Saturday, May 27

Husband Diapered for Real Punishment

The other day my husband came to me and admitted to a recent and very embarrassing actual wrong-doing. He requested punishment from me, and I obliged him, involving my sister as well, and even a friend of hers. Because it related to his crime, and many of my blog readers are interested in it, I chose to extend his punishment with a weekend-long diapering, together with all that entails.

This is how it happened.

He came to me and said, "I got into trouble today at my massage..."

My husband takes legitimate registered massage therapy from a woman we shall call Sarah here. He's been going to her regularly every couple of weeks for almost ten years. It helps him to avoid seizing up around the neck area.

"What did you do?" I asked, curious.

"Sarah told me that I had a left a 'mess' for her to clean up last time I was there..." he said.

"Oh david!"

"She said she knows massages feel good, but that it couldn't happen again," he continued.

"I should say not! Did you actually ejaculate during your massage???" I asked.

"No, no. It wasn't like that." he explained. "It was afterwards. I, ummm, touched myself afterwards and things just got out of hand."

"And how exactly did things get 'out of hand'?" I asked. It was clear that he was very embarrassed talking about this, even to me. Imagine how much more embarrassing to have had to have had the discussion with Sarah!

"Ummm... I was just rubbing myself a little and really quickly a lot of pre-cum just started coming out. I thought I cleaned it all up with tissues, but I guess I must have left some somewhere..."

It was all I could do to keep a straight face, but I didn't suppose that was my role here. Instead I said, "you know you have a hair trigger, why did you even touch yourself? Your massage with Sarah isn't supposed to be a way for you to get your rocks off!"

"I know. I'm sorry. It just sometimes... gets things flowing. Nothing Sarah does different. It just sometimes happens. I was thinking of you..."

Ha! Flattery will get him nowhere. "But you don't rub yourself after! What did you think would happen?" I asked.

"I know. I'm sorry. It won't happen again," he said.

"Did you tell Sarah it was an accident?" I asked.

"No. I was too embarrassed. I just was surprised at first when she said it, and then she thought I was denying it, but then I just said 'sorry' and 'it won't happen again'."

"Well, next time you need to explain it to her," I instructed him. I thought it marginally better that she know it was an accidental discharge, instead of him deliberately jerking off to completion in her therapy room! We knew Sarah socially, and her husband and her young kids (!).

"But it's soooo embarrassing! Can't we just leave it?" he asked,

"It's embarrassing for me also, but absolutely not. Next time you apologize again, tell her it won't happen again, and explain the circumstances so she knows it was at least partially an accident. Maybe I'll write her a note also..." I mused.

"You don't need to," begged david, sounding a little desperate.

"My decision," I said.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Do you need me to punish you for your behaviour?" I asked. I figured that was why he had come to me.

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

This is the nature of our scening FLR. We only ever play at being dominant and submissive. I don't actually punish him for things, I just pretend to, but this seemed like this might be an exception! It would still be a scene, in that I was under no illusions that whatever I did to him would be fantasy fodder. On the other hand, it was legitimately embarrassing for me that he would do this with Sarah, a woman I know and would no doubt see again (blush!). Still, he rarely actually puts a foot wrong, and this was a golden opportunity to play out our scening FLR more "for real" than ever before.

"It won't be pleasant if I do," I warned, referring to the punishment he had requested.

"I know, Ma'am. I deserve it." I'm sure he did know. He could only imagine how I would punish him "for real" for this!

"Yes you do. I'm going to ask Sue to assist." My sister has expressed fascination around "real punishments" for david, so I thought I would invite her to play as well.

"Oh no, please!" begged david. "She doesn't have to know about this." So desperate. So embarrassed for real.

"She certainly does need to know about it. And she's told me she would enjoy the opportunity to be a little stricter with you. What a perfect opportunity this is for that." It certainly was! "Clear out your weekend," I told him, "you're going to be punished all weekend long."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, accepting his punishment, and the added humiliation of my sister being brought into the circle of women being told about his behaviour.

I dismissed him and went to call Sue. As I predicted, she was positively gleeful at the prospect of meting out a "real punishment" to my man. She was more disgusted than me at his behaviour. I told her she need not hold back at all, and she assured me she would not.

She was free on Friday so we could start right in on the weekend. She brought up that she had a date with a girlfriend, Moira (I know her a bit), on Saturday night that she expected to last into Sunday. Sue asked if it would be appropriate and possible to involve her as well. Moira is a real cutie and a bit kinky. Sue spanks her buns lightly before they fool around, and Moira is always "the girl" during strap-on play (Sue tells me everything when lubricated with wine!). I gave my permission (heck - I loved it!) on condition that she extracted iron clad promises from Moira not to take photos or divulge anything to anyone. Sue readily agreed, and in fact would have done that anyways.

We bandied around ways how we would punish him and we settled on something we thought would leave a lasting impression (and result in sparkly clean bathrooms as a bonus - on a previous blog entry a reader asked if david was ever made to do "maid duty" at Sue's place, so that was on my mind as we plotted his punishment). It would be a very long weekend for david. Sexy fantasy absolutely, but also genuine weekend-long punishment.

On Friday Sue came by after dinner at around 7pm. Sue and I took a seat on the sofa.

"david, strip. Now," I ordered.

david took all his clothes off and folded them neatly on a chair. He came back and stood facing us, completely bare naked, his hands at his sides. His penis was hard. It would not be so for long! I made david explain all the details of his misbehaviour anew to Sue. He was again incredibly embarrassed by this (he's a blusher so it's easy to tell), but his penis remained hard, proving what a shame slut he really is.

She asked questions and scolded him as well. Interestingly, she made the same point I did, about his 'hair trigger'. Ha ha! She maintained a very strict and scary demeanour throughout. She was clearly serious about doing this "for real".

Then I pronounced sentence, "david, this is what is going to happen now. You've been extremely naughty, you've embarrassed me in the process, and you made a very uncomfortable situation for Sarah to have to deal with. Sue and I will be dealing with you very severely right now, and your punishment will be extended throughout the weekend with line writing, corner time, and chores."

"yes ma'am," said david, accepting his due and looking a bit scared. He was right to be. He had two very scary ladies in front of him who knew how to spank!

"The first thing that's going to happen is that you will be getting rid of that fucking erection." I was using the F-bomb. I rarely use language like that, but wanted to change things up for his "real punishment". A little signal to him about how "fucking" serious I was taking this. I continued by explaining, "there won't be any sexual excitement while we're beating your ass raw. Understood?"

"yes ma'am," he answered.

"After that, you're going across my knee for a hand spanking and a scolding. I want to make sure I warm up that ass very thoroughly so that you can take a good long and hard bum beating afterwards."

"yes ma'am, thank you ma'am."

"Then it will be Sue's turn. Sue's decided to use the big wooden spoon on you," I said.

"That's right," said Sue.

"You will go across your sister-in-law's knee," I continued, "for the longest and hardest spanking you can ever imagine."

"oh shit..." said david (!), quietly.

"OH SHIT IS RIGHT!" I yelled. Sue just smirked. "And you do not use that language, unless you want to be taking your spankings with a fucking bar of soap in your mouth?"

"No Ma'am!" he said. I was aware of the contradiction between my statement and my own dirty mouth, and relished it.

