Monday, July 6

Politics in CE2047 (revisited)

I know most of you think I'm this extreme right-winger now, it's actually not the case. I have rather left-leaning views on things like social policy. I published a somewhat "political" piece several years ago, in August of 2012. I just received a comment on it after many years and thus re-read it, and I still stand by most of my views there.

It's actually a Utopian view of the future (Distopian if you're male!) where women take all political power and gradually marginalize the males.

Women band together and vote in the Female Party. They do such a great job, solving all the social ills of the world, that males never get elected again.

They pass a dress code on young males and encourage spanking of young males in school to better control them.

They set a curfew on males beneath the age of majority, and then gradually increase the age of majority for males. Eventually the age gets so old that each male has to have a designated FG "Female Guardian" that can pass to the wife. Full legal spanking rights go along with that.

Some women take this too far, however, and abuse their males.

Because of this issue of "Male Abuse", a males' rights group (composed of all females, of course) advocates for changes in law that limit the harshness of punishments that can be doled out by the FG. However, as a compromise, they appoint certain women to be "RD's" (Registered Disciplinarians) that an FG can call on at any time.

If a male does not obey an RD, at her sole discretion it's off to male jail which is tedious and brutal!

This is the story of one male who had a very loving wife who did not believe in over-punishing her male. But he pushed her too far and he had to go get RD'd. He came back to her a very well-chastened male!

It's a fun read. I had to take down a whole lot of the photos when Blogger once said that they would take down blogs that had indecent pictures, but then changed their minds two weeks later. The damage had been done however. But I just went back and restored all the dirty pictures so you can enjoy them. Let me know what you think! Click this link to read:


  1. This was a fun summary. Thanks for sharing. Youi will enjoy reading how Finland's government is run by women, and also one of the best countries to react to corona virus was New Zealand, with a woman Prime Minister.

    Wonder how your being spanked so often compares to your thoughts back when you first posted that article?
    bottoms up

    1. I still think boys are too testosterone addled to do the job, but am increasingly worried about over-emotional women running things! It should be me running the world. Just me. I'd do a good job. But spankings would definitely be back on the books. ;-)

    2. Doubt an over-emotional woman would ever be in charge. Too much politics at lower levels needed to get to the top. However, if you were in charge, David (or I) could always spank you whenever needed.

    3. A lovely thought. At my press conference: "I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for my insensitive comments last Tuesday. My husband has dealt with the matter to his complete satisfaction." Then the flurry of reporters scrambling for their follow-up questions, "Madame President, what do you mean exactly by dealt with?"...

  2. Cute idea. Every subby-boy reading this has probably just creamed their jeans.'ll never happen. Ever. Why?

    1: Women (like any group that one would think should unite) will always be divided against themselves. For every dominant female applauding your ideas will be ten submissive females recoiling in horror at how you want them to suddenly dominate their John Wayne-ish He-man hubbies.

    2: Women are neither inferior nor superior to men. They are human and just as capable of brilliance or shittiness as anyone else......political or otherwise.

    3: In America this would not work because it is just flagrantly unConstitutional.

    4: Let's face it: even in DD (which is not even your bailiwick) spankings only 'work' if the recipient is invested in the process. So foisting this on unwilling males will never work. They are bigger, stronger, and will just take over if pushed.

    But, it's a great idea for a F/m kink novella. Lots of guys would never vote for it to happen in real life.....but I'm sure plenty would jerk off to it! LOL

  3. I could agree with you minus a few women that are now in elelcted office. a few of them could use a good spanking.

  4. A bit like when the state of your bottom or your next spanking is discussed at the family table, as if nothing happened, in this utopia, everything is done in broad daylight. Nothing is hidden (only naughty david does things behind the scenes)
    If, often, perversion is socially shameful and must, therefore, remain hidden, in this utopia, punishments and humiliations are administered in accordance with the rules laid down in the law, with social improvement as a goal. It is a question of providing a solution to the problem that men pose to society.
    If his RD whipped david's ball sac and inner thighs, it is only to make it very clear who is the Female in the room.
    There is a little bit of mischievousness and firmness in david's wife but no perversion or nastiness. If she wants to improve things, she is not naive enough to believe that we can trust men to reform themselves.
    A good spanking, a big sloppy emotional meltdown and a public apology are the surest way to get men to compete for the good of all.
    Doesn't Julie Smith bring to mind Julie Delmar in her recent political crusade.

