have the maximum impact on a boy's attitude when his pants are pulled down. But if you girls would be at all uncomfortable about witnessing that, we could make some concession to your modesty and leave at least his underpants up for this spanking. I can always spank him properly after you've left, before his bedtime."

All three girls had been squirming with excitement and rising anticipation. They knew that Darryl was listening because they had caught a glimpse of him peeking around a corner at the far side of the living room behind his mother's back. That made the situation all the more delicious.

"You don't have to change anything for me, Mrs. Wright," Marie said. "I feel a little bad for Darryl, even if he has been mean to us," she added. "I imagine it will be embarrassing for him. But maybe he should be embarrassed. My mother says boys get in trouble a lot because they don't grow up as fast as us girls. She says us girls have to help boys to grow up by showing them that we're not impressed when they behave badly. So if being embarrassed in front of us girls helps Darryl to learn, I don't mind."

Mrs. Wright looked at her daughter's usually shy friend approvingly. "That's very well said, Marie. You are a mature and practical young lady. So are you, Leslie," she added with an approving nod. "I'll decide whether his underpants stay up or down when it's time to spank him, depending on his behaviour. So, now that we women have decided on an appropriate way to deal with this," she added with a conspiratorial smile, "you can go fetch your brother in his room, Julie."

The moment Mrs. Wright had finished speaking, she and all three girls heard the creaking of the hardwood floor as Darryl scurried back down the hall to his room. When Mrs. Wright looked knowingly at the girls and winked, and the three girls couldn't help giggling.

Darryl had waited in his room in an agony of suspense, hope gradually supplanting fear as each minute passed after 4 p.m. But when the phone rang at 4:20, his heart began to hammer and he felt short of breath. After a moment's hesitation, he crept down the hallway towards the kitchen to see who was on the phone.

"Yes. Thanks for calling to let me know, Professor Dubois. …. Okay. Good bye." Shit!

Darryl scurried back into his room as soon as his mother hung up the phone. He had expected his mother to charge into his room immediately. Why hadn't she? As he crept back down the hallway, he heard his mother talking to the girls. What were they talking about?

He got to within earshot just in time to hear his mother say that she could wait till later to punish him if either of Julie's friends were "uncomfortable" about it. His face burned when he heard his sister's stupid friends say they "didn't mind" if his mother spanked him. Didn't mind!

He also got the sense the girls had said to him mom that he had bullied them. Bullied? What was his mother talking about?

Darryl peeked around the entry of the living room towards the dining room. The three girls saw him, but his mother was standing with her back to him. Enraged by the smirk as Julie glanced at him, Darryl was about to interrupt the proceedings to defend himself, when his mother said something that made him recoil in mortification.

"I should warn you girls that spankings have the maximum impact on a boy's attitude when his pants are pulled down.  But if you girls would be at all uncomfortable..."

The smugness of Marie's reply was unbearable. You don't have to change anything for me, Mrs. Wright. Oh, of course not! I feel a little bad for Darryl... Yeah right! I imagine it will be... But maybe he should be embarrassed. My mother says boys get in trouble a lot because... She says us girls have to help boys to grow up... So if being embarrassed in front of us girls helps Darryl to learn, I don't mind.

All three girls were pretending to be so mature, and his mother bought it! From the way his mother talked, there was a possibility he might get to keep his underpants on. It would be incredibly embarrassing regardless, but infinitely better than having them lowered! So, now that we women have decided on an appropriate way to deal with this… "We women!" Darryl scurried back to his room.

Darryl closed his door, but Julie barged in without knocking. Sensing that the balance of power between her and her older brother was about to change definitively in her favour, she saw no need for the courtesy of a warning knock.

Darryl began to protest, but Julie cut him off. "Mom wants to see you in the living room," she announced with a smile, barely able to contain her glee. "Actually, we all want to see you in the living room," she added. "And I do mean 'see', if you know what I mean." She giggled at her own cleverness. "Come on! Chop, chop!" she said, motioning to the door. "You're going to get a spanking and we're all going to get to watch!"

Darryl hesitated, trying desperately to think of some escape. He looked like he might start to cry before the real fun started, so Julie took the opportunity to gloat some more. "I know it's embarrassing to be spanked in front of my friends, big brother," she said with feigned sympathy. "Especially since we've all agreed with Mom that to make sure you learn your lesson your pants should come down. But she might let you keep your underpants up, or she might not." She paused to savour the moment. "But it will be worse if you keep Mom... I mean if you keep us waiting. You'll probably get the razor strop as well as the paddle. And for sure your underpants will be down. You don't want Leslie and Marie to see what a baby you are when Mom uses the razor strop on you with your underpants pulled down, do you?"

