Tuesday, June 4

Fiction: Bare It All! (M/F)

Some new fiction today. Idea popped into my head to really do the game show thing properly. Very limited AI assist on this one.

Hope you enjoy!

Bare It All!

Participating in a game show was never something I had on my bucket list. But the promise of a million-dollar prize was too tantalizing to pass up. My name is Julie, and this is the story of how my quest for a fortune turned into an evening of unimaginable embarrassment.

The name of the game show is "Bare It All!" and it was intended for a more late night, adult audience. It was your basic trivia show but with a twist: each time you got a question wrong you had to strip off an item of clothing of the five you were allowed. If you were so dumb as to lose all your clothes, there was a final challenge. Crazy, eh?

I was great at trivia, always smoking everybody I played with at home. I could almost taste the million! They wanted good looking people, obviously, and I thought I fit the bill pretty well, so I applied. After a bit of a selection process, I made it! We had to sign crazy waivers, but I was confident so signed away, barely reading the fine print.

The fateful day arrived. The bright lights of the studio were almost blinding as I stepped onto the stage. The audience’s murmur filled the air, a mix of excitement and anticipation. There were five of us: three women and two men. We could all wear whatever we wanted, so long as it was only five things. I went with heels, skirt, blouse, bra, and panties. I admit to liking being the center of attention and dressed accordingly!

I wanted them rooting for me to lose my clothes, which no way was happening! I sized up my competition. None were as attractive as me, I thought. Some of them looked pretty smart, though, but I wasn't worried. Did I mention I was a BEAST with trivia?

I took a deep breath, trying to steady my nerves. My heart pounded with a mix of fear and determination. I wanted that money and the fame that would come with it. I even thought if I was far enough ahead, I might even deliberately get a question wrong, just to tantalize them. I'd leave my heels on and take off my blouse and show 'em my still modest but super sexy bra. That would help my social media for sure!

The game started with a flurry of questions. “What is the capital of France?” “Who wrote 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?” The questions came fast and furious, and I buzzed in eagerly. "Paris!" "Harper Lee!" The thrill of getting the answers right was exhilarating. But as the game progressed, my nerves began to fray. The questions grew more difficult, more obscure.

My opponents were pulling ahead. Shit they were good! They knew one obscure thing after another. I couldn't believe it. The questions didn't ever seem this hard in the home game.

“What is the chemical symbol for potassium?” I knew this! I buzzed in. "P!" I said confidently.

“Incorrect. It’s K,” the host announced with a hint of schadenfreude.

Shit! Shit! Shit! I said to myself. I knew that!

My heart sank as the spotlight focused on me. I had to remove an article of clothing. I had second thoughts about my blouse. Nobody else had lost anything yet. It was 'sorta embarrassing. But what the hell, it was still 'kinda going according to plan, except for the me being ahead and deliberately answering incorrectly part. I mean, other than that.. With hands more trembling than I ever thought they would be, I began unbuttoning my blouse.

An audible gasp went up from the studio. They were expecting my shoes, obvi. They must be thinking I was a bit of a slut, losing my blouse first. Good! That's the sort of notoriety that gets you followers. The podiums we were standing at were clear plexiglass, and I wanted my legs to look nice and long.

I kept telling myself it was just like wearing a bikini at the beach as I slipped the blouse off to some pretty raucous hoots and hollers. I did the stripper thing of spinning the blouse in the air and tossing it away, just to show I was a good sport. Some nameless show minion scooped it up. I was a star!

I pretended to be a bit embarrassed after that. I wanted to hit the right "girl next door" sort of vibe. It wasn't hard to act embarrassed. Very little "acting" required.

The cheers went on and on and the host had to work to settle the audience back down again. I know they wanted more, but they weren't getting any more as far as I was concerned!

The game continued, and I buzzed in again, desperate to start inching ahead again. “Who was the 16th President of the United States?” I knew this one, duh, and I was fastest on the buzzer. “Abraham Lincoln!” I shouted confidently. Beauty plus brains. Exactly the brand I wanted.

I was catching up, and maybe I got a bit too confident. “What year did the Titanic sink?” I buzzed in, too quickly. It was 1913, right? But I had second thoughts. Maybe it was 1912? “1913?” I guessed.

“Incorrect. 1912.”