I continued, "Right after that, and I don't care how beat up your ass is, you're bending over the back of the sofa and I'm going to give you the strapping of your sorry little life."

"no, please, it's too much," begged david.

"You will SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I said, getting legitimately a little angrier at his defiance.

"Do you think it's too much?" I asked Sue almost rhetorically, knowing she would agree with me. She surprised me.

"Honestly, I don't think it's even enough," Sue answered.

"Oh," I said, surprised, "what do you suggest?"

"Remember the cane we used on his ass when Jennifer visited?" asked Sue.

"no, no, no, no, no," begged david quietly, quivering as he stood there nude with his naughty penis out and on show for his sentencing. I found it... satisfying... that he no longer showed any signs of sexual arousal.

"Yes! I do remember that," I said,  "and so does david, I'm sure. The cane it is. That thick Delrin cane. Six strokes?" I asked.

"Six each or six all together?" She queried.

"What do you think?"

"Six each. How about two rounds of three each. We alternate?" Sue suggested.

"Sounds good," I said. My husband looked petrified. He was justified. He was in for an epic bottom and leg thrashing that would leave marks and leave him very sore for many days.

"Let's get started," I said. "First off, david, let's see you empty those balls."

"It's not even hard anymore!" complained david.

"Well then lick your hand and fucking rub it!" I told him.

david reluctantly licked his hand and started rubbing his softened cock.

"That's right," said Sue, "just like how you did it in the massage studio."

david is always embarrassed when told to masturbate in front of an audience. Especially on his feet in front of us two seated clothed women who were watching his every move.

"Isn't he pathetic," I asked Sue, but in a good-natured way.

"He is," she agreed with a smile.

We let him keep working in silence for a while. Then we started talking about what an epic bun beating he would be getting, and how he would not be able to sit down for a week after we were done with him, and so on.

Eventually he got himself hard and was able to rub one out.  Before he came, I told him to ejaculate into his hand and not to dare spill a drop! Sue and I smirked at each other as david's knees wobbled, he grunted, and spewed his ejaculate into his hand. Of course, I told him to get rid of it in the usual way, and we watched him lick it up off his palm and swallow it.

"Good girl!" said Sue, alluding to his sluttish cum guzzling.

I got up, placed his straight backed wooden spanking chair in the centre of the living room facing the couch. I went and got a damp washcloth and towel, sat on the chair, beckoned him over and used the washcloth to clean off his genitals and his hands and then dried him. I had him stand there facing the chair as I gathered up the three spanking implements we would need. When I got back, I handed them to Sue who examined them and put them on the couch next to her. She held onto the big wooden spoon, though, and started smacking it into her palm, apparently anxious to get on with her part of his punishment.

I spanked my naughty husband hard from the start. When I first started spanking, my hand spankings we're a joke. By now, however, they were no joke and I could redden his bum with my hand. Though not as effective as using an implement, I very much enjoy hand spanking him, especially while scolding. There's an intimacy with the hand not present with an implement. I can strike anywhere I want without fear of injuring him. My palm can mold to his ass and my fingers can flick into his crevices or glance by his testicles. I can leave my hand possessively on his bottom as I lecture him, which lets him know I own his ass!

As I spanked I also scolded him: "Don't I let you cum enough as it is? Do I ever say anything about you jerking off in front of your computer? Do I? Unless you can't perform your bedroom duties, do I ever say anything? Don't I give you sex often enough? My mouth, my pussy occasionally, even my ass sometimes? [Sue looked askance at that!] Is that not enough for you? Don't I even arrange for you to get treats from other women from time to time? Sue's hand. Tracy's mouth and vagina? [Sue didn't know about that detail either!] Massage parlour girls, prostitutes, pro Dommes? And there have been quite a few others! Is that not enough for you? Well, isn't it?"

"Yes Ma'am - it's enough," he responded sheepishly.

"So you have to go and rub your cock one place where you are never, ever supposed to? Is that what you do?"

"Yes Ma'am, sorry..."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be. I can guarantee that!"

With that, I pushed him off my lap and we both got to our feet.

"He's all yours," I told Sue.

Sue stood up still holding her big wooden spoon. It was a gift from her. It's her favourite.

It's big and heavy - more like a hardwood salad spoon - like this one.

She sat on the chair and prepared for his spanking.

She made my naked husband go face down across her lap as I took her vacated seat on the sofa. I love to see david's bare penis and testicles squooshing into her legs. She had no interest in those and didn't give a damn that they nestled atop her tightly closed thighs. She began his punishment spanking.

She started in hard and kept it up. After the very first spank he was already squawking, and he wouldn't stop until much, much, later. Sue knew what david could take and took the idea of a "punishment spanking" very seriously!

At a certain point she hooked his near leg, spread him, and really went to town on his thighs, and especially his inner thighs, even handling his penis and balls to move them out of the way of her punishing strikes. She also made sure to spread his cheeks and spank within his cleft (a trick she had learnt from me). It was amazing seeing my man so well dealt with... so humiliated... by this woman: my sister.

She ended by locking him down, also as I had taught her, and bending his arm behind his back, finishing off with a flurry of her hardest strokes yet.

She had laid into him with literally hundreds of punishing strokes. He has a fetish about wanting to experience "real" punishment spankings. He got his wish that day!

Sue was a bit out of breath when she was done (despite being in excellent physical shape).  She made him stand. While she was a bit out of breath, david was wheezing and out of breath from the yelling and crying and the snot running out his nose.

I grabbed him by the ear and started dragging him towards the back of the sofa.

"No! Please!" he begged as he clutched at his ass and was dragged towards his strapping.

I threw him down across the couch, lined up my strap, and said "twelve." It was originally going to be more, but I relented and settled on just twelve because of the caning we had added onto the end. But I was determined that each stroke would be a scorcher.

I hauled back and whipped that ass and those tenderized thighs good and hard, a full dozen times. Full swings. Not holding back. After each searing stroke he jerked up at the back, yelled out, and then bent over for the next. The spooning had left him with big circular "pock marks" all blending together into a thoroughly deep red background. The strap left him with rectangular whip marks horizontally seared across his ass and thighs.

After his twelve I fetched the evil Delrin cane. He was not done yet.

Sue and I both stood behind him as he bent over the couch, whimpering. I took the cane and sliced it through the air, making a frightening swooshing sound. I did this several times. Good to instill fear in the heart of an errant boy. I then lined it up on his ass, pulled back, and swooshed it through the air again. He screamed even though I did not even hit him! Ha!

I laid it across his ass again, and said, "say 'I'm a very very bad boy who cannot keep his hands off his penis'." He repeated the phrase, all sniffly. I pulled the cane back and whipped it down on his ass with a vengeance. I was rewarded with a full-throated yell. I made him say it twice more, and I whipped his ass twice more.

I then gave the cane over to Sue. She followed my example and took a few whooshing practise swings. "What will you make him say?" I asked.

"Say," said Susan, "'I must not make messes with my penis.'" He said the phrase, and Sue gave him an equally resounding stroke as mine, and was rewarded in the same way as was I. Twice more he was made to repeat that phrase, and twice more he was thrashed by his super-strict sister-in-law.

