Friday, December 20

Husband Punished for Masturbation

It's one of the games we play. I caught my husband red-handed all alone in his bed on the weekend.

Don't get me wrong. I "allow it" (he is a grown ass man, after all), but there's an unwritten rule that if I catch him at it, he gets a spanking. Well I definitely caught him in the act, and viewing some particularly unsavory material to boot.

It was Saturday at about 2pm in the afternoon. I wondered where my husband was. I walked up to our bedroom (I happened to have only socks on so was quiet). The door was mostly closed, but about one foot open. I thought he might be taking a nap. I listened at the door. I heard a "squish, squish, squish, squish" noise. That was no nap!

I peaked in quietly and OMG! He had on only flannel pajama bottoms, and no top, and was lying there with the covers thrown aside and the pj pants bundled down at his ankles. He had his iPad propped up next to him in bed showing what appeared to be a lewd video, and he had ear buds in for the sound. His dick was hard and wet in his right hand, and he was rubbing it furiously while staring intently at the video. Personally, I think he wanted me to catch him, but who knows, and due to his choice of jerk-off material, he certainly got more than he bargained for.

"What the fuck, david!?!" I said as I walked in, playing my impromptu "role".

He stopped rubbing, but held his dick in his hand and just sort of looked at me, looking guilty and blushing. Even if he wants to play, it's still embarrassing being caught like this by his wife, which is 'kinda the point.

"What the fuck?" I repeated, seeming serious.

He stopped the video and removed the ear buds. "Sorry..." he said. He knew he was caught and knew he would be spanked.

"Let me see what you were watching," I said as I sat by the side of the bed and reached for his iPad. I had legit caught him red-handed and was going to milk it.

david went to pull his pj pants up but I said "no, no" and made him keep them down, keep the covers off, and keep his hands at his sides. His hard wet dick was waving in the air. 

This is the screen I saw.

It was a particular title on YouPorn. The video masterwork in question was TOO DEEP! TOO DEEP! Please don't cum in my pussy, Bunny gets a hard fucking.

"Too deep Too deep?" I asked him, looking at the title. "Please don't cum in my pussy?" I asked him rhetorically. "Bunny gets a hard fucking, does she?" I started it playing from the start with the sound on.

It started off nicely enough with the man caressing her pussy through her panty and then putting her on all fours with her ass facing the camera. She squirmed delightfully as he removed her panty.

When her panty was off, he complimented her ass and told her to show it off to everybody.

He then caressed her bare ass and pussy and slapped her bare bum a couple of times.

"So you like seeing girls get their asses slapped, do you?" I asked my husband. "We'll see how much you like it when I put you across my knee and slap your ass," I said gently. He squirmed delightfully in embarrassment and anticipation.

Then the girl gave the man the shortest blow job in history.

I said, "don't think the blow job you're going to give me will be nearly as short and comfortable as that." Often I make the punishment fit the crime in these cases. Now he was on notice that he was due for a strict dildo sucking session after his spanking, and likely a fucking as well.

The man in the video then turned the girl back around and played with his dick on her pussy.

He lined her up and pushed it in.

I said, "Awww, do you want a nice fucking like that? His dick looks to be about the size of Adam, and I'll bet her pussy is tighter than your loose hole."

"Oh... no, please..." he sort of begged me. I was strongly suggesting he would be receiving a fucking from my largest strap-on dildo, Adam. Totally no joke for his tight ass.

At this point the Bunny still seemed to be enjoying her fucking. Pretty soon though, he pushed her down, straddled her from behind, and started going at her harder and deeper.

The whole video is about 12 minutes long, and we got to this part in about 2 minutes, so it looked like she had TEN WHOLE MINUTES of fucking to get through, poor Bunny.

Throughout this part she seemed to be alternately moaning in desire and crying out in distress at the size and depth attained by the man's member. She kicks her little socked feet and screams as he fucks her too deeply and begs "too deep! too deep!"

He asks her if she would prefer to have him cum in her ass and she begs him not to. He obliges by continuing to rape her hole.

Having reviewed the video a few times now, my take is that Bunny and this fellow appear to be in some sort of a relationship, and that Bunny gets off on being treated like this. She seems pretty submissive, and pretty eager despite her occasional cries. For sure, a cock that deep is painful, but I guess that's a type of pain she is into. I can relate! But please review the video for yourselves and let me know if you agree.

However, for the purposes of my impromptu "scene" with my husband, I chose to take a different interpretation of events.

"This is too much," I told him with my serious face. "Why do you have to watch this crap?"

"I think... she wants it..." he said.

"Oh? She wants a big dick so deep up her pussy that she cries out in pain and begs him not to? Really?"

"she's a submissive," he said.

"What a coincidence, because you're a submissive also. Do you want me to fuck you as hard as he's doing to this chick?" I asked him with a definite edge to my voice. In the background was the girl continuing to cry out at the pain of her fucking.

"no ma'am," he said sheepishly. "You can turn it off if you want..."

"Oh no. We're watching it all the way through," I told him. "And after it's over I'm going to punish you, and part of it will be longest and hardest fucking you've ever taken from me."

"please no," he begged, squirming in place.