Ah fuck! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Don't buzz when you don't know for sure! Stupid, stupid, bitch!

The spotlight found me again. In for a dime, in for a dollar. It's just like being in my bikini at the beach. I started undoing my skirt and pulled it off. A minion ran up and took it from me. Wasn't feeling the "stripper" vibe this time.

Shit. I was in my underwear and nobody else had even lost a single item except for the bookworm girl next to me who lost her flats. I tried to keep my chin up, saying it was just like being at the beach and ignoring the fact that hundreds in the audience and tens of thousands on TV were seeing me in my underwear and high heels. More hoots, holler, and catcalls. I wasn't sure I was enjoying it as much this time.

But my score was now pretty even. You didn't lose points for wrong answers, only clothes. I could still take a few chances, as it was only my heels at risk next.

The other contestants were playing it safe, only buzzing in when they were absolutely sure of the answer. Meanwhile, my competitive nature got the better of me. I buzzed in early and started pulling ahead, taking a few chances along the way.

Next up was a question about Greek mythology. I knew that cold, but I stupidly mixed up Hera and Athena. Ah fuck! I was still ahead, but another piece of clothing had to go. My shoes this time. I slipped them both off (together they counted as one item) and handed them to the male minion. Fuck! Now I'd look dumpy.

The questions kept coming. “Who painted the Mona Lisa?” “Leonardo da Vinci.” I got that one right. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009?” I hesitated, then buzzed in. “Barack Obama?”

“Correct,” the host said. I was on a roll and was pulling ahead. I could play it safe. I let a few risky ones go, kicking myself each time because I would have gotten them right.

"In what year did the first recorded instance of cheese rolling occur in the English town of Brockworth, Gloucestershire, as part of the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake event?"

Ha ha! Everybody else was stumped on this one. Did I not say I was the TRIVIA QUEEN?

I buzzed in, "1821". Don't even ask me how I knew.

"Oh! Incorrect," the host said. 

What? No!

"The correct answer is the early 1820's but the exact date is unknown."

The FUCK! No! No way!

"But... but... it's 1821," I said, not believing this was happening.

"We'll get a second opinion from our judges..."


"No, I'm sorry that is NOT the correct answer, Julie."


I couldn't believe it had come to this! The contract said there was no disputing the judges. And if I walked off, the contract said I owed them $100K. I didn't have that kind of money! They'd sue me into bankruptcy.

"Titties! Titties! Titties!" came the braying cry from the audience.

This was NOT supposed to be my brand. My brand was wholesome, sexy, girl next door genius. Not OnlyFans slut! I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

I reached behind and unclipped my bra. I had no choice! I let the bra drop to my feet. I wasn't allowed to "cover up" according to the contract, so I had to stand there, tits out, while EVERYBODY looked and jeered.

And boy did they make noise. And not the good kind. My fellow contestants, none of whom had lost more than shoes at this point, laughed along with everybody else.

"Sorry if we keep it a little cold in the studio, Julie," said the host, mocking my stiffening nipples.

"It's all right, Alex," I said, trying to maintain what dignity I could. "I'm still winning that million dollars, top or no top."

"That's the spirit!" he said and continued on.

I did still have the high score at the time my bra came off, and there still was a good chance of winning it all, despite my humiliating circumstances.

But it was hard to concentrate after that. My mind kept going back to the humiliation of standing there bare-breasted in only my skimpy panties, and it slowed me down.

The egg-headed guy with glasses, a total dweeb who would never, ever, have a chance with a girl like me, kept buzzing in and getting question after question. This guy even still had his shoes! He pulled ahead. This WAS NOT happening! I was not going to go through this humiliation for nothing.

There was a question on the Roman Empire. I buzzed in. "Scipio Africanys!" I said confidently.

"We'll have to go to our judges for that one..."



"I'm sorry Julie, there were two Scipio Africanys's, the Elder and the Younger, and the correct answer is Scipio Africanys the Elder."

He said it with a smirk. A FUCKING smirk on his face!

A huge roaring cheer went up from the crowd.

Blushing eight shades of red, I took off my panties and handed them to minion boy. This was sooooo humiliating!

Everything was on show. I mean... EVERYTHING!

The podium is made of plexiglass, I was not allowed to cover myself, so I was left to squirming naked where I was as everybody laughed at me. This was not how it was supposed to go down... and it was about to get worse.