What's interesting about the cane is that you can see the mark it leaves right away, but it doesn't look so bad. But after a minute or so it starts sort of "welting up" and leaving "ridges" I guess you would say. I regret now I didn't snap a photo for posterity. Didn't think of it at the time. His ass was dark red and bruised in parts, and these cane marks were a bit white on the edges and an even angrier red on top of all that.

I took up the cane and said, "Say , 'I must never again leave a mess for Sarah to clean up.'" He repeated that phrase three times and was given three more good thrashes with that evil cane.

His ass was a total mess.

I handed the cane to my sister. "Finish him off," I said.

"Thighs ok?" she asked. "Absolutely," I told her. david said "no... no... please..."

"Thank your wife and I for punishing you," said Sue. david said, "Thank you, Miss Julie and Miss Sue, for punishing me."

THWACK! right across his high thighs. He yelled and danced his feet. That one would leave a major welt! (Not as if the ones on his ass would not, mind you...)

"Again!" commanded Sue, laying the cane against his upper thighs.

"no... no..." begged david.


"Thank you Miss Julie and Miss Sue for punishing me..."

Sue pulled the cane back and swooshed it through the air. david visibly jumped.

then... THWACK!!!

ARGHHHHHH!!!! OHHHHH! Another one across his thighs just under the first. Another major welt.


"Thank you Miss Julie and Miss Sue for punishing me!" david quickly said.


AHHH!!!! OHHH!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Again on his thighs. Lowest yet.

"Stand up!" I ordered him. He painfully got to his feet, clutching at the backs of his legs. I took him again by the ear and conducted him to his starting position, in front of the couch where Sue and I took a seat facing him. He looked to be in some serious pain!

"Stop whimpering," I said.

"Be a man," added Sue.

"Don't think I'm done with you," I said. "I'm sure you enjoyed that spanking. You won't enjoy what's coming next. Over the course of the weekend you are to write out 'I must never again make a mess for Sarah to clean up,' one thousand times."

david's face dropped. He's done lines before, but never anything anywhere near 1000. That was a serious task.

"I'll let you break it up," I said. "It won't all be in one sitting. I'll tell you how many each time. But it will be 1000 before the weekend is up."

"Yes Ma'am," confirmed david.

I continued, "after each sitting you will stand with your nose touching the corner for one full hour. Plan on getting to know that corner very well this weekend."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, accepting the corner time as well.

I continued, "when you are not writing lines or standing in the corner, you're cleaning my bathrooms until they are gleaming, and doing any others chores I tell you to. Are we clear?"

"Yes Ma'am," said david, still clearly fussing about the pain on his backside.

"On Sunday morning," I continued, "I'm sending you over to clean Sue's bathrooms."

"Oh and they need it," added Sue, "especially the toilets."  In fact, Sue keeps her place pretty spotless. She was just teasing.

I continued with david, "I'll tell you when you can eat, when you can go to sleep, and when you will wake up. Am I completely understood?"

"Yes Ma'am," said david, sounding miserable but accepting his punishment.

"There's one more thing," I told him. "Wait here." I left him with Sue and went to get the final item. I came back in holding a large bag which I set down next to me.

"Since you seem to be having trouble with things leaking from your penis, I thought it only right if I keep you in diapers all weekend," I said, pulling out one of his adult diapers from a pack I had bought about a year ago (Sue and I had diapered him once before, but only overnight). Poor david looked mortified by this development and as I made clearer the implications of a weekend-long diapering.

"You've lost all your bathroom privileges for the weekend, young man," I told him. "Everything goes into the diaper, number 1 and number 2. When you've wet your diapers, or messed them, you come and ask me, politely mind, to change you. Or Sue when you're at her place. You'll take your diaper bag over with you when you clean her bathrooms."

"Widdle baby in his diapers!" chimed in Sue, gleefully. We had discussed this, her and I.

With that I laid out a towel on the living room floor and had him lie down on it, face up, right on his sore ass. I had him raise his legs and then pushed them back further by his ankles. His bottom looked very sore. His private parts were ALL on show. I slipped a diaper under him and wiggled it into place. Then I got the talcum powder out of the bag and sprinkled it all over his sore butt and exposed privates, and finished up his diapering. He looked dreadfully embarrassed.

And that diaper on his sore butt was probably not all that comfortable either. I'm sure he would have preferred it to air out more after his butt beating.

I took him over to the kitchen island (by the ear, of course) and sat him on a high stool. I put some ruled paper and a blue ballpoint pen in front of him, and dictated for him: "I must never again make a mess for Sarah to clean up." I told him 1000 times before bedtime Sunday and before he gets out of his diapers. He should come find me after he's done each 100, and I'll put him in the corner for an hour, and then he can do an hour's work on the bathrooms before bedtime.

Sue observed all of this childish treatment of david, and observed him meekly submit to his punishment and begin his line writing. We then privately reconfirmed our plans for Sunday morning for david, and then she took off. Before she did, however, she had one more thing to say to david,

"david, look at me," she said. david stopped writing and looked at her. "What you did was really, truly, disgusting. Fun and games are one thing, but you totally disrespected your massage therapist and her working space, and you embarrassed yourself and my sister. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. I'll see you Sunday morning," she said and then left.

Wow. She was serious. Schooled for real!

It took david about 45 minutes to get through his 100 lines. I checked his work, and then sent him to the corner for a timed hour. After the hour, I made him start in on cleaning the small bathroom in the basement. Then it was bedtime. He claimed he did not yet need to be changed and went to bed in the diaper Sue and I put him in. There was a lot of uncomfortable tossing and turning, and I could hear the diaper crinkling as he did so. I did not mind. Music to my ears anyways. I slept soundly.

Saturday morning I woke up. david was already awake, lying in bed waiting for me to awaken as well.

First thing he told me he needed to pee. I told him to go right ahead. He peed his diaper with a very red face as I teased him. I took him out of his diaper and made him go shave and shower. I admonished him not to use the toilet at all. When he was done he lay on the floor to get his fresh diaper put on. Hi ass was still marked up and discoloured, though it was not nearly as "angry" as yesterday. I allowed him to wear a T-shirt and his diaper, and nothing else all day Saturday. The fading strap bruises and cane welts on his legs beneath his diaper were plain to see.

When he was midway through his morning line writing, he came to me again and said he needed to go number 2, and asked if please couldn't he use the toilet. I told him absolutely not. He held it in as he went back to his line writing. I don't know what he was thinking, that he could hold it in until Monday morning?

When he signalled he had completed another 100 I went to check his work, and then put him for another hour with his nose in the corner. I was determined to fully follow through on the punishment I had decreed.

At the end of his hour I walked up to him standing in his corner. My nose told me that somebody had decided there was no point holding it in any longer. I checked his diaper by pulling out the waistband at the back and peeking in: yup, he had messed himself.

This was the moment of truth. Would I let him clean himself up, or would I do it? I decided what kind of Disciplinarian Wife would I be if I let my baby try to clean himself up? While I've had some experience changing dirty diapers for my nieces and nephews, it really can't compare to the gross factor of changing a grown man's diapers! But I bucked up and got it done. I used baby wipes to clean up any of the residual shit that had stuck to him. I then powdered him, and put him in a fresh nappy. Then it was one hour finishing off the basement bathroom and making a start on one of the upstairs ones. This brought us up to around noon.

