Friday, July 3

Bare Breasted Spanking in front of Daddy!

I almost received a bare breasted spanking from my husband in front of my Mom and Dad yesterday! Not just bare breasted, though that would have been the novel bit, but totally nude. I admit it, I tried to engineer it, but in the end I got spanked in private. Pooh! Let me tell you all about my close call.

This was almost me in front of my Mom and Dad.
I had set it up so perfectly!

David and I decamped for the summer cottage for July 1 holiday with my Mom and Dad. It's blazing hot so it's great to be by the lake. They are in the main cottage, and we are next door. My parents are staying up for July and August. We'll be back and forth, though hopefully spending more time than usual up there this year. This time it was just the four of us so, yes, I was not going to let this opportunity slip!

I didn't overtly engineer anything, but I did misbehave and got spanked for it. I wanted it to be right in front of Mom and Dad. All the groundwork had been laid, so it seemed quite natural :-)

As you know if you've been following along, I had yet to be spanked nude in front of my Daddy. For some reason this was a recent life goal for this naughty girl! Proud of my titties...

In furtherance of this, I plotted. My plan was to misbehave while wearing a one-piece swimsuit. David or Daddy, if they wanted my butt bare, would have no choice but to have me remove it completely. Thus naked! Brilliant.

Of course, I ran the risk of having my low cheeks spanked with my suit on (worst case), or having it wedgied up there (medium case), but I was hoping David knew enough about me to insist on bare butt and the inevitable naked consequence of such a decree.

We had just gone swimming. I had sat on the deck and dried off. Then gone in and put shorts on over my swimsuit and a sheer blousey cover-up on top. I was thinking, at the time, an after dinner swim and why bother getting out of my suit (no spanking thoughts at the time - other than a determination to be in my one-piece just in case).

It was nearing supper time. I was on the couch messing around with the iPad (on comments on my blog). David said he was going to go next door to help out my Dad with the BBQ (i.e., drink beer), and I should come over in about 30 minutes.

"Ok," I said, instantly knowing this WOULD BE my golden opportunity to earn a spanking.

I did not at all pay attention to the time, and then after about 35-40 minutes I got a Facetime call pop up on my iPad from David next door.

"Dinner in five," he said.

"Ok, great, be right over!" I said. This was going to get ugly!

I sat there continuing to mess around on my iPad. I knew exactly what I was doing. Gulp!

About 15 minutes later I hear David come into the cabin and yell out "Julie! Dinner! Now!"

"Ok, ok, ok," I called down, "just finishing up..."

David stormed up into the room I was occupying. I quickly closed up my iPad and tossed it on the couch next to me.

"Now!" he said angrily. I stood up and he grabbed me by the arm and slapped my behind. "March!"

"Ok, ok. no need to get violent," I said. I slipped on my flip flops. He kept holding me by the arm and slapped my butt all the way over to the other cabin. "You're getting so spanked after dinner," he said. Still my fluttering heart! I did not know at that point if he intended to do it over at Mom and Dad's, or back at our cottage. One would be more embarrassing, the other more painful. I let fate decide, not that I had much say at that point.

I got there and the entire dinner table was all laid out, the steaks done and on the table, the potatoes, green beans, and Bearnaise sauce all ready. All that was missing, apparently, was me.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," I said, rushing to sit down at my place. "I lost track of time."

"How could you lose track of time when I Facetimed you and you said 'coming right now'?" asked David, reasonably.

"Sorry..." I said.

"You know I'm going to give you a spanking after dinner, right?" David stated, right in front of my parents! I say that with an exclamation mark. It's still so embarrassing for him to talk in front of my parents about him spanking me...

"yes, sir," I said in a meek way. I had it coming. Still no hint about where said spanking would take place. Dad had a grin. Mom made a face, like, not at the spanking, more like disappointed I had earned a spanking - that was my read anyways. She would have been maddest about me delaying dinner like that once it was all laid out.

We got through dinner and a nice bottle of red wine (French chateauy) and yummy filet steaks, and Mom and Dad make the best Sauce Bearnaise from scratch. Dad, the cottage chef, does the reduction, and Mom, the sous-chef, mixes in the butter and eggs and is a master at not curdling it (which is hard). I also liked the green beans which were tasty, and eschewed the carby potatoes.

