Friday, July 12

Role Play: Neighbour and daughter

Hi guys! Things are still interesting with the personal trainer, and I will write about our last session soon. For now though, I thought I should cover off something different.

I realized that one thing I don't blog about are the role playing sessions I get into with my husband. I have kept the blog mainly focused on our domestic, FLR role play which blends real-life and scening. I mean, they are scenes, but they are meant to complement our real-life and tie into it. We "pretend" I am a dominant wife and he my submissive husband. Hmmmmm.....

At any rate, david and I engage in pure fantasy role play as well which we both enjoy. We have done a lot of different types of play. Almost anything you can think of in fact! And he is always on the bottom. For example, even if it's a "pirate/princess" sort of thing: I'm the pirate and he's the virginal princess! Ahoy Matey! Get those frillies down and those legs up, you're in for a right jolly buggering, girl!

Well the other night I wanted to do a role play based on something I had surfed somewhere, can't even remember where, and on the story lill jo and I put together (Panty Thief Punished!). When we role play, david and I usually sit down together over dinner and plot it out between ourselves, each of us adding elements in. It's fun and exciting.

Our setup for the last time was as follows.

Once upon a time there was a young lad who has a crush on the neighbour girl, but she gives him the cold shoulder at school. One night he and his friend gets drunk and they think it would be good payback to egg her house.

The girl lives alone with her single Mom. And they both have a heck of a time cleaning off all that hardened egg the next day. Neither of them know who could possibly have done such a thing.

Fortunately the boy's face was caught on another neighbour's security camera.

The police came by his house. He was told that he would be convicted if the owner of the house he egged pressed charges. The police would be contacting her tomorrow. 

The boy's Mom was furious, and even though the boy had not been spanked for many, many years, she nonetheless took down his pants, took him across her knee, and spanked his bare bottom with a hairbrush until he was crying. She was so angry that she spanked him right in the living room where both his little sister and his big sister could see the whole thing!

Then she put his nose in the living room corner, hands on his head, bare crimsoned buns showing, and grounded him for a month.

Within her boy's earshot, his Mom called the lady whose house he had egged, explained the situation, apologized on her son's behalf, and told how she had punished him. Even though he was grounded for a month, she offered to send him right around to apologize in person. She added that her son should be sure to show her the damage to his backside, and if she was not happy with the effects of his spanking, she was more than welcome to continue the lesson herself.

She also explained the situation with the police charges, and told the lady that her son would be available for the next month for any chores around her house that needed doing. If his attitude was at all lacking, or if the chores were not accomplished to her complete satisfaction, she was free to punish him any way she saw fit, and then let her know about it and he would be spanked again as soon as he got home, in the living room and in front of his sisters and any friends they had over, and then cornered bare naked until bedtime without supper.

So that was the backdrop for our role play. For the first scene I played the girl's single mother and david played the naughty boy. For the second scene, after a quick wardrobe change, I played the daughter (who bears an uncanny resemblance to her Mom!).

david started off in the bathroom and he knocked on the "front door". I was dressed as I would be for work, in a skirt and blouse with a jacket. I let him in and told him to remove his shoes. I played it frosty and cool and then yelled at him for what he had done and all the work he had put me and my daughter Julie through. david apologized again and again and looked very contrite.

"I understand you were spanked by your Mother. Is that right?" I asked.

"yes ma'am" answered david, looking sheepish.

"Aren't you too old to be spanked as if you were a child?"

"I think so, ma'am"

"But not too old to throw eggs at peoples houses, eh?"

"I'm so sorry, ma'am."

"Well, get on with it then. Your Mother told me you would be showing me the damage."

With a very realistic looking blush, david unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. He then turned away from me and lowered his underpants to just beneath his cheeks, bending over slightly. I walked slowly over to him, lifted the back of his shirt with my hand, and inspected his bare bottom (it was still lilly white because we had not acted out the preamble!).

