Tuesday, March 5

The Nude Beach

Just recently back from vacation, and dying to tell you all about the three notably kinky things david and I got up to!

I described the first one in my previous post, Back From Vacation, where poor david had to beg me for daily paddlings and peggings,  and where I made him leave out the equipment for the hotel staff to see. There may be some mistaking who is the recipient of the paddle, but when lying right next to a strap-on harness with dildo affixed, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who in the marriage is taking it up the butt!

The island we were on was particularly known for its nude beaches. I had never been to a fully nude beach before and thought it would be fun.

The first nude beach we went to was very large and very crowded! Almost all male-female couples or small groups of mixed-sex nudists. I saw no children or teenagers. An abundance of beach loungers around that you paid the man $15 for the day to use.

Very much like the above, but picture every last chair filled, people strolling up and down the beach and going for a swim, and everybody totally nude! The vast majority of people were over 60 years old I would say, and very fat and out of shape. It was rare to see anybody remotely hot, male or female, though there were a few. One thing that really struck me is how small all the old mens' dicks were! I appreciate david much more now, and the little bit of fat around his belly is no big deal by these standards.

Everybody keeps their eyes forward and pretends not to look, but I caught a whole lot of dirty old fat men with their faces forward but their eyes pointed right at me, darting furtively away just as I turned my gaze towards them. I think I should volunteer to set up a hot women's roaming paddle brigade! They sure needed it. Naturist my cute little ass!

Let me tell you, if you have any doubts about your body image at all, this is a great place to get over them. It's also weird to be standing there totally naked, and to be hit on by older nude guys. They were harmless of course, and I suppose they willingly pay the price of looking ridiculous with their silly little flaccid penises hanging out to get a change to get close to my bare boobs and pussy.

We had a great day, and all in all it was really refreshing just to be out there all naked and everything and to see all the myriad of body types. You don't realize how much your perception of the nude body is influenced by hot Hollywood actors, model types, and porn stars until you experience a Naturist beach like this. Real naked people are nothing like the Hollywood mental image.

Anyway, had all sorts of kinky thoughts and ideas, but I got cold feet and wound up doing nothing at all that day. Felt I needed to get the lay of the land better. We came back here and had a little fun on our last day, but that story will be my third and last.

On the next day we went to another nude beach, very different from the first one. It was much more isolated. You needed to hike for five minutes to get there. There was a bathing suit part, and a nude part further down, but no signage at all. The nude people were much more discrete here. Lying around back from the water under the shady trees in small groups.

This is an actual photo. The nude side is at the far end.

So david and I found a shady tree, stripped, and enjoyed lying on the beach, moving in and out of the sun, and walking down all bare naked to the water for a swim and then drying off in the sun with the lovely sea water glistening off us.

But then a horrible thing happened! Out of nowhere there was huge roar, and a huge bunch of bright yellow Jet Skis came screaming into our side of the bay, parked in a big circle twenty feet out or so, and then the riders got off and swam up to the beach. All of them completely clothed in their bathing suits.

Like this, but about 30 of them. Totally obnoxious, I know!

Fortunately, there was a small sand dune between them and us, but some of them started exploring around, caught sight of us nudies, and turned back again looking embarrassed.  I guess the tour guide didn't tell them this was a nude beach????

I started feeling uncomfortable and put my bikini and a wrap on. david also slipped on his swimsuit. I left david back with our stuff and I went over to see what was going on.

Turns out it was a group from an all-inclusive resort out on a guided Jet Ski "safari" around the island. Most were fairly young couples, in their twenties (I guess Jet Skis don't appeal to the older set). No children amongst them. They told me they were in fact briefed that this was a nude beach and that they should not be surprised by that. Obnoxious!

They were there about 20 minutes or so, and then roared off again to find some other people to bother. david and I stripped off again, and went back to what we had been doing, thinking it an isolated incident.

Then, you won't believe it, but within an hour a second group came by, just like the first. I immediately put my bikini on again, but david said the hell with them and stayed naked. We were quite far back in the trees, and there was that dune, so he was pretty inconspicuous, but I would soon change that...

"david, why don't you go for a swim, I'll bet there are some really hot girls in that group you can look at in their bikinis."

"Duh! OK Honey" he said as he started getting his suit on. What a big dummy!

"No, no, mister Naturist. You go swimming NUDE!" I told him. "They've all been told it's a nude beach, and we wouldn't want to disappoint all those nice young couples by not giving them anything to look at, now would you?"

He told me he thought that was a really bad idea. I told him I was publicly scening him, right here right now, and he had no choice in the matter! That's our deal. I decide on the scenes.

Well little mister Bare Bum did just as he was told and walked slowly into the water, mooning the beached crowd and giving a full frontal to the ones still lounging on their Jet Skis.

He swam briefly, and then turned around and re-emerged. As he walked slowly back up towards me, I could see that his cock had become semi-erect.

He had been entirely flaccid up to now, both on this beach and the other one from the day before even though a lot more people saw him. I guess it was those hot girls in their little string bikinis openly staring with their cute little mouths open that started doing it for him. Ha Ha!

He walked right up to me. I grabbed him by the ear and gave his bum a smack, and then marched him back to our stuff and supervised him putting his bathing suit back on. Then we packed up and left.

