Sunday, September 11

Humiliated on the Metro

On the previous blog post a commenter left a lovely little short story in French. I doubt Google Translate would do it justice, so I took a hand at translating it myself. It's like you have to be a poet to properly translate poetry, so translating kinky spanking stories is right up my alley! I've tried to keep the French flavour of the language, went to a more consistent tense, and added a few little bits filling in some audience reaction. Apologies to our original author - I hope you are pleased with my translation!

Vacation in Paris

Despite the beautiful scenery all around on our Paris vacation, there is one type of scenery he cannot seem to take his eyes off.

Short shorts are all the rage this season in Paris. Many of the ladies, and certainly the young ladies, are wearing them. Some baring legs and thighs to just below their butts, and the boldest even baring their lower ass cheeks to the air. He spent all day yesterday with his eyes alternately fixating on and bouncing from one to another of those pretty little butts and enough is enough!

I took him to a department store to buy him a pair of short shorts for himself.

I decided on a very short and tight fitting Dacron polyester pair.

They expose his thighs completely to very high up his legs. That way his legs can breath, it's healthier. It did not please him terribly. He finds that they are too feminine and that it exposes too much of his thighs, but I find it very sexy on him and it's me who gets to choose.

Since it was very hot today, I made him wear them as we stepped out in the morning and onto the Paris Metro.

I decided that I was not going to let anything go today. Yesterday evening he had really carried on. He had not liked the Picasso exhibition that I took him to see. He acted like a complete brat! I told him, "you're a real little pain in the ass!" His leash would be very tight today.

We are now standing facing one another in the subway car.  I touch you between your thighs. I know how you hate that, getting groped like that in public, but at the same time it excites me to do it. I put my hand surreptitiously on your balls, I feel them through the fabric of your high tight Dacron shorts. I allow a finger to enter your shorts at the leggings and I touch you between your two testicles, I caress them, I pat them. I frighten you with my whispers, I tell you, "you have no sense of thrill". I feel you are completely under my control.

And what do you know but my little man starts showing signs of impatience with me. I tell you, "watch it, that sort of behaviour could really make me angry with you!"

I make you spread your thighs wider apart, and without warning I come up underneath and give you a good slap up the middle. Right on your poor balls. You utter a stifled cry and bend over double. I grab the waistband of your polyester short shorts from behind and I pull upwards. The fabric goes up and gets wedged between your ass cheeks. No one sees because you're turned with your back to the door.

I tell you, "do you see that lady* over there who's looking towards us?"

"I'm certain that she'd very much enjoy getting an eyeful. All it would take is for me to sit down on that folding seat, tip you over my knees, and it's a bare-cheeked spanking for you!" (I very much enjoy the thought of tipping him over like a reluctant country girl in a roadside ditch about to be publicly sex'd by her man)

I look you in the eye and I see you blushing fiercely. I pull on the waistband of your shorts from behind with my left hand, while with my right I caress the bottom of your bared cheeks. Little slut! I speak loudly, so everybody can hear when I say, "do you have your period this morning, you little slut? Is that why I'm getting this attitude? I'll calm you down!"

I have no problem holding you, you have a slight build. I'm physically much stronger and I'm very skilled at Judo. It's really no contest.

I sit and pull you face down across my lap. I lower your tight little shorts, you cry "noooooo... NOT IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY!" while I calmly pull out your hairbrush from my purse. You suddenly become very attentive to my every move. Your naked cheeks tremble under my palm. You are horribly humiliated to be bared like this and across my knee in public! I tell you to turn and look at the lady. She seems very interested in what's going on, enjoying your comeuppance. In fact, none of our fellow passengers are offended. They all seem to be enjoying the show. I spank you bare bottomed, between two subway stations, very strictly. Your cheeks become very red. You cry. You cry like a baby. Your eyes sting, the tears building, you cry like a fountain (and me, I moisten). Your audience smirks at my little slut getting her due.

The subway arrives at the next station. I slide a finger down your shorts and lower them further, exposing you completely. Do you know what I'm getting out of my purse?

A tampon bought specially for you!

I push it in with a single motion, your hot little tail being so moist, and I take the time to verify the little white string is firmly in place before finally pulling up your mini pants. Your audience applauds the spectacle I've made of you. I speak into your ear but so everybody can hear, "you getting your period is NOT going to ruin our vacation!"