"Tut, tut" I said. "Your Mother did a fine job, but I think you need more."

"no, please ma'am!" wailed david.

"Stay there!" I commanded. I walked over to the bedroom and came back with a stout wooden hairbrush. I then told david to move the straight-backed wooden chair into the centre of the room. This he did with his pants around his ankles, and his underpants down at the back, with his shirt-tails mostly covering him, except for the occasional peek at his bare bottom as he bent over.

I went and sat in the chair, and took him across my knee. I pushed his shirt up his back, pulled his underpants down to his knees, and started spanking him with the hairbrush. I started off fairly gently but quickly built up to a good strength and speed that had him writhing on my lap and kicking his legs. The leg kicking resulted in his pants mostly coming off and his underpants tangled around his feet. I spanked him until he was fire engine red all over. It was a good hard spanking!

Then I told him to get up. When he tried to reach for his underpants and pants I told him to leave them where they were and shuffle over to face the wall. I made him put his hands on his head which conveniently raised his shirt tails above his bare bum. I told him that Julie would be home any minute, and he would wait there until she got home so he could apologize to her as well.

"Please ma'am! No!" acted out david "She can't see me like this! She just can't!"

"She can and she will!" I said. "Julie spent as much time as I did cleaning the egg off the house and she has a right to see that you were properly punished!"

That's when I went away and changed. I got into my "Julie" outfit which were some sexy tight fitting faded and torn jeans, a baseball jersey, and a baseball cap.

When I was ready, I came back into the room where david was. He could not see me as he was facing the wall so I was free to play both parts for a bit.

"Mom! There's a naked boy standing against our wall! And he looks like he's just had a spanking!" I said as the daughter, Julie.

"Hello dear," I said, changing my voice to be "Mom's". "This is the boy who egged our house. Do you know him?" I asked me.

I went up to him and looked at his face that he was trying to hide from me.

"Oh My God! Is that David Jones? Why you little creep! So you were the one who egged our house!"

"So you know him I take it?" Mom said to me.

"Yeah I know him. The little creep has a crush on me and can't keep his eyes to himself. I wouldn't  give this loser the time of day!    Did you just spank him?"

"Yes," answered my Mom. "His Mother phoned and said he had been spanked at home, and that I should inspect the damage and continue his punishment if I thought he needed it."

"Oh, he needed it!" I said to my Mom. "But see how pathetic he is? Still spanked by Mommy at his age? Ha!"

"And there's more," said my Mom. "We can have him do any chores we please for the next month. So it looks like you have a vacation from your chores, Julie."

"That is awesome! I hate cleaning the toilets and doing the laundry, especially the ironing. Can he iron, do you think?"

"With a little training, I'm sure he can learn." Said my Mom.

"What if he doesn't learn?"

"Then he'll have a very sore bottom for a very long time."

"Awesome! Am I allowed to spank him too?" I asked.

"Of course you are!" Said my Mom. "In fact, it would be good experience for you to assign him his chores, supervise him, and punish him when necessary. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely," I answered enthusiastically.

"That's wonderful," said my Mom. "I have to leave now for that business dinner I told you about, so I am leaving you in charge of him for the evening. david, you are to do exactly as Julie tells you to, and she has my blessing to punish you if she thinks you need it, for whatever reasons at all. Julie, check the bottom drawer in my dresser, I think you'll find some useful items there. I'll call his Mother and let him know he'll be home late. And david, when the policeman calls around tomorrow asking if I want to press charges, I'll explain the situation with the chores, and say that Julie and I will be jointly deciding at the end of the month whether or not to press charges. Do you understand what I am telling you, young man?"

"Yes ma'am," said david. "I'll do as you and Julie tell me." So pathetic!

I walked over to the bathroom door, opened it, said "Bye Mom!" and slammed it shut. Then I ran back to david and grabbed his bare beaten ass hard with my hand, digging my fingernails into his flesh.