  5. Miss Julie, this is what is needed in the world today. Females in charge of everything, males subservient.
    i would add chastity as a requirement for all males, regardless of size and status.
    my Wife would be first in line to take the Registered Disciplinarian training asap

    On a side note, Your story had me leaking a lot of precum. It has been 2 months since She has allowed an orgasm of any type.

    Thank You

    1. Chastity seems too easy. Men should control themselves or be punished for it. Perhaps some kind of indelible "dye" that turns the penis tip and shaft bright yellow if rubbed?

  6. This looks great, but I’m going to save reading it until I have time to do slows slowly with complete appreciation.

    The theme is consistent with so many of my fantasies where my girlfriend or wife is just a bit too nice and lets me get away with inappropriate behavior. One or more of her friends tells both of us that enough is enough, and asks her permission to punish me. - teach me a lesson and some manners. I’ve a dozen or so such fantasies - all based on real life but evolved over the decades - which Irene indulges, playing the many patprts herself.


  7. Golly Gee - - I wonder why "most people" would consider you a
    right-winger? Maybe the fact that you worship at the altar of Tucker Carlson. Lawyers for Fox admit that his is a "commentary show" &
    "His audience doesn't expect him to report facts". My theory is that
    you are being deliberately provocative in order to drive up your number of clicks. Your writing ability & facility with words indicates someone of intelligence & cohesive thought. I don't think you are dumb enough to jump on the Trump Train. What's next - -
    endorsing QAnon conspiracy fantasies? You are better then this Julie.

    1. I live how the "ranty" nature of this comment compares to the more levelled-headed comment below from "Our Bottoms Burn".

      For the record, I "worship" at no altar other than my husband's cock when in the mood.

      For your own health, you should self-reflect on purported MSM news programs that are blatant leftist propaganda while you are on the subject.

      My views are my own. I find Tucker Carlson to be thought-provoking, as I do Fareed Zakaria and a host of others as well.

      Open your mind, you're better that this.

    2. Interesting and somewhat (well, a lot really :) ) stimulating read.
      But it brought back a conversation I had with
      with a fellow male fetlif-er (do you have a profile there by the way?) who was complaining about the abundance of males and lack of females on Fet (giving it was on a group for Egyptians, it was even more severe on there than the site's average).
      To which, I, being the leftist feminist I am, suggested that the misogyny experienced by all women, and particularly our countrywomen, may give cause to his complaint (what woman could trust an anonymous man, when her experiences with men she knew her whole life wasn't that great!).
      He thought, however, that being submissive himself, and having many male subs on the group should make the environment different and safe for females to participate in.
      And that was when it hit me that when heterosexual male subs (for the most part) say females or women, they don't actually mean all members of the "other" gender-- they simply mean the sexual prospect ones among them!

      Yes, a submissive man can find it amusing to "yield" power for those whom he fancies, but to mimic the patriarchal society, or even to achieve a balanced one, you need to respect women you don't have interest in getting into their pants..Most importantly your own female relatives!
      Just ask any heterosexual submissive man how he treats his mother and you will be shocked-- The good ones will say, 'with love and care', and the bad ones will complain (in the most misogynistic way possible) about the old hag!
      Very few will give an account similar to a traditional women's view of her respected and obeyed father!
      That's because it's a mere sexual fantasy for most heterosexual sub men, and therefore it's only skin deep!


    3. Oh yes. I would not trust a strange male unless he was handcuffed and legs bound and I had a cattle prod in my hand!

  8. The past few post have brought me to realize that I need to be spanked by a woman. My wife and I talked recently about this, she read your post. She said she knew all along that a spanking was what I needed and wanted. She told me that wanting a spanking she understood, but she was going to insure that when she spank me it did not center around my needs, but her insuring that I knew she was the 'boss', or 'Mommy'. Our marriage is strong, my Love of her is very strong, I depend on her so much. No I do not like being spanked in front of others, or be seen after a spanking. My mother-in-law, well I know better than, her spankings I find are harder than my wife's. So once again you have continued to educate me and this I thank you for. I will admit and because of these recent post, that yes I enjoy getting spanking and feeling like a naughty little boy, the spankings truly hurt, but there are times, especially when I naked over my wife, Mommy, lap that I'm at peace with myself. My Mommy said spankings have helped, and since she now uses a bath brush, she is really happy with the results. I still have trouble standing before my mother-in-law, especially when she has pulled down my pants and underpants, and scolds me, never will get use to that. Just want the spanking to be over with, have told her that, and boy once she is done, I will promise the world. Jack

  9. Commenting just on women in elected office or as managers in business. I think many of them have desperately needed social skills that are generally lacking in men. The best manager I ever had was female. And no, I had no fantasies about her.