"Please no is it? Is that a 'please no' like she keeps saying but it really means she loves it? That kind of please no"?

He was a bit speechless. He knew he was in a pickle. This video set a new bar for hard and long fuckings, and it was only now dawning on him that he would be getting everything she got and more. That thought made him extremely nervous. I could see it in his face.

The man stops fucking the girl like this and flips her over onto her back. During the transition it did look a bit more like she was a willing participant. When she's on her back he pushes her knees back and enters her again. It's again very hard and very deep and she is crying out. At the end she begs him not to cum in her pussy and he does anyways.

Can anybody say "me too?"

After he's cum in her, she looked a bit stunned. Am really hoping she was just deep in consensual sub-space!

I closed the iPad and looked my husband in the eye disapprovingly.

"I don't like you watching that sort of thing," I told him.

"yes ma'am," he answered quietly.

"Do you deserve a spanking for that? A hard one? Maybe a whipping also?" I asked. I was of a mind to do it properly.

"Yes, ma'am," he answered.

"And a fucking afterwards? A hard fucking? Hard and deep like she got it? With Adam?" I asked.

"Not with Adam, please..." he begged.

"Oh yes with Adam. I need you to feel what she felt. According to you, she's a submissive like you, and she liked it. It was about ten minutes of hard fucking, wasn't it? I'm going to bend you over, and fuck you like she got fucked."

And it was at that point that the totally obvious dawned on me. I continued, "in fact, I'm going to put the video back on, with the volume up, and go as long and as hard as he did. You can moan and scream just like her, right at the same time even. I mean, if she's a submissive and enjoys it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it also."

I thought that was a punishment that fit the crime. david was no porn star, but nor was he unpracticed at taking it up the butt from me. He'd survive his fucking. Again, I think he chose that video deliberately so he could get fucked by me, but perhaps he miscalculated how rough the video was.

"Stay right there," I told him. He was still naked with his PJs at his ankles and the covers off. I went under the bed and brought  up a thin whippy switch I kept there that had survived since last spring.

I was determined to whip him where it would do the most good. I lined the switch up on his penis and brought it down in fast light motions. He rubs it, I whip it.

I moved up and down touching up the fronts of his thighs, his testicles, his penis, his lower abdomen, and his tummy. I of course paid particular attention to his penis and its tip.

"Is this what gets you in trouble? Is it? Is it?" I asked as I switched his privates.

david became a little frantic as I painted thin weals all over. His hands came up to cover himself but I just switched them and ordered him to put his hands under his ass and continued his switching. His penis would be too sore to rub after I finished with him, He was a well-whipped little boy long before I broke the switch on his cock and was forced to stop.

With the broken stub of the switch I lifted up his whipped and flaccid penis. "You won't be rubbing that anytime soon," I stated.

"no ma'am," he said, in pain.

"Much less thinking about sticking it in a girl's pussy and fucking her for ten minutes with it," I added.

"no ma'am," he agreed.

"But what am I thinking? Would you ever be able to last ten minutes fucking a girl like in that video?" I taunted.

"no ma'am," he agreed again.

"Maybe ten seconds," I added. "Assuming you don't shoot your load on the way there, or get so intimidated by her that you can't even get it up? You're not much of a cocksman, are you? You're better suited for the woman's role, aren't you?"

"ohhhh," he said in frustration, knowing it was all true and would be amply proven soon enough. Ha ha.

I opened the bedroom drawer and brought out the evil rubber paddle. I thought this deserved it.
"No please..." he begged when he saw what I had in my hand.

I stood him up by his ear, sat on the end of the bed, and pulled him down across my lap. I then started in on his spanking, directly with the rubber paddle.

This is actually me spanking david in the same position
with this exact paddle, but on a different occasion.
 I gave him quite the spanking with that paddle! I really reddened his butt extremely thoroughly, definitely attaining this shade after eventually moving to his position.

As I spanked him, I scolded him continuously on his use of porn and on its objectification of women, and on the apparent unwillingness of the performer in question. I told him he would be getting a lesson in female empathy after I was finished spanking him.

If you would like to get a sense for how I spank, I published a video not too long ago where you can see and hear one of david's spankings from me: Strict Julie Spanks on Video. This spanking was not unlike that one. After his spanking, I also reused another trick from that video. I made david hold his bumcheeks apart and I cropped his bottom hole.

After his spanking but before doing this, however, I made him go to the bathroom to "clean himself out." This entails sitting on the toilet and inserting a moistened finger (from the bowl) up his rectum to pull out any fecal matter. It's quicker than an enema. I followed him to the bathroom and stood and watched crossly as he did this. Naturally, his fingers were shitty when he was done, and he needed to first wipe them in front of me with toilet paper, and then clean them thoroughly with soap and water. I inspected his hands and finger nails, and his asshole, declared him fit, and sent him back to the bedroom to lay over several pillows in the middle of the bed and hold his cheeks apart for me as shown above.

I then began whipping him with the crop directly onto his anus. As I did this, I told him that he knew what was coming next (a good bum fucking from Adam with the porn video he was watching playing). I wanted his bumhole nice and tender and sore for his bum fucking.

He wailed and kicked his feet against the bed when I got a few particularly good zingers in directly on his bullseye.