"I can't believe I can fucking do whatever I fucking want with you, you fucking little bitch! First off, strip, bitch, and turn around and face me. I want to see that pathetic little cock of yours."

david stripped off all his clothes and turned to face me, his hands covering his crotch.

"Hands on your head, bitch! Didn't I tell you I wanted to see your pathetic little cock?"

Yeah, I like talking dirty during role play. Language like this turns david on something fierce. I was kind of channelling Debra Morgan from Dexter!

"Yes Ma'am!" said david, as he moved his hands to his head, exposing a big bobbing erection.

"Ohhh! Yes 'Ma'am' is it? You call my Mother 'Ma'am', you refer to me as 'Miss'. Understood, bitch?"

"Yes Miss!"

"Don't forget it. Even as it is you're getting extra punishment for being stupid with your hands and for calling me 'Ma'am' as if I were an old person."

"Yes Miss!" said david.

I must say, david gets the easy end of the dialogue for the role play! Ha Ha! But it is ever so when you're the one calling the shots.

"Look at how pathetic you are. Are you excited to be standing there, being treated as my bitch?"

"no miss" he answered in a small voice.

" 'No miss' my ass." I then grab his cock hard with my hand and say "What the fuck is this then? Huh?"

"I don't know why it's like that, miss!" says david.

"It's because you're a subby little slut who gets turned on by being treated like my bitch."


"No eh? Well let's just stand here and watch it go away then," I said as I dropped his cock and watched it bounce. I stood there with my arms crossed watching his erection. It only got stronger and harder if that is possible.

"Well I'm waiting. It's not gettin' any fuckin' smaller, is it? Tell you what, either you admit you're a subby pussy slut who gets off on being treated like my bitch or I'll count to five and then kick you in the balls so hard you can try out for the girl's choir tomorrow. One. Two. Three. Four."

"ok ok! Don't kick me! I'm a subby slut who gets off on on being treated like a bitch!"

"NO!" I screamed as I grabbed his balls hard. "You're a subby pussy slut! Now what are you?"

"I'm a subby pussy slut! I'm a subby pussy slut!"

Believe me, if you want to get your role playing partner to play along, there is NOTHING as effective as grabbing him by the balls and squeezing. Tee Hee!

"And do you get off on being treated like a bitch, or treated like MY bitch?" I asked as I continued the pressure on his balls.

"Your bitch! Your bitch!" he screamed as I squeezed.

"Good. Now bend over the arm of that sofa. I'm 'gonna beat you so fucking hard for making me scrape the egg off my house that you'll wish you were never born."

david bent over the arm of the sofa and I went to the bedroom to collect my strap. I came back in character.

"Wooo Heee! Lookee what I found in Momma's dresser drawer!" I showed him the strap (actually a heavy leather two-tailed tawse, but I always call it "the strap"). "I'm 'gonna beat you black and blue with this. You won't be able to sit for a month by the time I'm done with you, you pathetic little bitch."

I put on my real serious voice when I said that, and I could tell that david was genuinely worried. We don't play with a safeword. In fact, he was sweating and his legs were shaking.

I pulled back and hauled down with that strap with a hellacious swing square on his lower ass cheeks. I was rewarded with a nice, satisfying scream! I waited fifteen seconds or so for him to settle down, and did it again. Ha Ha! Right to the same spot. My aim was spot on. I love searing his ass cheeks with that strap. He looks like he sat on a hot griddle!

"no no no no please please please" he said.

"please please what? Please please give me another?" I teased.

"no no no more, please!"

"Oh! You want the strap across the backs of your thighs, is that it?"

"No please! No!"

"Well, it's either a hard stroke across your ass, or a hard stroke across the backs of your thighs. You choose. And if you don't in the next five seconds I'll choose for you, and I'll choose your thighs and you'll get it so hard that you'll be walking funny like a beaten little bitch for a week, now choose!"

"Across my ass, please" said david, wisely.

"Do you want a really, really, hard one across your ass, just where those first two were?"

