Wednesday, December 31

Second Training Session

Can you believe a week has rolled by and it's time to blog about david's second training sessions with the ever so cute and energetic Mags?

She arrived today and she could barely contain herself. Very little small talk, she wanted to discuss david's diet for the past week. Here are his days:

Wednesday, Dec. 24 - 3200 Kcal, no exercise
Thursday, Dec. 25 - 2900 Kcal, no exercise
Friday, Dec 26 - 2247 Kcal, no exercise
Saturday, Dec 27 - 1897 Kcal, no exercise
Sunday, Dec. 28 - 3370 Kcal, cardio intervals on the elliptical for 25 minutes
Monday, Dec. 29 - 2766 Kcal, no exercise

To put this in context, david needs to eat around 2000 Kcal per day to lose weight when not exercising. That can, maybe, maybe, go up to 2250 Kcal if exercising that day. So outside of Saturday, these results are SO unacceptable!! Especially when just last week he swore up and down he would eat clean. Honestly, I wasn't following along with his food diary, but I got the sense he wasn't being particularly careful. Fortunately, Mags was right on top of him.

She tended to want to excuse him for the 24th and 25th, but not me. There was no reason in the world he could not have taken smaller portions. But the 26th, 28th, 29th? No excuse whatsoever in her eyes or mine. She seemed especially shocked by the nature of his calories. A lot of treats. A lot of very childish treats. He eats like a 10 year old boy.

She just would not get off of it. She circled back again and again to the same points. She scolded him for his lack of commitment. She wondered aloud, in fact, if she was wasting her time with him.

david was very contrite, and replied with a lot of "Yes, Miss" and "No, Miss" and "I'll do better, Miss". It was fun for me watching him being schooled by this young lady.

"I think we need to give him the strap for his poor eating," I suggested after there was a bit of a lull in her haranguing of him.

"Good idea!" she said. (Yay!)

I suggested they get their exercising done, and then she send david up to get me as I would LOVE to watch her toast his buns with my strap.

I felt it wise to suggest "we" were giving him the strap, as a team, but at the same time suggesting she would be wielding it. I was ready with the "the eating thing is really your responsibility so you should strap him", but it was not even needed. She was in fact eager to deliver the strapping herself, but clearly just needed a bit of extra "permission".

I then went upstairs and about my business. According to david's account afterwards, the exercise session was similar to last week's, but with different exercises substituted in. She seemed to get past the whole eating thing and they had fun together, with Mags delivering two or three giggly (but still hard) strokes of the crop, paddle, and strap to his clothed behind after each exercise set. She commented during the session that she particular enjoyed using the heavy leather strap. She also asked for some clarifications from david on how to aim it and where to hit, and they practised a bit on his bum. According to david, nothing more was said about the impending more serious strapping to come, although david did say it lingered on his mind (perhaps hers as well?)

After the session, was done and he had stretched, she was starting to get ready to leave. david reminded her that he should probably go get me now and bring me down. "Ok" is all she said.

The girl still remains a bit of a mystery to me. She seems to enjoy smacking his bum, but does not really initiate the bigger punishments (she does initiate the smaller between-exercise smacks, reminding him to bend over if he is too slow).

"Ok, so time for his punishment now!" I said as I entered the basement gym room on david's heels. "Where should we put him?" I asked her. She sort of shrugged. I suggested, "let's have you bent over the exercise ball, young man."

david got the big ball down from its storage location, placed it in the center of the gym where Mags would have room to swing, and then bent over it.

"Which one do you want to use?" I asked, indicating the three implements. "Oh this one," she said right away, picking up the heavy, twin-tailed leather tawse, with a mischievous smile to boot (Ah! My protege!).

"Have you room to swing?" I asked. She measured her swing to his ass, adjusted herself a little, and declared it good.

Now, I was determined that david's pants and underpants be taken down for this punishment. I didn't want to ask Mags, though, in case she said it was fine leaving them up. I knew from last time his bare bottom did not faze her in the least, so I just went ahead and ordered david:

"david, pull your pants and underpants down so Mags can see what she's doing."

david let out a little groan, but slid his gym shorts and his underpants down to just beneath the crease of his ass, looking all the world a little embarrassed at having to do this.

