billie's hard day

by billie and Julie

Chapter 1 - Face fucked by Joey

Hi, my name is Bill. Or "little billey" as my then new girlfriend April called me. April was not my wife. I'm married to a woman named Carrie and we have a daughter named Victoria together, but at the time we had an "open" relationship so I was allowed the occasional outside girlfriend. I guess we still have an open relationship now, but it does not really apply to me anymore, at least not willingly.

In truth, April was less "girlfriend" and more "Mistress". She dominated me, which was something I had always fantasized about, but never tried with my wife, and I loved it at the time. It was all new to me and very exciting, but I was a bit of an amateur and we were going slow. As I've since learned, the trouble with this lifestyle is sometimes my limits got pushed to places I didn't particularly want to go. But "too bad, so sad," as April used to be fond of saying.

April is very cute. She is a young woman, about 28 or so, with blond hair and nice body: flat tummy, nice ass, and perky boobs. She also has somewhat of an angelic face which belies how fierce she can be at times!

So a while back we were at her place playing. I was naked and had just gotten a mild spanking from April (we had not yet worked up to the "heavy stuff" as she called it). After my spanking, she had me kneeling on her bed, with my face down, my ass up, and my knees spread. She had lubed my hole and was getting ready to ass fuck me with her strap-on dildo that she was about to put on. I had never been ass fucked before. This was a "boundary" she told me she needed to push me past. April was keen to "pop my cherry" as she said. I let her talk me into it, so after the light spanking, she finished up by squirting something called a "Fleet Enema" up my rear-end, and then having me expel it into the toilet. So humiliating!!! And so there I was, submissively on display, cleaned out, lubed up, and scared as shit to be honest!

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Her apartment is a bachelorette. I am right there! "April, no!" I cried out. We had NOT discussed visitors!!!!

"STAY... THE FUCK... THERE!" she commanded me.

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! But I couldn't bring myself to move. I was 'kinda putty in her hands when she got all dominant like that.

April opened the door. It was two people there, I could hear, a guy and a girl!!! My lubed ass was... literally... RIGHT OUT THERE!

"Hey," said April at the doorway, "great to see you. How have you been?"

"Great," answered Nancy, "Joey and I were in the neighborhood and wanted to say Hey."

"Hey," said a male voice.

Mercifully they were still on the other side of the doorway. April couldn't possibly let them in, I thought to myself. She was having a bit of fun with me, making me freak out thinking she would let them in, and would send them away before they got into the doorway to see me.

"Very timely," said April. "Come on in!"


She let them both into her small apartment. My ass was totally out there! Asshole on display, shiny and lubed. Legs spread, hard dick and dangly balls hanging there between them. I was so embarrassed!!! I buried my head deeper into the bed, ostrich style. If I couldn't see them, they couldn't see me! Then, of course, Nancy and Joey spotted me...

"What the FUCK, April, who is that???" Asked Nancy.

Oh Shit! So humiliating! And there was her boyfriend there as well! I felt my face get super hot. I squirmed in place, which I now realize probably made my ass wiggle like a whore's.

April responded, "that's little billie. He's my little bitch boy for the day."

"He sure the fuck is," said Nancy. "He's naked as a jaybird, with, what, a pink spanked ass? And the fuck with his asshole and junk just hanging out there! Is that lube on his hole?"

"It is," said April. "I was just getting ready to pop his anal cherry with my strap-on when you two happened by."

"Awww, never been fucked in the ass before? What a pervert," said Nancy. "Aside that. Is he good for anything?"

"Not really," said April. "He's actually married, but even if he wasn't, he wouldn't be boyfriend material or anything like that, but he is a total slut and will do anything I tell him to do. He doesn't even pay me. I do it for fun. He especially loves to be humiliated -- his favorite thing. Isn't that so, billie boy?"

"yes ma'am..." I answer meekly from my position of shame, still hurting from the "not boyfriend material" jab.

"Want to watch his deflowering?" asked April of Nancy and Joey.

oh no

"Fuck yes!" said Nancy. "But why use a dildo, Joey's right here -- and not too small either. Maybe we can watch your little bitch take it up the ass from a real cock.  I'd love to see that."


"Yeah, me too," said April. "billie, go kneel in front of Joey."

No Way! This was my hard limit! No, the fuck, way! I meant to say it more forcefully, but all that came out, and in a pretty weak voice at that, was, "please April don't make me do that..."

"YOU LITTLE SHIT!" said April, angry with me. "Get your ass over there or you'll regret it and end up doing it anyways!"

I kept my head buried in the bed in shame, not even looking up. "but April, please," I whined, "I've never done anything with a man. It grosses me out.  Can't you just do me with the dildo, like we talked about, that's bad enough with them watching..." I thought I made a pretty good case. I had already moved past the incredibly humiliating fact that they would be there to watch me be ass-fucked, BY a woman, LIKE a woman!

"If you don't do it," said April, "I'll tell your wife that we're fucking."

April knew my wife, but to the best of my knowledge my wife didn't know about me and April fooling around, and despite our "open" relationship, I really wanted to keep it that way! I wasn't exactly sure how "open" we really were, and my wife knew nothing about my perversions.

"no don't, please!" I said, fearing the worst.

"Well, what will it be?" asked April.

Shit. I really didn't want my wife to find out about me and April. I started rationalizing, what's the big deal, what's the difference between a dildo and a cock anyways? I mean, it doesn't make me any gayer one way or the other, does it? "Ok, ok," I answered.

That's all they needed to hear. April and Nancy stepped up to me, grabbed me by my hair, dragged me over to Joey, and forced me down to kneel, bare-assed naked, at his feet, facing his crotch.

Nancy was pretty. Even prettier than April who was no slouch herself. Joey was also what the ladies would call "good looking" I guess (how would I know?).

"Ok, bitch, unzip his pants and take it out," said April to me.

"no... please..." I pleaded, having second thoughts when confronted by the reality that was Joey standing in front of me.

"Do it, or so help me God Nancy and I will hold you down and I'll get Joey to whip the skin off your ass with his belt. I am fucking serious."

I had not known April for long, but I knew she was capable of this. My heart started beating faster and my thighs shook. I didn't think I had any choice, between my wife finding out and the whipping from Joey. With trembling hands I reached for Joey's pants, unclasped and unzipped them, and then pulled his cock out over the top of his boxers. So gross. I had never touched another guy's cock before. It was halfway hard in my hand. I briefly looked up at Joey. He looked down at me with a smirk, as if I was his bitch also!

With Joey's cock now out, Nancy pushed my face nearer to it and April pinched my nose and pushed my mouth onto his cock. Nancy laughed and said "look at that, he's sucking cock. What a little faggot."

"If I feel any teeth I'm 'gonna fuck you up," said Joey.

I immediately made my mouth into a round "O". I did not want to get "fucked up" by Joey.

"Pump it," said Nancy.

Joey started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I was drooling as my mouth tried to lubricate itself, my lips strained to hide my teeth. Joey only said, "take it, bitch!"

I was getting tired and out of breath as April just kept pushing my head onto his cock.  Deeper and deeper. Nancy laid down on the bed to watch the raping of my mouth.  She took off her shorts and panties and was casually fingering herself as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. Normally, a hot young chick getting naked in my presence would be of some considerable interest to me, but with Joey trying to shove his rock hard cock down my throat I was a bit distracted. I tried to avoid him trying to deep throat me by having it go to the side of my mouth.

Nancy said, "oh this is sooo hot seeing the faggot get his face fucked -- wow he's really doing a good job -- who knew what a good cocksucker he was. Are you sure he hasn't done this before?"

"I don't know," said Nancy. "He probably has. He sure looks like a little cocksucking faggot."

Nancy said from the bed, "Joey, why don't you come in the faggot's mouth for him.  The sissy is probably really wanting a load of cum by now."

I said "nooooo" as best I could since April, who noticed me trying to direct his thrusts into my cheek, became relentless in forcing his cock straight down my throat.

April said, "yea, he seems to really like having his face fucked -- I guess he really is just a little bitch." April got this mocking look on her face and added, "sorry, billie, but you're our bitch for this afternoon and bitches suck cock, eat cum and get fucked in the ass..."

"Nooo pease!" I begged through a mouthful of cock.

I could feel Joey moving faster in and out my mouth - oh shit, I thought, he was going to cum... I tried to move my head away but he held it tighter and April continued to push from the back of my head.  His cock started to pulse and then he held tight not pushing in and out any more.

"He's going to do it!" said April, "right down his throat!"

He held me tight and immobile as I struggled to escape what was certain to come! Then his cock pulsed, and I could feel him shoot his cum directly into my mouth, spurt after spurt. I hated it! It was slimy and he came so much I felt like I couldn't even hold it all in my mouth. Is this what girls go through????

April pulled my head away and Joey squirted the last of it on my face. He actually gave me a facial! Like in the porn movies. Like I was a porno slut. It was all over my face and in my mouth and then April told me to swallow it.  She pinched my nose and I was running out of air, and I was literally forced to swallow the whole sticky mess, gagging in the process.

Nancy came while watching the spectacle and April was laughing.