    BTW, Tucker is one of the few opinion folks that I enjoy listening to. He presents his case well.

    Our, Bacall and I, fav writer, commenter is Victor Davis Hanson. He has his head screwed on right. When you intimately understand history going back over 2,000 years you are better able to see the current world.


    1. They are both great commentators, I agree.

  10. With Amelia Jane Rutherford as the face of the Female Party, I'm sure a lot of men will be voting for it as well!

  11. il ne faut pas , je crois mélanger la politique avec le plaisir....
    Aujourd'hui la politique fait, que on vous mets dans une case, pour faire la divisions , et cela arrange les politiques, pour diviser , pour mieux Reigner et asservir par des lois contre le peuple, et les individus, qui se doivent être des moutons de Panurge pour mieux les soumettre...
    En france pays des droit de l'homme et des Lumieres les minorités agissantes tels les blaks bloks les antifas, les féministes, les religions, avec violence, veulent imposer leurs ideologies et réduire à néant la liberté d'expression..
    Si vous n'etes pas d'accord et avait un autre point de vue, vous etes de suite traité d'extreme droite...
    la mondialisation, sous l'hégémonie des milliardaires, tels que sorros et les autres decident pour vous...
    Je suis contre les politicards, contre toute idéologie, politique, religieuse, contre la novlangue, et toute restriction de nos libertés ...
    J'ai fait ce que j'ai pu, j'ai dénoncé, j'ai crié, mais pas beaucoup ont voulu le croire, ni l'entendre …
    On avait un beau pays, celui qu'on appelait, le pays des lumières, mais la force obscure, avec ses complices , ont jeté leur voiles noires....
    Depuis la lumière et partie, et l'obscurantisme a pris le dessus...
    Pourtant il aurait suffit que ce pays de révolution, qui se proposait de dépasser l'obscurantisme et de promouvoir les connaissances, continue ce que nos anciens avaient construits....
    Mais des gens, on commencés avec un livre, le coran, a déclarer la guerre à tous les mécréants du monde...
    Pendant ce temps les gouvernements, par lâcheté , par traitrise, ont mis au monde, monsieur pas d’amalgame, on construis la pensée unique, tout ceux qui ne pensaient pas comme eux , on été encartés...
    ils ont mis en place un abêtissement des personnes, une servilité, une surveillance, avec le nouvelles technologies, les gens ne se parlaient même plus, ils parlaient a leur iphones, leurs tablettes, il n'y avait plus de famille, hypnotisés par les écrans bleus....
    C'est grâce à tous les politicards de gauche comme de droite, qui on vendus, trahis, la France dans le "vivre ensembles" dans la novlangue, dans le grand remplacement, dans la mondialisation, dans l’Europe dont les français avaient voté contre ,C'est grâce à tous ces politicards de gauche comme de droite, qui on vendus, trahis, la France dans le "vivre ensembles" dans la novlangue, dans le grand remplacement, dans la mondialisation, dans l’Europe dont les français avaient voté contre...
    alors bien, dire notre vérité, dénoncer ceux qui détruisent, n'est pas bien vu par ces minorités agissantes , et donc on nous dis vous êtes extrême droite....
    c'est pourquoi je vous dis votre blog de la fessée, dois rester celle de la fessée, ne pas parler de politique qui divise, mas de la fessée, qui nous rassemble...
    Vive la fessée !!

  12. Now that’s my kind of dystopia!

  13. Personnellement, je trouve que vous prenez une petite fantaisie amusante trop aux sérieux. Est-ce que j’aimerais une société totalitaire où les hommes sont traités d’êtres inférieurs? Évidemment que non. Mais je trouve la fantaisie de Julie érotiquement amusante.

