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Vanilla Wives who Spank

I find it especially exciting when I hear about a vanilla wife or girlfriend who spanks her fetishist guy. I was such a wife myself at one point, and I wrote a popular column, Advice for Wives (with 75,000 views), suggesting others do just that. I was most gratified when I got an email from a blog fan of many years who began a relationship with a vanilla girlfriend who has decided to spank her man partly based on that article, and on one of my most popular posts, Beating your man properly (152,000 views).

He was kind enough to catch up with me and provide several exciting photos and gifs of his girlfriend and him in action. I did a bit of an interview over email to fill in some extra details, and I thought you all might be interested as well.

First of all, here he is after one of his spankings.

Is this case of careful what you wish for? Ha ha!

He goes by the name of Leo. He was 25 when he first wrote me in 2019. He said he has had an interest in spanking ever since he can remember, discovered my blog a few years back, and has masturbated to it countless times. I always like to hear that my readers jerk off to my stuff. Makes me feel covered in cum, you know?

He began exploring his fetish in real-life via some pro dommes as well as a few men whom he got to spank him. He found the encounters with the men considerably more "punishing". Haven't I been saying that?

He recently met and then moved in with a girl. He says she is very vanilla, but he confessed his fetish and she was willing to satisfy him and has become very good at it (as we can see above!).

He provided a short video of one his spankings:

Aren't all you guys jealous of Leo? His girlfriend is such an elegant beauty! And, she does not hold back in satisfying Leo's craving. I particularly admire her slim waist, strong arm, and feminine breasts. Leo has a very cute bottom as well, don't you think?

Leo directed her to the two blog entries I mention above. She said they were useful in helping to understand and learn to satisfy Leo. She also gave credit to one of the books I referenced:

Available on Amazon

She says she doesn’t exactly enjoy spanking Leo per se, but she also doesn’t dislike it. She likes some parts of it, for example the sounds he makes and especially his screams. But mostly she’s pretty neutral about it, and compared it to doing a workout one time. While she doesn’t get turned on by spanking / punishing him, she does like that he enjoys it so much and how she can easily turn him on that way.

Clearly, in my opinion, she has a strong and dominant personality, but just is not sexually turned on by our specific, strange, spanking fetish. I think that fact makes it even more special that she has put the effort into learning his kink (which does not come naturally to her), and made the commitment to satisfying her guy.

The fact that she is vanilla and spanks, sometimes for real reasons as you will read below, makes her closer to the fantasy of a spanking wife. She certainly doesn't get any sexual gratification from it, how perverse, it's for his own good.

Leo says that in bed she’s actually pretty submissive, except sometimes she’ll slap his face while they are having sex (which he loves). She thinks his personality is 99% submissive, which she seems not to mind at all. He thinks he is more than 1% dominant, but I believe her. A woman knows.

I requested more for this blog article, and he sent me another couple of clips.

Isn't she graceful and athletic? I'll bet she's a dancer. I think this is part 2 of the OTK bath-brushing he received above, and culminated in the image of him kneeling in the corner that I lead the blog post with.

I feel I understand this woman completely. Once she got her head around what her boyfriend wanted and needed, and how to do it, and gaining the confidence that it would not injure him, then even though she thought it was crazy, she gave him what he needed. "Ok, if that's what you want, I can certainly do that..." Her enjoyment of his cries and his red ass is just the satisfaction of knowing you're doing the job properly. That was me. Why can't this be ALL women who have partners like David and Leo? It mystifies me to this day.

Here's another video of Leo receiving the Delrin cane, maybe in the same session?

You can see the beating is delivered very dispassionately, in an almost detached sort of way. I find that very exciting. I have invited some women over to spank David, and it's an attitude I recognize from the vanilla women wanting to try it out. There's a certain amused enjoyment in inflicting the pain once all the conventional social barriers are removed.

I was so curious where they had taken this, and I asked Leo more questions about their kinky relationship.

They have not done any role-play as of yet. He would like to but thinks she is not comfortable. That is perfectly fine. Many people feel self-conscious when "acting". I think sticking to the roleplay of "strict girlfriend" is best in such a case.

Leo is like me in that he sort of dreads the actual spankings themselves, but is very excited immediately before, is a good sexual partner after, and the exciting memory stays with him, so it's worth it. And obviously a light spanking won't entirely do it (as for me). It needs to be realistically hard., which is an ordeal one wishes was over while it's going on.

