Sunday, July 14

Husband Taken to Doctor Mays

Poor david.

My husband has been trying to book himself in for his annual physical with his Doctor. At his last appointment they told him they do not book a year out, and he should call in 6 months. He phoned then and was told, "we don't book 6 months in advance, call in 3 months". So he called 3 months before and was told they are all booked up for annual physicals until 6 months out, and booked him in for October. So now he's going 15 months between "annual physicals". He was very frustrated as he told me this, but I told him not to worry, as we would not be delaying his annual physical with Doctor Violet Mays at all!

As you might know Mistress Violet Mays is our favourite professional dominatrix in Toronto, and she has a special hankering (and talent, and space, and costumes, and equipment!) for medical scenes. We have played the three of us on multiple occasions in the past, including "realistic" medical scenes which my husband has a bit of a fetish for.

I contacted Violet on a Sunday with some available dates and times, and she was able to book us in on that same Wednesday providing we could come at 2pm which we were delighted to do (we both took the day off work for it. Ha ha!). I described the rough outline of the scene I had in mind in a follow-up email to her. I know david well enough that I did not consult him, which had the benefit of keeping him guessing (there would be a BIG surprise for him - tee hee!).

We arrived at our appointment right on time and was greeted at the door by a very professional looking Dr. Violet in a smart beige knee length pencil skirt, blouse, beautiful heels, and a Doctor's coat above it all. She was wearing glasses to complete the look. We started out by sitting at the kitchen bar and having glasses of water as we made small talk. Violet and I sent david off to shower as it was a very hot day out and he would have been sweaty. I told him to shower and get re-dressed.

As david was away in the shower Violet and I went over the scene. The scene had multiple parts and suggested activities and Violet had committed them all to memory. I swear that woman has a photographic memory for such things! There were certain clarifications around the order of things and logistics around certain elements that we worked out.

When david returned from his shower, we started the scene. We both shook hands with Dr. Mays. She welcomed david back and commented how nice it was to see a wife take such interest in her husband's health and that I was very welcome to sit in on his annual checkup. She showed us into the examination room (there is an actual room for examinations). Violet showed me to a seat in the corner of the room and instructed david to undress down to his underwear and to have a seat on the examination table. It was a real examination table. There was crinkly paper and everything. Violet left the room saying she would return momentarily.

My plan was to remain relatively uninvolved, just acting as a wifely witness to the humiliations I knew would follow. Maybe throwing in the occasional comment but not really partaking otherwise, just observing.

david undressed to his tightey wightey undies (worn specially for the occasion!). He sat up there on the table, on the crinkly paper, with his legs dangling. I noticed his hands on his "lap", concealing his burgeoning erection.

Violet returned in a bustling manner, the busy Doctor. She put on her stethoscope and began david's examination.

She started with a clipboard in hand asking him various health related questions to which she would note his answer. Things about diet and exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption. She looked vaguely disappointed with some of his answers. She asked about his urination and his bowel movements. She asked about the regularity of his sexual activity, glancing over at me with a smile as she did so. He admitted that the frequency of intercourse was quite limited. I said nothing and just smiled. He was telling the truth. She asked him if there was any issues with his libido, and was the frequency of sexual activity satisfying to me. He had to admit that sexual activity was quite frequent. He stammered out that it was usually oral sex that he provided to me. She asked if oral sex was ever provided to him. He admitted, "rarely" (true!). She clarified, "but rarely intercourse?". He confirmed that was the case. I had to step in on that one, "well... not quite true..." I said. Violet looked at david questioningly. He blushingly admitted that he received frequent anal intercourse from me using my strap-on dildo. I just smirked with a satisfied grin as Violet smiled at me. Violet - if you are reading this - all of that was actually quite true. Ha ha! She asked him if he ever masturbated, and he had to admit he did, and with what frequency (several times a week - also quite true).

After noting all his responses she then began in on the physical examination.

She listened to his heart and his breathing. Took his pulse. Measured his blood pressure. She looked into his ears and throat. She tested his reflexes with the little hammer thing to his knees, and a sharp stirrup looking thing to the soles of his feet. During this procedure she got quite close up to him, brushing him in a very subtly sexual manner. Just a whiff of it really. The most overtly sexual thing about Violet was her bright red lipstick (apart from her beautiful, toned body and legs - she has the sleek and sexy butt I want!). at one point she had him spread his legs and slid in between them to get closer to him. Occasionally her breast would gently brush his bare skin.