"yes please" he said, gritting his teeth.

"Ask me properly!"

"May I please have a really really hard one right across my ass, right where the first two went?"

So easy to get what you want!

I hauled back and then swung hard aiming for the exact same spot again. WHAP! Perfect aim! The mark was turning purple-red and it was definitely bruised where the tip of the strap hit. That was three. I gave him three more really hard zingers, all on the same spot, and decided he was done.

I helped him to his feet. He was unsteady and fell back to sitting on the arm of the sofa. There was moisture in his eyes. I hugged him to me. He was kind of mewling into my tits. When you have a good stout strap, and you're not afraid to use it, you don't need a lot of strokes.

I took him by the hand and I led him to my bedroom. I laid him face down onto the bed.

"I'll bet you never thought you'd get in here, did you?" I said, referring to him being in my bedroom. "But just look what you're getting next!" I said excitedly, holding a cane under his nose.

"Oh no!"

"Oh YES!"

Standing by the side of the bed, I whipped the cane down across his ass. The cane has a nice little delayed reaction. When it first hits it makes his ass go white and compresses his ass flesh. He goes very quiet and he doesn't seem to feel it. But a second later he is moaning and complaining and wiggling his ass around, and the formerly white line has turned red.

As I gave him more strokes I noticed he was sort of humping the bed. I thought I could use that.

"You know," I said, "you're humping my bed like a little slut. Are you humping your pathetic little penis on my bed covers?"

"no miss!"

"I think you are. And since you like it so much, keep going. Go on. Hump my bed."

david started making a fucking action on my bed, humping his cock against the covers.

"You are such a dirty little slut! Keep going." I commanded him. "If you spluge on my bed I'm 'gonna tell my Mom and then you'll really catch it!"

"ohhhh!' said david, probably worried that exactly that was going to happen.

I "helped" him by whipping the cane down on his ass. He froze for a second after it came down and then started humping again. I repeated this little game for about 30 strokes of the cane.

"Now hold your ass up." I said as I put away the cane. david was poised lying on his bed with his hips and marked up ass raised, as if in mid-hump.

I pulled on a pair of latex gloves and got out some lube.

"What are you doing?" asked david, bottom quivering in the air trying to hold position.

"Something I've always wanted to do to a boy. You just keep that ass up nice and high, bitch." I answered him.

Then I pulled off my top and stepped out of my jeans. I was bare breasted with only a cute little pair of panties on. david stared at me in wonder as he kept his bum raised for me.

Then I stuck a finger up his ass.

"I've always wanted to do this to a boy." I said, staying in character, as I pumped my finger in and out of his ass. Then I put two in and continued with the finger fucking. I lubed my other hand and reached between his legs to pull out his cock. As soon as I reached he spread his legs. As soon as I had it out, he clamped his thighs together trapping it behind his legs the way he likes it most.

I rubbed his lubed cock and I finger-fucked his asshole, stroking the dome of his prostate.

Whenever I sensed him getting close, I stopped rubbing his cock but continued finger fucking him. He started begging me to let him cum.

"Please! Please may I cum!?" he begged frantically.

"I don't know," I said, "I don't know if Mom would approve. Oh wait, I hear her coming in now. Mom! Mom! Could you come into my bedroom please and take a look at this."

"oh no, no" said david with his face buried in the pillow.

"You stay right like that!" I ordered him.

"Mom, look. I made him my little bitch like you said I should!"

"How wonderful Julie!" said my proud Mom.

"I think I've decided I'm going to make him my boyfriend also. Any complaints, davey?" I asked as I stuck my finger deeper up his bumhole while my Mom looked on.

"No miss!"

"Yeah, that's right. You're 'gonna pick me up and take me home from school every day. I don't care when your classes end. And you're 'gonna carry my books around school for me and basically just be my total little bitch boyfriend. Got it?"

"Yes Miss!" he said, inches away from cumming into my hand.