  14. Great story! All the boys should be locked in chastity except for a select few that are kept as "breeding stock"

    1. Oh no, we women enjoy their litle cum-cums.

  15. So one of my older, semi-recurring fantasies:
    I am awakened rudely, disoriented and confused only to find I'm in a room full of men, all naked. We're all POWs. We go through a battery of tests and I'm deemed "suitable", with no clue what that means. I eventually find myself in a building (hotel, apartments or the like). I find out that my purpose henceforth will be to please the women in whatever way they desire. Their pleasure will be my priority with suitable punishment (bring on the spankings!) to be administered if I fail to meet their expectations. There is no slave mentality, only that I am solely for their pleasure and will be held accountable for it. I would actually be valued and cared for with the understanding that if I do not live up to their standards, I would eventually be "dismissed" and "sent to the spice mines of Kessel or smashed into who-knows-what?" (sorry, couldn't resist the reference...) That would be unbearable, the true punishment, so please the women I do. Time after time after time after time after... Lc

    1. Hahahaha, I love this! I have a similar fantasy both from a submissive as well as a dominant perspective. As a sub the exact scenario you mentioned and as a dominant, I am the only guy in the building and it is full of women who I can use per my wishes. It is the dominant fantasy that though that's hotter for me. Yum!! :D

    2. My Subby fantasy is to have a room full of men dominating me. I would be very pissed off to be 1 woman amongst 50 with only one guy there!

    3. That is too many male bodily fluids for me lol

    4. I dont imagine a roomful of women with me dominating them, but rather a building. So I walk into a building and I am welcomed by the receptionist or hostess or whatever. As we are going up in the elevator, I have my way with her. Then I go to the restaurant, where the waitress serves me food, and then she is under the table servicing me. As a thank you to the chef, I go to the kitchen and have my way with her and naturally the chef is wearing nothing but an apron! And of course we have orgies. etc etc etc


  16. Eh, reading your other post you are a right winger of course. Although what you say is true in certain ways, it lacks depth in other ways.

    I personally think that both right wingers and leftists are focusing on their side of the problem, either racism or crime and ignore the other side. I think both of these are issues at the same time, not one or the other.

    All in all, the leftists seem more right and justified in their position than the right wingers. Right wingers seem to talk a lot but say very little by way of solutions. Your past post is an example of that.

    1. I don't label myself. I hold many positions that you would not consider conservative. I,e. I am for universal healthcare (but 2-tier) and UBI. That is my solution. As well, I agree with Trump administration on their solutions for policing and cycle of poverty that I spelled out. It is ironic that my post and comments were filled with solutions, and you criticize without offering any of your own.

    2. I saw those. A lot of it is hyperbole which is typical of Trump.

      Black poverty came down from 28% to 21.8% under Obama. It fell to 20.8% under Trump, so it is just a declining trend. The unemployment rate has been falling since 2010 from 16% to 7.5% under Obama, which fell further as a continuing trend under Trump to 5.5% last year. Today it is at it's highest level at 16.8% due to COVID, 3.5% higher than others. These figures don't mean much as the median income is still 60% less than others.

      Funding for black colleges is really a congressional initiative that Trump took credit for. Some of the administration’s achievements with HBCUs, including the hurricane loan cancellation, were already in development during the Obama administration.

      Same with his claim about investing in opportunity zones, fact checking for which has revealed anything from no information available to the program becoming a feeding frenzy for the wealthiest Americans with no real impact on African Americans.

      So all in all, it is all fart and no shit. But that is how Trump rolls.

      Many others, but you get the idea.

      My solutions are single payer healthcare, UBI (thumbs up), police reform, expansion of social programs to replace some police functions, demilitarization of police, abolishment of police unions, best in class training for police and to make those mandatory, increase standards for passing police training, police the police initiatives to identify behavior patterns before deployment into volatile situations, affirmative action reform - change from being race based to economic status based to benefit anyone that is poor regardless of race and many others.

    3. Well we agree on a lot. But you reach so, so hard to dismiss the good things that have happened during Trump that it is a bit funny to those who see both sides. In the comments you will find links debunking your points on HBCU, Opportunity Zones, and criminal justice reform being just business as usual. Plus much harder to accelerate growth 8 years out from a recession than immediately after. All evidence points to Obama's recovery being painfully slow when contrasted with Trump.

      I am concerned thar with no profit motive in healthcare all the innovation goes away, so I support a 2 tier system.

