Friday, May 5

Tucked and Fucked (part 2)

As I began recounting in Tucked Husband Fucked in Front of Sister-in-Law, my sister Sue wanted kink, so I obliged. I made my husband shave from stocking tops to head, taped his genitals away with packing tape, drew a vagina in magic marker on his pubic area, dressed him and made him up thoroughly as a woman, and had him serve us on his tiptoes and with a vibrating butt plug inserted and taped into place. Here was his outfit for the evening.

After dinner I promised him a paddling (to tears) in front of Sue, followed by a display of cock sucking on his knees, and then by a good fucking. I told him I wanted to see him put on a real show for my sister, including a few faked female orgasms. Sue will judge him, and if found wanting, another dose of the paddle, followed by a fucking from his BIG dildo, Adam, would be his punishment. Believe me, he was motivated!

After this "sentencing", I sent him upstairs to fetch back down his paddle, his medium sized purple dildo and the much larger tan one called Adam, my strap-on harness, and some lube. He teetered up the stairs in his corset, pink panties, black stockinged legs, and on his toes like a ballerina. His butt plug was still inside of him (though it had stopped vibrating by now), and his genitals were still uncomfortably taped up between and behind his legs with sticky packing tape.

When he was out of sight, I turned to Sue and we high-fived one another. "How's that for kink?" I asked her. "Amazing!" is what she said, and added, "I can't wait to see his artistic interpretation of a female orgasm as you're fucking him in the ass..." I asked her if she wanted to participate at all. She asked if after his "faked" orgasms if she could user her hand to give him a real one? I readily agreed, especially as I know how much Sue loves clinically extracting cum from my husband

As david tiptoed back down the stairs with all the required equipment, Sue and I returned to our stern expressions.

Before I spanked him, I wanted to get his butt plug out first. I made him peel down his panties and bend over. There was a horizontal strip of packing tape across the middle of his cheeks holding his plug in. I dug up a corner of the tape with my nail and made a tentative pull. It was stuck on quite well, but did move. "Rip it off?" I asked Sue. "Rip it!" she said. So I gave one quick pull and the tape came off. david yelped but was uninjured. There were no hairs to get ripped out, fortunately. I then pulled out his plug, careful to wrap it in paper towels. He was a bit messy so I told him to wait there, bent over, holding his cheeks apart, as I got the necessaries to wipe his ass for him.

"Are you messy back there?" taunted Sue.

"Answer her!" I yelled from the kitchen.

"Yes Ma'am, I suppose so," said david, his voice cringing in embarrassment.

I came back and wiped him clean with some additional paper towels. I took the luby and slightly brown stained paper towel and put it in front of his face. "Look david!" I told him. "Look at what a mess you made. And in front of my sister, no less! I should push your nose in this." I know you might think that's a bit gross, but I honestly don't mind, and I do it to embarrass him, which it really, really does. I didn't push his nose in it.

I went to the kitchen to throw the paper towels away. When I came back he was rubbing his backside.

"Did it hurt when I ripped the tape off?" I asked him.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good! Imagine how much more it will hurt when I rip it off your cock," I added.

david sort of whimpered a little.

"Now, what comes next, sweetheart?"

"Taking the rest of the tape off?" he asked hopefully, his panties still pulled down.

"No no," I said. "You're going to suck and be fucked with that tape on, young lady." I went up to him and started playing with his vagina. "I'm going to want to see this pussy nice and wet before I let you back out again, and multiple orgasms!" Then I pulled his panty back up, covering his lady parts and ass. "What's next, sweetie? Don't be difficult."

"My... paddling?"

"That's right!" I congratulated him. "I'm going to take you across my knee, pull down your panties, and paddle your bare bottom until you kick and cry like a little girl. So don't hold back. Express yourself when you're across my lap. But I don't want to see any fake tears either. Real tears. And just because you start crying it doesn't mean the spanking is over. Oh no. Not by a long shot. I want to see a very contrite, very submissive, and very tearful little girl before I let you up. Do you understand, david?"

"yes ma'am," he said in a small voice.

"Do you consent to this, david? Do you consent to going across my knee, dressed like a girl, in front of Sue, and submitting to the paddle for as long and as hard as I choose to give it?"