"Hey Mom. I have my finger right where you told me to, and I've been rubbing his cock. You are so right. A boy will do ANYTHING when he's like this! But should I let him cum all over himself, or should I send him home hard and wet?"

"Has he been obedient and done everything you asked?"

"Oh yes. He's been a good little bitch!"

"Then you may allow him to disgrace himself across the backs of his legs."

"Cool! Hear that davie? I'm 'gonna milk you like a cow!" As I said that, I went back to rubbing his cock vigorously while continuing the prostate massage. Before too long he was writhing and moaning. Then he held perfectly still... and SPURT! A big one right down the backs of his legs!

The last part was especially exciting for me. I had a bird's eye view of his beaten-up bum that just turned me on. And then the way he was writhing around on my hand and my fingers, and I was playing him like a fiddle, and then the big spurt of his orgasm. Boy that was hot for me!

So that was it. That was our little role play for the evening. I hope you all enjoyed reading about it as much as we all enjoyed playing at it!


  1. Missed you so bad. Thank you for coming back.

    A Mexican submissive hubbie fam

    1. Awwww! Thank you!
      I didn't go too far, just was exhausted after posting so much in a row. Needed to recharge my kink batteries!

  2. Great to hear from You, i was beginning to think You forgot about us! i am really curios to read about how things are going with david and his trainer.

    1. I will post about that soonest! Some real fun stuff happening.

  3. That was a good read! But I do not think I would like to experience it myself.

  4. OMG Miss Julie!!! I'm squirming in my seat! That is such a hot roleplay! It's scary to think how badly you beat his ass, but it's such a sexy dynamic and you play the part so well!

    Btw, I do find it humorous that you two call it "pretend". I think it's a convenient way for david not to fully and outwardly admit that you're his dominant wife and he's your little bitch. I don't blame him of course, but the reality seems pretty obvious :)

    Thank you again for sharing Miss Julie and I'm anxiously awaiting the next Trainer post!


    1. I didn't beat it that bad, just a five-minute hairbrushing, a 30-stroke caning, and six with the strap all one on top of the other. Hmmmm... ok, I guess it was pretty bad!

    2. Scary, but oh so enticing Miss Julie!


  5. Ms Julie,

    I love the role play. The idea of being double-teamed by two versions of Ms Julie! Well, that's just out there!

    I'm sure your naughty neighbor boy would be crap at a lot of the housework tasks he'd have to do. So his butt would need to be constantly available for 'close supervision'. Perhaps he'd wear just an apron? There's the ironing and the dishes. Hanging out the washing...

    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

    1. I was thinking bra, panties, stockings, a garter, and heels. That's what the young Miss Julie would do to him, for sure!

    2. That sounds yummy Ma'am. Maybe the panties could be sheer, backless or g-string? Its nice to know if you need to top up that ass-glow!

      lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

    3. g-string it too immodest!

  6. And diapers and plastic panties at night! He can hang them outside with the washing.

  7. sound like fun time between you and david doing role playing one thing i would love maybe if an old female babysitter spanking david be one from her past i wish i had old female babysitter who would do same to me

    i even alway have idea of me being spanking by the female neighbor and her daugther one idea be the daugther spanked me first meaning i get spanking from her then i get spanked by the mom when daugther tell her mom about her spanking me and what i did i get spanked hard by the mom while daugther watch since mom warn me before then if want they can both spank me at end

    1. Interestng. I think the mother/daughter fantasy tickles more than a few subby men's fantasies.

    2. i think you are right i think any fantasy with 2 or more female tickles and huge thing with the naughty boy and sub mens who want spanking either from one as other watch or from all 3 of them,

      me i wouldnt mind being punish by the mom and daugther as their friend watch same as if it a female and her friend spanking me as their friend watch me get punish

  8. Hey Ms. Julie,

    It's good to be back on here and I have a lot of catching up to do.
    I just wanted to say I think it's wonderful that you and david share this kind of trusting loving relationship.

