Tuesday, December 24

Lawyer Spanked

An e-pen-pal of mine wrote me a story that I thought it would be nice to share with you guys. Here it is, unedited. I think it is grand!


I promised to bring by some legal documents to review and get your final signatures. Your house is on the way home for me and I figured it is the least I could do. I'm dressed in business suit and power tie.

We are sitting at your dinner table going through papers, but I'm having a hard time not admiring you... your slim firm figure enhanced in a well cut business suit.

The skirt hem is cut appropriately but just high enough that you catch me more than once looking down at your legs. The fishnet stockings seem almost entrancing. Soon I wonder if you've begun purposely leaning forward in your seat just so that the skirt rides up a bit. I try to steel myself but feel a little hot under the collar and off balance. You lean in to offer some coffee and your proximity and my brief glance at your chest suddenly and surprisingly sends blood to my cock. I loosen my tie and shift some in my seat. Nothing misses your notice.

I realize that our office missed filing something on time resulting in a new round of legal hassles. You're more than a bit ticked and I try to laugh it off..'I promise to give my paralegal a good spanking.' 'Who runs the office?' you snap, knowing full well who does. 'I'm thinking that person deserves a good spanking.' Again I try to laugh but your authority seems to grow and mine diminish as you probe, reveal, entrance, and all the while subtly disarm me. You seem to smell 'blood' or at least fresh, needy, submissive ass.

You push your chair back now confident of what's possible. 'I'm not laughing. Your office has wasted my time and money and you as the lead attorney need to take responsibility. Get on your knees.' I hesitate, not believing you are serious. 'Get on your knees,' you hiss as you grab a fistful of my hair and pull me out of the chair onto the carpet. My head is down and I see the full length of your legs and your sexy heels. My cock involuntarily begins to throb, which you astutely notice. You walk slowly around me pondering the opportunity. Legal services are expensive, it might be nice to have a lawyer-sub. "What the hell are you doing?" I snap trying to find my bearings.

"Take off your coat and tie and give me the tie. You run a sloppy office.. and don't think I haven't noticed your wanton little cock - a mere peek at my fishnet and you become completely distracted. Follow me to the couch... CRAWLING.' You whip the tie around my neck and yank it leash-like.

There you have me kneel and unbutton my starched white shirt; my tanned firm chest and abs look a bit enticing framed that way. You order me to unbuckle and unzip my suit pants, revealing my cock awkwardly tenting my boxers. I can't believe I'm acceding to it. You sit on the couch as I kneel there, and you instruct me to look at you.

"I want to hear you say that you've fucked up. I want to hear you say what needs to happen now." I try evasion one more time, "My office screwed up but I promise we will make it right." You grab my chin, 'That is not what I want to hear. This is becoming worse for you by the minute' as you push the point of your shoe into my cock.

I let go. It seems the right thing to do - warm and freeing in some way. "Yes Ma'am. I fucked up this time. And I deserve to be punished for it." "Good boy. Now put your head to the floor and that ass in the air." Your hand now on the back of my head, guides me down, teasingly sliding my cheek along your silk stockings, before settling my face and lips at your heel." (SLUTTY SHOE/BOOT fetishist here). You push my boxers down over my virgin ass. You note how they get stuck on my hard cock, in a more than slightly humiliating tone. "Looks like my sharp lawyer is really quite the little submissive deep down. Look how that cock is throbbing and quivering at the thought of a little spanking." You run a nail along the shaft through the boxers before lifting the edge of the head. "You don't just deserve this, you want this and need it. Such a little slut you are. Say it!"

"Yes Ms. Julie, I need this. I need your discipline." Face to the floor, naked ass high in the air, the first spank lands hard, much harder than I could have imagined. The force pushes my bent over body forward, my face planted against your sexy heels.

The searing sting elicits a deep groan and I arch up to look at you ...'WTF?!?' "Did I say you could speak? Now kiss my heels and keep your head down. The only speaking is you thanking me and counting." One after another, your hand lands sharp spanks to my ass cheeks and upper thighs. I could swear you purposely catch my balls on occasion, enjoying how I lurch forward in pain and try desperately to muffle my cry. With each one, I kiss your shoe, the toe or the heel, and thank you. As you round to 20, suggesting we'd stop there, my ass feels on fire. You lightly run your hand over it and it feels like a balm. 

"We aren't done here yet. Your screw-up with my case and your little 'WTF' antic warrant more serious attention. Keep your head down. I'll be back."

You return carrying the paddle, some lube, a dildo, and a clean plug.. "Head down and brace yourself boy." The humiliation, pain, and wild eroticism wash over me. One minute, I'm the self confident, sharply dressed, fit attorney and seemingly the next, I'm on my knees, head bowed, and taking a spanking like a naughty submissive slut; my mind fixated on how I want to slowly work my lips up your stockinged legs to taste. The paddle, landing with a hard thud on top of the already sensitive skin, makes me audibly wince and pull away. You grab the tie still around my neck and use it like a rein to keep me in place. You slip your foot out of your heel and plant it on the back of my head for further anchoring. Another 9 blows land furiously and you pause. I'm barely murmuring thank you now.. . feeling exhausted, spent and numb.