"yes ma'am, I do."

"Well let's get started then."

I wanted to give david an epic spanking, and I knew Sue was no stranger to seeing david on the receiving end of something like that. I also wanted to extract the explicit consent from him. It wasn't needed within our little circle, but I know it embarrasses him to consent to something like that in front of my sister.

I took my seat on his spanking chair and drew him towards me. Sue was sitting directly in front of us. I took him down and over across my knee. I like to hike him up and over so that his head is near the ground and his feet are dangling. If you position yourself and him just right, the weight is not an issue. I had Sue pass me the paddle and I put it down on the small of his back. I then reached two fingers of each hand into the waistband of his panties pn either side, and pulled them down to a pretty little band just below his stocking tops. The white corset and suspender slings with the black stocking tops framed his ass perfectly. A target area begging to be spanked.

The silver-grey packing tape was visible also, forming a V with the tape stuck into his low ass crack and between his legs. It really was remarkable the extent to which his boy parts were hidden away! I pulled and jiggled his cheeks, testing if the tape would stay on firmly. It certainly seemed to! david moaned a little.

"What's the matter, baby?" I asked him.

"My... my cock Ma'am," said david.

"You don't seem to have a cock, sweetheart," I said.

"Yes Ma'am, I know, but it hurts when I get... excited."

Apparently his cock was straining to get erect, but the taping job kept it in check in a somewhat painful fashion.

"Good thing you're about to get a very hard spanking. That always shrinks it back down to size, doesn't it?"

david moaned again as his cock no doubt strained at the sound of my voice.

"Yes Ma'am," he answered. "Good thing," he added needlessly, and a bit saucily, I thought, for someone in his position. He'd pay for that...

It was a very small but stout and thick wooden paddle. I started right in with no particular warm up and was rewarded with yelps from him right from the start. I beat a continuous rhythm with that paddle on his bare ass, rapidly reddening it and then darkening the colour towards a deeper crimson red.

There is definitely something "wrong" with me, because I genuinely enjoy making my boy suffer for me like this, even more so in front of my sister. david heeded my advice and was vocal from the start. Something about yelling out "no, please! no!" over and over again gets the tears running much sooner than they otherwise would.

I know there are stoic spankees who never say a word, never move, absorb even the most brutal beatings, and don't cry at all. To each their own, but to me, that's a sort of defiance, and a form of topping from the bottom. The man would know I will only go so far for safety reasons. So it's cheating. I much prefer my man to kick and scream and beg, and that actually brings out the tears. The mind is a powerful thing, and by acting like a spanked, sorry, little girl; he can actually become that spanked, sorry, little girl; tears and all.

And so it went this time. After a few hundred solid whacks to his backside, the tears started flowing. It starts just with damp eyes, just from the pain, not real tears. Then the sniffles start. Then the tears actually start flowing.

"Is he crying?" I asked Sue.

"Yes," she said, sounding as excited as I felt.

"Now the real spanking starts," I said.

"No! No! Please!" begged david, thinking it was over.

I continued his spanking, making the wood visit previously untouched areas such as thigh, crease, and crack. Flanks, and (carefully) top butt.

I reserved some extra hard spanks for the end.

"Are you ready to beg yet?" I asked him.

"Yes! Yes Ma'am! Please! Please Stop! Please!" he cried out. What a spectacle he was making of himself in front of my sister. Hardly manly at all!

"Beg for my cock," I told him.


"Oh Please! Please may I have your cock! Please!"

This was intoxicating. I was wetting my panties spanking him like this. Making him beg. Sue said my eyes went kind of wild. She admitted to feeling very excited by this as well.

"Where do you want my cock, slut?"


"In my mouth Ma'am, and my ass! Please make me suck you and then fuck me. Fuck me with your cock. In my ass! Please!"

He really wanted his spanking to end!


"Are you going to submit to me, whore? Are you going to get on your knees and suck my cock like there's no tomorrow? Are you going to bend over and spread your cheeks and beg me to stuff your ass with my hard cock. All while my sister watches? Are you?"


"Yes! Yes! I'll do it! Please!"


"Please what, slut?"


"Please make me suck you and then fuck me with your cock!"


"Are you going to take every last inch? Balls deep, skank?"