As he's more turned on by the idea of receiving a spanking than the spanking itself, what he enjoys greatly is hearing his girlfriend tell him how she is going to punish him while he masturbates or while she plays with his dick. Leo says that nothing makes him orgasm harder than that. He says she even managed to make him come with her feet one time, and another time hands free, while describing how hard she was going to spank him, how she was going to wash his mouth out with soap, how she’d put him in the corner on his knees, and so on. He also loves when she uses an implement on a pillow to show him how she’s going to use it on his ass.

Leo has not yet tried strap-on play, but he has purchased a strap-on and they will try pegging soon. His girlfriend says she needs to try it to see if she enjoys it. What a great attitude! I think she will enjoy it. She tried on the strap-on, and it melted poor Leo.

One of the nice things about being a spanking couple is if your submissive partner truly misbehaves there's a way to get out your frustrations via a good ass beating. Leo says this has happened spontaneously. Once when he was careless, not listening to her to slow down, and got a speeding ticket. She was genuinely pissed off at him and came up with spanking him very hard as a punishment on her own. Leo thought that was super hot and the spanking ended up very severe, which became a lifelong memory for him. It's why I submit to being a spanked wife: I live for those infrequent "real" punishments which stay with me forever.

I think, in order to cater to his needs, she spanks him for more minor real things as well, such as not cleaning the kitchen or forgetting to turn off the lights. I recognize these things as some spontaneous roleplay. I do the same with my husband, and he with me, It's clear it's not the same as a "real" punishment, but it's exciting nonetheless, like a super-realistic roleplay. So smart of Leo's girlfriend to understand this about him and use these opportunities.

Nobody who knows them in real-life knows that he's into spanking. He would love for his girlfriend to spank him in front of another woman and/or have her join in, but that's just a dream for now.

Leo's girlfriend does enjoy asserting her dominance. She drags him by the ear when she feels like it. For instance, if dinner is ready and he's still on his computer after being called, she'll walk in and drag him by his ear to the table. I think she'll make a great Mom 😉. She also fairly routinely slaps his face. Maybe if he teased her or just for fun. Leo thinks she really does enjoy doing that.

One of Leo's big kinks is a mouth-soaping kink. He has gotten his girl to wash out his mouth sometimes before a spanking. At first she was quite reluctant to do it, but now that she tried it she’s fine with doing it although she still think it’s weird as fuck to want that. Good for her to just shrug her shoulders and give him what he's asking for.

Leo says he would like to try liquid soap, but has not asked for that yet. He shared a video that turned him on to it.

With spanking so routine, it has happened that his girlfriend sometimes threatens to spank Leo. For example, they were out and he did something that annoyed her (not the first time), and she said, "if you do that again, we’re getting back home right away and then I’ll give you 50 hard strokes with the cane and then we’ll go out!" Leo says he instantly went into subby mode. She even made him repeat what would happen next time he annoys her like that. He was good as gold after that. Isn't that wonderful that a vanilla girl has so understood Leo's spanking psychology. Brava!

Leo's girl knows he fantasizes about corner time as a punishment. She usually puts him in timeout after a spanking for 15 minutes, either on his knees or standing up.  She has not yet given him a truly severe timeout where he would have to hold an uncomfortable position for long. Horny Leo would like her to, but post-orgasm Leo isn’t sure it’s a good idea.

But he does very much fantasize about being put in timeout for at least 30 minutes after a spanking. He'd have to hold a coin with his nose or kneel on rice which are the two timeouts that turn him on the most. He would want his gf to make sure that he stays in position otherwise she’d immediately punish him further. He has not yet dared to confess this fantasy to her. Perhaps she will read this article and learn about it?

To me, this is one of the easier things. No effort required. Just put him in the corner. If he wants 30 minutes, give him an hour. Allow him to beg to come out, but refuse him until the time is up. No effort at all, really, just a "mean" attitude required. After his full time is up, make him beg you on his knees not to have to do another 30 minutes. He will beg very sincerely!

Time out with a peeled and shaped ginger root up his bum (figging) is also great. If not handy, use some wet toothpaste and push it up his bum, refreshing it every 15 minutes or so. I think Leo would "like" that.

I asked about writing lines. It’s definitely a big turn on for Leo and he would love his girlfriend to make him write lines as a punishment, but is also something he has not shared with her yet. The previous tips about ginger roots and/or toothpaste apply to line writing as well. And make sure to check the lines carefully afterwards. The smallest mistakes should get extra spanking.