"Since the fetching Julie here is now 100% naked, she gets to play The Wheel of Consequences!" The crowd went wild. They loved the Wheel of Consequences, clearly.

A Vanna White looking model type rolled onto stage a wheel of fortune sort of thing.

But instead of prizes, it had "consequences", such as "Jumping Jacks", "Bend Over and Spread", "Thumb in Bum", "Spanky Spank", "Spread Kitty", "BJ Dildo", "Plug and Play", and "Free Pass".

Two very burly fellows appeared on either side of me. Each took an arm, picked me up, and carried me, legs kicking, to the wheel.

"You... you can't do this!" I cried.

The host, Alex, theatrically unfolded with a flurry the many page contract I signed with my big fat signature at the bottom.

"Let's see now... paragraph 53, subsection 12a, 'Contestant agrees to spin and undertake any of the named consequences, and consents irrevocably to being physically forced to do so if needed.' Seems pretty cut and dry to me. How about you, audience?"

A big cheer went up as I was placed in front of the wheel, totally butt naked. There was always a chance at "Free Pass". I spun the wheel and it went round and round, click, click, click, click. It was slowing and slowing, it was going to rest on Free Pass! I couldn't believe my luck! It pressed against the click retainer and strained it, but it was going to hold! Then... Click... it stopped on "Spanky Spank"!  Oh no!

"Congratulations, Julie! You're our first ever contestant to dial "Spanky Spank"! Announcer, tell us about Spanky Spank."

"Sure thing, Alex" the announcer voice boomed out. "The contestant will be placed across the knee of a member of the opposite sex and spanked on the bare butt for a full five minutes!"

"No! No!" I cried out. This was a nightmare. I turned to run, but the two burly security guards took me by my arms and lifted me again as I kicked and struggled.

"Julie doesn't seem to like her Consequence!" said Alex to the audience who cheered and laughed like hyenas.

A man came on stage holding a wooden chair and walked to the center. He was a male model type. Smiling white teeth, tall, dark, handsome, and built. My pussy may have gushed just a little at the sight of him he was so good looking.

"What girl can dislike going across our designated female spanker, actor and model, Dan Montgomery's knee?"

A cheer rose from the crowd and Dan gave a little wave.

He placed the chair, sat on it, and theatrically started rolling up the sleeve of his right arm as the guards carried me to him.

"No... no, please.... no...."

"Come on, Julie!" said Alex, "you may not be able to sit for a week after Dan is done with you, but what girl wouldn't relish a trip over Dan Montgomery's knee? Let's give her a hand by way of encouragement!"

The audience began clapping and whooping as the two big guards set me down on my feet five feet away from the seated Dan. He shot me a smile, and beckoned me over with a crooked finger of his bared arm. It was so muscular... he then pointed at his lap, all the moves exaggerated for the stage.

I walked towards him as if in a trance. I saw his eyes roaming up and down my body. I got within grabbing distance of him. He reached out his hand, and gently took my arm, guiding me towards his broad lap.

Under his breath he spoke only to me, "Come on, Julie, it'll be just for show. There's a $10K bonus for being a good sport about it."

This was so freaking embarrassing. But $10K was $10K. It was no million bucks, but I could desperately use the money. Besides, it didn't look like they'd let me get away without fulfilling my contract anyways. I may as well make the best of it.

I shot a smile at the audience, flipped my hair, and said, "Do you worst, Dan!" If I was going to get eliminated from the game like this, at least I'd make it on my own terms.

"That's the attitude, Julie!" said Alex as I draped myself over Dan's knee.

Instantly there were three portable steady-cams converging on us. One had the ass view, another the face view, and a third the tittie view.

"Look up at the audience as you take your licks, Julie!" Alex said. "It's in your contract!"

I put on the best smile I could under the circumstances and turned my head to look up at them. The lights were bright, but I could still see their surging mass, wildly applauding, and I could certainly hear them. Embedded in the foot of the stage were several TV monitors showing all the angles and the TV feed for Dan's benefit. I could see them as well. He adjusted me up and over, maximizing the embarrassment factor. My feet were off the ground, my head almost on it, my tits dangled, and my pussy and asshole could be seen from behind. There was a giant jumbo type screen above the stage which showed the audience the same closeup views the folks at home were getting. I would never live this down. My tears started flowing before even the first spank. All my friends, my colleagues, my former boyfriends, all the guys I've ever rejected, all the bitchy and cunty women I've ever known, my family. My Mom and Dad. Grandma and Grandad. They were all seeing me like this!