She then had him on his back and performed a breast exam on him.

She told us that breast cancer was on the rise in men, and many don't appreciate that. She walked us though a very thorough breast exam, explaining what she was doing and what she was looking for as she went. david had his little tits thoroughly felt up by Violet!

She asked him if he ever performed testicular self-exams? He said he did not. She asked his permission to perform a testicular exam on him now, while instructing him what to look for during self-examinations. david looked over at me. "Of course," I answered for him.

Violet grabbed the front of his underpants, pulled them down, and hooked them under his testicles, adjusting his testicles up in the process. She then performed a ridiculously thorough examination of his penis and testicles, giving a running (very professional sounding) dialogue the whole time. It included plentiful "palpitation" of the shaft and tip, for all angles, a pinching and rubbing of the frenulum, and a spreading of the urethra. It ended with a thorough pass around each of his testicles. He naturally was very erect during this procedure. Violet told him not to be worried about that, that it was a perfectly normal reaction. Nonetheless david felt the need to repeatedly apologize for it.

She then required that david repeat the procedure on himself as we watched. She walked him through all the parts she had done.

When he was done, Violet did point out one area of concern. She picked up his penis and pointed to a discoloured area under the circumcised head. She motioned me to come over and have a look as well. She said it looked to be a mild fungal infection. She pointed out other areas on the tip, down the shaft, and on the testicles that appeared to be mildly impacted as well. She said it was nothing to be concerned about, and that she was glad she had caught it early, but if it was ok with us that she should treat it right away so that it does not get any worse. I readily agreed, as did david!

Violet said she'd take care of that after she completed the full examination, and restored his underwear so that it once again covered his penis and testicles. She then turned and put on a pair of examination gloves, indicating that it was time for the prostate exam. david groaned.

She made him get on his side in the fetal position and she pulled his underwear down at the back. She had a tube of lube and lubricated her finger and then him.

Then she stuck it in and again gave a running commentary as she rubbed her finger all over his prostate.

I got to look david right in the eyes as she was doing this. That was a fun moment. It's not everyday a wife gets to enjoy the look on her husband's face as another woman has a finger deeply up his bum! Violet went on to insert two fingers into his bum, and I could see his eyes go wide and his little grimace of pain as she did so. But he quickly settled down into a glassy-eyed sexual moan at this treatment of his backdoor.

Once Violet was done, she called me over again to have a look. She pointed out that the "mild fungal infection" seemed to extend to his anus as well, and indicated that we would also be treating that.

With the prostate exam over she once again restored his underpants and had him stand up. david was a little shaky. Ha ha!

She got her clipboard again and some calipers, and began assessing his muscular development and his fat content. She would take a measurement and then note it down, and then go on to the next. She pointed out that his chest and arms were a bit underdeveloped and that he should lift more. She estimated his fat content at 24%, and pointed out that would be just right for a female his age, but not for a man. She consulted the chart again and noticed that she had made a similar entry a year ago, and that they had agreed on a diet and exercise regime towards a target of 18% body fat this year. david made various excuses for not attaining it, but said that he had lost weight during the past year and that he should get some credit for that.

I must say, I very much enjoyed this scolding of my husband, and the pointing out of his physical shortcomings from this very beautiful woman. It was, in fact, part of my script, as was most of the preceding (I had the outline, but Violet filled in the detail very creatively!). In fact everything she said (that I had in fact asked her to say) was exactly accurate. I was disappointed that he was still well above 20% body fat, and that his chest still appeared a bit sunken in to my eyes. I guess we are spoiled by the movie star looks!

Violet looked dubiously at him for all his excuses. You can see that Violet is in supreme shape, and obviously works very hard at it. His excuses were pretty sad by contrast. She wrote a notation on her pad and said that this was really unacceptable, and that she was prescribing a spanking for him across her knee at the end of the appointment as punishment for his laxity during the past year and as motivation for the next.

"Absolutely!" I chimed in from my little chair in the corner.

"No! Please!" begged david. And he went on to again renew all his excuses and promise to do better without needing the spanking.

Ha ha! I had told david that we would be working in a spanking from Dr. Mays, and that he should vehemently object to it when sentenced. He did not know that the consequences of his objections would be, though.