After I was done, I told him to stay where he was and to continue holding his cheeks apart. I got his largest butt plug out from the drawer along with his lube. I lubed him and the plug and then inserted it deeply into him.

It was not an easy fit, but it was not meant to be. He genuinely cannot take Adam first try on an unstretched bumhole, so this was necessary. Generally he needs to be stretched for about five minutes like this before he can be fucked. So I took my time. I stripped to just my panties and put on my strap-on harness and inserted Adam into the holster.

What would I do while waiting for him to stretch? Oh I know! A little blow job perhaps?

I got him off the bed and put him on his knees in front of me and told him to start sucking my cock.

I of course grabbed the back of his head and gave it to him a bit more deeply and forcibly than he might have enjoyed.

I also started walking slowly around the bedroom making him shuffle around after me on his knees to keep his mouth on my cock.

As I walked I made him apologize, with a stuffed mouth, for watching such vile pornography and for objectifying women.

When I was ready to proceed, I put my hands on either side of his head and tilted his head up to make him look me in the eye. He still had Adam in his mouth. His mouth was sore by now, as I insist on perfectly pursed lips around my cock, and Adam is a real lip-stretching mouthful.

"Do you feel how big that cock is in your mouth?" I asked him.

"Yes ma'am," he mumbled.

"Yes, SIR," I corrected him with my preferred personal pronoun in this situation.

"Yes, sir," he submissively answered.

"In about one minute you'll be bending over for me and taking this whole thing right up your ass," I told him.

"yes sir..." he mumbled.

"It's meant to be punishment, david. Punishment for choosing that sort of pornography, where we're not really sure she was a willing participant in everything. Do you understand?"

"yes sir," he mumbled into my cock.

"Hold still now, I'm going to put it down your throat as deep as it will go..."

I held his head and pushed the big cock down his throat. He choked and almost through up several times as he struggled to loosen his throat. Eventually it was deep enough for my satisfaction.

"Feel how thick and long it is. That's what's going up your ass you little cock slut. I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget."

I pulled my cock out of his mouth. He gasped for air and there was drool everywhere.

I told him to get on the bed on all fours. I then pulled his butt plug out and took it to the bathroom sink for him to clean later. I re-lubed his hole and liberally lubed my cock as well. I set the iPad up on the bedside table and started the video playing from the beginning in full screen and with the volume cranked to the maximum.

I touched and caressed my husband just like the man was doing in the movie. I made him show off his stretched and lubed ass and slapped him when the man did her. The blowjob was too short to emulate, but that had already been thoroughly taken care of beforehand. I started right in on teasing the tip of my cock against his bumhole. In all fairness, at this point the man in the video was being gentle with his girl.

I pushed it in and he stiffened up and would not take it. But I persisted gently and told him that he better relax as its going in one way or the other. He did manage to relax and has asshole opened up to gobble my big cock. I started penetrating david at the same time the man did in the video (right after he asked her if she was a "bad little girl"). He went slow for about a minute and a half and then picked up the pace, and so did I. She cried out at several of the deeper thrusts, and at this point it was easy for me to make david cry out in the same way with a slightly harder and deeper thrust. Him and "Bunny" were going to be forever bonded after the next 10 minutes!

The man slowed down and kept his cock inside of her and slapped her ass. I did the same to david. She writhed on the man's cock as he stayed still, and I made david do the same.

At about the 4:30 mark they cut to a new position where the girl had her legs together and he straddled her.

The very first sound was a big "AHHHH!" from the girl as they cut to this new position. I felt it was not fair that david receive fewer thrusts than her, so I paused the video as I rearranged ourselves, and I got into exactly this position on my husband, with my cock balls-deep in his ass. "Ahhhh ahhh noooo nooo ahhhh" he cried out as I pushed it in deep deep deep with the weight of my body over him. I re-started the video and immediately Bunny started going "ooowwwwwahhhhAHHHAHHH" as the man fucked her deep. I did the same with david and got very similar sounds. This part was more about plunging it deep and keeping it there.

Then next part he lifted himself up a bit to get some clearance and started long deep strokes. She and david were moanin' and yellin' together at their respective fuckings. He gave her a break after 6:30 or so, and I did the same with david. The pillows were removed and she was now flat with her legs spread.

So I did the same with david, and continued his fucking.

At about 10:30 they took a new position, with Bunny on her back with her ankles up around her ears. I put david into a roughly similar position (he was not as flexible), and missionaried his ass.

He fucked her until about the 12:00 mark, orgasming into her with visible spasming. When I saw that, I too went super deep and spasmed into my husband also, pretending to be having a male orgasm.

So that was a good solid 8 minutes of so of good hard fucking for hubby.

Lesson taught!

Afterwards I got up off him and gave him a kiss, and cleaned up. I told him he really asked for it, and he said that he supposed he did, and confirmed that his bum was very sore and stretched out.