Knowing it was best not to make his mother any angrier than she was already, Darryl walked down the hall towards the living room, desperately trying to think his way out of a spanking in front of Leslie and Marie. As he entered the living room, Darryl simultaneously took in the look of stern determination on his mother's face, the paddle in her hand, and the smirks of Leslie and Marie behind his mother's back.

"Please, Mom," he began, but his mother cut him off. She scolded him first for cheating. On that count he could only apologize and promise never to do it again. She then scolded him for lying when she had asked him how his day went. He stammered that he meant to tell her, that he was going to tell her, but that he wanted to do it when Leslie and Marie weren't there. Please don't spank me in front of them, Mom," he pleaded. "Julie only asked for permission to invite Marie and Leslie so they could see me get spanked. Please don't let them, Mom."

"That's not true, Darryl!" Julie said indignantly. "We have a science project to work on and we didn't even know you got the strap until after I invited Leslie and Marie over. Besides," She indicated the books and papers spread out on the dining room table with a sweep of her arm. It helped that the science project was real. Julie had merely exaggerated how soon it was due. "Does that look like an invented project, Mom?" she asked. Mrs. Wright had to agree that it didn't.

"And also, Darryl," Julie continued, "you told us we better not tell Mom, and we didn't tell her, did we?" As Darryl tried vainly to think of some response to that, Julie continued, "Leslie and Marie didn't tell on you either, and they wouldn't have, even if you didn't tell them they would be sorry if they did."

"And that is exactly why I am going to spank you in front of the girls, young man," his mother scolded. "Cheating and lying are bad enough! If it was only for that, I would spank you in your room or after the girls had left. But by threatening your sister and her friends, you have involved them, so they have a right to see what happens to naughty boys who threaten girls."

"But I didn't threaten them, Mom!" Darryl wailed. "They're lying! They just said that because they want to see me get spanked!"

"Oh! I've heard about enough out of you, young man!" his mother replied angrily. "Your sister and her friends tried to protect you! They could have told on you, but they didn't. How dare you accuse them of lying!"

Only then did Darryl finally realize why Julie had agreed not to tell on him. She and her friends had planned this! He tried to think of some response to his mother, but no words came.

For Darryl the rest unfolded like an already familiar nightmare. The half suppressed giggle of the girls as his mother sat on the chair and pulled down his pants, exposing his underwear. Worse, she had him take off his shoes and his socks and then made him step completely out of his pants! She then pulled off his shirt, "to keep it out of the way", exposing his underdeveloped chest and stomach area as well. He was in nothing but his underwear! No other piece of clothing remained on him. He was in for at the very minimum a complete underwear spanking! His heart was pounding wishing that at least he would not lose those as well!

As his mother began pulling him across her knee, he instinctively grasped the waist band of his underpants because at this point in the process his mother would normally yank them right down. When his mother pulled him down across her lap without pulling down his underpants, he went without a struggle, grateful that she was at least ceding him this small shred of dignity in front of the teasing girls. A small blessing, to be sure. The girls, meanwhile, were disappointed that he got to keep his underpants. They had hoped for bare bum!

Despite being allowed to keep his underpants on, the feeling of shame and vulnerability was intense as his mother turned him over her knee like a little boy, in nothing but his little boy underpants in front of the girls, with his nose to the floor and his bum raised. The humiliating position heightening his awareness of exposure of his underpanted bottom to the girls' eyes. The certain knowledge that the girls were enjoying the humiliation they had so cleverly planned for him and would gleefully talk about at school the next day: the tale of how Darryl was given an underpants spanking by his Mommy in front of all three of the girls.

As well, as always happened when he got himself spanked, he felt the stirring of his penis in his underpants. He blushed even more at that realization, hoping his mother could not feel his stiffness across her knee, and praying no "tent" would be visible when he was told to stand up after his spanking!

The significance of Darryl's grabbing the waistband of his underpants was not lost on Julie. She knew Darryl was used to having his bottom bared for spankings, so she was a bit disappointed that her mom decided not to pull his underpants down as well. But when her mom pulled Darryl over her knee, she knew how embarrassed he must feel with his nose to the carpet and his bum raised, tighty whighty underpants or no!

But Darryl's relief and the girls' disappointment was short lived. As Darryl braced himself, with his hands on the carpet, he felt his mother's fingers curl under the waistband of his underpants at his back. "No!" he wailed, trying to get up. But his Mom held him down firmly with her left hand and said, "I was going to allow you the dignity of keeping your underpants up, young man, but the fact that you went so far as to accuse the girls of actually lying has changed my mind."

She tugged at the back of his underpants. Her first tug brought the back of his shorts half way down his bum. The sensation of cool air on his bum registered simultaneously with a burst of giggles from the girls.

