Friday, April 28

Tucked Husband Fucked in Front of Sister-in-Law

My older sister Sue texted me the other day and said "I need some kink."

Well, she came to the right place! I called her and asked her what she had in mind. She said she'd leave it to me, but that she desperately needed to see a man put in his place. Yup, definitely came to the right place!

So, I thought about it. I decided david would be put en femme, would serve us a meal and tidy up, and then suffer through a spanking across my knee followed up with a very thorough session of anal intercourse courtesy my strap-on dildo, all with Sue watching.

I also had another idea that had been tumbling around in my evil little brain for a while... you'll see.

We arranged an evening and I told david that Sue was coming over, and that I would keep him in suspense regarding my planned activities. He was nervous and excited.

On the day of, before Sue arrived, I had david shave, shower and clean out his bumhole. For his shaving I wanted him completely hairless from stocking tops to head. I made him come to me afterwards. I inspected his smoothly shaven leg tops, pubic area, genitals, tummy, chest, and underarms. I had him bend over and spread his ass cheeks for me. I inspected his ass and ass crack for hairs. I inspected his bumhole for cleanliness. My boy had done a lovely job. He even had a nice feminine scent as I had insisted he use my body wash.

To complete his "special look", I decided to give him a real treat:

I told him I was determined to make him look like a girl tonight, and it would not do to have an unsightly bulge at the front of his panties and his pathetic little balls hanging out. I had some brown packing tape on hand for the job. Very sticky!

I made him spread his legs. I started with a six inch or so piece of the wide tape. I stuck one end onto his left testicle (starting where cock meets ball and down and around his ball) and pulled his ball back between his spread legs and across and taped it tight diagonally into his right crack, just below his hole. I was delighted that the tape held. Held strongly in fact. Taking it off would be a bitch!  Good thing he was shaved.

That left his right testicle sticking out. I used another piece of tape on that one, and taped it diagonally between his legs towards his left ass crack. It looked great! From behind, the tape made an "X" with his asshole highlighted in the "V". From the front he appeared to have no testicles.  His balls were totally gone, but his penis just hung there, straight down between his legs, much smaller than usual, looking sort of like a big clit. That won't do.

I took another piece of tape, started at the topside base of his penis, wrapped it vertically along his cock shaft and over and around the circumcised tip, and then pulled it back into his ass crack as well, on the diagonal again. I doubled that up towards the other diagonal as well.  I pulled and adjusted to ensure there was good tension and his cock was aligned mid-line. As I covered the sensitive head of his penis the first time he cried out, "no, please!". He knew that removing it from there would be a painful chore. Ha ha! Oddly, he was soft during this entire operation. I think he was scared! Again I stood back and looked. Perfect! As good a temporary castration as any.

From the front he looked great. No tape visible and no unsightly male penis even. And it was holding well. I made him walk around a bit, which he did a bit uncomfortably and I laughed at him and said what a treat it would be for Sue to see him tucked like this in his panty!

I told him to squeeze his legs together. He was rocking his little tucked mangina.  I teased him that even Sue would find him sexy like this (she is totally into girls, except insofar as bum beating goes for which she is totally bi, even leaning toward hetero - I mean, what woman does not want to see a man get his bum beat?). I told him that before the evening was out he would be presenting himself like this for Sue to inspect. I told him I would even tell her to touch his blank "mangina" to feel how smooth it is.

That's when I got an evil idea... inspired, some might say. I've never even read about this being done. I went to get a black magic marker. A permanent one used for marking shipping boxes,

and I drew a vagina on him right down low on his perfectly smooth pubis!

I knew Sue would love it when I took his panties down in front of her!!!! And it was a permanent marker (bwaaaa ha ha ha!). Poor david would sport a vagina on his pubis for quite some time to come. Now that's a good way to keep your man faithful! Ha ha! Too bad about the showers at the gym. Maybe he could scrub it off with the Agent Orange in the basement after we were done with him? I would not begrudge him the attempt. In fact, imagining him down in the basement in front of the basin, pants down, scrubbing away at his pussy with the rough pumice soap makes me giggle.