I leapt up to clear the main course. I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher directly while Mom got dessert onto the table (berries and whipped cream). The men sat and finished up the wine. Talk about trad. I mean, they had slayed the meat, now they got to hang back and watch the women tidy up.  I genuinely love men!

We went and sat and had dessert. It was getting closer and closer to "after dinner"! Yikes. I knew I was definitely, positively in for a well-earned spanking.

David pushed pack from the table, still seated.

"Well Julie, about that spanking..." he said.


"Doug, I know you were as annoyed as I, would you like to do the honours?" David asked my Dad.

Yelp! David had just offered up my butt to my Dad to spank. Bless his little heart!

"No, no, no, lad. We'll leave that to you," said Daddy, very disappointingly for me :-(

"Come on then, Julie, get your butt bare and across my knee," David said. David was going to do it right then and right there. And he said "bare butt". There was no way to bare my butt without taking off my one-piece!!!!

"You take her next door to do that," said my Mom, "and don't go too hard on her," she added.

Oh drat.

I can't blame David. He tried. He even knew I was in my one-piece bathing suit and would have to remove it, which he fully intended on doing to bare my butt, I learned soon later.

"Well, thank you for dinner," said David, "we'll be heading back now. Right Julie?"

"yes sir," I said, acting all submissivy.

"Before we go, apologize again to your mom and Dad for making them wait for you," he demanded.

"Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad." I said.

Dad responded on both their behalf, and with a smile said, "well, let's just make sure it doesn't happen again." Ha. What an invitation.

"I'll try my best," said David.

"Not too hard!" said my Mom.

"No, Ma'am, but you do agree she's asking for it, right?" said David.

"I definitely agree she's asking for it," said Mom, ambiguously (or not so much! Am I that transparent? Wait, don't answer that).

As soon as those words were out of Mom's mouth I got a smack on my backside and a "March, young lady," from David. Oh blush! I know these events are a bit "engineered", I seem to crave them, and everybody knows what's really going on, but I still feel the acute embarrassment that goes with it. Mom and Dad knew I was being immediately "marched" back to the cabin. They knew that as soon as we got there, David would bare my bottom. If they were paying attention, they would know my swimsuit would have to be removed, meaning I would be fully nude. They knew I would be put naked across my husband's knee. They knew I would receive a serious, no-nonsense, cheek reddening punishment spanking. They knew it would continue until David believed I was appropriately punished. They knew I would not be sitting comfortably for the rest of the evening. They probably figured I would be fucked afterwards like a bride on her wedding night. They would know all of that.

We made the short walk over to next door through a path by the lakeside, beginning my consequences. When we got to our cottage David was no nonsense. He was not playing this off as a scene.

"Take off your shorts and top," he said.

I kicked off my flip flops, removed my shorts, and removed my top, leaving me in my one-piece bathing suit.

"Don't think I don't see what you're up to," he told me.

"What?" I said, knowing the answer.

"With that one-piece swimsuit and being unconscionably late for dinner?" Yeah, he had my numba'. "You wanted to be all bare naked in front of Daddy for your spanking, didn't you?"

"yes sir," I said. No point not admitting it now.

"Well I tried, but no dice," he said. He had. "Turn around."

I turned around and he came up behind me. He slipped the straps off my shoulders and pulled the suit down to my tummy, baring my breasts. On the way down my arms were trapped by the straps.

"Is this what you wanted, in front of your Daddy?" he asked me. What a perv!

"no," I said, unconvincingly, imagining the acute embarrassment I would feel with my suit pulled down, my arms pinned at my sides by my suit, my bare breasts fully on view...

He slid my suit down further, baring my shaved pussy and then down my legs towards my ankles.

"Step out," he told me, and I stepped out of the suit. He grabbed both my arms from behind and pulled them back. He pushed his leg or something into my backside, making my hips and tits jutt forward.

"Is this how you wanted your Daddy to see you?" he asked again.

"no, sir," I said, lying again. I have fantasized about my Dad seeing my fully nude and thoroughly spanked in that state.

David let me go and put a straight-backed chair in the middle of the room. "Get over here," he said.

"Sweetheart," I begged, "all the doors and windows are open, we should go to the bedroom or something." That was genuine!