As he continued arguing Violet wrote another note and said, "I'm adding a punishment enema before your spanking for your backtalk, would you like to go for a caning afterwards as well?" david was finally silent.

david had not received an enema for many years, and I thought it was high time he did so again, administered by Dr. Violet Mays!

"First lets take care of your fungal infection," she said. She made david lower and step out of his underpants and then start by lying on his side on the table in the fetal position once again. Violet explained that she would be applying an anti-fungal ointment, allow that to work itself in, and then apply mild electric shocks to the areas in question.

So yes, this would be the reappearance of the famous "Violet Wand" that we used during his last medical roleplay (Doctor's Appointment from May 2018).

I know I know. I promised that I would make an appointment for myself to have the Violet Wand applied to my pussy, with pictures and everything, but I totally chickened out! My prerogative!

Violet again put on examination gloves and squeezed some "ointment" onto her fingers. In my email I had only said "ointment" and assumed she would just use lube. In fact, it was some sort of "Icy Hot" (I did not catch the name of the stuff, but the effects on my husband were unmistakable!).

She started by smearing it liberally into and on his bumhole. She indicated he might begin to feel a mild burning and hot sensation as the ointment worked. After about 30 seconds he began squirming, and it built up from there! She then picked up the Violet Wand, adjusted it, and began zapping in and around his anus and rectum. Poor david became frantic. He was wiggling and kicking so much that Violet repositioned herself so that she was leaning across his body holding him down. david grabbed onto her as if he was holding onto Mommy as Violet continued to zip and zap at that "nasty fungus" around his anus. He cried out and was literally in tears before it was over (well, very watery eyes at the very least).

She then had him turn onto his back so that the same treatment could be applied to his penis and testicles!

"No, please," david begged softly. There was a truly evil smile on Violet's face as she scooped out some more "ointment" onto her fingers. david was freaking out knowing what was going to happen next! "No please, no please," he kept repeating. Violet ignored him (he has a safeword, the big baby). She rubbed the ointment all over his penis shaft, tip, and testicles. Again, it was a delayed reaction, but in about 30 seconds it started hitting him. His balls and his penis tip were the most impacted, especially the underside of his glans. "Oh God! Oh Fuck!" he yelled. tee hee.

Violet leaned across his legs as she applied the violet wand all up and down his penis and testicles. He could not help himself as he bucked and writhed and cried out at the treatment. It was glorious! She did not skimp on the time at all. It went on for many many minutes of acute sexy pain for my husband. I would say it was about a 10 minute treatment in all?

"There we go," she said as she finished up and released him, putting away her toys. david just lay there all wrung out saying, "Oh God, oh God," david appears to have found religion!

"Get up!" Violet said to david a bit harshly. He stood himself up on shaky legs. The "ointment" was still burning him in all his most sensitive areas, not helped by the vicious and continuous application of the static electric shocks. He was in a very sad and story state.

Violet placed a triangular bolster in the middle of the exam table and then put what looked like a diaper changing mat down on top of it. She then had him lie face down over it with his bum elevated. She unboxed a new Fleet enema to use on him.

She went to his bum, shoved it in and squeezed all the water in. "This is for your backtalk," she added. Once the enema was completely inside of him she took a smallish butt plug and plugged him with it, saying, "you hold this in until I tell you." She then made him stand (bare naked) with his back to the wall as she went to write some more notes onto her clipboard.

Before too long poor david was squirming and shooting his hand behind him to ensure the butt plug did not pop out or leak around the edges. After another couple of minutes the squirming amplified up a level. He looked all the world like a little boy desperately needing to use the potty, which was not far from the truth!

"please..." he whimpered, as a cramp hit him.

Violet looked up from her clipboard. "You hold it until I tell you," she repeated.

He squirmed in silence for another minute or so.

"pleeeease... I really need to... go..." As he said this he squirmed quite violently by now.

Violet raised her glasses and looked at him. "Not yet," she said.

"Oh God! Please!" david became more forceful. "I'll have an accident!" he said.

"You had better not," said Violet threateningly.