A second tug bared his bum to the tops of his thighs. This couldn't really be happening in front of his sister and her friends? Maybe it was bad dream? But turning his head towards the girls, he saw this was no dream. Blushing hotly, he looked at the carpet under his nose just at the first blow of the paddle landed on his now bare bottom with a loud crack.

Not even the pain of the first few whacks of the paddle could drive the image of the girls' amused expressions from his mind's eye. But even in the extremity of this embarrassment, he was grateful for one small mercy. It could be no accident that his mother had pulled down his underpants only after taking him over her knee. Apparently, his mother was making an effort to bare his bum and nothing more than his bum in the presence of the girls.

As Darryl began to squirm from the pain of the spanking, however, the back of his underpants began to ride back up, partially covering his bottom. His mother paused, pulled the back of his shorts back down, and continued the paddling.

The girls tried to stifle their giggles, so as not to get Mrs. Wright's attention, lest she would think better of spanking Darryl right in front of them. They watched in fascination as the paddle landed again and again with a loud report on his bouncing buttocks, making Darryl cry out and squirm.

Julie felt a little sorry for Darryl, imagining how embarrassed he must feel and how much the paddle must hurt, but remembering how mean he could be to her and her friends, she took satisfaction in seeing him taken down a notch. No, several notches. And, to be honest, the worse she imagined Darryl's embarrassment to be, the more excited she got.

At this precise moment, Darryl was more worried about the intense pain in his backside than in the view the girls were getting, but another disaster happened now. When Darryl's squirming caused his underpants to ride part way up his bum yet again, his mother became impatient. She paused and set the paddle down beside her. For an instant Darryl thought the spanking was over. But his mother pulled down on the back of his underpants. Darryl felt the waistband at the front of his shorts drag painfully down between his trapped penis and his mother's thigh. A second tug took them down all the way to his knees.

"No!" Darryl squealed. The reason for Darryl's heightened alarm hit Julie and the girls a second later. With his underpants all the way down, his front would be as exposed as his bum when the spanking finished and he got up! When the spanking and Darryl's involuntary kicking recommenced, his underpants slid all the way down to his ankles, where they hung precariously for a moment before flying off.

In a brief span of time, Darryl's spanking had gone from an underpants spanking, to an underpants lowered spanking, to a full-on bare naked spanking across his Mommy's knee! Not a stitch of clothing remained on poor Darryl. He was completely nude. In his birthday suit across his Mom's knee getting the paddling of a lifetime while three girls watched!

As he kicked and wriggled the girls got tantalizing glimpses of Darryl's most private parts. His Mom spanked his backside a bright red, holding him tightly while his legs kicked helplessly in the air. This kicking afforded the girls glimpses of the backs of his testicles and even his straining butt hole! His Mom seemed not even to notice the spectacle her son was making of himself in front of the three wide-eyed girls.

Julie giggled in anticipatory delight. The girls had all seen diagrams of penises in sex ed class at high school, but Marie, having no brothers of her own, had never seen the penis of a real live boy; and Leslie and Julie only very occasional, and mostly only little kids. As much as they were enjoying Darryl's spanking -- the way he bucked and writhed and cried out as the paddle turned his bum increasingly red -- they were equally looking forward to the end of it too. They moved a bit so as to improve their vantage point. Reading her friend's minds, Julie giggled and whispered in Marie's ear, "Looks like you get a free anatomy lesson today, girlfriend! I guess you're going to find out whether my brother is really the big man he pretends to be."

He would have liked to be stoic in front of the girls, to deny them the spectacle of his cries and tears. But he had been so thoroughly stripped of pride by the time the paddling began and by the complete loss of his underpants that he broke quickly and put on a real show. To the girls' delight, he squirmed and wiggled his bum and kicked his legs. He reached a hand back instinctively to shield his reddening bum, only to have it pinned the small of his back by his mother's left hand. He pleaded to his mother to stop, he repented, he promised never to cheat again, and he finally gave way to tearful sobs as the paddle relentlessly revisited his reddening bum.

His Mom must have been really very upset because she laid into him with a vengeance Julie could have only scarcely imagined. His buttocks turned a deep shade of red as he bucked and writhed across her lap, and a white circle appeared at the centers of each deep red cheek.

When his Mother was finally satisfied that Darryl has learned his lesson, she stopped. While he was still over her knee, she told him he would have to apologize to each of the girls for trying to bully them into silence. "But I didn't bully them!" he whined, stung by the injustice of that false accusation. Don't SMACK lie SMACK you naughty SMACK naughty SMACK boy! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

It didn't take more than a few additional smacks of the paddle to his already extremely thoroughly paddled backside to convince Darryl to drop his protestations of innocence. His mother told him to stand up, face the girls, and apologize to each in turn.