"Yes WHAT?"


"Yes Ma'am!"


"Yes Ma'am WHAT?"


"Yes Ma'am, I'll take very last inch of your cock, deep in my mouth and my ass, balls deep, balls deep!"


"Good!" With that, I stopped spanking and started moving the paddle in small circles, gently rubbing his punished flesh, and touching his hidden-away balls through the tape, which had remarkably stayed on tightly despite his exaggerated motions across my knee. Then softly to him, "and are you going to wiggle on my cock, wiggle and cum for me, like the little slut you are?"

"yes ma'am"

"You promise? It's what I want to see. Sue also." I added.

"yes ma'am, I understand, I'll do it."

"If you don't, there's another paddling like this one, and then Adam. But if you do, Sue has a nice reward in store for you. She'll be the judge. It's her you need to please with your contortions, little girl. Now get on your knees and put my strap-on on me."

david slid off my knees. His ass was a mess, and his mascara had run.

He got my strap-on and slipped it onto me over my jeans and tightened it down. I enjoy making him perform this operation, him knowing that he was attaching the instrument he would have such a challenging relationship with over the next twenty minutes.

I turned to face him head on as he stayed on his knees. I slapped him on the cheek gently with my cock. "You want this? You want this, slut?" I asked him as I slapped at his cheek gently and kept it just out of the grasp of his mouth, moving it away just as he got close, making him chase it. His lips were bright red with lipstick.

He chased my cock greedily and eventually I allowed it to penetrate his lipsticked mouth. He pursed his red lips into a big round O and started sucking and bobbing on my dick. He tilted his head and his eyes looked up at me as he did this. "Good girl!" I encouraged.

I grabbed him by the back of his head and by his throat, and pushed him deeper onto my cock. I made him deepthroat me until a little gag, and then repeated. He was gasping for breath each time I let him up briefly, and his saliva production was massive.

"Grab my ass," I told him, and his two hands went around me to grab the cheeks of my ass through my jeans. I then put both my hands on the back of his head, and started screwing his face.

"A good hard face fucking!" said Sue excitedly. "I think she likes it!"

I pulled out of his mouth and put my hand under his chin. He looked a mess, saliva everywhere, lipstick smeared, mascara running, gasping for breath. "Bend over the back of the couch. You desperately need my cock in your ass."

david got up to do as he was told.

"On your toes!" Sue reminded him as he stood. david obeyed my sister, and tiptoed towards the back of the couch and then bent over it, ass high.

I retrieved some bath towels I had nearby, and made him rise again to slip a towel under. I also put one on the floor, and another on the seat of the sofa. I then lubed his asshole thoroughly, and also my cock. As an afterthought, I had him rise a little and also lubed his magic marker vagina.

Then I lined him up and penetrated him deeply in a single thrust. He yelled out, but was still well-stretched from the plug he had in there for so long, and so it wasn't a problem. I grabbed his hips and began his pounding, fucking his asshole with long deep thrusts while Sue watched intently.

I kept fucking him until I started hearing the begging, "please! please!".

"Please what? Please fuck you harder?" I asked.

He DID NOT mean fuck him harder, but that's what he was required to say...

"Yes. Please! Fuck me harder, Ma'am. So hard!" he said.

I grabbed him around his waist and and tits and pulled him up to half standing, half bent, continuing to fuck his hole.

So please imagine this picture. My husband is half-bent over the back of the couch, receiving anal intercourse from me, my sister looking on intently. My husband looks all the world like a girl. He has on black thigh-high stockings, lacy at the top, held up to his white silky corset with suspender slings framing his bare upturned ass. His midsection is bare. His cock and balls are utterly invisible. Magic markered onto his bare shaved pubis, visible just above the back of the couch, is his wet lubey vagina. Above that, his white corset, cinching his waist into a girlish figure, with nice big boobs at the top. His face is made up with bright red lipstick, black mascara, and blush. His lipstick is smeared from his cocksucking and carrying on, and his mascara has run from his tears during his spanking.

Remember, david is a "man".  He does not identify as a woman in the least. He is not a transvestite at all. He is being "made to" appear like this for my sister's and my kinky amusement. He was put across my knee, and given a severe spanking while my sister watched and tutted. During his spanking he kicked and cried like a little girl, all vestiges of manhood completely erased.

