Wednesday, January 2

david's reactions

In my last post, Sister "Milks" Husband, I told you about david's Christmas present from my sister Susan, which was a coupon for a "A Spanking and a Milking", now fully redeemed. I thought it would be interesting for my blog to write up the same scene as experienced from multiple points of view.

As with all our scenes, I debrief with david afterwards so that I know what turned him on the most.  In this post I'll give you the blow by blow of his reactions to the scene, as told to me by him.  I thought you'd be interested in what was going through his mind. I certainly was. I've also since spoken with Sue, and in the next post I'll tell you what she shared with me about the experience.

Christmas Eve

The scene really started on Christmas Eve. david was already a little worried and excited because last year Sue and I had "scened" him a bit in front of my family. Sue bought him a set of wooden spoons "for cooking", and I bought him the cutest little apron! We told the family that david was getting into cooking and housework more and more, but really nothing says "pussy whipped" like a husband in a floral-print apron, and there's no way around that sad fact! So he was already steeling himself for some embarrassment of some kind, he told me.

When he opened the card from Sue and saw "Milking" he got pretty excited pretty fast. This is a big fantasy of his, and he thought that it would never happen from Sue. My big sister is drop dead gorgeous (not just my opinion), but is not into men, and while she is naturally dominant and does play with us on occasion, she draws a very strict boundary around anything she perceives as "lovemaking" activity in our scenes involving her. So this "gift" was quite unexpected.

He felt himself blushing as he took in the coupon, and then when my Mom said to "Pass it around!" regarding the card that he was looking at, his heart sort of skipped a beat. But the coupon was detached and the rest of the card was vanilla, so he was able to hold onto his coupon and pass the card.

He said the most embarrassing part was actually when I told him "get up and thank Sue properly for the nice scarf". As we exchange gifts, none of the adults get up and thank each other. It's a shouted "thanks!" across the room, but we do make the children walk over to their gifter and kiss them. So I treated david like one of the children, just for this one gift from Sue, and made him do the walk and plant a kiss on her cheek in front of the whole family  knowing that he was thinking about Sue's hand rubbing his cock! Ha Ha! david said that he was worried his erection would show, which I can report it didn't, mercifully! He also said he was totally humiliated being the only adult treated like a child like that.

While the family doesn't know the extent of it, I do enjoy demonstrating a sort of "demanding wife" dominance over david at these functions. My little sister I'm sure is jealous, because she does all the housework and looks after three squalling brats (oh dear, did I just write that aloud? I meant "darling" little nieces and nephews, of course) while her husband drinks beer and orders her around. And my brother I think gets off on knowing that despite david's material success, he still gets ordered around by me!

Later on in the evening I asked to see the "coupon", and david gave it to me. I slipped it into the bag with our "gift haul" thinking I would keep it safe for him. Good thing I did!

The Anticipation

There were a few days between then and the appointed day, and Sue had told david essentially not to cum before then so he would have a big load for her (!). I kept him honest. No masturbating (I wouldn't let him use the computer at night), and while I got plenty, he got none, except that I teased his cock until it quivered and then told him he could look forward to Sue taking care of that.

david said he loved the anticipation. He was thankful to me for helping him to build it up. Left to his own devices, he says he definitely would not have been able to resist masturbating beforehand and it would not have been as much fun as a result.

At various random points during the Christmas holidays I asked him if he was thinking of Sue's hand? david said he loved the constant reminders from me. He loved that I was into it as well as he, which I definitely was!

The Stripping

When Sue came and asked for the coupon to be presented, poor david said he was so crestfallen. He literally had no idea where the coupon was and was worried that this would cost him his one big chance of a milking at my sister's hand. I had it covered, of course, and told him where he could find it. Besides, Sue was just messing with him anyway.

He said he was dumb and didn't know exactly what to expect, but that being told to strip nude right there in the bright kitchen in the middle of the day, he somehow was not expecting that. He said it was positively humiliating to be shucking off all his clothes as we sat there and watched him. Not that it hasn't happened before, but he still felt very submissive to be nude in our presence, when we were still fully clothed.

The Rubber Gloves

After he was naked, Sue went to the kitchen sink and got out a pair of rubber gloves and the Sunlight dishwashing detergent and told him that was what he was getting later.