      Heartily agree on "de-racing" programs that help the poor. That was the entire point of that blog. You don't solve racism, or the lingering impacts of racism, with more racism,

    4. I am not reaching, these are actual numbers. I saw every response to your post and I didn't find any links there regarding these.

      Trump has really not delivered on the majority of his campaign promises and whatever he has delivered has really been a drop in the bucket. Everything else has been hyperbole and outright lies. Not to mention criminal activity, or atleast questionable criminality.

      A 2 tier healthcare system only supports insurance companies, not innovation. 2 tier systems only benefit rich people. Canada has a single payer system I guess? And Canadians on an average live 5 years longer. So there, it does help. Either way I'd much rather support something available to everyone equally. Infact I would very much prefer a UK system, the NHS, where it is government run and employed.

      Racism is a something that the government should not mess with as it is a cultural issue. It usually is a dispute between 2 individuals. I wish we had human rights tribunals here as you do in Canada. I know many Canadians balk at the frivolous judgements and cases brought to the HRTs, but I personally believe they have done more good than harm and they are important.

      Anyway the point of my post was not to argue about Trump. I believe Trump is a horrible leader and has pretty much accomplished zilch in his presidency, others might feel different. We will vote our conscience.

      The point of my post was to say that both structural racism and crime are both important issues to deal with. Right wingers and left wingers agree on the end result, they disagree on the problem statement and the means to achieve said result.

      Right winger's well intentioned solutions linger at 30,000 ft in business speak but lack insight, understanding and depth. What we need are grass roots solutions, that left wingers have because they are big on mobilizing communities. The right solution will be to marry both of these. We need strategy, but more important is the need for execution for things to be successful.

      Peace out. Have a good Sunday!

    5. Here comment.

      I don't dispute your numbers. I'm just saying those numbers are easier to achieve after a crash than 8 years out from it. Obama had 1.5% growth and Trump juiced it to 3%, something Obama said was not unattainable.

      What "criminal activity"? Russian collusion? 🤣

      Fact that virtually all innovation in treatment comes out of the US. Not talking about average health of population.

      Anyway the point of my post was not to argue about Obama and Biden. I believe Obama was a horrible leader and has pretty much accomplished zilch in his presidency, likewise expected of Biden, others might feel different. We will vote our conscience.

      The point of my post was to say that both the legacy of historical racism and crime are both important issues to deal with. Right wingers and left wingers agree on the end result, they disagree on the problem statement and the means to achieve said result.

      Left winger's well intentioned solutions linger at 30,000 ft in do-gooder speak but lack insight, understanding and depth. What we need are grass roots solutions, that right wingers have because they are big on traditional values. The right solution will be to marry both of these. We need heart and emotion, but more important is the need for execution for things to be successful.

      See what I did? Ha ha! Empty words with as much justification and benefit when spoken from either side.

      Have a good one!

    6. Obama's 1.5% growth was after a recession where growth was negative. So nothing special with Trump's accomplishments regarding the economy. He did juice up the stock markets though. Agreed on that. But that has no impact on poorer people.

      Left wing activists tend to look at impact of polices and laws that they see, feel and live every day. Hence why they are good at grass roots activism. Bernie is a great example of that. That IS having insight, understanding and depth.

      My problem with right wing arguments is the following:

      Right wingers keep talking about "economic development". That is a statement that does not mean much if there is no actual way of accomplishing it or measuring it especially in the context of targeting poorer populations. Hence my belief that they lack depth and understanding. If you want to disprove that statement, tell me what exactly do these economic policies look like, how they will be implemented and how African Americans will be impacted on a day to day basis? I am open to listening and digesting new information. Don’t point me to your original post, I read through all of it including the comments. They are still “high level” statements. No actual actionable solutions.

      They are also very two faced and cannot be trusted. They start off by engaging as if they are open to a dialogue. But when actual statistics are presented as counter arguments, the conversation eventually devolves not into a discussion of policy but into bluster (speaking in broad non detail oriented talking point terms), deflection (Obama was terrible, they did that too!! etc), denial (Russian collusion is a hoax) and ad hominem attacks ("you are racist against white people!!") etc. So is just becomes a tiresome rant and flame war.