"A little lower, I think, in case Mags would like to touch up the backs of your thighs."

david groaned again, lifted himself a bit and slid his shorts and undies down to his knees. He also kept his thighs pressed tightly together to avoid showing more than what he was told to.

Afterwards he recounted how this was really quite embarrassing for him. Even though the whole idea of this kinky trainer thing is to get into these sorts of situations, it nonetheless still embarrasses him to be ordered to lower his pants for a strapping from a young lady not his wife. As a result, he says he was very, very careful to keep his legs tightly closed together, and to keep his bare penis and balls tucked up hard between the ball and him so they would not be on display. He also says he was unsure if he was showing any bottom hole, but did his best to bend over the least he could to minimize that potentially very embarrassing exposure.

In fact, I can vouch for the fact that all he was showing was a beautiful white expanse of bottom and thigh, ready for the strap, with no private parts or bottom hole on show.

"How many, do you think?" Asked Mags. I didn't offer up an immediate response, but she quickly volunteered a suggestion herself, "How about 20? Is 20 too many? That's too many, isn't it?"

"I think 20 is fine. What do you think, david. Is 20 fine?" I asked my exposed, bare bottomed, soon to be soundly trainer-strapped hubby.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered me.

My natural inclination would have been to give him more like a hundred, but I didn't want to push Mags and sought to build her confidence by agreeing with the number she proposed.

"Make sure they're good hard ones," I said, "His eating was sooo bad this week he deserves them."

This was potentially evil of me, as her face darkened as she was reminded of how poorly her charge had fared this past week.

"Yes, they WILL be hard. You deserve them." She said by way of answer, directing that last part at him.

She let go with the first smack. A good hard stroke to his under-cheek curves. It was not at all tentative! I think she got used to hard smacks over his clothes, and this smack on his bare skin was therefore a doozie.

david audibly gasped and rolled forward a bit on the ball. A nice strap-shaped red mark came up just where he had been whipped.

"Good one!" I said, by way of encouragement. "Are you going to be eating better this week, david?" I asked him.

"Oh Yes Ma'am!!" he practically yelled out. Mags smirked a bit and let go with number two. Every bit as hard, a little higher up. Then another and another and another. We exchanged glances, she and I, as she spanked my husband. She had all sorts of funny expressions on her face, none of them bad ones. All of them fun. Some "woops" ones when she got an especially good crack in. She had picked up last week's suggestions well, and was confining her strokes to the bottom half of his rear, and aiming the tip of the strap to the center of either the left or the right cheek.

Then she let loose another good one high up to the backs of his thighs. Definitely thighs, but just under where thigh meets butt.

"Ahhhh!" david yelled out with that one, and a nice welt came up.

Mags put her hand to her mouth and looked at me.

"Perfect!" I said. "More there."

She laid another one out onto his thighs, a little lower down, and was greeted by another great reaction from david. He, in fact, started involuntarily rolling away from the strap, winding up with his elbows on the floor in front and his bottom jacked up higher. As the next smack came to his low bum cheeks, he evidently lost his resolve to keep his legs tightly together (they had been working themselves looser as Mags smacked) and they splayed as allowed by his shorts still banded around his knees.

This put on a bit of a show for us ladies, as his bottom hole now clearly peeped out between his cheeks, and while his balls couldn't exactly be seen, the big expanse of skin between his inner legs from butthole to base of balls was right on view, looking for all the world just like the back of the stretched out ball sac that it was.

Here, I found an image on the web and touched it up in Photoshop to make it look more like david's ass. That was more or less the view of his asshole and the skin beneath it, just imagine his legs a bit more spread and kicking around after each hard stroke of that strap.

How embarrassing for him that my man is forced to put on this little sex show for us ladies as he is receiving his comeuppance. I really felt all the world like saying what was on my mind: that his little beating and the exposure of his bum hole put me in the mood to get out my strap-on and take him like the little bitch he is right across that exercise ball in front of his young trainer. Show Mags who gets bent over and penetrated in this marriage: who gets ridden like a little filly and who does the riding!

But I restrained myself. All in good time...

After Mags gave him his last and said "There! 20!", poor little david, reached his hands back and clutched at his bottom cheeks. He says he didn't realize it (which I doubt - the little slut), but the clutching and rubbing gave us an excellent view of his spread wide bum hole as if what we had already seen had not been enough.