I fed him some and then put him back to work on his line writing. Rinse and repeat. In all that day he wrote 400 lines, spent 4 hours with his nose in the corner, and 4 hours doing chores. He got all the bathrooms done beautifully, plus he scrubbed my kitchen clean, and I started him up on tidying his workspace in the basement. He peed once during the day and I had to change him (he came to me and asked me to please change him after chores).

On Sunday morning we both rose at the same time. He peed himself and asked me to change him. I told him, no, that Sue would have morning diaper changing duties today. So I had him wash his underarms at the sink. I allowed him a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and sent him off to Sue's with his diaper changing bag and wearing a wet, slightly sagging and smelly nappy.

I did not go with him, so from here on in until he returned, except for one phone call I can directly attest to, I can only recount what I was told happened by Sue and david after the fact. I'll tell it to the best of my knowledge and as described to me as if I was a fly on the wall. I'll take some liberty to fill in parts and dialogue that I can only imagine happened where I didn't get the precise details!

david drove to Sue's in his wet diaper. Sue lives in a downtown loft style condo in a converted factory. david parked on the street and buzzed into the main door, and then went up to the door of Sue's unit and knocked.

Sue went to the peephole and identified david. She opened the door with the chain still on and said "Yes? Can I help you?"

"Hi. I'm here..." said david.

"Why are you here?" she asked coquettishly.

"Ummm. To do chores?" said david.

"Any other reason?" asked Sue, fishing.

"Ummmm... Also to please change my diaper?" suggested david.

"Are you still wearing a diaper???" asked Sue.

"Of course I am," said david, a bit too impatiently for Sue's taste. She decided she would punish him for that on the spot.

"Show me," said Sue. "I can see you through the peephole."

david looked around to make sure nobody was there, and then pulled his trackpants down a little bit to show Sue his diaper. Not good enough, apparently. He needed to be taught a real lesson in humility for his impatient and impudent tone.

"Take off those trackpants and your T-shirt and hand them to me," said Sue, through the chained door, "so I can really see."

"Someone might see," whined david.

"Yes they might. They'll see a big naughty baby who's too big for his britches. Do it!" commanded Sue.

david looked around furtively and quickly did as he was told, stripping to just his soggy diaper and handing Sue his trackpants and T. He believed that speed might be his best bet, if only nobody came into the hallway.

"Ok, you can come in," said Sue, unchaining the door and allowing david to rush in as if his diapers were on fire, carrying his diaper changing bag.

What david then saw must have shocked him to his very core. There stood Sue's girlfriend, Moira. As I mentioned previously, she is an excessively pretty, slim, petite long-haired brunette. She had Sue's bathrobe wrapped around herself (and nothing else I was told).

"Oh My God!" she said. "He's really wearing a diaper!"

According to Sue, Moira did have some advance warning in that she was asked if she would swear to secrecy and would be willing to participate as a witness in humiliating my husband in some kinky way, but with no additional details. Moira, being a bit kinky herself, agreed, thinking it would be "interesting".

"Yes he is," said Sue to Moira. Then, "david, let me introduce you to my friend, Moira." then to her girlfriend, "Moira, this is my sister's husband, david, that I was telling you about. david, why don't you explain to Moira exactly why you're wearing a diaper."

"Ummm... I'm being punished," said david.

This put a big smile on Moira's face.

"Tell Moira what you did and how you're being punished," said Sue.

david went on to explain in the humiliating detail required by Sue (she said she really milked it) exactly how he had transgressed, and the full nature of his punishment. She drew him out by making him answer questions such as "and are you allowed to use the toilet at all this weekend?" and so on.

"So tell me again what you want me to do?" said Sue.

"Please change my diaper Ma'am?" answered david.

"Did you pee in it?" asked Sue.

"Yes Ma'am," said david.

"And did you mess it also?" persisted Sue

"No Ma'am."

"Thank goodness!" said a relieved Sue. She told me in advance that she wasn't going to be doing that!

"Shall we have Moira watch me change your diaper today, david?" asked Sue.

"No, that's ok. I'm sure she has better things to do," replied david, hopefully (though hoping in which way I don't know!)

"That's ok, I have nothing better to do," volunteered Moira.

Sue proceeded to give david a full-on diaper change in front of Moira. On the floor, legs up, baby wipes, talcum powder, the works.

Moira commented on the state of his ass, and Sue held his legs back and so that Moira could get a closer look at his punished ass and legs. Of course, in the meantime she was also showing off david's penis, his engorged balls, and his butthole to this attractive woman in a bathrobe whom he had never met before today!

During the changing process, david became erect. I know this because I received a phone call from Sue at that moment,

"Hi Julie, it's me. I have david here on the floor. I'm about to put his new diaper on. Oh, and Moira, you remember her, is here also. She thinks your husband is very amusing. Anyways, I cleaned him up and he became very erect! He has a huge hard-on right now. Here he is being punished for not controlling his penis, and there it is all stiff in front of two gay women. Do you think he's imagining he'll get to have sex with Moira or I? Fat chance! Now what exactly am I supposed to do with this problem? I don't think his diaper will fit!"

Ha! She obviously didn't need my advice, but I nonetheless suggested the obvious things she could do with it: Ignore it; Spank it away; Have him jerk it; or Handjob him.

"I think I'll handjob him, if that's ok with you. I love emptying his balls," said Sue.

"Fine by me," I said. I like that Sue likes to handjob my man. She's very skilled at it, this having been her go-to method of dealing with randy, gropey boys out on dates in the front seat of the boys' Mom's cars in high school. She suspected she was gay back then, and now figures that was her way of getting rid of them quickly with the minimum of involvement on her part. It took a bad marriage, though, to have her completely change teams. Though she's continued to enjoy the handjob, for some reason, where my husband is concerned.

Sue told me later (and I confirmed with david) that she started in on the handjob using only the talcum powder as lubrication. As she did it, she explained her technique to Moira. Moira knelt close by and stroked his balls (!). Hardly my idea of punishment, that!

Sue and Moira together quickly extracted all the cum from david's balls, aiming it straight up and down so that it all dribbled onto his privates. She explained to Moira that I usually make him eat it, but that this time she thought it more appropriate to diaper him in with his own cum while he cleans her bathrooms and kitchen.

And that's what she had him do next. Little cummy diaper boy, dressed in nothing but his diaper, went around scrubbing her toilets, sinks, floors, tub, and tiles while the girls just hung around.

david told me that as he was finishing up that he really needed to "go" badly (number 2), but held it in for fear of being changed by Sue in Moira's presence (he did not know Sue's "no number 2" rule). He thinks Sue even noticed as she asked if he "had a problem" when she saw him clenching his butt and moving his hips back and forth. "No problem, Ma'am," he said, in fear of being made to "do it" in front of Moira and Sue. As a result, he held it until midday when he was released from Sue's service. He says he just could not hold it in any longer and messed his diaper almost as soon as he left Sue's condo and was walking to his car. He had to drive home sitting in it.

First thing he said coming into the door and looking really desperate was, "could you please change me? I've messed my diaper!"