I take you by the ear as we leave the subway car.

I noticed your behaviour improving very considerably after that treatment. Mission accomplished.

* Let me describe this lady.
She seems very sure of herself, perhaps in her forties, she makes me think of those mothers who are not ashamed and not afraid of anybody, who are capable in a public place, a supermarket, even at the checkout, to threaten her children with a loud voice, "do you want your spanking in front of everybody? It wouldn't bother me in the least!" She is not content with just the humiliation of a such a public statement, but insists on complete obedience, and adds, "and I will pull your pants down! In front of everybody! Do you think it embarrasses me that the whole world will see your bare bottom? Do you want to try me? Do you? Answer me! Do you want a bare bottomed spanking? Answer me!" She does not let it go, she insists until her child responds at the point of tears, completely humiliated: "No mommy, please... not in front of everybody..." The child knows Mommy would do it.  "You're ashamed, aren't you? You're ashamed that everybody knows that you still get bare bottomed spankings at your age!"


  1. My wife has spanked me in hotels, pulled the car over and a short walk from the road bared my bottom, the worse was at my mother-in-law's home, bared me, scolded me, my mother-in-law watched, smiling and enjoyed seeing me acting like a little boy being spanked. My wife when finished ask her mother if she wanted to spank me since it was her home, she did and she used a large hairbrush. Both enjoyed seeing me dance around the room, I faced the wall while they talked about the spanking. My wife believes firmly that the wife must be the Mommy at times since all males never seem to grow up. Spankings are most effective when delieverd then and there, no matter where that is. Frank

    1. frank, I could not agree with you more. If you're going to misbehave in public, you're going to be spanked in public. Period. End of story. And you certainly won't be spared the bottom baring, no matter who is there to see it.

      Were you forced to be nude for your spanking in front of your mother-in-law? Did you have to stand completely in the nude facing the wall afterwards? I can only imagine how humiliating that must have been for you, and what a good lesson!

    2. My wife sets the rules, I agreed to them. Being nude in front of my mother-in-law was part of my punishment. What I have learned that the female could care less about seeing a male naked, my mother-in-law spanked me soundly and me dancing around afterwards she really enjoyed. Yes facing the wall, displaying a very red spanked bottom is worse than the spanking. I protested once and not anymore, my wife quickly put me back over her lap and when finished I was a total mess and spent extra time facing the wall. Being spanked at a hotel and then having dinner and squirming in the chair, my wife just smiles, a few times the waitress either knew I was spanked or will ask my wife, I hate that the most. This is what I agreed to, I was looking for a woman to take charge, I found her. I'm a better person because of her and I know to do as told, sometimes I'm spanked totally naked and other times bare from the waist down, no matter my bottom is very red, warm, stinging, and I do the spanking dance afterwards.Frank

    3. Yes, I believe, as clearly does your wife, that when company visits a fully nude spanking for a husband is most effective!

  2. This is hot story. Make me wish was you and me I would be embarrassed if you spank my bare butt in front people

    I would love public spanking by female I agree misbehaves in public you should be spanked learn lesson

    1. Just So what iam confuse did i say or do something wrong if i did will spank myself for you

    2. Well, you can always spank yourself for me, mike, but no, you did nothing wrong at all. You've been a very good boy.

    3. Thanks you Miss Julie love way call me Good boy thought i did something but i will spank myself for you as good boy did you get my email and video of me in corner

  3. i'm proud you decided to publish the short story. You truly took a hand and are forgiven for the small changes (but it was "his" brush that made him suddenly very attentive).

  4. Ms.Julie good translation. She is not shy about showing her control to anyone and enjoys showing off her submissive. But I also looked at it from a different angle.
    He didn't like the short shorts but he wore them for her. he was taken on the metro wearing them so all could see. She also took liberties with him on the metro he protested a little but accepted what she was doing. She even spanked him with others watching and enjoying the display of her control. What I also seen was his devotion and submission to her. Yes the shorts embarrassed him but his devotion and submission told him to wear them. and on the metro he was embarrassed with others watching her control him he was embarrassed to be spanked in front of all. but he wanted to show all his devotion and submission to her and accept the spanking. I admire him.