Leo has a lot of different fantasies, but is careful to not lay too much on his girlfriend all at once, out of consideration and gratefulness for all she is doing already (he truly is very, very, grateful).

One way Leo found to show his girl how he fantasizes about being punished is to show her videos he finds arousing. They watch while he strokes his dick. He gave me a few examples.

The first video is from famous pro spanker Alice Morningstar.

Looks to be a husband in a relationship like Leo's receiving an OTK spanking. I like the tighty-whitey warmup. It's almost more embarrassing, isn't it? In my new book, David visits his aunt and all he has are worn and threadbare tighty-whities. His Aunt does not allow him to replace them as they are still "perfectly good".

Those undies come down pretty quickly and now he is hand-spanked to a rosy red.

After this, she gets first the hairbrush and then the paddle out and begins really toasting his buns.

Once done, he's lead by his ear to the corner.

Where he is made to stand as she takes a photo of him to send to her sister.

Notice the corner time. Nose IN the corner, pressing against it. Hands clasped behind back. Bare bum on display. One hour should do it.

You can see so many elements of Leo's fantasies in that video. And I think you can tell that his girlfriend  may well have studied it and applied the lessons learned to Leo's backside. Girls, don't be shy to exactly repeat what your spanker guy has shown you on video. It will never be exactly the same, which is fine, and he will appreciate the effort. David did this with me when I first started.

Here is a link to the video put up by Alice herself on spankingtube: A Quick Lesson.

The other videos Leo masturbated to with his gf present are some videos that are M/F.

One is a mouth soaping and spanking video.

The other is  a hairbrush beating:

You and I both know, and so does his girlfriend, that when Leo is looking at this video, he wants to be the girl.

Leo is honest with his girlfriend. She knows about him having went to professionals in the past and having been spanked by men. She asked him to tell her about those sessions which he happily did. One time she was even playing with his dick while he was telling her all the details of one of his best sessions with a pro.

The best part for Leo is he thinks him telling her the details of those sessions titillated her and "triggered" her competitive side which made her want to spank him as well as he had been spanked by them in the past, which Leo says she has achieved and surpassed.

I would recommend that Leo's girl give him a treat and take him to visit a pro domme of Leo's choosing. They can each try to outdo themselves on how well they can spank Leo's ass. I've done this many tmes with David, and it's always been really fun. The Pros LOVE seeing a wife or girlfriend bring their man in. It's actually a real treat for them.

Good luck Leo, and Leo's girlfriend! Thank you for allowing me to publish this and share your experiences with others. I'm hoping other vanilla wives/girlfriends may read this account and do the same (I'll link to this from Advice for Wives).

To Leo's girlfriend: you are one in a million, sexy lady. Good for you!

To my blog readers, any words of praise or encouragement for the couple? Or any ideas you think they should try? Please comment below. Thanks!


  1. Thanks again for the great post Julie!


  2. She is obviously doing a great job for a 'novices spanker!
    If I were Leo, I would let her read some of his favourite spanking stories to give her a taste of how erotic and thrilling a good spanking can be.
    When we started out there were no spanking blogs or sites to find spanking stories , but we both loved to read the spanking articles and stories in Variations magazine.
    It really inspired her and I could tell she was almost re-enacting them as she would say and do things during the spanking that I could tell were directly from what she read.

  3. The Bath Brush my wife uses because of the long handle. She has never started out slow. Always hard and fast. The professional now that is now my wife spanks me. Not taken to the corner by ear, and most times if I've only had my pants and underpants pulled down, when she is done they are on the floor, I kick and squirm alot. Jack

  4. For a vanilla girl she seems to know how to give Leo what he needs. I am sure you have made some suggestions as well.

    1. Not directly, but perhaps from the blog.

    2. I am sure she could benefit from your direct advice. There are a lot of men who would benefit from the advice you give their partners. I know that I am one of them and I deserve the kind of spanking that you would deliver. How would you punish this naughty boy?

    3. I'd need to understand what turns your dials.

    4. Yes miss. I wasn't able to use my normal login for some reason. I have a wondering eye and I sometimes get caught looking at ladies in a way that they find disrespectful. I know that enthusiastic application of a hairbrush by an angry wife or girlfriend can create a strong disincentive to do this. I got caught with pictures on my phone once and got my ass beat hard as each picture was deleted forever.

    5. I think putting you in a brassiere with some gigantic breast forms for a day would be a good start. And then you get spanked with them on.