Hands only?

He needed only one more detail to complete my canvas for Sue. I had him bend over again for me. I got some lube and his vibrating prostate massager and I inserted it into him right up to the hilt.

I then took another piece of packing tape and taped horizontally across his ass cheeks to hold it in. There! The picture was perfect. The tape made a pleasing triangular arrangement, with one bump of the massager sticking out the center of the triangle made by the "V" of tape and the horizontal tape, and the other just above the horizontal tape. I turned it on to a medium setting and let it hum away quietly in his asshole.

Now it was time for his outfit. Here is what I decided to put him in.

The corset and stockings had been a fun purchase at a plus sized lingerie store. These panties were off the rack from Winners. Embarrassing shopping trips for poor david, both.

Can you imagine david wearing that to greet his sister-in-law? And with the front of the panty lying perfectly smoothly against his pubis, the way they were designed? I couldn't wait to see him in his sexy little outfit!

I could see david had some considerable trouble moving with all his "manhood" tucked away like that and the tape pulling at him uncomfortably. Too bad, I told him. Suck it up, princess. The corset was a tight squeeze, as always, but when on gave him a very girlish figure! I filled out the cups with his silicone inserts so they would not collapse, although the cups themselves are quite stiff. Next came the black stockings. They went on his legs and up. He sat on the bed as he pulled his own stockings on. Sitting looked very uncomfortable for him, all tucked with tape and a vibrating plug up his butt. The faint buzzing sound kept a smile on my face, reminding me of his anal-rectal discomfort. He stood and I clipped the corset's suspender slings to his stocking tops.

For my purposes, I favour putting his panties on over the suspender slings as it makes it easy to pull them down without unclipping him; and once down, his bare bottom is marvelously framed by the bottom of the corset, the tops of his stockings, and the two back suspender slings. Ideal for smacking or fucking. I giggled as I pulled his panties up over his magic marker vagina.

He looked incredible! Tucked, pantied, corseted, and stockinged. His panty was smooth on him with no unsightly bits: a first. The corset gave him a girlish waist and nice juicy big boobs. The stockings and suspenders made his legs sexy as hell!

He was not quite ready yet. His face was not right. I took him to the vanity and sat him down. Makeup time! I confined myself to eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick. He looked darling!

He barely needed any blush, but I went heavy on it anyways. He ought to be blushing. I made sure I gave him very red luscious lips, as those would come in handy later that evening.

I sent him downstairs and made him sit on a high kitchen stool, back straight with his knees modestly together. I ordered some food from the local delivery and awaited both Sue and the food. david was to sit there, uncomfortable on his tucked genitals and plug, unmoving but for the inevitable pained adjustment, contemplating what I might have in store for him after Sue arrived. Contemplating what it would feel like to have to present himself to Sue looking like this. Contemplating what it would be like to have his panties lowered, as promised, for Sue to laugh at his tucked genitals and painted-on vagina. The vibrator continued its buzzing deep up his bum. I decided I had better turn it off lest it run low on batteries. He was there like that for about an hour!

When the doorbell rang I told david to go answer it (!). He really didn't want to. It would be one thing if it were Sue, but we were also expecting the food delivery. I told him to go check using the peephole and if it was the food I would get it, but if it was Sue, he would. The doorbell rang again, and then the door knocker afterwards. david reported that it was the food. I told david to stand there beside the door, facing outward. I pulled his panty down so that his vagina was on show. I reached behind him and turned the vibrator back on. I then opened the door. The door swung towards david, who was cowering behind it. I could hear the faint buzzing sound of his butt plug. Not sure what the delivery man thought of it! I paid for the food and brought it in. I told david to pull his panties up, for heaven's sake, and go back to sitting on his stool!

Ten minutes later the door bell rang again. This time I sent david to answer it. He hid behind the door as he opened it. Sue came in and peeked around the door and saw david and laughed. "Oh no!" she said. I greeted Sue. I told david to curtsy, and he did so, blush and everything. I told her she was right on time as the food had just arrived. We went to the living room and asked david to open a bottle of white wine and serve us. Sue complimented david on his feminine appearance, and scolded him for presenting himself in lingerie! Such a little slut, she said. She also noticed right away, "it's lovely, but what happened to his cock and balls?"

