Sunday, January 20

Spanked by Sister for Drinking

As I mentioned in my last post, david overdrank at a dinner party forcing me to hold back and drive us home. I might have enjoyed a couple of more glasses, but we did not even negotiate at all, he just started drinking without a thought or care to the implications.

My sister is cut from the same cloth as I, and enjoys being dominant. She is into girls sexually, but quite actively enjoys spanking my male. She is also between spanking partners right now, and welcomes any opportunity to spank. I spank david plenty, so I thought this would be a nice opportunity to have Sue come over and do the deed, especially as he deserves a blistering for what he did, and lately Sue seems to be enjoying dishing out hard ones the most.

david was forewarned, and was fully recovered from his hangover by the time Sue arrived at around 3pm. He was upstairs on his computer when she arrived. I'm sure he heard her, but he stayed hiding up there without even greeting her. How rude!

Sue and I discussed ground rules and then I yelled up to david "Spanking time, david! I want you down here in two minutes, butt naked. Move!"

"yes ma'am" I heard from upstairs.

Sue and I cleared the big chairs and the coffee table to the side of the living room, and then put david's spanking chair in front of the fireplace, facing the couch where I will be sitting. I already had david's hairbrush out. It's a nasty, heavy, wooden beast of a hairbrush. It's the same one he gave me the very first time he asked me to spank him. He was worried I would not spank him hard enough back then, and he was right. But now he may be regretting his hairbrush choice. Ha Ha!

So there she was, waiting for him, sort of like the photo below, but she had sleeves and her skirt was more knee length, but otherwise this lovely stern lady looks a lot like Sue.

david came downstairs all undressed, covering himself up with his hands.

"Let's see, young man..." I told him sternly. He was warned that he better not have an erection in front of Sue (though I knew he would - the idea of getting a spanking turns him on already, and getting it from my sister while I watched was even more sexy for him).

He put his hands on his head, anticipating my next order, and his giant erection boinked into view. It's nice to know that after all this time he still blushes in front of Sue and I on these occasions.

"Face Sue and apologize to her for thinking lewd thoughts about her, and then ask her to spank you so hard that you'll be limp by the time she's done."

david did exactly as I instructed, as Sue watched, eye level with his erect penis, with a little grin on her face. She's never been bashful seeing (or handling) my husband's penis, erect or otherwise.

"Well that would be my pleasure," Sue answered cheerfully, "now get across my lap and brace yourself for a hard one."

david looked at me and I indicated he should go over. I like that he defers to me, but I don't like that he doesn't follow Sue's orders right away. I'll have to have a "talk" with him about that.

"Now what are we spanking him for today?" Sue asked me rhetorically, already knowing the reason.

"You tell, Sue, david." I answered.

"I'm being spanked for drinking at a party and not discussing it with Julie beforehand" said david.

"That's right," I added, "and I really didn't appreciate you being unthoughtful and self-centred like that."

"I'm sorry ma'am," said david.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be." I said, ominously. "This is how it's going to work," I continued. "Sue is going to spank you as hard and as fast as she possibly can. She's only going to stop when I ask her to. So don't blame Sue for anything that's about to happen to your butt, it's all me, baby! After you think you've been punished enough, then you may start begging me - me mind you, not Sue - for your spanking to end. It won't end, but you can start apologizing and begging me. And if I don't think there's enough apologies and begging, it goes on. Do you understand me?"

"yes ma'am!" answered david.

"But in the meantime I don't want to hear another word from you."

david didn't answer me. Smart Boy!

"Go ahead Sue," I said, "spank my self-centred husband as hard and as fast as you possibly can."

Sue arranged david over onto her left knee, and pulled her right leg out from under david, and threw it across the backs of both of his. She was serious!

There is something that david likes doing when I spank him, if I allow it, which is to lightly grab my ankle. He says grabbing a feminine ankle makes him feel particularly humble for some reason. I thought, "why not?".

"david," I said, "lightly grasp Sue's ankle with both your hands and don't let go, no matter what."

"Is that ok?" I asked Sue. "It keeps his hands from coming up if he has something to focus on."

"Sure." She said, "if it's ok with you."

There is a certain intimacy when I feel his desperate hands clutching my ankle, trying hard not to grab too hard. I like it. It makes me feel more dominant, as if he's worshipping me while I spank him. I thought Sue might enjoy experiencing that.

That's when it started. Oh My! Sue was good as her word, and the very first spank got a gurgled scream from david. Then he caught himself and all I heard for the next while were closed-mouthed grunts of distress and very heavy nose breathing from my poor punished boy.

Louder still were Sue's swats, which sounded like rapid fire gunshots. It was about two per second I would say, all over his butt. Sometimes she would spank one spot maybe 10 times in a row, and then move on, sometimes it would be all over the place.

His ass turned red fast! we weren't maybe 20 seconds into it before he was a uniform glowing red all over his ass. As she kept up the pace she leaned on the small of his back with her left hand and leaned into it to get more distance and leverage for her swats. She took a little break, looking flushed and dishevelled, and asked me "am I doing ok?" "You're doing great!" I answered. And then she started in again with renewed enthusiasm.