"Nope. right here," he said.

My parents had all their windows open and were about fifty feet away. As well, sound carries across the water. We are always hearing voices and even soft music from the cottages across the bay.  I was legit embarrassed at that moment.

Nonetheless, I obediently went over to my husband and draped myself, nude, across his knee. He started hand spanking me. Shit those smacks are loud! And, by the way, they hurt also! I really tried to keep my vocalizations to a minimum, but after fifty or so good swats I started pleading with him and was getting a more and more frantic pitch to my voice. He probably stopped at about 100 swats or so and let me up.

I got up and rubbed my butt. "Ouch!" I said.

"Will you be late again?" he asked in a quite loud (unnecessarily loud) voice.

"No Sir!" I responded, still rubbing the sting out. Ok, I don't strictly need to rub, but I think it's cute and it respects the spanker and his spanking, so I do it.

"Go cool yourself off in the lake now," David said.

"Yes, Sir," I said with glint in my eye and went to retrieve my swimsuit. Pulling it on might be a little painful and I was worried my low butt would show a lot of red.

"No need for your swimsuit," David said. "You can go skinny dipping."

"No! David! Come on! It's illegal or something. People will see. Mom and Dad might see!" I complained.

David just sat there and gloated. "Well, I'll give you a choice," he said. "I can get out the cutting board and use that as a paddle, and then you can go skinny dipping, or you can go straight away without the paddling."

"Fine," I said, and went to get at least a towel to wrap around myself for the trip down to the water. David stood by the screen door and opened it for me. As I passed by, he grabbed the back of the towel that was wrapped around me and gently yanked. "I'll carry this for you," he offered. "I insist," he added. Oh crap. I let the towel drop into his hands and went down towards the lake, covering up my breasts and vag with my hands. I walked all the way to the dock with my heart beating and jumped in feet first, still covering up like that. It was dusk by then, and nobody was out that I could see. The views from the cottages on either side were obscured by the trees. My heart was still pounding, though.

Once I was in the water I sort of relaxed. It actually felt great after the heat having the cool water flow all over me and over my most intimate places. "It's nice, you should come in," I called from the lake. David was sitting on a Muskoka chair on the dock watching me swim naked in the lake.

"That's ok," he called back. "Just enjoying the view."

I swam back to the dock and brazenly climbed up the ladder. I didn't care anymore who saw me. David stood and dried me with the towel all over. As he dried my pussy and breasts I definitely felt tingly. I turned into him and pushed up against him. "Fuck me," I demanded. He reached his hand behind me and fondled my well-spanked ass. So hot! He wrapped the towel around me for the return trip. I took it off and threw it to the ground and walked slowly back into the cottage, wiggling my spanked red ass, defying him, daring him to take me. He picked up the towel and followed me in. I walked straight to the bedroom without looking back.

In bed, he put me on my back, stripped, and entered me straight away, hard as an iron rod into my already over-heated sopping wet pussy. I didn't need no foreplay! He fucked me nicely for a minute or so and then pulled out and dove his head between my legs where he got me off twice with skillful finger and tongue ministration. He then came back up, plunged back into me, and fucked me until he came.

Next morning we were back at my parents' side for bacon and egg breakfast.  I went a bit ahead of David to help make it. As Mom tended the eggs and I tended the bacon I whispered to her, "I got spanked last night."

"We know," she said cooly, "we could hear it from here." Oh blush! "Your father went outside to have a better listen." Oh double blush! "And apparently he got quite the eyefull afterwards when you went swimming without your suit on."

"Eeek. He saw me?" I asked. I didn't think he could see me from there.

"Through the trees, yes. They're not as thick as you think," said Mom. "You will watch the shenanigans when the rest of the family is here, I hope?"

"Yes Mom," I said, quite embarrassed for real now. No shenanigans.

David came just as breakfast was up. He can smell the bacon from anywhere! Soon after Daddy came out of the bedroom himself. I WAS NOT going to be embarrassed. I went over to him and gave him a great big hug. It felt nice that he had heard me get my spanking, and that he had seen my in my altogether skinny dipping afterwards.

"And Good Morning To You!" he said as he hugged me back. "How's your butt this morning?" he asked.

"All better, thank you very much," I said as I disentangled and served the men their breakfast.