"You feeling a little more remorseful boy? Poor baby..." You put some lube on your hand and find my cock which amazingly has some life still in it. I moan with your first touch. "Ass slut that you are, I'm going to add something before I finish with the paddle. You are going to take this ass plug. I'm sure you're familiar with them.. I bet you've slipped them in yourself. Haven't you slut?" Teasingly giving my shaft a long hand stroke, you note "As I push the plug in, I want you to imagine a big strong boy of mine is easing his cock into your ass." I give you a wary, distasteful look and you let go of my cock. 'You will imagine it's a cock if you want my hand on your shaft ever again." Hungry for your touch I accede... and fall in still deeper.

The doorbell suddenly rings and I madly grab for my clothes, mortified. You hiss to stay right there and not move. Sue of course had planned to come over for the afternoon and you had teed up the ass plug timed perfectly for her arrival. "Sue! Come in! I have quite a surprise for you." I hear you both murmuring and laughing in the distance and you quickly bring her up to speed. "So at the moment, he's 'dying' for the feeling of cock in his ass and I'd love for you to oblige him for now with the ass plug." Sue takes a long look at me as I peer up... and finally I see what a striking beauty she is as well. "What a submissive well spanked whore you have here" she says as she runs her hand over your workout on my ass and circles my ass bud teasingly. She takes the now lubed plug and with the other hand grabs the 'rein'... she slowly pushes open my ass bud with the tip. I moan from the stimulation, and from your hand which again firmly grasps my cock. My cock is rock hard and you comment to Sue how wanton I am. "Look how well he takes cock!"

You grab a fistful of my hair and pull my head up: "Say it...'Please fill me with a cock.' And picture a big hard shaft splitting you open for the first time." I can't say it or want it. Irritated you let go of my cock and I groan.. almost worse than the spanking is losing the pleasure from your hand on my cock. "Please fill me with your cock Sue!" I spit out. You begin to stroke my cock again and Sue works it in. The two of you laughing and commenting along the way. You reach for the dildo and instruct me to kiss and suck the other cock while I take it in the ass. "That's a good boy taking 2 cocks for me." With a final push the head of the medium plug plunges in. Sue and you admire your work... hot red marked ass, wantonly filled with the plug. For added effect, Sue grabs my hips, digging her nails in, and slowly pushes her hips into me as if she fucking me.. thrusting again and again, for your amusement.. You take the dildo and force it deeper, making me gag.. all the while delivering twisting long strokes to my shaft. You both keep commenting on how well I 'take cock' and 'give head' ... and how fun it would be to train and push those limits. My cock begins to quiver and I'm so close to cumming.

"Sue - he has 10 more strokes of the paddle before he's done... they're all yours." So close but now so far from cumming. Spanked and plugged with my ass still in the air, Sue lands the first 5 hard and fast, right over the area you've already worked. I nearly start to tear up, and practically bite the dildo. The plug adds to the humiliation as I squirm and feel it move around. Sue turns it a bit just for fun in between. Sisterly competition clearly has a bit of a hold. "Why are you treating him so gently?" you taunt. You know what's coming now and grab my shaft for the final blows. She lays into the next 5 and with each one I try to move away, inching forward. It drives my cock into your hand... bringing a pleasurable reward almost equal to the pain she gives. But between her grip of my tie and your grip on my cock there is no way to move out of the way. She finishes with her hardest one against my upper thighs. I heave forward... no layers of protection left... wiped, taut, with my ass searing.

You slip off your damp panties... "I know you've been dying to taste me. Shall I give you a special treat? You've been a good boy. Tell me who owns this cock now and you may have your reward." "You do, Ms. It's yours... my cock, my ass.. yours. I'd do anything if you'll allow me to cum." "Good boy... you know I only gave you exactly what you need." With a permanent marker you mark the base of my swollen hard shaft with an "SJ".. then you wrap your panties around the head of my cock and begin to stroke me faster. "Cum now boy.. think about that ass fucking and cock sucking.. and your need for discipline... Think about what you can and will do for me to earn this orgasm and all future ones. I expect ever more from you boy." Your rapid strokes, the two hot women totally owning my mind and body. My face now at Sue's and your feet... and I let go of a HUGE orgasm. My cum filling your silk panties. Your gift to me is allowing me to mess your panties this way... for you, you know that it is merely a downpayment... and you expect serious returns. You stroke out the last drops and tell me to lie on my back and you straddle me from above. You and Sue look down at me. I see your gorgeous pussy... out of reach.. but an object now of my fantasies. You bend your knees just so.. bringing it closer, but only to slip the panties into my mouth and order me to suck them clean and to not move till you and Sue return. You slip off your heels and stockings and leave them on my chest. I feel calm now, intoxicated and immersed in you, addicted to your scent, your touch. You and Sue wander off to share a drink and a laugh. I ponder just what limits I'd give up for more of you....


  1. One Dream I Think Be Cool See Lawyer Spanked By The Judge In Front Of Everyone LIke For Arguing With The Judge Or For Not Doing His Job With The Client Then has Get OTK Bare Butt Spanking By The Judge or Spanked By Female Clietn he Was Thaing Care Of He Get Spanked Right There By His client Then Spanked By The Judge

    madison ohio
    age 42

  2. lovely story! i wish i was in this situation...