    It sounded like a pretty bad spanking he got but I guess the difference for him is knowing that it is all role play and your not really upset with him. For me this same type of spanking knowing Dianne meant business and I had really screwed up is the difference as far as on an emotional level. I think it's a pretty fine line between fantasy and reality and just knowing it's real is what makes it punishment for me as I said on an emotional level. That and not having the control to tell her if she's really making it hurt and to please stop. But I know she would never do anything to seriously harm me and so I've learned to trust her discipline methods. Having the kink and wanting spankings like I do I will admit it's exciting to think about but once it happens it's only enjoyable to a point and she makes sure she goes way past the point of me enjoying it so I realize it's discipline.

    Anyways just wanted to let you know I've got my internet privileges back and I'm going to be real careful about what I say on here as to not be disrespectful to anyone especially Dianne.

    bob s.

    1. Give it time, bob, give it time. We have faith that sooner or later you backside will be paying the consequences...just sayin'

  9. Very nice. My wife does some similar role playing with me. Usually she is a teacher or librarian, Ms. Simmons. I might be punished for trying to peak up the skirts of Irene or Susie (her first and middle names). After Ms. Simmons punishes me and I fail to properly admit to the extent of my nefarious behavior, she asks the girls in to clarify the facts. Of course, they always want to take part in the spanking. And Susie might giggle and suggest that if I like panties so much, maybe I would like to wear hers ....

  10. It is quite difficult to imitate a childhood spanking, as a child Just a hand spanking was scary as my aunt's / mom, any lady's hand almost covered both ass cheeks, also a slipper or a hairbrush had same impact.
    But as an adult, the spanking is usually alternating ass cheeks unless a big school paddle or large strap / belt is used and it is still not as painful as a slipper on a child's ass.

    1. My victim is not a child! He is old enough to get drunk and have sex with the young woman!

    2. I know, David is a teenager or so in this role-play.
      I was expressing my own fantasy and my disappointment of not being able to get it perfected.
      I am 6 feet 200lbs. That is my problem, though my girl friend is of comparable size with big hands & feet and could have done the trick on men 5,5" 140lbs but in my case how to find a lady 6,6" with size 11 feet & big hands.

  11. Fantasy aside,
    I despise pedophilia.
    Why is it OK for a woman to do it to a boy,
    but not a man to a girl?
    "Off with his head," you would cry, and rightly so.
    A little double standard here, methinks.
    I know, I know, I've missed the point of the fantasy.
    And you want to know something else?
    I'm glad.
    Sorry to be such a wet blanket.
    That is, if it's not already.

    1. I sincerely hope we all despise pedophilia. I certainly do. But this fantasy role play is emphatically not involving children! My "victim" gets drunk and gets to have sex with a girl his age. They certainly are not children!

      I was actually very careful to never mention the age of the boy. He could be 20 years old for all you know! True, the little cartoon that I picked up somewhere makes him look less than that, but it has been my experience that my husband reverts to little-boy-like behaviour when across my knee, which is what I wanted to convey.

      It was actually my husband's fantasy to be a budding young man (emphasis on the "man" part!) taken in hand by the young lady's mother and then by the young lady herself, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with him having that fantasy, Mr. WB.

    2. It was clear to me that all concerned were over 18. I believe the boy had been away at college and had gotten carried away when back home on break.


    3. Great post and I love the fact of how much you two enjoy each other.

      Like bob said , it is "Role play" .... Not real punishment...and sometimes
      Even in a play scene it can get pretty intense.
      You are amazing...... And David is a lucky guy.

      Ricky... You need a "time out"...:-)


    4. Perhaps we all do.
      Fantasy does that.
      ". . . taken in hand by the young lady's mother and then
      by the young lady herself . . ." (Mother & daughter?)
      Well, it's your blog.
      But at the same time, Ms. Julie, I admire your blog, for its class and tastefulness.
      It's this subject I protest.
      I guess this means we no longer can be friends?
      No, I didn't think so.