"Come on, Dan. Give her something to really cry about!"

On the monitors I could see Dan open his right palm, spit on it, and then rub it all over my ass! Oh! So gross! He lifted his hand high, and then paused theatrically with it in the air.

"Ready, Julie?" He asked me, his hand poised high.

"This is just for show, right?" I asked him soto voce through gritted teeth without moving my lips.

"Absolutely," he replied in kind. "And I'll make it a good show."

He brought his hand down with a prodigious whack low down across both my bare cheeks, arcing upwards.  I gasped and my head shot straight up, my mouth open and my eyes wide. I couldn't process this for a second. It was no "show". That was a real spank! It was fucking hard! There was a fucking handprint across my two cheeks. And the spank had sent a powerful jolt right up through my pussy and asshole too which added to my shock.

The audience laughed hilariously at my reaction. The main feed showed a slow-mo replay of his hand hitting me and my cheeks wobbling in response. They then cut to my wide-eyed, silent scream.

"Hey!" I said, no longer whispering. "It was supposed to be just for show!"

"It's all for the show, Julie!" Alex said as Dan grinned down at my reddened ass cheeks.

Then my spanking started in earnest. Spank after spank after spank. none of them light! The main feed had a five minute countdown timer on it. I could not get through five minutes of this!

Dan payed particular attention to those low, upwards going smacks across both cheeks which sent almost electrical jolts into my pussy and bumhole. I started frantically kicking my kegs. I couldn't help it! Dan held me easily in place as the rear camera zoomed in on my wriggling pussy and asshole.

After a bit, Dan moved me to straddle his leg! My legs spread and they stayed that way as he continued my spanking.

"Don't worry, Dan," said Alex, "the dry cleaning's on us. I think little Julie may be enjoying her spanking!"

Oh Gawd! Dan paused my spanking, reached down, and with both hands spread my cheeks, my asshole, and my pussy lips, revealing my glistening wetness to everybody!

Dan reached his left hand down and scooped up my juices, rubbing my needy pussy at the same time. I couldn't help but moan, which the microphones picked up and amplified.

Dan then took a hold of my hair in his right hand, bending my neck and pulling my face up.

With his left hand he brought my own wetness up to my face and smeared me with my own juices.

"That's sure rubbing her face in it, Dan!" said Alex.

Dan then went back to my spanking, keeping my legs straddling his thigh and punishing all the more intimate, previously inaccessible, inside spaces.

Each smack echoed in the wildly screaming studio, and the tears flowed freely. I had never been spanked before, not even as a child, and the combination of pain and shame was overwhelming. The other contestants glanced at me with a mix of pity and relief that it wasn’t them.

Finally, it was over. Dan helped me up, saying "atta girl" so only I could hear. The tears flowed, giving way to wracking sobs. I felt utterly defeated, humiliated beyond words.

"And what's a good spanking without some good old-fashioned corner time!" said Alex, as the Vanna-wannabe rolled out a bare drywall corner, about four feet per side, and then locked the wheels. Dan took me to the corner, pushed my nose into it, and made me cross my hands behind my back.

"Let's hear a round of applause for Julie, ladies and gentleman!"

I received a rousing round of applause.

"And how 'bout for Dan also?"

Dan too received his round of applause as he took a bow.

The game continued, but I was barely aware of it. I  just wanted it to be over. The dweeby male contestant, played quick, smart and cautious, and in the end, he won the million dollars. I wondered if he had a girlfriend?

I went home with a spectacularly sore ass, zero dignity, but at least I had ten grand in my pocket, enough to set up a, sigh, OnlyFans.