"Please Mom, not like this. Please! At least let me put my underpants back on. Please!"

"You SMACK lost SMACK your underpants SMACK privileges SMACK when you chose SMACK to call the girls SMACK liars SMACK SMACK SMACK! You will now stand and face them, in your birthday suit young man, and apologize for bullying them and for calling them liars. A little humility will do you a world of good. Or I can keep going with the paddle if you would prefer and then ask you again in another five minutes. The girls and I have all evening. Your choice, mister."

And so, he found himself standing, facing the girls, completely naked, his cheeks burning as much as his bum, as he apologized to each of the girls. Worst of all, his mother insisted he look each of the gloating girls in the eye as he apologized for something they all knew he didn't do. Most amusing to the girls was the way he cupped his hands over his penis as he faced them, as if they hadn't already had quite the show.

Wishing to prolong his embarrassment, Julie would not let him off that easily. Taking a chance on what she thought she had spotted during Darryl's bouncing spanking lap dance, and based on previous experience, she said, "Mom, I think he's actually... hard?"

Marie then sucked in her breath and said, "excuse me Mrs. Wright, but there's a spot on the front of your dress..."

This was Darryl's worst nightmare. He knew as soon as he was stood up and clasped his hands in front of his cock that it had... leaked. He was terrified that the girls would notice. Now it seemed almost an inevitability.

Mrs. Wright looked down at herself. "Oh! You bad boy!" she said, not at all amused and seemingly very angry once again. "Look at what you've done!"

"Did he ejaculate, Mrs. Wright?" asked Leslie, sounding disgusted as she asked.

"I'm not sure," said Darryl's mother. "Darryl!" she said, "take your hands away from your penis, show me your palms."

"No Mom! Please!" begged Darryl, hunched over and cupping his wet and sticky erection in his hands.

"Now, Mister! Unless you want to make it worse than it already is!" said Darryl's mother, "And trust me when I say it's bad enough already..."

Darryl reluctantly stuck his arms out, palms up, exposing his erect penis in the process. His shame was there for his mother and the girls to plainly see.

First of all, he was erect, very erect! That almost made the girls laugh out loud, so incongruous did an erection seem, both because of the circumstances in which it occurred and the boyish dimensions of it. Boy, would they ever tease him about that!

And even worse, while he had not ejaculated per se, his penis had leaked copious quantities of slick and sticky pre-cum which coated his palms and his penis shaft, and was even now dribbling out the tip in a wet sticky strand of clear viscous fluid.

At this point, Darryl could contain it no more, and he started bawling like a baby saying "I'm sorry Mommy!"

His mother, however, was not moved by his tears. "Lie on your back on the floor, immediately," she said, "before you make even more of a mess. Don't touch anything!"

Darryl lay down on the carpet in the middle of the living room, his hands in the air. His penis could now dribble down the shaft onto his pubis and testicles instead of onto the clean carpet.

"He has not ejaculated, girls," said his Mother. "That is what is known as per-ejaculatory fluid. If he is ever so lucky as to marry one day, and have sexual intercourse, that fluid eases the insertion of the penis into the wife's vagina and facilitates the passage of the sperm. It starts off very slippery when it comes out, but soon turns into a sticky mess."

"Oh that is so gross!" said Leslie.

"Why did it happen?" asked Marie, horrified.

"It happens when a boy is sexually stimulated. He likely has a crush on one of you two girls, and your seeing him naked has caused this reaction," said Mrs. Wright.

Julie and Marie snickered a little at that, and they both stealthily pointed at Leslie so she could see but Julie's Mom could not.

"Oh God, that is disgusting!" said Leslie as she blushed gently.

"Ewwww!" agreed Marie.

"I'm going to the kitchen to try to get this stain out of my dress before it sets. Girls, you keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't move or touch anything with his sticky palms."

With that his mother left to go into the kitchen and the girls were left to keep an eye on the red-faced boy.

"That is sooo disgusting," said Leslie.

"Tell me about it!" answered Marie. And then to Darryl, "You've had a boner for Leslie ever since you asked her out on that date. You're disgusting and we're going to tell the whole school what happened. You're never going to live this down, Darryl Wright, and no girl will ever date you."

Darryl lay there in abject misery, tears of both shame and pain in his eyes, his sticky wet hands in the air. He was completely naked, his penis still slick, hard and twitching, against all odds.

Mrs. Wright returned with a now much larger water stain on the front of her dress where she had cleaned it of her son's pre-cum, and she was carrying a damp washcloth. She cleaned off Darryl's hands with the washcloth first. Then, to his complete and utter mortification, she used it to clean off his pubis, his testicles, and his penis of the clear and now sticky fluid.