I smiled and said he had me, and wasn't I good enough. I told him to rub his dick and look at me. I caressed my tits and my pussy as he jerked off to the sight of me, his wife, as it should be :-)


  1. Mistress Julie, I've been waiting for another entry in your blog since I discovered it a few weeks ago. (I've been checking multiple times daily and was delighted, early this morning, to see a new entry. In the meantime, I've been re-reading the previous ones. An Epic Spanking and A Spanking Vacation are among my favorites.) You never disappoint. I love the punishments that involve both spankings and peggings. I suspect david meant to be caught and he, as a good sub, endured his punishment admirably. I enjoyed the screenshots, which helped to illustrate the story. You are a goddess! And your husband is so fortunate to have you as his wife (or is it vice versa?). I'd like to broach the idea of a FLR with my spouse, but after all these years of marriage I don't think she'd go for it (although she allowed me to rim her a week ago, an act which I find incredibly erotic). Please keep posting your blog entrys. They serve as an outlet for guys like me who can only wish for a relationship like your's and david's. By the way, I bought your ebook. It's sooo erotic! And your blog is the best FLR blog on the Web. Thank you, Mistress Julie!

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you can get your wife to spank you like she means it!

  2. It a male thing to masturbate, females do it, so that is what I said when I got caught. She was my girlfriend at the time and we were to be married in a week. Male thing or not I was told your now going to learn a female thing. I was finished, thankfully, I was masturbating sitting on the toilet and was naked, she pointed to the bedroom and I walked by her only get to a hard spank on my bare bottom. She pulled a chair and told over her lap, I smiled, sure and did as told. When she finished I was a mess. I was rubbing, dancing around the room, and saying I was sorry. I was taken to the front room, faced the wall and she called her mother and told her everything. When she hung up she said it a girl thing to call her mother. We got married, a great honeymoon, that first week she laid the law down, and I said nothing. She was still mad and I could do nothing. One afternoon she said get to the bathroom, undress and I stood naked, preform young man and I started to stroke while she watched. I cum and she then said that will be the last time you do that, and I got such a spanking, that I pleaded, beg for her to stop, no good. We visited her mother later that day, I was squirming, her mother knew and smiled. When we left she gave her daughter a large hairbrush, does wonders. Jack

    1. No more fapping for you, young man.

    2. fapping don't know what that means.

    3. I have the picture of you spanking David on the bed, his feet kicking. I so much would like to be David and you spanking me and my feet kicking. I'm afraid though I would call you Mommie while being spanked and knowing your spanking would truly last long after you were done. Sorry, but I believe in you, I can talk to you, and that means alot. Jack

    4. "Fapping" is what the kids call "masturbation" nowadays. Nobody knows why...

      And hi jack - yes, that would be lovely!

    5. Your the best, by the way David is kicking over your lap, I know you must really give a sound spanking.

    6. For those who are interested
      "Fap" is one of many onomatopoeic words often used in manga to depict the specific sound of a character masturbating. The earliest known transcription of the word "fap" online can be found in the Sexy Losers webcomic titled "Video Girl Etchi", published on April 28th, 1999.
      The comic parodied a scene from Video Girl Ai, a manga series written and illustrated by Masakazu Katsura and released between 1990 and 1993. 
      On July 12th, 2011, Sexy Losers' artist Clay revealed in a post on Tumblr that he was inspired by a Heartbroken Angels comic strip by Masahiko Kikuni depicting God masturbating when searching for a sound representing masturbation in his own strip. (fourth picture)

    7. Good to know, but the sound that is associated with Fapping is the spanking given when caught. The hairbrush land hard on the bare bottom of the Fapper, the pleads being made for the spanking to end and the silence while one stands facing the wall afterwards.

    8. The last picture in the comic is funny. God graps the boy round the waist to allow the girl to climb the rope ladder to escape the flames knowing that he does this only with the ulterior motive of looking under her skirt while she goes up. While she yells "oh no don't look at my panties, it's humiliating", the member of God makes FAP FAP FAP FAP. :)

  3. WOW! You make me wish i was david. i would love to be YOUR
    pussy-whipped, panty trained little girl punished exactly in this way. i came so hard and licked up every drop. Wish it was You making me take it from You and a real man who fucks You like i could only hope to.

    1. It helped that David had the company of Bunny during his fucking.

  4. You should be punished for using the wrong “through” in threw up.

    1. Here’s the distinction between “through” and “threw” (two homonyms, so they sound alike but have different origins, functions, and meanings):

      “Through” is usually a preposition showing location (“She walked through the uncut grass”) or an adverb indicating time (“The student studied through the night”). It can also be an adjective (“She took the through train to New York City”).
      “Threw” is a verb. It is the simple past tense of “throw” for all persons (“I threw, you threw, he threw, she threw, it threw, we threw, and they all threw the ball up into the air.”)
      As Jaigobin Shivcharran reminded me, “throw up” (past tense: “threw up”) is a phrasal verb, so the phrase holds a particular meaning that doesn’t always mean to throw something random up into the air … although, when some people vomit, they do throw up so violently that it shoots up into the air.

    2. We should be alarmed at the very idea of discipline through spanking.

    3. Oh, found it, thanks. I’ll think I’ll leave it like that to annoy you, though! :-)
      And NOTHING to be alarmed about discipline through spanking. Quite enjoy it from both ends.