"Wow, what a performance," said April, "I never imagined you were such a good cocksucker."

Nancy applauded and said, "hey cocksucker how was it?"

I was totally embarrassed.

"April, look, he's got a hard-on," said Nancy, pointing at my cock. "I guess that tells the real story doesn't it."  I was so red-faced!

April said, "Joey why not get a little rest. You know what he needs next right?"

Nancy said, "yeah that's a show I want to see."

Oh no, I thought to myself. Not that! His cock was... sooo big. I didn't want it! I didn't want to have to bend over and take it up the ass from a dude. Like a bitch! I was going to say something. I was going to object. But I just couldn't...

Chapter 2 - Ass Fucked by Joey

April told me to not dare to cleanup as she wanted me to walk around the apartment with a cum covered face and not to dare to cum since she wanted me hot for my next performance.

Nancy said, "look at him with cum all over his face -- what a slut -- Joey did you enjoy giving our slut a face fuck?"

"Not bad for a beginner," said Joey, "but if I'm going to fuck his ass then I need him to look a little more fem."

April said, “lets shave him and pretty him up so Joey can do him!"

"Yeah!" Said Nancy.

"Ok come on faggot let's go to the bathroom," said my girl, April.

"fem me up"????

April and Nancy took me to the bathroom.  They didn't want me moving around so they tied me to the shower head and put hair removal cream all over my body.  It really burned on my most sensitive parts! After the required time they turned on the shower and I was hit with cold water washing off the cream and then my body, from head down, was completely hairless!

April brought out a camisole and a matching pair of panties and had me put them on.  They then sat me down at her makeup table and started to make my transition to a pretty little slut.  My hair was long so they tied it back into a ponytail: "it'll give Joey something to pull on when he takes your virgin ass.” I have pretty feminine features and a slim body, and together the lipstick, eye liner and some other makeup did the trick. As I looked into the mirror I could see that I looked for all the world like a little slut waiting to be used.

April lay back on the couch and called me over to kneel in front of her.  Nancy came over and sat next to her.  Joey was sitting in a chair behind me.  April told me to remove her pants and panties. I did so, baring her pussy. I could smell the scent of her arousal mixing with Nancy's and Joey's. I knelt back down in front of her and then she slapped my face and then backhanded me for good measure.

"Little fucking whore," said April. "Who's your Pimp Daddy?"

"you are..." I said softly to my feet.

The humiliation of the slaps and what was happening to me stung.  Nancy laughed and April said I was there for their enjoyment and anytime Nancy wanted to give me a slap or two she was welcome to.  Nancy reached over and slapped me also, but tentatively and without much force.

I don't know what I was possibly thinking, but I smirked a little at the force of the blow.

"Wipe that smirk off of your face, you little shit!" Said April. "Nancy, this little cum bucket smirked at your slap. If you're going to do it, do it like you mean it."

"Oh yeah?" said Nancy forcefully. She stood and grabbed my hair with her left hand, keeping me at pussy level, staring at her bare pussy. She then slapped me and backhanded me about 10 times really hard and then I had tears in my eyes and she said "how about now cocksucker, want to smirk some more?"

"Sorry!" I said. "I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!"

They both burst out laughing and April pulled my head to her pussy and commanded me to start and lick as Nancy sat back down beside her.

I tasted her sweet pussy and I was completely lost in in her smell, her wetness, and my absolute need to submit to her in any way she wanted me to.  She ground her pussy up and down face-fucking me a second time in less than an hour.  She came with an almost violent crushing of my mouth with her pussy... I was lost in a heavenly place, hard and submissive, wanting to do anything they wanted me to do.

Nancy told me to lie down on the floor and then placed her knees on each side of my head.  "You know, cocksucker, that Joey came in me before we got here, and his cum is still in me.  So I want you to clean me out."

She was above my face and I could see her swollen lips and cum dripping down her leg.  She looked like she was pushing down with her pussy and then it happened, I saw some white gooey cum hanging there and then it dropped into my mouth.  Never having tasted it before that day, I was having my second mouthful in the same day.  She lowered herself on my mouth and started to move back and forth as she ordered me to lick the cum out of her dirty cunt.  It didn't take long for her to orgasm a second time while fucking my face.

They then went back to both being on the couch and basking from the afterglow of their orgasms. April asked Joey if he liked the slut with her makeover.  The girls told me to kneel on all fours and face them.  They wanted to see my face as my virgin ass was fucked.

I was told to put my head between April's legs near her pussy.  Joey came up behind me but instead of taking me he pulled me by my ponytail and stood in front of me.  Nancy said "oh oh, I think he needs to get Joey hard before he can be deflowered :)"

Joey stuck his soft cock in my mouth and told me to start sucking.  He started to get hard while Nancy and April watched with renewed interest. I could feel his rod harden more and more and get bigger and bigger as I sucked. As it got bigger and harder I was acutely conscious that it was going in my ass next!!!! Finally he decided he was hard enough and pushed my head near April's pussy again and got behind me.  He flipped up my camisole and pulled my panties down my legs and off. As he was doing this April pushed down on my head and said "head down, ass up, let's get those panties off for your fucking, little girl."

Once the panties were off, he got rough and grabbed some lubricant and smeared it over my asshole and his cock.  He then spread my ass and pushed the head in.

Oh shit! It hurt! I'm really small back there and didn't know if I could take it.  I'd never had it in the ass before! He grabbed my ponytail from behind and bent my neck backwards as he pushed deeper in. April and Nancy were urging him on with catcalls and comments like "fuck the slut Joey, he really needs it", "make him beg for it otherwise we'll have Nancy slap him silly until he accepts his fate and takes it all in."

"Beg for it, bitch," said Joey.

"please sir, please f... f... fuck me," I responded.

"How hard?" asked Joey.

"gently, please!" I begged.

"Oh," said April, "wrong answer billie boy. Should I call your wife after all?"

"No! I mean, Yes. Please fuck me, Sir. Fuck me hard like you would a dirty little whore." I had to say it!

"Yeah," said Joey lustfully. "That's just what you are, a dirty little whore about to get her ass fucked eight ways to Sunday." He continued to push his cock deep in my ass.  "Oh shit he is tight..."

It hurt. It hurt so bad!

"Go for it Joey, stick it all the way in".

I felt his cock pushing into my hole and soon he announced he was all the way in. He rocked back and forth and pushed in then pulled out then forcefully started to fuck my ass.  I could hardly believe I was being fucked in the ass by a guy and had sucked cock, eaten cum, and licked out two pussies.  But OMG it hurt! He seemed to go on for a very, very long time. I was in total pain. My ass felt it was split wide open. There were tears in my eyes from the pain of my fucking.

"Look," said Nancy. "The little bitch is fuckin' crying!"

Joey paused with his cock deep up my ass, grabbed my ponytail again, and bent my head all the way back so he could look me in the eye.

"Don't worry about it, little billie," he said, for the first time using my name, "I make all the bitches cry for my cock."

He went back to fucking me. I cried out aloud on every deep thrust.

Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh

Joey started to pick up speed


and he then said he was about to cum!

He grabbed my hips and shoved his cock deep into me which made me scream!


Then I felt his hot cum shooting into my ass. He held me tightly by my hips up against his pelvis as he thrust a few more times spasmodically into me. Then he slowly pulled his cock out. My ass felt like it was gaping wide open and filled to the brim with cum!

"Wow Joey!" Said April. "What do you say, billie you cocksucking faggot, who would have believed it, huh? No longer a virgin. How's that asshole?"

While I was being fucked so hard, and experiencing all the shame involved in that, I didn't hear the door open, but it must have, because another female voice said, a very familiar female voice said, "yeah, billie, tell me all about how your asshole feels!"

OMG! It was MY WIFE!!!! My wife had just witnessed my entire deflowering!!!

Chapter 3 - Discovered by the Wife

Unbeknownst to me, my wife Carrie was contacted by April a few days ago and was invited to watch her dominate me. Her timing was "perfect".

"Holy shit!! I can't believe it.  You faggot!!" said Carrie.  "He looks like a girl! That camisole and that ponytail. And is that makeup? And what happened to all his bodyhair??? His cock looks like a baby's cock! How long has he been doing this?  Has he sucked cock as well?  You lying bastard, how can you keep this from me?" 

"Oh oh cocksucker, I think you're in trouble now," said April.

All three women started to laugh.  I was still on the floor on all fours in April's crotch.  April and Nancy held my arms and brought their legs over mine so I couldn't move.

My wife took the belt out of Joey's pants and told April to get me to start licking again.  My wife said she was going to beat my ass for cheating on her, sucking cock, and getting ass fucked like a faggot.  She brought back the belt and with more force than I thought she had brought it down hard across my ass.  WHACK! It hurt sooo much!  I'd never been seriously whipped or strapped in the past and my ass was very tender.  She did it again and then again and after about three dozen strokes I was in tears begging her to stop.  My ass was red and welts had started to form.  April and Nancy were egging her on to do it more.  She kept going until she hit fifty strokes and then she threw the belt down. It hurt soooo much that tears were flowing into April's snatch and snot was coming out my nose. I never knew it could hurt so much.