As she cleaned his penis, Darryl began getting frantic, saying "No Momma, please! Stop! I'll... I'll have an accident!"

"There had best be no accidents while my hand is cleaning you, young man," said his mother.

However, there was very little Darryl could to control himself. He was at the very point of no return. His sister and her two girlfriends watching his naked display, his Mom cleaning his penis of pre-cum in front of them!

"Put your legs in the air," she commanded. Darryl pushed his legs together and squirmed, attempting to prevent the now almost inevitable "accident" from occurring. Becoming impatient, his mother grabbed his two ankles in her one hand and raised his legs up and back towards his head as if Darryl was a baby undergoing a cleanup prior to a diaper change. She then proceeded to use the washcloth to wipe down the backs of his testicles, the inner crease between his thighs, and his anal area, in full view of the girls!

When she was done, she put the washcloth down, but did not lower Darryl's legs. Instead she used her hand to slap his bum while she scolded him for his erections and the mess he had made. From hoping the girls would not see his penis, he had now progressed to a full on "diaper position" spanking with his penis, testicles, and bottom hole on full, humiliating display. This position also had the effect of bringing his hair trigger penis directly above his face.

Continuing to smack his upturned bottom cheeks, Darryl cried out in distress. His mother continued with his spanking, covering both his cheeks in this humiliating position, and not neglecting the insides of his thighs and bottom cleft as she sought out virgin, un-spanked flesh. Her hand came very close, and even made incidental contact with the back of Darryl's vulnerable testicles, bringing forth fresh cries and pleas with a previous unheard of intensity from the well-punished boy. As he writhed, pinned as he was, his penis shimmied and shook, raining down newly dripping pre-cum onto his face, mingling in with his tears.

"It's doing it again Mom, it's still hard and there's even more pre-ejaculate!" said Julie.

"And it's getting on his face," said Leslie.

"We'll see about that," said Mrs. Wright. She paused his spanking, reached between his legs, and grabbed the entire length of his small but exceptionally stiff and slick penis shaft in her hand, squeezing it and shaking it. The girls went absolutely wide-eyed at this. They were not expecting this at all!

"No! No! No!" begged Darryl as the pre-cum came out in even greater quantities, dripping into his face. Even worse, though, Darryl could feel the beginnings of what was to be his ultimate humiliation. A full ejaculation into his own face!

"No Mommy! Please! Please not that! PLEASE! NO!"

"Make a mess across my knee, will you?" Mrs. Wright stated. "Embarrass yourself in front of these girls, will you? I'll show you a mess." She continued roughly squeezing and shaking his hard little penis.

The pre-cum began flowing liberally out of the tip of his penis. Mrs. Wright paused the squeezing, and removed her hand to silently show the girls her palm and his hard slick penis shaft. Then she replaced her hand on his shaft, fully intending to finish what she had started, regardless of the humiliation the boy would suffer. She began squeezing and rubbing her now slick palm across the boy's penis. Within a few short squeezes, she obtained the reaction she was going for.

"Noooooo!" cried Darryl as he came violently, the ejaculate spurting out the tip of his penis flush into his face, coating his eyes, nose, lips, forehead, and cheeks. There seemed to be copious quantities of the ejaculate, as it continued spurting, spurt after spurt, and then flowing, then dribbling for what seemed a very long time indeed as Mrs. Wright shook the remainder onto his be-spermed face.

"That is an ejaculation, ladies," instructed Mrs. Wright to her young lady charges.

"Oh My God! It's all on his face!" said Leslie, incredulously but with a laugh in her voice.

"Serves him right!" said Marie, shaking her head at the sorry spectacle of a boy whose face was covered in his own cum.

"Hand me the paddle, Julie," said Mrs. Wright. Julie did so right away. Keeping him in position, Mrs. Wright laid into his backside with a renewed vigour eliciting the most pitiable cries of the evening from her naughty boy. As he cried and begged, the girls could not help but notice the ejaculate around his lips flowing into his mouth, where amidst the crying and carrying he must have swallowed a loadfull!

"Stand up!" ordered Mrs Wright to Darryl. "Hands on your head!  Go stand in the corner and we'll just let that dry onto your face, young man. Let that be a lesson to you. I am sick and tired of your erections during your spankings, and in front of the girls this time, no less! Next time, I'll be dealing with it with my kitchen gloves before your spanking, before you make a mess of my dress!"

Darryl made his way, utterly and completely humiliated, to the corner for his timeout. His Mom walked back into the kitchen with the washcloth which she placed into the sink and rinsed, and the spanking paddle which she put away in its drawer. She then came back out of the kitchen and said to the girls, "I'm going to pick up the pizza now, and calm myself down, so I'll let you girls supervise his corner time. Mind that he keeps quiet, with his nose in the corner."

