Monday, September 19

Sex with My Hand

Had a fun little time with my man yesterday. I made him have sex with my hand!

I was nice to him. At first. I put him onto the massage table and I gently massaged oil into his knotted muscles. Usually when I do this I'll give him a little spank and tease as well. This time, though, I had another idea.

I put my hand in front of his face, my fingers making an inverted V. "Lick my pussy," I told him. He immediately started licking right at the top of the V.

"No!" I said, and I smacked his ass hard. "You don't just dive straight for the clit! Haven't I taught you better than that???"

I told him to work his way up. To gently lick and nibble on the lips of my vagina first. He worked his tongue up and down my fingers as I looked him in the eye, careful to avoid my "clit". Then I guided him to my clit, the V of my fingers. I told him to put his tounge there and to gently vibrate it.

Then I told him to flick it gently. Only after that, to lick it properly. I was getting turned on with him going down on my hand!!!

Next I made my hand into a fist.

I told him to lick my asshole. To get that tongue in there. To lick around the outside. Up and down and then back and forth along the outside, and then to push his tongue in there nice and deep and wiggle it around so that I could feel it.

Then I moved my fist to under his hard cock. I made him raise up and fuck my asshole. No! Gently at first. Just bump it a bit to make it up. Now gentle pressure. In. A bit more. A bit more. There! Now it's opening up!

Now fuck it! Nice and deep! Deeper! Harder! Faster! Fuck my dirty asshole! He bucked his hips as I made my fist tight for him. Tight like a woman's asshole.

I grabbed his cock tight with my fist. So tight. As if my anus was gripping and protesting his cock so hard. He wiggled on my fist obscenely and then ejaculated onto the massage table. Ha Ha!

So this seems like a very fun game for you boys reading this blog to play.
  1. Pull your pants and underpants down to your ankles.
  2. Lick your right hand (assuming you are right handed, reverse otherwise).
  3. Start rubbing your cock with your right hand.
  4. Make your left hand into a tight fist.
  5. Bring your left fist towards your mouth and lick all around that hole.
  6. As you do a good job licking, let the hole open up a little.
  7. Stick your tongue into the hole and alternate wiggling around inside and licking the rim.
  8. Look at the photos below. Imagine it is her asshole you are doing this to.
  9. Ejaculate.
  10. Eat it.

Now you've been a bad boy, haven't you? Imagine if your wife were to catch you!


  1. You are far too generous and giving, lol. :)

  2. Wow, great julie

  3. My wife gives me a foot job, not just a hand job

    1. I thought it was fun using my hand because I can make it just like my pussy or asshole!

  4. Sound like gave your spanking hand a rest lol You do iam sure have good looking big hands that firm and tough too You have one of best spanking hands around

    1. And soft and gentle when they need to be, mike.

    2. we naughty boy may like when your hands soft and gentle more lol Julie miss julie

      bet will hate when hard and strong on naked butt for spanking

  5. What a great idea! Along with the enticing story, the photos you have provided are great incentive to play your fun game.
    However, I am not allowed to ejaculate without my wife's permission.
    She does not forbid me from masturbating without climax, so I could do that and risk being caught and punished like the last photo for following directions from another woman.

    1. You should show her the article and ask her permission. She might laugh and allow it just this once, so long as she can watch!

  6. "You don't just dive straight for the clit!"

    And so true. Reminds me of this line in Monty Python's "Meaning of Life" where the teacher is lecturing in a VERY realistic sex-ed class:

    "You don't have to go leaping straight for the clitoris like a bull at a gate. ...We have all these possibilities before we stampede towards the clitoris, Watson."

    Never stampede the clitoris!!



  7. let's try it, let's play the game, said my wife,
    she is french and is learning english on duolingo. She has to improve herself for her next trip to Norway
    it's a good opportunity and your are always complaining i don't have enough attention with you, let's try as Julie says
    that is : I have to try the game, she is learning !
    So, first Pull your pant's and underpants down
    ... bare ass my little boy and no we stay in the garden ! nobody is going to see you at this hour.... don't be silly,
    second, lick your right hand... to lick, i have to remember that verb for Norway, it can be useful... 
    third, start rubbingyour cock : disgusting !
    make your left hand into a tight fist. Fist... i have heard of that... what duolingo says... « to rules with an iron fist »... « an iron fist in a velvet glove ».. it makes me feel of your mother darling... dont'you think so ? But it's not that... aahh... fisting, that's it... « penetrate a person's anus with one's fist »
    « Bring your left fist toward your mouth and licke all around that hole and let the hole open a little»
    alternate wriggling around inside ans licking the rim ? strange sensation... rim ? Ah the rim of the lake... what is rimming ?... suck the anus ?
    Wiggling I have to check... wait a minute.... theys said like little maggot wriggling about the fold of the skin, or fishes wriggling in a net, it remember me a boy who say my cunt was wriggling like a fish on a dock when i had an orgasm. Does it tickles ? It strange seeing you like this with you two hands occupied, one by your tongue, the other by your cock... what are you doing excactly ? Double masturbation ? You play with your cock and with your hand ! In front of me !!
    But, you say it was game !
    What does Julie speak about after ?
    oh...heu...Spanking, as usal i think...
    Really !
    Go and fetch the carpet beater, don't need any clothes
    I come back absolutly bare in the garden with the carpet beater
    you see that carpet, it is waiting for you. I want good swims et to hear loud noise, come on, harder, as if it was on your bare bum, flac... flac... You came licking your fist-asshole with your own tongue, you're gonna experiment spanking your own carpet-bottom. And after you will learn the difference when it will be me.

  8. You are a lovely and kind lady. Thank you and appreciate your letting me cum! Wow.

    As for hands, every so often when life goes too fast we wake each other up with no spanking but soft slow orgasms for each other using just our hands and fingers. We both wear panties! Very hot.

    Great post.

  9. All I can say is: "Yes ma'am, right away ma'am. Thank you for this enticing game that You allow me to play in front of you. May I please have my bare bottom spanking now?"

  10. Hi Julie just found your blog and WOW! it is fantastc. My wife actually likes to catch me playing as we call it then handle me accordingly I love it too. She will also let me catch her sometimes and I get to watch and be teased. Keep up the great blog and thank you.

    1. Hi joe,

      Yes, that's what it's all about, isn't it.

  11. Oh my! it's a creamy, almondy treat after following Your directions! Thanks!! ~sara

  12. Awesome. Thanks for instructions

  13. How humiliating to have just licked my own hand like it's an asshole and then fucking it....and of course eating my mess. Thank you Miss Julie!!! I'll be buying your book tomorrow!!!!


    1. I can always count on you to carry out my instructions, doc. Looking forward to your book review!

    2. Thank you Ms Julie! I just bought your book and I can't even get through Chapter 2 without almost making a mess in my shorts :( I think I'll be eating a lot of my own mess over the next few days as I read the rest! Thank you for writing it Ma'am!!!


  14. This reminds of one of the videos of LanaGood, who is actually very creative with controlled handjobs, ruined orgasms etc. In this particular one, she makes him work for his orgasm by adjusting his partially tied up body to fuck a hand-hole.