    5. Not everybody needs to enjoy the same fantasies, but as my Mother used to say, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    6. You don't have to publish this, Ms. Julie.

      Again, it's your suggestive subject, I protest.
      Now you bring your Mother into this, and I'm sure she is
      a wonderful lady.
      Perhaps why I'm saying something not very nice is,
      because it's not a very nice subject.

    7. It's not very nice for you, but others find it a fun little fantasy. There is nothing absolute here and nobody is hurt.

  12. I have a question about milking technique.

    I think I remember you mentioning that you could milk your husband by simply touching his penis tip (in addition to anal/rectal stimulation), as opposed to full-blown masturbation, so as not to get him hard. Is this correct?

    Can you milk him with only prostate stimulation?

    1. It takes more than a touch, but when I have him on the very, very, edge, either by me stroking him or having him stroke himself, then a final touch might just do it, but he is very hard!

      It is Deirdre on 'Spanking My Husband" blog who can milk a prostate without making him hard.

  13. You NEED a small crop like this for those tight quarters situations... Got a birthday or anniversary coming up soon?

    1. Actually, I broke a crop on his ass, and what's left over I use in exactly this manner!

    2. Broke a crop on his ass?! Bravo!!

  14. Just love it...amazing scene and spanking! It is so much fun to scene and this one is know my fantasy scene but I just loved this one..happy for you. Hey spankings are spankings, we all need to get them.

    1. Thanks! I like playing two parts and having them dialogue with one another - it makes it more a challenge!

  15. i am full slave ready for spanking and marring id brine_mind

  16. when I was 13 I was in Toronto for the Summer staying with my father for ymca day camp. One day when he was at work I arrived back at his apartment after a half day(can you say keylatch...) and had the afternoon to myself. So sneaking through his drawers looking at his dirty mags and such. What else do you expect a 13 year old to do.... There was a local paper rag with ads at the back. It was the eighties before internet and at the back page was a large full page ad of a strict woman wagging a hairbrush with some caption I can't remember and a phone number. My voice had probably just changed because when I called the number the lady didn't ask me about my age. I told her I really wanted to be spanked and she told me $100. I had come that summer with a couple of hundred dollars from my mother that was burning a hole in my pocket. Long and short of it all is that I showed up at her door and when she opened it she saw I was pretty much just a kid. She had a look of disbelief but let me in anyway. I remember sitting on her couch and pulling out the $100. I think she was going to tell me to leave but seeing the $100 figured what the heck and took my money. She then grabbed my ear and took me to her kitchen and pulled my shorts and underpants down and spanked me bare over her knee, it was the most erotic experience of my life and I came over her knee. So that was 35 years ago.

    1. That is so sweet! The nice thing about spanking is that whichever way you think, it was the appropriate reaction!

    2. I also ended up blowing through half my osap money in the 90's. Now magazine was great for finding a particular kind of disciplinarian. I went to a place called Behind the Black Door and there was a lady who called herself Aunt Virginia and who could forget Mrs. Bradford. I had a baby face and they were all very motherly to me. I still get a charge thinking about it all. There are a lot of disciplinarians out there who say its not a sexual thing and they are grossed out by a guy asking if he can cum but for me and I would suspect most, it is. I havent seen a professional spanker in years(luckily my wife gets me) but when i've been told to wait and am in the corner with my underpants down around my ankles i'm dripping. It hasn't changed in all these years and the thought of getting spanked is still just as erotic as when I was 13. Ok thanks for replying.

    3. I MUCH prefer dealing with a hard and drippy boy. So much more fun to tease!

  17. This is still my biggest masturbation image, me getting spanked at 13. I often wonder what ever happened to that lady, I also wonder whether any other disciplinarians have been presented with the same situation and how they would handle it. Take the money or tell the kid to take a hike. The idea is so filthy. I like to imagine they all follow through with the task at hand.