  5. Leo, be grateful for your good fortune. You have found someone willing to go outside her comfort zone to fulfill YOUR fantasy. The fact that she is good at it makes you doubly-blessed. You might think delivering a good spanking is as easy as falling off a bike, but in my experience, even among the pros I’ve seen, most were not interested and/or skilled enough to deliver a beating satisfactory for my admittedly low pain tolerance. So, express your appreciation to her not just with words, but with actions. And talk about fantasies she has, (hopefully) sexual or non-sexual, that you can work on fulfilling. To anybody else wishing for experiences like Leo’s, or Julie’s, don’t push to hard, but also don’t be afraid to ask. The worst that can happen is “no”, as in my case. If you never ask, it’s worse than a “no”, because you will forever wonder what could have been. - david

  6. A few decades ago I asked Irene if she’d spank me. It was a new idea for her but she did it because I asked. It took a little while to get it right, but we did.

    I recall an intense hairbrush session in the cabin on our honeymoon just before going out to dinner.

    At some point, she got into spanking then expanded her dominance into feminization, bondage, anal play etc. I’d say she’s more into it at this point. Oh and the Facesitting! She’s not that big, but her bottom and pussy become the whole world when she smothers me. Yum yum.


    1. I also thought it was weird when my husband first asked me, but look at me now!

  7. Btw , that bath brush she is using is painfully familiar as we had the same one we purchased at the Body Shop , and I can attest that it stings like the dickens !
    Thankfully as ours was purchased and used primarily for the purpose it was intended , the bristles eventually wore out before the 'business' side and we have not yet procured a replacement.

  8. What I found really cool about her spanking him was that he was completely naked (socks should have gone too as far as I am concerned) and she was clothed and not in fetish wear but everyday clothes. The spanking was carried out with him naked in front of a large window that was open for anyone who may have wanted to witness his spanking and I can only hope someone did. It is very difficult to see into a window in the day time unless very close to it. Try it at night sometime with the lights on in the house/apartment. Lights off, people can not see in too well but with lights on, you are on display.

    1. I agree, love the normal clothes and the open window.

  9. You’re right, Leo’s girlfriend is such a pretty girl. I’ve always wanted to be the dominant one. But submissive boys turn me off. It turns out I’m just attracted to dominance. I don’t want to be dominant. I’m a corporate lawyer I do enough domination at work without needing to at home.

  10. I'm in the same category as Leo. Mrs.Lion was totally vanilla when we met. My first spanking was so light, I could barely feel it. Over the years, she has learned to be a very effective spanker. Like Leo's girlfriend, Mrs. Lion doesn't particularly like spanking me. She doesn't dislike it either. She prides herself on making it hurt for me to sit for days after she spanks me. She also likes my yelps and screams.

    Like Leo, I'm spanked for trivial rule breaking. She knows that I need to be spanked to be happy.

    1. Sounds very similar. You are lucky too!

  11. I focus a lot at the moment on the humiliations at the pool. Reminiscences of young naked asses reddened with wet towels, undressing in the locker room, slapping on the balls from behind in the showers, humiliations in front of girls, wedgies under water. So, you have him completely shaved (at a professional) and you let him choose the swimsuit, a speedo two sizes too small or a 1-piece swimsuit. You could play a little scene at the pool pretending you don't know each other, but it seems like you don't like acting that much. So you sit next to Leo in his ridiculous bathing suit and start telling him how you're going to punish him and how ridiculous he is, until he gets hard in a way that you find embarrassing to you. You slap him publicly, two loud slaps and you say out loud, "those ones, you deserved them, aren't you ashamed?" Come on get up, we're going home" Such a scene, Julie, could you play it with David? What one imagines of a couple of young people, can one imagine it of an older couple?

    Cute ?

    A little humiliating, isn't it ?


  12. congrats to Leo and his girl

    never hurts to ask! I had many partners spank me (and hard) over the years. My wife does a wonderful job. It's only one factor in our relationship, but her flexibility and interest in what interests me was a huge deal

    I look after her well too

  13. It is always amusing to hear a woman like you confess how passionately she craves to receive real beatings from her HoH.
    Leo, meanwhile, could make a perfectly decent young spouse by dressing him up a bit. In any case, he deserves the harshest caning for not having had the courtesy to let his wife speak, a wife whose simple and strict style I like. She wears the pants at their house in the most natural way and knows how to calm her forgetful husband just by telling him about the punishment to come.
    99% dom, but oh that 1%.