"You sure did whip his ass," said Joey. "The fuckin' definition of pussy whipped."

"So," said April to Carrie, "what did I tell you? You wouldn't believe me but there it is."

"Little fucking lying cheating homo BITCH!" said my wife as I cringed at her wrath.

"And you missed the cocksucking," added April. "Do you want to see him suck cock for you?"  Oh no, I was so humiliated.

Joey got up and came over to me..."well, if he can get me up I'll give you another show, after all you haven't seen him at his best yet." Everyone is laughing now.

"Yeah," said my wife, "I want to see him get his face fucked.  Come on faggot take it in your mouth. I want to see my husband sucking cock!"

Joey grabbed my hair and Nancy held my nose so I was forced again to open up my mouth as he shoved his semi-hard dick into it.

"That dick was just in your ass, you realize that, don't you?" said Nancy to me. "Clean up my man's dick for him."

"Oh he just looks perfect now, a dirty cock in his mouth and him on his knees, made-up like a little slut," said my wife.  "I wish there was another guy here so I could see him spit-roasted like the little fag he is."

April was more than willing to assist.  "I've got a strap-on dildo so let me get it and I can fuck his ass while Joey fucks his mouth."

The chicks all thought this was a great idea.

My wife asked, "does he swallow as well?" Everyone laughed and said that I just got a giant mouthful an hour ago, and if you looked closely you could still see the dried cum on my face.

"The sissy practically begged to swallow Joey's cum," said April. "She wanted to show Joey what a little slut she really was :)"

"No," I whined, "he did it to me and I didn't want it!"

"Yea, so why is it still all over your face sissy?" asked my wife. I didn't think that made any sense, but given the circumstances thought it best not to argue the point.

Joey sat next to Nancy and grabbed my head and commanded me to get going since he was looking forward to another blow job.  He grabbed my head and started to fuck my face.  All three women watched with intent interest in my submission.

April meanwhile had donned her strap-on dildo and shoved it up my ass!

My wife encouraged Joey and April to be more forceful and make it hurt.  He started to get hard now and it made it easier for him to force his cock down my throat.  I was drooling copious amounts of spit as he fucked my face.  I tried to avoid his cock from going down my throat but he just used more force to rape my mouth. Meanwhile, April was raping the shit out of my asshole!

My wife told him to cum in my mouth and add some more cum to my face.  He obliged and soon I felt him tighten up and blow his load in my waiting mouth yet again as April simulated a spasming orgasm into my ass. Joey is quite a stud, it seems, the volume did not seem diminished at all, despite it being his fourth orgasm that day, all of which, other than the load still currently up my ass, and whatever was on my face, I was being forced to swallow. After a few spurts he pulled out and again came over my face.

"Swallow it," said my wife.

I looked over at her, my face drenched in Joey's cum, and as we locked eyes I choked Joey's sticky mess down my throat.

"Wow, good job cocksucker," said my wife, "who would have guessed that my fairy husband could do such a good job with so little practice.  And you took it up the ass like a pro! What do you think girls has he done this before?"

"Probably," said Nancy. "What do you think Joey, has the faggot sucked cock before?"

"Not sure about before today but he got much better the second time."

My wife told me to get dressed, but "do not dare to wipe off that cum." She was taking me home.

"Honey, please," I begged. "Let me clean it off first. Think of Vickie!"

Victoria is our daughter who lives with us. She had just turned twenty one and was still pretty naive about the world.

My wife disagreed. "Victoria is graduating college next year and I suspect she's had her share of experiences, so maybe it's time she sees you for what you are -- a little cocksucking faggot -- as punishment for you."

OMG, I couldn't believe my wife was intending to "out me" to our daughter!

"Oh by the way billie," said my wife, "when I found out about your activities with April I went over to our neighbor's house -- you know the one that keeps hitting on me.  Can you believe his cock is almost 10 inches, and thick!  He fucked me silly this afternoon before I came here. In fact, three times in one afternoon and deposited his load in my very well fucked cunt each time, totally bareback. My pussy is so sore!  On the way over here I could feel his spunk dripping down my leg.  I think you're going to get an extra mouthful soon. Maybe when we get home I'll have you clean me out while Victoria watches...”

"No, please don't do that, I'll be so humiliated," I said.

"You seem to enjoy being humiliated, you little cocksucker," said my wife. "No. You'll wear the cum home when we leave, and have seconds back home."

"No, please!" I pleaded. "Victoria will see it and ask what it is! I'll be so embarrassed."

"Too bad faggot -- maybe that's what I'll call you when we get home. It should lead to some interesting questions."

I got dressed and we said our goodbyes and thank yous to April, Nancy, and Joey.

Chapter 4 - The Daughter Finds Out

We pulled into the driveway and "oh fuck" I said to myself... Victoria was home.  Maybe she was in her room, I remembered hoping.

"Please, honey," I begged my wife, "please let me wipe the cum off my face!"

She shook her head no and walked me into the house by my ear.

"Victoria we're home" Carrie said, releasing me.  Victoria came in from the kitchen and gave my wife a hug and kiss and then turned to me, but just before she kissed me on the cheek she pulled back and says "Dad! What is that all over your face??? It looks like -- no it can't be -- Mom, what is going on?"

"I've had an interesting afternoon," said Carrie. "I was called up by a woman named April and she invited me over to watch your Dad in action.  So I come into her apartment and there is this young stud fucking him up the ass while he has his face buried in April's pussy."

"What???" said Vickie, unable to process this. "Who's fucking who?"

"Your Dad, being fucked by the stud. Up the ass. Who else?  I couldn’t believe it either.  There is your father with his head buried in this strange woman's crotch and this guy named Joey is pounding his ass like there's no tomorrow while Joey's girlfriend Nancy looked on, fingering herself. And what's worse, your faggot father is moving back to the rhythm of this guy and really getting into it."

"OMG, really? It sounds like an orgy!" Said my daughter as she looked at me and blushed. "Really, Dad, you actually had a guy fuck you up the ass?"

I was the one blushing now. I couldn't seem to speak.

"Answer her!" demanded my wife.

With my head hanging in shame I answered "yes..."

"I came in just as the guy was about to finish," said my wife, "and he pulled your father's ass into his cock one last time and held it there and came in him. Then he pulled out and you wouldn't believe how stretched out your father's hole was.  Totally disgusting -- the pervert.

"I'm totally appalled then he hears me yell at him for being a fag and he turns around, sees me, and turns 10 shades of red.

"I was so furious at what he was doing so I took the belt out of the guy's pants and told the ladies to hold him tight.  I brought back the belt and with more force than I thought I had I whipped it down on his ass.

"I've never whipped or strapped anyone in the past but got carried away and hit his ass and legs about fifty times as hard as I could before my arm got tired.  When I was done not only was his ass red, it had welts and he was crying and begging me to not do it anymore. Like a sissy. He was dressed like one too, by the way, the girls had made sure of that. Took all the hair off below his neck. Tied his hair in a ponytail for the guy to tug on, made him up like a tart, and dressed him in a camisole and a pair of panties, of course those were on the floor. He made a pretty convincing girl! The girls were egging me on to do it more but I just got too tired and exhausted to continue."

"Wow, you actually beat him with a belt?" said Victoria.

"Yes, and it won't be the last time," said my wife.  "April, the lady in question, said he likes to be slapped and have his ass beaten, not to mention his other perversions."

"Dad, I can't believe you take it up the ass -- are you a fag or just like to be abused?" asked my daughter of me.

"Answer her you cocksucker," said my wife.

I hung my head in shame and admitted that I love to be submissive to women but it was the first time I had ever been fucked by a guy.

"Wait," said Vickie, catching on to something else, "why did you call him a cocksucker?"

"Well, April said that he was quite the little expert at the art of cocksucking."


"The guy, Joey, says 'absolutely - he seems to be quite the cocksucker', then they demonstrated. April put on a strap-on dildo and fucked him in the ass while your father sucked Joey's cock. The cock that was just in his ass, bareback. The other girl, Nancy, and I just sat and watched the show. Joey stuck his cock into your dad's mouth and face fucked him for a few minutes.  Drool was coming out of his mouth and the guy starts to cum and then after he's deposited about three quarters into your father's mouth, he pulls out and shoots the rest of his cum all over your father's face.  So to answer your question -- it's dried cum from him giving some guy a blow job."

"OMG, did you really do that?" asked Vickie of me.

"Answer her," said my wife,

I hung my head in shame and the humiliation of it all and admitted it to Victoria.

"So from now on you can refer to him as faggot OR cocksucker," said my wife, "or bitch."

"And that isn't all that happened," added my wife. "My afternoon got really interesting.  When I heard from April about his extracurricular activities and before I went to her house I was really pissed that he would be having an affair behind my back. So you know the guy Jim next door?"

"Yea, the hunk -- why?"

"Well after I found out that your father was seeing someone I decided to stop by and see if he was home. You know he always was interested in me but I just usually told him I'm married and that was it. But this afternoon I started to flirt with him and one thing led to another and I got really fucked for once.  He has a big cock and knows how to use it.  He fucked me three times bareback."

"Mom, really, I'm not sure I want to hear that!" said Victoria, blushing up a storm.