As soon as Mrs. Wright left, the girls began to chatter excitedly, comparing notes about their impressions of the spanking and everything else. "Wait 'till we tell the other kids at class," Marie said, reminding Darryl that another dimension of humiliation awaited him.

"Yeah," added Julie, "about how he shot a load onto his own face while Mom spanked him diaper position! Ha Ha!"

But Leslie said something that surprised him as much as it surprised the other girls. "I don't think we should tell anyone. I think we should keep it a secret."

Julie and Marie asked simultaneously why on earth they would do that when they had such a story to tell at school, and an opportunity to embarrass Darryl further.

"Because I have an idea," Leslie said.

Leslie got up and stood behind Darryl, close enough that he could almost feel her breath on his neck. "Gee, Darryl," she teased, "you must be really embarrassed. Are you embarrassed?" Darryl only groaned in reply. "I want you to answer me, Darryl. Are you embarrassed?"

"Yes," he whimpered.

"I bet you would be even more embarrassed tomorrow if we tell everyone at the college what we saw. Would that be embarrassing for you, Darryl?"

"Yes," he croaked, sounding like he might start to cry again.

"How would you like it if Julie and Marie and I made a pact not to tell anyone how we saw you get spanked, and about the little accident you just had onto your face? What if we told everyone that your mom just yelled at you and sent you to bed without supper? Would you like us to say that, Darryl?"

"Yes, please!" he said.

"Yes, Miss Leslie," she corrected. Julie and Marie guffawed at their friend's audacity. "Say it, Darryl," Leslie coaxed.

"Yes, Miss Leslie," Darryl said, sniffling. Julie and Marie exchanged excited looks, realizing where Leslie was going with this.

"We can keep this a secret between you and us girls," Leslie continued in a soft voice. "We can do that if you want. But you would have to promise to be a good boy from now on, Darryl. And do you know what that means?"

"What?" Darryl asked.

"It means," she continued, "you would have to do whatever Miss Leslie, Miss Julie, and Miss Marie tell you to do from now on. And I do mean whatever. Do you think you could do that, Darryl?"

After a brief pause, Darryl replied, "Yes, Miss Leslie."

"That's a good boy," Leslie said. "And do you know what will happen if you ever stop being a good boy?"

"You'll tell?" Darryl suggested.

"Yes, if you're ever really bad, we'll tell everyone," she agreed. "But if you're only a little bad sometimes, we'll just spank you. Well, to be honest, we might spank you sometimes even if you haven't been bad, just to show you we can." Open-mouthed with admiration and excitement, Julie and Marie watched as their daring friend patted Darryl's exposed bum. Darryl trembled at her touch.

"Now, Darryl, I want you to turn around and ask each of us nicely not to tell and promise to do whatever we tell you." Darryl turned around slowly, keeping his hands on his head.

"Oh My God! Look at his face!" said Leslie. It was covered in dry caking cum.

"And look at how his little thingy isn't sticking up anymore!" Marie observed with an excited giggle.

"Finally!" his sister scolded.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed this as much as we did, Darryl," Leslie teased, flicking his flaccid penis with her fingers.

Then following Leslie's prompts, Darryl faced each of the three girls -- Miss Leslie, Miss Marie, and Miss Julie -- and begged each of them not to tell what they had seen. In return for that favour he promised to do whatever any of them told him to do, and acknowledged that each had the right to spank him whenever they saw fit.

CLICK Darryl heard, as Leslie used her cell phone to snap a shot of the naked boy with his hands on his head and his cum-streaked face. "To seal the bargain," she said. "Turn around, back into your corner let's see that bum." With a groan,  Darryal did as he was told and Leslie took a second photo to add to the first. "If we have to tell, it will with photos to prove it," said Marie.

Leslie then ordered Darryl back out of the corner and to bend over for a taste of things to come, She sent Julie to retrieve the paddle from the drawer where Mrs. Wright kept it. Leslie declared that Julie should get to paddle Darryl first, since he was her brother. Julie had always enjoyed being a witness to her brother's spankings. There was a power in seeing and gloating over his humiliation. But to wield the paddle herself increased the pleasurable immeasurably. When Leslie made Darryl say "Thank you for spanking me, Miss Julie," her satisfaction was complete. Then Marie took a turn paddling Darryl, giggling at the way each smack made his bum jiggle.