I started doing the dirty deed and scolded him. I asked him why he couldn't just wait until he got home so that he wouldn't need to sit on it and make such a disgusting mess. It really was a mess and took considerable time to clean him all off. He said he held it in for as long as he could because he didn't want to poop his diapers at Sue's place where she and Moira might have to change him. I told him he was a bad boy and he should have just done it there and let them clean him up without such a mess (she might have let him do it himself even). He thought he could make it home, but couldn't. Another "accident" while he was being punished for his "accident" at Sarah's. Yeesh! He for sure got a few swats to his butt while that new diaper was going on.

After I cleaned him and put him in his fresh diaper I fed him lunch, after which it was back to line writing, corner time, and more chores. He needed to get through 500 lines from noon until bedtime. He did two stints of 100 each, but for the last two I let him do 150 at a sitting as it was clear we were running out of time.

He finished the last of his 1000 lines at around 10:30 pm. I let him off his final hours of corner time and chores. Instead, after I removed his final diaper and cleaned him up with his baby wipes, I used my hairbrush to spank his still marked and sore butt in the diaper position, together with one final scolding for what he had done. I then hugged him, kissed him, and forgave him. I reminded him that next time he visits Sarah he would have to explain to her the circumstances better. He agreed he would.

That next massage appointment was earlier this week. Prior to his showing up, and unbeknownst to him, I sent Sarah my own apology email,
Dear Sarah: 
David told me about the mess he left you to clean up after a previous therapy session. I've looked into the circumstances around it, and I've asked him to explain it to you next time he's in. Regardless of circumstance, his behaviour was completely unacceptable, and I gave him a good talking to. My sister as well who happened to be there. I believe he is sufficiently embarrassed by the whole incident that it will leave a lasting impression on him. I've made very sure to reinforce with him that this must never again happen. My deepest apologies for my husband's poor behaviour.
Yours Truly, 
Sarah did not mention the note when he came in. But david asked if he could have a word with her before the session started. Sarah agreed and waited for david to speak.

Here was the dialogue according to david:

david started with, "last time, when you talked to me about the mess you had to clean up, I was so embarrassed I couldn't say anything,"

"Awww, I didn't mean to embarrass you," said Sarah with a smile. I know Sarah and I don't think she did. Rather his embarrassment was a natural consequence of what she was required to tell him, not the intent of the telling.

david went on, "First of all, I wanted to repeat how sorry I am and that it will never happen again. But I also need you to know that it wasn't deliberate. I didn't deliberately make a mess."

david said Sarah had a sweet smile and nodded her head in encouragement.

"I mean, I did, obviously, touch myself, and rubbed it, but really quickly a lot of pre-cum started coming out, and I tried to stop it but I couldn't, and I was a bit panicked, and I tried to clean it up with the tissues but I guess I must have missed some. I'm so sorry. I just wanted you to know that I didn't deliberately make a mess. I wouldn't deliberately disrespect your office or you that way."

"Ok," she said, "I understand. And it wasn't about me at all?"

"Oh no!" david said quickly. He says too quickly and was afraid afterwards that he might have offended her. I doubt it. She was relieved. "I was thinking about something that was going to happen later..."

"well ok then," said Sarah. "We've known each other a long time and we can let it go. If it had been a new client, then... out. Never again. You understand that, don't you?"

"Yes, absolutely," said david. "It will never, ever happen again, I promise."

Then Sarah chose to tell david about my e-mail. "Julie sent me a little note saying you wanted to explain this to me. I get it. I understand. She also said she gave you a good talking to?"

"Yes, she sure did," said david.

"And did your 'talking to' involve a sore bottom at all?" (!) she said, unexpectedly (to us both).

You see, Sarah knows that david is a spanked husband. Sometimes he showed up for massages with marks on his buttocks. The first time it happened Sarah said she was required by law to ask him about the marks, if he was abused at home at all. david quickly reassured her that it was consensual. They didn't talk about it again, except Sarah would occasionally point out that there was a bruise on his legs or butt cheek.

david had to answer, so he said, simply, "yes."

"You probably enjoyed that," said Sarah (!)

"Not this time," said david, speaking truthfully!

"Good!" she said with a grin, and told david to get undressed and under the sheet while she left the room. Clearly Sarah approves of my methods. Ha ha!

It was a very normal massage after that, and they bantered back and forth as usual over safe topics (her kids, TV shows, politics, that sort of thing).

So that was the whole saga of david's very poor choice. Truly, humiliatingly, embarrassed as he had never been before by the incident. And truly punished for it, and even with a new girl "lending a hand". I had fun with the whole thing, and so did Sue. We shall have to think about more ways to involve Moira in future as well if she is willing!


  1. Wet diapers and and a spanked bottom must have been an uncomfortable combination!

    1. Should've made him wear a diaper or pull up, like training panties when he went back, just in case he makes a mess it stays in his pampers

  2. Oh my gosh, what delightful! Any chance of you envolve pacifiers and baby bottles in a next diaper punishment? And any chance of you embarass the poor david taking him to buy that kind of stuff with you,and interacting with people in the shop?

    1. I did interact a bit with people when I bought him the diapers a year ago. But next time milk in a baby's bottle and bib and baby foods (Yummy mushed peas!) spoon fed are definitely in the cards!

    2. Oh my god, I really can't wait to read that! When you first described the diapering last year was really awesome... The diapering post of last weekend was a really treasure to who was waiting so long for a new diapering story. But that you say... That will be heaven! Love you!

    3. Oh fuck!!! If you really do that, I will jerk off so hard that I wouldn't jerk off again for at least some years... I think I'll need a diaper. And a bottle. And a pacifier.

    4. Well, that's one of the easier ones to execute. Next time... baby food and bottle!

    5. Maybe Moira and your sister would love to give him his bottle You can also get some adult size snapcrotch onesies


  3. Oh, it's so unfair! I just have cummed and I'm still so horny! Please mistress, lemme be your baby!

    1. My big baby? Need you nappies changed?

  4. Hello Julie,
    I love your line writing punishments,my wife read your blog too and at this point she let me write lines for all my errors....thank you

  5. Still love the way you write. I've missed reading your stuff. I would pose one question for you though...... Would you ever go to him and ask for a punishment when you know you've really messed up?

  6. You should have also put him in plastic baby pants for more humiliation

    1. Is that more humiliating? What could be more humiliating than a diapering???

    2. Goddess Gretchen30 May 2017 at 09:48

      Pink ruffled plastic panties are pretty humiliating to wear over diapers....

    3. Yes, krinkly plastic pants DO make it worse...! ~sara

  7. My orgasm last so long that I only could write a comment today. You're the best, mommy mistress!

  8. Diaper evil. Especially in front of other people. You went well beyond the call of duty by changing the #2. My suggestion would be to wait a long time before using the rest of the pack of diapers in order for him to forget how horrible the whole thing is. I would make him drink a lot of water and then command him to cum into the diaper by humping things in front of other people, no hands allowed. To motivate him, let him know if he pees before he cums he will get the whole baby treatment...bottles, baby talk, baby food, pacifiers, and Barney on the television.