  5. David being made to re-enact the female role in any porn he's caught watching is such a good punishment for a naughty boy!
    I assume you would enforce the same rules if you caught your nephews wanking ;)

  6. What a fun scenario! Yes, I'd guess he wanted to be caught and why not?

    Keep up the good, clean fun.

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Either have a good cum or get caught. Win win.

  7. Julie thanks so much for keeping us up to date with your work with David. It's always a treat to read what you've been up to. I almost feel for David, a very deep fucking can be painful, but in all honesty he's only got himself to blame hasn't he?

    I would be interested in your thoughts on him wanting to be caught? Heaven forbid he was trying to manipulate a woman as dominant as yourself?

    1. It’s a game we play. If I get caught masturbating I get a spanking also!

  8. Thanks so much for publishing this. So good to know that David is being kept firmly in line by yourself. A deep penetration by Adam must really be painful, but of course fully deserved.

    I’m interested in your take on whether David wanted to be caught by you, or not. I hope he’s not trying to top from the bottom?

    1. Yes, a long hard fuck from Adam after a spanking puts him deep into sub space.

  9. I really liked the privates' whipping, the anus cleaning, the video reenacted. I wanted to have a second view. I switch on my iPad, click in “my favorites” on “Strict Julie spanks! »Then click on « I have read the warning and wish to continue » and there, as always, it's a shock! The picture of david's big cock appears in full screen.
    That's when I hear a disapproving voice right behind me.
    - And who owns this nice cock, Daddy?
    OMG! Vickie! Nooo!

  10. Guess rule you have no masterbate allow in your house unless ask permisson first david got that spanking for not obey rule. kind strange he had ear bud on didnt want you to hear

    maybe he didnt think u would come upstair thought u left house or busy

    1. He masturbates often without getting caught. But when I catch him, it’s punishment!

  11. i can picture somebody like me if spend night your house i play with my penis masterbated you found wet spot on bed sheet or blanket you would scold give me good spanking for it cause you told me about rule but find it after i had left house

    i am down stair or in shower i hear you yell my name show med sheet iask me did i do thi you know iam lying i say no you grab me by ear take me over lap for painfuul spanking with hand and paddle etc

    or u call me on phone tell med i left something i need come over pick it up i show up at door you holding sheet ask me about wet spot on sheet tell me i broke rule you know what i did ask me what did u say would happen if caught me or break rule i get good spanking you pull chair out take me otk lap for spankin then make me clean the sheet

    same thing if u caught me with my hand on penis jerking off as well u walk in upset yell young man that not allowq you going gwt it i ask get what you say GOOD SPANKING GOING BE SPANKING OF YOUUR LIFE MSITER you blister my ass good even use adam strap on me for good mesaure

    1. Yes mike, house guests ARE NOT excused from my rule.

    2. well lesson be learn very well good by time you done with naughty house guest after break rule good long hard spanking will do the job so when can i be come house guest lol

  12. Oh boy, poor David...
    Just kidding, with a Wife like you, dear Julie, he's certainly one of the luckiest husbands around!
    May I ask, how big is Adam really, especially girth-wise? I am trying to figure out how it would feel like to take an epic pounding like the one David received.

    1. Even More Real Than Real, the Adam O2 is fleshy, weighty, lengthy, and veiny making it one beautiful dildo. Tantus’ Dual Density O2 line delivers maximum satisfaction through a realistically familiar feel. A Super Soft™ outside and a hard muscle core both made of Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone.

      Harness Compatible: Yes
      Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
      Easy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe.
      Diameter: 1.5"
      Insertable Length: 7"

    2. Thanks Julie. Big, but not too big then. Sounds like a perfect size to make the "event" very memorable, a perfect mix of pleasure, pain, submission and discomfort. I had my Wife's Big Boss vibrator (with a condom) inserted to the hilt and slowly moved in and out a couple of times. It's about the same insertable length as Adam but aboout 0.3" thicker. Length is not an issue, but girth is a real challenge. Proper fucking with Big Boss would hurt a lot, I am sure, but I could maybe take Adam.

    3. david says length is a problem as well!

  13. Mistress Julie, I keep coming back to your blog, it seems, whenever I pick up my tablet, I keep re reading favorite postings and, of course, I look for new chapters. And I only discovered your blog three weeks ago! Your adventures have kindled in me fantasies that I had long suppressed. It's also added spice to my sex life (although I have yet to ask my wife to spank me.) She has recently indulged my desires to worship her shapely bottom. And I've found myself trying to be more thoughtful, as I consider the whatiffs of a FLR. You have remarkable insight and a magnetic personality (and, I might add, a beautiful body, including a very shapely bottom that also deserves to be worshipped). I hope you enjoy the holidays. Perhaps your david will soon be the recipient of another disciplinary session worth posting. Lars

    1. Thank you, lars.
      Be sure to read my “Advice for Wives” page, linked near the top in the sidebar under “resources”, and then ask your wife to read it!

  14. I recently got caught by my wife as well. She came home much earlier than expected and caught me on the sofa with my boxers around my ankles - stroking away to porn. I'm suppose to always ask permission to masturbate and porn is strictly prohibited. I received a very sound spanking with the leather paddle and extended corner time.