But I wanted to make a real woman out of him, so I put him on his knees in front of me, and he sucked cock hard until my sister and I were satisfied with his performance. Is there anything more emasculating for a man to have to be dressed up like this, down on his knees in front of his wife, and sucking her cock while his sister-in-law watches, judging him on his performance? Yes, there is one more thing...

And that's having to bend over the back of the couch and submit to a vigorous session of anal intercourse from his wife. As I held him up by his corseted tummy and tits, with my dick still buried into him, I told him to look Sue in the eye, and to reach down and start rubbing his lubey wet vagina and cum for us with my big hard cock deep inside his ass.

david started making little mewling sounds, louder and louder as he frantically rubbed his "vagina": "oh.. oh.. Oh.. OH.. OH! AAAA! OOOOOO! AAAAAHHHH!"

"Again!" I said, continuing to fuck him. "Wiggle on my cock more."

He did it again, this time wiggling on my cock and fucking himself as I held still. And then once again at my insistence.

"Did he do a good job?" I asked Sue.

"Passable," she said.

I pulled out and carefully cleaned up.

"You've been such a good girl," I told david, "now you get your treat: Sue's hand!"

Sue wiggled her fingers at him.

We needed to free his cock for this, obviously, so I went to work on the tape in his ass crack and between his legs. The tape came off fairly easily, even from his balls, but it all stuck together in one big multi-layered piece of tape tightly attached to the top of his cockshaft and tip.

I started peeling it gently off his shaft but he yelped sufficiently convincingly that I slowed way down. I tried peeling it millimeter by millimeter but it was still stuck on pretty tight. Helpfully, Sue went and wet a dishrag and brought it back. She started wetting his cockshaft right where the tape was, and that helped me start making some progress. I must say, I was a bit concerned, and Sue seemed so also. david may well have been concerned, but his cock said otherwise, getting quite erect in the process! I guess two ladies paying such close attention to his cock, handling it, wetting it, overcame everything else.

We made good progress with this method until we got to the tip, and that's where david really started yelping. I told him to do it and he started pushing the skin down with one finger while very slowly peeling the tape off with his other hand. Occasionally Sue came in with her wet cloth and wet his tip for him. All three of us were gazing intently at his cocktip! But little bit by little bit the tape peeled off and came completely off. Phew!

Ok, in retrospect I should have protected his penis with plastic wrap or something. The sticky tape on his normal skin (even his testicles) was well stuck on but easy enough to rip off. The skin on his cockshaft was more tender and sticky, and his tip the worst! Though, it was pretty funny in the end, and it was funny seeing him nursing his poor abused cock afterwards while Sue and I looked on (though there were no lasting ill effects).

I think it's important for a Domme woman to never admit she did something wrong as long as the scene continues, so I used the episode accordingly,

"Did that hurt, david, peeling the tape off your cock like that?"

"yes ma'am," he answered.

"Thank me for not ripping it off," I told him.

"Thank you for not ripping it off, Ma'am!"

After he had nursed his cock long enough I told him to lie down on the couch on his back. I had him raise his legs and rotate so that his ass was facing the back of the couch. I helped him to keep his legs raised up high as he did.

"Sue said it was only passable, so you get to have Adam in your ass while she jerks you off," I proclaimed, noticing that his asshole was pretty wide open anyways after his long hard fucking.

I got Adam, re-lubed his ass and then it, and pushed it in. It actually went in easily, given how much he had been stretched.

"Like this," I said to Sue. Poor david had his cock pointing directly at his face!

Sue got some lube on her hands, grabbed his shaft, and started massaging his cock and balls. I held him in place and fucked him gently with his big dildo.

"Right in his face?" she asked me, rhetorically I thought. Of course in his face!

"Open wide," she said to david, who obeyed her by opening his mouth wide to accept his cum.

"Now you're getting close," she said, as david moaned and his cock hardened and twitched in Sue's hand.

"Should I allow him to cum?" asked Susan of me.

"Your choice," I said. "If you don't let him cum, I'll not let him cum for a week in solidarity with your decision."