After another minute or so of carrying on. Violet walked up to him. "Are you sorry for back-talking me?" she asked. david said he was and apologized profusely and said it would never happen again. "Are you going to take your spanking without a fuss," asked Violet. "Yes Ma'am!" he practically yelled out. "All right then, you may go to the bathroom and release it."

david shot out of the room and waddled as fast as he could to the bathroom and shut the door. Violet and I laughed at his antics and walked out of the room to have a seat at the kitchen bar. Meanwhile the rudest noises were coming out of the bathroom as david expelled his enema!

"Take your time," Violet yelled out to him. Violet said it may take some time and offered me a cocktail. She mixed up two delicious "Sidecars" (which is a cognac-based drink with orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice).

It was yummy! We discussed how the scene was going so far and I said "perfect!" This to the background of david still moaning and farting and wiping and flushing on his toilet.

Violet said she had an interesting evening planned. She had organized a group of Toronto-based Pro Dommes to get together in a bar for a social, the first of its kind to allow Pro Dommes to network. Toronto is a real hub for Pro Dommes, in case you did not know it. She said she had about 35 coming!

Eventually david staggered out of the toilet looking very much wrung out. Violet immediately got back into character and said "come along," to him. She took the straight-backed wooden chair I had been sitting on and put it into the middle of the room. She placed a paddle and a short strap within reach just behind her and to the side on the exam table and sat on the chair. She beckoned david across her lap for his spanking.

She gave him a bit of a lecture first and then began spanking him with her hand. She delivered quite a powerful hand spanking to him before reaching for the strap and applying that across his backside. She finished off by picking up a round hardwood paddle with holes drilled into it.

She applied that vigorously to his backside which had him kicking and screaming and begging for mercy (again, he has his safeword!). She very much toasted his naughty backside with that paddle, turning him a very satisfying deep red.

She let him up and he danced and clutched at his punished backside as Dr. Mays once again explained her expectations for his body fat percentage for his next annual physical.

The checkup was not quite over yet, however. She removed the bolster and placed the still clean diaper changing pad down on the table and told him to lie down on the examination table. She handed him a small cup and told him she needed a sperm sample for the lab. She said we would leave him in privacy as he went ahead and did that. With that she and I walked out of the room and closed the sliding door shut.

We had another sip of our drinks. When they were done Violet knocked on the door and asked, "are you done yet?"

"Not quite yet!" yelled out david, no doubt jerking away on the table.

"Hurry up," she said, "I need to prepare the room for the next patient."

She gave him another 30 seconds and then opened the door and barged him, catching him "red penised" with his hand violently stroking his dick. She pulled on a glove, applied lube, and said, here, give me that. She applied the lube to his cock which had him moaning. She told him to take over again and to look at her. She took off the glove and put it aside. She looked him deeply in the eye as he stroked and slowly undid a button of her blouse. She pulled her blouse aside and showed him her lacy bra. All the time she looked deeply into his eyes. His eyes shot between hers and her bra-covered breast that she was fondling and playing with. Suddenly he came powerfully as Violet laughed. He was a good boy and shot all his sperm into the little cup, and milked some more in out of the tip.

She took the cup, had a good look, and then said "it turns out we don't need the lab tests after all. Drink it." He had to take the little cup and drain the ejaculate into his mouth and then down his throat, swallowing every drop.

And with that the scene was over and we all laughed together with david saying how amazing it was. Yay!

We sent david to shower again to get all the goop off as Violet and I renewed our conversation. When david came out there were hugs all around, and david thanked Violet profusely for his checkup.

As we were leaving she said she was just calling a cab to go get her hair done. I offered to drive her there and she readily accepted. We went together to our car parked nearby. I sat in the back with Violet as david chauffeured us. I heard a little more about what was planned for the party and a little more about the Pro Domme scene in Toronto.

All in all, a very fun time was had by all!

Thank you again Violet, for another sexy outing and for taking such good care of my husband and I.

Subbies in or visiting Toronto: you owe yourself a session with Mistress Violet. Read her website, save your pennies, and reach out to her. Tell her Julie sent you. She is extremely versatile and can make your fantasies come true, safely and discretely.

P.S. HELP! I'm being held hostage naked in Violet's little cage. She says the Icy Hot is going in and the Violet Wand is being turned up to "11" if I don't say these nice things about her! :-)


  1. My Mistress wife and I might need to make a trip to Toronto. I follow Mistress Violet on Twitter and am enamored with her skill set.

    1. I would love that. I've been enjoying a few sessions recently - including the above - where I have been able to co-top with a dominant woman over her submissive husband. Quite possibly one of my favourite scenes!