  14. Tighty-whities, worn and threadbare can be really embarrassing for a young guy especially if he is spanked in the presence of strangers.
    But for a girl too. Our friend was going to spank her wife for fun in front of the whole assembly and she was begging "please, please, don't lift my skirt ", so he did it. I have never heard such a cry of shame: she was wearing worn panties, ripped in the most strategic place! She started screaming and begging "Oh, please honey, take my panties down, please! I'm so embarrassed!" ah ah

    1. Yes! It's the worst embarrassment for a girl!

  15. For someone who isn't 'into' spanking, Mrs Leo certainly puts an impressive amount of effort in!
    I'm probably wrong, but something about her dress plus the knack for authority you describe in your post suggests 'teacher'...
    Perhaps that could be the basis for their first roleplay. I'm sure she has plenty of annoying students/colleagues she would enjoy roleplaying taking her frustrations out on ;)

  16. I thought it was interesting that he'd been spanked by both men and female pros before finding a vanilla wife to spank him.
    I know you've mentioned forced bi scenarios before, so wouldn't it be interesting for her to use a spanking from a man as a form of extra punishment when he does something wrong, to differentiate it from a typical fun sexy spanking.
    Even without anything sexual happening between the two men, it could be very humiliating to include a hard spanking to tears from a man , rjht in front of his laughing, taunting wife no less.
    Maybe he has to try and please his wife in front of the guy after the spanking, and if he can't last long enough and cums before she gets off, double punishment: now he gets dressed up in bra panties and stocking and spanked until he cries like a sissy girl, with the wife joining in at the end for a double bun roasting.
    -Randy Red Cheeks

    1. My fave unrealized fantasy!

    2. Ok…that’s hot. I’m tenting my panties, lol!

  17. that mouth soaping was intense! I can see the appeal, though I'd be afraid of how it actually feels

  18. When they are in bed, his GF takes great pleasure in slapping him. But does she slap him more when she's on top of him or under him?
    And does she hold his wrists?

    1. Love the held wrists, spit in face, face slap!

    2. For men (and women ?)
      If your sex mate (or wife!) is talking nonsense at a dinner party, tell her to stand up and sit back down her hands, palms against her asscheeks. Waiting with her defenseless cheeks for ten minutes in this vulnerable position is part of the punishment.

    3. How embarrassing! Of course hubby would have to explain that you're to be spanked in the bedroom after dinner...

  19. Hi Julie, great and kinky story as usual. I sooo love your site and get withdrawal symptoms when i cannot get my regular 'fix'. Very much like Leo i give you credit for growning my original spanking fetish. It's like a validation that because somebody, and a very together and intelligent somebody, from the opposite gender is into my kink then it is ok and not creepy and dodge. I wanted to share a vid watched recently that was the ultimate for me yet years ago, probably because it is 2 guys, this would not have excited me. I most likely would not even have watched it. So credit to you for expanding my horizons. Would love to hear your thoughts on this vid. Im assuming its fine to post here as it is freely available.URL attached. Kind regards, Ted

    1. There's NOTHING not sexy about a man slapping a big clit like that to orgasm. Turned me on!

  20. Well he hit jackpot withh is beautiful girlfriend who spanks himbet she keeper now soon be his wife spankings him

    Yea sometime the woman or male not into spankings their partner when get ask some of them normally do it cause Other want spanking or spanked so some do it for them

    one idea i have is if see any spanking on Tv or dating show is Leo ask his Gf if she want try or would spank him like saw On Tv

    Another is if they Role Play as the GF one of his famous female celebrity and she give him a spanking as the female celebrity he has dream about that female celebrity spanking him

  21. Any chance of another spankin video of you and hubby or you make video (face blur out for privacy giving advice to female to spank partner or other way why give spanking a try

    Here question you think it normal if a female Who Top or spank or into spanking would reval that side of her right away dating a guy like threat give him a spankin if misbehaved
    or just wait until he need one desver one and end up spanking him

    Do you think certain female top spanker would reval tell a guy she has rules if want date her & if any of her rules get broken He will get a GOOD SPANKING FROM HER

    1. I think if after a few dates a male confesses an interest in spanking and female domination, then it's quite possible a woman might react like that. I did!

  22. How lucky for Leo.

    And you must be proud, Julie. You're helping vanilla women realizing their partners' fantasies with your talented writing and sound advises.