    1. As it should be. Save that sexual energy for your wife, you selfish boy.

  15. Dear Mistress Julie, As you know, I masturbate very frequently while watching porn. As I read your latest, I imagined my wife walking in on me. It would start out exactly the same. “What the fuck, david!?!” It would NOT, however, proceed anything like your scene, especially if she saw what I was looking at. The video david was watching had a very nice element of “cnc” (consensual non-consent), which can make things VERY intense if done well. My tastes take that theme several steps further, into strict bondage, whipping all the sensitive spots, and rough penetration of all orifices, for starters. I could claim that I was fantasizing about being the submissive woman in these scenes, and it would be mostly true, but there is something both stimulating and disturbing about a woman’s cries of pain that makes me feel very guilty and in need of punishment. My wife would simply disown me and throw me out. I’m thankful to have you to share this side of me. david

    1. Oh, I can only imagine what goes on in your mind when you watch a video like that! A LOT of reinforcement would be needed to ensure you stay submissive.

    2. And you are the PERFECT person to do that reinforcement! Merry Christmas!

  16. Hi girl,
    With all the "ooowwwwwahhhhAHHHAHHH" and the "Ahhhh ahhh noooo nooo ahhhh" you make, don't you have trouble with the neighbors?

  17. Dear Julie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your latest very sexy scene. I used to masturbate frequently, but after disappointing my wife after using up myself, I vowed to only orgasm with her. I rarely masturbate when alone, but it does sound like a hot scene to get caught in the act and punished for it.
    When watching porn like this (which my wife rightfully does not approve of), I certainly imagine myself in the role of the woman being roughly used. Over the past three years I have been fucked with my wife's strap on a few times and enjoyed it very much. I am getting older and consider that when my penis does not work anymore, getting fucked by her will be the new standard way to have intercourse.
    In many ways our sexual relationship has turned completely around.
    I used to orgasm all the time, every time. Now I rarely get to and she does whenever she wants. I used to spank her all the time, now she spanks, whips and paddles me. She wears pajamas and I wear a night gown. I wash the dishes and she watches tv.
    She was never really submissive, but I certainly am to her now.
    Never happier than I am now.

    1. I think there’s an extra humiliation that you get the fuckings because your penis no longer can deliver them properly. Delicious!

    2. P.S. cock is WAY overrated unless intended for penetrative punishment, IMO. Give me a well-trained and well-practiced, enthusiastic, submissive tongue anytime!

    3. Ms. Julie
      This might be the place to suggest using that chastity device on David or upgrading to a better one. If he can’t save himself for you, that’s an option. We ended up getting an expensive custom made chastity cage for me when our play became more long term. My device is comfortable and effective. I can’t pleasure myself and I can’t reverse it or ease my way out of it. My wife is thrilled by how ready I am a the drop of a hat. She’ll never give me back my key. It’s much kinky fun, but i didn’t expect her to want me to wear panties and keep my head buzzed. It’s still a level of control we both like.

    4. I love that image, Bill in a night gown. That got my imagination going so much i just ordered a short nighty. I'm thinking it will leave my bottom exposed. I have a friend i play with, i can't wait for it to arrive and change into it at my friend's and see what happens.

    5. No chastity for him. I am happy for him to get his rocks off. He always seems “ready” for me regardless.

    6. Good. I wish one lady in particular felt that way sometimes.
      Happy New Year!

  18. Pornhub has a plethora of sissy hypno content, you could be in control of what he watched and use it to your advantage. Shave him for the winter, paint his toes and sissy him up for the new year! in fact with your writing talent if you watched one or 2 you could improvise them in no time flat!

    1. I’ll look up the genre, thank you!

    2. Merry Christmas Miss Julie. All the best in 2020. Your fans love you ! Xoxo

    3. Love you too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  19. An xmas present for you

    Another deep anal punishment, inspired by your punishment of david.

    The "finger of honor" is a gestural insult that is usually done to respond to a verbal insult. You close your fist and stretch your middle finger, making the gesture of pushing it into the anus of the person you are addressing.
    The gesture spoken of here is more like what a mother can do towards her little boy by shaking her hand, which means "watch out for spanking if you continue!" ".
    This is not a gestural insult in return, but the threat to push really her finger right into the asshole of her husband, in the case at hand.

    One of my sisters-in-law is a solid woman, of average height but stout and strong enough to be capable of physically persuading her husband to do as she demands,
    You might think she is an expert in the art of humiliation, but she is in fact endowed with natural authority and a spirit of domination that she both exercises without worrying.

    If she happens to not appreciate her husband's behavior during a family reunion, like this last Christmas diner, she simply shows him her middle finger up and that, even if she is sitting at the other end of the table, without worrying that everyone sees her.
    you want my finger, darling ? It is 3 inches ! (and she stares at him with her little resolved, "I-am-not-joking-at-all" green eyes)

    It's an utter humiliation for my brother in law. That wife who, absolutely without laughing, threatens him to stick her finger in his ass in front of everybody present.
    If he was a real man, he would do something but she knows for a long time he is not.
    He tries to make a diversion by laughing exaggeratedly as if it were a good prank but he is tomato red.
    Everyone pretends they haven't heard anything
    She insists :
    I won't say it twice, honey ! (and she brandishes her outstretched finger), Long and thick. That's what's going up your ass, from fingertip to knuckle, honey !

