Saturday, February 14

Husband Flogged and Caned

I went shopping the other day. There's a leather store in the city where the front of the store is more normal clothing, but the back of the store is all fetish type stuff. Well I happened to be parked right nearby for an unrelated reason, so I thought I would go shopping for david.

They have a pretty big collection of beautiful spanking implements. I was like a kid in a toy store. But they were all displayed on hooks behind the checkout counter, and at the checkout was a very pretty young man. I surmise he was gay, and doubtless on the receiving end himself of many of those implements, and no doubt of cocks in his mouth and bum also! (So not unlike my husband - albeit strap-ons in his case)

I actually found I had to get a bit of courage up to go there and ask the young man about the spanking implements, but I got over it quickly thinking to myself, "hey, whose the big bad Domme here!?"

He was very helpful, commenting on the effects of many of the implements. He invited me back behind the counter, to browse at my heart's content. After much smacking of implement to palm, I selected two toys: a flogger and a cane.

They are both approximately two feet long. The cane has a heavy metal handle. The business end is made from some sort of hard flexible resin (?). It's fully a centimetre in diameter. It makes a wonderful Woosh sound and hurt like hell on the palm of my hand! I was thinking both me and Mags could enjoy marking him with that. Welty tramlines here we come: Yay!

The flogger is made from real leather. It has a nice chunky handle that fits nicely in my hand. The business hand is made up of 16 fairly light leather fingers (how nerdy/OCD is that of me - I had to count them for this blog article!). The overall feel when I strike my palm is a heavy one, combined with a bunch of light little zingy stingers at the ends.

I got them home and I tried them out that same night on my husband.

I decided to start him off with a flogging. A full body flogging. I had him strip nude and lie face down on the bed with his hands raised above his head. I went slowly at first, asking him about the feel of it. It was quite pleasurable for him when the strokes were slow and heavy, and a bit stingy in certain cases when the tips were flying more quickly. If I flogged hard, it took on more of a spanking feel.

Once I felt I was pretty much used to the thing, I started going to town all up and down the back side of his body. I flogged his upper back around the shoulder blades, his bum of course, and all down the backs of his legs. I allowed some of the strokes to wrap around, and others not. I found I could get some nice "near side" wrap around (where you aim for the near cheek or near leg, and you allow the tips to wrap around into his ass crack or his inner thigh).

For my next position, I had him still face down but with his ass elevated over several pillows, and made him spread his legs as widely as possible. I also made him leave his cock and balls out between his legs. I then used the flogger more in a vertical orientation, striking his inner thighs, bum cheeks and his crack, trying to get the zingers right onto his rosebud. This was pretty successful. I also started out lightly on his cock and balls from behind like that. It was good. The flogger isn't really heavy enough (unless I whip it like crazy, I suspect, which I didn't) to do any injury or even excruciating ball pain. But that cock and ball whipping from behind did have him yelling and jumping! Each time he yelled I asked if he was ok to proceed, and he was, so I made him "present" to me properly for the next stroke and the next and the next. He suffered nicely for me.

The effect of the flogger was to at first create mottled markings that as I kept going all fused into a uniform red all over the backside of his body.

I then took away the pillows and had him lie face up on the bed, again with his hands high up above his head. I got to work on his front side. I enjoyed flogging his chest and belly and making them mottled and then red. I also did his legs from ankle to crotch, paying special attention to his inner thighs (I had to move around to get them both). And no, of course I didn't ignore his low abdomen and his penis and testicles. Of course not! They got flogged very well also. He was very sensitive there, and I especially enjoyed targeting the circumcised tip of his penis with the whip ends of the flogger. That got a most satisfactory response from him!

Since he was on his back anyways, I had him raise his legs to "diaper position" and beyond. I will use my one hand to push down on his calves to get him over a bit more. I figure the stretch is good for him. It does leave his bum stretched tight as a drum, his crack well spread, his bumhole splayed open, and his testicles well exposed, especially the otherwise hard to reach undersides. I then flogged his legs, bum, anus, and balls. I decided that this was the best punishment position with the flogger owing to my man's reactions.