"Oh, it's ok. You're old enough and it's good to know what is now going to go on in the house.  Your dad will become my cuckold fluffer, cocksucker and slave."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you're welcome to watch, or if it's too much you can go to your room, but I have quite a mess down there after my afternoon activities so I think it's time for your father to do some cleanup duty, if you know what I mean.."

"OMG, you aren't serious are you?"

"Yes, quite.  It's ok to go up to your room, but this will probably become a more open household from now on and I will be treating your father as my slave.  As a matter of fact there isn't any reason to not have him at your disposal as well."

"I’m not sure if I'm ready for that."

"Well, I havn't done anything like that either but it just seems to come naturally this afternoon. Actually, since he will be naked in the house from now on -- billie, strip."

"Please don't make me do that," I whined.

"Not only are you going to strip, but I think I'm going to show our daughter how I intend to keep you in your place from here on in.  Now strip and Victoria, please go get a wooden spoon from the kitchen -- the one that is nice and heavy."

"OK," said Vickie with what looked like a big smile on her face, "but are you sure you want me to stay?"

"Yes, this will be a regular occurrence so you might as well see it now," said my wife.

"Ok, I'll be right back with that spoon," said my daughter.

"Take them off -- now," said my wife.

I started to take off my clothes, I was so humiliated I was blushing.  I stripped down and what was worse was that I had gotten hard.  The submissiveness and humiliation had gotten to me.

My daughter came back from the kitchen, blushed, looked away, and said, "holy shit, Dad's naked!" Then showed my wife the spoon and asked her, "is this the one you wanted?"

"Yes, perfect."

Carrie made me stand straight and at attention, with my hands by my sides. I am embarrassed to say that I was erect in front of my wife and daughter!

"Have a good look at your Father," said Carrie to Vickie.

Vickie raised her eyes and gave me a good hard look. My knees were shaking and I desperately wanted to cover up, but I glued my hands to my sides as Carrie required.

"OMG, I can't believe it," said Vickie. "His dick is hard but it's so small, and there's no hair on his body. He looks like a little boy."

Vickie walks all around me, looking at me from all angles. "Actually, I take that back. He has a pretty nice figure. Slim but curvy, you know? He looks more like a hot girl. Except he has a freakin' hard on! My father stripped naked with a hard-on. So apparently he's looking forward to his beating, I guess."

"Yes, Victoria, I think this will be quite the entertainment for us from now on," said my wife. "Bend over faggot," said Carrie, pointing towards the ottoman.

I bent over the ottoman and my wife instructed my daughter to get some rope from the garage and then grab both my wrists and tie them to the legs. After I was secured, Carrie started to beat my ass with the wooden spoon.  I screamed, but then she said that will not do.  She took off her panties and stuffed them into my mouth.

"Mom, didn't you say you were dripping with Jim's cum?"

"Yes, why"

"You just stuffed your panties into Dad's mouth, they must be soaked with cum, yech!"

"It won't be the last time he eats Jim's cum, in fact, that will be his job from now on."

I was totally humiliated. I could feel that the panties were soaked with some random guy's cum that I was reluctantly sucking on as I tried to breathe through them. And my daughter was right there, watching me catch a beating, gagged with a pair of cum-drenched panties. Carrie kept spanking my ass with that hard wooden spoon. After about twenty more whacks I started to well up with tears for the second time that day.

"Mom, I think he's already crying."

"Good, it's just the beginning."

She continues to whack me another thirty more times.  I am blubbering then and my ass was beet red from this as well as the earlier beating with the belt.

"So, Victoria, what do you think?"

"Shit, I'm so wet from watching this!"

"Do you want to give it a try?"

"I'm not sure I'm ready for that."

"Ok, but how about doing this..."

She whispered in my daughter’s ear something and then she said "really, you want me to do that"?

"Yes, it's fine.  It'll humiliate him even more."

"OK, I'll try it."

"Ok, billie," said my wife to me, untying me. "I'll give you a couple of minutes to compose yourself.  In the meantime go open up a bottle of white wine and bring back two glasses."


"Well OK, will not do.  Say it again with more respect."

"Yes, Carrie."


I went back to the kitchen and got the wine and the glasses.  I came back into the living room and my daughter had gone upstairs.

"Place the glass of wine on the table and pour one for your daughter and bring it upstairs for her."

"Yes, mistress"

"Hmmm, I like the sound of that."

Chapter 5 - Daughter Cock Teaser

I poured the wine and proceeded up the stairs to my daughter's bedroom. I was still stark naked but mercifully had lost that erection from the spanking. I knocked and she told me to come in.

I entered the room and she was in super sheer panties and naked from the waist up and combing her hair in the mirror.  I couldn't believe I was seeing her partially naked for the first time since she was six years old!  I stared at her tight ass through her sheer panties.  She saw me and smiled.  She didn't say anything but continued to brush her hair.

She then turned around and I could see she had on such sheer panties that I could literally see her pussy through them, and her perk and sexy naked tits sticking out very proud. She slightly arched her back for emphasis, the little minx!

My fully exposed cock started to pulse upwards towards hard again as she looked at it and smiled. She sat there, not saying anything, posing for me, and shushing me whenever I tried to say anything.

When I was fully, achingly erect she said, "so, you like looking at my young body do you?" My cock was straining to attention, with a throbbing purple tip and with a glint of pre-cum at the hole, curving upwards towards the ceiling. My knees felt weak. I couldn't believe I was so hot for my very own daughter!

"Well, it's for my boyfriends only, but you'll get to see it more and more.  I like to tease you and see you get an erection - 'cocksucker'!"

I turned more shades of red at the humiliation.

"You can put my wine on the dresser over here."

I walked towards her and she was less than a foot away and I could smell her perfume and started to feel feint again.  She moved and brushed her bare breast against my arm. She said to "put it down and stop staring" with a sneer on her face.

"Wow, Mom said you would just stand there and wait for me to give you an order but I didn't think you would do it. Put it down and kneel by my feet. Kiss my toes."

I could not help it. After the day's humiliations the submissiveness overcame me and I knelt down and then kissed her toes on one foot. Then she put the other foot in front of my face.  I looked up and I'm staring right into her pussy and she opened up her legs a little and then started to move, rubbing one leg against the other a few times and then told me to go back downstairs before I had an "accident" and that she will be down in a few minutes.

"I want to see Mom make you clean-up from her afternoon activities," she said. She had a smirk on her face and told me to move my ass downstairs and tell my wife she would be there shortly.

When I got back downstairs my wife looks at my throbbingly hard and drippy cock and smirked, asking, "did Victoria enjoy her glass of wine?"

"yes, mistress," I said, hanging my head in shame.

"billie, go back upstairs and in the top drawer of my dresser there are a pair of pink lace panties.  Put them on and then wait upstairs till I call you."

She sent me upstairs and I met up with Victoria on the stairs, she was dressed now and just smirked at me standing naked in front of her. My cock throbbed to full attention again as I remembered seeing her practically naked just moments ago.

"Awww," she said, "Did I make you... excited... again?" As she said this she brushed the tip of my cock with her fingertip. I hunched over and was so close to cumming right on the stairs. Victoria seemed to sense it. "Don't you dare make a mess on the carpet, Daddy, or Mom will give you such a spanking..."

She reached out and brushed my penis again, saying, "I'm looking forward to watching you do cleanup." I almost came from her light touch. I blushed and put my head down with the humiliation.

I continued up the stairs to the bedroom, but lingered at the top, listening in on Vickie talking to her Mom.

Vickie told her mom "I can’t believe it, I told him to enter and I was in my see-through panties and topless in front of my bureau and he was staring at my tits.  Then, I told him to put the wine on the bureau.  He came over to where I was standing and he was literally about 12 inches from me and I turned around facing him with my titties naked with nipples poking out and he couldn’t help but stare and I look down and he is getting a massive erection!

"OMG it was so hot.  I moved and brushed my titties on his arm and I thought he was going to faint.  I love cock-teasing him soo much.

"I called him a 'cocksucker' and told him that was all and to get back downstairs because I think his services were needed.  Then I giggled and sent him on his way."

"Good girl, I'm proud of you."

"I have to admit this is so hot and exciting to be able to be a cock-tease and know I can do it for as long as I want and he just has to take it.  This is really fun and exciting not to mention it makes me so wet... I couldn’t believe I had him standing less than a foot from me, almost completely naked, and brushing my titties against his arm when he put the wine glass about being a cock-tease, wow. I loved it.

"I thought you were going to make him do cleanup? I think this is so weird that you’re going to make him lick the cum from your pussy.  A straight guy licking cum is gross but another guy's cum is really disgusting."

"Well," said Carrie, "it’s really all about his being submissive and humiliated. Think about it, what is a more humiliating thing you could do to him but force him to eat someone else’s cum from his wife's pussy and in front of his daughter as well?"

"I can't believe a straight guy would do that."

"No, he's straight, although after his performance earlier today I wonder. But then again, he was held down while the guy fucked his ass and again held down while Joey face-fucked him and came in his mouth so..."

"I know this seems really weird but I want to watch."