    1. Barney is likely enough motivation all by itself!

  9. Wow, what a weekend

  10. Do you imagine a wife, becoming a little wet, lying, feet into the stirrups, at her male gynecologist (a friend of her husband).
    How humiliating ! Having to endure his surprised and mocking look. Blushing: "No, it's not what you think !"
    Betrayed by her body.
    She would be very ashame to have to confess that to his husband and could he believe she was dreaming about him when it arrived ?
    Having felt such a shame, the need for "real" punishment is absolute.
    After a very "real" beating, being made to poop in his pants in diaper like a child (very frustrating and messy when it actually happen), must have been mortifying for david.

    1. That's sexy. I need a new Doctor!

    2. I'm guessing most gynecologists have "seen it all before" and it no big thing. Her, a little aroused and damp - just another day at the office.

      His "...surprised and mocking look", however, is another, and unprofessional, matter.


    3. So unprofessional! ;-)

  11. Sound like he really was ashame embrassed felt he needed be punish like naughty boy he knew you would give him good spanking punishment that seem real i think way you reacted must be your real true feeling comming out didnt know you had or felt

    seem like Sue felt same you did need be punish for his behavior double punishment from both spanked change diaper iam sure was one punishment he learn lesson

    did sarah know or does know you spank him maybe add punishment should had David ask her spanking maybe deep down he has fantasties about her which why what happend maybe warn him next time your going allow Sarah to spank him or watch as you give him spanking

    1. Sarah is too much of a professional to play with david. She does know he is spanked by me, though. And yes, I was a bit peeved at david so it was easy to punish him severely. Sue also.

    2. First all i agree understand she is Professional play with him dont want her to get fired lose her Job for something like that Maybe David thought of asking her to punish him knew impossible so he instead ask his sweet beautiful wife to punish and Spanking You being peeved what made it work same as Sue guess both disapproved of that kind behavior we all know wooden spoon spanking does hurt even on bare butt

  12. You’re right a very interesting post indeed.

    This is one I’m sure will have all your readers who are diaper aficionados very excited. I thought it was very appropriate that Sue be involved as she was involved with david’s first diaper punishment for not wanting to stop “On Route”.

    So now the big question is when does he get fitted for his chastity device to keep him from having unsupervised emissions, after all that’s what precipitated this event in the first place! ;-)

    1. Imagine him going for massage therapy, under only a thin sheet. I'm sure the device would be very noticeable. Ha ha!

  13. I can tell you from personal experience the spanking he took after jerking off would have been horrible. When the wife truly wants to get the point across thats what she does to me.

  14. Goddess Gretchen29 May 2017 at 12:52

    OMG! Absolutely LOVE it Julie.....I am so happy that you have taken control of your sissy bitch with DIAPERS....Now go 24/7! My little diaper bitch has not used a toilet in nearly 4 years. She has no bladder control and regularly wets without knowing it....

    Goddess Gretchen

    1. I was thinking of you!

    2. would love to here a blog from you Goddess about her adventures


  15. Was this type of thing sometimes you and david had talked about before? About a serve spanking/beating, extreme control and humiliation, a prolonged scene, and bodily waste, all combined? You mention using this as a way to play at a more realistic "for real" punishment but did david believe this was for real real? From your description he doesn't seem like this weekend was something he was comfortable with or enjoyed but was allowing you to subject him to out of fear that not doing so might end the marriage.

    Was his concent to this pre-negotiated? Did you check in with him during the weekend to ensure he was still okay and wanting to continue? Did he voice an opinion after?

    -Eve, who always gets a bit worried and squeamish when they isn't clear and enthusiastic consent

    1. There was no threat (explicit or implied) of the marriage ending over his potential refusal. He came to me clearly asking for a "real" punishment (one of his deepest fantasies). Part of it being "real" is that he has no say in it. Without that part, it's in no sense "real". I know his boundaries, and kept (just) within them!

    2. What are his bounmdaries?

    3. Things like urethral sounds, piercing, blood, scat, hard-core bondage, fetish-wear, hoods, ...!

    4. Doesn't having to sh*t in a dipper and wear it kindof cross to the scar boundry?

  16. Very nicely done. I would definately get a nice little tutu and onsie for him to wear next time when in diapers. You can find really cute diapers from ab universe and rearz which is located in canada.

    Of Course you can always just have him use the diapers for #1 next time and just have him using a training potty for #2 and then make him clean the potty each time.


    1. While it was disgusting, changing the #2 mess, what made it all worthwhile was how ridiculously humiliated he got that I had to do that! Wouldn't have missed that for anything.

  17. I am sure David would not jump at the chance to go shopping with your friends now for a new bra and swimsuit bikini with the threat of a diaper weekend.

    1. I'd love to buy him a bikini: top and bottom!

    2. Well it sounds like you your sister, Moira, and Tracy all need to take David on a "girls" day out I am sure they would love to get new suits for the season as well. Maybe you can end the day with some new heeled sandals and a pedicure for you all. David's treat

    3. Hey a Shopping Trip would sound like fun and Victoria Secret is currently having their Semi Annual Sale.


  18. What about enjoy the diaper thing to a little breastfeed to the big baby? Or, who knows, that could be a cool compensation to make him wear diapers more times, with no punishment reason! And when breastfeeding is too much reward to a simple diapering, I would bet in bottles, pacifiers and baby food to balance the play too!

    1. I like the breast feeding idea. Would love to hire a young, big-breasted lady, sit him on her lap in diapers, and "make him" suck on her nipple.

    2. Well, even without the lactation I'm sure that he would love to nurse in your breasts, maybe rubbing his little clit within his diapers in the process. That would be a fine reward to a couple days in diapers and babyhood. But, of course, your idea is more than wonderful, I really hope you can achieve it soon!!!

    3. You can even let your doctor know that you plan on being a wet nurse and would like some meds to make you start producing milk again

  19. Amazing post! Sounds like David needed to be in diapers for his massage though!

    1. That would make the punishment fit the crime!

  20. Amazing, but Sue and Moira should have milked david using prostate milking rather than him enjoying a double hand job

    1. Oh, I know. a 2 girl handjob is hardly what I would call "punishment"

  21. Wow david got some "real" punishment and humiliation it's mind boggling sometimes to think he came and asked you for the punishment and consented to this. This man must truly love and trust you more than anything on this earth he is so lucky to a Woman who knows his boundaries, and kept (just) within them! Curious when you spoke to David after the weekend or during the weekend did he ever express that he almost said his safe word?... By the way I'm flattered that you stated "on a previous blog entry a reader asked if david was ever made to do "maid duty" at Sue's place" :) I think david could do the maids outfit for cleaning at yours and Sue's place sometime (I know it would more humiliating for him to dress very femme in a pretty frenchmaid's outfit to clean for you and Sue as he does not identify as sissymaid).
    Anyway I enjoyed your telling the story though I can't imagine well my sister-in law having me thank her and my wife for punishing me to received those last 3 cane strokes and the way you described her saying "AGAIN" when he begged "Again" like she meant business (no mercy) oh dear I would have been crying already before receiving those strokes across the thighs Ma'am.
    One last thing Julie when Sue left on Friday and she told David seriously fun and games aside that what he did was disgusting and he should be ashamed of himself... has this made her feel somewhat less of david for real... I mean it would be nice to know that after he was punished by her that she hugged him and forgave him as you did.