When Leslie's turn came, she had to one-up her friends. She reached around to his front and grasped his soft penis in her soft hand. Holding him like that, she spanked him first with her hand, so she could feel the way his bum bounced under her palm. Then she held out her hand and took the paddle from Marie. "This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me," she said, making the other girls laugh. She paddled him harder than his mother had, making him cry all over again, as Julie kept an eye out for her mother's return. By the time Leslie had finished, Darryl's bum was newly red painted and his penis was erect, AGAIN!

Leslie continued stroking him and only let Darryl go when Julie said her mother was home. When Mrs. Wright entered with the pizza and chicken wings, she was impressed by the maturity of the three girls. Immersed in their science project, they hardly even seemed to be aware that Darryl was still in the corner with his glowing red bum on display. She invited the girls to come into the kitchen to eat the pizza and wings. "As for you, young man," she said to Darryl, you can go to the bathroom now and wash that sticky mess off of yourself, and then straight to bed. Keep your hands on your head and don't touch anything until you're in front of the sink. There'll be no pizza for you. And if you aren't under your covers with the light out when I come to check on you, you'll be coming right back out here for another dose of the paddle."

Darryl, however, hesitated, continuing to stand facing the corner. "Go on with you now!" ordered his Mother.

Due to Leslie's ministrations, Darryl's penis was again hard, and again dripping. He was terrified of what his Mother might do if she saw him again in such a state! He reluctantly turned around, displaying his renewed erection and slickness.

"Oh Mother!" said Julie, "He's incorrigible! I'll bet he was touching it when we weren't looking."

With that, all the women laughed, even his mother, as Darryl's face reddened.

Darryl's mother shook her head, sighed and said, "Julie, please go upstairs and fetch down two big bath towels from the bathroom, and the razor strop from my bedroom closet."

Darryl went wide eyed with a look of panic on his face. Despite earlier being told to keep his hands on his head, his hands dropped involuntarily to clutch his punished backside as he pleaded, "please, no mom, please! Not the razor strop, please!" as he danced from foot to foot, rigid and slickened penis bouncing, his backside already anticipating the strokes he seemed now doomed to receive.

"Your mouth says no," said Mrs. Wright, "but your naughty penis says otherwise..."

Julie comes down with the towels and the heavy leather razor strop. Her Mom takes the towels and lays one across the back of the couch, and one on the seat of the couch. "Bend over the couch," she tells Darryl as she takes the strop from Julie. "We'll just see about that erection, young man."

Darryl goes over to the back of the couch and bends over, his bottom high. His Mom goes up beside him and says, "we'll start with a dozen and then the girls and I will inspect to see if more is needed."

Mrs. Wright measured the 3 inch wide, half inch thick razor strop directly across Darryl's exposed backside. She lifts it high in the air and brings it back down with a tremendous CRACK across her unfortunate son's nude and quivering buttocks. Darryl rears up and lets out a scream at the top of his lungs as the strop leaves a thick wide highway mark across his ass, sizzling it to a crisp. Mrs. Wright tells Julie to go to the front of the couch and to hold her brother's shoulders down for his remaining eleven strokes.

Julie of course knew of the dreaded razor strop. Once before her brother had gotten it, after having been caught stealing candy from the corner store when he was only in grade 9. She had not seen it, but she had sure heard it, including the pitiful wailing of her brother. After that stropping, he was walking funny, winced when he sat, and squirmed in his seat at supper until told to sit still by his parents unless he wanted something to really squirm about!

Mrs. Wright doled out the full measure of his remaining strokes, sizzling his backside thoroughly. She then indicated for Julie to let the boy up. He regained his feet painfully and stood to face his Mom and the three girls, his hands clutching his backside and big wet tears in his eyes, moistening the dried ejaculate coating his face as if it was running white mascara.

"I don't know, Mrs. Wright," said Marie. "It's 'kinda only half soft?"

"I agree Marie," said Mrs. Wright, and the other girls nodded affirmatively as well. "We'll see if another dozen won't do the trick."

"No!" cried out Darryl, even as his sister conducted him back to the couch, bent him over it, and then went around to push down on his shoulders keeping him in place.

Mrs. Wright again measured the fearsome strap across his backside, and let loose with another dozen scorchers. By the time she was done, Darryl was all screamed and cried out, and his backside was a mess of strap and paddle marks. He was stood up again, and again made to face the girls. This time his penis was completely flaccid, almost disappearing into his small testicles.

"That's better!" said Marie, and all the women agreed. "Now," said Mrs. Wright, "you may go upstairs, wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, and early bedtime. And you remember what I said about lights out. If you aren't under your covers with the lights out when I come to check on you, you'll be coming right back out here for another dose of the paddle, regardless of the state of your bottom. Am I well understood, little boy?"

"Yes Mommy!" cried Darryl as the girls, and Mrs. Wright, laughed at his newly floppy penis and his total obedience.