"We have always been open with you about nudity and sex and always wanted you to explore your sexuality so I think it will be fine to watch.  After all this is just a new journey for billie and having you watch will add significantly to his humiliation.  It's really doing him a favour. In addition it won't be the last time I humiliate him so you might as well get used to it happening.”

"Mom did Jim really cum inside you three times I can’t believe how messy that will be."

"Yea, I know, it’s incredibly messy it was running down my leg all afternoon but it will be his new task around the house to eat up any cum. You might want him to clean you up after a date."

"No, I don't think I want to go there -- just too weird.  Speaking of which I'm going out with Carl tonight.  He is quite the hunk.  I've been lusting after him this last semester.  He's on the football team.  I decided I'm going to let him fuck me tonight. I'll let you know how it goes when I get back."

"Actually, I'll be going out with Jim tonight again."

"Really, wow quite the slut aren't you.” Both of them giggle.

"Victoria, would you please call him down."

Vickie shouts out to me, "OK, cocksucker, Mom wants you downstairs!"

While I was eavesdropping on them discussing my humiliation, I had put on Carrie's panty as instructed. I didn't know what was worse: being naked in front of my wife or daughter, or dressed only in panties!!!! I started going down the stairs.

"Oh jeez, he's wearing pink panties now!" exclaimed my daughter.

"Well, just look at you," said my wife to me, "he's got a girly figure to begin with and they look quite fetching on him don't you think?" Carrie asked Victoria.

"Yea Dad, if you ask me you look good in panties.  Probably will go with your new role in the house -- bitch, that is.  Pink no less and with a pretty ribbon on the front."

"I secretly think he has a thing for panties and women’s clothes. You know he is really effeminate in his looks - don't you think?"

"Yeah, it suits him, especially now that he's completely shaved!"

"Yes, April made sure of that before she let that guy fuck him."

"Well, shaved and in panties really completes the sissy picture don't you think Mom?"

'billie, now, come here and kneel on the floor and put your head down on the seat cushion and near my pussy but don't you dare touch it. Victoria, can you get the rope we used earlier please? Now tie his wrists on the back legs of the chair but make sure he has a little slack so he can reach my pussy.

"I’m going to have him do cleanup duty and I know that might be awkward for you so feel free to leave or you can stay and watch whatever you would like to do.  Although, I think it will be so humiliating having his daughter watch him lick up another man’s cum.  What do you think?"

"Well, it's all new to me, so I'll watch, I think that’s OK.  I’m really getting turned on by all of this and I really want to see if he will actually do it."

"Oh, and by the way go upstairs and get my belt. The real thin one."

"Oh no," I said, "please no more strapping.  I'm so sore, please, please, don't do it again."

"Don't worry I won't beat you with it," said my wife.

Victoria came back down with the thin leather belt in her hand.

"Ok mom, here it is."

"Just hold on to it for a few minutes while he gets going with his new task."

My wife sat on the couch in front of me and lifted up her skirt and said, "I want you to start licking on my thighs and clean up all of the dried come that leaked out of me first. And you be sure to swallow every last drop, young lady."

I started to lick up all the dried cum. It was sticky once I started to lick it up and salty as well.

"Please, Carrie," I said, "this is disgusting!" But I swallowed anyways, as I was told to do, and in front of my very own daughter.

My daughter giggled out loud. "That age old question: spit or swallow. I guess we know which camp Dad is in, and not by choice! Ha ha!"

"billie, get back to work.  You might as well get used to it because it won't be the last time you're on your knees eating cum from another man."

Vickie said, "Wow, I can't believe it -- here is my father on his knees licking up another guy's cum -- totally gross.  I wonder what else we can make him do?" 

They both giggled.

"I guess we can experiment with his limits -- don't you think?"

"Yes, definitely."

Victoria is looking at the belt and she had a thought.

"Mom can I use the belt on him while he's tied down?  I won’t hit him that hard."

"That was just what I was thinking when I asked you to fetch it. You remember when he put you over his knee when you were in middle school and gave you a spanking in front of your friends. Did you forget that?"

"Shit no, I didn’t."

"See if you can make him cry like he made you cry."

What??? I thought I was going to be spared another beating. "You told me I wasn’t going to get a beating," I said, feeling betrayed.

"I told you 'I' wouldn’t do it, not that Vickie wouldn't -- go ahead, Vickie."

"Remember how you made me cry Dad?  I felt so humiliated by that spanking.  I was naked with my bum exposed and you gave me a spanking in front of my friends -- including a boy in my class -- you even hiked me over so I bet he could see my asshole and my pussy, Dad. So time to pay the piper. First let's get these panties down, just like you did for me back then, Daddy.

She reached over me and lowered my panties to my knees. She then pulled back the belt and brought it across her shoulder and followed through with the first strike.


I gasped when it hit and yelled but she pulled back and swung again and again and again. It must have been fifty strokes before she let up. My ass was criss-crossed with thin angry red welts. Some of the strokes hit my thighs and even my ball sac!

"Wow, this is a lot of work. Oh, look at his ass.  It has red lines where I hit him. Does it do that all the time?"

"Yes, and cocksucker, get back to work on my legs I don't care how much it hurts!" said my wife to me.

"Maybe I should finish the strapping and then he can concentrate on his task at hand.  What do you think Mom?"

"Ok, give him a couple dozen more hard ones, as hard as you can.  Remember how he humiliated you in front of your friends. And don't be shy about 'accidentally' whipping his balls."

I looked back and saw this angry look on her face and buried my head into the chair cushion.  The strokes came in furious lashes, one after the other, with many landing indiscriminately on my testicles even!  I was screaming for her to stop then after two dozen she put the belt down and reached for her crotch and gave it a few rubs.

"Wow, this is so hot I can't believe how wet I am from beating him like that!"

"You can go upstairs and relieve yourself, he'll be here for a while cleaning up."

"Well, I’m going out with Carl tonight so I don't want to get any relief until I let Carl have his way with me.  Hey, cocksucker, remember how hot I looked a little while ago?  That's what Carl is going to get in a few hours.  My little titties all out and everything. Panties off, legs spread, his big cock fucking me. Think about that while I'm gone."

"Talk about being a slut," said my wife jokingly to my daughter.

"Hey, like you haven't been fucked three times already today Mom, and not even by Dad!"

They both laughed again.

"So I’ll see you a little later on, meanwhile pussy boy get back to licking my cunt," said my wife as she guided my head towards her cummy cunt.

Victoria laughed and dropped the belt. She restored my panties over my scorched ass. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face right into her Mom's cunt.

"Lick it, Daddy," she told me. "Let's see that tongue working."

I started licking and lapping at my wife's cunt. Globs of cum started oozing out.

"Catch it all on your tongue, Daddy. Oh, there's a big glob, go get it."

Vickie then pulled my head back by my hair and put her hand around my throat and said, "swallow it."

I made a big gulp that Victoria could feel through her hand around my throat. She pushed me back into her Mother's cunt and then left me, a whipped and pantied bitch, to finish thoroughly cleaning up another man's cum from my wife's hot snatch.

Chapter 6 - Jim from Next Door

Later that evening I was standing with my nose in the corner in the living room when Victoria came in. After having been made to clean my wife's cunt, she  sentenced me to further punishment. For the next month she had grounded me for the cheating, requiring I wear nothing but panties in the house and do corner-time after I had finished all my chores. She had made it clear that any snippiness, backtalk, lazyness, disrespect, dishonesty, or disobedience would be dealt with "on the spot" with an embarrassing spanking, regardless of who was there to witness it.

"The fuck, Dad? You're standing in the corner like a little kid?"

"Mom's idea," I said, "for the... cheating."

"Good. You deserve it. But what the fuck Dad, you're going to make a mess on the floor. Wait there."

Victoria went off somewhere and came back with a kitchen rag.

"There's cum dripping down your leg. It's almost to the floor. Clean yourself up!" She said as she tossed me the rag.

I had to wipe the cum off my legs.

"There's a big stain at the back of your panties, Daddy. You better wipe between your asscheeks also," said Vickie.

I pulled my panties down a bit, wiped between my bumcrack, and pulled my panties back up again. It was so humiliating being made to do this by my Daughter. I folded the rag carefully so all the cum was on the inside and handed it to Vickie.

"Sorry honey," I said.

"Don't honey me you faggot," she answered, taking the rag back to the kitchen and rinsing it out. Coming back she said, "I'm in a bad move, the fucking asshole Carl fucked me, pulled out and went off with his friends leaving me wet and horny.  I'm frustrated as hell, particularly after what happened this afternoon."

"I'm sorry the date didn't go well," I said.

Victoria sat in a chair and stared at me for about 30 seconds -- just looking and I started to feel uncomfortable.

"Ok, get over here and kneel down - NOW"

I knelt on the floor in front of her chair.

"You'll need to finish the job."

"No, I can't have sex with you!" I said, horrified.

"It's not going to be sex, cocksucker, you're going to give me head."

"No, I can't do that!"

"You've apparently been eating cum not only from your wife but from the source as well earlier today.  It’s about time you started learning how to keep me happy.  If you can suck a cock you can eat a pussy."