    As for his wonderful girlfriend, I'm sure the benefits of having a means to "punish" her sometimes-annoying partner are great, even from a vanilla point.
    Not to mention the satisfaction of turning on one's partner by making his/her kinky dreams come true. Is it analogous to a mother cooking her family's favorite dish that she's not particularly fond of, herself? I think there's a similarity there.

    1. I was proud, I admit, if I was even a little help. That's what that article was all about. Though all credit to Leo's girlfriend. And yes, I agree, there can be real joy (and a certain sexual pleasure as well) in satisfying your lover's fetish.

  23. Well Julie you have inspired many spanko men and boys to share their need with a partner. It’s so cool to see young guys as myself find a wonder girl who partakes in spanking them. At 13 when I first stumbled across your blog in 2011 (now 24y/o) I was always so worried that finding a girl like Leo’s was only a dream. It’s not easy for a teenage boy or young man who craves spanking to find a girl who is willing to “actively” partake. I put actively in apostrophe’s because in my experience girls who are not turned on by spanking often try it but don’t actually invest emotionally in being present during the act of it. Then when the young man is not satisfied and still insecure because she hasn’t convinced him that she is okay with him having those needs the girl will conclude that he just can’t be satisfied and she will no longer even try. In part for spanko’s thats true, we always get the itch after some time of not being spanked. The part that isn’t true is after a spanking beyond what the spanko could anticipate they are more then relieved and at peace emotionally (until the itch returns). Leo’s girl is very special in this way. From what it seems she has created a sense of security for him. This is exactly what any spanko seeks whether consciously or unconsciously. The security of being accepted, loved and special even in the midst of ugly crying, pathetic begging and an embarrassingly glowing red bottom. Spanko’s like to go to the extreme of “how much do you love me, enough to beat my ass until I can’t take it and then beyond!”. So Leo you listen closely to your girl and adhere to her “musts”. There is nothing like having a women who you can show your whole self to.

    In regards to Leo’s girlfriend: You already seem to have it down. Well done and best of luck to you. You have a beautiful body with a fun grace about how you spank. One thing I will warn is to not give punishment spankings when Leo is just obviously trying to get spanked. If it’s going to be real then the screw up has to be real too. No acting out just to be spanked. When my wife figured that out in the past year I tell you our relationship hit a new level of intimacy. Keep that in mind and know that you’re a special type of woman.

    As a little side note for Julie, I have a confession. I actually get legit spankings for punishment now. Hooray! Last time you and I spoke my wife was unsure about her feelings on it. It’s not nearly as often as my lustful side wants but it’s exactly when I need and how I need. I’d like share some pictures w you soon and maybe an update? Similar to your girl Leo, my girlfriend (now wife) knew nothing about our kink and we had a harder transition then how yours seems to be going so it’s a big accomplishment for us to have gotten to where we are at with it. Also I hope I communicated my thoughts coherently today. Sometimes I get so rushed in the excitement of responding that I don’t come across as clear as I am thinking. It doesn’t help that I’m writing this while at work…

    1. Great comment, Anthony, thank you!

      And great that your wife is spanking you "for cause"! Though it happens infrequently, it's a big part of my life that I can be spanked "for cause", even though those spankings are the absolute worst because my husband makes sure to teach me a lesson. I legit dread a punishment spanking, but would not want to live without them in my life.

    2. Anthony- I love your point here.
      “This is exactly what any spanko seeks whether consciously or unconsciously. The security of being accepted, loved and special even in the midst of ugly crying, pathetic begging and an embarrassingly glowing red bottom.“
      You’ve brought that home more strongly than I could have imagined. Thank you!
      Panty-wearing hubby, SaraE

  24. sounds fabulous. There’s a little teaser in there alluding to Leo having “a lot of different fantasies” are you at liberty, Miss Julie, to share what they are?

    1. I shared all I knew. Perhaps Leo can fill us in on more?

  25. Fascinating post. Lucky Leo! It’s very true about the work ups to spankings being better than getting them, most times. :)
    I’d love for my wife to step up the dominance a bit, like mentioned here. Getting an ear-pull for staying on the computer? Yep, appropriate. A mouth soaping? I’m fascinated. I’ll admit to trying it in myself a couple times, after watching videos. The taste can be… variable! :)
    I’d be mortified to be chastised in a mall, and be told we were going home for me to be spanked, where others could all hear. But I admit it’s also exciting as hell… and I’d have no recourse anyway. Maybe it would cut down on my pouting at Macy’s, when I’m not allowed to look at lingerie, lol.
    Thanks for your writing and educational serious ;) SaraE