This was unexpected for david. He had told me about his fantasy of being given a handjob by a detached woman wearing rubber gloves, and I had told Sue, and she and I had arranged it all beforehand, but david did not know any of that (I don't tell him these sorts of things!).

He said this kind of blew his mind. It was something straight out of his fantasy and he was in wonder that Sue just did this spontaneously. He admits now that if he had been thinking straight he would have made the obvious connection, but that he was not thinking very straight at that moment.

He was already hard before this, but after those gloves and the Sunlight came out, he was  very, very hard (I can attest to that!). He was aware himself how hard he was, because he says he can feel the strain, and when he looked he could confirm that his cock was arching up towards the ceiling.

He said this was a real humiliation, being so excited by rubber gloves and Sunlight. He felt like a total slut perv. Boys are so unfortunate that way. Any sexual feelings at all, and "Boing!". It must be rough for them!

He was not sure if Sue and I noticed his extreme level of excitement, but I assured him we had! Well he was definitely embarrassed that Sue and I both saw how excited he got at the kitchen paraphernalia. Ha Ha!

The Hand Spanking

But before he would get his milking, he had a good hard spanking coming! The coupon said "Spanking and a Milking" so he was expecting it, and said he was also excited anticipating his spanking from Sue. This was a bit surprising to me, as I would have thought the milking would have totally occupied his brain, but no, he said that getting a spanking from my Sis in front of me still turned his crank something fierce. Good to know.

Sue got out the wooden spoon and then called him across her knee. david said he knew he was super excited, and was a bit worried that he might "have an accident" as soon as he went across her knee. So he tried not to think about it as he went over, but he said that was hard to do when he felt his erection compress against Sue's sexy jean-clad thigh.

Sue started spanking him with her hand and asked if he was enjoying his gift so far, and david said he briefly considered "playing the part" and saying "no", but that he could not do it, and admitted that he was enjoying it. This admission of enjoying his spanking and humiliation is humiliating itself, he says, and he got a little "rush" of shame as he admitted this to Sue. What kind of man, he asks, enjoys being put bare ass across his wife's sister's knee and spanked like a child? His kind, I guess, God bless him!

The Wooden Spoon Spanking

Before too long, Sue took up the wooden spoon and started spanking him with that. david says that was definitely an intense spanking, and that somewhere along the line Sue had really stepped up her game.

She made him spread his legs. He says he knows what comes after a leg spreading, and that's always spanks to the insides of his thighs, which he hates. And sure enough, that's one of the places Sue spanked, and david said it hurt like hell. Hurt too much in fact. He says he was in agony at those strikes and there was nothing sexy at all about them.

He moved and closed his legs at one point, hoping Sue would get the message that these swats really hurt. But all he got for his troubles were his balls whacked! Sue told him to settle down and spread his legs again. And when he did so, she placed the bowl of the spoon right up against his balls. david says he was sweatin' bullets now, and the whack hurt, but he says Sue held back, thank God. Anyway  at that point he decided he just had to grit his teeth and suffer through the thigh whacking,

Another place Sue spanked was towards the inside of his bottom crack. That, he says, also hurt, but it was also very humiliating and sexy. He says that Sue spread his cheeks a bit, and he knew that he was showing her his asshole at that point, and that alone is humiliating. But then the spanks came popping down on his inner ass cheeks near his hole, and that was "fun".

All in all, he said, the spanking hurt, but that I spank harder still.

The Preparations

After the spanking, Sue said "I guess I can't get out of this", and david said that was sexy. He knew that Sue was just saying that, and that she would not have given him this gift unless she wanted to, but he liked the fantasy idea that Sue "did not want to" but had some kind of tiresome duty to perform.

When he came up to the kitchen sink, he knew that Sue's intent was to jerk him off into the sink, but he was worried (for her sake) that she had not figured all the angles, and it was too high to do that. He was thinking this all the while Sue pulled on the rubber gloves and got the hot water going.

But then Sue just grabbed his balls, pulled them  upwards, pushed his ass forwards, and flopped them down onto the counter top. david said it hurt, and he had to instantly adjust onto his tiptoes. He said he felt totally ridiculous with his balls "served up" on the counter like that.