      Now before you say it, left wingers do rant as well. Specifically they will put the nastiest possible spin on whatever you intend to say to make you look like a monster. But usually I feel that is a response to someone who has already said something incendiary. Still bad. But not AS bad as how right wingers engage on social media.

      When actual victims come out with their stories the mostly Caucasian supporters of right wing politics, play their own victim politics, while calling left wingers snowflakes - case in point you calling affirmative action racist.. Although I agree that it needs reforms, it is hardly racist. Perhaps being Canadian you hear about it but don’t get to experience it?

      Two good articles below regarding this.

      Anyway I understand where you stand. We agree on some, disagree on most it looks like. We’d just have to leave it there for now.

      Now I will just go back to reading spanking stories!

    7. 1.5% to 3% was GDP growth under Trump due to lowered corporate taxes, reduced regulation, and improved trade deals. As a result unemployment rate dropped the lowest in modern history under Trump, which benefitted poor communities and black communities. Simple stuff. Dont over complicate.

    8. That is not true if you dive into the details of those 3 topics - tax cuts, deregulation and trade deals. The GDP grew because it was already poised to grow and was on an upward trend.

      Trump tax cuts did nothing much to boost the economy.

      Here is some info on that -

      Deregulation – Deregulation doesn’t really do anything to boost the economy. That said here are all the regulations trump has repealed (first link). Select "repealed" in the column and read through those regulations. Read through each of them and you will find that every single one of them that he has repealed is harmful as a lot of them are environmental regulations, minority protections etc which is in stark contrast to his claim that he is helping minorities. Also, considering all regulations, his deregulations are a drop in the bucket. Some of these are also tied up in court right now. Further an unintended consequence of federal deregulation under Trump has been growth in state and local regulations.

      A few articles and sources:

      Similarly Trump trade deals are nothing to be talked about really. All in all the trade deals have created more barriers, and not lowered them.

    9. Professionally, I have some inside knowledge. At a 35% corporate tax rate, one of the highest in the world, a lot of corporations were planning to move out of the US entirely. At 21%, just the opposite.

      Deregulation makes the cost of doing business less. The US was heavily over regulated, with many agencies having overlapping regulations. If Democrat states over-regulate again in response, that's on them.

      Trade deals are always useful things. Levelling the playing field in helpful.

      I looked at your references, and they are all biased and one-sided. Suggest you balance yourself better by gaining both points of view.

    10. Although the corporate tax cuts were supposed to give companies an incentive to invest, pay higher wages and hire more people, that did not happen. Initially capital expenditures did go up, primarily driven by investments in technology by firms like Google and Facebook. But for the economy as a whole, it was lackluster. Infact over 80% of companies surveyed said they had no plans in changing investment practices.

      However the tax cuts simply increased corporate profits and provided incentive to repatriate cash from overseas, which was used for stock buybacks. The rest was used to pay shareholders dividends. However, wages and bonuses remained flat.

      Hence why trickle-down economics doesn’t work. They only benefit the rich. So net is that corporate tax cuts did not really have the intended effect. We will see though, it could have some long term positive effects, but that remains to be seen.

      As for regulations, the US is one of the most lightly regulated countries in the world. It is a myth that the US is over regulated. This is a political narrative created by republicans that the only good regulation is a dead regulation. But, this isn’t true. The Trump administration threw out solid scientific studies and repealed many environmental regulations, protections for minorities etc. Sure it could have benefited a few industries though that did not have to abide by environmental laws anymore, which is really sad considering climate change, pollution and health effects caused by these things.

      Trade deals – nothing much changed really. And the changes were miniscule. So nothing to write home about.

      The sources I have listed are not biased, they are reputable and respected organizations who have a balanced point of view. I am certainly not going to read Breitbart or The Drudge Report, that are just alt-right news aggregators. Truth be told, the Trump administration hasn’t done much, so every article seems biased, but really the administration should have done better.

    11. If the corporations leave, that is where the problems start. Forget about everything else.

      The environment is just fine without all that double/triple regulation. Consumers also are very sensitive to polluters, would not be in any corporation's best interest to pollute (and no, CO2 is not "pollution").

      The fact that you don't realize your news sources are biased is the problem

      But let's end it here, shall we. I always get the last word, as it's my blog, so I'll shut it down now, but thanks for the discussion!

    12. Haha, spank ya for the discussion!

    13. Ok, I'll let you have that as the last word.