Monday, August 24

Fictional Story Rejected from Book

As I mentioned in my last post, New Book Project, I've been writing a female submissive novel drawing on my experiences.

I wrote a scene in the book that took place on our honeymoon, but in the end I decided to cut it, not because it wasn't good, but because it didn't fit the vibe I wanted where my husband does not approve of public play and I would be very embarrassed by anything happening in public. That allows me to write hotter scenes where my husband can sometimes use embarrassment as punishment for me.

But rather than just delete it outright, I thought I would post it here for your amusement, instead.

The setup is that we are honeymooning on a small South Sea island. We were driving around the island and David spotted a swimsuit store. In this universe, he and I are as exploring public play, and he decided to "up the ante" so to speak!

David noticed there was swimsuit place in the little strip mall, and asked if he could buy me another swimsuit, as the one I brought was always soggy when I put it on, we swam so much.

We went in, and it was jam packed with swimsuits. There was French couple who ran the place. The middle-aged wife was on the floor, and the husband was behind the counter. We were the only customers. I picked out a cute one piece with the lady's help. I changed into it in a little curtained change room, right off the main room, and came out to model it, blushing a bit in the process as David, the shop woman, and her husband all got a gander at me.

"I think I should get something for myself too," David said.

"Oui Monsieur," the shopkeeper said, "the men's suits are over here."

"Oh no, you misunderstand," David said, "not for me to wear, something for her to wear, for me. Show me your very tiniest bikini."

"David..." I whined.

"It'll look great on you," he said.

Madame smirked a bit and picked out the teeny tiniest bikini in her store. There was barely any cloth at all on it!

"Go try this one on," said David.

"There's hardly anything there," I complained.

"For me," he said.

I took the suit and went into the change room. Oh my gosh, it really was minimal! On top there were the barest triangles of cloth that just barely covered only my nipples. On the bottom, there was no covering at all on my ass. It was just a tiny string that went between my cheeks. My pussy was just barely covered by the tiniest possible triangle of material. My blonde pubic hair stuck out on the sides. Absolutely not!

"How is it?" asked David.

"No!" I said. "It's obscene."

"Now, now," David said, I'm sure your exaggerating. It's the style nowadays. Come out and show us and let us judge."

"No!" I persisted.

"Julie," David said, his voice a bit testy, "Obey."

Oh gosh. He was doing it I finally realized. He was giving me exactly what I asked for. A shaming. I took a deep breath and opened the curtain and came out.

"Ooh la la!" the French husband whistled from behind the counter.

"Very fetching," David said. "Give us a turn," he added.

I blushed and turned, giving them a view of my totally bare backside, and then back to face them. My breasts, other than my nipples, were totally on display. Top boob, side boob, bottom boob.

"Very risqué," said the French woman, "but she has the body for it. If I may suggest, though," she continued in a soft voice, "there is a beauty spa that performs Brazilian waxing just a few doors down..."

What? It was true. Little blonde pussy hairs were escaping the sides. I was so embarrassed!

"Yes, she needs it for that suit," David agreed. "But all in all I like it," he said. He then walked up to me, turned me around, and said, "I like that her cheeks are nice and bare, so if I have to give her a spanking, there'll be no hiding it."

"Assurément," said the French wife, getting into the spirit of our play, "si vous donnez une bonne fessée à votre femme alors qu'elle porte ce bikini, les marques seront très visibles".

I spoke French. Translation: "Of course, if you give her a good spanking while she wears that bikini, the marks will be very well visible."

"What's that?" David asked?

The husband translated, "the, how do you say, the marks, on her bottom, for the spanking, will be very visible. Everyone will know Madame is well-spanked," he said.

"Yes! they will," said David.

"But we better test that to see," said David who reached out, pulled me by the arm over to a chair, and pulled me across his lap."

"No please!" I begged.

"Just an experiment," said David, who proceeded to give me a dozen good hard spanks to alternate cheeks.