"No, please Victoria it's so wrong!"

She slapped me twice.  I reeled from the blows.  She hiked her skirt. She was not wearing any panties. She grabbed my hair on both sides of my head, pulled my face into her pussy, and fucked my mouth like she was fucking a cock.  Her pussy rocked into my mouth really hard.  She was soaking wet from the cum and her pussy juice.  She continued to abuse my mouth not caring that it might be hurting me.  She exploded in an orgasm then let go of my hair.

After a few minutes she pulled my head back and looked at me.

"Look at you, on your knees in front of your daughter having just giving her head and with cum and pussy juice all over your face.  I think the look suits you.  Well, cocksucker-faggot, I guess I know what you like."

At that moment her Mom and Jim came into the house.

She pushed me away and pulled her skirt back down.

"Hi Mom!"

"Hi Victoria.  How was your date?"

"Not so great, but things turned around after I got home."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll tell you, but aren't you going to introduce me to your new boyfriend first?"

"Oh, of course.  Jim, this is my daughter Victoria.  She's graduating from college this semester"

"Hi, Victoria.  You take after your mother I see.  I don't think I've seen a more beautiful young lady in many years."

"Thanks Jim -- you're going to make me blush, you're quite the looker yourself!"

Just then, Jim noticed me there.

"Oh, I didn't see the other 'woman' in the room... is that your sissy husband, Carrie, in the panties?"

"Yea, he is now referred to in our house as cocksucker or faggot or I guess you can just call him sissy if you want."

"Hey sissy, your wife has been telling me about your exploits today.  Not to mention your daughter's teasing. But Jeeze, you do look like a girl with that body and those panties."

Jim snickers under his breath and looks at Carrie.

She smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

"So Victoria, tell us about your evening," said Carrie.

"Yeah, it has been really hot.  So Mom, I came home from the date and really needed relief.  That asshole Carl left me frustrated and horny tonight.  Can you believe it he just fucked me then said he had to go and meet friends?   So I came home and made Dad go down on me.  Well, actually I just grabbed his hair and fucked his mouth to get me off.  Was that OK?"

"Of course, but I'm a bit surprised since you rejected the idea this afternoon."

"Well, I guess hormones got the better of me.  I was pretty messy down there as well -- nice and clean now though." She had a big smile on her face while staring at me, my head hanging in shame.

"Victoria what else did you do to him tonight.  He seems a bit in sub-space right now."

"Oh, I made him wipe the cum dripping down his leg and out his asshole." said Carrie.

Jim said, "it sounds like you have good control of your sissy Dad."

"Yes, amazing it happened so quickly," said Carrie. "but he still has lessons to learn. billie, come over here and stand in front of Jim."

I walked over to Jim and stood in front of him.  Jim is about 8 inches taller and instead of being effeminate like me, he is well muscled.

"Mom, Jesus, with him shaved and with his back to me he looks like a girl.  I know a lot of my friends who would like to look like that from behind!"

"I can't believe he's so much smaller that Jim."

"That's not all that is much bigger than your father."

"I bet."

"Jim, my Mom told me you have quite a package below your belt and know how to use it.  Is that true?"

"Well, I've never had any complaints.  I guess I'm also considered an Alpha Male."

"Is that where one male is dominant and others in his presence become beta's or subservient to the Alpha?'

"Yes, something like that."

"Well, how does that work?"

"Occasionally I need to put a guy in his place."

"How would you do that?"

"I'll show you. It's all about being assertive. Sissy, kneel down in front of me."

I stood there naked except for my pink lace panties, refusing to move. I reacted viscerally against being ordered around by another male. As I got angry I ignored him and instead turned to my wife, "Carrie! No!"

"Oh, oh.  I think our cocksucker is going to regret that comment," said my wife, and then both Mother and Daughter laughed at my potential predicament. It kind of hit me what I'd just done, and I got scared also.

"Normally," said Jim, "in situations like this I would just get up and punch him in the mouth and we would fight it out.  But in this situation I think something less manly is going to happen.  Like I said sissy, kneel down."

I still didn't move. I don't know why!

Quickly, Jim reached over to me and with a strong grip he twisted my arm behind my back and forced me down on my knees.

"Wow, did you see how quickly he did that Mom?"

"Yes, I think your father is in for something he didn't bargain for now."

"OK sissy," said Jim, "take off your panties with your other hand."

"Ow, you're hurting me please let go," I said.

"I don't think so, not just yet.  You need to be taught a lesson on who is the head of this household. Who you have to obey."

He twisted my arm painfully behind me. I thought it was going to break! I needed to do as I was told! With my arm twisted behind me I struggled to pull down my panties.  I started to pull them down but then needed to use my feet to take them off fully.

"They're off! They're off!" I told him, showing him my bare ass and cock.

"Mom, is this making you as hot and bothered as it is doing to me?  Look at that, Dad's got a stiffy.  I think he likes being man-handled."

"Wow, I love watching this," said my wife. "Jim told me earlier that it would probably come to this so we talked about his punishment for not being polite and respectful. Jim teach him a real lesson on obeying his superiors."

"Hummm, I know what will work," said Jim.

I could barely move with my arm twisted behind my back.

"Please don't hurt me," I begged.

Carrie said, "Jim, definitely hurt him. I love watching this.  Nothing too serious though, I don't want to have to bring him to the hospital."

"Oh, it won't be that hard," said Jim, "but he will be humiliated in front of you and Victoria even more than he has been so far."

"Yea, this is so hot, make him cry," said my daughter, getting off on it.  "You know I made him cry this afternoon.  I beat him with a belt just before he cleaned up your cum from Mom."

"Carrie, you didn't mention that your daughter was such a hot young lady.  Victoria, let me know if you want to abuse him some more while I hold him."

"No, this is so much more interesting to watch."

Victoria's hand then slowly inched toward her thigh.

"Ok, sissy this is what is going to happen," said Jim to me. "First I'm going to put you over my lap like a little kid and spank you till you cry, per your beautiful daughter’s request."

"Oh no, please Jim," I begged him, now knowing he was in charge. "Not by you! Not in front of my wife and daughter! Please!" I begged sincerely.

"What would be the fun in doing it if your wife and daughter weren't watching?"  Jim smirked and looked over at Victoria and noticed her hand moving under her skirt and towards her crotch.

"Victoria, I see this is something you're enjoying."

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed you caught me," said Victoria with a coy smile for Jim.

"It's just fine, but I think by the time I'm finished you might need some relief again," said Jim.

Jim released my arm, grabbed me by my hair, sat, and forced me over his lap. "Ok, I might say this is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you, but that is definitely not going to be the case."

I struggled to get away but Jim was much stronger and bigger.  He pushed my head down to the floor and encircled his left arm around my waist so that I couldn't move at all.  He made sure my head stayed down by the ground and my ass was high in the air. Jim deliberately positioned the scene so that my daughter and wife could watch me being spanked like a little boy across a grown man's knee.

"Please don't hurt me!" I begged. "Carrie, Victoria, please ask him to leave me alone!"

"Sorry, Dad this is just too hot to stop," said Vickie. "What do you think Mom?"

"Jim, feel free to hurt him as much as you want since he seems to really enjoy it.  Notice that he was sporting an erection before he went over your lap, so I think he's just crying wolf."

"Well, he'll be crying soon enough, anyways" said Jim.

"No! No!" I cried as I felt him hiking me further over his knees. This was exactly what I had done to my daughter so many years ago: in a fit of rage at her imagined misbehavior, put her across my knee, lowered her panties, hiked her up to deliberately display her, and spanked her in front of her friends. Now it was me across a strong man's knee! It was me who was forced to take my panties off in front of my wife and daughter! It was me who was going to be spanked like a middle-schooler! I felt so helpless across Jim's lap. He was so strong! He put me across his knee and there was literally nothing I could do about it.

Just then, the prospect of being spanked so publicly hit me. I knew I was going to be kicking and crying and screaming across Jim's knee. I didn't want my wife and my daughter to see that. To see me so reduced in status as to be spanked like a child across a man's knee.

I started crying even before he started spanking me.

"Please Jim, please! Please don't spank me here. Please take me to the bedroom and give me my spanking there, behind closed doors. please!" I was sincerely begging him.

My pleas fell on deaf ears. "No, no, little girl. You need your spanking right out here, right in the living room, right where it will do you the most good, right where your wife and daughter can see you being spanked. You need to learn your place. Yes, you may be crying like a little boy already, but you'll be crying and blubbering like a baby before we're done, and begging me to stop. You'll lose all your dignity. Your wife and daughter will never look at you in the same way again after you've been hand-spanked on your bare bottom to tears by a real man."

Jim pulled back his hand and brought his heavy palm crashing down across my naked bottom cheeks, covering both cheeks with his one hand.

"ARGHHHH!" I cried out at the force of the blow.

Victoria's eyes bulged when she saw how hard I was spanked.  But instead of feeling sorry for me she noticed a tingling in her crotch.  I could see her reach under her skirt and start to touch herself! In fact, both Mom and Daughter were transfixed at the scene in front of them.

"Look, Mom," said Vickie, "Jim has him so far bent over you can see his asshole and all his hairless little junk between his legs."