    1. Safewords were really not on the table. I would have respected a "red" of course, but then, if not due to imminent physical injury, could never take him seriously again if he were to request a real punishment.

      Sue definitely meant business. She whipped that cane literally without mercy on his thighs especially. It turned me on seeing her so strict and merciless! And yes, she was pissed off at him, but not seriously, as the events of Sunday morning indicated (no way would she have handjobbed him with Moira's help without having forgiven him.

    2. Ms Julie I was curious when david jacked off for you and Sue did you discus this with her prior to him doing it... just wondering if Sue enjoys watching him eat his semen as you do? My former wife used to sometimes reward me for getting the house work done (while she enjoy a good book or watched one of her favorite TV programs, of course only coaching me now and then on how to do a better job) She would give me something she called a "Mistress's Blow Job" it involved presenting myself to her completely naked with a glass of wine for her of course after she had walked around and checked my work. She would move to the chair I had set up her her so she could see everything clearly. Then I would move to the wall in front of her chair and get down on the floor on my back sliding my legs up the wall and pushing out a bit from the wall with my feet till my cock was right over my mouth. She would order me to start stroking my cock she would sip her wine and smile sometimes chuckle about me getting a "Mistress Blow Job". When I was at the point I had to cum she would order me to
      "open my mouth wide" and tell me to aim my cock at my mouth so it would all go in... Then after I had cum in my own mouth I would slip back down and kneel right in front of her. She would have me open my mouth and tilt my head back a little so she could see my semen. Then she would touch my chin with her wine glass and say "I hope you enjoy that as much as I'm enjoying my wine" then she would say "cheers, swallow" and I would swallow it all down. Then she would laugh and I would kiss her foot and thank her for letting me be her submissive.

    3. I love the Mistress Blow Job!
      Wonderful humiliation for you.
      We've had david do similar before in front of Sue, so no need to clear it this time.

    4. Thank you Ms julie I appreciate you saying you loved the Mistress Blow Job... unfortunately I never got to perform it in front of any of her sisters or close girlfriends. david is sooo lucky that you play so well with Sue in humiliating him and allow ing him to be such a shame slut.

    5. Too bad! Seems like the perfect public performance for you.

  22. Yes, definitely chastity device in order, at least for his massage appointments, but it sounds like he needs it on all the time based on your description of his jerking off at computer.

  23. My wife has not done this yet, my spankings always follows with me in my pajamas for rest of day. Her mother would do this and so my wife carries the tradition. I stand facing the wall with pajamas bottoms around my ankle, time varies, then rest of day I do house work. A couple of her friends know about this, her mother the first time seeing me, said to her daughter you didn't spank him, sure did my wife responded.
    I then had to show her my red bottom. Feel very little, my wife will treat me just like a naughty little boy, tone of voice, how she talks to me in general. When I have been really naughty, I get a bath prior to bedtime, I go to bed early no matter what.

  24. Hmmmmmmmm seems a conversation about YOUR language needs to had in the near future ! ;-)

    1. I'll ask my husband to take me to task!

  25. OMG. I have had an erection during a legit massage, but never did cum and never played with it after. It was embarrassing when I realized the therapist knew as her covering sheet did little to hide things. We were good friends after many years of massage, and she once did ask when I was erect if I had been spanked lately (she knew of my interest and was cool with it). I almost lost it. She grinned, and went about her work.

  26. Ms Julie,

    Ma’am this was an incredible post. It read like a chapter out of your book. This chapter being one that you would have noted to be 100% true.
    All I can say is that I’m awed by your creativity and ability to actually be cruel which is what makes this so captivating. We all know that you are not actually cruel but your ability to perform in a scene (real punishment or not) at this level of intensity is amazing. I also want to add that David is incredible in being able to endure his punishment. Having cum before his beating had to make this especially difficult to bear.

    I have to confess that I had by one hand on my penis the entire time while reading this post. I feel I should be punished for this admission but it will have to remain just a fantasy for now. Maybe I should confess this to my wife and see where she takes it :-)

    Bob Bell

    1. I agree on that last part. I think you need a good spanking for reading filthy porn like this!

  27. Here's a tip for another punishment when in diapers or out is to get some sour juice like sour apple, prick a hole in an adult paci take a syringe and fill the nipple with the juice freeze it then have him suckle on it during corner time

  28. Another fun thing is to decorate david's diaper with lipstick stickers something slutty in writing etc.

    Also you can get custom made panties with your own words on them for him


  29. I loved this scene. I think plastic pants would definetly add to the humiliation as it adds another aspect. Maybe you should have him wear a diaper to his next massage as a precaution!!!

    1. Hee hee... Now that's good :) ~sara

    2. That WOULD be humiliating. He can tell Sarah I made him wear it just once, as a punishment to remind him never to do it again!

  30. Moria is "...excessively pretty"?

    Excessively? How can that be? (And does she have a sister...!)


    1. If you're a girl, "excessively" can be threatening!

  31. I'm thinking David should buy this punishment ledger book for yourself to record his offenses and punishments dished out


  32. It sounds like a fitting punishment for a naughty boy. Maybe David will get some ideas from this for your next punishment.

    1. perhaps... I wonder if I should be diapered???

    2. I don't think so. Diapers are for babies, not mommies or grown up women.

    3. I disagree , I think it would only be fitting

    4. Maybe Tracy should diaper you

    5. It does sound... comforting. Make a mess and make someone else clean it up! Ha ha!

  33. What an amazing tale! Just having to apologize to Sarah sounded bad enough. Having to jerk off before You and your sister was worse. The punishment. Then the diapering!! And having to ask to get changed (OMG!), and even moreso at your sister's place with her friend!
    One of your best posts yet! i'm hard and leaking in my panties, lol! i may have to go down and grab one of the hidden diapers downstairs now! My Wife spanks and doms me, but She doesn't know about diapers yet. ~sara

    1. Yes, one must not squander such opportunities when given!

  34. Dear Julie
    We caughted our son Martin, soon 19!, using his computer in his room after 8 pm, which is strictly forbidden.
    He was doing things on this computer that are also forbidden to him!
    He used a site of synthesis of voices ( on which he listened to excerpts of your post said by female voices (Even QueenElizabeth herself ! In English UK).
    He just has to do a copied-pasted of what he wants to hear
    i.e : "And you do not use that language, unless you want to take your spankings with a fucking bar of soap in your mouth?"
    or "Since you seem to be having trouble with things leaking from your penis, I thought it only right if I keep you in diapers all weekend,"
    He confessed to us that he was very excited by the idea of ​​hearing your voice addressing him.
    I do not know if one of the voices is close to yours (for my part I like Lucy or Tracy) but the spanking we gave him was definitely close enough to those received by david.
    A very sound spanking since Martin seems sensitive to the sound aspect of things!
    2 loving parents

  35. Hi Julie
    You may consider buying breast milk from a milk bank and feeding David in a bottle. The best option however is to Find a willing lactating woman and make him nurse.Do you think David will dare or even want to resist?
    Your blog is the best. Do continue to share your life with your readers.
    Love, Caroline

  36. So after having re-read this post a second time this particular passage sparked the old memory;

    “The first time it happened Sarah said she was required by law to ask him about the marks, if he was abused at home at all. david quickly reassured her that it was consensual.”