    2. And so much fun for the wife, although I know many are reluctant!

  2. Tell us the address so that we can come to your rescue and daub Violet's butt hole with some Icy Hot.

  3. Too bad for you. The Toronto Pro-Domme community had offered that Veronica intercedes in your favor. She could have saved you from the G-spot massage with Icy Hot but, anyway, not the zapping of your titties.
    It seems that a certain Lethal Lady V, well known for her wicked imagination, said that it would be amusing to come and see you in your little cage and lend Violet a helping hand in case you were not promotional enough.

  4. As a proper wife if you can't get in to one Dr. you can always find another and you did. To help David relax you even stayed for the exam. I must say Dr. Violet did a proper exam. At times my wife and I have played Dr. patient with me as the patient. She never used icy hot on me but she did start with an enema then ginger root that is a very warming experience and makes one pucker and the more you pucker the more it stings. As part of the exam she checked to be sure my penis was not plugged at all and used a sound then to be sure i had feeling she used a vibrator on the sound. I soon found that one can cum with a sound in place.

    1. Yes! Ginger root is excellent for the burning sesation

    2. I'll see if I can convince david to take a "sounding" next time!

  5. Doctor doctor gimme the news. I gotta a bad case of subbing for you.

  6. My wife knowing I was going to have a physical the next day could care less about my pleads to hold off giving the spanking afterwards. That evening prior to I was over her lap and feeling the sting of that damn hairbrush. During the physical the woman doctor I have wasted no time mentioning the spanking. Nice shade of red she said, no bruise marks, and then said have you been a naughty little boy, I said yes and asked her to get along with the physical. Your wife called, told me of the spanking, said if I gave her a bad time, she would be right down. I stood there naked, saying nothing and just wanted this to be over with. Once I got dress and we talked about the physical, she smiled at me, just to let you know my husband is also spanked, but his bottom is redder, I use a bath brush, oh I did pass this on to your wife.

  7. Really enjoyed reading this... though 'minor fungal infection' must be the three least sexy words in the English language :P

  8. bet your husband had time of life iam shock you behave self enough to where sweet awesome Mistress Violet didnt have turn you over her knee GIVE YOU GOOD SPANKINGS EVEN SO I BET YOU DREAMING TIME SHE WAS DOING THAT TO YOU

    1. Depends on which way my switch is flipped any given day!

  9. Ms. S. Julie:

    I have never been to a professional dominatrix. My wife Irene does not seem interested in such an adventure.

    But I did have a fun physical exam a few years ago. My female doctor is an attractive woman, though certainly all business. She asked if a visiting (attractive female) medical student could observe my exam. i said of course.

    As the exam was nearing completion she asked if it was still OK if the student watched as she performed the rectal exam. I wanted to say "of course, that's the best part" but I simply mumbled "sure".

    That simple moment has inspired many fantasies, some of which Irene and I have acted out.


    - Rosco

    1. You should DEFINITELY have offered to let her have a go as well!

    2. yes, but I would needed to find a new doctor

      I was initially surprised when my wife Irene showed keen interest in fucking my bottom (sorry, but it is disingenuous to say it more politely). First with her fingers, then with a variety of toys.

      At one point she had a stainless steel gizmo designed for kegel exercises - she found by soaking it in ice water prior to inserting it in my bottom provoked an intense reaction including rapid shallow breathing until the disparate temperatures reached equilibrium.

      - Rosco

  10. I carefully planned my visit to the doctor for a digital rectum examination (DRE). I chose an appropriate female doctor, made sure I was clean and had a “Oh Doctor- that makes me feel soooo funny” script all worked out. At the appointment the doctor was even wearing a pencil skirt, working heels, glasses and even had a blouse button undone! All looking good and my erection was growing in anticipation. But then devastating news. “We don’t do DRE’s anymore. A blood test is simpler and more accurate.” Nooooo.

    1. That’s why Violet exists, silly.

    2. Hilarious. Love hearing about subs who try to trick their medical professionals into a sexy experience only to have it foiled.

    3. They're going to the wrong place for that!

  11. Perfect except the tables should’ve been turned on the wifely witness who should’ve received the previously promised pussy wanding as part of her annual check up. I’m sure Ms Violet would give you very good terms for access to your prized pussy. That way promised made promises kept Ms J.