I knew she was right. I could feel the air on my fully exposed asshole and on the backs of my balls!

Jim brought his hand back and hit me a second time and with even more force.  I heard myself screaming at the top of my lungs. Holy shit! Is this what a spanking from a MAN was all about? Holy shit! Help! It felt harder than either of the beatings I had received from the women.  Jim started to spank me with an array of intense slaps to both cheeks.

Tears were coming from my eyes. "Please Jim! Please don't! No! Please!" I was begging as I wriggled on his lap and kicked my legs in about as humiliating a display as it was possible for a grown man to make.

"I'm not finished yet," Jim said. "I'm not convinced that you're sincere. Not to mention that you're going to listen not only to me but to your wife and daughter as well."

"Yes, yes. I will, I promise," I pleaded with him, desperate for my spanking to stop!

"Still not good enough," said Jim.

Jim pulled back and with years of racket sports experience behind him he let loose with a barrage of hits.  My ass and legs were beet red and starting to blister.  I was desperately trying to get loose from his grip, but Jim was so much stronger than I!

"Please Jim! Please stop!" I begged.

"Call me 'Daddy', and promise you'll be an obedient little girl," said Jim.

"Please... Daddy!" I screamed out as he continued spanking me. "I promise! I promise I'll be a good little girl! I promise Daddy! Please! Please! I'll be obedient Daddy! I'll do anything you say!" Tears were streaming from my eyes and I was truly desperate for my spanking to end.

"You say you will do anything we say, cocksucker?" asked Jim.

"Yes, I promise!" I answered, "but please don't call me that in front of my daughter."

"Don't worry Dad, I know all about your episode this morning with April, Nancy and Joey.  So cocksucker seems to be the proper name for you. Actually I want to see you in action.  It would be so hot to watch someone face-fuck you."

"Well," said Jim, pausing my spanking momentarily but keeping me across his knee, red ass uppermost. "I'm not gay, but as with forced sex, it's more about control and punishment than sex.  The cock is just a tool to reinforce the status of an Alpha Male."

"What do you mean. Jim?" Victoria asked as she was still touching her pussy under her skirt.

"Well, let me show you," said Jim.  "billie, I'm going to let you up.  Then you are going to kneel in front of me facing my crotch.  Do it now or I'll blister your ass for another half hour and then you'll do it anyways.  So, your choice."

I slowly and painfully got off his lap and knelt submissively in front of him, tears in my eyes, my ass and legs so sore! I had no fucking choice!

I could see my daughter Victoria looking on with her mouth open and eyes fixed on me.

"OK, now unbuckle my belt," said Jim.

"No, please don't make me do it," I begged.

Jim slapped me really hard across my cheek and the slap echoed throughout the living room. My ears rung and my face burned painfully hot from the slap.

"Now, sissy, unbuckle my belt," said Jim calmly.

I had no choice. I raised my hands and unbuckled Jim's belt.

"Ok, now the zipper," he said.

Victoria couldn't turn her head away from me. She couldn't believe what was happening in front of her. She was soaked from the scene and her fingers were still gently working her pussy watching the scene unfold.

"OK, now pull my pants down."

My wife called out: "Go ahead cocksucker I want to see what happens next."

I pulled down Jim's pants and he wasn't wearing any underwear and his giant cock was hanging down in front of my face.

"Oh, shit," said Victoria, "I think I know what's going to happen next.  Go ahead cocksucker I want to watch my Daddy giving head to a guy."

"Yes, it's quite the entertaining scene, Victoria, isn't it?" said her Mom.

"Ok, sissy," continued Jim. "I want you to show everyone in the room who is the Alpha Male here.  Put it in your mouth."

I looked at his cock dangling there, and then looked over at my smirking wife and daughter. I just couldn't. This was too much to demand. The game was over! "No I can't do that in front of my family," I said forcefully!

In a flash Jim grabbed me, put me back over his knee, and spanked me with such force both Mother and Daughter winced.  The spanking was long and thorough. He made me straddle his knee and spanked the insides of my thighs. I could feel my penis and testicles pressing painfully into Jim's steely-muscled thigh as he spanked me. I was writhing, straddled across his knee like that, my cock rubbing into his leg like that.

"Oh Daddy! Stop humping Jim's knee like that. And don't think we can't see you rubbing your hard little hairless cock and balls across his thigh. You look like a little tart!"

It was true. The spanking was so intense that it must have looked for all the world like I was humping Jim's knee, trying to get myself off!

Then he spread my cheeks and spanked me inside my butt crack and even directly onto my asshole! Right in front of my wife and daughter! No!

"What the fuck is that coming out of his asshole???" asked Jim.

"Oh shit," said Carrie, "that must be that guy Joey's cum, still seeping out all this time later!

Jim spread my ass cheeks wide apart to afford the ladies a better view. I was leaking cum out of my asshole again!!!!

"Oh Daddy! Just look at you. SUCH an ass slut!" said my daughter. "And I JUST made you clean yourself up."

Jim stuffed his finger into my anus and scooped out what cum he could. He then brought his hand to my mouth and told me to suck his fingers clean.

I actually did it...

"Now, are you going to get on your knees and suck me off?" asked Jim, "or do we go back to spanking you?"

"No, please. I'll suck you off Jim, please, no more spanking!" I said to him.

With that admission both women laughed at the scene.

"Well, I guess resistance was only temporary, huh dad?" said Victoria. "Go ahead suck him off, I want to watch him cum in your mouth."

I got back on my knees and put my hands on Jim's ass for balance.

"NO!" said Victoria. "No hands. I want you to suck it with just your mouth. That's how my boyfriends make me do it."

I put my hands behind my back, opened my mouth, and leaned forward to take Jim's huge member into my mouth.  I was thinking, what did my daughter mean "that's how my boyfriends make me do it????" But I knew I needed to do a good job or I'd be spanked again! I started to go up and down on the head of Jim's cock.

Victoria came off the couch and pushed my head onto the cock, making me deep throat it.  When she let go I tried to take my mouth off to breathe, but then she just pushed it back onto it again, gagging me.  The action forced me to be bobbing up and down on Jim's cock.  She continued to force my head up and down.

"Wooo, this is so hot," said Victoria.

"Yeah, cocksucker do it. Keep going," said my wife.

"Who would have thought this morning that by tonight I would be forcing my father to suck on my mother’s boyfriend's cock in front of me?" pondered Victoria as she continued making me deep throat Jim's shlong.

"It looks like you're enjoying yourself," said my daughter, "so I'll just let you finish on your own."

Jim pushed his hips forward to get more of his cock into my mouth.

"That’s it," said Jim, "he actually seems to be quite good at this."

"You go Dad, suck him off.  That will be a memorable event for me."

"Yes, billie.  Go to it just like I saw you do this morning," said my wife.

"Mom, I wish I had an Alpha guy to fuck.  Do you think Jim has a brother?  I don't care if he's older or not.  This is so hot.  I can't imagine how it would be to be taken by a forceful man."

"Maybe we can work something out tonight," said my wife to my daughter.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I've already been fucked by Jim three times today, and I'm willing to share..."

I heard this and stopped sucking and said, "No, you can't do that to my daughter, please..."

Jim grabbed me by my head and stuck his cock right back down onto his mouth and started to move it in and out again, face fucking me hard and fast. "No backtalk, bitch, or it gets worse," said Jim to me.

"OMG, look at him fuck his mouth.  Jim, please cum in his mouth and on his face... please.  I want to see my Dad go all the way!"

Jim continued to go in and out until he announced he was ready to cum.

He held my head so that his cock was in my mouth as I struggled to get away. Then I felt his cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat!

Jim pulled out and wiped his cock on my face, and shot a last spurt of sperm onto my cheek.

"Oh, that felt good cocksucker," said Jim.

"OMG, hey Dad that was so hot.  Did you like the taste?"

I'm sure I looked totally humiliated now.  With my head down, red-faced from the slap, red-assed from the spanking, and cum on my cheek and down my throat.

"OK, Dad, you took to it like a natural.  Maybe I'll bring over some of my male friends when they talk about needing some relief.  You know I do need some book money this semester. I can pimp you out.  Maybe tie you to a stool at about crotch level, blindfold you, and charge $50 bucks a pop?"

Both Mom and Daughter laughed at the thought.

"Ok, cocksucker," said Jim. "Go up to the master bedroom and stand with your nose against the wall bare ass and wait for us. We'll be upstairs in a few minutes."

As I started trudging up the stairs I could hear my daughter make a plea of Jim. "Jim, if it's ok with my Mom, I would really like you to take me tonight.  You can do anything you want.  Use any hole you want.  I want to be yours, to be taken."

"I think that can be arranged," said Jim. No, I thought, not my daughter also...

Chapter 7 - Taught his place with the Cock

They walk up the stairs behind me and follow me to the bedroom where I have scurried ahead, bare naked, to put my nose against the wall.

"Why don't you ladies get undressed while I lay down on the bed and rest," said Jim.

As they undressed, I could see it through the corner of my eye. My wife accidentally touched my daughter's breast as she was undressing and it clearly sent an electric shock through her body.