The Handjob

Sue wet her gloved hand, squirted soap into it, and then grabbed his penis tip. His first reaction was "Ouch!" as the water was very hot. His second reaction was that he couldn't believe this was happening at all. The soap was initially a very poor lube, and was actually sticky he says, but it lathered up quickly.

He had a thought that he was a bit worried what the harsh detergent would do to him, as it was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but he said he consciously decided to let that go. Even if his penis would be sore for a week, he decided, he still wanted it.

He was very conscious of Sue's hand on his ass, keeping him pushed against the sink. He says he is very ass-erotic and anal-erotic, and her hand on his ass and near his anus was almost as exciting as her hand on his penis.

He also was acutely aware about the banging of the base of Sue's hand onto his trapped balls. He said she rubbed his shaft vigorously, and that included  banging his balls with her fist. He said it was rather physically unpleasant, but the whole scene was so hot and humiliating that it was actually a part of it and so he just let himself sink into the humiliation of having his sister-in-law spank his balls.

His calves got sore, standing on his tiptoes, but every time he went to relieve them he was reminded that his balls were still trapped up there on the counter, and if he got off his tiptoes the jerking motion of Sue's hand onto his balls got more painful, so he had to stand up immediately again.

He also commented on how his balls were actually dancing around in a puddle of soapy water, which I noticed as well and thought was very funny. Splash, splash, splash. Ha Ha!

david says the ball pain was actually a blessing in disguise  because without that, he doubts he would have lasted beyond the first 10 strokes!

The other thing was that each time Sue reached for more water and came back, it felt like she was burning the tip of his cock, but the sensation only lasted an instant and nothing was burned. He recalls he was scolded for being a baby because of this, which he says was hot.

The Milking

At one point Sue stopped the jerking, and wet her other hand. david said he was very conscious of Sue as she did this, because she used her body to keep pushing him up against the sink. He says he felt her hips on his ass and her tits in his back. As he said this to me he immediately said "sorry!". Hmmmm. Perhaps some impressions are better left unsaid to your wife? Ha Ha! I should be worried about her tits in his back when her hand is jerking his cock?

As Sue was wetting her other hand, putting soap into it, and lathering it up, he thought he was going to be getting a "two-handed" treatment on his cock and balls. When Sue told him to "bend over a bit" he knew he was wrong! 

He says he thought "OMG, OMG, she's 'gonna stick her finger in my butt!!!" And that's exactly what she did. It went straight in, and then she started pumping it in and slapping his ass with her wet palm all at the same time. Meanwhile her other hand went back to his cock and kept rubbing that. He says that even though she is not into men, she certainly knew where his prostate was, and targeted it!

He said it was absolutely incredible that he was getting a hard finger fucking up his ass from my sister as she jerked him into the sink. That blew his mind at the time, and still blows his mind now.

He knew he didn't have very long now, and any little thoughts he had before about not being able to cum because of the ball pain instantly disappeared and he knew it was only a matter of seconds until he disgraced himself into the sink.

The Ejaculation

And sure enough, within about 30 seconds of Sue's finger up his ass, he blew a gigantic load into the sink. As soon as he did it, he said Sue gave him no chance to enjoy it at all, because she was pulling and squeezing the drops out of his very sensitive cock tip. He says it's incredibly painful right after he cums whenever his tip is manipulated, and this was no exception. He says he almost laughed with he pain, whatever that means.

Then she took his fine cock and just whacked it against the side of the sink, which was an "ow ow ow ow" thing he said.

All in all, he didn't mind the rough treatment. He would have put up with anything to have experienced what he just got, and so it was par for the course.

The Cleanup

After he was done, Sue ordered him to clean up the sink, threatening him with another spanking if he didn't do a good job. Normally, that's no motivation at all, but david says he was definitely entirely  spent by this point, and another wooden spoon spanking on his sore ass after he had already cum was nothing he wanted to experience.

He said I was very kind to help him get out the scouring pads and the Comet, because he felt he couldn't even move at that point.

First thing he had to do was get the rubber gloves out of the sink where Sue had thrown them, inside out. He was a bit embarrassed and grossed out to find the one glove a little messy. But he cleaned it up, put them on, and scrubbed the sink very thoroughly.

As he was doing this he started to feel the harsh detergent burning his anus and cock. So he moved quick as a bunny, got our sign-off on the sink, and then rushed upstairs to wash himself out. He said it was only sore for an hour or so, and he would do it again, harsh detergent and everything.