Later that evening, on the pretext of going to the bathroom, Leslie went into Darryl's bedroom and sat on the side of his bed. He was lying on his stomach but not asleep. She pulled the covers slowly off him and lowered his pyjamas to just below his well-spanked cheeks. "Remember our little bargain," she whispered to Darryl,  patting his bare bum and also reaching between his legs to fondle his testicles. "We tell nobody what happened here, as long as you are a good, obedient boy. Is it a deal?"

"Yes, Miss Leslie."

She stroked his bum and allowed her fingers to slip into his rear crack and poke at his little boy hole. Darryl moaned uncontrollably and Leslie softly laughed.

"Good. Now get some sleep, naughty boy," she said as she slapped his bum, pulled up his PJ's, and restored his covers, kissing him on the cheek and leaving him there.

As Darryl lay under his covers in the dark remembering everything that had happened, his embarrassment was matched by increasing arousal. He got up and opened his door a few inches so he could hear the girls chattering and giggling in the kitchen. He could make out their voices, although he couldn't hear their words. He especially liked to hear Leslie's voice. Miss Leslie, he corrected himself, pushing his pyjama pants down... 

[Continued in The Bargain (Chapter 2)]


  1. Beautiful. How many men over 50 reading this have dreamed of having a miss Leslie in their lives?

    1. Do you hear wedding bells in their future like me?

  2. Why just men over 50, Leigh?

    1. I guess a different time, before Internet porn!

  3. Miss Julie has occasionally mentioned how many older man follow her blog. I think men under 50 we’re growing up in a more liberated environment and as exciting as it might be would Not have the edge that it would for the older generation

    1. Yes, the "shame" is being lost. But we do what we can to recreate it!

    2. Through the power of the imagination, I find shame to be an infinitely renewable resource.

  4. No matter what your age,experiencing such a humiating and embarrassing spanking is just the best,especially when you can’t control your erection and ejaculation. I’ve experiences being spanked in front of three women.😢

  5. Excellent story! I was hoping that the mom would come back with a pack of punishment diapers alongside the pizza!

  6. Thanks Ms Julie. The story was excellent. Having grown up in the 1950's and 60's the story brought back many memories, memories of a different time when corporal punishment and humiliation were still permitted in schools.

    The scenario for this story, beginning with a Teacher in school and ending in the home, with some well invented lies in between were matter of fact incidents back in those days. Even though corporal punishment and humiliation were allowed in schools there were still lines that could not be crossed in schools, but in the privacy of the home those lines ceased to exist.

    Some of the things that happened back then leave life long memories, and not all of those memories are good but I did enjoy the story.

    1. I feel very bad for people who have been abused by their parents, such as punches or indiscriminate belting all over. When I hear about measured but embarrassing discipline, such as an over the knee, pants down spanking, it excites me.

    2. I agree with you, but I may have misled you and I'm sorry for that. I really enjoy your blog, but I never enjoyed being spanked. Back in the 50's and 60's there were other forms of punishment and humiliations that were permitted and administered, and it was those things to which I was referring.

      I just didn't want to disrespect you or your blog by going off in a different direction away from spanking. What I was trying to say was that the set-up in the Bargain story (teacher, younger sister and friends, school home, innocent-lies) was actually used again and again back then but for things other than spanking. Thanks again for a great story and blog.

    3. Well, spankings are not meant to be enjoyable ;-) (seems not to stop us from fantasizing about them, though, or even seeking them out!)

      I would take it as no disrespect whatsoever to stray from spanking. I would be very interested in reading what sorts of things you are referring to.

    4. Sorry for my delay in responding. I should have taken a closer look at your wonderful blog before I posted anything, and that's what I've been doing the last couple days.

      I made the mistake of thinking that the only subject matter was spanking. Boy was I wrong; you more than cover the things I was going to bring up. Take care.

    5. I am Ms Julie. Thank You.

  7. No sé por qué, pero para mí, Leslie debió llamarse Julie ;-)

    I don't know why, but for me, Leslie should have been called Julie ;-)

    El que escribe en español.

    1. Yes, I was torn, but in the end my kinky incest fantasies won out!

  8. Julie,

    You wrote an A+ story. I would like for it to continue and see what the girls will make Darryl do.

    1. Your wish is our command! Being worked on...

  9. This would be a great story if you add some pictures in between like the story with feminists. I am your great fan.

    1. On this one Darryl and I preferred for the words to speak for themselves - you need to make the pictures in your head. Though I agree with you mostly!

  10. Ms. Julie,
    I so love this story. I return to it frequently and have re-read it numerous times. It never gets old or fails to arouse me. Thank you so much and I hope you do add more chapters