    She stares at him straight in the eyes, and as she has drunk a little too much, she has a wicked grin and a bad glow in the eyes which make you think that she will not hesitate for a second to carry out her threat.

    1. Oh My Gosh! That is sooooo sexy!!!!!
      I can imagine after the dinner, back at home, the husband bent over with his pants down, the wife giving him a thorough finger fucking, saying if he is going to act like a bitch he'll get treated like one.
      Even better if the humiliating act were done at the Christmas Dinner Table with everybody watching. Ha ha!

  20. I see you have the exact same heavy silicone-rubber paddle as I do; yours is black, I have the blue version.
    I have self-spanked under orders using it, and that thing is EVIL !!!
    I’m pretty dedicated but getting it from someone else would be no joke at all.

    You should keep it in a cool place but run the handle under warm water; this makes the handle nice and flexy but the paddle part is hard and stiff. VERY PAINFUL !!!


  21. Mistress Julie, I'm slowly working up to discussing with my wife my sub fantasies, including spankings. In the meantime, I've found myself being more attentive and less argumentative. On Christmas morning, she took an early shower and climbed back into bed with me nude. She knows about my anal fixation and rolled onto her abdomen. This is a good sign, I thought, because she didn't get aroused the two previous times I'd performed analingus on her. She let me put a pillow under her hips, and I promptly buried my face between her gorgeous butt cheeks and went to town on her luscious rosebud. After a few minutes of licking, I started gently fingering her pussy. It was very moist. Another good sign! Then, as I fingered her pussy, while also lapping passionately at her butthole, she began grinding her ass into my face. Her response was totally unexpected. My blue veiner promptly became a dimond cutter and, in accordance with her wishes, I finished up having intercourse with her doggy style. She told me later she liked the combination of me licking her butthole and fingering her pussy. I'm hoping this will become a regular occurrence for us. As I descend into my male submissive role, it'll be a natural progression for her to turn me over her knee and spank me for my years of selfish male behavior (or, I hope). Thank you, Mistress Julie, for kindling in me my sub tendencies. I'm hoping tonight my spouse will again grind her lovely bottom into my face. lars

    1. Surely the next step is to go down on her and lick your cum out of her. Ask her to sit on your face. She'll get the message.

    2. It’s very sexually pleasurable (and thrilling in a dominant way) to have your asshole licked out as your clit is stimulated!

  22. Its been a while since I stopped in to read your blog. I see you;re just as sick and demented as you ever were. Samuel

  23. Was a little worried about the description of him putting his finger up his bottom and using the toilet water to wash himself. This precludes his putting the finger from his anus in his mouth which I feel would add a salutary lesson. Femsup

  24. In the last image, Bunny's anus is so open and welcoming that we can't help but think about the state in which david's vicious asshole must be after his punishment fucking. Lovingly abandoned ?

  25. Just a note to express my appreciation for you and the beautiful footprint you are leaving on this world. All the best in 2020. peter peter

  26. Happy New Year, my wife decided the way to begin 2020, was to remind me that she was in charge. I stood in the front room, naked, with an erection, male thing she said with a smile. She addressed it, when I finally did cum, she cleaned me off, and over her lap I went. She spanked me soundly, told me to think long and hard before I did something stupid and when she finished, I had to take her out for breakfast. I squirmed at breakfast, she said others will see, I said nothing. When I paid and was leaving the waitress smiled, looked at my wife, have a naughty little boy this morning, my wife said yes, and it was addressed. Jack Thank You for everything it is beyond words what you have done, my life is so much better and could not ask for a better wife.

  27. Mistress Julie, I would also like to wish you a happy and heatlhful new year. I agree with the beautiful footprint you have left, and continue to leave. I trust you and david will have more bedroom disciplinary adventures you can share with your many fans (your blog counter increases by the hundreds every time I check in). I'm still working on being more submissive with my spouse -- promptly doing what she asks, not talking back when she snaps, foot rubs, more cuddling, ass worship. I don't think she's ready for the spanking request bombshell, yet. Regardless, thank you for your outstanding, well written, titillating (and even educational) blog! I re visit it throughout the day. lars

    1. Thank you lars. Last time it was me who received discipline for wanting to spit out his sperm from my mouth. I think the blog post will be calked “Wife Spanked until she Swallows”

  28. Julie,

    This was a classic. Enjoyed it immensely. Happy New Year.

  29. Two months without spanking! Part of your brain must be busy to call enthusiastically for a wicked hand or a merciless belt to give your butt the embarrassing punishment you crave? Right ?

    1. Just happened! Spanked holding sperm in my mouth until I swallowed! I was a VERY stubborn little girl, but he won in the end.

  30. Yes. A stubborn li'l cocksucker who refuses to swallow needs a lesson in obedience.

    1. Don't forget to add in your post a close up of your mouth and a picture of your punished butt.

  31. If it happened to me, I would be mortified. A spanking to force me to swallow ! But mom ! I don't want to swallow his fucking cum ! I suck him and I clean him with a handkerchief, that's good enough, no ?