After she started in again, that's when the pleading started up. I won't bore you trying to recreate what he said, but it was random mixtures of "Please!" "I'm Sorry!" "I'll never do it again" "Please Stop!" "I've learned my lesson!" and so on. You get the picture. I was enjoying the begging, and didn't want it to stop quite yet.

"Keep going" I told Sue, not that she was slowing down at all.

By now his bum was starting to look messed up. He was developing pale white spots in the middle of all that crimson red, and I could see a bit of bum bruising already. He was also getting a little incoherent between the screams and the begging, so I decided he had had enough.

"That should do it." I told Sue who stopped right away.

"What a workout!" she said, actually breathing hard.

david was told to stand up, which he did very painfully. His ass was a mess. Not as bad as this one that I found on the web, but pretty close!

"Apologize to me once more, david." I asked.

"I'm sorry honey" he said.

"And thank Sue for punishing you."

"Thank you Sue. I deserved it."

As predicted, his dick was tiny and limp. Sue had spanked all that nasty sexiness away, for the time being anyway.

Do you think he's more embarrassed with a raging hard on, or standing there limp and flaccid? He's so tiny when he's limp, so I imagine that must be worse?

"Not such a big man now, are you?" I asked, motioning towards his shrivelled up little dick.

"no ma'am."

"Now off to the corner. Hands at your sides. Nose buried. No rubbing. You'll spend one full hour there reflecting on why it's bad to be selfish. If I see your nose out of that corner, or catch you rubbing your ass, or touching your cock, we start again, right from the beginning, and I don't care how messed up your ass is. You got that?"

"yes ma'am."

So that was his spanking. It was a doozie! Sue complained that her ankle is a bit bruised, but couldn't blame david. Sue said she really enjoyed being able to go all out, and blame it 100% on me. She said she wasn't even listening to his yells, only to me. She said it was very liberating.

Sue left, but he stayed in his corner until his hour was up. On the way out, Sue went up behind david, patted his bottom and said "Sorry for the bruised buns, sweetie, but don't you treat Julie badly again, ok?"

"yes ma'am"

"I can spank harder than that, and go a lot longer," said Sue.

"yes ma'am. You won't need to ma'am."

He actually sounded scared, for real.

After his hour was up, it was up to the bedroom for some Julie-style lovin' on that sore ass! I call it "make up sex".


  1. My pulse is racing right now ...

    Good God, Julie!! Another out-of-the-park home run from you. It continues to amaze me that not only are you a "real deal" Dominant Spanking Lady, but also that you write so incredibly well.

    What david experienced yesterday is something that could have come verbatim right out of the secret world of my fantasies. I have conjured up that experience more times than I can count.

    I wonder how many times I'll come back here and read this wonderful account, as I have so many of the ones in your blog?

    Lucky, lucky david!!

    1. I don't think your "secret world" is that big a secret! Taken to task by two strict sisters and then ass-fucked after? back of the line, buddy! Ha Ha!

  2. Wow, what a work-out!
    And, no doubt, well-deserved.
    I deeply respect your restraint, in having just
    one glass of wine, and what's more, your responsibility, in looking after david's welfare.
    Now I'm the one who's blushing for what I said
    in the Hungover post.

    1. He deserved it all right, but only because he's such a good hubbby. Don't think for one minute this wasn't a huge treat for him, blistered buns notwithstanding. It's rare that he acts so badly, but twice in a week? Manna from heaven for a dommie wife and sister-in-law!

  3. That 'make-up sex' looks really soothing to me! Way more effective than aloe vera. Like david, i really find it humbling to hold on to the feminine ankle of my spanker while She soundly warms my bottom. It somehow reinforces my submission to the Feminine to be grasping this delicate, nylon-covered ankle as She sets my panty-covered bottom on fire.

    1. Nice description. I find him so dear when he holds on to me like that for dear life as I'm spanking him. Sometime, when we're on the couch and he's across my knee, I let him put his other hand on my ass.

      And I LOVE fucking his blistered buns! It turns me on seeing them so badly beat as I fuck him.

  4. Yikes on the spanking, but he sounds like he deserved it. And I know I have always enjoyed that "Julie-style loving". Very nice.

    1. He loved everything second of the spanking and fucking, 'cause he's a subbie little pervert is what!

  5. Ms. Julie,
    Wow what a lesson and I'm sure David learned not to do that again. Instead of getting me excited this time it actually sent chills down my spine thinking of my similar experience just a couple of weeks ago with Dianne and Amy. But great post and way to keep him in line.
    Bob S.

    1. The difference, bob, was that you were fucked like a little gurl in front of Amy... Ha Ha!

  6. a very hot time, well told, a very good spanking administered by a very capable young lady. a lesson weill taught I am sure. thanks for you blog.