  1. Very good story, vey creative. I loved it

  2. This one took me a bit by surprise. Just a few paragraphs in, I was already hard. Maybe it was the premise of the game show, which often have sexual undertones. Maybe it triggered a strip poker fantasy I wish had become reality. Maybe it’s my long-time lust for Vanna White. Or maybe it’s seeing Julie naked. OK, we’ve previously seen a lot of Julie, but never her face. OK, it’s AI Julie’s face, but still. I’m going to pretend it’s your face and…well, I don’t know! I’m caught by surprise, remember? It’s just that faces make fantasy more real. And the exposure to the world. The shame and humiliation. The forced compliance. The tears from shock and pain. The uncontrollable, involuntary arousal. Yes, that was me by paragraph three! Now it’s time to sleep. I’m going to try really hard to dream of Julie and her beautiful face. And other amazing parts too. - david

  3. And the moral of the story is heels should always come off last. Would’ve boosted your only fans follower numbers.

  4. Ooh, I love this scenario! I wonder how the other contestants did. How many times will the wheel spin per show? I also wonder how people would react to the show when it’s aired…

    I also like the end where Julie regrettably admits she should invest her price money to set up an Onlyfans.

    1. Conspiracy theory: I think Julie was setup by the producers.

    2. Maybe the producers are people who know Julie… One of those “bitchy and cunty women,” perhaps?

    3. Exactly. Jealous ugly girls.

    4. Who wouldn’t be jealous of Julie when she’s a lot more pretty?

      But who knows? Maybe Julie was just really unlucky in this game. Many game shows give their contestants a second chance, so maybe the next try will be different?

      I like the idea of her becoming a tv celebrat(y), begrudgingly famous for getting spanked and shamed on air.

  5. Does Julie need real public embarrassment?
    Organize a reading of “Bare it All” at home in front of a friendly audience of around 20 people.
    You appear for reading in heels, skirt, blouse, bra and panties.
    (you feel like a sausage in those girl's size garments).
    All you have to do is follow the instructions in the text.
    “I began unbuttoning my blouse”
    “I start undoing my skirt…”
    You continue reading in your underwear
    “Tits out”, “I took off my panties”
    then “Come on, Julie, it’ll be just for show” (Your husband plays Alex)
    The difficulty, for the rest, is for you to continue reading audibly... to the laughter of the audience.

    1. The author is spanked in front of a real audience, an excellent idea.
      You rent a small theater room dedicated to naughty or erotic shows. You start with a week of performances (since you're no longer working, you'll have all day to think about your evening show)...and after two days of rest (given the state of your backside)... you resume the show, acclaimed every evening by the public.

  6. Believe it or not, I am aware of two British shows featuring fully naked contestants. One is "Naked Attraction." It's available for streaming on MAX. It's a naked "Love Connection." Nothing is hidden. The second one was very similar to your story. I can't remember the name, but I saw an excerpt somewhere. Contestants ended up naked the same way your Julie did in the story. No wheel of consequences though. :)

    Nice story!

  7. Hello it’s the producers of the show here. Yes there was a conspiracy. Our ratings are higher when an attractive contestant is forced to strip bare and particularly when that contestant has, shall we say, a touch of the slut about her? In that regard, you with your high heels, short skirt and unbuttoned blouse as well as your smooth shaved pussy and bleached bottom hole (we saw everything through the peeping hole in the change room) certainly qualified. The wheel was of course preset to fall on spanking. As your friend Mr Trump knows “it was rigged”.

  8. I think you’re an exhibitionist at heart Ms J

    1. No! Never! Absolutely not! yes No way!

  9. I do enjoy julie stories like this where the clever clogs popular girl over reaches and gets her comeuppance. A ripping yarn.

    1. I enjoyed writing clever clogs getting her comeuppance!

  10. Seen recently Naked attraction Suomi on Finnish television (which also exists on Channel 4)
    A young woman faces six totally naked men, locked in capsules. The goal is to find the ideal partner. The intimate parts of their bodies are gradually revealed and she eliminates those who are not physically to her liking. When there are only two candidates left in front of her, she also undresses to choose the lucky one and leaves with him... to get dressed again. Candidates eliminated oughted be spanked.

    1. That's "Naked Attraction" which is available in the US on MAX.

    2. By "intimate parts" does that include, like, everything, on camera?

    3. On Finnish television, in any case, WE SEE EVERYTHING and without blurring.
      Of course, as French people, we tend to monitor the size of our private parts and whether they remain demure (which was the case)
      when finally the woman appears fully naked (no undressing) we are surprised to try to see if she has hair or not. (This time it was half!)