    What I started remembering was a law lecture presented by one of the local Universities which dealt with consent especially within the realm of sexual and BDSM type activities. Essentially in Canada a person cannot legally consent to physical harm. Of course there are exceptions namely sporting activities such as football, hockey and boxing where it is quite legal for people to consent to pounding the crap out of each other. Those activities are considered to have social value, however, spanking whipping and caning someone not so much. has a very interesting article entitled “BDSM in Canada is 50 shades of legal grey” which also discusses the legal consent issue.

    Anyway I just thought I would throw this out there as food for thought, particularly for when non players might get involved in your scenes unintentionally or otherwise, the assurance that it’s all consensual just might not cut it. ;-)

  37. first off i know breaking rule of posting new comment on same post you can decide my punishment for this? hope not good otk spanking wink wink?

    Do you think possible you can do pic of David over you lap OTK style
    (so we can pretend it us over your lap? being spanked by you

    1. Thanks you Miss Julie knew reason i love and like you make me hard knowing iam over your lap can even add name of who you want or desver go over your lap for HARD SPANKING

  38. Nice post loved it, poor David first your sister and the cane second the 1000 lines and to top it all off the diaper that does sound like a punishment a real punishment. And of course David did want all of that since he asked for a real punishment. Just two quick questions maybe three. First was changing his number 2 more of a punishment for you or him? I don't see your sister changing his number 2.
    Second question just curiouse since you have never met Maria were you concerned at all by a stranger and your husband? Would you have been okay if David did not feel comfortable with a stranger I know your sister is there and all but still can never be to careful when it comes to strangers?
    Third have you ever felt sorry for or stopped someone who was spankings David to hard and past his limits or has David ever out of fear refused to use a safe word relying on you to stop the punishment if it ever go to much?

    1. Oh, I enjoyed changing him. Even gross#2!
      I know david gets off on complete strangers, so no issue there. I was ok with it because I trust Sue's judgement.
      And that third one has never come up. I get wet when he gets it hard!

  39. New idea for David's next torment. A Toronto male strip club that seems to have amateur nights. I bet he would get hard, he would not be able to help it.

    1. He's, unfortunately, not well qualified...

    2. That seems a bit harsh. Have you ever teased him about his shortcomings?

    3. Hi biggest problem is his hair trigger. Imagine if he were to spontaneously spurt at the shame of being jeered at by so many women?

    4. If you really want to be mean, let David know that Moira is a virgin with guys and was interested in how it feels...David seems safe...yadda yadda yadda. Put David through hell for a chance with her since you have already given him a chance at strange. Let Sue put together a scene if he is going to be with her girlfriend. Then after all that, after a ton of anticipation is built up in David's head, use David's hair trigger against him even before Moira gets naked. Have Moira leave in a huff. David will be devastated. Have him apologize to Moira in a humiliating way. Then let him know the whole thing was a set up.

    5. Oh I love it!!!
      Except the part about telling him it was a set up!

  40. Have you ever considered saving up for a girls weekend in Vegas with Tracy, Moira, your sister and david of course


  41. The next time you diaper punish him, you should load his butt up with about four or five Dulcolax suppositories! That is absolute hell, especially after a really serious paddling. Don't ask me how I know.

  42. So, how did David feel about what you did to him? Did he think it was fair, excessive, loving; cruel?

    It seemed incredibly brutal and mean spirited to me, but what did he think?

    1. It's his kink, silly. Of course he loved it.

  43. Ms Julie
    With the warmer weather could you give us some outdoor exhibitionism, either real with david or imagined with us? Thinking maybe naked or pantied outdoor switching or spanking...
    thank you as always rp

    1. I'll take him for a walk in the woods in July. Strip him to his panties, walk behind him with a switch whipping the backs of his legs to a fallen tree, have him bend over it and lower his panties for a good swishing. After that, ouchy walk of shame back to the cottage!

  44. But maybe could you give us a little fantasy before then? We will do whatever you wish Mistress.

    1. I try to keep it real here. 'Gotta do it first, then write!

  45. Any News about some new post?

    1. So busy! I do have some thoughts, though...

  46. I love this post! Would love to have any online relationship with you Julie, giving me commands about wearing diapers and panties and what to do in them.
    So much fun!

    1. I always welcome a low grade version of that. Please feel free to email. I'll tell you to stay in your diaper all day and have you send me a photo of your messy diaper afterwards. Ha ha! Might even post that!

  47. Where are you Julie?

  48. Amazing Julie. I was hard all the way through but not sure the diaper kink is me but the hand spanking over your lap wow. Love it

  49. There had to be a better humiliation than a dirty diaper.....gross!

  50. Hope all is going well and David is not getting off too easily this past month ;-) Happy Summer

    1. Just spankings as usual, and lots and lots of licking! Have a fun/scary one coming up, though. need permission to blog...

  51. I think loading up his diaper is gross! The ultimate humiliation would be getting his submissive ass fucked by a dominant man! After he was spanked in front of Sue & yourself! Getting diapered afterwards to keep his pussy from leaking sperm on any furniture! But if not possible...maybe use a turkey baster to inject his own sperm in that sub pussy of his after he gets a good fucking from his sister inlaw! Wearing a diaper while the two of you know his cunt is full of sperm!

    1. I would SOOOO love to see him fucked by a dude! I mean, what's the big difference. My big dildo is bigger and harder and lasts longer than any dude anyways...

  52. There is a professional Mistress in London who punishes subs who dirty their diaper (or nappy in English) during a session, by pushing the subs face in the messy diaper. Bit too extreme for my liking!

  53. Oh my god, how could I just discovered this now? Mistress, I officially worship you, with all my strength! My bumhole is yours, at any time you want it! Kisses in your feet, can only hope more of this in the future!

  54. I from the netherlands

    I Am men en last hour punishment my woman my.

    First naked spanking and morning evening for 3 tree
    evening early bedtime punishments on 18 clock.

    1. Hi from the Netherlands! We need to work on the Google translation, though!

  55. You could really rub in the fact that he is being treated as a child by bathing him before putting him to bed. Early of course!!!

  56. You need to force him to wear a chastity devise for unauthorized cumming.for like a week straight at least

    1. I put him in a tight one for a day and he was dying. Ha ha!

  57. This role thread bad become the top hit for some naughty searches so I want to ask something straight off.

    Does the guy being submissive do it for you? As in, your lives are night both continuing fine. Does it turn you on knowing he is slightly subservient to you? Do you not care and just be power.bitch? No idea actually who I'm even speaking to lol

    1. Hi! You're speaking to me! Read the blog to get a sense of me. If you root around enough you'll find photos and videos of me and my husband even.

      We share in our kinks and do it for one another. Yes it turns me on, and him as well. And we also lead very normal non kinky lives.

      I am a switch, which means sometimes I am on the receiving end as well, and that also turns us both on as well.

      Apparently, as of a week ago, I am a spanked wife as well! I mean, legit spanked for having been irresponsible, and that was different, and madly exciting to be occasionally (and when merited) under his authority, as he is sometimes under mine.

      Get an anonymous account and comment more frequently, or write to me (email top right).


  58. Wow, Tough luck for David

    1. Yes, but, pre-cumming during a legit massage? He deserved it ALL.