  32. I'm curious how long your husband remains in deep sub space following a severe spanking, particularly combined with a pegging. I should think the dom/sub relationship would endure. I should think he would worship you and your body for ever after. What your husband experiences at your hands is something spankos such as myself can only dream about and wish for.

  33. There is a video of a husband who enjoys masturbating and his wife had enough. He is naked sitting on his wife lap, she is putting baby oil on his limp dick and then begin to stroke it, getting it erect. Scolding him like a naughty little boy, he then cums. He cleans himself up and then is over his wife lap and getting a very sound spanking. He then is told to face the corner. Hope my wife never learns of this, baby oil and then a spanking.

    1. Very humbling for hubbie

    2. Wives I have learned have many ways to humble a husband, mine sure does, the worse is being seen after a spanking, bare bottom on display, and having to reply when asked, that I was a naughty little boy and so I was spanked. Nothing worse, of course my wife is smiling and the hairbrush is either in her hand or near by.

    3. Yes. If you misbehave, don't expect that your spanking will not be in public for other women to see.

  34. My husband I found stroking his toy in our bed one afternoon, thinking he was taken a nap. What happen next he wishes never to happen again. He finished his disgusting thing, made him wash the sheets by hand, hang them to dry outside, in only his underpants. I then had him bend over the couch, which is in front of the window, I bared his bottom, took a bath brush and reddened that bottom for all to see. Have not caught him again, if he does will purchase a crop and apply it that he will not be able to sit or walk comfortably. Men playing with themselves disgusting.

    1. I think it's cute, but still needs to be punished!

  35. I got caught, and trust me I was kicking, squirming, pleading, over my wife lap and she just kept on with the hairbrush.

  36. What males fail to understand, females have many avenues of sexual desires. My wonderful husband was enjoying himself out by our pool, thinking I was shopping. When I caught him, he had that look. I knelt beside him and started stroking and then enjoying his erection. I took my time and he was really enjoying it. When I was finished he laid there smiling at me until I reminded him what would happen if I caught him doing such. I gave him such a spanking by the pool I knew the neighbors could hear. When I finished he stood hands on head by the pool. Haven't caught him since then.

    1. "Caught him" being the operative word. Men are sneaky little monkeys.

  37. I've been reading this over and over again, and I have been very good about not masturbating. I was alone, wife shopping and I needed to masturbate, the article just drove me to it, lame excuse. I was sitting on the toilet, naked, stroking away and my wife came home early, found me. What she said, I looked at her and don't know how I came up with it, I said I was working on holding it longer for your pleasure. What followed was the hardest longest spanking she has ever given. It was two days later, just getting comfortable sitting, when I was told she was still mad, and best be on my best behavior. Jack

    1. Double spanking for jerking and lying, sounds like. Should have had your mouth washed out with soap.

    2. As i have said, my wife has read your blog, I showed her your reply, she read and said nothing. The next day was Saturday, she mentioned your response, thought about it and agreed with you. I was told I was getting another spanking, but first my mouth was going to be washed out with soap. Should not have shown her your response, standing in the middle of the room, very red bottom, soapy mouth, my wife holding the hairbrush.

  38. I get punished with masturbation. My Wife does spank but enjoys embarrassing punishments. More than anything she admits to having a fascination when it comes to anything concerning playing games with masturbating. She's enjoyed being a cocktease (her words) since junior high and can be very mean. She will get me very worked up then just play around with me. She will finish off very quickly-clinical actually.

  39. Fantastic story. I just texted my Mistress the link to this post.

    Of course I’ll watch the video and get “caught” by her too. And she’ll do to me what you did to David. I can’t wait.

    It doesn’t take me long to get stretched out. I/she has already gotten a 12 inch with 9 inch girth in my bum hole as you call it.

    We’re working up to her fisting me. That’s both Mistress and my desire. She said by my birthday this June. Now she tells me what she’s going to do then, and makes me Beg for her to do it for ... yes ... at least 1 full hour. After which she said I can actually cum in her pussy and of course eat my cum out of her afterwards. As my birthday present.

    I’m totally trained in cum eating. Mistress NEVER eats my cum. It’s beneath Her. After my birthday, we will be working up to my eating other men’s cum. She said I’ll be consuming a whole cup by year end. That’s Her Christmas present to me.

    Mistress isn’t into Cuckholding me. So she’ll get some of her guy friends to donate cum for me. I’ll be so humiliated Not knowing who’s cum I’ve eaten. But they’ll know.

    Next year Mistress said I’ll be eating a steady stream of other men’s cum daily. Working up to getting it Hot from the source. Yes, some of her girlfriends already know Her plan. She TOLD them right in front of me. And made me agree to the plan to them too. And sign an Agreement too with her girlfriends as witnesses. Mistress even got it Notarized. With financial penalties if I back out.

    So I’ll be sucking lots of Cocks by this time next year.

  40. I’ve always been curious. How big is Adam? Do you have how long and big around?

  41. Ms Julie, I like all the photos of this young lady's lovely bottom. I particularly like the second to the last one, wherein she's laying prone with her legs spread. Her ass is absolutely gorgeous and I want to bury my face between her butt cheeks. Thank you for allowing me to express myself. lars