    1. Indeed! His willing submissiveness despite the intense provocation turned me on as well.

  5. My wife carries a small paddle in her purse for on the spot punishment.

    Love the cute shorts! I have a pair I wear to cut the lawn.

  6. My second worst public humiliation was wearing what I called a pink nightmare to my in-laws pool party. My wife and I were going on a trip to Jamaica the next week so my wife wanted me to try out my new swimsuit.

    She sprung it on me about ten minutes before we were set to leave. That thing was smaller than a Speedo, shiny pink and showed off my inconsiderable package. I threw a tantrum and got what was coming.

    On the drive I was sullen and whiny. As soon as we arrived, she had me strip down and head to the pool. They teased me as much about the swimsuit as my spanked butt. Finally, I snapped at one of the college-age cousins.

    My wife immediately swatted me in front of everyone and made me apologize. She offered the girl the choice of punishing me or allowing her to impose punishment.

    Thankfully, the girl chose my wife. I was taken just inside the door and spanked until I finally whimpered and begged for her to stop. She hauled me back outside and I had to face the embarrassment the rest of the afternoon.

    The only thing worse was wearing that thing for a week on vacation with three other couples who are friends of ours.

    1. That was the second worse?? Please go on.

    2. How horribly humiliating for you, for your in-laws to know you're a spanked husband, and to even see the evidence first hand!!!

  7. Ms. SJ

    This is all too familiar territory for me.

    Long ago, I told Irene that I had peeked up her skirt before we started dating. I had a bit of a thing for pretty panties, I confessed. Ever since then, she's been putting me in panties - the prettier, the pinker and the lacier the better.

    Irene also decided that she liked putting me in a tight panty girdle, especially after a spanking on weekend mornings. Then she will either send me out with a shopping list or sometimes go with me.

    Recently, she caught me ogling a cute young woman on the escalator. I thought I was being discreet, but apparently not. Irene knows me too well. She said I was going to pay.

    So on Saturday she spanked me soundly with her hairbrush then pulled the tight panty girdle over my hips. It's a slightly old fashioned model that comes down the leg a bit with a band of lace around the thigh. I was not overly concerned until she got out my cut-off jeans, which are fairly short and would barely cover the lace of the panty girdle.

    She told me to walk across the room so she could look. Then she announced that the shorts could be shorter. Irene took some pinking shears and shortened the cut-offs further. They were now at the exact level of the lace of the panty girdle. Any false move, any bending over, etc., and it would be clear to anyone looking that I was wearing girly lace under my shorts. And we were going out!

    Irene threatened to expose me at the market if I didn't behave. That wasn't necessary, thank god. But we went to the hardware store, the butcher, the produce shop, the bakery and finally had capuccinos - while I stood very straight the entire time hoping no one would see what was beneath my shorts.

    Irene had a good laugh when we got home. After I put away the groceries, she gave my bottom another thrashing and then ravished me.


    1. My gosh. You are just like that poor boy in the story! But don't suppose for a second that nobody caught a peep at that lace! Had I seen something like that, as a stranger, I would have gone right up to your wife, congratulated her on how she treats you, and asked is she would please make you bend over, just once.

    2. Ms. SJ

      So many of your posts strike a cord in me.

      As it happens, I was thrashed with our new wicked delrin implements this morning. I was then put into a tight pink girdle and sent off to work - being sternly admonished to look at the ground when passing stairs and escalators.

      Even though my pink girdle is hidden by my pants, Irene told me that some women would "know" my condition just by looking at me. I'm guessing you might be such a woman, but you are 2000 miles away.

      I have important work and meetings today, yet I am distracted by my hot bottom, my tight pink girdle, Irene's lecture and your vexatious reply above. How am I ever to concentrate?

      Sigh ... I don't think I will ever learn.


    3. I think I could sniff it out! Ha ha!

  8. My wife has two friends that know about my spankings and she has spanked me at their places but never in front of them. She always make a big fuss about me getting the spanking but then takes me into a private bedroom to do it. It's almost more embarrassing to come out with a spanked bottom knowing that the friend knows what just happened behind the closed door.
    I also have a diaper fetish but the friends do not know about that (as far as I know). She has threatened to diaper me in front of them and even went as far as bringing a stocked diaper bag on a visit once but has never actually gone through with it, thankfully. I don't know if I could handle the humiliation!