    1. I know... feeling very guilty about it now.

    2. Really? Not so sure about that

  12. Great physical exam. My wife and I like to play doctor also, and she always includes a syringe enema, a DRE , and , rectal temperature taking as part of the procedure. Sometimes she orders a complete colon cleanse and administers a 2 quart enema followed by a good rogering with her strap-on. JayJay

  13. Miss Julie, I’m a new fan of yours and an aspiring female dominant. This is probably totally off topic to your last post but I thought I would ask as I consider you a mentor and a pro!

    I have a delightful little subby, who worships the ground I walk on. He’s in a chastity device and I enjoy dressing “her” up as a little girl for serious spankings.

    I was recently considering getting a strap on and fucking “her” little pussy while “she” is dressed. Doggystyle, slapping her ass and making “her” beg me for my cock.

    This is all new to me and I’m a bit shy about it Miss. I wanted to ask you, how does it feel to do this to a manly type of man ?

    1. Welcome! Please sign a name (made up is good!) so I know when it’s you.
      I absolutely love fucking my man. EXTREMELY empowering! Nice sensations also. Only advice is work him up to it so you can go as hard and fast as you feel like.

  14. Thank you Miss Julie. I look forward to such empowerment. How about the use of “forced feminization” and sissy attire? Same sort of feelings Miss ?

    1. Less of that for me. It is humiliating for him, and he has a humiliation fetish, so that’s all cool.

    2. Thank you for your insight Miss Julie. I believe in a recent post when you were giving one of these silly boys some advice, you mentioned that humiliation is a very important part of administering a spanking?

    3. Ut definitely is. The physical fanny pain is less than half of it.

  15. Dear Julie
    I enjoy playing with my subby hubby's mind and body. He is well trained and readily obeys all my orders. Over time he has learnt to follow my instructions often with blind Faith as any questions or back chat would result in strict, painful and humiliating punishment.
    Recently I connived with a few friends of mine to truly embarrass and shame him. One of them is a doctor and I took Peter to her for a medical check up. My friend examined him nude, did a prostrate check with her finger, and then as planned whispered into my ears. We both assumed a worried look and kept talking in low voice leaving Peter confused and afraid. When he asked me if there is a problem, I pretended to cry and turned my face away to cover my smile. My doctor friend solemnly told Peter that he was suffering from a serious condition adding some medical jargon. She told him that he must obey her instructions if he wished to get better. Hubby looked at me, and I immediately hugged him and told him not to worry, saying that I would take care of him. By now Peter was really afraid and almost trembling. My doctor friend asked him if he was ready to start his medicine. I replied saying that We do not want to delay treatment. Immediately my friend rang a bell and asked that nurse Melinda be sent in to treat Peter. In stepped "nurse" Melinda, another friend of ours. She took Peter by the hand and told him to lie down with his head on her lap. Peter looked at me and I told him in a stern voice to obey the nurse and take his medicine like a man! It was a tonguevin cheek remark, as Melinda who had recently given birth, unbuttoned her blouse,lifted Peter's head and fed a leaking nipple into his mouth telling him to nurse like a good baby. A horrified Peter tried to resist, but was ordered by the doctor to follow orders. When Peter emptied one breast Melinda complimented him saying that he was behaving like A good baby and promptly shifted him to her other breast. A red faced embarrassed Peter with milk leaking over his mouth was a sight to behold. The doctor told Peter that he would have to return for two more sessions. I wiped Peters face, and assured the doctor that we would complete the treatment. I then made Peter thank nurse Melinda for breastfeeding him!Carol.

    1. Hmmmm.... hate to be a Doubting Dorris, but did that really happen?
      Fun fantasy at any rate!

  16. Sehr guter Beitrag, super geschrieben! Weiter so!

    Auch hier findet man gute Artikel


  17. Well Miss Julie,
    I see that you are being held captive, not to worry the proper authorities have been dispatched to take care of the situation. Unfortunately in this case Mistress Violet IS the proper authority...does the wand go to 12 ?

    1. No, just 11. All the other wands go up to 10, her’s to 11

  18. You should have had Dr Mays place David in the lathotomy position, with his feet spread wide in stirrups. I is easier for all involved for examination for the penis, testicles, anus, rectal exam, and prostate exam. Besides, what's good for the goose.......