"What do you think, david?" She asked him. "Should I let you cum? Let you cum right in your very own mouth?"

"yes please!" moaned david, terrified that Sue would not finish what she had started. He so rarely gets my sister's hand...

"Ok then, for Julie, so she doesn't have to monitor you all week," and she started rubbing more intensely up and down his shaft and over and across his tip.

I reached a hand in and started rubbing at his little painted on clitty. "Do you need your clitty rubbed?" I asked in a condescending voice.

The first spurt splattered more on his chin. Sue redirected his cock and the second went more directly into his mouth, then the rest just sort of dribbled out onto his cheeks. Sue milked the cum out of him and let it coat his face.

"Don't swallow," I warned him.

I made him stand, with the big dildo still inside of him. I told him to reach back with both hands and to hold it in there.

"Get into the corner, you nasty little tramp, and don't swallow and don't you dare let that cock fall out of your ass or else I'll leather your backside until you won't be able to sit for a week!"

david's face glistened with cum, and you could tell he was holding a mouthful of it as well. He double-timed it into his corner.

"How was that?" I asked Sue.

"That was fantastic!" She said. "What now with him?"

"I dunno. I guess we'll say goodbye, then he'll swallow, wash his face and hands, and then I'll put his tongue to good use for the next hour or so."

"Ha ha! That sounds great!" said Sue.

"Oh? Would you like to go first?" I asked.

"No! I didn't mean that," she blushed. "I'll leave that part between the two of you! Gross!"

We said our goodbyes, and then david did his wifely duty on me after she left.

What a blast! I LOVE having a kinky sister to share this stuff with (and so does my husband!)


  1. Je propose que vous receviez le prix nobel de littérature pour ce petit chef d'œuvre !

  2. The taping of his genitals is a good prelude to a chastity device...

    1. I agree, but the taping adds the "woman" factor!

  3. Ms Julie,
    What a wonderful experience you were so kind to share with us, one of the best I have ever read on the internet. This part 2 I had to slow myself down and even take a short break so I could truly savoir the embarrassing and humiliating things you and Sue put david through. So well written, the details, well planned out and with the surprise ending... I know when a man is so horny he will do anything to cum... I can imagine you stroking Adam into his ass and well Sue stroking his cock over his own open mouth and david wanting to cum so bad and not be left to wait a week... oh dear if it was me I don't know how I could look my sister in-law in the eye after she basically fed me my own cum ....worst she asked me if I wanted her to make me cum into my own mouth (her doing the aiming oh course)and I said yes, "please" even ... I hope david as real man has not lost any respect from Sue in regards to this type of playing . He's a lucky "Man".

    1. What's even better is how much fun Sue has as she does it, and she does not hide the fact, and she appears to be utterly ignorant of david's mortification!

    2. Ms Julie,
      Have you ever had david do the housework like a "slave day" kind of thing or have him clean Sue's place etc... in the past I did most of the house work for my Wife/Mistress it was one of the things she truly enjoyed about my being submissive, I guess from someone looking in, they would say she took full advantage of that, but I did enjoy serving her. She did spend sometime teaching how she liked the house work done. I know this was work for her, as a man I never did much housework growing up but she very much changed that for me. She corrected mistakes with spankings, corner time and humiliation (cleaning house in just pink bikini panties, serving her coffee in bed in the mornings wine in the afternoon or evening ,myself serving her in panties only, completely naked, sometimes naked with small apron etc. it always made her laugh and smile while I blushed red.

      As a submissive male I would like to know. if possible what david was thinking when he was standing in the corner he had just been "jacked off" into his own mouth and face by Sue,still holding the semen not swallowing it and he was trying dearly to not let Adam slip out of his, I'm sure well fucked ass which would be fairly loose I think from your description of your ass fucking him ,,, all the while you two ladies standing behind him laughing,chatting and saying your goodbyes.
      I truly enjoy your Dominant style and way with words.

    3. I've never loaned him out for the housework. Our relationship is more based on play than real D/s.

      What was he thinking? I know he is genuinely very embarrassed. Beyond that, good question...