    1. I don't think your wife would go to all of this trouble without eventually doing it. I expect before the year is out you will be spanked and diapered in front of her friends.

    2. I hope not! I don't mind a few friends knowing she spanks me (and that I usually like it). I think most adults see a spankig kink as fairly common and harmless. Diapers are more taboo though. I know they would never be able to look at me the same if they witnessed me being diapered. It would just be too much for me!

    3. Too much for you perhaps, but they would just laugh and giggle at you. I have diapered my husband in front of another woman. Powder and everything. It's fucking hilarious!

  9. Never spanked in public but have been threatened and promised a spanking in public very loudly a number of times. My face was red and when I got back to private my ass was redder. It is humiliating but very hot and erotic.

  10. Humiliated at my aunt

    For my 25th birthday, my aunt invited me to breakfast with her and spend the afternoon. The meal took place with gaiety. I maybe show my self slightly too self-confident, a bit cheeky with the other guests, but it's youth; in any case, not enough to hear, when we had finished dessert:

    - I think Jerome, a spanking might be good for you

    I try to take it as a joke ( "I may be a little too big now, aunt?") But she does not leave me this alternative. She took a very serious expression and turning to one of the men, she said

    Charles, what would you say to give him a spanking to be remembered ? I find that for a young man who just turned 25, he is still a bit too pretentious and needs to be brought down a peg or two
    - It would do him a world of good! May be the boy will get his head straight in there...
    - Jérôme, go and see the gentleman. I'm sure it will do you much good! You'll thank me ...

    I do not find it funny. I feel extremely humiliated but I don't know how get out of this trap which my aunt tightened to me. The man walks over to me and grabbed my arm. My aunt meanwhile brought a chair she placed in the center of the room to the couch where she sits. The other guests, several women, are arranged all around.

    The man knocks me hard on his knees. I pretended to find it amusing. I find no other solution than to fake a frightened cry girl to be fun but I miss and it's a true startled cry that comes out of my mouth.
    Everybody laughs.
    - Correct her, tell my aunt. Give this naughty little girl something to cry.
    Slaps begin to fall to the bottom of my pants and the man is not joking. It's hurtin' like the Dickens. After fifty slaps, I'm getting really bad and I beg to stop, always trying to give the impression that this is a fun game but now that's enough, stop.
    - The trousers down, tell my aunt.
    I do not find it funny at all. I say "Nooo, no way ! "
    - The trousers down and put her breasts in the air ..
    And I can not do anything, so the man is powerful, it puts me up, unbuttoned my pants and pull them down suddenly
    - but what this pair of underpants! Tell my aunt, turning to her friends.
    They laugh all.
    The man takes down my underpants and my shirt back under the arms, baring my chest. Then he lengthens me again on his knees and continued spanking my bare bottom, “boobs out” as my aunt says.
    My ass burning. My aunt told him not to forget the inner thighs. I start kicking and fidgeting in all directions. My aunt and her friends make fun of what one sees my little asshole and I hear my aunt says
    - for your asshole, my lamb, we will take care of just now, I have prepared a little surprise

    1. Nice story! What happens next?

    2. I'm not too self-confident in my english for that second part. I shall let you be the judge

      I'm put starked naked kneeling on an armchair facing the back.
      One of the women force me to arch my back. Another blindfolde me.
      My aunt speaks cheerfully and accurately about the cock and balls of the man she hired for the afternoon.
      To my shame, I feel my asshole opening and dripping wet *.

      When the man is introduced into the room, they want to feel the weight of his balls (one of them compares his balls to big figs). They want to assess with their fingers the strength of its penis.
      My aunt asks one of the guests to undo my blindfold.
      She takes the man by the cock and approach its tip to my anus, as if she brought him to covering
      She draws back the foreskin and put the red glans of his erect penis straight to my little hole that moves, expands, throbs, moisten as if he demanded penetration.
      I feel ashamed that all the guests can see how I can not control myself.
      My aunt asked one of the women to keep the man in his position behind me and she comes in front of me and grasps my hands
      She orders me to look her in the eyes
      - I am warning you you're going to feel it move young man!
      The other woman is waiting, keeping the cock positioned against my anus.
      - Go for it ! said my aunt, looking me straight in the eyes, butt-fuck him! To the hilt!