"Cut them off," I said glibly. "Actually, tucked between his legs with packing tape," I told her. Again she laughed.

"A real little serving girl," she said. "I can see he walks funny. The humming is his butt plug?" she asked astutely. I confirmed it was indeed.

I had him come near me, and turn his back towards us. I then lowered his panties so she could see the taping job from behind and his plug. I restored his panties and had him turn around to face us.

"One more thing I HAVE to show you," I said.

I told david to stand straight, and then I slowly peeled his panties down in front exposing his blank space where his penis and testicles should have been, and where his magic marker vagina actually was. Sue exploded laughing as david stood there looking humiliated beyond words.

"Oh My Gosh! He has a Vagina!" said Sue.

"Touch it," I said, doing so myself.

She reached out and "caressed" his vagina, moving her fingers sensuously along his outer and inner lips, and tickling his drawn on clit. "Just like the real thing," she said. "And that's not coming off, is it?" referring to the permanent dark black magic marker. "Nope!"

"Can we get that tatooed on permanently?" she asked.

"Sure!" I said, just joking. "We could get, like, a hyper-realistic vagina tattoo!"

"Imagine a guy going in to fuck his wet juicy pussy and then, SLAM, broken cock!" offered Sue.

Ha ha ha ha, we both laughed. We were having fun. david was breathing hard. He gets that way when shamed to his core.

Now, you may be wondering about potential erections? He is a shame slut, after all. There was certainly no visible evidence and the tape held fast. david told me afterwards that he could feel the erection coming. He could feel things moving under there, and when they moved a bit he got an unpleasant sensation as the sticky tape pulled at his balls and circumcised tip. The discomfort associated with that kept his erection in check. But he said it was constantly coming and going throughout the entire time.

I made him pull up his panties and had him set the table and lay out the food. Poor david was walking with real difficulty, what between the tucking, the sticky tape, the tight corset, and and the plug, but he got the job done. As he was first moving away from us I called him back. "Sweetie," I said, "you need to move a little more gracefully than that. Why don't you stand on your tiptoes, as if you had on nice tall stiletto heels, and stay that way?"

david hesitated an instant but then rose up unsteadily on his tiptoes.

"That's better," I said. "Off you go."

david turned and tottered towards the kitchen and dining room, walking like a ballerina (sort of!).

"Don't let me catch you off your tiptoes," I yelled out after him.

When everything was laid out he tiptoed back into the living room and called us for dinner. Sue and I proceeded regally in front of him, and he followed with mincing little girlish steps.

We did allow him to sit with us to eat, even though sitting was a challenge, but it beat having him stand on his tiptoes. Poor baby.

"Are your toes pointed?" I asked him. He looked confused. "Stay up on your tiptoes even when you're sitting," I said, "as if you have high heels, silly."

Sue looked under the table, came back up, and nodded.

We finished up dinner quickly. We did not eat much and I did not allow david to either. Sue appointed herself tiptoe inspector, and pointedly looked under the table several times during dinner. When we were done Sue and I went back to the living room while david tidied up and got the dishes going.

When he was done the cleaning up, he again came to us in the living room. I had him stand in front of us and informed him of how the rest of the evening would go down.

"I want you to go upstairs now," I told him, "and bring back down your paddle, your purple dildo,  Adam [his big tan coloured dildo], my strap-on harness, and your lube."

As I said this he struggled to stand there elevated on his tiptoes. He sank sort of halfway down and Sue motioned him silently as I spoke to keep standing up. Ha ha!

"We're going to start with me giving you a long hard bare bottomed paddling across my knees right in front of Sue. There will be begging and there will be tears. Understood?"

"yes ma'am..."

"You look like a girl, I'm going to make you cry like one."

"yes ma'am."

"Use your girl's voice," I told him.

"yes ma'am," he squeaked, an octave higher. Sue giggled.