"david! You're making a spectacle of yourself! Stop that rubbing immediately, pull your pants up and apologize to Mags for your poor diet last week."

Mags, for her part, remained entirely unfazed by this exposure. I think it maybe a bit of a female thing. I couldn't imagine a straight man being unmoved at such a site in a woman, however most women, I think, have been brought up to be used to and comfortable with nudity in young children of both sexes, and I think his childish eating combined with a sound spanking for that delivered by a young lady barely past babysitting age fit him squarely into that camp!

david pulled up his pants, and then turned towards Mags but mid-turn got to his knees and bent over and apologized to her.

He was hiding an erection!!!

"Stand up and apologize properly!" I told him.

He stood but remained subserviently hunched over with his arms crossed at the wrists in front of his crotch.

"Put your hands on your head and stand straight, david!"

He did so, and so displayed a giant Mags-strapping-inspired erection tenting his gym shorts.

"Apologize to Mags for that!"

"I'm very sorry, Miss..."

"You should be," she said, "you're a very naughty boy!" but she had a big smile / smirk on her face as she said it.

"Now go to the bathroom and stay there until you're presentable!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

And off he scooted, blushing like a bride!

I then chatted with Mags for a few more minutes as she packed up and got on her boots and coat. We talked a little bit about how the spankings stimulate him (clearly!) but that they really are punishment at the same time and will remind him to do better. She agreed 100% that they sure were punishment! I suggested to Mags, however, that no matter how much better he gets, there is always room for improvement.

Just as she was leaving, david re-emerged to say goodbye, his excitement now subsided to non-visible status.

I think Mags is doing great!


  1. A great after workout spanking. Megs did a good job but could have done better. I think in time Megs will be giving longer spankings and telling David herself to pull his shorts down. I'm sure when you and her talked about his "tenting" she enjoyed it. and probably wished he had his short down to give her a better view. You found the right trainer for David and if I may suggest, if David does this bad next week maybe a spanking prior to training then another one after. And if you really want to embarrass him while standing at the ball have him pull his shorts down to his ankles. the short time he's bent over she will get a peek at his slut hole.
    Great Post.

    1. I'm thinking that the next infraction may be serious enough that his clothing needs to be removed entirely... no?

  2. i think Mag or Meg is doing great since she young she has some more learning to do maybe she doesnt really want hurt david


    1. Learning fast indeed. Not at all tentative with the strokes! Some VERY hard ones in there.

  3. Once again Julie, it appears that you and david have exactly the kind of trainer that david needs. Congratulations. Each updated story is so fun and so easy to read. You really do have a knack for truly painting a pictures in the mind's eye of the reader. Thank you and Happy New Year to you and your husband.

    1. My pleasure. It's easy when I have this great material to work from!

  4. Dear Ms. Julie,
    Thank You for sharing david's humiliating "dressing down" and punishment at the hands of You and his pretty new trainer. It must have been truly embarrassing to have his pants and undershorts pulled down and be spanked by Mags while You watched= I trust he will be a much better boy this week!! My personal trainer is also young and pretty but alas very vanilla- She and my Wife are good friends but this wouldn't ever occur. I can dream! It would be great if the next time david has his pants pulled down, a pair of frilly, girly panties would be on display (and perhaps a Tampon string?). Just a thought.... Have a very Happy New Year Ms. Julie!!
    Submissive curtsy,
    sissy jennifer

    1. Have you hinted, jenni? We found we were able to gradually "corrupt" our previous vanilla trainers. It can start with the "joke" gift of a riding crop to her to use during your sessions. There's something about holding a crop that just makes you want to whip some ass!

    2. Oh what a wonderful surprise that would be for me Ms. Julie! I will share your post with my Wife who may find it interesting! I do wear pink socks and frilly panties under my shorts (girl's short shorts but in my size. My t-shirt is very male (usually gray) but I usually have just a touch of perfume on. This is never discussed- I have no idea if She has even noticed. My next work-out is Monday- maybe I could step it up a notch? Anyway, I adore Your blog and can't wait for the next post- You are truly awesome Ms. Julie!!
      sissy jennifer

  5. What a fantastic resume....I belive that you should seriusely evaluate the diaper to father humiliate him or his post spanking erection and maybe some corner time as well. was wondering how much water he is drinking every day. How does he tracks calories? does he uses any app? have you evaluated to use a smart scale (pop up on your phone, trainers phone and his phone?) and a smart agility tracker such as the one produced by withings which keeps track of your activity all day long and sincronizes with the same app.