  11. Too good not to share. - david https://babylonbee.com/news/alec-baldwin-to-host-exciting-new-game-show-is-it-loaded

  12. You need a spanking with a heavy silicone water hose Julie.

  13. Bet daddy was in the audience.

  14. I remember naked attraction in the UK “Coming up next - Julie bares all before choosing who to date”

    1. I'll have to look it up.

    2. For example, this compilation from "Naked attraction UK" featuring women chatting as if nothing had happened, the bare penises of men in boxes.


    3. Oh my goodness! I never dreamed... do they have the same with pussies and tits? How humiliating!

    4. Some girls pull and push their clitoral hood across their clitoris in front of interested guys.

  15. Is the author looking for real spanking / real audience?
    (20 friends are too hard to find.)
    Rent a small theater dedicated to naughty or erotic shows.
    Start with a week of performances (reading + spanking happening).
    Every day your ass will be enriched by the heat of the previous performance
    As you are no longer working, you will have plenty of time during the day to think about your evening show (blush).
    Take 2 days to rest your rear end then resume performance.
    Sell out! ;-)

  16. I love the idea of rolling out the false corner. So twisted.
    O. Twist

  17. The author is looking for: real spanking / real audience.
    Rent a small theater dedicated to naughty or erotic shows.
    Start with a week of performances (reading + spanking happening by your husband).
    Every day your ass will be enriched by the heat of the previous performance
    As you are no longer working, you will have plenty of time during the day to think about your evening show (blush).
    Take 2 days to rest your rear end then resume performance.
    Sell out! ;-)
    O. Twist

    1. I wonder if it would be popular? Are there enough of "us". Woukd it crossover? I would love to!

  18. Next to spanking, Jeopardy is one of my largest obsessions.

    But confusing Hera and Athena? Really? Were you simply nervous or were you subconsciously wanting to lose? Can you not admit you’re a wanton trollop and a floozie?

    One more question. What channel broadcasts this show?


    1. You poor man! I'll take "pathetic Hobbies" for $200, Alex. ;-)

      Fox, of course!

  19. I feel that the female baring it all no matter where is finding sexual satisfaction that males do not understand. Go to the beach and they have hardly anything on. Such a show would not find it hard to find those who wish to participate. "Girls just Wanna Have Fun" and this is how I see those who would want to be on the show. Jack

  20. How do i become your e-subbie? I would love to receive anal tasks from you

    1. Just send me an email (see top right About Me box).
      Warning, though, I'll demand photos as proof and then you become my blog's bitch (I'll always conceal faces or identifying marks, but your cock, balls, ass, asshole will be outed for comment from my readers).

  21. I promise i have a small round nice butt

    1. I'd love to see it in panties, then. Make sure every fucking last hair is GONE.

  22. Niece update. Wife announced she is going away for a long weekend on a ladies golf trip. She said to my niece, “if there is any more staring or inappropriate behaviour from him (me) you can either report it to me when I get back or deal with it straight away as you see fit.”
    Niece said piously “thank you aunt but I honestly hope he behaves himself.”
    That’s rubbish as my clever niece will enjoy her delegated powers and will be looking for every opportunity to exploit them. I’m on best behaviour.

    1. I wonder how far your niece will push it. She could literally make you her slave. - david

    2. My Niece likes the game of power/conspiracy and being a tattIetale but I don’t think she would administer any physical punishment herself. Having said that who knows?

    3. How is your sister? She came to see if everything is okay with her daughter. Your niece told her that you took her to see a game but that you were more interested by cheerleaders than in the game. It reminded your sister that, at school, when you were 13th, the girls complained that you always wanted to see their gymknickers. Their gym teacher had had enough and had made you do a lap around the stadium in your tighty whities in front of all the schoolchildren (with a wedgie to stimulate you on the last few meters.) You see a glint in your niece's eye.

  23. Actually I would complain to my niece that the cheerleaders at my local team have gone woke. They no longer wear short skirts or anything revealing. They are mixed gender “dancers” now. My niece would certainly report my misogynist complaint to my wife and her mother.

  24. Julie, I did not know where else to send this so I attached it here. Thought you might like this video, as you have discussed being exposed like this before. I am not a real fan of girls being spankied but this one had my Peter Meter in the red zone... https://www.tumblr.com/certaingalaxycollection/741916289725005824/parents-gave-her-the-spanking-of-her-life?source=share