I'm looking forward to repeating this position, which I would characterize as a "legs back flogging to his private parts", in front of some other women: perhaps Mags or Sue (and Sue now has a new friend, so who knows there?). I really could use another woman kneeling at his head and holding his legs back while I work, so perhaps Mags after all, as it is a good abdominal exercise for him to try to get his legs back there and a good stretch for him once he's there, in addition to the embarrassment of his lewd exposure and the pain of the flogging to his sensitive bits. And once he's pinned back like that, he's not going anywhere until I'm done with the flogging no matter how long that is. And, who knows, strap-on afterwards pistoning in and out of his punished tight hole? Why not? A humiliating little reminder in front of another woman of who wields the cock in this family and who is required to take it?

Poor dear was red as a lobster all over, from neck to ankle, front and back, and his testicles were in some pain before I tired of my new toy for the day.

I especially like this new flogger because I can whip his penis and balls with it. It hurts him so much and really reminds him of how sensitive and vulnerable he is down there, and how he therefore shouldn't mess with me. As well, I think the threat of him receiving such a punishment in front of another woman is also a potent one. I mean, what man would want a woman other than his wife seeing his cock and balls, his "proud manly" sex organs, punished like that?

As one last experiment, I just had to take the cane for a quick run, so I flipped him over again and had him back face down on the bed. I then took the cane and laid down a half dozen strokes. OMG!!!! Best cane EVER! Every last stroke left a wonderful wide raised welt. I'm dying to see what kind of damage Mags will do with it!


  1. Mags with such heavy cane, this must be under your supervision or she may do real damage to david.

  2. "He suffered nicely for me", that really says it all there.
    After all the suffering he has (happily) done for you in the past, is this the first time you have used a cane?
    Happy Valentines day! I hope you will be giving David something red!

  3. Love that you whipped his penis! As a man who has also received multiple whippings to my cock, I can attest there is nothing more excruciating, pleasurable and humbling than a complete penis smacking. One idea you may want to also consider is an adjustable leather cock and balls belt. First the penis is stroked to hard then the belt is applied wrapping around the base and behind the testicles. As the penis now stays hard no matter what, it takes the pain and humility to a whole other level! You could also encourage Mags to wrap him for a more bouncy naked workout guaranteed to make him wince!

  4. Great account. I just love the idea of assistants in sex shops being required to have their wares tested on them. Was there any sign of a 'daddy' type figure around who might have tested the implements on the young man, or indeed directed a few cocks to his mouth and bum? :)

  5. What wonderful presents you bought for David. My Mistress has used the whip on me all over except my cock and balls. She loves when she can get my rose bud with the whip. I'm sure Mags will love using them on him. I don't recall who Sue is and she has a friend? Wow that would be three of you spanking and maybe all three of you using him as your sissy slut. What a lucky submissive he is.

  6. Holy but wild and sore I bet....

  7. Poor david, Mags will bruise him badly with such a cane.

  8. My girlfriend spanks my bottom with cane, crop and strap.
    I spank hers with hand and if she is really bad slipper or hairbrush.
    Reasoning, men's bottoms should be punished hard for not being nice and cute as women bottom.

  9. guess you decided he needed some flogging and cane time maybe young male behind counter got turn on by sight of you

    i would of been turn on if i was into spanking etc and female like you came in the store asking about spanking implement


  10. What a lucky lobster.

  11. Thank you for your blog.
    The cane is delrin rod, sometimes called acetal. It is impervious so it is easily cleaned. I recognize the aluminum handle from Toolworks Chicago. You may also appreciate their lexan canes. Much lighter than delrin, lexan packs an elegant sting. Their aluminum spencer paddles are especially effective stored in the freezer for cooling heat!

  12. Ms StrictJulie:

    May I ask where you found the cane? It looks exquisite, if a bit scary.

    We've enjoyed our bundle of birch branches immensely - though they need to be soaked in warm water before use and even so are falling apart.



  13. Congratulations on your wonderful new implements Ms Julie! I feel so bad for david, but I'm rock hard and stroking away at his predicament :)


  14. hot stuff,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. If you have Mags hold david's legs while he is in the 'diaper position', this will put him in close proximity to her (clothed) nether regions...assuming she straddles his head with a knee on each side. Regardless, proximity and the quite-possible musk of her female arousal will lead him to demonstrate his excitement...enraging you his punisher and leading to very justified harsh flogging and a you're aroused are about I fuck your ass then pegging.

    1. Love your readers ideas..........