  1. Oh my God Julie! What an unexpected post!!! I'm so happy you "almost" achieved your goal. Like we said in motivational leadership: go on and next time you'll do better.

    You wrote that you "wasted" time writing on this forum, I hope my last answer had contribuited to your goal ahah.
    I've been and I'm now shocked (in a positive way) about your idea of wearing a one-piece bathsuit, very genious!! I always loved woman in that swimwear.
    I would like so much see you in one-piece to understand what you expected your Dad to see. Do you think you can take one of your face blurred pics please? I'm sure you are very beautiful. Obviusly all men want to know how is you breast, but I don't ask too much. Or maybe I already asked too much, in this case excuse me, give me a punishment and I will fulfill.

    I know that skinny dipping feeling of the water to your body, great, and I liked how David made you came back naked...Maybe you can do it again, and maybe one evening you'll find your Dad in your room waiting for you, and ready to give you a lesson to make you stop doing this...

    1. I didn't say "wasted time". I don't consider responding to comments a waste at all! There are a few breast shots here and there in the blog. You'll have to root them out!

      Hmmmm.... I like the idea of being spanked for skinny dipping. That's another great way to be spanked naked!

    2. Julie!! Is that a picture of you in the striped suit?

    3. Unfortunately not. I always pick pictures of younger and prettier girls, for you :-)

    4. Maybe I badly explained myself: with "wasted time" I was meaning that you were losing time on purpose to achieve your goal of be spanked! :-) Exactly what I would have done aahahha :-)

  2. There is nothing more fun than a spanking at the lake....and you are correct, sound carries so great entertainment for the other cottagers !

    1. I know! No telling how many heard it and if they knew what it was...

  3. Yes we agree, Sorry, with "wasted time" I was meaning you was pretending do do other things to be late at dinner for your intentions..... ;-)

  4. Being spanked in front of your parents, all on display, it alot of people desire. Yes this is Jack, the first time I was spanked by my mother-in-law was just bare from the waist down, she bared me. I have been spanked naked by her, learned that she could care less about my "little toy" she calls it, careless how much I beg for her to stop, and most of all I know that when my wife and I get home, I will be given another spanking. My mother-in-law spanking will leave you dancing and rubbing, but when she saids face the wall I quickly do as told.

  5. So close, lol! But at least Daddy heard your naked tush getting blistered for your bratty tardiness and witnessed your naked march to the sea. It seems like David's getting you back for all his public/semi-public kink humiliations over the years and pushing your exhibitionist buttons at the same time.

    There's no greater feeling for me than watching my naked, red-bottomed woman walking to our bedroom where I know she wants a good fuck, and I'm pretty David is cut from the same cloth. What can I say, us guys love looking at you lovely ladies.

    1. Especially our cute red cabooses, apparently!

    2. Nothing cries out "Take me, babe!" quite like a red butt.

  6. It sounds as if when you are at camp, you will be a 24/7 sub. Or will you have the opportunity to switch?

    1. In the privacy of the bedroom I can still Domme him. I have fucked him with a strap on there. As I was doing it and creaking the bed I made loud sounds like it was me being fucked because I'm exhibitionist as well!

  7. Julie
    Is the beautiful women in the one pice above you?

  8. Spanking is more about the fun than the punishment, and you are having lots of fun. Keep enjoying the good kinky life
    bottoms up

  9. C'est toujours un plaisir de vous lire, chère dame, meme si la traduction n'est pas toujours au top....
    Que de souvenirs me font rappeler votre désirs de fessées! Nous avons connu des similitudes dans notre famille de fessées...
    Nous avions arrêtes de fesser nos filles après l'adolescence, mais l'ainée aiment la fessée, et surtout celle de son papa et maman , (meme si maintenant je suis divorcé)..
    l'année de son mariage elle avait fait une bêtise, pendant l'absence de son mari , et c'est elle meme qui m'a dis papa tu peux me refesser je la mérite.
    Ce que j'ai fait dans un moment inoubliable pour moi comme pour elle...
    Fessée dure mais combien excitante de ma fille, sur les genoux nue, que je n'avais pas vue nue depuis des années, c'était surréaliste entre les cris de la douleur de la fessée, et les gémissements de son plaisir, j'ai vu son excitation, comme elle a du sentir la mienne, et ce fus un renouveau de fessées a venir....
    Ma nouvelle amie elle aussi recherche en moi ce plaisir de la fessée du papa, qu'elle n'a plus et qu'elle n'a presque pas connue...
    je vous souhaite plein de complicité de fessées avec vos parents, et qui vous donnent pleins de ce plaisir si particulier de la fessée et des plaisirs si souvent défendus et tabous....