    1. Short but sweet. He hated his corner time more than the spanking, truth be told!

  7. Julie,
    Even though I misunderstood your instructions to him about not getting excited in front of Sue I would definitely say you taught him good. Sounds like a real hard paddling with his hairbrush and then followed by corner time and a good pegging. Wow great job!!
    Enjoyed reading it as always.

    1. He can't help his erections. When he's excited, we all know it.

  8. oooh i know it hurt so good, makes me wish my wife was not so private as her athletic, single sister could deliver a real butt blistering for sure. your adventures especially w/ sue do stir me. to b david just one time! love, buttwed

    1. You should get up the courage and spill the beans to your sister-in-law. What's the worse that can happen?

    2. Think twice about that. In my younger years, I was in bed with my girlfriend of the time and expressed an interest to have her spank me. She called me every name in the book from pervert to just short of pedofile. The relationship ended right there and then. After that, I kept my fantasies to myself as far as relationships go.

      It takes a special type of lady to acknowledge a man's fantasies. Your man is so lucky Julie.

    3. Thank you allan, that sounds like good advice.

      BTW... your girlfriend was a total cunt bitch and good riddance to bad baggage is what I say!

  9. Ma'am,

    First off there is nothing and I mean nothing more meaningful and caring than a hard fast and nasty otk spanking with a brush; discipline at it's best and most erotic. I truly love the fact you made him hold her ankle, I always do that, I love the connection with my spanker or lap doing that especially when the spanking is this strict. Hard and fast otk spanking is the then some lovely Julie style make up sex, oh lord....that picture is amazing.
    Thank you so much for the reality check, I love these stories and spankings, wonderful and thank you for being you.


    1. Hmmm. Ankle grabbing seems to be a common theme. Very interesting...

  10. You want to make these posts really hot, record his cries and post just the sounds. It shouldn't be recognizable but talk about hot!! Just take a camera have it one or two feet away with tape on the lens. Your puppy readers will need a change of pants. Bill

  11. OMH
    Heaven help me poor Davids bottom! Truly painful experience. And ii loved he pegging anime. Oh
    Dear his poor Ass. Loved it.

    1. He was bruised for a couple of days. Fading now... I like it when his ass is messed up. Makes me smile.

  12. I hope you have shoes on whilst loving him, like the lady in the clip.
    The ting i would need next is to sit an write lots of lines.
    I must repect Madame Julie" 2000 times would do it.

    Keep up the great wok

    1. Ha Ha! I once made him write lines in front of my totally vanilla friend. That was funny...

    2. Tell us all about it! :-)

    3. I already did. It was an entry "Punished in Front of Chloe" back in April 2012. Thar's gold in them thar posts!

  13. ...his giant erection boinked into view... Is it really GIANT...or just relative to his flaccid state? ...He's so tiny when he's limp...

    I got the impression that he was somewhat under-equipped...or maybe it's just that he's always premature but somewhat adequate size-wise?

    Regardless, I'm sure to HIM, a visit from "Adam" afterward was quite the filling experience...

    1. He's decent sized when erect, nothing huge mind you, I've been with bigger, but pretty funny when limp-dicked! He does tend to be a bit trigger happy, but I think that has been getting better lately.

  14. bet David Wished it was You Who was spanking Him lol but we both know he would of just gotten Spanking just as hard and Painful if it was comming from you instead of sister Sue

    Doubt david isnt or is Embrassed he get spanking from his strict wife lovely Talented Julie and his ever awesome Sister in Law knowing both have his best intrested in heart and know what he need and desver think between both of you he will be real respectful to not only you both but all female he come across

    Madison ohio

    1. Well written mike!
      Yes, david does tend to be very respectful of women in general. It's in his nature. Certainly if he slipped up in that regard, I would punish him, likely in front of the woman he disrespected and he knows it!

    2. Thanks Ms Julie i thought so too glad you like it and i did what you told me to do and how make sure i type right so you can uderstand me iam just too scare of painful spanking from you lol

      some guys like David has in it them from long time ago to be really respectful of womens. David for sure know if he slip up ypu wouldnt think twice of bending him over pulling his pants down and punish him in from the you or women he disrespected

      Madison Ohio

  15. Ms. Julie,
    Thank you for yet another great entry!
    However, you might consider a much stricter drinking policy for David. As a submissive, his first priority should be Your comfort and pleasure, so in my opinion he really shouldn’t drink at all without obtaining your permission.

    1. He can have a drink if he wants. I need him to use his brain and be thinking of me when he does is all. Or else!

  16. Big 25% sale...just in case
    "Adam" needs some THICKER company!!

    1. Adam is thick enough! As long as I get some genuine fear in his eyes, and he has a hard time taking it, then I am a happy gal!

  17. Dear Ms. Julie,
    Your blog is fantastic I loved the story describing Davids spanking . The picture of his pegging ouch can not see how David enjoys this while his ass is beaten so badly. But I must say I was excited by the thought of it.

  18. Hmmm that looks very familiar to last night's spanking that Lilly gave me. Badly bruised and some TLC "Adam-make-up-sex" to my sore bottom from Lilly.

    Boy does post-spanking sex feel different.

    Thanks for sharing this Julie