"After that, you'll demonstrate for Sue what a good little cocksucker you are. On your knees in front of me. And I'm going to want to see some enthousiasm. Am I understood?"

"yes ma'am".

"And what will come after that, david?" I asked him. "What will I do after you've made my hard strap-on dildo nice and wet with your mouth?"

Sue motioned him again to keep high on his tiptoes, and david shot back up.

"you'll fuck me..." he said in a quiet, high-pitched voice.

"You bet I will!" I confirmed. "A long hard fucking while Sue watches. Full on anal intercourse. Won't that be embarrassing for you? For Sue to watch as I stretch open your asshole with my dildo, shove it in to the hilt, and start pumping in and out? Jack-hammering your poor asshole? As if you were a cheap dirty whore? And I'm going to want to see some enthousiasm down there as well. You better not just bend over and be still like some dead fish. I want to hear you begging me for it. Begging for my cock up your ass. Begging for me to fuck you harder. I want to see you moaning, and writhing around on my cock, and pushing yourself onto it as deep as you can. Understood?"

"yes ma'am..."

"You will do that in front of Sue. You will make an absolute spectacle of yourself in front of my sister, writhing around like a bitch in heat on my cock. Are you going to show Sue that you're my little bitch?"

"yes ma'am..."

"And we're going to want to see you fake a female orgasm on that cock. Several in fact. Really good ones. Loud and wild. Let's see what kind of an actress you are. We'll have Sue be the judge. If it's not good enough, you're going to get the paddle again, and then we start again from the beginning with your fucking. Only with the bigger dildo next time. With Adam. And harder and longer. Do you want that?"

"no ma'am..."

"Good. So you know what you have to do to prevent that?"

"yes ma'am."

"Tell me."

"I have to moan and grind on your cock, and I have to pretend to cum like a girl, over and over again?"

"Such a smart boy!" I exclaimed to Susan.

She motioned with her fingers for him to stand high again and david shot back up onto his tiptoes.

"This will be fun," said Sue.

[to be continued in Tucked and Fucked (part 2)]


  1. You are deliciously evil and imaginative, Ms Julie!

  2. Julie Ma'am when Sue came to you for kink she went to the right person you out did yourself. Poor David as you taped him up I could actually feel it pulling everything between his legs and can imagine how it felt on David with the tape pulling on everything. I hope during all this he doesn't have to pee. Is poor Sue just a witness or will she also get to play? Only time will tell. The spanking David won't like too much but the pegging I don't think you really have to tell him to moan and wiggle like a girl he will do that all by himself.

    1. true, but it was EXTRA embarrassing for him to "go over the top" like that in front of my sister. And he's being teased for missing out on a great career in female porn from now on!

  3. You never fail to amaze! I can't wait for the second installment.

  4. Wow, what a wonderful family get together! Do you ever think of getting him some actual high heels and a wig to complete his sissy look?

  5. Ooh, this is soo hot... having that vagina drawn on him, awesome! Now, please don't tell my Wife that one! ~sara

  6. Packing tape is not safe for skin, especially not the sencerive skin of the genital area! As a Domme you have a responsibility to your submissive. The tape could have ended up removing some of his skin! I'm disappointed in you for endangering your husband.


    1. Well, no harm no foul. Getting off his cocktip was an adventure. It was very funny with me, Sue, and david all fretting over peeling it off millimetre by millimetre! Lesson learned!

      But... I did my research, and trans girls said surgical tape is safer but duct tape is the way to go!

    2. I do costuming, sometimes it involves binding and tucking, you NEVER put duct tape on skin. Would you put it on your nipples or Lady bits? I think not because it would hurt like a bitch and wrisk taking off your skin and other side affects that could cause you to see a doctor! Only use product that are skin safe on skin, end of. Be SAFE, sane, and consensual.


    3. Also for future tucking the balls can be pushed up and into the body (like where they start to go when it gets cold) rather than being pulled back.

      Wrapping the penis in toilet paper or similar will provide a barrier that make remove easier.