    1. C'est merveilleux qu'il y ait plus de nous! Je trouve ces réflexions sur mon père très excitantes. C'est tellement intéressant d'avoir votre point de vue. Merci.

    2. Comme je vous ai dis la traduction et pas tres bonne , le point de vue de qui ?
      Oui pourquoi nier, ou ne pas dire que la fessée entre papa et fille, maintenant ma fille ainée a 37ans, et bien oui la fessée est excitante pour les deux , sinon on ne le ferai pas...
      La fessée bien sur est une punition, mais dans la punition le plaisir et la, et il faut le prendre, la vision des charmes intimes de sa fille pendant la fessée est splendide, c'est pourquoi existe les differences positions, pendant la fessée et bien sur le papa apprécie et vois le plaisir de sa fille qui rajoute a son propre plaisir ....

    3. Your point of view - that of a father who gets pleasure from spanking his grown naked, wet-pussied daughter, unless I misunderstood?

    4. un papa aime ses enfants, il est la pour les protéger, et les conduire dans la vie ...
      Mais lorsque j'ai refessé ma fille adulte, ça été un bonheur partagé, tous les deux conscients, responsables, consentants, de la situation érotique de cette fessée...
      Cette re première fois adulte, cette punition a été forte et vive, mais en meme temps le déshabillage progressif, la nudité de ma fille nous a entrainé dans le meme plaisir de cette fessée...
      (elle meme adore me montrer ses trésors cachés)
      Du faite surement, aussi que je suis son papa, et elle ma fille, sublime se sentiment d'un plaisir, qui peut être plus ou moins interdit, mais que l'on accepte en responsables adultes, pourquoi après tout, ne pas l'accepter dans une complicité réciproque, ne pas être hypocrite, et savourer ce plaisir du moment, se laisser surprendre dans un abandon ensemble....
      Oui elle a pleurée par la chaleur de la fessée, oui elle a gémie, oui elle a ouvert ses cuisses pour me laisser voir sa chatte mouillée, ses grande lèvres et ses petites lèvres, et meme son clito gonflé...
      Alternance de grosses claques, de plus rapide, de moments calmes, ma fille qui lance des aie aie , ouillle , arrrgh ahhh , pardon papa , pardon papa , je ne recommencerai pas, avec le son des claques sur ses fesses et ses cris, et enfin ses gémissements ..
      Dans les moments de pose, je caresse ses fesses en descendant dans la raie de son cul, et jusque son entre jambes qui s'ouvre instinctivement....
      les claques redémarre , son fessier et rouge, je suis complémentent subjuguée par les fesses de ma fille, qui dois le comprendre , et qui écarte ses cuisses, découvrant sa belle chatte entre ses poils, (des fois épilée des fois naturelle) ,,,
      Sa chatte qui s’ouvre, laissant son trou rose de son orifice vaginal ouvert, et son méat urinaire a ma vue, sa chatte ouverte, elle est toute mouillée, ...
      Oui aussi j'écarte de temps en temps ses fesses, qui me laisse voir son mignon trou du cul, son anus marron, plissé et bien régulier, entouré de petits poils bruns...
      Oui je vois aussi ses magnifiques seins qui se balance au gré des claques...
      Alors meme si je suis son papa, croyez vous que je ne bande pas, et bien si , comme elle qui mouille de son plaisir,...
      Donc au dela de l'hypocrisie, oui nous assumons notre plaisir de la fessée entre papa et fille adultes .....
      Depuis le temps cette complicité n'a fait que se renforcer, et aucun de nous a des regrets, seul notre plaisir de la fessée, et on le prends ....