Carrie reached over and touched her daughter's other breast and leaned down to kiss it.  Victoria was clearly struggling with this change of scene but then her hormones took over and she reached for her mother's pussy and gently puts her finger into her Mom.

"My God, you're so wet Mom.  Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes, I'm so turned on that I would do anything right now to get off.  Please don't stop."

My wife put her hand on my daughter's shoulder and gently pushed her to lay down and then lays down with her and continued to kiss her breasts.

"Oh, that feels so good please don't stop," said Victoria.

Carrie started to kiss down towards Vickie’s pussy.  Victoria arched her back and put her hand on her mother's head.

"Keep going I really need this, said Victoria."

Her Mom reached her pussy and tenderly kissed her and licked up her sweet pussy juices. She hadn't done this to another woman since college and didn't think she would ever be doing it to her daughter, but the scene was too hot and her resistance worn too thin.

Victoria started to arch her back again and Carrie knew her daughter was about to cum.  She continued to lick her clit and then Victoria exploded in a powerful orgasm. She then gently kissed and licked her daughter thighs.

"OMG, Mom that was incredible. I want to return the favor."

"No, not now. I just want to watch and enjoy what will happen next."

Jim watched the scene from the bed and was now hard as a rock.

He moved over to my daughter and touched her thigh and slowly rubbed her leg. She responded by opening her legs.

"Sissy, come over here," Jim said to me.

I walked over tentatively, not knowing what would happen next.

"Take my cock and put it into your daughter's pussy," he commanded me.

"Please, no..." I begged.

"Do it, or you know what will happen, and you won't like it."

He meant another spanking across his knee. My ass couldn't take another!

I took ahold of Jim's huge hard cock and pushed it into my daughter's tight pussy.  She is tight, but so wet it just slid in all the way and she gasped.

"OMG, that feels so good," said Victoria.

"Go back to your wall, faggot," said Jim, "but face the room and watch your daughter get fucked. Stroke your cock but don't cum or you'll get my belt across your ass and wish you hadn't."

I went to do as I was told, and started stroking my cock.

Carrie was also watching the scene and was happy for her daughter to be serviced by a real man. After several minutes of Jim fucking my daughter, my wife came to get me and brought me back to the bed. She had me sit down and held my head close to the pillow so I could watch my daughter being fucked closeup by my wife's new next door boyfriend. She told me to keep stroking as I watched.

This was so wrong, but so hot! My penis was throbbing as I rubbed it, watching my hot young daughter fucked like a porn star. But I couldn't cum because of Jim's instructions! I begged my wife, "please Carrie.  Please let me get off.  I haven't cum at all today!"

"Oh, I don't think so," said Carrie.  "Perhaps Jim might let you cum later but it will probably be on his terms and I'm not sure you'd like it." How very true that would turn out to be.

Meanwhile Jim was bringing Victoria to her climax.  She arched her back as he pounded her pussy.  She exploded for yet another orgasm in the night and just fell back on the pillow.  After a while she looked up and realized that Jim was still hard.

"Jim, thank you so much for that.  It was a wonderful experience but you still need relief.  What can I do?"

"I’m ok.  I'll cum soon enough," he said.

She kissed him again and lay back down on the pillow and turned towards Carrie and I.

"Jim," said Carrie, "billlie wants to cum.  What do you think?"

"Well, I haven’t cum yet after playing with Victoria, so maybe I might allow him to cum while I do, but it needs to be painful and humiliating.  It's important to make sure he remembers his place. I guess I could pound his ass to make him cum while I get off," said Jim.

"OMG, Jim," said Victoria, "you're so big, I should know! Are you really going to do make him do that?"

"Yes, it will cement the relationship and establish who the boss is."

"But your cock is so big, won't it hurt him?"

"Yea, it probably will, but so what, right? He needs to learn his place once and for all, and my cock is going to teach it to him, just like it did for you and your Mom, little girl."

"Yes, Sir," said Victoria, melting at the Dominant Alpha. "But can you really make him cum like that?"

"Absolutely," said Jim. "He'll squirt like a bitch before I'm done with him, I guarantee it."

Oh gawd. I hoped that was not true. It would be the ultimate humiliation to cum from a guy like Jim fucking my ass while my wife and daughter watched!

"billie, turn over and put your face on the pillow and your ass in the air," said Jim. "Victoria, Carrie, grab his arms and keep his head down."

Vickie and Carrie positioned me on the bed and soon I was face down with my head and arms being held by my daughter and my wife.

"Carrie," said Jim, "get the lube, and lube up my cock and his asshole."

She jumped up off the bed leaving my daughter to hold me down, and did as she was told.

"Prepare him with your fingers, Carrie," said Jim.

I felt my wife lube my hole and start finger fucking my ass. I struggled under my daughter's weight.

"billie, settle down," said Jim. "If you don't stop struggling you know what's going to happen and then you're going to get it in the ass anyway."

Carrie continued fingering my ass with one finger, then two and then three.

"Ok faggot, you're loose enough," said my wife to me. "Get ready to be fucked by a real man for the second time today."

"No, please it's too big it will split me open," I said nervously.

"Don't be such a pussy, billie," Carrie told me. "I just had my finger in and I guess this morning opened you up quite a bit. It's likely to hurt a little but I think that turns you on...doesn't it?"

I didn't answer.

"Fuck him Jim" from my wife.

"Yes, I really want to see him take it up the ass," from Victoria.

Jim pushed in slowly, "Working the head in is the hardest part."

I couldn't help myself. I yelled in pain about the intrusion but Jim was on a mission to subjugate me so he pushed on.

"Relax, or it's going to hurt more," my wife told me.  "Remember the time you took my ass and wouldn’t stop until you were finished.  That really hurt me.  Well, now it's your turn."

"Relax or it is going to hurt more," said Jim.

Jim then pushed it half way in to me and paused. I managed to relax a bit and then he pushed it all the way in, to the hilt, splitting me!

"OMG, he has a 10" cock all the way up his ass!" exclaims Victoria. "And look, Mom, he's acting like a girl in heat pushing back against Jim's cock like that!"

"Yea, I guess his orientation of being straight might need to be changed," said my wife. They both laughed. "Jim pound it as hard as you can. I want him to be walking bowlegged for the next week.  He already won't be able to sit after the spanking you gave him today!"

Jim was clearly aroused by the tightness of my ass and kept pounding, but after he came earlier in the day, and so many times, it was going to be take more time.

Carrie and Victoria were both watching with rapt attention as Jim fucked me completely into submission.

After about 10 minutes of solid fucking, I started to panic. It was happening! My ass was in agony from the pounding it was undergoing, but I was also starting to simultaneously feel a tingling in my cock. Oh no! No! This couldn't be happening. I couldn't be cumming from an ass fucking from a man!!! No!

I tried to hold it in. It would be too embarrassing to have my wife and my DAUGHTER even see me cum from my punishment ass fucking from a guy! I continue to try to hold it, but the waves started hitting me.

I collapsed onto the bed. Jim followed me down and lay on top of me as he continued ramming his cock into my ass.

"NO!" I scream out. "No! Please! Not that! PLEASE! NO!"

The women were confused, but Jim knew exactly what was going on.

"Yeah, Baby," he said, addressing me as he would a girl, "It's 'gonna happen whether you want it to or not."

"No! Please! STOP! Please! Before it happens! Please!"

"It's 'gonna happen. Take it. Take every last inch, slut boy."

"Mom, what's happening?" asked Vickie, wondering what was going on.

"I'm not sure, darling," said my wife.

"He's about to cum," said Jim as he kept fucking me. "Cum like a little bitch in heat from my cock."

"Can you believe that Mom?" said my daughter. "I mean, I thought we were just teasing him calling him faggot like that, but I think he really is one!"

"If he cums from just cock up his ass, he for sure is one," said my wife.

Jim kept pounding me and it started happening! I desperately tried to hold it in, and begged Jim not to.

"Please Jim!" I cried, "Don't do that to me, please! I don't want it! PLEASE! Not in front of my wife. Not in front of my daughter!"

"Oh, you want it, bitch," said Jim. "I'm gonna make you cum like a girl with my cock up your ass."

I kept trying to hold it back but it was too much, and so when finally I orgasmed violently my cum shot out of my cock, warmly soaking the sheets, and I let out a cry of distress, "NOOOOOOOO!" I said as I twitched and shook in full orgasm with Jim's massive cock sunk full into me.

"Oh My God, he's actually cumming Mom! Cumming from the cock! Look at him twitching and writhing, like it's a female orgasm!"

Jim must have gotten excited by what he was doing to me, and simultaneously with my orgasm he shot his load deep up into my ass.

"Wow that was really hot," said Victoria, breathlessly.

Jim rolled off me, grabbed me by my hair, and rolled me onto my side so the women could see the depth of my shame.

"OMG! Look Mom! Dad came all over the sheets just from being fucked in the ass!!!! Dad, what a slut you are.  I guess we now know what you like."

Carrie and Victoria burst out laughing.

"I guess you have some laundry to do tonight, sissy boy!" said my wife, as she and my daughter laughed uproariously again.

My humiliation was utter and complete.

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