The Aftermath

So that was the scene from david's point of view. After we debriefed, he said he was sure he would have to put up with a strapping from me right afterwards "to teach him to whom he belongs", and that he was already resigned to that. I actually hadn't thought of doing that this time at all, but the way he said it made me ask him "did you want me to?". He very sheepishly said "yes ma'am".

Well what do you know about that? It seems as if my boy is feeling a little guilty getting his rocks off with my sister, and wants to be reminded "to whom he belongs". That's so sweet! I love him so much. Looks like I'll have to get him to oil up my strap for me and then stick his ass out for a good old-fashioned husband tanning!


  1. Julie,
    I just got a chance to read this post as well as your last one. I think it's great that you shared David's point of view as well. I'm sure this was a very special present for him and I applaud you for being kind enough to allow this for him. To me that shows real trust in him. After what Bob did with Dee I would never be able to do something like this. But that's not the arrangement we have anyways as you know and I only punish him for transgressions and don't do scenes. With that being said I'm going to need to figure out what to do with him because of his comment on your previous post. I understand his excitement and know that any man would enjoy this as a present. But for him to write it out there for everyone to see I thought was disrespectful to me and also my sister Amy. So he'll get his but I don't think he's going to enjoy it like David did.
    Please don't take that wrong and think that I feel what you guys did was wrong. Because I think what you and David and Sue have is special and I admire that and love reading your adventures. Maybe we could have been able to be more like you guys had things started out different. But after what Bob did with Dee I don't have that same level of trust and feel it is my duty to keep his fantasies in check and keep him thinking with the right head.
    Again great post and great scene and I look forward to reading the next one. And maybe you should give David a couple of extra strokes with your strap because of him telling you he felt her hips and breast on his back. LOL

    1. I agree completely, Dianne. The difference between bob and david is that david did not ask for it. Sue and I decided he could have it, and gave it to him freely. Had he come to me begging for it, as bob has essentially done, and very publicly at that, I'd be dreaming up some nice hour-long penis and ball punishments for him!

  2. Ma'am,

    What makes these scenes and your blogs so amazing is your love for each other....while you two just amaze, the fact that you can sit and debrief and then him admit he wanted a strapping from you to show him where his place was, incredible. Just two lovely people in love and enjoying amazing play with each other. This follow up was hotter than the initial blog...rock hard. But your ending and expressing your love...incredible.
    Me, I would love to read you took him over your lap for a long hard hand spanking to show him where he belongs!

    1. Your wish is my command. He is getting his lesson tonight.

      But I do think communication is so important. I'm amazed how many people I correspond with, even those who play a lot, don't really talk things out afterwards. I get david to just talk and talk afterwards, every little detail. I love hearing the excitement in his voice, and that clues me in on where his head is at, because the strangest little things will turn him right off, and the even stranger little things turn him way on!

    2. Julie,

      Let's face it communication is the key to life more or less and I admire you for taking the time to debrief and learn what is a turn on for both of you. I would imagine getting hard again just talking about it. Wonderful

  3. ...He says that Sue spread his cheeks a bit, and he knew that he was showing her his asshole at that point, and that alone is humiliating. But then the spanks came popping down on his inner ass cheeks near his hole, and that was "fun"...

    I don't recall if you require a particular below-the-belt grooming standard for david 'back there', but it might be particularly humiliating if he was required to be smoothly shaved - perhaps either at your hand or the hand of another?

    For that matter, maybe a 'bikini wax' (heart-shaped?!) would be fun as well...

    1. I have no particular grooming code for hair, although I insist on absolute cleanliness!

      I have shaved him myself, just for the fun of it, including "diaper position" for getting at those little hairs on the base of his balls and near his bottom hole. He got sooo hard that time, but no relief from me! Ha Ha!

    2. Maybe a trip to a "professional" hair removal specialist (supervised by you) would be especially humiliating way to have those 'little hairs' removed - especially if he was wearing panties!

  4. Thank You, Miss Julie, for sharing David's reactions.
    Always an education.
    Can't wait to read about Sue's.
    Thank You for sharing.

  5. I love the Christmas present. My wife for Christmas gives me panties and she doesn't care who is there to see what I got. We usually have family there and this past Christmas I got panties, stockings and a new baby doll.