    5. I think it's beautiful and exciting when everybody involved is a consenting adult and is enjoying themselves. There certainly can be erotic feelings between a grown Daughter and her Father. In Canada, nor is acting on it illegal at all. The Canadian Criminal Code makes it illegal to specifically engage in "sexual intercourse" defined as occurring when a penis tip passes the labia in the case of blood relations. As a liberatarian libertine even that is to much law for me so long as it's consenting emotionally healthy adults. But a daughter being spanked erotically by her Father is very legal in Canada at least, I am pleased to say!

    6. Ma réponse je crois n'est pas partie...
      je disais que en général en Europe les rapports sexuels entre adultes de la meme famille ne sont pas illégal...
      Par contre si c'est un mineur, c'est une faute aggravante...
      En France les rapports sexuels (l'inceste) est légal entre majeurs, seul, le mariage est interdit...
      Donc, la fessée nous pouvons la faire comme on le veux...
      Je voulais dire que notre famille est un famille ou la fessée est naturelle, ma fille ainée va aussi chez sa maman (mon ex femme ) pour la fessée...

    7. Vraiment? Intéressant.

    8. que voulez vous dire "l'integration ?

  10. I bet your Daddy was really disappointed ;)

    1. For sure! What healthy, red blooded, heterosexual male would not want to see a relatively fit and attractive naked woman spanked across her husband's knee, even if it is your daughter.

  11. You are incorrigible. I looked that up to be sure of what it meant. Not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed seems to fix exactly. I could add that she does not want to be reformed.

    Good Read.

    1. Hot bottom. Cool swim. Summertime fun!

  12. Quick ones:

    "Proud of my titties..."

    Well, we all are, dear. And good for you. A girl should be. Now, take a pic and show us what you are proud of...!

    Aside for the naughty part, it was just the four of you on what sounds like a relatively isolated part of a lake, so why not just go topless? Everyone else has seen all your "good china," so this should have been an easy one. So what's the big deal? (Besides, maybe your mom would have joined you! Maybe she always wanted to do that but there was never a right time/place.)

    "He slipped the straps off my shoulders and pulled the suit down to my tummy, baring my breasts."
    Go on. Tell us more. Nips go to the high-beam setting...?
    And, uh...a bit moist 'down there'...?

    "...sound carries across the water. We are always hearing voices and even soft music from the cottages across the bay."

    (Ahem...) As a guy who once served in an Infantry Division, know this: Sound carries MUCH farther, and more CLEARLY - at NIGHT!

    So there is a pretty good chance, across the lake....
    "Do you hear that? Is that what I think it is...?"
    "Oh, yeah. Someone's gettin' it."

    And they would have a pretty good guess as to where that place was.

    Be careful out there!


    1. 1. It's not that isolated!
      2. yes and yes... blush!
      3. Quite possible!

    2. The idea of topless sunbathing is very good. I can understand that if there are people around you can find it embarrassing (aren't we talking about embarrassement?), but if it would be possible, be sure to do it with the one-piece. In the souh of France it was very common suring 80's & 90's, you roll it down to your waist exposing only breast: your Dad, Mom, David (and neighboor too :-o) will see you breast as you want, you'll do something that guarantee you a spanking, and what do you think they can do, with you one-piece rolled down? Obviusly take it all off to bare your bottom! ;-)


    3. My plan exactly! Though sunbathing topless would be a no-no at my cottage.

  13. Skinny dipping punishment should be wearing skinny dipping “suit” to family dinner. Maybe after, a little corner time Before and a spanking after? Makes my pussy gush - Gracie

    1. I agree. It is against the law after all - a girl should be punished

    2. You should have a heart-to-heart with your Dad and possibly your Mom. I know you are obeying your husband but, you have your “safety word”. I think a dinner time embarrassment is in order. At least that is what I would want/dream of! -Gracie

    3. I think I've pushed it far enough with Mom and Dad. There reaction here is "we're fine with it, we even enjoy it, but it's between the two of you."

  14. Julie this is strictly for science and learning...a few stories back you found yourself about to go over your Daddy’s knee. Your pants where ordered off but in doing so, you also slipped off your little ankle socks, believing that this would make you feel more self conscious or something.

    Do you think you could elaborate a little more on this for me please. Like what if you were naked from the waist down but still in your socks? What if you were bare naked and still just in socks? Would it change your feelings or change the scene in any way?