      And to avoid the tapping all together look into buying of making a gaff. You could probably decorate it with a picture of a pussy if you wanted.


    4. Thank you, eve, but as I said, we did use sticky tape and there was no damage. Sue and I went very slowly and carefully and used water to very gradually pull it off. It was pretty funny and absolutely no damage was done.

  7. Another penis-tingling adventure, Ms. Julie. It's hard not to react ... OK, it's just hard. :)

    1. His penis really tingled as Sue and I peeled the tape off (see above!)

  8. Well Sue know who and where turn too if need some kink in her life she lucky have you and david must not have any problem what you do with David

    has Sue ever have any intrest in being spanked or paddle over some one lap yours or anybody else

    1. No interest whatsoever. Pure Domme.

    2. So 2 Domme in family 2 Sister in control of mens in the family i can see why you both rock Double punishment from both be hot double spanking double pleasure

  9. What sort of sisters are you?
    You penetrate deeply into the manhood of david as a mangina.
    Shaved, castrated, ridiculed in underwears and fake breasts, you have the genius to pretend to find normal that he moves like on high heels, takes the high-pitched voice of a girl and puts some enthusiasm at feigning several female orgasms when you will enter and fuck him in front of your sister.
    I liked when david is hidden behind the door, panties down and vagina on show and also the drawing on his pubis that I initially thought to be an original drawing of you.
    Sue takes her supervisory role very seriously
    I wonder how david managed to sit tiptoed throughout the meal with his mangina and his plug?

  10. Hello Mistress Julie, what a wonderful story you are sharing. I have used painter's tape one time, but not to extent you shared. Did you have a picture to reference or just from reading. I imagine that david was uncomfortable with him straining against the tape, or was focusing on keeping soft.
    Pie pie 4 now

    1. Painters tape would never stick as well as required!!! Duct tape is where all the real gurls go!

    2. Don't use duct tape on skin!

    3. Oh I know. So hard to get off!

  11. Glad to see Sue back in the picture.How are you and Sue dressed. Thanks Bob

    1. We never dress too sexy when domming david. He told me a while back he enjoys women dressed more "everyday" to Domme him.

  12. Julie, have you ever imagine to adult baby punish your hubby?

    Since I read the story in which you made he pee in diapers while sucking a pacifier I get me wondering how humiliating would be treat him with the full adult baby package for a while, due to some babyish behavior - like diapers, pacifier, milk in a baby bottle, a baby-sitter to play and, for sure, spanking!

    I would love to read stories about you babying him like that!

    1. I could do that! Including some simulated breast feeding on my lap (I would LOVE if I could lactate at will... that would be cool!)

    2. Maybe you could hire a wet nurse. I am sure there would be someone willing, and perhaps David may even enjoy the experience.

    3. Artificial lactation is a bit hard to be reached, but if you likes the idea of repeat the baby thing more times, go for me, it's very delicious! Until there, the wet nurse (that could be his own baby-sitter too) is also a great idea.

    4. Where do I hire a wet nurse for a grown man????

    5. Ask your escort friend. Or try google local search. Best is to Find a known person or thru a known person, a lactating mom; who may agree for a fee or fun. Humiliation will increase if the nursing is done by a lady younger than David. Be careful while searching as diseases may be transmitted thru breast milk. Love. Leanne

    6. I don't know about wet nurse in the USA, although the idea pleases me a lot. But I recommend you strongly to create a routine of (even simulated) breastfeeding and milk or formula bottle feeding. The sensation of love, power and pleasure are indescribable. One of best moments in the day is expect my man in bed with a full bottle of baby milk to the sleeptime. Also the diaper punishment and make him crawl all around the house only in diapers and sucking his pacifier when I angry are priceless moments. I think you'll enjoy some routine like this.

    7. I love the idea of getting a younger woman to suckle him! I'll ask around.

  13. Best. Wife. Ever!
    i loved this detail: "david was breathing hard. He gets that way when shamed to his core."
    i so identify!

  14. Will Sue spank you like Tracy did?

  15. Why don't you make him shave all the hair off his legs? Make him feel extra girly