  4. Ms. Julie...oh, my!! What a great tale! i have cummies in my panties to show for it! Now my "edging" for the night is ruined, because of you! ~sara

    1. Ha ha! Premature takeoff, eh?

    2. You have to have one of the most delicious and devious minds I have ever encountered!!

  5. What an epic humiliation! Very well written as always Ms Julie!

  6. Ms Julie,

    This was an extremely hot and exciting night for all. As well as for those who are reading this adventure like me. David must have a love/hate feeling for your sister’s visits ;-) He also got a taste for what if feels like being teased and whipped while having his male parts constrained. That was worse than having a cage on. I can only imagine what it would feel like struggling to an erection with the tape ripping at your flesh. You put him through his paces for sure. In the end there was a good release for both you and David. Doesn’t your sister ever want to have any sexual relief after a session like this?

    Bob Bell

    1. I'm sure she can take care of herself in that regard!

  7. You said david got a few hundred whacks,was it actually that number or it only felt as if it was that large number from the pain

    1. No, definitely several hundred. No little paddy cakes here!

  8. One of your best Miss Julie! My little clit in its cage is straining, lol.

  9. A real good and well deserved spanking.
    Next time you tape his genitals away, you should take david to the mall to try some women pants on (high waist skinny jean for example)
    How is the fit...Let's see the front, turn around, sweetie, let's see your ass.

  10. I hope he appreciates that he was allowed to orgasm and acknowledges how nice that was of both you and your sister. If it were my wife I'd be on her doorstep the next day, in an apron, ready to kiss her feet and clean her house as a token of thanks.

    1. With Sue it's more that she enjoys making boys spurt. She has a fascination for it (even from high school!)

  11. Love reading your adventures. Don't know if i could take all that David does but would love to try it until then I'll just keep reading your blog.

    1. Of course you could. A good woman would make you!

  12. Congratulations Julie,
    I have to say wow you and your sister really know how to put a man in his place. Making david cum in his own mouth... fresh from the source... curious if you asked Sue's opinion about david doing that do you think she say it's well.. not long before david sucks cock and cum from another man for you and her's entertainment? maybe Sue brings a bisexual male friend over sometime to play...

    1. She actually has less interest in that than I do. I would love to see that!

  13. Reading it the second time, i must admit i was not far from ejaculating hearing your very graphic voice* saying
    "Get into the corner, you nasty little tramp, and don't swallow and don't you dare let that cock fall out of your ass or else I'll leather your backside until you won't be able to sit for a week!"

    * Graphic Voice : an eclectic design platform that exists to get your ideas out of your head and bring them into actuality. 

    1. I guess I like being graphic!

    2. Listen to this translation in French on google translation.
      "Au coin, sale petite pute et ne t'avise pas d'avaler ton foutre ou de laisser cette bite sortir de ton cul sinon je te flanque une telle raclée que tu seras incapable de t'asseoir pendant une semaine!"
      Is that voice close to yours?

    3. Wow! Google translate has come a long way! That's really a good translation!

  14. Wow, great kink.

  15. Sue should have at least fingered david ass.

  16. Simply amazing

  17. My wife isn't into spanking.
    One day her sister was visiting, upon leaving her car won't start and it was late we offered her to sleep in.
    I woke up at night and went to the kitchen to drink found her awake holding our new small cutting board. We spoke a little, she told me that this board is good quality like the old one, the chat went into how it has other uses like spanking, then the chat subject turned to spanking and we both discovered each other's spanking interest. The next morning drove her home and we agreed that i will pick her up every morning to work since we work in the same area unlike my wife whose work is walking distance. The first day when on our way back home she invited me to come up for a few minutes to take something i would like.
    As soon as we were in she took off her shoes and wore her slippers. Then sat on the sofa and told me to come over quockly as she doesn't want me to be late home. I was puzzled, she took off her slipper hit it lightly on her other hand in a meaningful way. I went to her gave her my back she hit my ass and told me to bend over, i did and spanked me with her slipper till i was kicking and bowling then she let me up.
    We both looked satisfied and said good bye. This turned to be a daily routine for us.she sometimes tries the hair brush, wooden spoon, board, but the slipper remains her favorite.

    1. I approve. It's nice having a few dirty little secrets, even from your spouse!

    2. Yeah, no harm just 15-20 minutes of pure spanking without any sex of even relief, just spanking and i get the relief with my wife at home.