      Ouch!, ouch!, ouch!, his dick is really thick, it hurts, it's not at all exciting.

      My aunt in front of me is smiling and trying to decipher in my eyes what I feel.
      She mimics my grimaces of pain.
      The man having managed to force entry retires.
      He put it back into me thoroughly.
      - this little girl does not seem to take that bad, says one of the women while I leave out a groan.
      - yes, it looks like this dripping wet slut is already beginning to get used to it, says my aunt, go ahead, fuck his asshole thoroughly, smash him, I want him to walk like a duck out of here.

      It remains for me to abandon myself to this severe punishment in the ass.

      * I have always been ashamed of this clinical feature. It started as a teenager, I started to get wet when I was afraid when I was dreading something, before an exam, a game and it could be very annoying, especially in the gym, with the task that was forming to the rear of the shorts and crotch.

    3. Oh dear, a wet little boy pussy. How embarrassing for you!

  11. You miss Julie very sneaky creative young strict female never calling you the O word lol I love enjoy sitting. Knowing if did call you O. L D. I get spanked hard by you

    On you spanking Dan for real last post did you ever think you ever end up spanking him ever

  12. I had a gf a few years ago, we used to play FLR at home only, one day we were at the mall, I did something naughty, normally she would have whispered about dealing with that when we got home. This time she suddenly took off her sandal and whacked my ass a few times. I immediately ran, she put back her sandal and walked to me as if nothing happened, we left the mall immediately. In the car I objected she told me come on it wasn't hard spanking, I told her in public isn't appropriate especially it was with her slipper not her hand that people might think as playful, but the slipper leaves no doubt it is a spanking, she told me come on it is a Louis Vuitton sandal and I should be happy she values me to use a 600 dollars sandal to spank me and added she would roast my ass with the 5 dollars plastic slipper as soon as we get home. I begged her not to use this slipper and use the carpet slipper she wears at home, eventually she said she would used the Ipanema flip flops, it was a nasty spanking as it was on the bare continued for 10 minutes with only one very short break.
    Then the next day I got the wooden Scholls that made me unable to sit for a couple of days.

    1. Does she have many spanking slippers?

    2. Yes, she has many slippers, sandals and flats, sneakers, she makes sure her foot wear is suitable for spanking. Exceptions are for high heals and very few outdoor foot wear. But all indoor foot wear must be good for spanking and effective. She doesn't use any other type of implements.

    3. Julie says the slipper isn't an effective spanking implement.
      But according to you it is effective, this is a bit confusing for me.

    4. It depends on the type of slipper, as I said my gf makes sure her foot wear is suitable for spanking like Ipanema rubber flip flops, wooden Scholls, m&s heavy rubber soled plimsols, etc.., please bear in mind that most new foot wear is made of light soled materials that is why my gf is picky when buying foot wear. Most probably Julie is using light soled slipper noting that slipper spanking is not popular in Canada so it is not easy for Julie to select the proper spanking slipper.

    5. Not all slippers especially most of those produced during last decade are good for spanking, while in the past they were made of heavy material, bear in mind that slipper spanking is not popular in Canada, so Julie isn't interested in picking a good spanking slipper

    6. I agree. I never meant to say slippers are not effective, just the ones I had were not. I have since bought a much better one!

    7. Have tried your new slipper on david's bottom? Was it effective?

    8. Do you wear the new slipper all the time at home? Or only when you decide to play FLR with david? (I understand you are not on 24/7 FLR mode).

    9. Poor david, now he is under threat of on spot spanking any time, just remove the slipper from your foot and spank him.

    10. Oh yes, he gets the slipper from time to time. It's just so handy, dangling from my foot like that.

    11. This is the best part of slipper spanking, it is handy and very effective if you have the right slipper type.

    12. What type of slippers do you use Julie?

    13. Can we have photos of your spanking slippers Julie?

  13. My wife once put her hand in the back of my trousers and fingered me as we walked in a shop.

    1. i liked to do that with my GF when we were walking together. My hand inside the hem of her skirt. She said it was rather embarrassing. Even until the second finger bone of the middle finger. It would be interesting you be more precise. Did she fucks you and how did you feel in details.