"The shopkeep ran out from behind his counter, and said, "Monsieur, may I suggest a pair of these flip flops for Madame? Free, for you and Madame, with the swimsuits," he said.

"Thank you," said David, taking the rubber-soled flip flops from his hand, dropping one to the floor, and spanking me with the other. Youch! It hurt. He gave me another dozen or so with the flip flop!

"Let's see how it looks," said David, setting me on my feet and making me face the change room curtain I now so desperately wanted to get behind.

"You can see it clearly," said David.

"Very much so," said Madame, "everybody will see she has been spanked, as you say."

"C'est très excitant," said the husband, "it's very exciting".

"We'll take both these suits, and the flip flops," said David." Julie, no point changing, you can wear that suit you're in."

"I need to scan the tag at the back," said the shopkeep.

David came up to me, lifted me under my arms as if I were a child and sat me on the checkout desk. The shopkeep took the tag hanging off the tiny triangle of material at the back and scanned it.

"Should I remove it?" the man asked David, referring to the tag, not my bottoms!

David agreed and the man snipped off the tags. He then scanned the other suit, and David payed for both.

"Where is the waxing salon?" David asked.

"Three doors that way," said the woman, "tell them Maxime sent you."

David went to gather my clothes from the changeroom, and said "come on Julie."

"David, I can't, not like this!" I complained.

"Of, you're right, how silly of me. Here, put on these flip flops," he said as he arranged the "bonus" flip flops at my feet.

I slipped them on and followed David out of the store to a chorus of thank yous and one wolf whistle from the man. We went to the car and David put my clothes and sandals into it.

"Let's go get that pussy waxed," he said, and took me by the hand to the waxing salon that Madame had pointed out.

I was so embarrassed walking in the parking lot in nothing but the tiny string bikini. There were some local guys hanging out in the parking lot who seemed very appreciative. We passed a small group of local woman as well who said "petite salope" as I passed. It literally meant "little slut" in French.

The woman next to her said, "Non non, Regarde la pauvre mignonne. Regarde son cul. Elle a déjà reçu une bonne fessée." [Translation: "no, no, look at the little cutie. Look at her ass. She's already received a good spanking."]

"Bonjour," said David as we walked into the waxing salon together. I was so grateful to be out of the parking lot at least!

"Bonjour, Monsieur," said the woman at the front desk who appeared to be the owner.

"Maxime from the swimsuit store sent us," said David quickly, establishing our bonafides. "we just bought this suit, but as you can see, she needs some work to be able to wear it properly," he said. As he said it, he held me in front of him, holding both my arms pinned at my sides so the lady could examine my "bikini line". Oh my God! I was so mortified!

"Ah yes. I recommend a full Brazilian wax. That will be $60 US dollars. I have availability now?" she said.

"That will be fine. I'm her husband. We've just been married. May I come in and hold her hand. She's never had a waxing before now."

"It's unusual," said the woman, "but I can make an exception for such a charming couple," she said, and in we went, me with a freshly spanked butt, in for my full Brazilian waxing in front of my husband.

There you have it! I'm keeping the waxing scene in the book, but it will be at my request due to some pesky pussy hairs I needed to keep tucking into my bikini!

I think I'm about 1/3 of the way through the book already. Going back in!


  1. Things had changed from Gauguin's days on that island, but I am sure he would have captured your Bikini- atoll filigree adorned figure so well in a work hailed as a triumph of Occidentalism.

    1. Yes! I've been to the little Gauguin museum there.

  2. Oh la la !
    Elle a déjà reçu une bonne fessée...
    Very hot ! Très chaunde !

  3. I like this narrative as a REAL spanking scene Jules. Not a public one, private between you and David. Semi-public up at the lake maybe? Get yourself one of these lovely bathing suits and get yourself spanked in it. Should be an easy task for the likes of you. Plus you DO have the body to pull it off! Cornertime pics for us of course, with that thin strand of dental floss bikini riding up your butt.

    1. if I ordered it online it would probably arrive in a letter envelope!