    3. It's why a sister-in-law is so perfect. I know. No thought of any sexual liaison at all.

    4. Once i tried licking and kissing her feet, my wife was traveling one week business trip, she stopped me and the next day she tried a new way on having me lie down on sofa tied me up and used a thick electric cord on my bottom, it was the only time she didn't care about breaking the skin, my bottom did bleed that day and she won't stop till i promised not to try kissing her feet again though she knows it was just part of my fetishes but she wanted to keep it pure spanking.

    5. That'll learn you a lesson!

  18. You should really convince Sue to let david use his tongue on her. Do you think she would ever go for that?

  19. Epic and awesome as ALWAYS Miss Julie!!
    Perhaps a simple condom would suffice to cover his shaft for taping?
    Plus: use "heel tacks" to keep him on tiptoes. Just place a thumbtack face -up on your tape and tape it under the bottom of the heel: do both heels.
    Wicked too for corner time 😈!


    1. Devious! And I WOULD use a condom, but it was sooooo much fun watching him nursing his poor little pee pee!

  20. This male dating an older woman found himself giving her a spanking. Pulling her panties down after a few spanks she resisted, when I finished I had her stand facing the wall. I enjoyed the view and was soon feeling her warm red bottom. I lowered my pants and underpants and rub my wet erection across that warmth and she wiggled and then turned around. Who's being naughty now she said with a smile and soon we both we naked and she and I laid on the floor and was so great, I liked her on the bottom she wiggled, her bottom still stinging from the spanking. We finally fell asleep and awoke sometime early morning. We showered and drying one another off, she looked at her bottom, still red, you spank real hard, naughty girls need a hard spanking and she smiled and said so do naughty little boys. Her spanking was a lot harder, I danced around the room, her look told me I best not try spanking her again, no matter how it turned out. She dressed I stood naked facing the wall for a good hour. I got dressed and I thanked her and she smiled. Mark

    1. Did you any of you use an implement or only hand spanking?

    2. A full hour facing the wall! I guess we know who's really in charge!

  21. Hi Julie, your blog is one of the best FLR reads one can get. The imagination and details of the scenes and situations you create and share are truly incredible.David's boundaries are experiences are being enriched every time. Have you ever thought of involving another man (you have dominated David often in the presence of and along with other females)? Is this one of David's red lines or yours? I do hope to read in the near future, a narrative where David enjoys both ends - being taken by you ie Adam and sucking on a real man (preferably black); and thereafter changing positions or vice versa. Hope my fantasy has not shocked you!
    Similarly, I do not recall you enjoying "water sports" with David. Is this some thing neither of you enjoy ?

    1. I would love to involve another man! david less keen...
      I enjoy water sports a little too much. Had an older boyfriend who was really into it when I was nineteen. At one point I thought I might not be able to orgasm without peeing so I laid off after moving on. I think david needs a good peeing on...

    2. I do enjoy marking my man with a strong stream all over his body and face culminating in a mouth full and face wash. The bathtub is my preferred location. Once my husband had mouthed off and I paid him back in a wicked manner. When his parents came to dinner, I served him a cold glass of my own golden wine. Luckily my in laws don't take alcohol, so I did not have to share. It was fun watching him slowly (as he had been instructed) sip, savour and swallow his special drink. He was really taken aback when I produced a second glass from the refrigerator after he drained the first. He dutifully consumed that too. I quickly told him to brush his teeth after dinner, as I did not want his mom to smell anything when he kissed her goodbye. I have told him that any future wisecracks will be similarly dealt with, even when we have guests at home.

    3. I've done similar in front of his trainer, who knew what was going on. A "cum sauce" on his chicken and a glass of yellow wine!

  22. I love it when I arrive home from work, my wife strips me down to my bra and panties and then gives me a good paddle spanking followed by a bent-over, rough and hard, strap-on pegging up the butt until I orgasm via prostate stimulation. over the past several months we have been married SHE has been the only one doing the 'penetrating'. My dominant wife has added body hair removal, enemas, and bra-fitting appointments to the list of my forced sissy activities. Her mother now at least once a week uses a leather strap on my buttocks then uses her strap-on as well. Her mom is still amazed that I orgasm from a good dildo-pounding.