It was so exciting! We had a good laugh about it. david told me he was about as embarrassed as he had ever been, and his heart was pounding all the way down to the water and back again. He knew he was getting erect and was doing everything in his power to stop it. After I smacked his bum, he popped a total boner but I don't think anybody saw that as his backside was towards the Jet Ski crowd by then. He said he avoided eye contact with everybody, but felt as if there were a hundred eyes laughing at his bare bum, bare penis, and bare testicles. He said the worst part was knowing there were so many guys seeing him being humiliated like that in front of their women.

So that was really fun, and really spontaneous. Back at the hotel room I let david put his penis in me briefly, and then sucked him off as a reward for his little nudie show at the beach. He sure did cum fast and hard into my mouth, but it just meant he had more to swallow after I snowballed it right back at him with a deep French kiss, and then pushed him down between my legs to scratch my itch...

My best trick of the vacation, though, was still coming...


  1. You mentionned the old men; were there not old women there too?
    I'm not going for a joke here, but why do they do it?
    A release from the pressure of the expression, clothes make the man/woman?

    1. Oh yes, just as many women as men, All sorts of labias! Ha Ha! Equally as old, fat and out-of-shape, but I loved it!

      It's lovely being nude. very liberating.

  2. Never been to Nude beach but iam willing to go to one just to see all those nude female and maybe flirt with them too sound like be fun iam sure there be some strict female there who wouldnt mind punishing naughty males like myself

    1. See above, mike. Mostly older out of shape ladies. Not like Hollywood!

    2. ewww out of shape ladies that no fun i would want meet some fit storng ladies who average look iam sure be just as good as one form hollywood

    3. bad mike. Bad! Always show respect for women. ALL women.

      You clearly need to be taken over the knee of an older lady. She may be a bit old and have a little extra belly fat, but I am sure there is nothing wrong with the strength in her arm.

    4. YES I I Know very bad Mike I am bad boy very naughty boy I will Try Show Respect for All Womens i said i do all time but this time doesnt prove it

      Well I Guess You Are Ordering This Punishment to me and If Could You Would Find An Older Women f me The Have me tell Her What i Said About her iam Sure Lot of Strenght In her Arms is there

      if she decline take me over her knee for good Spanking you wouldnt mind doing it for her right in front of her as she watch as you blister my ass good

  3. Just guessing, St. Martin, Orient Beach ?

    I!m gettin older and mine is getting smaller, I guess it comes with age.


    1. Yes, very good, that was the crowded one I went to first. Have you been there?

  4. Hey Julie

    From several photographs I gather that David is circumcised. Is this the case, and what is your opinion on circumcision?

    1. I'm the first uncircumcised male that my wife dealt with: born in a WASP family in the US in the heyday of newborn circumcision, her previous boyfriends and her little brother were cut. She was surprised at first, but now her opinion is that it's better this way, if only because, even if nude, I normally don't show what she considers should be for her exclusively (my glans). She's very much into manual retraction, washing it, etc.

    2. I'm of the "who cares" generation.

  5. Glad to hear you 2 had a good time on vacation! We missed you and i'm sure i speak for many! One of my favorite fantasies is for my Wife to take me to a nude beach locked in my chastity cage, don't think thats one i ever want to become a reality though. ;0 Cant wait to read about the rest of the trip.

    1. Au contraire. It sounds like that's EXACTLY what should happen to you! Ha Ha!

    2. Perhaps You are right, it would be fun in a very humiliating way!

    3. You'll just get a lot of smiles from all the men and women around you. It also may be a bit of a conversation starter with other women. Heck, if I was there I would definitely come up to your wife, ask if she spanks also, and ask for a demonstration!

    4. A little hard to put sunscreen on a caged-cock...I wonder if the clear plastic will intensify the suns rays...

    5. Maybe they make them with U/V protection?

  6. Intersting, that photo made me lose any arousal but the end of the story well am up again.

    Nice smack on the bottom results in him getting harder...see we love to spanked!

    More please/

  7. Ha ha!! :D Love your posts... as if walking up naked wasn't humiliating enough(it wasn't!), your grabbing and smacking his bum was PERFECT!! :)

    1. Just one smack...
      I guess it's enough to make a point.

  8. This really isnt anything new fr my wife and I. I took her to several nude beaches and introduced her to the lifestyle. she took to t like a champ and and after the third beach she decided that ever after I would not only go nude but also in chastity. We have don ethis on many occasions, I wear a hastitiy cage, nipple clamps and have a butt plug up inside me, We always go for a walk and she leads me with a leash, Mnay people stare, most don't say anything, but some ask her if I am totally submissive, she usually just tells me to answer yes, but sometimes she has me get on all fours, she sits on my back, yanks up on the leash attached to my balls and pulls out then pushed bak in the butt plug. This is terrribly humiliating, but the worst is if she likes some of them she allows them to fuck her and makes me suk them hard, and lick them clean after they cum then eat their cum for her and clean her up, sometimes she allows them to have me suck them and they cum in my mouth or they just simply fuck me up the ass.
    This lifestyle is my life and at least I get a lot of cum, even if it is in my mouth and asshole. To answer do I get to cum, yes, I jerk off regularly and swallow every drop, no waste and I recycle.

    1. I'm gald you;re getting your daily dose of cum! Ha Ha!