    2. Do it up! Pink? Metallic silver?

  4. Bet was shock got rejected wanted cry or askl why over and over/ anything u create be spanking fun time either as top or bottom you great awesome person beautiful lady

    I think of you a friend Miss Julie even so never met way you describe your spanking as top would make me be well behave around you in fear of have take pants down get one of those famous Miss Julie strict spankings lleave me sore in pain

    you have cute butt form what i seen in video and pic hope see more of your butt video and pic in future

    1. Unfortunately, my cute butt isn't getting any younger!

    2. well may not being younger the cute butt but it still great butt right you love your butt admit it

  5. It is really a good idea to publish this chapter. This allows us to get to know the heroine and, from this little scene, to start imagining more to come. Our brains and sexual organs quiver, familiar and submissive for a long time, to your rigorous style and your unbridled imagination. The tension mounts.
    Other extracts to make our mouths water?

    1. "Assurément, si vous donnez une bonne fessée à votre femme alors qu'elle porte ce bikini, les marques seront très visibles." est plus français que "Bien sûr les marques d'une bonne fessée pour votre petite femme seront très bien visibles." – très visible, bien visible... oui, jamais « très bien » visible qui est incorrect. ;-)

    2. Merci! Fixed!
      (I like being corrected. It feels like a little spanking...)

  6. Great scene, thanks for sharing! So was that tiny triangle of material becoming a little dampened on the way to the waxing shop?

    1. Maybe, if not for one reason then for another. In the book, Julie has a strange form of pee control problem - when she becomes extremely nervous and embarrassed in public settings she just can't seem to hold it...

  7. This is very good. I think the inspection could have been longer when you came out of the change room. Hands on head while your husband and the attendants made micro adjustments and talked over the pros and cons of your hot, taut body while you adopted several poses from demure to slut. Other customers joined in paying attention to all the details like you were a prize filly on auction. Conclusion very fuckable and spankable. Pierced nipples would be a good modification. Mr D

    1. Nice! I should "hire" you as a co-author.

  8. Since the young Julie will develop in a Christian world with, certainly, a very strict code of behavior, does her husband plan to confront her, if this proves necessary, with what some husbands also call Transformational discipline (or AAAC? spanking)?
    I love the way they put it: “A spanking that a woman wants to Avoid At All Costs is a spanking that will be especially unpleasant for her. " At All Costs! Poor little bottom!

    1. Yes, there have been at least a couple of those in the book so far!

  9. Julie in her tiny bikini looks like a plucked and plump goose.
    She makes you want to pinch her all over, especially the nose, nipples, belly and lips, to hear her squeal.
    Mr P

    1. Isn't that what girls are for?

    2. Or, conversely, tarred-and-feathered, it would be nice too (So, Julie, are you laying an egg, now ? ah ah!)

  10. As your Heavenly Father I’m shocked that your pussy wasn’t properly waxed smooth before your honeymoon. I’m sure this important task got a mention in the gospel somewhere but, in any event, you should’ve known your cunt would be well used and shown off. Tsk Tsk that’s disrespectful towards your new husband and it’s my almighty will that he publicly pussy whip you before the congregation next Sunday for lazy management of his property. Let your offence be a lesson for all young ladies entering the marital state. Gracious God.

    1. You are wrong, Sir. In the book, at the request of nasty Connie Ferndorf (whose kid I struck during Sunday School and I was getting spanked for it), the Pastor rules on whether Jesus has an opinion on the state of women's undercarriages and he said He did not. So there. ;-)

    2. Hmm I often think that boy spent a little too long on earth amongst you mortals and picked up too much liberal influence. Maybe I should get one of the angels to spank and edge him. A cage might even do him good but I digress - a godly women ought have a smooth hairless pussy for her honeymoon. Shows the proper respect. Might have to dump one of the Ten Commandments and stick this in at number one. Gracious God.

    3. I agree about the wife having a smooth hairless pussy for her husband to enjoy. I certainly do!

    4. I too have to go with God on this one.  What a dad says "Trumps" the son's opinion.