    1. Nothing says Alpha Wife and beta male more then a good hard butt fucking!

  23. I didn't care for the handjob GIF early in your post. Fingertips? What? Were there no tongs handy??? (C'mon honey - get a full handful!)

    I like the idea of two women; find it erotic. But David takes it MUCH harder that I ever could! But that's me, and that's David!


    1. If you're naughty, all you get are the fingertips!

  24. Sound like another Fun round of kinky spanking times was had still or again bet one you all would never forget how do you feel next day iam sure David butt is sore still from day/night before you smile and smirk at him

    1. Not as sore as his butt got the other weekend! But that's a new event I'm writing up now...

    2. awesome cant wait to hear new event of David getting sore butt from one of your famous spankings i want laugh at him being punish by sweet wife who only take him over her lap if has too to warm blister his butt

      i was on vacation too i went on cruise on liberty of sea from may 7 to may 14 was fun didnt get spanked as i was hoping for

    3. Lucky boy! A cruise!!!

    4. thanks cruise for my parent 50th wedding anniversary was fun nice time

      met few people i could of use good spankin from never happen didnt ask them

  25. Where are you julie? David gave you a spanking followed by beating you hands (school style ) so you can't sit or type

  26. Any news from Tracy?

    1. No recent news. Been playing more with my sister recently. This one and another I'm writing up now...

  27. Hey Julie. Another great evening in your household! Can you include a pic of your sister's body so when I fantasize I have an idea of how she is built? That is so Kool that your sister has such a domineering presence when it comes to David and his punishments and the power she has over him because of your insistence. I have the pics of your beautiful ass after you were spanked, saved in my notes which I jerk off to regularly and wish I was your bitch! Shhh don't tell my mistress!

    1. I'm glad my bottom supplies such inspiration.
      I better NOT include a pic of my sister. I can be free with my bod, but not hers without permission!!!
      She's gorgeous. Picture Cindy Crawford. Tall and slim (she did work as a model for a bit).

  28. Yes you do have a beautiful ass but it's that sweet little pussy that peaks out when your bent over that puts me over the edge! Yes it's the same view that your mistress and her husband had the opportunity to spank fondle and fuck! Your awesome! If you would like a cum tribute from this slave please just ask!

    1. You're making me wet reminding of my spanking, fondling, and fucking! Bad boy. I would love if you would put your favourite pic of me up on the screen, cum into your own hand, and then swallow it ALL down. The come back here and post a follow-up comment that the deed is done!!! Describe what you imagine you were doing to me as you jerked off. That would excite me...

  29. So I have had to eat my own cum twice this week! This is a standing order by my mistress and of course you Strict Julie and yes it is payback for making all my girlfriends prior to my becoming a slave cock, eat my cum cause I thought it was what a girlfriend should do! The worm has definitely turned in this. FLR Life and world. I put a nice set of photos with captions on my Tumblir account as a tribute to you.
    In your household I was hired to be your personnel butler whom takes care of all your chores, laundry, bathing needs, massage and occasionally whipping boy. The contract we signed states I am to be shaved bald from the neck down, naked upon entering your house, and in chasity 24/7and you will hold the key. Only one cock is allowed to hang freely in your house, to be used for your pleasure or amusement and that is David's unless you have him in panties of course! Whenever I enter your house I am to strip naked and present myself on my back, legs spread for your inspection before being available as your butler. This evening you had me run a bath for you,then shave your heavenly ass, taint area and pussy area so it was perfectly smooth in anticipation of your evening with your mistress Tracey and John her husband. You then decided that your asshole needed to be perfectly clean. You instructed me to put my tongue up inside your asshole as you leaned over the edge of the tub and arched your back, so I could clean it for what seemed like 20 minutes as you came over and over with the handheld water jet on your beautiful pussy. Once you were satisfied I towel led you dry then applied lotion all over your body especially your ass as you know you would be receiving numerous spankings that evening. I was made to lick your pussy and ass clean one last time before you got dressed to make sure your cum from earlier was not discernible as Teacy would not be happy. You left David and myself at your feet as you ventured out into the evening for what apparently was an exquisite evening!,
    My Tumblir is onmykneesfor you! Hope you enjoy!