    1. He has an app for recording food and exercise and a scale for his morning weigh-ins that links to the app. He also uses a heart rate monitor watch during exercises (it uses a chest strap) that estimates his calory burn. david selected these things himself. He is very quick to buy all the latest gizmos, very slow to use them properly!!!!

  6. happy new year,

    is Mag a Dom, Sub or a lesbian?

    i say she's a Sub lesbian girl and I bet with 10$ on that ;)

    1. As far as I can tell she is straight vanilla, but with a penchant for becoming a Domme I would guess!

    2. till this time you did not give us a clear evidence that she have a Dom personality, so do a test on her to see if she is a Sub or not, if yes don't worry about the 10$ ;) because you have found a new girl to play with or you can give it to your sister :)

    3. Delicate balance I'm handling here. Won't rock the boat (at least not yet!)

  7. you write the hottest stories !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!

      I find it very easy when the material is handed to me like this. I struggle more when I have to think up things to do to david, carry them out, and then write about them. But with another "unknown" in the equation (Mags that is) I just have to report what happened, which often surprises me (!), and the recounting writes itself. It's especially fun, in fact, because I don't know how it will turn out, which is also why I don't want to "force things" too much in any direction, but let Mags take her tentative lead.

      I will give myself some credit. I do have to be careful to write in my feelings and thoughts about what is happening, and to interview david afterwards to fill in the gaps I was not present for, and to understand what is going on in his mind. One of my readers once suggested this to me, and it has been great advice for spicing up the writing. Then it's just a question of blending those elements together into a cohesive narrative. I find it fun!

    2. Oops, just saw this. Lovely response..

    3. You write like a dream. By the way, do you ever visit Fetlife?

    4. I do not. Too many hook-up propositions!

    5. Yes, but it must be flattering ...

  8. Sub lesbian? Naw, She's a Domme in training; she just didn't know it till now!

  9. Imagine the humiliation of being put into a childish diaper after his workout and spanking...?! I love the idea. Legs up and taped into an adult Pamper and sent to the corner while the "adults" discuss his progress. Seems like an appropriate punishment for his immature eating habits!

    1. Tee hee...

      "Mags and I have decided that since you seem to show the impulse control of a baby regarding your eating, that we treat you like a baby. Mags, the powder and diapers are behind that door. david, strip and lie on the floor on your back..."

  10. Ms Julie, Congratulations on the fruit of your efforts in finding a perfect trainer for you and david!

    I must admit that when I read this paragraph...

    "I really felt all the world like saying what was on my mind: that his little beating and the exposure of his bum hole put me in the mood to get out my strap-on and take him like the little bitch he is right across that exercise ball in front of his young trainer. Show Mags who gets bent over and penetrated in this marriage: who gets ridden like a little filly and who does the riding!"

    ...that I was reduced to self pleasuring, and per your rules, consuming my output.


  11. Great job, I think Mags would go along with whatever limits permitted by you.

  12. Maybe Mags should start taking his feminine measurements for his Bust, Waist and Hips. Just to add a little touch of humiliation.


  13. Are you kidding me.....this is amazing...only thing missing is him over her knee...please

    1. I'll see if that can be arranged... A little intimate...

  14. I think male bottoms should be spanked with male laying on their stomach or bending over an object with strap or cane as usually they are not that full and shapely.
    As for female bottoms being rounded and shapely, they should be spanked OTK with hairbrush, paddle, slipper then hand to enjoy their shapely state.

    1. I must disagree. I find the male bottom quite shapely as well!

  15. Who spanks harder you or Mags?

    1. But Mags got him to tears and not just like moisture as per you reply to the question below. So she spanks harder.

  16. Has david cried real tears from. A spanking before?

    1. Oh yes, but it takes a while and it's more like moisture than tears...
      Mags got him to tears (see next instalment) but it was a special case...

    2. So how can you say you spank harder?

    3. She cheated is how! She had him holding a plank for 60s and whipped his bare ass with the crop hard as she could for the last 10s!