    1. It's just looks silly to be all naked except for socks.

    2. “Silly” sure. But does that fall within the realm of humiliation, embarrassment, vulnerability and disgrace? In this circumstance?

    3. Foot fetishism has been defined as a pronounced sexual interest in feet. Extensions of this fetish include socks. Socks are panties for feet.

    4. I get that yes, but I was asking Julie for a specific reason. Not the foot fetish reason. Some of the adult women I have worked with for disciplinary needs before I have purposely had them end up fully nude in just socks, or naked from the waist down, but in socks. I guess her version of “elaborate on this”, was to say “it’s silly looking”
      But I think there’s something deeper there I wanted to explore with her.
      I even think one of the videos she was kind enough to share with us, David was being belt whipped or something but was in like black tube socks. It looked absolutely gross. Yet there was probably a deeper reason for her doing this. Jules? What do you think?

    5. Honestly, with David in that video I just did not think to remove them. No big plot.

      For me, it would be embarrassing, and not in the good way. Like both spanking and being punched in the face are both "hitting", but one is not in the good way!

    6. Perfect description of your feelings Julie thank you. It makes sense.
      So these adult women I’ve been spanking, perhaps I shouldn’t leave them in just their socks / knee socks and nothing else?

    7. No girl likes looking unsexy anytime!

    8. Socks.

      I swear, 1/3rd of the women I have been with always had cold feet. And I'd find out that out at the worst possible time, if-you-know-what-I mean... One HAD to wear socks to bed! (Which I was OK with because, my God she was so beautiful...Model beautiful.)

      But this reminds me of a scene in the British TV comedy "Coupling".

      (In their favorite bar, Steve's new girlfriend, Susan, and her girlfriend, Sally, hide from the men who are talking about when and how Steve and Susan will soon be "Dancing between the sheets" and the subject is "foreplay; tips on")

      Jeff: Okay. Have you thought through your foreplay yet?
      Sally: (Overhearing, to Susan) They know about that?
      Steve: What do you mean, foreplay?
      Jeff: What do you think I mean? I mean, when exactly do you take your socks off? My advice is to get them off right after your shoes, and before your trousers. That's the Sock Gap! Miss it... and suddenly you're a naked man in socks. No self-respecting woman will ever let a naked man in socks do the squelchy with her!
      (Susan and Sally knowingly nod to each other)
      Patrick: That's your foreplay tip? Socks?
      Jeff: (Turning to Patrick with a grave expression) Many men have fallen through the Sock Gap, Patrick. Under the sexual arena of earthly delight, there lurks a deadly pit of socks.

      My girlfriend watching that scene with me - burst into laughter. No socks. Ever.


  15. One of my FAVORITE activities is to spank my wife while staying at a hotel, and then make a late trip to the pool and hot tub! Watching her walk around with an obviously spanked butt showing around her swimsuit gets me soooo hard!

  16. Mistress Julie, Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but, having seen photos of your scrumptious bottom, I believe your bum should be worshipped and not spanked. lars

  17. bet you mom and dad enjoy the show seeing their little girl being spanked getting the spankings should gotten over years now they allow to spank you them self or tell hubby David to spank you for your behavior when he not around

    by way time get this might be pass but today is my 49th birthday would love birthday spankings from you i need try find female give me birthday spankings have any advice how i can ask for birthday spanking

  18. I don’t know Julie. To me it is a little creepy the way you’ve incorporated your parents into your game. I’ve enjoyed most of your stuff but this is creepy as I say. I thought your play with Sue was borderline. This crosses the line. And one parental spanking was just over. But I think you are way past acceptable now. Sorry.

    1. Well, I mostly disagree but somewhat agree, so I have dialed it back. I went as far as they were willing, and we are obviously "shut down" now, but with no hard feelings, and great love all around, and a greater openness and teasing fun regarding my spankings, so it's all good.

  19. I know both your husband and your father don't want to impinge on the rights of your husband to spank you as he wants but maybe he could adjudicate on the severity of any spanking. Ask your husband or Dad or Mum to have a look at your bottom once spanked. They may of course increase the severity if not hard enough. I hope this would not make your beau feel diminished.

    Then of course your Dad may prescribe cream for your bottom.

    I am sure that fingers and the side of his hand applying cream could not avoid your wet core a few times especially if you wriggle a bit.